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‘Cape Verde’s Dream Is Still Alive’ — Stopira Boasts Ahead Nigeria Clash

‘Cape Verde’s Dream Is Still Alive’ — Stopira Boasts Ahead Nigeria Clash

Cape Verde left-back, Lanique Dos Santos Tavares – a.k.a. Stopira, says that the Blue Sharks’ ‘dream is still alive’ as regards toppling the Super Eagles to win the Group C of the 2022 FIFA World Cup African qualifiers and advancing to the Final Round, Completesports.com reports.

Super Eagles will host the Blue Sharks in their last Group C match at the Teslim Balogun Stadium on Tueday needing at least a draw to win the group, while an outright win is a result the visitors must achieve to realise their dream.

Nigeria presently top the group on 12 points while Cape Verde are second on 10 points. Central African Republic and Liberia are third and fourth, on four and three points respectively.

Stopira, 33, boasts extra motivation ahead of the decider in Lagos after scoring Cape Verde’s winner in the 2-1 victory at home against CAR, more so in his landmark 50th cap for his country.

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Julio Tavares scored for Cape Verde in the 51st minute to make it 1-1 after CAR’s Isaac Ngoma silenced the home fans with an 11th minute goal. Stopira scored the winner on 75 minutes.

The left-back who plays for Hungarian top division side, Fehervar FC, took to his Instagram page afterwards to post a mission statement ahead of the Blue Sharks’ trip to Nigeria.




Stopira (2) and Jamiro Monteiro

“10 Islands, 1 Nation, 1 Dream.. The dream is still alive,” Stopira’s Instagram post reads.

Before the Blue Sharks dinner on Saturday after their win against CAR, the Cape Verde Football Federation honored Stopira on his 50 international games with a plaque and a jersey depicting the historic milestone in the player’s career.

One of the youngest players of Blue Sharks, Gilson Tavares, was given the privilege of presenting the commorative 50-game plague to Stopira.

Blue Sharks captain, Marco Soares, and the coach, Bubista, spoke and congratulated Stopira on his remarkable record so far as Cape Verde international.

By Nnamdi Ezekute

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  • Douglas john ufuoma 3 years ago

    Hmmmm, u are welcome. D gentle movement of d leopard is not a sign of cowardness, rather a very dangerous move which most times the don’t survive. You people are highly welcome, Tuesday 90 mins will determine

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    I think all is preys knows this leopard has no more claws, so they ain’t scared of the killer machine any longer. Hopefully by Tuesday he wouid come to hunt with some claws.

  • A quick lesson to learn from our senior colleagues Portugal, who in a similar situation to the Super Eagles have fluffed their lines in front of a sell out home crowd!!!! Naija make una no fall my hands o… I dey beg una o, make una die for dt pitch, win ds loud mouthed Cape Verde team.

    • Hahaha. I have a strong hunch Nigeria will win by 2-0. There won’t be slip up. The Eagles will be too business-like, super compact st the back and efficient upfront.

      I just hope we get teams like DRC or Mali in Round 2. Not easy either, but preferable.

  • But this 1-0 Ghana win against SA looked like robbery. Very soft penalty and the Ghanaian guy even simulated. In the EPL, he’ll get a yellow card for trying to deceive the ref and no penalty. SA will genuinely feel hard done by and could protest to CAF/FIFA

    Ghana should be another easy picking in the second round. I rate Mali above them.

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      @Kel it wasn’t a robbery at all, the SA defender push the Ghana attacker as the ball was coming to him. The camera angle didn’t do enough justice but the referee was right there to see directly.

      Better luck next time for the young SA team

    • John-I 3 years ago

      Go and check head-to-head between Ghana and Nigeria, I’m sure you’ll have a rethink. Nigeria is always better than Ghana on paper but they always end up losing to Ghana. An epileptic-Ghana-team can transform into Brazil or Argentina overnight when they face Nigeria. They see it like a do or die affair. Ghana will prefer to lose 10-0 to Lesotho than losing to Nigeria. That’s how they think!

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Really Kel? With what Nigerian team played against minor Liberian team yesterday and against Ghana vs South Africa, be honest, do you think we have a team that capable of winning the Afcon in Cameroon and take the world by storm in Qatar if Nigeria make it to the world cup under Oga Rohr, Salisu Yusuf and Agu?

      Ghana and South played their hearts in that match.

      I saw fire for fire in that encounter. But when it comes to Nigerian team lolz, the home of corruption, the team will play like a chicken that have no head.

      No game plan, no strategy and no passion to win game.

      Nigeria have been overwhelming. Oga Rohr lacks technical flexibility and ideas to win matches.

      Kel, if NFF refuse to fire Oga Rohr after Tuesday match, Super Eagles may likely not going to be at the next year world cup.

      Kel, don’t you think is better to waste the Afcon ticket with Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Enyeama and Finidi George instead of these average coaches in charge of our Super Eagles?

      Kel, it took Keshi few years to achieve something for Nigeria but with what we have now in terms of players, it won’t take Amunike and co months for them to prepare Eagles for Afcon and world cup.

      In my opinion, Oga Rohr should not continue. If Marnu Gerba could bring the best out of Alanpasun, Amunike could repeat the same with this Super Eagles before Afcon in Cameroon.

      I am so shocked that Oga Rohr followers have been hiding their faces since yesterday. What happened kę?

      Our world class coach had an opportunity to play his team on a fantastic pitch under a perfect weather. So, we can see now that the Teslim Balogun stadium is not the problem of Super Eagles but tactically, Oga Rohr and his crew not sound enough. the Eagles deserved better.

      As said few months ago, a typical example of Nigeria situation is the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

      Oga Rohr is not the answer to the Super Eagles problem while president Buhari will cause more harm to Nigeria problem before both men vacate their positions.

      The way forward is to give our own a free hand to put Eagles together before the next Afcon.

      I don’t expect too much from Oga Rohr Super Eagles because this team is not our real Super Eagles. We have players but we don’t have a team and we don’t have coaches either.

      No seriousness in the team. No vision. No game plan and all am seeing is kick and follow game. Kerewa, kerewawa style of play. So sad. I am deeply sorry for Super Eagles.

      On Tuesday in Lagos, may God have mercy on our team. No hope of winning matches easily under Oga Rohr but Nigeria have to rely on our players and be prayerful if we have to be at the next year world cup. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • @omo9ja all these lamentations are not needed now. What can eagoes do to win tomorrow. That’s the issue here. They can’t sack rohr before the match. Though I hate rohr’s attitude nowadays and hus influence on the team but we should understand when to criticize and when tobrally round rhe team – that’s maturity.

        On winning afcon, it was the same way they said keshi will not win in 2013. Common don’t let us die before the gun shot.

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          They are coming out one by one and I am here for you all lolz.

          Lolz. Can’t you see that I am laughing now?

          You said it on here categorically that Nigerians should stop reading my comments because of Oga Rohr and Amaju but why are you now against the same Oga Rohr?

          Kai, if I may ask, when is the best time to complain or to show our feelings with what you saw yesterday against Liberia sir?

          You and your company are very panic because we are playing against one of the smaller teams in Africa but wait a minute sir, what will happens if we are playing against Ghana and other top teams in Africa?

          You government officials should be careful ooo.

          Teslim Balogun stadium is bad bla bla bla but when Eagles played in Morocco on a cool and sexy pitch, you and your company had no excuse for the shambolic display of the Oga Super Eagles.

          “lamentations are not needed now. What can eagoes do to win tomorrow. That’s the issue here”. Lagomeloooo? Over the past five good years of Oga Rohr, this is what you can say?

          You people are blaming our players when you all should be directing your reactions to Oga Rohr and Pinnick.

          Lastly, Nigerians does want to hear story on Tuesday against Cape Verde.

          Lagos is not a place you can just do any how. Musa should tell Oga Rohr ooo.

          Eko o gba nonsense ooo. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Jude anah 3 years ago

            @omo9ja. I am among the people who have been screaming rohr out. But to be honest you won’t get that tactical acumen from any of our home based coaches as you said.

      • KRYSS 3 years ago

        Omo9ja. I appreciate your tenacity and consistency. You have been very vocal on issues in SE. Your points are critical and should be given due consideration but unfortunately, we are in a nation where anything goes. Football is one of the country’s unifying agents, and so NFF shouldn’t anything that crush the feeling of the massive football fans especially in the coming year. Please, Omo9ja keep doing the good job. Thanks

        • Omo9ja 3 years ago

          @KRYSS, thank you and God bless you bro.

          We all have to work collectively to move Nigeria forward.

          Nigeria is blessed with so many great things.

          Name it, we have it all but these our oppressors are very wicked they can’t stop milking Nigeria.

          The only thing that putting smile on our faces, the carbals wanted to take it from us.

          What do they have out there that Africa/Nigeria doesn’t have.

          But transparency is key to success if Africa have to go beyond this level.

          However, what is dragging Nigeria back from progressing are listed

          No1. Corruption

          No2. No love among ourselves.

          No3. Tribalism.

          Long story short, we can use football to solve these problems kę.

          Nonetheless, shebi you can see now my people?

          I have been told now to continue severing Nigeria and I will do it to the best of my knowledge because,

          I pledge to Nigeria my Country to be faithful, loyal and honest.

          To serve Nigeria with all my strength.

          To defend her unity.

          wich is what am doing at the moment.

          And uphold her honour and glory.

          So help me God. Amen.

          Now, if Nigerians out there can appreciate me, I omo9ja. I am expecting Oga Rohr followers, including Amaju himself to appreciate me by doing the right thing at the right time.

          I have said this long time ago that only the one per cent of Nigerians making efforts to keep Nigeria going but the 99% of us doesn’t care but if they don’t care, we patriotic Nigerians are every where to take Nigeria back.

          We want to enjoy watching good football from all of our national teams.

          We want to enjoy good electricity, infrastructure, security and well being of the citizens. That is what I am here for my people.

          Hmmm. So, help me and other patriotic Nigerians to achieve these goals for ourselves and our beloved country, Nigeria. Amen. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        Just a quick question @uclaw, would you be happy with Oga Rohr as the owner of the Super Eagles with what you saw in our last match against Liberia and against CAR in Lagos?

        Lastly, what would you do? Over the past five good years of Mr. Rohr, Eagles has no pattern of play, no direction and vision. Is five years not good enough for a decent coach to build a solid team?

        I will like to hear from you sir. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • William d conqueror 3 years ago

        I have always said it that what this team achieve is, inspite of this clueless coach. How are they gonna survive next round if they qualify?

    • Diran 3 years ago

      That penalty decision against South Africa in their match against Ghana was not a penalty, it shows African referees still have a long way to go as regards their poor officiating. What a shame and disgraceful performance by the Senegalese referee who officiated that match. Woah.Shameful

      • onwajunior 3 years ago

        I think that penalty was justified. The SA player held the Ghanaian player. Although the Ghanaian simulated his fall, the objective fact was that the SA player held him. With VAR, I think they’d have still awarded the penalty.

    • Akosa Ike 3 years ago

      South Africa has already filled a protest .!

  • John-I 3 years ago

    Kerewa and kerewawa sounds like Nkata Offor of Kickoff Nigeria (those days). Gather and play pattern

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Hahahaha, Omo9ja, Rohr has his faults and deficiencies, but he has still outperformed the African Guardiolas that you’re asking for.
    I already told you, the only way you can get me on your side is if you want to hire a coach who is better than Rohr.
    If you want to install an African Guardiola, you’re on your own.
    The problem as always is – where will the money to pay a coach better than Rohr come from?
    I ask you this question the other day, and you ran away.
    So I ask you again. Where will the money to pay a world class coach come from? Rohr wey we get, we still dey owe!
    NFF is our problem, not Rohr. If NFF was doing well, we would not have a coach problem. NFF would have sourced the funds we needed to get a world class coach to start with!
    Omo9ja, no run this time ooo. Please answer my question sir!

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      Lolz@ Pompei. This is why I love this country. My country men are so wise and well learned people. I hail you ooo.

      “Omo9ja, no run this time ooo. Please answer my question sir”!

      Hmmm. I am sorry about that. I did not run away from your question. Am a busy person.

      Anyway sir, “Rohr has his faults and deficiencies, but he has still outperformed the African Guardiolas that you’re asking for”

      Amunike has never coach Super Eagles likewise Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Enyeama and Finidi.

      Dear Pompei, our local coaches had never enjoyed their time with Super Eagles.

      Keshi, Siasia and Oliseh had issues with NFF and the only ex player that enjoyed little at the national team in terms of free hand is Oliseh.

      And when he was telling his boss, NFF the truth, they started fighting each other.

      Nonetheless, “already told you, the only way you can get me on your side is if you want to hire a coach who is better than Rohr”.

      What we are searching for in sokoto is already in our shokoto kę.

      NFF are in charge to hire a new coach that better than Oga Rohr and they should search no further, we have Amunike, Egbo Manu Garba and Finidi that are capable and better in terms of exposure, experience and they know how to handle the situation with the NFF so well than the coaches in charge of the Super Eagles currently.

      “So I ask you again. Where will the money to pay a world class coach come from”?

      Thank you so much for asking me this question Mr. Pompei.

      Do you believe that NFF doesn’t have money?

      If yes, what did NFF do with the money FIFA gave to them?

      Where are the companies that sponsoring Super Eagles? Did they not give NFF money?

      Let me agree with you that NFF have no money. But instead of wasting and owing Oga Rohr and his crew, I think it’s more local to give Amunike and co a chance and pay less than paying such amount of money on Oga Rohr when Super Eagles is not Super?

      Yes, NFF is our main problem while Oga Rohr is another problem entirely and don’t forget that Oga Rohr is the NFF tool. They put him there to cajole you and I and every Nigerian. Kai, am I lying ba? NFF do not want to spend money but they jut love to swallow the money given to them.

      Orginiiii, kai, kilodeeeee NFF?

      Now, I can tell you that the only way you can be on my side is to keep telling the truth.

      As I said above, I prefer NFF to waste Afcon and world cup tickets if we make it to Qatar with our own rather than wasting the tickets with Oga Rohr and his crew.

      I hope you satisfied with my response sir. God bless us all. Good luck to Super Eagles against Cape Verde. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Omo9ja, please listen to me.
    NFF is the main problem of Nigerian football. They have always been the reason Nigeria has not been more successful. When they were called NFA (NO FUTURE AMBITION), it was the same thing. Bribery, corruption, incompetence, ineptitude.
    They are now called NFF (NIGERIA FOOTBALL FIASCO). Same rubbish, same nonsense.
    Their incompetence, ineptitude, and general malaise is the main reason our national teams continue to underperform.
    Corruption will not allow us to use the good players we have. If these our players don’t have money to bribe their way into the team, or no god father, they will continue to languish in obscurity.
    Many of our players have a chance today because of Rohr. If Rohr was not there, they will not smell the national team, because they refuse to pay a bribe.
    For example, everybody is saying we need quality midfielders. Yet a certain Solomon Udo, Nigerian by birth and 26 yrs of age, is now a regular player for the Armenia national team.
    See his video highlights.
    We lost this boy, and many talents like him, due to NFF incompetence and corruption.
    Lukas Nmecha, another Nigeria eligible player, played for Germany yesterday against Armenia. That was the game I noticed Solomon Udo’s talent.
    We lost David Alaba, one of the greatest left backs the world has ever seen, to Austria.
    So removing Rohr does not solve our problem. It may soothe it a bit, but it doesn’t solve it.
    If someone is bleeding, you may do certain things to reduce the pain. But the primary solution is to STOP THE BLEEDING. Any other thing you do without stopping the bleeding will not work long term.
    If Rohr is fired now, our real problem, the current dysfunctional NFF, will simply CREATE ANOTHER PROBLEM BY RECRUITING ANOTHER JEKUREDE COACH, OR BRINGING ANOTHER AFRICAN GUARDIOLA. They don’t have the funding (which is a result of their incompetence), or the integrity, or the technical know-how, or even the desire, to hire a proper coach. So they will hire someone who will dance to their tune of corruption and incompetence.
    The solution is first and foremost to fix NFF. Once NFF is fixed, all the other problems, including coaching issues, will be resolved.
    We need to attack our football problems from THE ROOT CAUSE. Once that is done, all the other problems will be resolved eventually.
    A competent NFF will only hire the best possible coach for Nigeria. When we fix the NFF, they will address the Rohr issue. Until then, we have no choice but to continue to manage what we have.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Cape Verde will not survive Lagos when it matters, as for South Africa I am glad they lost because they have always used same tactics of bias officiating to oust teams in the past. Let them feel the heat now most especially now that they’re the seating CAF president.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Come send you? For all the comments na be your target abi? Maybe you’ll not understand pidgin English but you’ll understand you it when I say you should go jump inside the ocean. Your businessman CAF president can not change the result even if you cry from now to 2050. Mamelodi played to take us out so you can go and hope to win that trophy since that one na him make sense pass for bafunu bafunu.

      • My brother you watched that match too…it was obviously the mamelodi Ladies played casually just to allow Rivers angel pulled out of the competition… it’s part of the game anyways…and i hope rivers angels learn a vital lesson there.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        CS remove edit option and I even twisting my words above na wa I can’t even read what I wrote. Everything about Nigeria is backwards!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    There are so many Nigerians or Nigeria eligible players playing for other countries now, it’s crazy. We can have 2 or 3 national teams with all these players if NFF were doing their jobs right.
    Do we have more talents than Brazil? Why don’t we see Brazilian nationals playing for other countries?

    England – Bukayo Saka, Tammy Abraham
    Switzerland – Noah Okafor, Manuel Akanji
    Holland – Arnaut Danjuma
    Austria – David Alaba
    Germany – Jamal Musiala, Karim Adeyemi
    Canada – Ike Ugbo
    Ireland – Chiedozie Ogbene, Adam Idah, Andrew Omobamidele
    Luxembourg – Michael Omosanya

    And so on.

    This behaviour is trending upwards. Nigerian talents in all disciplines, are not going to allow corrupt Nigerian officials to frustrate them anymore. They will look for other alternatives if our corrupt officials continue to insist on bribes.
    Case in point, see this article on the so called BAHRAIN DRAIN.

    It will not surprise me if very soon, Bahrain start winning Olympics and world championship medals, thanks to the multitude of Nigerian talent flocking there for a better life!

    Without corruption, Nigeria would have won the world cup by now. At every Olympics, we would be competing with the likes of the US, Russia, China, and other sporting giants for the top spot on the medals table.
    I say this with all confidence. We have tremendous human resources. Our problem is corruption.
    Nigerian sports has languished, and will continue to languish, as long as corruption, incompetence and ineptitude continues in our national sports federations.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Talking about our foreign born nationals, why do the best of them keep opting to play for their country of birth?
    There are many Brazilians living all around the world. Why do their best talents always answer Brazil’s call?
    It’s not only Brazil.
    Simone Perrotta, Italy’s 2006 world cup winning midfielder, is actually English by birth. His place of birth is Ashton Under Lyne, England.
    If the Italian football federation was anything like the NFF, Perrotta would likely have chosen to play for England instead.

  • It’s difficult to have confidence in the Super Eagles these days because of their capricious nature.

    On a good day one would expect them to get a favourable result tomorrow because the chips are down but in truth, anything can happen after all, this is the same Super Eagles that lost shockingly to part-timers Central Africa Republic in September. Yes they won the return leg – as they should – but even that victory papered over cracks. In fact all the matches played and won by the Super Eagles in this round of world cup qualifiers came with a lukewarm brand of football.

    In the 1994 USA world cup, Nigeria was voted as an entertaining side to watch. In the heydays of Coach Keshi’s reign, the Super Eagles were often enterprising in their approach. These days, the Super Eagles rarely entertain and seldom show enterprise.

    Through grit and with slices of luck Rohr’s Super Eagles have managed to get this far in the qualifiers despite playing football that will send someone suffering insomnia to sleep.

    And when the stakes are high, this Super Eagles outfit does grind out the result with, I guess, is very reassuring. It is has be said that not all fans share my view. There are many who watch football not from the lenses of enterprise or entertainment but purely on outcome. But even at that, some of the outcomes have been diabolical.

    Diabolical or not, Nigeria qualified for the Afcon with (wait for it!) 2 games to spare, Fantastic and a round of applause! The same Super Eagles now need to defeat Cape Verde in their last match in a group of minnows to qualify for the next round of qualifiers.

    And owing to recent results, the Cape Verde team are cautiously optimistic of going back home with a favourable result.

    And do you blame them, if CAR could vanquish the Super Eagles at the same venue in the same qualifiers, why can’t they do the same?

    • John-I 3 years ago

      Absolute truth Deo.

    • Patrator 3 years ago

      Nice one @Deo

      This team needs to sit up and get things in order, any match worth playing at all worth playing well. Memories of Nigeria playing Spain in confederation cup under Keshi still very fresh. If people are asking these guys to play good football unlike the kick and follow they are currently playing, we are saying these things to save days where good football will be required to win matches.

      I’m afraid for the final round of this qualifier.

    • Gbamsolutely @deo. Watching Eagles win these days, compared to the good ol’ days, is just like drinking garri when you’re hungry. It satisfies you, though it’s not often interesting. Winning with the old Eagles was like getting served edikaikong with a tantalizing aroma and hot semo with all the orishirishi fighting for space on the plate.

      So whether it was garri you managed when hungry abi a sumptuous 5-star hotel delicacy you wolfed down, all chop na chop. Just that only one of them truly satisfies and gives fond memories.

      Under Rohr, no entertaining, enterprising wins; just bland, wuruwuru-to-the-answer wins. But do you blame the man or the employer? Pinnick doesn’t give a hoot and surely has a lot of skeletons in his cupboard. The females teams, under age teams, clubs in CAF competitions, everything is currently in comatose.

  • Abdul Handsy 3 years ago

    I am really trying my best to take emotions off the super eagles as it is very important for my health going forward so, help me God.

    The modern day football acumen is obviously not with Rohr.. that’s the simple truth. Even if the super eagles qualify come Tuesday (which I pray for) what happens going forward?

    The truth is that Nigerian have players who are capable to make things happen if given the adequate materials to do so… however, that man called Pinnick is simply taking Nigerian football backwards…guys, take note of this, anytime you see Amaju does something that of which benefits the super eagles it means it first of all benefits his selfish idealism. Those top footballing nation in Africa who are really doing well today check it very well their nation FA’s are really supporting them and providing the necessary materials for them to thrive.

    Guys, when last did the super eagles play in a stadium like old Trafford in Nigeria? Even UYO has been abandoned because it doesn’t favours Amaju’s pockets even with the obvious plead of MR Rohr. When you see Amaju wanting the super eagles to qualify to WC22 it is because he has already calculated how much he is going to make if eventually Nigeria qualify…

    If not that Amaju is selfish, how can the super eagles be playing their home matches in TB stadium….the pitch is very small and not allowing our boys to flow as they do flow in their club with sweet playing turfs…

    Did you guys noticed how long it always takes Amaju and his board to switch wanting-eligible players for us? Donkey years!

    Come to the coach proper, till now Rohr doesn’t know that what he lacks majorly in the super eagles set up is a dependable play-maker? Rather, he went ahead and be calling ighalo to the team. I love Nigeria super eagles so much that many a times I found myself scouting players despite the fact that I know my scouting doesn’t mean anything hence am not the one making the call-up decision..the best play makers Nigeria can boast of as at today are Ayobami Akinkunmi Amoo (Harmmarby fc) in Sweden and Tosin Kehinde (FC Randers) in Denmark but is either our coach never found them yet or he doesn’t need them yet… super eagles will surely win and qualify comes Tuesday but with the super eagles in the hands of Rohr’s rigid and retard pattern of coaching? I am afraid for the future guys!

  • @pompei has pointed out this clearly. The problem goes beyond rohr. It is the reflection of a dysfunctional system in its entirety. Can you guys name one sector that is doing well in Nigeria?

    Can you guys just mention one thing that is still boosting about to die of eagles morals.

    If not for the sake of love for their family and fans.

    Even keshi was humiliated enroute to afcon 2013 victory by the same NFF and after the first two games, conclusion had been reached as to sack him if not for God that turn is adversity to honor.

    The man wanted to quit immediately after that tournament.

    You see sports in Nigeria is also a victim of corruption just like every other sector. It became more obvious during this useless democracy that we are currently practicing.

    So @ omo9ja even if tuchel is to coach eagles today believe you me, this corrupt and dysfunctional system will catch up with effort and sink His good intention.

    You are owing salary of a coach, you can pay bonus of player as at when due and yet you are impossing staff and sometimes players on Him.

  • I have read most of the comments on this thread, and what I can clearly see is that although most are still sitting on the fence it is clear there eyes are open. You see the thing is simple Nigeria is disfuntional. I mean for an NFF president to keep medling in the teams affairs shows you something. His primary and only focus is Super Eagles which should not be so his portfolio and job disprciption is that of Nigeria Football Association not Nigerian Male Football Association.

    That being said the reason his focus is primarly on the male senior squad is sipmle he has obviously seen the finncail gain that is possible with back door dealings. I mean inviting Salisu Yusuf a known Bribe taker should nhave raised eyebrows on the intergrity of the President.

    Anyway. Pinnick is always following this team on thier travels to the point that he is the one giving thepep talks?????? really!!!. I mean why is this man in every si ngle camp but when the falcons play he hardly visits them.

    A president imposes the a useless captain on a coach??. SAD! does he have the best interest of the nation with that call??. well when you rank Musa against the wingers missing each international break, Victor Moses, Ademola Lookman, Emma Dennis, Akinkunmi Amoo to name a few, then you have your answer. it was the same Pinnick who Told Rohr to bring back Ighalo. So pinnick Gives the pep talks and selects the team + Team plays with no coordination. SO ask yourself who is the Coach.

    It is simple. Nigeria needs to do things properly. Look at other Footballing countries and see if the President is following the team up and down. Let us be honest. Nigeria football is doomed until personal interest stops taking priority over fairness and MERIT! Period!..

    I am sorry to say. We may be in for a rude awakening. But, Come four years later we will still be debating with some NFF officials on this forum as to why Injustice is still taking place in our football.. Which ever nation does things fairly and on Merit will progress on Tuesday it is that simple. I warned everybody a few weeks back. If this is what needs to happen for the reform of our football, then so be it.

    Most times disappointment and Sadness is the best bringer about of Change. Again Next time we should all band together and root out evil.. Nigeria vs Cape Verde. will be the Judge of Rohr and Pinnick

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