Cameroon Boss Conceição Disappointed With AFCON Ouster

Cameroon Boss  Conceição Disappointed  With AFCON Ouster

Cameroon national team manager António Conceição hailed his players following their semi-final defeat to Egypt on Thursday night.

The game between the two titans was a close one, with both teams failing to find the opponents’ nets in the entirety of the 120 minutes.

After the goalless draw, Egypt came out on top through a penalty shoot-out, knocking out the hosts and preventing them from getting their sixth star.

“We won’t be a side playing the final. Like 27 million Cameroonians, we are sad, but this is football,”Conceição told a press conference after the game.

“The game was close, but the players were exhausted in the second half.

“At the first half, however, we played well and we were close to scoring on more than one occasion.

“We practiced for penalty kicks, but in the end, everybody could miss. The players are only human after all.”

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  • Four four two 2 years ago

    It’s a shame how SE went off against Tunisia. Having watched all the teams up to this semis it’s obvious if they had maintained same intensity use against Egypt and Sudan, SE would have gone all the way. Since the tournament started Cameron have not met a good side until they met Egypt. They were exposed. Meanwhile, this is a team that SE press half field with high intensity and would have won 4 nil but not for poor finishing.
    The bottom line here is that SE got the most complete team in Africa at the moment what we need is a Coach that can let the team play Nigerian way with pressing and varying tactics. I don’t think Egu will offer that.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      What gets me is when bitter fans talk about tiki-taka. How stupid are they? You can scour the length and breath of the Internet and social media platforms, never in this life will you see the word tiki taka linked with Eguavoen. All the man said was that flair and wingplay, so long associated with the great Nigerian team of old, is still relevant today and has to return. And what did we see, we saw Nigeria’s brand identity of wingplay orientated flair football return. Okay, we came unstuck against Tunisia but we are glad, glad that our national team has been rescued from a man who plays 5 midfielders and converts our most dangerous men (Simon and Aribo) into wingback and deep Central midfielder. The man was quack and needed to be booted out.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        A quack brought took you from the gutters where your guadiolas dumped you to the podium of African football. Your entire technical department of “competent professionals” took you back to 1982….. LMAOOO. Congratulations on your Nigerian style that has just fetched you another round of failure after Siasia also failed to qualify for ordinary AFCON with it….. LMAOOO.

        Pls go and face Ghana with the same outdated 2 man midfield 1994 tactics in match 2022 ehn….. LMAOOO

        Lest I forget, kindly remind is the name of the rookie coach that used a B squad to boot you and your 9man team of “competent technical professionals” out of AFCON….. LMAOOO

        • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

          My friend Dr Drey go and sit down. You have nothing new to say other that the broken record tune that you have been playing up and down the place like a musician that has lost all creativity. I thought you were going to say something new but resorted to your old bull shit that has now run very stale.
          Keep living in the past. Very soon we will buy you a time machine to travel back to 2016-2017 so that you can stay there for all eternity since that is the only era your good for nothing failure of a foreign coach thrived. Coming here with a load of bullocks for a coach who is well past his sell by date. Get a life doctor.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Igbekun Abo… “buying @Dr.Drey… a time machine” brother you are badt… hahahaha. That got me laughing…

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha….I guess your own “tears at sunset” and rhetorics of how honorable it is for our football to be taken backwards 40 years are brand new albums that you wax every morning from your studios of lunancy…..LMAOOoo.
            Your fat lies of “Nigeria lost to officiating”……LMAOOooo (when the entire world didnt need to have gone to coaching school to see that we were simply outcoached) and your “what-ifs-ry” are not borken tunes that are becoming more shameless (for those who have shame, not those whose name refers to feaces) to sing by the day, going by the efficient and highly tactical show teams who have made it this far have shown…..LMAOooo.

            I also thought you would say something new other than this your shame-saving lies of “we are glad we got booted out playing the Nigerian way” or that its more honorable to get humiliated by a nameless coach……..LMAOooooo.

            Apparently you need that your time machine to bring you back to this era of efficient and results oriented football and free you from that prison of 1994-set tactics where your 9-man technical crew of failures have imprisoned you…..LMAOoooo. The same disastrous tactics that Siasia failed to qualify for ordinary afcon with and the same one your owns have failed with after winning AFCON table soccer with it on youtube…..LMAOOoooooo.

            We can see your owns are “unquacks” with the way NFF is in panic mode desperately chasing afte reinforcements to the technical crew buy going to bring another desperado who had earlier claimed to be too big to be a SE assistant coach to come and assist 9 tactically bereft men…..LMAOOooo.

            Growing up we were told two heads are better than one…..until 9 of the best technical heads in Nigeria couldnt find answers to the most basic man-marking tactics any coach can ever come up with from a nameless rookie coach of a depleted Tunisian team……LMAOoooo.

            Please remind us of the name of that Tunisian ASSITANT coach again……LMAOOoooo.

            Please continue to wallow in your 3 decade long obsolete “Nigerian Style” and go play 2 men in the midfield against Ghana ehn…..LMAOOOooo….I beg you to please tell your Egaudiola to go and play his table soccer against Ghana…..LMAOOoooooo…..that time machine will take you back to the womb eventually….LMAOOoooo…because the heartache that will follow will not be enough for you and your lackeys to bear…..LMAOooooo.

            You will tell us how many successful team 4-4-2 has produced in this modern era of less-brute-more-brains football…..LMAOOoooo.

            It is more honorable to not qualify for the world cup playing the Nigerian way……LMAOOOoo…..Hallmark of a lifetime failure. No wonder getting booted our in R16 of AFCON is making him feel on top of the universe…LMAOOOoo

            No be me and you……LMAOOoooo.

          • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

            Lolzzzz, What a load of nonsense Dr Drey, is that the best you can do?. If you like go and write a novel. Nothing will bring back the failure to a coach that u so shamelessly support. Like the foolish fly, you will follow this man to the grave at the end the of the day and guess what will be written in your epitaph, ‘foolish doctor dies with foolish coach’. Lolzzzz, lolzzzz. If you like, cry until you go pale blue, we have rid Nigeria of your Gran Pa Gernot Rohr and we are proud. Proud to have back our national team, proud to have back our identity. Win or lose we never want to lose our identity ever again. If e pain you that much, I have just one message for you, Eat shit , Dr Drey. Lolzzzz, Lolzzzz.hajajahaj.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Who reads a “load of nonsense” and goes on to reply to it if not someone with a low IQ laced with some pathological senselessness…..LMAOooo. Of course this isnt the best I can do and you know it. But I wouldnt “do the best I can do” with you. Your level of reasoning is way too low for my liking. Go and look for someone else to bit trees with.

            With all your masquerading and cosmetic bold-facing of how happy you are about your football being taken back to 1982 telling WHITE LIES that we lost to poor officiating (LMAOOOOo…poor officiating my foot), a “failure” like Rohr is still dominating your discussions…..LMAOOoo. I though Egauvoen was supposed to delete Rohr from the vocabulary of Nigerian football….LMAOOoo.

            Its a way better way to be foolish to follow a coach to took us back to the podium of african football to the grave than to be as foolish as to follow 9 idiots who called themselves a technical crew that took Nigerian football back to 1982 to the grave. To crown your foolishness in gold, you came here shameless to claim it is more honourable to miss the world cup……LMAOOoo. The height of foolishness. Just to let you know you are alone in your own worst of all types of foolishness existing.

            If you too like use all the powders in this world to make-up a failure…a stark failure and humiliation of the entire Technical Department of Nigeria football….as success, just like the way those who produced you thought they had produced a success of a human, not knowing his destiny is deeply soaked in the lit latrine….LMAOooo. NIGERIANS will NEVER be proud of retrogression, Nigerians will never be proud of being booted out of AFCON in R16, Nigerians will never be proud of being humiliated by an assistant coach whose profile nobody has yet to find anywhere…..LMAOOoooo.

            I hope your identity has gotten you to the podium of African football in 2022…..LMAOOooo. Sensible nations are talking efficiency, excrement-eating fool is talking about identity……LMAOOooo.

            I guess its the shit you have been eating since birth that has made identity more honorable to you than qualifying for the world cup…..LMAOOoooo.

            Bunch of failures. Not qualifying for AFCON was more honorable to them than finishing on the podium…..now its not qualifying for the world cup that has become more honorable. I never knew life frustration can hit people this hard as to suffer this sort of cancerous mental degredation in such a short spate of time…..LMAOOooo

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahaha…you cared less if we didnt win AFCON, yet came here conjuring all sorts of lies in defence of failure and claiming to be happy…..LMAOOOo. Who else gets happiness from what he cares not about if not a useless shameless twat who doesnt even rate himself better than feaces…..LMAOOOoo.

            Filthy liars on the prowl….LMAOooo. No wonder our people say a lamb that moves with a dog will eat shit……LMAOOooo.

            Intellectually bankrupt lowlife has been stripped naked as always, he’s now confessing all he cares and does not care about as if any one cares….LMAOOoooo. In the first place, who cares about a person who doesnt rate himself beyond the level of shit….LMAOOooooo. Which well brought up human being degrades himself the to point of naming himself “Igbe”…..LMAOOOOo

            After all said and done too, your identity that you have been biting trees all about only brought you backwardness and humiliation and for that the NFF should bow their heads in shame and and be subjected to the highest form of disgraceful punishment in the land for plunging us into the same disaster they claimed to be averting when they conned Nigerians to believe their 9 scammers were tactically astute men…..LMAOOOo.

            We also dont care if we won 4 out of 3 matches in the group stages of AFCON, the bottom line is that the man you called a FAILURE put us on a podium your “9 better coaches” didnt smell……LMAOOoo…If that pains you too, please dissolve mosquito coils in your coffee when next you drink one. LMAOooooo

            You can choke in your shamelessness and humiliation for all Nigerians care too….nobody is going to join you in your dance of shame and senseless at the “honour of not qualifying for the world cup”

            Not all Nigerians are as useless and pathetic like you. Failure is sure silver and gold to you, but it is shit to Nigerians. Foul, pungent, resented and detestable like you and your gutter personality……LMAOOoo

            Take heart ehn.

      • Rescue indeed. We’re team caged before? So Egypt and Senegal who didn’t play fluid football with flair as you called it are not happy and their in the final? Mtcheew be consoling yourself and be using flimsy excuses to justify our “own” failure radarada OSI.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    I had hoped for a Cameroon Nigeria final but it wasn’t meant to be. Well done to Egypt and Senegal. Cameroon and Burkina Faso should take heart. As for Nigeria, back to the drawing board. We are capable of beating Ghana and going a long way in the world cup. With one more body in midfield and a capable goalkeeper, Eguavoen will go places. Now with Amuneke on side things can only get better. When the full story of the, 2021 Afcon is told, the Super Eagles will hold a respectable place having cruised through the group stages with class only to crash out in controversy. Right thinking fans are proud of what Eguavoen tried to do. He didn’t give us the title, he also didn’t give us a nauseating brand of football. Rohr started well but lost his way badly. For Nigeria to be playing 5 defenders against Liberia and Cape Verde is sacrilege. To be losing at home to Caterpillar, sorry CAR is an unforgivable sin regardless of what ever came before or after. The man took Nigerian football to the abyss. He set the bar so low that we became an embarrassment to ourselves. Watching Nigeria play was like watching 80 years old men play Ludo. Rohr had to go and the NFF did the right thing to kick him out of our shores. I would rather struggle to qualify for tournaments than do so with games to spare having bored majority of the fans to death with disgusting brand of football. His methods were alien to the Nigerian DNA and his statements demotivated fans and his own players. The Algeria that defeated him in 2019,how many players do they have in Real Madrid, Chelsea and Barcelona? The man achieved results in a manner that left many fans truly sad. Sad about the football, sad about the disrespect he has for the players, sad about the direction he was taking the Super Eagles. Never in the history of Nigerian football has a coach who achieved results been more disliked. As time went on, more and more of those fans who initially stuck with him started to see how clueless this man was. If we fail to qualify for the World Cup after playing an acceptable brand of football, I will not be too disappointed. That is the Nigeria spirit, win or lose we play pretty. Any coach who fails to realise that has no business being the head coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      If indeed you were truly satisfied, you wouldn’t come here crying like you have just done….. LMAOOOO.

      See how hard you have (unsuccessfully) tried to masquerade your failure.

      Point of correction…..no part of AFCON success stories remembers the teams that won all their group matches….it only remembers the teams that finish on the podium.

      Take heart ehn…. LMAOOO. At least you have your best team of the group stages medal to show your grandchildren when you get to start playing ludo @ 80…… LMAOOO.

      The shameful part of this 2021 AFCON disaster was not even making it to the qfinals…..the shameful and had to take part was that the entire technical department of Nigerian football was taught coaching lessons by a nameless rookie with a half-strenght team…… LMAOOO.

      A technical crew consisting of The Nff technical director, the assistant technical director, 4 exinternationals (with 2 in the NFF technical committee) and even a PhD holding coach all sat on the bench and claimed they can’t change tactics in the middle of a competition……LMAOoo. how disgusting….how irritating…. LMAOOOOOOO.

      Sorry ehn…..take heart. Your bold face even in the pain of disappointment is highly commendable….. LMAOOOOOOO.

      Of course having our football dragged back to 1982 would be as honourable as not making it to the world cup for people who have never been honoured in their lives before….. LMAOOO….the same way the ones that call themselves destar and omo9ja claimed it’s better not to qualify for AFCON that to finish on the podium….. LMAOOO.

      Birds of same feathers truly do flock as a group.

      • Emecco 2 years ago

        Dr Drey, I think you are shameless and that’s the fact. You are a fan of Rohr’ , he has been sacked and since then you never stopped crying. You are never a fan of SE and you have been wishing them doom since the Afcon started, We won our 3 group games in blistering form , you never Applauded them. You were just waiting for them to lose a game for you to be excited and bloat your demonic ego. You even said they won their group games because they played against”Al Ahly and Al Merrieck players” The same Al Ahly players (Egypt) are now in the finals. You claimed we were thought coaching lessons by Tunisian assistant coach, as if the First team coach didn’t set up his team before the game. We only Lost to Tunisia because of Goalkeeping error and also Iwobi’s sending off and even at that we still created great chances that Simom and Sadiq lost towards the end of that game. @Dr Drey I used.to admire you before but your position on SE after the sack of Rohr’ depicts, selfishness, pride and bitterness. To hell with you, We don’t need the support of your likes for SE. Go and support your stupid ego.

        • Many like you have no iota of shame at all. The factions supporting Rohr are doing so because of Rohr’s achievement with the SE and all the injustices melted on him by your good for nothing NFF.

          We will continue supporting the man until you are done failing with your own. You and your enemies of progress canvass for the sack of someone who met all target given to him by his employer only to infuse your 9 wise men to play tikitaka ko? Who tikitaka help? and instead to feel remorse by your deeds, you are ganging against people telling you the truth ba? Truth is bitter indeed.

          All of you are racist, tribalist and not a true fans of SE you are only supporting the team because “your own” are either member of the team, backroom staff, coaching crew, tribesmen or at the glass house and that’s why the failure did not pain you because you are failing with your own and can’t talk against it.

          Kindly let us know when you are done failing with your own o? Since bronce medal is now sake as round of 16 exit? Your kinds called that a failure but supporting your own that failed at the round of 16,continue! You all think say you dey wise? Lol

          This country can and will never move forward with gullible people like you.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahahhaha….my being a fan of Rohr is the reason you got booted out of AFOCN abi…..LMAOooo. Or maybe my being a fan of Rohr is what took your football back to 1982…..LMAOOoooo

          Clap for yourself for winning your 3 group games in blistering form….LMAOOo. Remember to show your children the medal that was awarded to you for that…..LMAOooo.

          Continue concocting all sorts of stories and what-ifs to sooth your disgrace in the hands of a hapless Tunisian team…LMAOooo. You are not even ashamed of saying it……LMAOOoo….that your 9 tactically bereft….sorry….9 wise men where outwitted by the Tunisian coach in absentia…..LMAOOooo.

          That means any good coach just needs to study the videos of your eguadiolas for 3 hours, set up his team and go to the nearest bear parlour to chop isi-ewu……LMAOOooo

          That’s the new lows you and your bunch of useless saboteurs have brought Nigerian football to.

          To hell with you too.

          Sulk at your failure and lick your wounds gently ehn……LMAOOoo.

          Afterall we warned you all…….LMAOOOo….and I repeat, WE WARNED YOU ALL. Now that is has all ended it tears, y’all are looking for everyone to blame. LMAOoooo

          I am not a wind-blown bandwagon sort of patriot like you and your other sycophant. I was against Rohr’s sack for the sake of Nigeria, not for Rohr’s sake. I screamed out the same way when Amodu was sacked after 2010 AFCON and when Keshi was about to be sacked after our 2013 AFCON group games. And there are people on this forum who can attest to that.

          And I will scream against any form of unjust dismissal of any SE coach (black or white, Nigerian or foreign) at any dangerous time like you all stupidly clamored for and jubilated…..LMAOooo. I hope those your jubilation dance steps of December are still serving you well now after “averting disaster” at this AFCON…..LMAOOoooo.

          • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

            Just shut your face doc oct. Doc oct lolzzzz. You remind me of that doctor in Spider man movie. The doctor went mad and became a menace to society. You are heading that same direction Doc Oc. I am Spider man, you are Doctor Octopus Drey. I will wipe the floor with you every day of the week, twice on Sundays. Lolzzzz, Lolzzzz. Hahaha. Eat shit, Dr Drey.


          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahahahaha…intellectually bankrupt, inferiority-complex defeated hobo has nothing intellectual to say anymore…..LMAOOoo

            Are you lost for more cosmetics to make failure look like a success……LMAOOOOoo.

            It sure doesnt take much to make you reveal the best of yourself…..LMAOOOo

            You name says a lot about you……LMAOOooo.

            No matter how much you have changed it, your riffraffness still oozes like the smell of a he-goat in the sun….LMAOOooo

          • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

            Teacher: Dr Drey.

            Dr Drey: Yes Mr Abo

            Teacher: Answer this question.

            Dr Drey: Yes Mr Abo.

            Teacher: who is the current coach of the Super Eagles.

            Dr Drey: it is no more Gernot Rohr.

            Teacher: who is it then?

            Dr Drey: his name is Austin Eguavoen, sir.

            Teacher: Say that name again.

            Dr Drey: Austin Eguavoen.

            Teacher: I can’t hear you…..

            Dr Drey: AUSTIN EGUAVOEN.

            Teacher: lolzzzz, Lolzzzz.

            End of lesson.

            Lolzzzz. Lolzzzz

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Coming from a person whose name is igbe kun abo…….LMAOOooo

            You are indeed really full of shit…..LMAOOOo. Your name is really speaking for you in the lowest of pits on earth.

            What pains me the most is that some people where dancing and even ate more than a plate of rice at your naming ceremony…….LMAOOooo

            pls click the link below and read where CAF has decided to honour the “current coach of the SE” for winning the “identity trophy at 2021 AFCON”


            Igbe kun abo. A name really does tell a lot about a man’s background and his future.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha…..Dr.Drey has not cut anyone’s head, but he has just succeed in making an animal out of you.

            That is worse than cutting anyone’s head. You claimed you never care, you claimed my shots are cheap…..but you have been foaming in the mouth for hours now after your brain exceeded its limits of intelligent discourse……LMAOoooo.

            I can see you are truly happy with your failure at AFCON…..so much so that you have turned yourself into a laughing stock, vomiting all that your parents taught you here over an history making disaster that took us back to 1982….LMAOoooo

            What pains me for you is that you used your hands to jaundice your own destiny, what pains me for you is that someone actually did experience labour pains to bring you forth into the world…….Ah This world is wicked….LAMOOooo

            We worsts of it was that somebody else was happy a son had been born, organized a party and some people ate more than a plate of rice, celebrating a walking-dead…….LMAOOoooo

            If you like give failure a name from here to tahiti, 2021 AFCON was a failure….LMAOOoo. Enjoy the disaster you plumaged yourselves into because of your collective senselessness……LMAOOoo. You were so senseless to be have been scammed by the NFF that their 9 olodos will win AFCON for you in 2 weeks….LMAOOOo.

            NFF sold you all and used the moeny to buy bathroom slippers……that’s how worthless y’all are.

            The rest have woken up to the fact that they were scammed. Mr Jaundiced Shitty-Destiny is still here making-up failure to look like success and lying he doesnt care…..LMAOOooo. You dont care, yet you have spent this much of your rotten life making-up disgrace and humiliation the way mortuary attendants make up corpses for burial…….LMAOOooooo

          • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

            Son of a Bitch. Just one question, who is the coach of Nigeria now? Lolzzzz.

        • The funniest part is that some of thing those whom you thought are supporting are doing so at the detriment of SE. No that is where you all got it wrong all, all we were trying to saying then was what is currently happening to our football but you never listen. We knew something like this will likely happen and it happened so instead of you guys to learn you are still giving flimsy excuses like you play fluid football, blaming the referee and players some are even sending death threat to some players. That is not sportsmanship and if care is not taking you will still cry again come March because right now some of are still boasting of having it all instead of putting things in others before Ghana match.

        • The funniest part is that some of thing those whom you thought are supporting are doing so at the detriment of SE. No that is where you all got it wrong all, all we were trying to saying then is what is currently happening to our football but you never listen. We knew something like this will likely happen and it happened so instead of you guys to learn you are still giving flimsy excuses like you play fluid football, blaming the referee and players some are even sending death threat to some players. That is not sportsmanship and if care is not taking you will still cry again come March because right now some of are still boasting of having it all instead of putting things in others before Ghana match.

        • Razak 2 years ago

          I am sad that you Nigerian brothers are insulting each other, you can dis agree and be respectful of each other, coaches come and go but you will always be Nigerian there is no need to insult Dr. Drey just because he doesn’t see things your way.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahaha…your name says everything about you, “Igbe” – feaces, poop, shit, kak, dung, excrement, sewage……LMAOOooo.

        No wonder our people say a child’s name goes ahead of him into his destiny.

        See how your destiny is stinking like a burst soak away….LMAOOOo.

        Apparently you have something new to say all the time but once you open your mouth to speak, you vomit the same poop you have been vomiting since we got disgraced by a coach with no profile…..LMAOOooo

        See how intimidated the lowlife is just because of people’s appelation…..LMAOOoo

        So despite changing your name from Ashy Slashit to Igbekun abo….you have still not overcome this your inferiority complex……LMAOOoooo. Always pissing in his pants when he cant level up in a discourse with however has a “Dr” as a prefix to his/her name…..LMAOOOooo

        It is not our fault you have an over deflated ego that has even made you reduce yourself to the level of shit by calling yourself Igbe. It is also not our fault you are not and cannot be a Dr too. We didnt purchase the appellation from the market…..LMAOOoo.

        You cant give what you dont have. Low Intelligence quotient does not have curative pills…….LMAOOoooo.

        Show your grandchildren the medals you win failure with your Nigerian style when you start playing Ludo at 80. But please do well not to pass this your dunged-destiny down to the innocent ones

        Take heart ehn….!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahaha…who looks like the one going beserk now…? LMAOOoooo. Who looks like the one who is stripping in public….LMAOOooo. Who looks like the one gnashing teeth…LMAOOoo

          “We lost to officiating” LMAOOoooo
          “It is more honorable to not qualify for the world cup”….LMAOOOo

          Agonies of a defeated no-hoper……LMAOooo

          Bloody failure has been striped naked and has resorted to shit-slinging in affirmation of the name he has given himself….LMAOOoo.

          I even thought with your change of name from Ashy Slashy to Igbe kun Abo, your destiny will take a change for the better…….not knowing it has sunk deeper into the sewers…..LMAOOOooo

          Of course you can never care about anything. Madmen care about nothing and that’s why they can gladly lace bread gotten from refuse dumps with feaces and eat.

          I can see you are really happy as you lied to be….LMAOOo. I love this kind of your happiness. The kind of happiness that reveals what a useless worthless being you are.

          Rohr is gone, he wasnt gonna be here forever in the first place, but at least he left with his head held high and left us on the podium of African football despite being a mechanic and a failure who played 8-1-1…..LMAOOooo

          Focus of your owns (9 of them) whom we were conned by the NFF to be astute tacticians but whom the same NFF is desperately searching for some help for now after taking us back to 1982 playing 0-0-10 and still getting whooped by a nameless assistant…..LMAOOoooo.

          I dont mind shit being poured over my face, so far it is in defense of success, whoever pours shit on my face in defense of the humiliation and disgrace of the entire Technical Department of Nigerian football has even sank himself deeper in his shit…..there plenty is running water everywhere to wash away the shit…..LMAOOooo…..its left for the shameless defender of failure to try to wash his acceptance of failure all in the name of identity off himself forthwith….LMAOOOoo

          What I would have been eternally sorrowful for and be ashamed of is to reduce myself to a level as low as shit because of inferiority complex by naming myself shit…..LMAOOooo. Who names himself shit if not a gutter bred twat.

          Everything about you simply reeks of how shitty your existence is…..the unfortunate thing is that is seems irredeemable……LMAOOoo.

          Igbe kun abo……what a pity.

          Take heart ehn.

          Try, yes, at least try, not to appear intimidate by the “DR” prefix in peoples names……LMAOoooo….at least it makes you appear a little bit more decent than the shit-gulping lowlife that you are.

        • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

          Drey 101: ancient history. Rohr

          Drey 202: contemporary times. Eguavoen.

          In your dissertation, make sure you put the right answer to the right question.

          Lolzzzz, lolzzzz. Hahahah. If I hurt your feelings, no vex. But one thing is sure, Rohr didn’t lead us to the Afcon (thank God) and his chapter in Nigerian football is dead and buried. Lolzzzz. Like I said, write a book, swallow sewage water, go naked in public, your Uncle Rohr isn’t coming back. Lolzzzz.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          After swimming in the pit latrine, bathing in the market square with dysentery poo and lies-filled book chapters you’ve written up there and still writing so that more lunatics can join you in appreciating failure, I hope we will see Egauvoen and his 8 thieves….sorry…8 assistants leading out the SE in the AFCON final on Sunday…….LMAOOoo.

          That was what NFF promised senseless snouts like you when they claimed they were averting disaster…..LMAOOooo. Others have woken up to see they were scammed…you are still here spreading your body odour with fantasies of an outdated identity……LMAOOooooo.

          I have no apologies to you that I have once again submerged you in your own “shittyness”…..you yourself dont think yourself higher than shit….if you did you wouldnt change your name from Ashy Slashy to Igbe.

          At least people have Drey 101 and Drey 202 to study…..if you dont know, since you dont know what honour is as you have never done anything honourable in your life, that’s a life time achievement.

          Medals will be presented on sunday. When teams who put efficieny ahead of identity are getting their medals of “honour”, I hope you are your shit-devouring friends will hear the SE and their tactically bankrupt coaches being called out to come and pick up their medals of identity…….LMAOOOooo

          Weep over your failure gently ehn, but don’t commit suicide LMAOOooooo.

        • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

          Swimming in pit latrine. Hahahaha,, hohoho. Ye! I don laff tire. I will only take you seriously after I decide to ditch my mode of amusement. All of these grammatical insult because the NFF rid Nigeria of the scourge that is Rohr. Tell me something doc, did you major in Law because you are the best defence barrister I ever encountered for Gernot Rohr. Your loyalty and dedication to this man has to be applauded. You might just have realised that your cheap shots mean absolute nothing to me. If nothing it provides me with ample material for amusement. You can continue demonstrate that you earned a Doctorate in cheap insults, but one thing remains certain, we have kicked your Rohr out of Nigeria. That is something you fail to come to terms with. Despite all your bull shit, we crashed out of the cup of Nations and the heavens haven’t fallen. I can only repeat to you that if we fail to subsequently qualify for the world cup, you can do no more options than a dead rat. For me, there is a measure of consistency there as you are no better than a worthless rodent at the best of times. You talk big but in real life I know you are just a very small man. Only worthless reprobate like you will threaten others on a faceless forum over football matters. Do you even ever sit back at times to evaluate to lunacy in your ways at times. You are nothing more than a psychopath who should be locked up in a mental asylum. All you do is come to this site looking for who to feud with so that you can showcase your educational qualification and eloquence in insult. Son of a bitch. How miserable will your pitiful life be. You are a disgrace to everyone who acquired a Doctorate degree. Such a height of academic achievement comes with decorum and etiquette that you lack.
          Back to football, pig, Rohr is gone. You can either live with it or swim in a pit latrine. Lolzzzz, lolzzzz. Hahahah

        • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

          Inferiority complex. Yen yen yen. Lolzzz. Flaunt educational qualification because the defeated Doctor cannot come to terms with his useless coach being sacked. Cry yourself to death. Bring to bear all your grammatical prowess, nothing will change the fact that your Rohr has been kicked out of Nigeria. Deal with it or die trying. Lolzzzz. Hahahah. Bastard of a doctor. Imbecile.

      • @Igbekun Abo I must say I attacked you the other day thinking you were on the side of these nim wits Rohr Lovers.. But I must say More Grease to your Elbow bros

        The Way you are dealing with @Dr Fraud today I am really enjoying abeg no finish me with Laughter hahahahah LOLZZ!. Long may it continue.

        Trust me we will make It to world Cup Naija will be there. and we will succeed with our owm. Dr Drey can go and scream off the top of his lungs in frustration when I told you guys He and his type don’t support Super Eagles rather they supported Rohr. You now see. Abeg my glass is raised I will help you build the Time Machine to transport Drey to 2016 Lolzz!!!

        • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

          That guy is a clown. His name name should be changed to Dr Doink. Lolzzzz, Lolzzzz

    • Thank you @ Igbekun Very excellent analysis and I can tell the real Super Eagles fans from the Rohr, Eguavon, local coach and foreign coach sycophants. Although Eguavon put up a disappointing tactical display initially against Tunisia but like you said and most of us that try to read games rather than just come here to run our mouths because we want this player, that player or coach could see he was trying to remedy the situation but things kept going wrong. That early yellow against Iheanacho and the red against Iwobi was really the deciding factor. Nobody can tell me if we had 11 players and with the way the midfield opened up later in the game that if Iwobi was still on there was a very high probability game could have been turned around. Even the chance that Sadiq missed how many times have we seen Oshimen run into those through balls and either blast with power on the near corner, through keepers legs which the Tunisians was wide open or he chips it into the far corner. Fact is if our forwards were more clinical could still have won.

      However I have no doubt that Eguavon is tactically superior to Rohr. For him to set up the team to dominate the way they did while remaining defensively compact is something we all through emotion are overlooking. He was missing a lot of starters and barely had a full squad before the competition began. If he had played more friendlies or had the team longer he definitely would have fixed the deficiencies. Another aspect which he made an error to stop emphasizing was his philosophy of playing every game like a cup final with the high intensity press (gegenpress) that we saw against Egypt and group phases. That should be a staple of how the SE should approach all games to truly dominate and put fear in opponents.

      I like Eguavons team better than anything Rohr put out even in his early good days. Nigeria hasn’t been this dominant in a while like total control for 90mins straight He has given us a very good template to build on and it’s very unfortunate that ppl will rather come on here to argue and fight unnecessarily. I’m here wondering like am I the only one that sees the potential of what just transpired in Cameron even thought we got knocked out in round of 16? Am I the only one really thinking how fearsome they SE will be if we had another winger like Simon on the right, Oshimen back with a good back up striker and a good space roaming no.10 like Iwobi on his good days or much better. Have Zaidu and Aina play consistently with the wingers and better understand each other’s movements and runs. Then add to the mix Eguavons philosophy of mass attack and mass defense with high intensity press? Which team in the world do you think we cannot face while playing entertaining attacking football if we always played like we did against Egypt and in the group phases with clinical finishing?

      I guess for whatever reason some are emotionally invested with Rohr. Most of us just want to see SE do well and personally IDGAF who is coach or which players he picks as long as they play good attacking football. That is the style of play I prefer, my philosophy aligns with that and if I support a team that is how I want them to play. I know when it is done right even if the immediate results are not favorable only a matter of time before lasting success comes. Going back in history almost in every sphere of life the ones with longevity are ones with clear intent and who operate on the front foot. That is just the way life/God/universe designed this existence.

      Every top team past or present that had a good successful run and not a one time win/fluke all played front foot attacking football. In life it is much better and efficient to be proactive rather than reactive. The US that dominates the world today has military bases in over 100 countries. They have the most advanced weaponry in existence but do they just sit at home and wait to they are attacked before they take action? You can’t even imagine the number of clandestine offensive operations going on in various parts of the world away from media.

      That is just the way this life is. You can keep fooling yourself and putting unnecessary faith in an old man who yes started well but then lost the fire or zeal to succeed along the way.

      Rohr apologists need to quit and help their god go find another job. If you believe in his abilities that much then very soon he will be making waves or history with another team. Can’t hide talent and top coaches who believe in their quality take on new challenges and opportunities with very little down time. See how quick the Mourinhos, Pochetinos, Klopps, Tuchel, Lampard, Allegri etc all got jobs not long after letting one go.

  • Nigeria Get our Best Brace up and the Sky is our limit No team in Africa can stop this Line Up, in short no team in the world with Eguavoen and Amuneke as Coach and Assistant coach..


    C. Bassey, Balogun, Troost-Ekong, sanusi

    Ndidi Etebo (If fit)


    Victor Moses Ademola Lookman or Emma Dennis (either Or)

    Victor Osimhen

    Adebayo or Adeleye or Osigwe
    Chukwueze (If fit for me he starts)
    Moses Simon
    Lookman or Dennis(pending who starts either are deadly)
    Ajayi or Akpogunma

    For me Moses Simon Showed that big game he lacked experience over dribbled when he should have gone for assists. I think he will be best utilised in as an Impact sub in the 60 mins upwards and he will do big damage on tired legs.. This is the basis of our Team this team will do damage to Ghana mark my words!!!!

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    For al those saying we played tiki taka blah blah, remember, effort is nothing, result is everything.

    • I have no intention of engaging anyone on this forum in vicious, back and forth torrent of abuses, I would like to remind some die-hards here that, our home-grown coaches have in the past qualified us for The Nations Cup, The World Cup, qualified us out of the group stage of The World Cup, won us bronze, silver and, yes, The Nations Cup. Pertinent to note that they did all that, working under severe coaching conditions. I understand that some of our home-grown coaches have been accused of corrupt practices in the past. My suggestion is that we [the fans] monitor them from time to time, criticize them constructively when necessary and expose them if we have valid evidence of their involvement in corrupt practices. Given all the mud-slinging going on here, my question is, what is so wrong with us taking our destiny into our own hands?

  • What was funny to recall, I remember our opening match against Egypt and how Okocha was praising Eguavoen and took a dig at Rohr for calling our team of players young and growing. I smiled then.

    Then when we were ousteres by Tunisia in the R16. I took a look at Okocha face again and you can see how disappointment had taken over his face.

    Truth must be told whether we like it or not. This AFCON will go down in our history as the worst performance ever. There is no amount of cosmetics or what we say about how we played that will be written anywhere in Platinum, Gold or Ruby.

    True sports people will know this. It is a Sports Industry benchmark of failure. But most Nigerians are short sighted and would rather praise a failure than give merit to where it is due.

    Sentiments, tribalism and the possibility of pocketing some change are always the reason why people will be here asking for a failure of a coach to continue.

    Even great footballing countries like Brazil, Germany, Italy and France fire their own nationals for failure and appoint the next best person for the job. Whether local or foreign so far as it moves their football forward.

    Nigeria will always be a different case because of myopic people trying to speak their mind because they believe they have a platform to air their frustrations and failures on other meaningful and hopeful people.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Ben… When was the last time Germany ever had a foreign coach, or France or Brazil. State it factually… Countries with pride will always hire their national. It’s people looking for quick fixes who go searching for moongods from other countries when they can get the job done by someone within their ranks… We are waiting for Rohr’s new appointment being the great coach that he is…

      • @JimmyBall, for your education. Here is a history of French coaches. Pick out how many times they have appointed their own nationals

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          @Ben… it is today I know you are a retarded impish fool. You write and quote sources without even knowing and understanding fully well what they have written in black and white? I asked when was the last time… Germany, France or Brazil named as foreigner asd their national soccer team coach? You went and qouted a link and that clearly exposes how moronic you really are… now let me state facts for you because you still have no answer to my simple question: “when was the last time?”

          Brazil: since 1914 – 2016… a period of over hundred years, have only had a foreigner named “Filpo Nunez” appointed their national soccer team coach in 1965 and he served under one year and was replaced by a Brazilian.

          France: since 1938 world cup has only had two non-French nationals named as their coach the names and period of engagement are: Ștefan Kovács (1973 -1975) and José Arribas (1966)

          Germany : Have only had ten (10)men occupied the post of coach since the inception of their football association as national team coaches all of whom have been Germans…

          So.. @Ben, you see how foolish you have been now? Because shame will not let you answer my question and fool yourself. I see Nigeria with the same football passion as these countries mentioned and we have played the game long enough to hire the individuals with the right credentials and professionalism to coach our team… coaching is not rocket science… once you ahev chosen players 100% on merit, the best among those we have… your job is 65% done. One love 9ja real ball fans…

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            …pardon my typos above! In summary… I see Nigeria with the same football passion as these countries mentioned and we have played the game long enough to hire individuals amongst us with the right credentials and professionalism to coach our team… coaching is not rocket science… once you have chosen players 100% on merit, the best among those we have, your job is 65% done. One love 9ja real ball fans…

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        @JimmyBall.Nigeria is not at the same level with the countries you mentioned.
        Financially,morally and infrastructural development they are far ahead.
        When we get to that level if only corruption will let us,then we should be able to look inwards.

      • @JimmyBall you speak of national pride like that is the only quality those developed nations needed to appoint their nationals as coaches.

        There was no need for them to develop their talent. Lol. How equally balanced is that idea.

        Like Rudi Volker of Germany did not understudy someone before he became a renowned German tactician.

        Or is it the case of Hans Flick and the others. It was only national pride they had abi???
        How smart of you.

        You don’t realize that German has always had a talent and industry development system stretching way back to World War 2. Thats why they have companies like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and the rest.

        You think it’s only national pride that makes them do that. How very myopic of you. Very dumb.

        • Or English FA branding their league as the best league in the World is because of national pride.
          You think there is no economic or social benefit to that.

          Continue in your myopic pool of self praise. Its until other nations teach us sense that we will know it is always not national pride but other factors that shape global dominance in any discipline. Mugu.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Ben… As una no wan respect unaself. Na your leprosy infected brain make you be mugu. Idiot… Say thrash to me next.

  • @JimmyBall, I honestly thought you had said something great. Only for me to see that your comment just shows the emptiness in your brain.

    National pride my foot.

  • Monkey Hunter 2 years ago

    Oh, dear!

    Reading through this forum, you can see the confusion and regrets embedded in the submissions. The disappointment is at a dangerous level. What a state!

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    No that parrot drey said he won a cup in the swiss league. When we investigated it was a lie. Till date we don’t know which cup he won in swiss league

    • Musa Yahaya 2 years ago

      Hahahahahahahqhqhqhhahq…….@Kenneth, we leqrnthe won. A TEA CUP from a SHAYI competition he enteredwas for while in Zurich

      Abeg SWISS LEAGUE na league?

      Shameless noise makers.
      I keep asking them; if diangod ROHRDESCHAMPE or ROHRKENBAEUR is thata good, why is no club pr country going for him????

      • KENNETH 2 years ago

        Exactly, Ghana should have have hired him asap, but they also must have seen that his style and approach to games will make the apprehensive. So dem no want make there BP go up

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