• JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Just imagine hypocrisy of white peoole… just asking the Roman Abrahamovic to step down from ownership of the club is not enough… See how they let politics meddle with sports which is more a global cultural thing…

    But… When it’s government in Africa who sponsors most National Football Associations wanting to boo-out it’s country corrupt FA chairman and board now, FIFA will shout from Zurich that government can’t interfere with football! Let them explain to us what all these sanctions on Russia from their Athletes to private business interests like this case of Chelsea now is…

    • Thank you my guy, that’s what I don’t understand how does politics relate with football. And the funniest thing is that he is just charged with having a relationship with Putin because Roman is an oligarchy in Russia. That’s all they just assume that he can be backing Putin, if Roman get good lawyers they fit sue FIFA

  • @Jimmy did it just down on you that the father of hypocrisy name the white. It is just a pity how black can never see beyond their nose.

    What is happening to Russia and Russians now inform sanctions is enough message to us all in africa.

    Let us develop this continent and reduce our level of dependent on these white ppl.

    I pity all the bad leaders, looters and bad politicians who felt taken the wealth of their country meant to better the lives of their ppl to europe or america is safe there.

    The day your country move in their opposote direction then all your stolen and hidden wealth becomes theirs.

    Why stealing african money and spending it on their university,why stealing money and buying properties over there, why killing your health sector and jumping abroad to receive medical treatment at high and outrageous cost in their hospital rather develop our own.

    No matter how useful you are to them now, one day will be one day they will tell it to your face that their least of interest is more than your own biggest worry.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    America n the West are the biggest evil instruments in the hand of Satan himself. Believe them n be doomed for life. Just wish I can forward a telling video. This has nothing to do with individual white or black person as few are quite decent n honest people albeit majority have become robots programmed never to SEE THROUGH THEIR EVIL MACHINATIONS.Nothing you tell these stiff necks that will ever help them to reason out that truth. Thanks again @ Jimmyball, @ Mayans and @ Yinkus. I am as always n forever with you on this. BIG QUESTION? IS IT TODAY THAT BRITAIN, AMERICA N ENTIRE EUROPE START REALISING THAT THE OLIGARCHY HAVE ENRICH THEMSELVES NEFARIOUSLY? THE BRIBE TAKER IS WORSE THAN THE BRIBE GIVER BECAUSE HE CREATES A PASSAGE WAY FOR MORE BRIBE TAKING. THEY LOVE THE ABRAMOVICH SO CALLED BLOODY MONEY SO MUCH HENCE THEIR DECEIT OF SANCTIONING HIM BUT YET REFUSING TO LET HIM GO WITH HIS SO CALLED BLOOD MONEY. I SPIT THESE SATANS OUTTA ME SYSTEM.DISGUSTING LOTS.

  • Glory 2 years ago

    What is America n Britain doing to the murdered Saudi Arabian journalist; Jamal Kashoggi. That must remain a non issue as long as the killer is their good book investing heavily in their economy as well as dolling out the “non blood money”??????????….LUBBISH.

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