Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Guide: How to Register, Play and Win

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Guide: How to Register, Play and Win

Lucky numbers have become hugely popular with South Africans in recent years, mainly due to the possibility of winning massive payouts with very small stakes. Within this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Lucky Numbers, including how to register, play and win at Hollywoodbets.

Lucky Numbers Registration

You can register to play Lucky Numbers with South Africa’s leading bookmaker Hollywoodbets. Simply follow this link to the site, select “Register” on the site, and enter your personal details into the Registration form. Once you’ve registered and submitted your Fica, you’ll be good to go with a R25 Free Bet and 50 Free Spins.


What are Lucky Numbers?

Punters can bet on Lotto draws from around the round with most of the countries Lotto draws covered. The first and most important point to note is that when you bet on Lucky Numbers you are not directly betting on the lotto draw. Hollywoodbets offer you fixed odds on a specific number of selections in the lotto draw. Eg. you will be offered set odds of 55/1 if you correctly choose two numbers from the SA Lotto. Three correct numbers have set odds of 550/1. There are various other odds offers for Lucky Numbers. 

Hollywoodbets allows players to bet on the different national Lotto draws, so basically there are draws taking place throughout the day and night. Here is a list of Lotto draws that you can bet on( the full list can be found at https://www.hollywoodbets.net/betting/21/lucky-numbers)

  • South Africa: Sa Lotto Draw, Sa Lotto Draw Plus 1, Sa Lotto Draw Plus 2,Sa Powa Numbas, Sa Powa Plus
  • United Kingdom: UK 49’s Afternoon Draw Multi (Bonus Ball),UK 49’s Afternoon Draw Multi (1st 6 No’s), UK 49’s Evening Draw Multi (Bonus Ball)
  • Russia: Russia Gosloto 7/49
  • France: French 5/49
  • Greece: Greece Powa Numbas, Greece Lotto Draw
  • Aruba: Aruba Mini Mega, Aruba Lotto Di Dia
  • Australia: Australia Powa Numbas
  • Austria: Austria Lotto 6/45
  • Belgium: Lotto 6/45
  • Brazil: Brazil Double Seine Draw 1, Brazil Double Seine Draw 2, Brazil Lucky Day
  • Canada: Atlantic 49 Draw
  • Dominica: Dominica Play, Dominica Powerball
  • Finland: Finland 7/40
  • Germany: German Lotto 6/49
  • Ghana: Ghana 5/9, Ghana Daywa 5/39
  • Guyana: Guyana Daily Millions
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Mark 6
  • Hungary: Hungary 5/90 Draw, Hungary 6/45 Draw
  • Iceland: Iceland Lotto
  • India: Lotto India

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How to play Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

One of the reasons that Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers is so popular is due to the easy accessibility and the potential to win life changing amounts of cash. Unlike the actual Lotto draws, with Lucky Numbers you know the amount you could win from the moment you place your bet thanks to the fixed odds system. These are the steps to play Lucky Numbers at Hollywoodbets:

  • Visit the Hollywoodbets site to log into your account or to sign up at www.hollywoodbets.net
  • Click on the Lucky Numbers Tab on the left of the page
  • Once  on the Lucky Numbers page, select the country and the draw that you would like to place a bet on.
  • It is important to note the date and time of the next draw for that particular Lotto
  • Select the type of market you want to make. This refers to the number of balls you select in the draw. This is the fixed odds on the most popular selections
  • 1 Ball (Main Set) = 5.50
  • 2 Balls (Main Set) = 55
  • 3 Balls (Main Set) = 550
  • 4 Balls (Main Set) = 7 500
  • As you can see there are incredible odds on these selections and the potential to win massive amounts for a small stake
  • Select the numbers you want and place your stake 

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Login

Hollywoodbets have simplified the login process for punters wanting to wager on Lucky Numbers. Here is the easy-to-follow steps to login into Lucky Numbers after you have registered an account.

  • Visit the Hollywoodbets site to log into your account or to sign up at www.hollywoodbets.net
  • Click on the Lucky Numbers Tab on the left of the page
  • Once  on the Lucky Numbers page, select the country and the draw that you would like to place a bet on.

How many Lotto Draws does Hollywoodbets have each week?

To say that punters will be spoilt for choice with Lucky Numbers draws at Hollywoodbets is an understatement as there are Lotto draws from over 60 countries that you can bet on. Each country has more than one draw per week, with some countries even having multiple draws in a day. There are over 2000 draws per week that punters will have an opportunity to bet on which is incredible and explains the exponential growth of Lucky Numbers at Hollywoodbets.  

Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers Results

The results for the Lucky Numbers can be obtained either on the Hollywoodbets site or through your mobile. 

Lucky Numbers results via SMS 

Get all your Lucky Numbers results sent to your mobile via SMS by simply sending a text message to the number 45294. Just SMS the keyword of the Lucky Numbers draw to 45294 and the results will be sent to you. The cost of each message is R1. These are the keywords of the most popular draws. 

Draw Keyword Expected Result Time SMS Times
UK 49’s Afternoon UKAFT 14:00 14:15
UK 49’s Evening UKEVE 19:00 19:15
SA Lotto SALOT 21:00 21:10
SA Lotto Plus SALOTP 21:00 21:10
SA Powa Numbas SAPOW 21:00 21:10
SA Powa Numbas Plus SAPOWP 21:00 21:10

Lucky Numbers Results on the Hollywoodbets site 

To view the Lucky Number results on the site, all you need to do is follow these steps 

  • Login to the Hollywoodbets site 
  • Click on the Results Tab at the top of the page 
  • Click on the Select A Sport Tab
  • Choose Lucky Numbers from the drop down menu
  • Choose the country of the draw you want  from the Select A Country Tab
  • Lastly choose which draw you want the results for from the Select A Tournament Tab

How to Win Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

There are many different strategies that players adopt in their quest to correctly predict the numbers in the various Lotto draws. We will look at some of the possible methods punters can employ to win with Lucky Numbers

Choosing a set selection of numbers 

This is when the player plays the same set of numbers for every draw, hoping that one day their selections win. This way the punter will never be disappointed when their numbers are drawn as he is playing the same numbers all the time.

Choosing “Hot” Numbers 

In this method the player investigates the most commonly drawn numbers and chooses these numbers in his selections, hoping that they continue to be drawn. 

Choosing “Cold” Numbers 

This strategy has the punter working on the Law Of Averages theory, meaning these cold numbers will eventually be drawn at some point. It is a risky strategy as these cold numbers losing streak could end up being an extended run. 

It should now be quite obvious why Lucky Numbers has become so popular as odds of 7500/1( 4 correct numbers ) are unheard of in other forms of betting. Even one number correct has great odds of 5.50/1. Hollywoodbets have the widest range of Lotto draws with over 2000 draws a week so start betting on Lucky Numbers right away. 

Hollywoodbets lucky Numbers- Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how much I can win with Lucky Numbers?

Yes, there is a maximum payout limit for each bet. Check the terms and conditions on the Hollywoodbets platform for specific payout limits.

Are Lucky Numbers draws fair and regulated?

Yes, all Lucky Numbers draws are conducted by the official lottery organizations and are regulated to ensure fairness and transparency.

How soon are Lucky Numbers results updated on Hollywoodbets?

Results are typically updated on the Hollywoodbets platform shortly after the official draw. You can check the results on the website or receive them via SMS by subscribing to the service.


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