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‘Black Stars Will Win 2022 World Cup’ –Ghana’s Sports Minister, Ussif

‘Black Stars Will Win 2022 World Cup’  –Ghana’s Sports Minister, Ussif

Ghana’s Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif, believes that the Black Stars will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will start on the 20th of November and the final will be held on the 18th of December.

The Black Stars of Ghana have qualified for four editions of the FIFA World Cup; Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, and Qatar 2022.

Ghana's Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif

Ghana’s Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif



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Ussif exuded confidence during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tour press conference in Ghana and declared that the Black Stars of Ghana will win the forthcoming World Cup.

“Ghana is happy to open the gate for the rest of the African continent.
The four other African countries; Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon and also Tunisia on this tour,” Ussif said in a video on TV3 Ghana YouTube Channel.

“As a football powerhouse of Africa, Ghana is hopeful and believing that Insha Allah we will see the trophy returning to Ghana in December.
The Black Stars will win the World Cup.”

Ghana’s best performance at the FIFA World Cup was at the South Africa 2010 World Cup where they reached the quarter-finals but lost 4-2 to Uruguay on penalties after a 1-1 draw in open play at the Soccer City Stadium on July 2, 2010.

The Black Stars are in Group H at the 2022 FIFA World Cup alongside Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea.

By Toju Sote

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  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    The Black Bankus will go to Qatar and “BEAT THE SHIT” out of their opponents.

  • @pompei i hope your not smoking weed lol

  • Oakfield 4 weeks ago

    Hahahahah…..i think, some people have overdosed on loud and banku….csn, abeg, u guys should stop posting news about these banku dreamers. It’s needless. If it were their own blog, you won’t see anything about our team on their blogs bcs of hatred and jealousy. This is complete sports Nigeria, not complete sports ghana.

  • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

    Of course you should go there and win it after all that’s what competition is all about not going there just to make up the numbers.

  • Ndubest 4 weeks ago

    Ghana will lose i mean will win all their matches on their way to winning the trophy this i have seen. Don’t ask me how?

  • These stupid idiots have started their bragging. U will never come out of your group. 

    • @ Rita, na your papa and mama be the stupid idiots. Kwasiakwa! You fool brutal

  • Abdulraheem Niyi 4 weeks ago

    Ghana no be your fault oo,I blame super eagle of Nigeria for allowing you to qualify and having unrealistic dream…radarada

  • Hassan Tia 4 weeks ago

    You dream with warm winter; or the dream of hungery person is a piece of loaf; Ghana hasn’t won Afcon. Cup since 1982, how can win World Cup with a bad and culeless attackers who kick the ball strongly over the bar?!

    • They think their JUJU against Nigeria can work at the World Cup.  Keep dreaming, you fools. 

    • Yes ghana hasn’t won afcon since 82 but we beat you to the world cup ticket. Pls allow us to dream, its not a sin

  • ayodele 4 weeks ago

    my minister i don hear you ooo but with the kind of negative football played by ghana and presence of VAR to spot those negative way of playing am sure they wont pass first round.

    • Masa what be your problem if we no pass first round? You should be happy? And what is negative football? You are stupid not to have deployed the same tactics to qualify. In modern day football you plan well against your opponents. Your block head coaches did not figure that out.

  • Hassan Tia 4 weeks ago

    Yaw you defeated me with JUJU,can you defeat Brazil,France,Germany,Spain,Argentine,Portugal with a culeless attackers who shoot strongly over the goal bar; Ghana hasn’t box to box striker who can score smoothly look at Osimhen, Sadiq Umar,Odion Ighalo,Terem Moffi, Victor Boniface they are all box to box strikers we can loan you one of them to solve your attacking problem.

    • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

      You have all this your box to box strikers as you wrote yet you can’t score one goal to save a life in 180 minutes of football against Ghana.Abeg oga go drink sekpe make you go sleep.
      Let Ghana dream they have better football authorities,they employed good coaches and reaped bountifully, whareas we were busy reaping apart a good tactician who was on course to winning the afcon and world cup qualification ticket,our hate from individuals,sports ministers and clueless f.a.all joined hands to destroy a winning team thank you all very much,I wish I’m not a Nigerian group of people who never embrace a good run of progress because of their knack to always press the self-destructive button.
      Let Ghana dream in fact they will win the world cup I wish they did.Dream Ghana after all you’re a participant.

  • Baller 101 4 weeks ago

    Please let’s stop insulting Ghanians because tgey deserve the bragging rights. They did their homework, we didnt! That’s the reason why we lost the ticket to Qatar. I will always say this! Until we replace these current morons in the NFF with the right people, we can forget about the next world cup, and the one after that. Period!

    • Thank you @Greenturf/Baller 101. If you can send me your address I will mail you a Ghana shirt. Let’s stop the insults and support one another as Africans

      • Selfmade KING 4 weeks ago

        Greenturf is a REASONABLE blogger here!! Dude is loaded with wisdom!! I always read his comments here!

        What a guy!! 

        Baller is  wise guy too!! Fine gentleman 

  • Hassan Tia 4 weeks ago

    I bet you Greenturf and Yaw with Super Eagles vetern coach and his crew and the new players of SE if SE encouters Ghana in the next Afcon. in Cote De’Ivore on a group or konck out stage , I think SE will defeat you with scientific and statistics requisites; don’t say to me SE couldn’t ascend to the World Cup with thoes crop of good players like Osimhen, Iheanacho , Ighalo, Ahmed Musa, Simon Moses ; but I think there are a new philosophies in SE mentality in coatching crew and player’s concepts all tow togther.There are new concepts in thoes pillar of SE house base.

    • My boss Hassan, you are talking hypothesis here. What didn’t you say before we met? If I were you I will be very humble when playing a game against ghana. Tell me which African team or national team has beaten your super chickens more? No team has beaten you more that ghana in your existence as a country. We started beating you pre-independence and we still beat you in modern day. Tell me the last time your chickens beat the black star of Africa. We will beat you till you learn to remain humble. Stop running your mouth and groom your clueless chickens before you think about beating ghana. You can talk like dat when you meet sao tome