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Chukwueze Makes History After Scoring Brace Against Real Madrid

Chukwueze Makes History After Scoring Brace Against Real Madrid

Super Eagles winger, Samuel Chukwueze made history after netting twice in Villarreal’s stunning 3-2 win against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday night.

The 23-year-old entered the history book as the second Villarreal player to score brace in a LaLiga game against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu , after Diego Forlan in May 2006.

The 23-year-old has scored scored six goals in 27 league appearances for the Yellow Submarine.

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Chukwueze was named Man of the Match after the thrilling encounter.

The winger has been linked with a move away from Villarreal this summer and this performance will no doubt increase his value in the transfer market.

Premier League club, Aston Villa are reportedly leading the race for Chukwueze’s signature.

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  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    They will go there and give all their BEST for the WHITE PEOPLE and then come back home to AFRICA and give RUBBISH PERFORMANCE…


    • Ndubest 1 year ago

      Hahahaha @Monkey post for the first time i concur with you. Chukwueze forgot his scoring boot during the international break.

    • Encyclopaedio 1 year ago

      On top which quality of pitch dem wan give their best?

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        Ontop the same QUALITY of PITCH that their MIKEL OBI, AHMED MUSA, IGHALO, VICTOR MOSES gave their BEST….

        And I DOUBT if these SET of PLAYERS have ever played in a WATER LOG SWIMMING POOL PITCH(during the RAINING SEASON)…

        I could count so many times their KANU NWANKWO and co PLAYED in PITCHES of that sort and gave us their BEST…

        So please stop making excuses for all these LAZY UNDEDICATED, UNPATRIOTIC, UNCOMMITTED ones…

        • Adeyemi 1 year ago

          Brazil, Guinea, almighty Sierra Leone all came here and decimated us here on the same pitch. Some South American pitches are not much better than ours but yet Brazil and Argentina always come on top. We have many problems like bad and corrupt coaches, unpatriotic citizens (many Nigerians are) and idiotic NFF who keeps dictating the players to play. With a better pitch, how many goals did we score against the Gineans? Blame your coach, players and NFF.

          • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

            With a better pitch, how many goals did we score against the Gineans?

            Kai @Adeyemi you just nailed it there..

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      They should give their best when they’ve not been paid bonuses for 2 years….??? Or they should give their ALL when nobody in the FA contributes a dime to their treatment wherever they get injured…even while on national duty…???

      Is that how you give your ALL at a workplace where your welfare is never in the plans of the management…???

      We should rather be grateful this generation of players honour invites despite being owed sọ much by the FA. Who dares owe the SE 2 years bonuses when the likes of Keshi and Oliseh were still playing…..???

      • Kanayo 1 year ago

        They have the option of boycotting the games, Isn’t that what they did in the past. If your comapny is not paying you, will you continue going to the job?

      • Adeyemi 1 year ago

        These people are getting paid more than 20K a week. That’s like a dream to many of us. Will mere 10 match bonuses makes more rich or poor? Even when injured, their teams cater for them. Mind you, I’m not exonerating Nigeria’s FA. Even in United States and some other Western countries, there are not too many welfare agencies dealing with sport personalities. Here, you get injured while representing the country in basketball, your team is responsible for you. You retire, there’s no pension. All these things we are all expecting in Africa. The question of what has the country done is now obsolete. Do the best and change the lives of the unfortunate that you affect. We are just unpatriotic from all the branches of government to the common man.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Well done. Patriotism personified.

          Now tell us, between you and your God, how much of your own salaries do you willingly forfeit at the end of the month….? How much of your salary do you let the accounts department chop off your salary for no reason…??? How much of your bank balance do you allow your bank chop off without any reasonable explanation with you not going to lay any official complain….all simply bcos your monthly pay is significant…..?

          So many things are easier said than done.

          Don’t generalize nonsense, even in Africa it’s not every country that owes it’s players bonuses and has no insurance policy for it’s players especially while on national duty…not to talk of Europe or the west.

          In every organized setting in the world when you get injured playing any sports for your country, there’s a policy on ground that takes care of you in conjuction with your team (that is if not solely)

          Everyman is entitled to his wage(s). Football isn’t charity, it’s a career….a short one at that. You have just 10-15 years to earn ALL the money you will need in your lifetime.

          Those that played for charity in the 80s are dying in sickness and penury today. So I don’t give a damn if the players are already earning close to €200m per year like CR7, the so-called “little” match bonuses they are entitled to MUST be paid.

          If it were to be truly insignificant, match bonuses wouldn’t be causing sọ much rancour in national teams.

          A worker is entitled to his wage….especially when his wage has already be catered for in the national budget and released for disbursement by the government.

          Don’t expect players to give their ALL to a country that isn’t ready to give it’s own ALL to them. So many players career have ended prematurely and subsequently forgotten while playing for the national team. A very painful casestudy is Vera Okolo.


          • Adeyemi 1 year ago

            When I said Africa, I meant Nigeria and some other countries. No one is saying all the 55 countries owed match bonuses as I haven’t search and neither am I interested in this. This doesn’t augment our debate.

            The players of the 80s and 90s mostly suffered from lower wages and failure to prepare for retirement. There’s hardly endorsements like we do have today. Therefore, you can’t compare the climes. Nowadays, with proper wealth management, they will never be poor. Their career could span like 15-20 years, roughly 15-20 years younger than the average person working in civil service in . But how many civil servants can even earn all these in 35 years?

            Patriotism doesn’t only comes in Money. An acquaintance of mine teaches and promotes free learning programming languages, free equipments like ultrasound, CAT scan being sent home. I helped as many Nigerians I have come across here. Being in Healthcare, I have and contributed to little i have. When I have more money, I pray to do more.

            I’m not saying NFF shouldn’t pay these guys, but they can do better. Both NFFs and players. Can you please give me an example of FA that actually has a policy where they foot your bills when injured on national assignments? Thanks

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            The KNVB foots the bills of players who get injured while on national duty, apart from FIFA owed tournaments, because FIFA does that themselves.

            If the players of 80s are in penury because they earned low wages, what about those of the 90s, our 94 and 96 squads who keept fighting for the houses they were promised until it was given to them almost 30yrs later last year, do you think it was because they didn’t have houses before then or because they didn’t earn enough or aren’t still earning anough to build the 3bdrm flats the govt eventually gave to them….??? NO.

            They fought for them because it was their rights.

            Players bonuses remain their rights, some even later donate it to charity, some use it to sponsor less privileged kids through school, some use it to help deprived communities, $10k winning bonuses can do a lot even for a person earning $50k per week.

            Their bonuses are their rights. CR7 still receives his match bonuses, whatever he does with it afterwards is his business, but once again, football is not charity. It is way better for the player to spend their bonuses eating suya than for some NFF officials to pocket them all in the name of Patriotism.

            If we all want to be Patriotic let everyone also start forfeitng their salaries.

    • Greener 1 year ago

      I used to think like monkey post in the past. But after a cursory look at the prevailing factors surrounding the Super Eagles and Nigerian football, I have changed my position. Chukwueze plays with more freedom for his club. Take a look at the first goal for instance. A pure creative position from the middle. Most strikers will opt to release the ball and run into space. But Samuel had to clear Nacho off the way with excellent skills on a perfect football pitch. His foot had proper communication with the ball on the turf. Abuja stadium pitch would have simply pushed the ball to the defenders to clear or just drag the ball to the wrong side and allow the defense to recover. The National team coaches just gather the big names on the pitch without finding out how the kind of players required to execute a game plan. One of the players anonymously said last week that the coach is focused on attacking football without having key plays that make such tactics easy. Specifically, a ball playing goalkeeper, a pivot holding midfielder, and so on.

  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Don’t let us put all the blames on the players ,let the admin share part of the blames.  You can criticise these players for given so little because the field is not good for them to execute their skills. Take for example the third goal  chukka scored against Real Madrid , he said he has been practising it for some time now , and if we all recall he tried similar curly shots in Abuja but the ball kept flying over and we the fans kept shouting on him for being too selfish and lacking commitment, but a bumpy field like Abuja would not allow those kind of made in heaven shots . Osiemen that tried to force himself play got injured and now it will take divine touch from God for him to play against Ac Millan in the champion league. 
    There are several players like that who can’t show the level of commitment required by fans otherwise their career will be over due to the turf we have in Nigeria. I don’t think this administration has any plan for our football , we keep blaming Picknick for leaving us in this deplorable condition but forgot that when picknick  newly came in he won the nations cup and 2 back to back u17 . 

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      OGA WE don’t need MADE in HEAVEN GOALS! SCORE for US even if it’s MADE in HELL FIRE GOAL WE don’t mind…

      But the MADE in HELL FIRE GOAL ma WE no SEE and yet you people want to be BLAMING the PITCH…

      • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

        Monkeypost . You haven’t played ball at the highest level so you won’t know the importance of a good field. In Africa countries with good football pitch play tip tap football for example Morocco, South africa, and most North African teams.in Nigeria ,Cameroon, senegal free flow with pace is difficult because we are not used to playing on good turf. Speak as you want

        • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

          Oga even if playing MONKEY POST on the streets is the only level I could attain in football. I still don’t need a babalawo to tell me that pitch is the core problem why this boys are not delivering…

          You can say bad coach but not definitely not the pitch my bro..

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      OGA WE don’t need MADE in HEAVEN GOALS! SCORE for US even if it’s MADE in HELL FIRE GOAL WE don’t mind…

      But the MADE in HELL FIRE GOAL ma WE no SEE and yet you people want to be BLAMING the PITCH…

  • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

    You may agree with me or not, but coaching is our key problem, not lack of talented, committed and number player or good pitches.
    Chukwueze’s goals in this game and all games have been superb from the coach’s tactical brains. What we lack in our national team coaches.

    We don’t get coaches who can deliver but only thos who will fill the void and benefit those who brought him.

    Oliseh said no to kick back and poor handling by these guys for growth and development but was confuscated in a broil that painted him nearly treasonable.

    We bring white foreign coaches who are experimenting on us for their subsistence and building their CVs, and they take anything offered to them. On this basis, NFF forces them on Nigerians.

    Let me be bold yo ask, who is Peseiro and Waldrum, and what is the profile of each? Are they qualified to coach any Nigerian team? Let the white man syndrome no longer fool us.

    NFF we need our local coaches and the full support they need. Keshi fought hard and established the proof even calling out names. Thanks for his doggedness.

    Give us our own sons and daughters to lead our national teams ooooooo

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      “….Let me be bold yo ask, who is Peseiro and Waldrum, and what is the profile of each? Are they qualified to coach any Nigerian team? Let the white man syndrome no longer fool us….”

      Excellent Question.

      Pls What is the profile of your local coaches too…..??

      Do they have better coaching profiles than these “white” ones….???

      If these white ones don’t qualify to coach our national teams is it the local coaches whose Profile most times cannot match theirs that qualify to coach our national teams…??? Or on what basis are they supposed to get employed as national team coaches….???

      • Adeyemi 1 year ago

        Bro, he’s not arguing that all white coaches are not good or local coaches are better. He said, let’s not white man syndrome deceives us. You can’t just hire any white coach cos he is white. What’s their pedigree? Their achievements? They sacked Rohr for Pesiero? What’s the accomplishment of Pesiero? For now, he’s probably worse than Rohr. I’m not a fan of Rohr.

        Anyway, the FA will tell you they have no money. This is untrue. If managed properly, these people will have lots of money to finance and build our teams from the current comatose

        To further the arguments, we have been recycling failures, Salisu Yusuf, Ugbade and cohorts of them.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha….it was you guys who complain that Rohr has never won a tea cup b4….LMAOOo…until amaju gave you Eguavoen (and his 9 dullards) and Peserio..LMAOoo

          Peserio once won the UEFA cup if I’m right. I suppose he also wọn a few titles at lisbon and alhaly too.

          That in itself is a better pedigree than any of our current local coaches can boast of at the moment.

          So where is the so-called “white man’s syndrome”

          CAF recently insituted the $100m Afrcian Super League with it’s maiden edition taking place soon…..clubs were drawn across the continent based on performances in CAF competitions in THE LAST 5 YEARS…..and get what…..NO NIGERIAN CLUB MET THE SELECTION CRITERIA….yet Tanzanian and Guinean clubs got selected…..LMAOoo.

          Is that not a shame….? Is that not an indictment…? So tell us…..what pedigree do your current local coaches have that is bigger or higher than the white coaches you call “average”.

          There’s nothing like a white man’s syndrome….it’s a case of incompetent local coaches. Show me a local coach that has the pedigree of Late Amodu in domestic/continental club football, or that of Keshi in international football and I will be one of those who will advocate for his appointment as SE coach.

          But as long as these average white men continue to have CVs that your local coaches can only dream of, the white ones will continue to get the jobs.

          There’s no better testament of your ability than what you have on your CV or in your portfolio.

          • Adeyemi 1 year ago

            Why are you beating around the bush? At no point did I mention that the current local coaches are better but they were failures. I don’t get what you are alluding to that I said local coaches are better. The so-called white coaches paraded by the NFF are not great either.

            Peseiro never won the UEFA cup. He came close in 2005-2006 but eventually lost the finals to CSKA Moscow. Apart from the incredible feat,what else did he achieved with Sporting Lisbon, and Porto. I won’t judge him much on his failures in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

            Can you be honest with yourself? The issue of CAF is irrelevant other than what has the agreed that the country has been a disappointment for quite a while. No need to beat a dead horse.

        • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

          Thanks for clesrly understanding my argument here and drawing our a good suggestion.

      • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

        First, taken that pur local coaches have no better record, whay then not guve it th jobs to them?
        Second, by the way, the records of Keshi and Oliseh ring higher tunes than these current foriegn coaches. Amunike is upcoming.
        Third, lets build our local base for both home and away relevance. We don’t build from home, but consume exotic nonsense. It’s a pathological condition we have to treat.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahahaha….what records does oliseh have….LMAOoo

          3 months with a Belgium 3rd division club……then another 6 months with a dutch 2nd division club…and finally 6 matches (and 6 losses with zero goals scored) with another Belgium 3rd division club…..plus a 6-8 months stint with the national team resulting in group stage elimination from CHAN and non qualification for AFCON…..LMAOoo. A cummulative total of less than 24 months coaching experience.

          Is that the pedigree you are talking of….LMAOoo….is that the “HIGHER TUNES” that he rings more than Rohr or Peserio….???

          Is it the NFF that will build your local coaches or the local coaches who need to build themselves….???
          The SE job is not a charity job that just gets thrown at people.

          The funny thing is that arrogance will not let some of these jobless exinternationals with empty CVs accept assistant manager position.

          Oliseh and Amunike should not even dare speak in places where there likes of Florent Ibengue, Pitso Mosimane, Walid Regragui (or even the young south African man coaching mamelodi Sundowns at the moment Rulani Mokoena) are speaking….LMAOoo.

          Higher tunes my foot. They should go and use their higher Tunes to get jobs elsewhere and let see. Keshi was coach of Togo and Mali ever before even becoming the coach of Nigeria.

          • Kenneth 1 year ago

            Abeg make una google am first, this guy sabi lie well well. Oya furnish your PE teachers achievements here make we see. Person wey dey jump from club to club or national team to national team. Make we hear word bio. I don tell you make you go adopt Benin republic

          • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

            But these white worshipped coaches have no record also. So, why go for them? Give ours the opportunity so they can develop the record. Olsen, whether he is shirt time and failed anywhere is invariable a record to use. Kompany, Lampard, Viera, and their likes have nonetheless built notches on their profiles.
            Bro, I am not a failure and white color celebrant. The brave in the world are working for globalization, the feeble are perpetuating predatory globization.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…useless illiterate Pig kenneth. Am I suprised, No I’m not. Your daftness and problem of English comprehension is well noted on this forum.

            You never knew what a player-coach meant…..You never knew (and still dont know till today) a swiss cup finalist meant…..so I know your level of illiteracy is too deep to under the caveat “if I’m right”

            Useless fool…..please tell us which coach does not move from club to club or from national team to national team….ofcourse except the jobless ones with empty CVs like your exinternationals who keep begging for national team jobs from NFF….LMAOoo.

            There is a popular saying that there are two types of coaches, the ones who have been hired and the ones about to be hired…maybe we should add a 3rd category of jobless exinternationals who are begging their FAs to be hired….LMAOoo.

            So If not because you are an imbecile, i dont know what wrong is in a coach moving from club to club and from national team to national team.

            When any of your exinternationals lead a Nigerian club to the final of CAF CL or CAF confed cup like Rohr did with Bordeaux or like Peserio did with Sporting Lisbon….please kindly let us know….LMAOoo. That is if it ever happens in this lifetime.

            Only in Nigeria will coaches like Rohr and Peserio be called PE teachers, but Oliseh (whose biggest coaching achievement till date is crashing out of CHAN in group stage) or Amunike (who was demoted to academy coach position within 1 month) would be referred to a tactical geniuses…..LMAOoo

            Which records do the “white worshipped coaches not have” have you typed their names on Google or on Transfermarkt and found nothing, just like when you type that of your African guadiolas…??

            A former Portugese and UEFA cup finalist does not have records or a former Swiss and UEFA cup medalist does not have records….???

            Was it the home FAs of these white coaches that gave them charity jobs to develop themselves and create records for themselves.
            Nigerian SE job should become a charity case for some inexperience, unqualified, incompetent bunch….???

            Is that how you hand over huge high stakes projects to companies that have no records of having ever successfully done or even acted as subcontractors of similar jobs of similar magnitudes in the past before….???

            Is there anyone denying our owns the opportunity they crave, if not their pompousity, arrongance and sense of entitlement….???

            Ok, maybe we should be rewarding them with new contracts whenever they fail to qualify for anything as usual….LMAOoo…fail to qualify for afcon, get a 2 year extension…..fail to reach qfinals of afcon and get a 5 year contract extension….LMAOoo.
            I guess that is the kind of opportunity you are wishing for which I pray should never come to pass…LMAOoo

            Kompany, Lampert, Vieira etc….even Guadiola (the real Guadiola) all started their coaching careers with youth teams -U18s, U23s…..not with senior national team jobs they begged for on the pages of internet and given to them as charity cases.

            Your exinternationals want to start their coaching careers with the national team…LMAOoo…it will never work that way.

            It wasn’t the Nff that developed Onigbinde or Amodu or Keshi…..they all developed themselves before they were elevated to the place of SE coaches as recognition of what they’ve done for themselves. Stop advocating for the reward of laziness and mediocrity. The SE coaching job is not the only coaching job existing in the world.

            A black South African once led an Egyptian club to CAFCl glory, a black Congolese once led a morrocan club to continental glory…..tell your local coaches to get serious and stop waiting for handouts from the NFF like poor beggars. That is why they keep getting disrespected. The job you beg to get, you will beg to keep.

            One moment you claim you are not a colour celebrant, but you are here advocating for failures to be given opportunities because they are “your own” skin colour/nationality. Stop confusing yourself…LMAOoo

            You talk about globalization yet you have a problem with whites using their CVs to get jobs that your owns cannot get because they don’t have CVs…..again stop confusing yourself…LMAOoo.

            Globalization is the reason some of us are working in other people’s countries and getting jobs their citizens cannot get because we have better CVs than them.

            So deal with the consequences of globalization. The world is shifting away from appointments by sentiments to tapping into the global pool of talent they can get anywhere in the world. Employers dont cares about your biodata these days, they care about your core competencies and your previous cognate experience.

            Brave white coaches come to Africa to coach in African leagues (which all the challenges of the African environment)and grow from there to coach national teams. Your owns sit down in the comfort of their retirement homes in Europe and expect jobs to be thrown at them….LMAOoo…they don’t want to coach in their own home leagues, nor do they want to cut their teeth internationally first as assistants…LMAOoo. Congrats to them. If begging for NFF jobs is what they are good at, please tell them to continue….that indeed must be the best way to build a career…LMAOoo

            It’s better to be a Colour celebrant by celebrating resilience, tenacity and bravery, than to be a pan-africanist and be celebrating laziness and perennial failures.

          • Kenneth 1 year ago

            Look at this mumu, what has your own comprehension done for you. Last time i checked, many is filled with lies, thinking you can fool some forum members here. Like have stated earlier, you are free to switch nationality, no one is begging you to support the Eagles. Leave the Ex-players alone, Don’t know where you read they desperate to coach the national team or any club, the ones with almighty licence, how many of them have being given chance to coach a big club in Europe. Where is your so called First Nigerian to win a legue in Europe? Not even a division 2 team consider him good for there club. Seems your spicy peanuts are done. Will have those guards put you back in your cell. We still awaiting the link @adeyemi requested for.

  • TONY 1 year ago

    Mr. Sunday Oliseh is by far, a better tactically knowledgeable coach than Mr. Rohr would ever dream to be. Mr. Oliseh’s one drawback is his temperament. Instead of trying to find a way to work with him on his human failing, we constantly vilify him while always glorifying Mr. Guardiola who seem to have a problem working with African players wherever he has been.
    No matter, how anyone cuts it, a foreign coach will not know the make-up of Nigerian players better than Nigerian coaches.
    Augustine Eguavoen who have contributed to the progression of Nigerian football more than 98 percent of Nigerians dead or living, is forever maligned as a local coach but people conveniently refuse to mention local coach, Mr. Stephen Keshi who in a shorter period in charge than Mr. Rohr achieved much more than The German, was paid less than The German and owed more than The German.
    You people think if the reverse was the case, people on the other side would advocate more for you than their own?
    You’d hanged before that happens.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha….Oliseh’s tactical knowledge got us crashing out of CHAN in group stages and failure to qualify for Ordinary AFCON….LMAOoo. Tactically knowledgable indeed.

      He should go and use his tactical knowlegability to get a job. African Guadiola who cannot boast of a combined 24 months senior level coaching experience….LMAOoo. He should apply for jobs on the continent and see if he can compete…..LMAOoo. Oh I forgot, he wants to coach Juventus or Dortmund….LMAOoo with his 3 months belgian 3rd division, 6 months dutch 2nd division, CHAN group stage elimination and AFCON non qualification experience…LMAOoo.

      Tactical knowledgabilty my foot.

      Even Rohr at 70 years of age could still submit his CV and pass interviews. Your Oliseh is speaking queens english on the pages of Twitter while his mates are leading local clubs in their countries to continental Glory. He should dust his CV and apply for jobs elsewhere. A south African used to coach Alhaly, A Congolese used to coach RS Berkane of Morroco….there is no crime in Oliseh coaching Wydad Casablanca or FAR Rabat of Morroco……oh….I’m sorry, those clubs don’t employ coaches with empty CVs based on sentiments…LMAOoo

      And lest I forget, is it only the SE your exinternationals are destined to coach…..???

      Oliseh can only dream of having half as good a coaching career as Gernot Rohr.

      • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

        Drive Pesseiro away also, since he is more abysmal than Olise. If they don’t drive him away, but give him time to continue, why didnt they do so to Olise? Black man blood against his own bro own.
        This man has won only one game out of nearly or 10 played. Which kan coach be this?
        No be same SE Keshi coached and did well?

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha nobody drove your oliseh away, he ran away by himself when he saw he wouldn’t be able to qualify for Ordinary afcon with Egypt waiting for him….LMAOoo.

          What till peserio fails to qualify for afcon in line with the targets given to him by his employers and see if he will be given a contract extension

  • Tristan 1 year ago

    Well, let me make my own contribution. There is more than one factor affecting the performance of the SE. The coach is a factor, the pitch is also a factor, and the culture of Nigerian footballers both home-based and born abroad.

    The coach has so far shown me nothing tactically. The game against Portugal was a chance for him to show his tactical acumen. He failed badly. As far as the pitch is concerned, we must bear in mind that 50-60% of the team have played in Europe all their lives.
    They have never played on bumpy pitches where you have to take into account the fact that a straight pass can change direction because of a bump or where the ball runs slower than on the perfect pitches in Europe. Even the home-grown players have only played on such pitches in their youth. They are also accustomed to playing on the best pitches.

    On the playing culture of Nigerian players, my opinion is that selfishness must be a particular Nigerian trait. Why? We do not produce midfielders. Midfielders are players who sacrifice the glory of scoring goals for providing assistance to goal scorers. We produce plenty of glory-hunting forwards, especially center-forwards.
    What this tells you is that in our playing culture as young Nigerians, we want to be at the center of attention, we’re narcissistic and ego-driven, and even in our politics we want to lead, not serve.

    When I heard that a Portuguese coach was appointed I was hopeful that the Portuguese style of playing through the middle would be recreated in the SE. So far I’m disappointed and I’m just watching Peseiro waiting for him to surprise me.

  • PeJos 1 year ago

    I truly don’t think anyone of us should blame the players in any way. You cannot compare our the Nigerian sport administration to the North or South Americans in any way. In fact Nigeria situation is far worse than any African countries. The NFF know that the fans will continue to blame the players so they don’t care. The NFF are just after their money and don’t care about anybody. My brother, our pitches are terrible for any professional player to play.

    And, do not forget that even our Nigerian born Super Eagles players became professionals in Europe not in Nigeria.

    Whatch the game in Abuja, the Super Eagles struggled to control the ball in one attempt because the ball is always bouncing. Or do you think it’s because they too poor that why the ball is always flying around? The NFF and Nigerian government careless.

  • PeJos 1 year ago

    Think, don’t let the NFF, sport administration, and our government to fool us. They’re pushing the Super Eagles to do the impossible and they’re wasting they talent that we have now. See how Ghana sports administration and the government support the Black Star and did all they could to see the game was played in Ghana for the Word Cup Qualify.

  • Codex 1 year ago

    @Dr.Drey is SERIOUSLY schooling some folks here while @Tristan has made some salient points. The pitch issue should’ve been addressed a long time ago after that comical match vs Sierra Leone but our administrators in keeping with tradition have simply refused to the needful. The match bonus saga is something I see happening for a long time afterall even the 2013 afcon winning team experienced so no be today that one start and e no go end tomorrow.as for the issue of our indigenous coaches being qualified for the SE job, I’m with the good doctor on this one and it’s simple let your past achievement work for you,one doesn’t get an SE job by staying at home,but by working at lesser levels and build from there. Let me shock the pro oliseh advocates here:Siasia who is on FIFA ban has a strong chance of getting an SE job than Oliseh as things stand. The SE job must be earned by merit and not awarded. That way we stop appointing gym sharks/site managers in white skin.

  • Jide Dola 1 year ago

    Even though the issue of NFF, pitch and so on is part of the SE problem. Until we know how we want to play and until we have coach that the players could be sure of in terms of tactics and understanding of the game, you can not see best of any player. Afterall is wasn’t only chukwueze that performs below expectation, even Osimhen, Moffi and so on in this last FIFA break.

    • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago

      Sure, we have to know or develop how we want to play, SE fans will enjoy our team. And it is the coach’s work. Chukwueze was tactically deployed to the front middle line by the coach’s idea, and we see the coaching team hugging themselves for the two goals. I think the jubilation was not just for the goals, but as the fruits of a tactical idea. I don’t see tactical ideas from these our coach except shouting on the players to put more energy. Nan only energy we go chop?
      Know your players and what they can each do, and swirl them around for creative and unusual roles. What shoukd they do around and inside the 18 yard? How and where should they attract fouls? What creative ways to play dead balls? Who starts the build up and with who? (We saw Iwobi looking for who to pass the ball to. Kai) This game is about tactics and mental alertness throughout 90mins. And it is coach’s work. Fans can see tactics and say when it does not work. We no de see am yet ooooo.

  • Adeyemi 1 year ago

    @Drey,the issue of players getting injured on national assignments have been a long-term debate and yet no simple answer on that. Who is responsible, clubs or national teams? You mentioned KVNB, I can’t find any link to your statement. Please, can I have link? In United States, even there’s no clear answer and most injured athletes here are the sole responsibilities of their respective clubs.

    I have said multiple times, they deserve their match bonuses but that doesn’t mean they should have these lackluster attitudes. 1980s and 1990s set gave their blood and sweat. Their suffering today has nothing to with their patriotism but for lack of opportunities and financial literacy.

    Those houses were promised to the boys and therefore, they should fight for it. If you cannot provide such goodies, so don’t offer. In United States, no one will make you such an offer because executive branch of government have no power to unilaterally shower gifts on people.

    I agreed with you though. It’s their money at the end of the day and whatever they do with its theirs.

    • Kenneth 1 year ago

      Thank God you did your research. he is just a pure liar. Quoting stuff with no proof to back it. Till date we still looking for answers to the cup his PE teacher won in Swiss league. We also still waiting for link that stated that Franz bercanbaur was player-coach at NY cosmos.

  • Our Ghanian brothers have succeeded in turning this beautiful topic about our excellent player chukwueze into a bitter debate on National team balablu…… Chukwueze is simply world class and that’s final……wake me up when a Ghanaian player can nail almighty Real Madrid with such excellent goals….. simple

  • Collins Id 1 year ago

    Can you imagine a team lost to mexico in a good pitch, lost to ecuador in a good pitch, lost to portugal, costarica, algeria all in a good team, but when they lost to guinea where they bit serrieleone nigerians are here talking pitch excuses thats a shameless and sick excuses some choosed to be blind followers come here to do. Caf aproved stadium is now the fault but when you get to guinea u couldnt score from open play, if not for God guinea would have won 3 o in abuja where the pitch is not good, a good coach starts from his selection, and us ability to read games, we drew 4 4 in ógbestadium after a 4 0 lead people shamelessly show up here to blame pitchs and witches thats how low selfexteem the eagles have draged us to, its not a problem to claim excuses for loosing but when you say the obviouse it becomes disrespectful to your opponent who works hard to take a victory at ur expense, secondly it makes you a bad loser when you always dont accept that another team or opponent was better than you at a particupar point.
    Nigeria cameroun final match in surulere was worst pitch than what we have now in abuja, nigeria came back from two goals and lost out on penalties the players blame the refery for disalowing ikpeba goal and ikpeba also was blamed for given up earlier these are blames that is valid to your fans and to your opponent. But pitch, weather was too hot, they came tired, wages salary ąre all bula blu excuses.
    The coach nor good period.
    Get us a better coach finish.

    • Akunde Kwagh 1 year ago
    • Kenneth 1 year ago

      God bless you Mr collins, se no be fifa approve the stadium for use. I will not faultthe coach yet, the players we have are all below average for me. They not taking most games seriously again. They all feel untouchable because they play for a big club. It’s time for the players to look themselves in the face and ask if they doing a great service to the country

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