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South Africa Edge Morocco To Clinch First Ever WAFCON Title

South Africa Edge Morocco To Clinch First Ever WAFCON Title

Banyana Banyana of South Africa have emerged the new Women’s Africa Cup of Nations champions after beating hosts of this year’s edition Morocco 2-1 in the final on Saturday.

The South Africans claimed their first continental title after five attempts – losing in 2000, 2008, 2012 and 2018.

They now join the Super Falcons of Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea as the only teams that have won the WAFCON.

Both South Africa and Morocco will be at next year’s women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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After a goalless first half, South Africa’s dominance was rewarded as Hildah Magaia netted a brace to put South Africa 2-0.

Magaia opened scoring in the 63rd minute before making it 2-0 in the 71st minute.

And with 11 minutes left to play, Morocco pulled a goal back through Rosella Ayane which was just a consolation.

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  • shame on morocco. with all their dubious way.

    Can you imagine, they came to stadium with their Lasser touch light on opponent but God shame them.

    Congratulation South African

  • Best team of the tournament! Deserved winners. Congratulations to South Africa!

  • Felix 2 years ago

    Who cares. After the 2 deserved teams were robbed. It shows how desperate the CAF president wanted his country to win. Watch out for the men tournament next. And club tournaments

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

      Felix, i don’t think Nigeria was robbed, We were way better than them in the game even to the extent of them confused at the back, Nigeria would have scored a lot of goals before the red cards, but they didn’t. Those red cards were right, lets be honest, it just that it was unfortunate. Without those cards we would have trash Morocco and also beat South Africa in the final. I think is destined for South Africa to win it, that’s why Nigeria was eliminated in a strange way. Moreover, it will not be interesting for Nigeria to winning it back to back to back, it needs to be spread accross to make it attractive. Nigeria is going to win the next edition, you will see. Things happen for a reason.

      • Thanks for your comment. In this tournament, Nigeria was the best team but South Africa deserved to win it. After all they defeated Nigeria.
        Also I don’t think this corrupt NFF deserves to share or take the glory they did not deserve as a federation of African female football champion.
        Once again shame on the Pinnick led NFF for owning our patriotic super falcons their allowances

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

    Offcourse, South Africa supposed to win it, there is no Nigeria to stop them in the final as usual. Morocco could not beat Nigeria even with 9 players and their home fans until penalty kicks, and they want to beat South Africa?. I knew when Nigeria lost to Morocco in a strange way, South africa will be champion, is there time and is destined. When is your time, all obstacles will be eliminated for you. Congratulations to Banyana Banyana.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    They were outplayed and outclassed by SA despite their stupid fans using lasers….Is Caf just going to sit back and not say anything about these lasers being flashed into the faces of players? Or is it because it is a North African thing, Caf is scared to warn them of fines or punishments? SA deserved this…They played well all through the tournament except for the Zambian match in which the referee favored them. I can’t guarantee that we would have beat them in the final with the way they played.

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 years ago

      I think we would have beaten them in the final, is kind of psychological, why do you think they prefer Morocco in the final.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        They might have preferred but we were already losing like 3-4 key players for the final and if going by what those substitutes played yesterday….I don’t think we would have won. SA outclassed Morocco with their crisp passing and neat play. The score should have been like 3-1 honestly..and these coach is clueless is the main reason that we would have lost.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      I actually meant they would have beaten us that was a typo

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    And someone thinks we would have beaten this SAn team in this final….? THis team that is 30% physical and 70% tactical…?

    It would have been double disgrace.

    They would have ripped our defense apart like girls playing ten-ten.

    It was more honorable to lose to Morocco the way we did than to come and get doubly disgraced by a more tactical sound team.

    Our high school coach with is sour tactics should pack his bag and go.
    6 midfielders used in the tournament 1 assist.
    5 wide forwards used, but only Ajibade provided assists.
    The CF (Onumonu) whom all play should ordinarily dovetail to, even provided more assists than all the midfielders combined.
    In a 4-3-3, the full backs are responsible for providing width, but in Waldrum’s 4-3-3 the wide forwards are made to hug the bylines and leave the CF isolated.

    That sums up how tactically dry the SF are under Waldrum…and it didnt start yesterday…..they’ve been tactical off since day 1 of his reign and I dont see anything different he will do till the WC next year.

    Congratulations to a worthy champion. Delay is never denial. We bullied them to the trophy in 2018, but they have roared back like the fully mature ladies they have become, to take their place at the top this time around.

    We have “over-won” the WAFCON so much that we do not appreciate it anymore. Let those who appreciate it win it henceforth.

    Congrats Banyana Banyana

    • Kenneth 2 years ago

      Ogbeni keep quiet, mr know it all. Why don’t you go and assemble your own team and setup whatever formation you want to dish out, abeg leave the coach alone, if you not satisfied with his work, i will recommend you present your CV to the NFF so we can see what you can do better. Rubbish, his side dick is also coming out commenting. Awon asiwin meji

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Okponu Omo ale,

        I should go and assemble my own team the way your Father assembled you and your wretched family into a new Super Eagles team when you were gnashing your teeth, demanding for “your owns” to take over only for them to send your football 40 years backwards…..LMAOooo..??

        Or I should present my CV the way your grandfather submitted his own CV to the NFF after your owns were booted out of AFCON and WC…??

        Ode lasan lasan Omo.

        Go and hang yourself because sensible people are demanding for a better coach of the falcons.


        Human being are talking, street dog too wants to belong…..LMAOooo.

        Omo ale tio ni s’anfani.

        • Kenneth 2 years ago

          It’s becoming clear that your sense of reasoning is depleting. You the only crazy person that will write a comment and be laughing in the process. Thank God that they took you out of the cell in vienna before you roast to death. Its only you and deluded idiots will be making comments. Maybe you can invite them to the dungeon you caged in Vienna.Submit your CV to NFF and show them how crazy you are in selecting. omo iranu oshi

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha….okponu olodo rapata…..if it’s deluded idiots that make comments on CSN, what is a bastard like you looking for here too…..LMAOooo


            Go and die if it’s paining you so badly that delude idiots are commenting.

            You that isn’t deluded we can see how senseless you have been and continue to be on this forum….LMAOoo

            By the way, has your father finally taught you the difference between a cup finalist and a cup winner….? LMAOOoo.
            Or you are waiting for me to teach you that one too just like I taught you what a player-coach is that you have still not been able to assimilate for years…..LMAOo.

            Abirun olopolo kiku.

            It was because of you Yoruba said Omo Eni ku o san ju Abirun omo lo……LMAOoooo.

            Shameless street dog.

    • @ Drey, I agree with all your comment except the part where you said South Africa would have beaten us in the final. We really can never say because we never met again in the final. South Africans themself know that it would have been a different ball game if we had met in the final. Hence, their preference for Morocco.
      That being said, our ladies deserve all praise and encouragement, and no blame. Waldrum should be sacked ASAP and Pinnick removed from office for employing a college (in Nigeria, it is a polytechnic or university coach) coach for our national team. This is actually a national embarrassment that should not be forgiven

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        I was expecting to read somewhere in your comment that Nigeria would have definitely defeated SA in the final, based on this parameter, that parameter, this fact, that fact.

        But unfortunately, I didn’t find the certainty in your assertion. All I read was some brave face patriotism smokescreen to console yourself.

        It’s like you still haven’t come to terms with the fact that they already have our PIN code. If we meet them 10 times under waldrum they will defeat us 10 times…. they are that smart on the pitch and on the technical bench. Heck we couldn’t even beat Zambia under Waldrum.

        Of course they preferred morroco because morrocco would be a piece of meat for them. And they did make them a piece of meat with the carefully planned way they executed their task last night.

        Humble yourself and submit to a deserving champion

        • In all discussions i like to focus on the topic being discussed and not engage in personal attack or tirade. This is the only way we as individuals and nation can make progress. It seems this is not what is unfolding here. So, I refrain from making further comments

          • Kenneth 2 years ago

            @ Josh am surprised that you didn’t know the fake Dr buy now. If you don’t leak his comments then your contribution is rubbish. Am glad with the response you gave him.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    How could the SF beat Banyana in the finals with that mum coach of yours?

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    *Mumu coach*

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    We have Alimatu Ayinde and Ajibade to be blamed. We don’t need these kind of players to represent Nigeria at all levels.

    Just because of a little fame in a tournament and the two players fumbled?

    Our players needs to be more humble. We were about to beaten Moroccan team silly and Ayinde intentionally committed a bad tackle while Ajibade did not hesitate to did her own? Because of them, they letting Nigeria down once again and I think such players doesn’t deserve to play for Nigeria.

    I like South Africa as a country but the way they made it to the final, I can’t congratulate Bayana bayana as the new African Women Champions. The only team that deserves congratulations is Zambian team.

    For Morocco, you rip what you sow. Their fans attitude shows where they belong to which is second place. They should deal with that.

    For Super Falcons coach, he have to go just as coach Eguavoen and Oga Rohr did.

    If we all want the best for Nigeria, don’t hesitate to speak the truth.

    We can’t be winning the Wafcon every year but the way CAF did in this tournament was very embarrassing.

    Fellow Nigerians, please pray for your country. Nothing is working for Nigeria because the sin is too much. Nothing to write home about. Our leaders doesn’t care about the citizens and the doesn’t care about themselves.

    We are deceiving ourselves because of what we want to eat, Amaju Pinnick for example, is not the right person to be NFF president.

    Until we are honest with ourselves Nigeria can move forward. A word is enough for the wise. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Helius 2 years ago

      Starting with you,I hope say na yourself you dey give dat advice,U can’t be saying one thing today and anoda 2moro and den preach otherwise,nawa 4 U oganinja

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        Am not like you Oga Rohr followers. I am so sorry to disappoint you people.

        You want me to keep supporting coach Waldrum just like you people did during Oga Rohr’s time?

        Oh, it doesn’t work like that kę. Can’t you see that Ajibade, Ayinde and coach Waldrum have killed the moral, confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of the Super Falcons?

        If Super Falcons have to do well at the world cup then NFF have to hand over our local coach Super Falcons.

        I know that Nigerians does not like the truth but I can’t do without speaking the truth. I am deeply sorry for this country period. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Helius 2 years ago

          What your saying is far from the truth oganinja stop supporting people blindly and stop making assumptions about others,you sometimes go write wetin make sense and sometimes go write wetin pesin no go understand.Are you sure say U no get impersonator? Btw I no dey support rohr or any SE coach

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Are you minding the confused double mouthed drunkard…?

        Only last week he was here praising Waldrum to the highest heavens as being “high tactical”, claiming he cant stop loving Waldrum…..LMAOooo.

        Trust or Believe this guy at your own peril.

        You can be the best human ever existing to him today and by the dawn of tomorrow he will use the same mouth to call you the worst human ever liveth.

        That’s to tell you what a snakey and devilish character he is made of. The less of his type humanity has in existence the better.

        Omoale, is your Wladrum still better than Oga Rohr…?? LMAOOoo

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          My pikin Dr.Drey, you still have mouth to talk? Am speechless.

          Between Oga Rohr that spent 6 years and Oga Waldrum that just spent a year, can you pick one out of the two?

          You see my pikin, I won’t exchange words with you because you are very rude and lack home training.

          Again, because I have bn supporting Oga Waldrum all this while and I should keep supporting him wrongly?

          Are you kidding kę? Who does that ba? You want me to deceive Nigerians like you did when Oga Rohr was in charge of Super Eagles? You must be joking kę.

          You alailękó ómó yi. Shió. If not Oakfield that is begging me not to deal with you, be careful Dr.Drey. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Its your father that lacks home training. Okponu oshi. Awon babanla re nio l’eko. You this devilish deciever.

            I guess Oga Rohr should have asked CAF so shift AFCON from 2019 to 2017 so that he can participate after 1 year of taking charge…..LMAOooo. Rohr took over a team that couldnt even qualify back-to-back and led them (mostly AFCON debutants) to a few inches from the trohpy

            Your almighty Highly tactical Waldrum who you cannot stop loving…..LMAOOo….inherited a team that has won 3 consecutive WAFCONs and came back home empty handed…..LMAOoo. Omuti oshi. I hope you have still not stopped looving your Waldrum…..LMAOoo…please dont stop ehn…keep on loving him. You kuku always love and praise failure.

            You that didnt deceive Nigerias when Oga Rohr was in charge, where did your owns whom you were praising end up…?? Failure….LMAOOo

            You and failure must be born from the same mother. Anybody you support always end up failing….LMAOoo

            Your Owns….failure yakata
            Your Waldrum….failure wotowoto. E collect from SA, collect from morrocco, collect from even Zambia……LMAOooo….he just dey collect from everybody hand.

            Ka da fumwo ati awon iran re lae. O o sofo ku ni.

            Anybody that Omoale9ja supports should beware henceforth. If this drunkard begins to sing your praise, just watch your back and quickly start fasting and praying against failure in your life…..LMAOoo

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            @Dr.Drey, back to sender. You rip what you sow.

            I am proud to be a good citizen of this great nation called Nigeria but you drey? You are not a human being kę.

            Mr. Dr, don’t pass your boundary. Óga na master kę. Respect your boss omo9ja any day any time. Óga na boss oooo. Chai, my pikin, be warned ooo.

            I am here to give you home training because your sharity begins here on CSN and I will give it to you wotowoto.

            You are very rude and arrogant but I promise to humble you young man.

            I wish you the very best in life. You know daddy loves you.

            Again, don’t pass you boundary. You have no respect for nobody but you can’t do that to me because I omo9ja, the son of his soil deserves some class from you Drey. I won’t say more than that. Am I communicating?

            Back to sender once again. Peace. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Congratulations Oga failure…. Lmaoo.

            Congratulations for being a boss of castigating success and giving your full backing to failures. It shows that you are from a family of failures yourself.

            Go and use you home training to train yourself in identifying the difference between the paths that lead to success and those that lead to failure, so that you will stop misleading Nigerians in supporting failures while antagonizing success.

            Omo ofo. Ọmọ jatijati.

            Yo bá awon babanla re láé.

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            Ómó ti o gba ękóle, itani wo n ti kó iruwan.

            I will give you home training that you refused to get at home.

            Iwó adojutini ómò yi.

            You want me to support all the national team coaches like you are doing right? Good or bad, I support them?

            Am not like you that followed Oga Rohr blindly. Again, back to sender. That is what you deserve. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @ omo9ja it is better to not say anything if you have nothing constructive or objective to say. Don’t just talk because you want to talk

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        This is why Nigeria is in this mess.

        You people want to keep everybody silent?

        It won’t work ooo. New days has come.

        I want the best for Nigeria and if you don’t like that then you have no choice than to support me to take Nigeria back from our oppressors. That is very clear kę, period. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • My comment is based on your usual vacillation. You speak too often from both sides of the mouth and never straightforward. If you want to be hot be hot and if you want to be cold be cold. Stop blowing hot and cold at the same time

          • Omo9ja 2 years ago

            “My comment is based on your usual vacillation. You speak too often from both sides of the mouth and never straightforward. If you want to be hot be hot and if you want to be cold be cold. Stop blowing hot and cold at the same time”

            A real fan will support the national team coach or FC coach when things are going well or bad but the person have to be objective in his or her analysis no matter what.

            Go check every where both locally and internationally, you don’t follow people blindly.

            I am not surprise we are where we are today as a country.

            No good roads, world best hospitals, insecurity still, majority of us still supporting our oppressors because of their selfishness.

            I now understand why Oga spent six years in charge of the Super Eagles team without winning a tea cup. So, if am not mistaken, you want to keep supporting coach Waldrum no matter how the situation may be? Count me out.

            I call a spade a spade. Shikena. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    They might have preferred but we were already losing like 3-4 key players for the final and if going by what those substitutes played yesterday….I don’t think we would have won. SA outclassed Morocco with their crisp passing and neat play. The score should have been like 3-1 honestly..and these coach is clueless is the main reason that we would have lost.

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    Although the semifinal match between Zambia and South Africa was badly officiated in favour of South Africa (I am referring to that terrible penalty awarded to South Africa in the dying seconds of the game) take nothing away from this South African team. Very young squad, pacy, tactical! We have kept on retaining very old mamas in the name of experience as if we do not have U-20 and U-17 teams with very good legs to replace these mamas (apologies to Portia Modise). I have said it in an earlier post on another subject that we do not need ladies more than 24 years in the Super Falcons. Women have their prime after which diminishing returns start occurring. This is the time to graduate the U-20 team to Super Falcons and get a quality indigenous female coach for the team for proper tinkering ahead of next year’s world cup and 2024 WAFCON

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    The coach must go. If this coach takes Nigeria to the World Cup, Nigeria will be the laughingstock of the Tournament. Unlike sacking Rohr two weeks before the AFCON, which was wrong, there is sufficient time now to employ the rightful coach who will perhaps, masterfully handle the task proficiently and to solidly prepare the team who would adequately represent the Nigeria Nation. Most of the players have since past their usefulness in the team. We don’t need the South African analysis to tell us before we realized that some of these players have actually past their time and they must go home.

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Waldrum reportedly left the team after the game and returned to America while the team leaves monday. Just reading it now. Man sees Nigeria as just a paycheck and not there to improve our womens football

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Its not his fault. Its the NFF that went to bring a high school coach to coach the National team of Nigeria on part time basis that we will blame. Even if they will bring a collegiate level coach, we have our own Akides, Okosiemes and Omagbemis of this world. We have Nkwocha who is coaching in Sweden and Maureen Madu was coaching in Norway. Ex-internationals who are actively coaching.

      But No, they went to bring a Waldrum whose college team is battling relegation. From the first day he was announced, I questioned if this was really what a whole PWC came up with for the coaching job Nigeria’s Super Falcons according to the NFF.

      Just like a wrote a few days ago, we (or the NFF) need to re-appraise NFF’s key considerations for hiring coaches for the national teams. All the current local coaches in the SE all suffered disastrous outcomes at the end of the NPFL season…..2 were relegated and one took Enyimba to their worst league finish in probably 20 or more years. But that street dog that calls himself Kenneth/Ade/Kingsley came to lie to us on their behalf claiming it was because they have been away on national duty for months……LMAOOoo…..as if they were appointed SE coaches at the beginning of the season…..LMAOooo…or as if they relocated to protugal to go live with Peserio immediately they were appointed in April….LMAOooo.

      If Waldrum has indeed packed his bags and left, Its good riddance to bad rubbish. He has no excuse for the toothless performance of the SF at this WAFCON.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        I can’t wait till Amaju leaves but then this is Nigeria we are talking about….Will his replacement be a good one? I doubt it but we can only be hopeful. Just like you stated what criteria was used in hiring Waldrum?
        Perpetua Nwokocha coaches in Sweden and a whole lot of ex female internationals but then they pay this college level coach a ridiculously high salary. A coach who cannot even manage his country’s u17 team despite coaching college football since 1988 if I’m correct and then owe these girls during tournaments. This is a clueless Football house honestly. Dennerby was smart to resign and take up the Indian job because he saw that NFF officials were trash lol.

      • Kenneth 2 years ago

        omo aleeee you forgot to add your name to the list of coaches, were you not boasting of the formation you would present if you handled the team. Please submit your CV once the Job becomes available.Till then go back into your cage and suck your thumb fool

  • First congratulations to SA.But that is where it ends.

    The two finalist knew deep down that they don’t deserve to play the final.They both knew they lacked the credibility of a worthy finalist as they were both aided into the final by some dubious referring.

    First, South Africa were awarded a dubious penalty for a tackle that outside the penalty box for their goal against Zambia.The Ethiopian referee have since apologized through her sister. Coach Ellis is honest enough and she knew this.

    Nigeria two red cards were justified to be honest.But so is the Moroccan lady stamp on the heels of our player , surprisingly both the referee and VAR looked away.There was no way that morrocan team would have beaten us to the final ticket with 10-9 ladies.The script were written and executed to favor the CAF president and the host nation.Remember Cameroun used to enjoy such favor during Hayatou reign.

    Bar these two incidents, Great work and evolution by south Africa and Morocco.SA have been knocking on the door for a long time and they are finally rewarded.

    For Nigeria, the fall started from the NFF as usual.They hired a high school coach on a part time basis with a mandate that they want to compete with the world best that Africa is already a conquered territory (such disrespect) So the man focused on playing USA, Canada etal forgetting that first he need to qualify from Africa.

    To be fair to him too, our team is in transision.Let no one talk of sacking the coach until after the world cup.After that Akide,Okosieme or a very competent female coach local or foriegn should be considered.

    Ebi, Chikwelu should also make way for younger players after the world cup.The female game is looking increasingly younger.

    We also forgot that two first team players did not make it to Morocco.Desire oparanozie and Osinachi .Both played in China .

    We will be back trust me.

  • osaretin 2 years ago

    Well it is right to say on the day Bayana Bayana deserved to win. Now my take is that the falconets are very good but need more work. For starters, they need a physical trainer. especially for our defenders and we need a team pyscologist and video expert. Also from the admiinstrative aspect ( full knocks here); did you notice that the the 1st ( south Africa) 2nd ( Morroco) and 3rd ( Zambia) teams did not have any wranglings on issues of match bonuses. They were all spelt out before the WAFCON commenced. Imagine cash strapped Zambia FA could spell out and deliver on the winning bonuses at each level of the competition to their players and the players could concentrate on their business of football and finally, this podium countries have a far better developmental plan for women football. Yes we have a female league but the plan and communication and exchanges with the national coaches needs to improve. That girl Gift Monday is a star, if given proper monitoring, kataglana, Oshola or Ajibade are not close to half of the talent she has. So it is not about talent is palanning. you win a tournamaent 2 years before it commences. that is the story of Bayana bayana

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