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BREAKING: Mikel Announces Retirement From Football

BREAKING: Mikel Announces Retirement From Football

Former Super Eagles captain John Mikel Obi has announced his retirement from football.

The 35-year-old took to the social media to announce his decision to quit the round leather game.


“There is a saying that “all good things must come to an end”, and for my professional football career, that day is today,” wrote on his Instagram page.

“I look back at the past 20 years of my career, and I must say that I am very satisfied with all that I was able to achieve and more importantly the human it has helped shape.

“All of this would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my family, managers, clubs, coaches, teammates and most importantly my ever-loyal fans.

“You supported me through my highs and lows, even on days that I did not live up to your expectations. I say a big thank you.

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“I will also like to encourage everyone who I may have inspired one way or the other in the course of my career to never give up on their dreams, for every time you think about quitting, remind yourself why you started.

“This is not goodbye, it’s the start of another journey, another chapter of my life. I look forward to what the future holds and I hope you will walk with me. Thank you.”

Mikel spent 18 years playing the beautiful game

The former midfielder was part of Chelsea side that won the 2012 UEFA Champions League title.

Mikel also won two Premier League titles, three FA Cup trophies, the 2007 League Cup and the 2013 Europa League during his 11-year stint with Chelsea.

He also enjoyed immense success on the international stage as well as he won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 with Nigeria.

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  • One of the greatest Nigerian players to ever play the game . The man that locked Yaya toura dustheap 2013 African cup of nations that Nigeria won for the 3rd time .

  • The end of an era..

    One of the most shrewd enigmatic and pragmatic footballers ever to come out of the shores of Nigeria, many fans will forever romanticise how Mikel’s career would have turned out had he not been converted to a defensive midfielder by coach Jose Mourinho.

    In youth football, Mikel played a typical number 10 role with many fans expecting him to take the reins from the retiring great Jay Jay Okocha from 2016. Upon moving to Chelsea, Mourinho had other ideas and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Still, Mikel – who has now announced his retirement from all football – had a glittering career.

    From winning league titles and continental club trophies with Chelsea to being the last Nigeria captain to date to lift the Africa Cup of Nations in 2013 while playing a pivotal role in Nigeria’s last Olympic football medal to date; Mikel came, he saw and he definitely conquered.

    But he had his critics, hell yeah! In club football, fans complained that he was a sideways passer of the ball with limited technique and abject creativity. For Nigeria, a section of fans complained he was way too slow on the ball and at times, a liability in midfield with others like Onazi and Azubuike doing the dirty work.

    But these criticisms do not diminish his immense contributions to the course for club and country. Mikel was the epitome of calmness on the ball and did what was required in centre or defensive midfieldto win trophies for club and country. His leadership skills and level headed Ness were off the charts and these rubbed off positively on many other players around him.

    His moments of pure magic were few and far between but when he produced them, they were truly breath-taking and forever memorable. From opening the floodgate with his eloquent looping pass to Ighalo for the 4:1 rout against Cameroon in 2007 to the share brutality of retrieving the ball and sliding in Emenike against Zambia in the 2013 Afcon group stages, Mikel could always dial his charm up to eleven when he wanted to.

    Now that his has finally hung his boot, I would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to Mikel for all the wonderful memories.

    For ups of winning the 2013 to the downs of failing to the qualify for the 2015 edition. For the ups of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup against all odds and the massive downs of missing out on second round qualification to Argentina in Russia.

    Being a Super Eagles fan is always nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Thanks for the journey Mikel, it was well worth it.

    Happy Retirement and Much Regards To Your Young Family.

  • Footballfanatic 2 months ago


    Please read the last paragraph…. Why will a member of the FA say such is he the coach? this high handedness in our football needs to stop. Let the coach do his job.

    • Footballfanatic 2 months ago

      I’m sorry I misread that. I thought it was a member of the technical department.

  • He may not have been the most mesmerizing midfielder or scored lots of goal for club or country, but Mikel was a TRUE LEADER, INSPIRATION, GENERAL, and CALMING INFLUENCE on the field and to his teammates right from his youth football day to the senior team.

    A man of few words and mild temper but with a shipload of confidence and fiercely patriotic, we say you’ve served well. Drape yourself in the deafening applause and take a bow as you leave the stage. Welcome to the sweet, relaxing retired life.

    So what next? Coaching? Sports punditry? Sports/player management? Private business? Or it’s au revoir to Nigeria from Russia?

  • Golden Child 2 months ago

    One word, Legend!

    • Yea, he served Nigeria and the football world very well.

      Farewell to a football legend, JOM.A

  • Larry 2 months ago

    Thank you Champion for your dedication and top class personality.
    You will always be remembered among players who gave everything to their country and are well loved across the globe.
    A highly talented player that got top coaches and clubside fighting to sign you on their team.

    All Hail Mikel the catalyst.

  • Kenny 2 months ago

    Legend you put smile on our faces. Wishing you all the best.

  • Coache 2 months ago

    He gave a great pass to Ighalo in the match against Cameroun enroute 2018 World cup. Ighalo finished the move against a tough Cameroun backline and goalkeeper. The goal was a replica of the KANU – I TAKE combo goal against the same Cameroun at AFCON 2004. He was under rated and under used.

    You took the populace of Jos to Chelsea and some people have remained there ever since though YOUR DAD PAID THE PAINFUL PRICE OF ENDURING 2 KIDNAPPINGS. RETIRE WELL

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Farewell, skippo.

  • John-I 2 months ago

    Very successful footballer. Happy retirement, legend

  • The Capito of Capitoes John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, Nwanne chukwu Gozie gi. In all your endeavors in life. you were really a leader of captains, a player who carried the team and make things happen in tough situations. I will never forget how you took it upon yourself to personally make things work in the midfield during one of the toughest qualifying world cup group of death I have witnessed in my time on earth World cup 2018 qualifiers you were a true leader rthat Assist for Ighalo against cameroon and many more. Guy you are too much. that is what a leader is a leader leads from the trenches not the bench.. All the Best in the rest of your fruitful life

    According to @Dr.Drey still think Ahmed Musa is a greater Captain than you. wonders shall never end

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Filthy liar.

      Go and copy/paste where Dr.Drey ever said Ahmed Musa is a greater captain than Mikel if your are truly the son of whom you claim to be.

      • Lol @Dr.Drey me filthy liar.. you even went as far as saying Musa is a greater super Eagles International than all of Jay Jay Okocha and Nwakwo Kanu in the same arguement. I am sure people on this forum remember those exchanges we had in 2020 regarding this. So no need to pull any thread. Tyour obsession with Musa and Rohr is well known on this forum. Mumu

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          Once again you are nothing but filthy liar.

          Whatever you smoke needs more filtring.

          I’ve never even been involved in any discussion on this forum or anywhere on the surface of this earth concerning who has been the greatest of Super eagles captains. On the contrary, I’ve always seen each of them as legendary footballers who deserve equal treatment of being sent off respectfully and Honourably and not discarded like used tissues wether they are from the North or from the South…..and sensible followers on this forum can attest to that without me mentioning any names.

          So your foolishness is approaching new dimensions. It’s evident now that the demons that speak sweet nothings into your ears whenever you have overdozed on drugs have not left you.

          My discussions on Musa on this forum is about his continued retention in the team as captain and his already earned legendary Status as arguably our best winner after Segun Odegbami with facts and figures (over 30 goals contributions or thereabout) to back it up.

          If you want attention tell us, we will grant you some…..you don’t need to resort to blackmail.

          Initally it was in 2020….1 minute later it became 2021…lmaooo… Useless liar, comments of since 2010 are still on CSN, csn doesn’t delete them.

          Once again it’s only is you are not a bastard that you wouldn’t go and copy/paste where Dr.Drey ever ranked Musa as a greater captain than Mikel or worst still as the greatest of all SE captains.

          Quite Ironically, it was you who denigrated Mikel calling Ndidi a more accoplished EPL DM that him….until I used hard facts of EPL appearances, goal contributions and trophies to slap your filthy mouth….and I will gladly accept the Honour of disgracing you properly by copy/pasting it here for the World to real if you even as much as try to deny it.

          You disgusting Lunatic…..Everyone on this forum knows Dr.Drey does not make statements he cannot back up with facts and figures……So if you are looking for whom to blackmail….sorry, try elsewhere, you have failed on this one….and you are begining to blackmail yourself now as a Matter of fact.

          Useless born by mistake

          • Mumu you will always be exposed.. You think say you get sense pass me anamasobri Olodo

            Dr. Drey 2 years ago
            “…The guy is useless…” – 81 caps, 15 goals, 14 assists
            “…Can only score against weak teams…” – Scored 2 goals against the greatest Barca team (and possibly the greatest football team) of all times. Scored 2 goals against a lionel messi (greatest of all times) led Argentina in the World Cup…..these must be weak teams indeed….LMAO

            Hahahaha…after all this your rantings….Ahmed musa still remains the highest scoring SE winger of all times (after Odegbami)….he remains the highest scoring Nigerian of all times with 4 world cup goals. He remains one of, if not the Nigerian winger with the highest number of assists in the SE for all times.

            Ahmed Musa – Winger – 81 caps, 15 goals, 14 assists. Nigeria’s highest scoring winger after Segun Odegbami. NIGERIA’S ALL TIME TOP SCORER ON THE BIGGEST STAGE OF FOOTBALL – 4 world cup goals. Even Okocha and Kanu cannot boast of these kind of figures.

            Facts dont lie….! Stats dont lie…!

            Anybody wey e pain, make e go jump inside well. Otherwise, your frustrations continue till 2022….LMAO. If you see Musa playing, smash your TV on the floor.

            Rate this


          • if you talk too much I will post more when you even insulted Okocha and Kanu saying Musa is a bigger SE legend than them you dare insult me again I will will show everybody on this form Why i labelled you Dr. Fraud Ohio. mumu

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahaha…..Thank you for corroborating my position, for proving me right and Showing the World what filthy liar you are….LMAOoo.

            See the way the devil punishes filthy liars….LMAOOO

            We are still waiting for you to post where Dr.Drey said MUSA is a greater captain than Mikel or where he said Musa is the greater international than all of Okocha and Kanu…..LMAOoo.

            Bloody Idiot is shooting himself in the foot already…..LMAOOO

            Senseless lunatic.

            Please what are you waiting for….???? Post where Dr.Drey said Musa is a bigger SE legend than Kanu and Okocha….LMAOooo.

            You should have even said Dr.Drey said Musa is the greatest Nigerian legend of all times

  • Lol @Dr.Drey could have even been early 2021

  • It was myself and @JimmyBall who was defending our true legends. not a crook like your Musa who is being pushed to over 100 caps so it can be documented that a Fulani has the higest caps for Nigeria. Dr. Fraud you dare defend this I will pull more up

    @JimmyBall where you dey oya make we expose this fraud, Most people on this forum were in support of you until time as I said back them will reveal and prevail all and truth will always shine through

    Dr. Drey 2 years ago
    “…but when it matters most he was no where to be found…”
    “…Musa has no end Product…”
    “…He has no Balance and he can’t even control the ball, he is an average player…”
    “…His continuous presence in the squad is detrimental to the careers of others…”

    Yet when things were tough against ordinary Burundi at AFCON, when all the so-called ex-factor players were clueless, it was this same Ahmed Musa and the much maligned Odion Ighalo that bailed us out immediately they came in.

    Ahmed Musa – Winger – 81 caps, 15 goals, 14 assists. Nigeria’s highest scoring winger after Segun Odegbami. NIGERIA’S ALL TIME TOP SCORER ON THE BISGGEST STAGE OF FOOTBALL – 4 world cup goals. Even Okocha and Kanu cannot boast of these kind of figures.

    Facts dont lie….! Stats dont lie…!

    “…Musa’s continuous inclusion and presence in the squad is just an example of many peoples frustration with Rohr’s decision making skills…” Hahahahaha….una never see fraustration…una just start, una go frustrate till them announce una enter coma, shey na fraustration and High BP una still dey see….Rohr is still going to be there till 2022 o…so your suffering continues.

    Rate this


    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      Hahahahah….keep them coming….LMAOoo.

      Thank you for these Posts. Thank you for helping to reaffirm my position about Musa arguably our best winger after Segun Odegbami…..LMAOoo

      Idiot is shooting himself in the foot the more…LMAOOO

      CSN readers are still waiting for you to post where Dr.Drey said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel. Or that Musa is a greater international than Okocha and Kanu…..Lmmmaooo

      Iberibe anumanu.

      Imbecile is shooting himself in the foot the more…..LMAOoo.

      Hurry up o….readers are waiting.

      Filthy lying Pig….LMAOooo.

      You should have just said Dr.Drey said Musa is the greatest Nigerian footballer of all time….Lmaooo. Or is it not a filthy liar like you…???

      Thank you for Showing where I’ve been using raw facts and statistics to thrash all the lies that you and your partner have been vommiting and fooling members of this forum with for years….LMAOoo.

      Please post the links to those replies for them so that they can all go and real the entire thread and see how Dr.Drey has been choking your lying mouths with facts and figures from ages past….LMAOOO.

      And while you are at it, we are still waiting for posts where Dr.Drey said “Musa is a greater captain than Mikel” and where he said that “Musa is a greater international than Okocha and Kanu”….Lmmmaooo.

      Filthy lying bastard.

    • Kenneth 2 months ago

      Thank God someone can come out and call out this liar. When i was shouting up and down, no one took me serious. That’s why i encourage forum members to always verify some of his story. Till date he hasn’t responded to some of the lies he has dropped on this platform.

      • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

        Hahahaha…..this filthy long mouthed Pig has jumped out of the latrine where he resides…..Lmmmaooo.

        If I am a liar, they you and the lunatic up there must be lucifer. That’s why no one takes you serious…..and that is why no one has taken your mad twin serious, more now that he’s shooting himself more in the foot…..LMAOoo

        Awon Okponu ayirada.

        Help me tell your fellow imbecile I am very grateful to him for digging out Posts that corroborate my Stance and show what a filthy blackmailing bastard he is.

        He has been convulsing since morning but still cannot show us where Dr.Drey said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel. Or that Musa is a greater international than Okocha and Kanu…..Lmmmaooo.

        • Kenneth 2 months ago

          Am happy that they beginning to see that your own parrot just like to rant. You just a talkative and do know when to shut up. Me am still waiting to the answers to my questions. You this filthy lying bastard.

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Hahahaha…..what is this one writing that has no meaning….Lmmmaooo. What is Ọmọ àlè writing that doesn’t make sense….LMAOoo. what is ọmọ arisokun ìkejì ajá vomitting from his long piggy mouth…?

            Okponu. Write in your native Language if English continues to be your life problem as always….LMAOoo

            Ode alainironu

            Its no longer News that people already see this parrot and talkactive called Dr.Drey as one who speaks with a lot of sense and backs it all up with verifiable facts…..not like a pathetic liar and imbecile like you who can not properly comprehend simple english Language…..LMAOoo….that is why your dusty brain still interpretes finalists medal winner as cup winner to you till tommorow. Olodo rapata.

            It is from this same talkactive parrot “lying bastard” that you first learnt for the first time in your wretched and worthless life that there is something called “player coach” coach in football…..only to shameless turn around to lie to everyone that you know, before they all shut your stinking lying mouth with questions you werent able to answer…lmmmaooo.

            I still can’t forgot you running out of here in tears with your tail between your legs…..lmmmaooo…crying that we are all here to learn…..lmmmaooo. Useless liar was caught Red handed…..lmmmaooo.

            Continue to wait for answers to your questions that have been answered since 2 years ago with links and references to back them up…..okponu abirun no sabi read book….. lmmmaooo. Continue to wait ehn. Your Grand children would come and help you read those links to you when you are grey, bent and wretched….LMAOoo.

            Senseless fool.

            The Idiot even knows that nobody takes him seriously on the forum….LMAOoo

            Now I know why you are perpetually fraustrated, and the reason for your hatred and jealousy…LMAOoo. Nobody wants to associate with an imbecile like you the way they are associating with Dr.Drey abi…..LMAOoo. Sorry ehn…LMAOoo

            By the way, we are still waiting for your imbecile friend to stop shooting himself in the foot by regurgitating Posts that exonerate Dr.Drey here.

            He should post where Dr.Drey ever said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel or that Musa is a greater international than Kanu and Okocho.

            Bunch of godforsaken blackmailers.

            See them….birds of same feathers, see as devil dey punish them one by one…LMAOoo

  • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

    Hahahaha….Senseless tribal bigot….I can see your real frustrations is that a Northerner is the holder of the record number of caps in the SE and not your Eastern brother….that is why him being “pushed to 100caps” is making you run mad. You will tell us if you were bring dead when a certain Joseph Yobo too was being “pushed to 100caps”.

    Dumb fool.

    Shameless liar…..LMAOoo

    You must show world where Dr.Drey said Musa is a greater captain than Mikel o… Or that Musa is a greater international than Okocha and Kanu…..Lmmmaooo

    If you don’t even your forefathers must be bastards, you uncought illbred fool.

    Omo irankoran.

    Go and commit suicide because the Fulani captain of the SE who is still actively playing football (even featuring in European club competitions) is still getting invited to the national team….LMAOoo

    Useless Animal.