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Crystal Palace Boss Hails Olise After Draw Vs Burnley

Crystal Palace Boss Hails Olise After Draw Vs Burnley

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has nothing but praise for Michael Olise following his side’s 1-1 draw against Burnely at the Selhurst Park on Saturday.

Olise set up Jeffrey Schlupp for Palace’s only goal of the game in the ninth minute.

“Overall we didn’t create very much in the first half and in the second half we could not score the second goal. They put us under pressure at the back and forced us to play too many long balls,” Vieira said after the game.

“They scored a goal that plays to their strengths and [Luka Milivojevic] was unlucky because we were well positioned. We have to give them credit for the way they played.

“At times I think he [Michael Olise] was good. We all know about his talent. He is really good on the one versus one, he can stay on the right or come inside and is someone who can provide chances or score goals.

“But at times you can see he is still young and learning the game at that level we will give him the support he needs to improve his game.”

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  • Four four two 2 years ago

    SE don’t lack fire power upfront neither do we lack quality midfielderz or wingers. I learnt this says he play for SE unless they qualify for the world cup. The question now is this; who will labour for him to come and reap. Nigeria can call his blushes .Oliseh will not single handedly win an AFCON for Nigeria even less a world world cup. We should focus on only those who have a burning passion to plan for SE like super falcon Asleigh plumpter. Like I have said earlier let me reiterate again SE do not lack quality in attack or midfield go warrant pressuring Olise. Ghana has been going around the world searching quietly for good goalkeepers to use against SE while we are here still debating who is best among our strikers and midfielders. Even Egu the coach and Amunike the assistant are in London to check for some strikers and midfielders according to the media. It seems we Nigerians have failed to realized why we existed the AFCON prematurely. If u followed that AFCON very well u will realize that the teams with the best goal keepers got to the final. Even fews days ago we saw how Chiamaka Annodazie single handedly qualified super falcons for AFCON. Also last Thursday we saw how a hapless Napoli second keeper rendered Osihmen and his teammate useless against Barcelona. When will Nigerians learn? We have a crucial world qualifying matching coming next month against an eternal rival yet till now no reliable keeper and no is debating the best way out this quaqmire. It takes a good keeper to go over big games. With our present first choice keeper Ghana will surely tear SE to pieces with their visionary midfielders and powerful strikers. Forget their AFCON poor showing.. Ghana will come out smoking. They have very good midfielders who are better than our midfielders in my opinion so they will create chances to score. Dede I hope we know how shaking SE defence his. Who will save our blushes like chiamaka Anodazie should be our worry right now not Olise

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    Same story last AFCON. SE lost to Algeria due to Akpeyi poor goal-keeping technique. How can we stop this trend? . This should be our worry

  • Coache 2 years ago

    @442 you are spot on. Siasia requested to have Enyeama to the Olympics in 2008 but failed to do so due to club vs country row. Vanzekin would go to mess Nigeria up by rushing out while Di Maria lobbed over him, thereby we missed out on the Olympic gold.

    As dad as the Ghana match is concerned, Uzoho will do it. Okoye will finish us(God forbids)

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      In all honesty uzoho is the best goalkeeper in SE.But one thing that always suprises me with Nigeria is the fact that we don’t always want to say the truth?

      • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

        We don’t need any player who does not need us and has no passion for the SE

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Uzoho has not played a single game for his club after returning from the Afcon.. the Cyprus league ended today , which means uzoho last competitive game was our last group game in the Afcon.. will uzoho be better than an okoye who is playing week in week out for both club and country.. let’s me careful about what we say.. akpeyi has not also played too for months now..

    • Playing week in week out but conceding always? I’m not sure that guy has not conceded in any match he man the post for this season.

    • Pls just ignore them with their Nkata 1 & 2 analysis.

      Just listen to the logic presented; getting a good goalie will compensate for the gap in quality between Ghana’s midfielders and ours.

      How’s does this kind of reasoning come from?

  • Walking 2 years ago

    Well, I have carefully watched the type of goals Maduka concedes both national and club wise, he has little or no fault at them.
    The goal he conceded at the afcon could have beaten any goalkeeper to the post. I have watched maduka mount the post at the club level, he’s got great reflexes believe.
    Mind you, I am not pointing to the fact that, he could do better, however, aa at this time, he is still our most reliant goalkeeper.

    Let me submit here that, Madudka needs to come out of his shell in the green and white jersey. I don’t think he has the liver to shout at his defenders, in which is one of the reason he is low in confidence.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Exactly walking, Nigerians don’t understand that they don’t have much options at the back.. uzoho has not played any game for a long time,season is over, meaning he won’t get any competitive game by the time we play Ghana.. is that the player we want to man the goalpost.. okoye played this evening, and didn’t do too badly, although he conceded two goals.. we don’t have the players and the best we can do right now is to encourage the ones we have and not create further confusion in the team..

    Even in defense, Kenneth seem to be injured ( I’m not sure) he has not made match squad for 2 weeks now.. the only defender we have with game time is ajayi, udah, balogun, and bassey. The rest have not played since after the Afcon

  • _Is Okoye Nigeria’s Only Hope?_

    As the only Nigerian goalkeeper anywhere in the books of a club in a mainstream European league and also playing regularly, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to relegate Maduka Okoye to the Super Eagles bench.

    In these 2 seemingly simple but yet hard-to-attain tests, All other Nigerian goalkeepers fall glaringly short.

    Let’s take them one by one:

    Akpeyi: isn’t registered to play in a prestigious league and, as if that is not bad enough, he doesn’t even play regularly where he is (0/2).

    Uzoho: same. His club is in a mundane league and, to add insult to injuries, he doesn’t play regularly (0/2).

    Noble: playing in the NPFL makes him an instant turn-off to many and, as if his situation is not hopeless enough, he is not first choice in his club. (0/2).

    You have others like Osigwe who is registered in a decent league but doesn’t play regularly (1/2). Matthew Yakubu scores 0/2 as his league is underwhelming and his number of games stats is appalling. Adeleye is seeing game-time in Israel but the calibre of his league doesn’t hold up to Okoye’s – so it’s 1/2 for Adeleye.

    Moreover Osigwe, Yakubu and Adeleye all suffer from an inescapable handicap: lack of exposure in international football which gives Okoye an added advantage over any of them.

    However, for me, Okoye falls short in 2 major tests I subject international goalkeepers to when it comes to their ‘propensity for errors’. These are 1) likelihood and 2) probability.

    Likelihood: on a scale if low, medium and high, I will put Okoye’s likelihood for gaffs as between medium to high.

    Probability: as a ratio, I will guess that perhaps Okoye has a probability of 1 in 3 games of committing a catastrophic mistake that will prove costly.

    Obviously, the two measurement above are very subjective and should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, they are based largely on my observations of Okoye’s output and demeanour with Nigeria which has led me to conclude that the German-Nigerian is not ready for the demands of international football and he might yet prove to be the most unreliable first choice goalkeeper available to Nigeria in a long time.

    As I have said countless times, goalkeepers are like wine who get better with time, hence my view of Okoye is strictly time-specific.

    Right now, it is difficult to see how the Eguavoen led Management will drop the only high profile goalkeeper we have anywhere in the world who has the added advantage of playing regularly in club football with an ever increasing level of exposure in international football.

    But big decisions have to be made, otherwise Eguavoen will discover the hard way that playing in the best league doesn’t make a goalkeeper the only viable option open to a big nation like Nigeria.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    There is no goalkeeper in the history of football that never conceded goals.
    Goalies will concede goals from time to time.
    The problem with Okoye is not that he concedes goals.
    He get’s beaten at his near-post. He get’s beaten by shots coming directly at him. On one occasion, he even tumbled backwards into his own net, and the ball duly escorted him in.
    The puzzling thing is Okoye LOOKS LIKE A QUALITY GOALKEEPER. It’s not easy to have the kind of physique he has. He must spend a lot of time in the gym training very hard. His athleticism is not in doubt. He has what it takes to be a great goalie.
    Perhaps he should cut down on gym time, and increase training time on the pitch. He needs to master the rudiments of goalkeeping. How to position yourself in goal to maximize your chances of making a save, how to catch crosses into the box, how to properly distribute the ball, how to command your goal area, effectively communicating with your defense, etc. He has done well in some of these areas, but he could do a lot better.
    It’s up to Okoye to put in the work and raise his level. With his physical abilities, he should be a great goalie. It’s up to him to make that a reality.

    • I’m a very big fan of Okoye…He has a lot of room for improvement. But he’s the best we’ve got right now. I just hope he sees this your submission @Pompei.

      All in all, let’s criticize him in the right direction, guys.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Talking about Uzoho, how do you go from first choice goalie at Deportivo La Coruna in the Spanish La Liga to bench warmer at Omonia Nicosia?
    Somebody in the NFF or anywhere should look into this Uzoho matter.
    When called upon at the Afcon, he did ok. He is a good goalie.
    What are the terms of the contract he signed with Omonia Nicosia? Surely, he can move to a better league.
    Even if it’s 2nd division in England, Spain, France, Germany or Italy.
    It’s so sad to see a former first choice goalie in a huge club like Deportivo languishing like this.
    Between Uzoho and Okoye, we should not be having goalkeeping problems. But alas, here we are!!!

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    It is time we start looking at other options in the goalkeeping area.. one thing I liked about rohn was his system of gradually integrating new players esp young ones with a future.. by now cerozo should be looking at bringing an okonkwo of arsenal than wasting the slot for an akpeyi or Noble. An Okonkwo should have been in the team by now , it is not easy to get into arsenal first team and make it to the bench in a league as the epl obviously the best league in the world.. if this boy has been invited or convinced to play for Nigeria by now he would have fought for a transfer to any championship side for playing opportunity.. the same rohn integrated okoye, aino, ebuehi, awaziem etc should be what cerozo should be doing right now with new quality options for the future..

    We need more defenders, balogun is aging, ekong is not playing regularly in a relagation threatened team.., it is mainly second division defenders thst we have Left.. more quality options are badly needed , same for the right back position

  • pompei 2 years ago

    In my opinion, what we’ve seen of Okoye during the world cup qualifiers and at the Afcon is simply not good enough. He falls short of the quality you would expect from a Nigeria number one.
    However, the ingredients to make a quality dish are there. They just have to come together.
    If Okoye can just buckle down, PUT IN THE WORK AND IMPROVE, he could become one of the greatest goalkeepers we ever had. I believe he can do this.


    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Thank you @Pompei for posting this video, how can we say a GK of this calibre is a basket not fit enough for SE no 1 position at this moment? If he was that bad, he wouldn’t regain his position back in the club immediately he recovered from injury, neither will he be back in post immediately after AFCON absence.

      He has the full confidence of his club and National coaches who watched him closely in training and match situations but you Internet coaches who only see match results on livescores are here talking rubbish. You are all ungrateful bunch, a guy who continues to rise in profile over such a short period is to just a fluke, if other GKs are that good enough why are they restricted to the bench in their various lower league clubs?

      Lets make do with what we have at the moment and pray that he gets better with age and more exposures, Rome was not built in a day. Today he conceded 2 goals to PSV playing 10 against 11 PSG and guys don’t see how many goal bound saves he made but only comes here to complain that he concedes in almost all the matches.

      Let’s allow the coaches to do their job adequately and stop putting too much pressure on these guys.

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    Nice analysis today guys!Big up to Deo, Ololo & Pompei.

    • Thanks Chuks. You don’t get to keep for Sparta Rotterdam and be in the books of an English Premier League club if you have absolutely nothing to offer. Okoye has massive potentials and will undoubtedly improve in time. Plus, the league he plays and the club that owns him make him the highest profile goalkeeper available to Nigeria anywhere at this time.

      But, his current shortcomings are very well documented leaving the national team coaches with a tough decision.

      On the one hand, it’s hard not to like Okoye, one another, it’s hard to totally turn a blind eye to his obvious foibles.

      To be honest, what doesn’t help is the fact that most other goalkeepers available to Nigeria either playing in underwhelming leagues, are perpetual bench warmers or both.

      If Okoye continues to get the nod for Nigeria, one hopes and prays he continues to improve at a rapid pace.

      He does have it in him to develop into a decent goalkeeper.

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    What okoye needs is competition.. when you are in a class with olodo , You will feel brilliant when you know nothing.. he has nobody to compete with him both in the super eagles and in his present club.. I remember uzoho complaining that he is scared of okoye when uzoho was till the first choice for the super eagles.. uzoho was at the top of his game because he knew okoye has a foreign football education which he didn’t have.. I can’t wait for okoye to leave his dutch club and move to the epl where he has an experienced Ben foster to compete with, if we wins that competition he would obviously improve more than two folds then containing epl strikers with shoot accuracy at the peak will improve him exceedingly

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