Hollywoodbets Voucher Deposit Guide | How to Top Up Your Hollywoodbets Account

Hollywoodbets Voucher Deposit Guide | How to Top Up Your Hollywoodbets Account

One of the biggest improvements we’ve seen across the online gambling industry has been the increased number of deposit options available once you’ve registered. Gone are the days when bank transfers were the norm as the voucher method is now among the most popular payment option. Hollywoodbets has been a leader in this regard as they are the largest bookie in the country and it’s no surprise that they were the first to launch their own voucher, the HollyTopUp. They also accept a host of other voucher options which we will discuss in more detail later. The voucher method has a host of benefits compared to cash and bank transfers which we will look at now.

  • Using a betting voucher assures that you don’t need to provide personal or financial details during the voucher purchase.
  • Betting vouchers are readily available from hundreds of local retail stores in both the urban and township areas. The vouchers ensure you don’t need to carry cash which is always a risk.
  • The betting voucher has no transaction fees attached to the purchase and your betting account is instantly credited.
  • Vouchers eliminate the need to share important banking details with betting sites. This lowers the possibility of any fraudulent activities.
  • All vouchers have a predetermined amount which ensures better control of your gambling finances
  • Some betting competitions run promotions that are exclusive to punters that are using a betting voucher to top up their account.
  • Many local punters in the townships don’t have banking accounts, which makes the betting vouchers their only means to top up their betting accounts. 

The betting vouchers have certainly made online betting more accessible to a larger part of the gambling community due to its wide availability at spaza and retail shops. One of the other huge selling points of the voucher is that there are no processing times, your account is instantly credited. 

Hollywoodbets Voucher PIN

Hollywoodbets is undoubtedly the most popular bookie in the country and one of the reasons for this is their extensive voucher payment options. They accept all the leading voucher methods, beginning with their very own HollyTopUp, 1Voucher, OTT, BLU, and Easyload. These vouchers are available from a wide range of chain stores, retail and spaza shops. Loading these vouchers are super easy as you simply log into your Hollywoodbets account and choose the My Account tab on the home page. Choose the deposit option and click on the desired voucher type and enter your PIN. Your betting account will be instantly credited.  

Where to buy a Hollywoodbets Voucher

The Hollywoodbets Voucher can be bought at any of these stores, Rhino Cash and Carry, Boxer Cash and Carry,Pep Stores, Caltex, Cambridge Foods, PAV Telecoms, Game, Checkers and at most 24 hour fuel service stations. The vouchers can also be bought at Spaza shops in all the township areas. All shops that display the FLASH signboard, will have the vouchers for sale. The vouchers can be purchased online through your banking app and on the OTT and 1voucher websites. 

Hollywoodbets Voucher Stores

Most of the leading supermarket chain stores and retail shops stock Hollywoodbets voucher and you don’t need to divulge any personal or banking details to purchase the vouchers Below is a complete list of shops that you can purchase your voucher from: 

  • Spar Retail Shops
  • Checkers Supermarkets and Hyper Stores
  • Makro
  • Spaza Shops
  • Cambridge Food
  • PAV Telecoms
  • Boxer Cash and Carry
  • GloCell
  • Pep Stores
  • Fuel Service Stations
  • Game
  • Rhino Cash and Carry
  • Builders Warehouse

How to buy a Hollywoodbets Voucher Online

The quickest and most efficient method to buy a Hollywoodbets Voucher online  is through your Capitec app or Nedbank bank app. All you need to do is log into your banking app and look out for the Buy Voucher option on the app. You can choose the amount and type of voucher that you want to buy, thereafter you enter the voucher pin to top up your Hollywoodbets account which will be instantly credited. There are also numerous other ways to purchase a Hollywoodbets voucher online and these include through the OTT website (www.ottvoucher.com) or you can purchase a 1Voucher at www.1voucher.co.za

Hollywoodbets OTT Vouchers

The Hollywoodbets OTT Vouchers has become one of the quickest and most popular ways to top up your betting account. The vouchers are widely available and start from a minimum amount of R5 up to R5 000 and your account is instantly topped up. Punters fancy this top up method as no banking details are divulged. There are also various options to purchase OTT vouchers online. 

hollywoodbets OTT vouchers

Hollywoodbets 1Voucher

The 1voucher was among the first betting vouchers launched in our country and its popularity continues to grow, thanks to its easy availability in both the urban and rural areas. 1Vouchers can be bought in any of the retail or spaza shops around the country and they start from as little as R5 up to a whooping R5 000. The best part of topping up with the 1Voucher is that there are no hidden fees and your account is instantly credited with no delays or processing times. 

Hollywoodbets 1voucher

Hollywoodbets Kazang Voucher 

The Hollywoodbets Kazang voucher is among the newer vouchers on the market but its popularity is growing rapidly thanks to its easy availability across hundreds of retail outlets in the countryThe minimum deposit amount with this method is R5 and the maximum is R1 000. 

Hollywoodbets Kazang

Hollywoodbets Blu Voucher 

The Hollywoodbets Blu Voucher was not the most popular betting voucher as it was initially only available in a limited number of retail outlets. This has all changed in recent times as all stores with the FLASH logo now stock it. The biggest change has been the fuel service stations selling these vouchers as they are open 24/7. 

Hollywoodbets Blu Voucher


Hollywoodbets have been a leader on the online betting market on many fronts and they were the first bookie to launch their own betting voucher called the HollyTopUp. These vouchers can only be used exclusively at Hollywoodbets and they are available at most of the major retail stores as well as the larger chain stores in the country. The Hollywoodbets Bucks voucher works the same way as any of the other vouchers, whereby you enter the voucher pin and your account is instantly credited. The vouchers start from as low as R5 to R1 000. 

HollyTopUp Voucher


Can I buy Hollywoodbets Vouchers using Airtime?

No, you cannot buy Hollywoodbets vouchers with airtime but the EasyLoad vouchers allow you to use it either for airtime or to top up your betting account. 

Can I buy Hollywoodbets Vouchers using Capitec?

Yes. you can buy a Hollywoodbets voucher using the Capitec app. All you need to do is log into your Capitec app and click on the Transact button on the home page. This will then allow you to select the Buy Voucher option. 


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