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WorldAthletics Champs: Amusan Finishes 6th In 100m Hurdles Final

WorldAthletics Champs: Amusan Finishes 6th In 100m Hurdles Final

Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan failed to defend her World Athletics Championship title after finishing sixth in Thursday’s final in Budapest.

Amusan returned in a time of 12.62s which was not enough to earn her a place on the podium.

Amusan was dethroned by 2015 champion Danielle Williams of Jamaica who won the gold after clocking a season best of 12.43s.

Puerto Rico’s Jasmine Camacho-Quinn won the silver medal with a time of 12.44s while the bronze went to Keni Harrison of the United States who returned in a time of 12.46s.

Amusan did not get the best of preparations for this year’s World Athletics Championship which could be attributed to her poor performance in Budapest.

Last month, the 26-year-old was charged by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) for missed three siping tests in 12 months.

The AIU eventually cleared Amusan to compete at the 2023 World Athletics Championships which began on Saturday.

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  • Godsent 10 months ago

    Nigerian spirit has come to play. She forgot her development in the expense of advertisements and political awards from looters. Nigeria will be great again if God-fearing leaders come on board.

  • BabaDudu 10 months ago

    She did not use drugs this time?

  • They have already scattered your dream before you embark on that competition.
    Those alegations of drug related issues were meant to distabilse you but don’t worry Tobi. Your God Tobi juwonlo.

  • pompei 10 months ago

    Hahaha, Amusan don show dem shege. Body dey pepper dem. Sotey, now that she had a loss, all of them have come crawling out of their rat holes.
    I just dey look news articles for internet, and they’re all acting like the world has ended because Amusan lost a race.
    Tobi, no mind dem jare! Defeat is part of the experience of life. Your past successes have made you a legend already, and you will still bounce back from this one.
    Keep your head up and keep hustling!

  • Socrates 10 months ago

    Very well said @ Pompei!

  • I wish you a better performance next time,Tobi.

  • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

    Ever since she’s broke the WR they’ve all been having sleepless night for the Nigerian woman. Now that they have successfully made her loss upnext is her ranking plummeting. Anyone who expected her to win after the distractions from AIU and IAAF knows nothings about sports. Deliberate attempts were made to hinder her form after she won her meet at Diamond league and they have succeeded. Mind you this will never happen to American athletes or any of the G7 nations. Nigeria’s problem is they always hire incompetent people to lead the nations affairs, no wonder they can not defend its Athletes when matters like this arise. Amusa should petition this people for damages after all she was vindicated. I dey vex like seriously!!!

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Hahahahaa… was it the AIU and IAAF that forced Tobi to miss mandatory test kwanu…..LMAOoo. It will never happen to any American or G7 nations but elites like Mo Farah and Rio Ferdinand have been hammered as far back as a decade and two ago for the same charges Amusan was called to question…..LMAooo.

    Maybe Tobi has become too elite an athlete to be called to question for perceived violations because no other athlete has won what she won before now. Currently, several others are also still under investigation including 5 Britons who weren’t even allowed to take part in this championships.

    Damages my foot…..LMAOooo

    You guys should advise Amusan to continue to miss mandatory tests because she is a Diamond League winner ehn. LMAOoo….infact advice her to sue those who put the rules in place too.

    I hope she will stop listening to sycophants like these and learn her lessons now.

    It’s hard to become successful, it’s harder to remain successful. Obedience they say is better than sacrifice. Better be safe than sorry…..!!!

  • All those AIU and IAAF threats of penalty for failing to take the mandatory drug tests no doubt affected her. She was running from pillar to post trying to clear her name which she eventually did at the 11th hour, at which time all her fierce rivals had put in long hours and days of intensive training to wrest the crown from her. For Tobi, it was too little, too late.

    Una well done o, Glo. Your brand marketing managers don’t have any other concepts or strategies for staying on top of minds of target audience other than cashing in on any athlete or artist currently in the spotlight. They make money, you guys make more money and then boom, more often than not, the downward spiral starts for the athlete or artist.

    Keep your chin up, girl. I don’t think you were 100% prepared for this meet. I saw you struggle to win your SM heat and I knew there was trouble ahead. 6th? I don’t even want to watch the highlight. Go back and brainstorm with your coach on taking out all distractions and focusing on reclaiming your crown. The Americans and Jamaicans don’t play here. They believe it’s their territory. It’s hyena land. You gat to be a 100% fit lion queen to survive on thsi prairie.

    • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

      @Kel You nailed it because it’s not hard for a smart person to understand that a suspended person can not train effectively like others for a major championship knowing that her hope lies on last minute appeal result. She will bounce back better knowing fully well that enemies lie around seeking for ones downfall most especially when you’re at the top, else why will this people bring up this issues just few weeks to a world championship if they mean well.

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