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Dare Promises Effective Overhaul of Super Eagles, Football Architecture

Dare Promises Effective Overhaul of Super Eagles, Football Architecture

Sports Minister, Sunday Dare, at the weekend pledged that the Federal Government would overhaul the senior national football team, Super Eagles, to attain best possible height in world football.

The minister also promised to restructure the secretariat of the football federation to meet the aspirations of the people.

Speaking on the two recent lack-lustre displays in the back-to-back African Cup of Nations qualifying series against Sierra Leone, the minister, who apologized to Nigerians for Eagles’ disappointing outings against the Leone Stars, said the results have once again highlighted the urgency in restructuring the national team, adding that the games showed that the technical crew led by Gernot Rohr cannot meet Nigerians’ aspirations.

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Dare said, “Football sometimes throws up unpredictable outcomes. We believe in the skills and talents of Super Eagles players. The team’s set up to correct the obvious lapses.

  “We believe that when we hire a technical adviser; when we put our fate in the hands of some people, we expect some returns. If you hire a manager for your company and you don’t get the results you expect, you have the right to review your operation and take very critical decisions.

  “My point is that we are going to sit back, review what has happened and determine whether the players are qualified or not to play for the team. We will also look at the Technical Adviser and also the entire people involved in football administration and the Super Eagles.

  “You see when you fail to do the necessary checks, then you run the risk of repeating the same mistakes, failures and disappointments.”  
Dare dismissed the claim in some quarters that he has no power to wade into the Super Eagles since there are elected officers in charge of the country’s football.

 According to the minister, as the chief custodian of Nigeria’s sports sector, he has the powers to correct any shortcomings he discovers in any arm of the sector, including football.

 He added: “The Super Eagles represent Nigeria, sing Nigeria’s national anthem and wear Nigerian jerseys. So, without Nigeria as a sovereign country, they have nobody to represent.

 “When we look at their operations to make them better, it is no interference. They represent 200 million Nigerians and not any association or any individual. They carry our hopes and aspirations and as minister of sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is my responsibility to ensure that the interest of Nigerians is protected.”

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  • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

    Now you’re talking, Hon Dare is a man of his words and I trust him compared to Pinnick and co. Revolution was long overdue and I think it was good we lost to Sierra Leone else a win would have hidden the stains that is engulfing our football house and affairs

    • Footballfanatic 7 months ago

      Mr man we didn’t lose but draw the 2 games. And for this sports ministers interfere and risk fifa ban….ignorant fool.

      • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

        It’s a lose for me. I don’t except you to understand my view naive thinker.

        • Footballfanatic 7 months ago

          So what if we actually lost what will you call that? Did France overhaul their team when they lost to Finland or did the Germans kill their coach after the 6-0 drubbing in the hands of Spain and Comoros is second in their qualifying group…have other teams sacked their coach cuz of this. Try to understand the word Naive before using it senselessly.

          • U guys av 4goten that this Dare is a journalist before been appointed as minister. I think his colleagues is d one giving this evil advise. This is one certain Godwin Enakhena in Lagos tv that one is another paid agent to destroy Rohr but they will all get their Waterloo.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago


          • Collins id 7 months ago

            I think there are more critical aspect of sport you have to channel your energy on instead of taking advantage of the super eagles draw, our league have not being functioning, principal cups, states league and other sport activities are all dead for about 5 years till now, don’t come and interfer in super eagles before you go invite fifa ban, live NFF to do their jobs if they fail, another election will come and definitely they will be voted out as far as democracy is concerned. we should allow things to be done in the right ways without allowing our emotions to dictate our democracy. Mr dare have to channel his energy to building stadiums and sports grounds. renovates the old ones and set the league going, engage our youths with sportive activities. The federal government should donate 1billion naira every year to each first division teams (20 billion naira) to help them meet up to logistics and players warefare (it can also be a loan) they have many challenges to face rather than to add more confusions in the eagles camp. though I personally think the technical crew is not good enough but we cannot afford to sack them now so let us keep supporting them until they failed to meet up to the contract demand I think the supereagles where given all the necessary support to win games including organising good friendlies abroad if they failed Gr rohr should take blame alone and nobody should drag nff into their failures. Dare and Nff should set our league going before they can discuss about eagles.

      • KangA 7 months ago

        My brother, I’m weak for these Nigerian ‘leaders’. It doesn’t take long time for a reasonable person to be given a high office before they begin to exhibit the symptoms of greed, shamelessness, and ignorance. I’m sure Dare as an ordinary citizen would easily see the folly of what he is contemplating. He thinks he can manipulate things and impose his will on the people against their wish. No! FIFA is above him. They’ll raise a flag, followed quickly with a resounding whistle and banish Nigeria for a whole year or more.

        Mr Dare, dare FIFA let’s see the outcome.

    • Patrick 7 months ago

      The minister knows what he is talking about. If you watch chukwueze play for vilereal against real Madrid, iwobi for Everton against Fulham, aribo and balogun for rangers in Scottish league and ebuehi for twente fc against psv through dstv (super sports channel and espn) and YouTube you will discover that while we have good players the current coach of super eagles (rhor or roar hmmm)is incompetent and inept. He can not compete with coaches from Algeria, Senegal , Morocco,ivory coast etc yet we want him to win Africa nations cup trophy.

    • It is not the job of the Sports minister to be meddling with who the coach/tech adviser of the super eagles is…

      This is simply a case of misplaced priorities.

    • Chuck 7 months ago

      We lost to Sierra Leone?

      I have been in coma for too long, wake up too late to watch the Eagles loose only saw the two draws. I hope that man that watch the Eagles loose the third match has a video recording of the match and should make it available so we can analyze it and see where the players and the technical team went wrong!!.

  • Oga minister as u attempt to restructure the team, u shld be weary of government direct interference which fifa totally disapproved. Call d NFF team nd get them to understand nd accept ur perspective. FIFA Sanctions awaits any perceived govt interference on its activities!! A word is enough for d wise!!

  • Edoguy 7 months ago

    This shows that the sports minister has been looking for an opportunity to step in and interfere in football for his boss Buhari.

    Please leave the SE Dare and Buhari.
    Every Nigerian both home and abroad has a right to be selected in the team. The SE is not a development team. I know thats what is biting them. The Home based team are not good enough to play for the SE. stop it Buhari and Dare…the best nigerian players all over the world should be selected.

    I support the coach living, I dont like Rohr…but the NFF must respect his contract or pay the penalty. Do not interfere Dare. instead help the NFF find loopholes to fire the coach and stop trying to boss over the team.

    Amaju has done a good job with branding (though not enough), and the SE has stability.

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      Correct @edoguy. Na odegbami dy push am.

    • Johnny 7 months ago

      Few years ago,The Angola national team came to Nigeria and caused us the World Cup’s ticket. That Rohr played two matches and got a draw is not new to us.

  • Oakfield 7 months ago

    Very funny indeed. Did I hear you say overhaul bcs of not getting the required results???? If we were maybe bottom of our qualifying group or maybe third or maybe lost qualifying matches it would have been very much understandable but here we are on course to qualifying for the nations cup with a game to spare and you’re here talking about not getting results. If you think you want positive changes and want the right thing to be done, then, move for the removal of yobo who is not qualified in all ramifications to man the position as an assistant coach. An assistant should be as sound as the head, hence, the appointment of yobo should be where you should do your gra gra not where the technical adviser is. If you know u want the best for our eagles and football in general as the minister of sports, then do something about the revival of our local league which is dead and rotten. These are areas you should look in to as the minister of sports. Don’t come here and be disgracing yourself like one ex cricket international usually does. There is no doubt that he is the one working behind the scenes, pushing u to disrupt our smooth sailing qualifying plans and go against FIFA rules which eventually would have very negative and disastrous consequences for our football. You have no right whatsoever to directly wade into matters concerning the super eagles. You better beware, don’t overstep your boundaries. Tell odegbami (the ex cricket international) to mind his biz and stop disturbing you. Nonsense!

  • Patrick 7 months ago

    The minister knows what he is talking about. If you watch chukwueze play for vilereal against real Madrid, iwobi for Everton against Fulham, aribo and balogun for rangers in Scottish league and ebuehi for twente fc against psv through dstv (super sports channel and espn) and YouTube you will discover that while we have good players the current coach of super eagles (rhor or roar hmmm)is incompetent and inept. He can not compete with coaches from Algeria, Senegal , Morocco,ivory coast etc yet we want him to win Africa nations cup trophy.

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      What kinda pitch did they play on? Di they play on a rice farm like the boys jus did home and away??? You people know the problem and why we fumbled but everybody is turn their faces from the truth. You just unconsciously said the truth but the hatred in you for rohr has made u look the other way.

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    FIFA is carefully studying the utterances of this minister who does not understand that governments are not supposed to hijack the statutorilly laid down functions of national affiliated bodies. Nigeria has never been lucky with Sports ministers. The previous one was an unmitigated disaster.This one is following in his footsteps.

  • Michael Adelami 7 months ago

    Please make sure you sack the coaches all the players and backroom staff.
    Please don’t forget to sack Nigeria.

  • daniel 7 months ago

    black man thinking is like Animal reasoning, so if you sack the coach this point in time, we will win nations cup and world cup? this is how you guys killed Keshi upon say he win nations cup self, you guys are not satisfy. leave rohr alone, his doing great job. you cant win all the time and every day is not christmas. support the coach, allow him to chose his starting 11, dont impose players on him. if sports minister want to work, let him start from repairing our league first and leave honest white man to do his job, Ndi ara, tuffiakwa unu

  • Dr Drey 7 months ago

    Hehehehhe….they are beginning to confess their real issues now….LMAO. it’s all about player selections. They want to overhaul a team that is sitting comfortably on top of its qualifying group because we drew SL. LMAO….so which of the players do they want to kick out for their own players….??? Okoye who has grabbed another clean sheet in Holland or Akpoguma who made his 60th bundesliga appearance over the weekend. Is it Balogun who is strutting his stuff in Scotland or Ekong who is the 1st name on the Watford team list unless the coach wants to rest players. Is it Aribo that should be kicked out of the team or iwobi or Etebo…? Maybe it iheanacho that should be sacked or the team Captain Ahmed Musa who is constantly proving to be the chain that holds the team….once he’s pulled out the team becomes directionless.
    So Mr wazzler dazzler sports minister who dazzled in SE training should tell us which players he wants to kick out and who he wishes to replace them with. Its only in Nigeria they go all out to look for a coach for the national teams but still want to dictate to the coach who and who he should play. If they knew the job why advertising it in the first place….they should have coached the team themselves. Dare the coach….Pinnick and Yobo the assistants and Odegbami the technical adviser. We will definitely win afcon with this combination…..LMAO.
    Mourinho’s Tottenham threw away a 3 goal lead to draw against westham….heavens did not fall. Daniel levy did not overhaul the team….the same team is on top of the EPL now. Barcelona overhauled their team when they were topping the league and leading Madrid by 7points and guess what….they lost the league to the same Madrid that did not overhaul theirs….LMAO
    Mr Overhauler. Abeg stop all these your nonsensical huffing and puffing in the media and sack the coach. If you cannot then keep your mouth shut. If you want to replace the coach do it now and stop disturbing our ears like a mosquito. But know that whoever replaces him MUST win 2021 Afcon without dropping points and MUST quality for the WC without dropping points too. Na our own be that.
    That was how they insisted on overhauling the team in 2002 and gave us a disaster as coach who in return gave us a disaster of a team.

    • Oakfield 7 months ago

      On point @ drey

    • Dr Banks 7 months ago

      @DrDrey, no mind the dazzler Dare. Please remind him that Nigerians have not forgotten the overhauling that occurred just before 2002 WC which led us to our worst outing in the World Cup history till date. Great players were booted out of the team leaving just Kanu & Okocha to form the nucleus of the new team coached by Onigbinde. This wasted any chance of winning any CAN laurels until 2013 and destabilized the great team of that time.

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    Is is it not Nigeria? Appointing a mechanic as minister of health, a farmer as a minister for education, a lawyer as minister of works, power and housing, etc. Is it not Nigeria? Or am I living in another country? This man called Dare what is qualification to make him a sport minister? His he that jobless to make super eagles which has no problems his problem? He is just making noise, he can’t sack the coach and pinnick is not a push over for him to force his will on. The consequence is clear, pay him all his wages off for the contract duration then employ Odegbami to continue working with Yobo. If that can’t be done shut and stop consuming our space on CSN. Did I hear overhaul the super eagles lol and even NFF. Ohhhhh is that easy? That means the sack must start from Pinnick himself being sacked, before Rohr and down to the players. I repeat no foreign coach alive will accept yobo as an assistant, they force an incompetent man on the coach and wants to blame him for it. Overhaul the players? Are we speaking English we don’t understand the meaning? Lol so funny how Nigerians react on international scene, we are a disgrace. If CAF president is not even near the power of FIFA that means no Sport minister can lay hands on a sitting FA president until his tenure expires. If that’s the case Rohr remains, because Rohr is under the direct powers of the NFF and not answerable to the sport minister. Did I hear overhaul players? OK ooo Onitsha premiere league boys with odegbami as agent be ready to fill in the gab. Imaging!

  • JimmyBall 7 months ago

    I am just reading the minister’s comment for the first time… What he is intending to do honestly is not his duty. There people saddled primarily with taking direct decisions that affect the team… The set of players we have are the best at the moment. We only need a good assistant who can support Rohr. It will be foolhardy to replace Rohr now before Afcon 2021. We are definitely qualifying and we must ride on the gains of last Afcon… I will say 85% of the Super Eagles squad is already formed… the remaining 15% are wildcard openings in our goalkeeping department and key areas requiring strengthening… There seems to be some players of fringe mention that we just need to assess better and make a final team… There is no overhauling of anything that is required. Just pay Manu Garba little money and let him assist Rohr positively… The likes of Amuneke will not want to work under Rohr but Manu Garba is not bad… Yobo can be there if they want, but moving him to U-17 or U-20 as one of the assistants will prove a more ideal scenario if he must serve with one of the teams. The minister is just talking like a usual politician… Only to caress egos of some top political bigwigs… football is 11 vs 11 and we did not buy soccer boots and jerseys for Sierra Leone to expect them to lie down and roll without any fight… enough said!

    • Michael Adelami 7 months ago

      You have gained my respect even though we don’t share same thought in 95% of time when you speak.
      I will agree with you that 85% of the team is formed and that Rhor should be found another assistant and if I may suggest, I think Rhor should be allowed to choose his own assistant, whom ever he/she may be, either a Nigerian or a foreigner.

    • Wow! “The Set of players we have are the best at the moment”….”We only need good assistant who can support Rohr’…. are these really coming from you @Jimmyball? I wish I can like your contribution 100 times.
      Pls..continue sleeping where you slept overnight. @Dare, warn yourself o! Because we are all coming together against you this time.

    • Dr Banks 7 months ago

      @JimmyBall……..I doff my cap for this write up. Short, concise and very intelligently put. Carry go my guy.
      Keep writing well thought out comment like this and we will be good pals

    • Dr Drey 7 months ago

      Congratulations to you for winning yourself “followers” as you call them. You see, its not that difficult afterall. You just need to make sense consistently. I can also see you hit double digit of likes too (probably your 1st on CSN..Lol). You can see that that too is not difficult….nor be by ‘multiple Ids’ as you always accuse….Lolz. That too also comes with just making sense…..plenty of sense…in one comment. Lolz

      • Oakfield 7 months ago

        [email protected]….. Omo9ja dy hit record double digits of dislikes every second like hell… Lol..

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          This is one everyone is hailing me… Kai, oboy Rohr get fans for here to a frightening level. Honestly I think people are tired of the corrupt tendencies that always trail having a Nigerian in total control and charge of Super Eagles… That is the only reason that I will want a foreign coach at the charge of our apex teams…. Just imagine Almighty CAF president being exposed and humiliated again! It’s unfortunate that us Africans always have a way, often led by greed to choose corruption and mismanage positions both low and high. How is a whole CAF president not comfortable that he is still helping himself from the cookie jar? Ghana has an indegenous coach and issues of who should be captain continues to rock black stars as have always been a problem with their tribal divide since the time of Tony Yeboah and Abedi Pele… Somehow whitiee bring is stability and a high level of fairness. Nigeria with a multitude of people often showing parochial interest, I fear will continue to have a foreign coach for some time to come even though I prefer indegenous coaches, more often than not their acts of unprofessionalism always makes it hard for the greater majority of Nigerians trust local coaches… May his soul rest in peace… Stephen Keshi started very fearless and pragmatic but sooner had he won the Nations Cup than he started to meddle in player transfers (the epic case of Sunday Mbah) asking for transfer cuts and negative tendencies like that… for no reason he shunned inviting Martins, fell out with Ike Uche (one of our best at the time) and even had to be forced to take Osaze at the last minute… the egos and underhand game of our local coaches are always a huge challenge to their doing an honest job… Siasia a good coach is not left out sadly, and even Sunday Oliseh had to start inviting the likes of Sylvester Igboun who even though a good player in his rights had ties and links through FC Ebedei owned by Churchill Oliseh… though the guy is a household name in the Russian league… he was hitherto unknown and having links to Churchill Oliseh ticks the interest box with Coach Sunday Oliseh already at that time… We must clean up our house and begin to discipline dubious attitude in management otherwise the packaging of the foreigners will continue to trump our sense of entitlement through indegeneship!

          • Mercy 7 months ago

            Bro so you know all these problems that comes with having indigenous coaches yet you are still calling for Rohr to be removed. Knowing full well what is going to befell us if we do so because those wolves in the nff and our football industry will not want any foreign coach for the SE seen what Rohr has done to stop their cunny ways.

  • GLORY 7 months ago

    There is the smell of the likes of Odegbami, yakubu Ayebeni, other very unintelligent ex internationals, greedy/ selfish agents/ etc in this most likely doctored statement from Dare. So won’t get bordered by it. But only wait to see how they make this happen and deal with its grave consequence. NONSENSE WRITE-UP.

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    I’m tired…
    I’m tired of corruption…
    I’m tired of mediocrity…
    I’m tired of greed…
    For the first time, in a long time, almost everyone agree to a thought…
    Dare is wrong. His actions are void of common sense.

  • Who is me?

    What do i know?

    Nor be to sidon the look as things dey unfold for this country?

    Small time time na president BUHARI go dey do team selection….
    After all; in nigeria everything is possible….

  • Marvelous 7 months ago

    Nonsense country. Very soon super eagles list will pass through Senate house before call-up. 2 step forward 20 steps backward. Before this nonsense takes place, allow Rohr to continue giving me what am satisfied watching. Then after Rohr contract I will park the bus of super eagles and continue to enjoy the EPL. But guess what? They can’t sack Rohr.

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    When a football team wins everybody praises the players. If it loses the coach is held responsible.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    The Characteristics & Qualities of a Good Leader

    1. Integrity.

    2. Ability to delegate.

    3. Communication.

    4. Self-awareness.

    5. Gratitude.Learning agility.

    6. Influence.

    7. Empathy.

    My question now is, between NFF president and Sports Minister, who has these seven qualities?

    Who is tunleshe and who is daleru among both?

    Questions number two,

    What Makes a Good Coach?

    1. Winning Isn’t Everything

    2. You Want to Improve Your Skills

    3. Coaches Should Understand and Motivate Players

    4. Coaches Should Be Tough But Fair

    5. Coaches Should Teach Life Skills Along With Sports Skills

    6. Coaches Should Make It a Team Effort

    7. Bad Coaches Focus on Only a Few Players

    8. Coaches Shouldn’t Yell or Put Players Down.

    Does our coaches has these qualities?

    Question 3,

    Do we have quality players available for the national team?

    So, before we blame anybody, if we can’t get 90 percent out of these questions then NFF president and the coaches of Super Eagles should resigned.

    What we are demanding from NFF and Oga Rohr is quite simple. Build us a solid team period.

    Do we have a solid team now?

    All we can say now is we are topping the table.

    We have players but we don’t have a team and a coach yet.

    Can we say the coaches have bn building the current Super Eagles team for almost five years now?

    Are we deceiving ourselves or not?

    I don’t want to say anything rather than asking questions today.

    Nonetheless, if we can’t score up to 90% out of these questions above then, that means Mr. Dare is 100% right and we should support him.

    For me, NFF, Mr. Gernot Rohr and Mr. Agu have failed.

    I don’t we can debunk this. Yes, they have failed woefully. Way forward is what we should be looking for.

    We know what to do but why are we wasting time? Is that what we are going to be doing until next world cup?

    Can Super Eagles beat any team in Africa at the moment? I don’t think so.

    As I said last week, we, the one percent Nigerians are the best to make Nigeria great again. We, patriotic Nigerians have to improve this our Super Eagles. We have to work tirelessly to bring this country back. I appreciate the level of your generosity Mr. Sports Minister. By God’s grace, we will take our country back from bad people. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Thank you Omo9ja for making all those qualities known(Leader, Good Coach, players) but what about we as fans?
      I know of a forumite here that normally post useless and Non factual comments here.
      His choice of players that he do recommends for the team are good not to talk the opposite (e.g Onuachu, Fanendo Adi, Fatai Alashe, good players from Ajegunle, Mushin and so on.
      He never bring suggestion and stand by it (a chameleon).
      He is always against all the sensible opinions here.
      The only forumite that loves Rohr so much but celebrates whenever we draw or lose any match.
      So @ Omo9ja, how do you see yourself as a fan/Supporter.

      • Omo9ja 7 months ago

        Thank you @Mr. Sean for asking me this beautiful and sensitive question.

        As a fan of the Super Eagles, the well being and love of our team comes first.

        As a fan I omo9ja, if the coaches doesn’t do too well, I have to speak up and if they do well, i have to congratulate them.

        In this situation, these coaches have bn their for almost five years now and is like they just started rebuilding the team yesterday.

        Super Eagles is weak, no cohesion and winning mentality in the team now.

        As a good coach, you can build a strong team between 2 to 4 years but what can we say to this one?

        Your perspectives on this issue may be different to mine but why Eagles are struggling under the gaffer to win when it is matter most should be our concerned.

        I don’t have time to explain this question you asked me because I’m busy but do you believe Oga Rohr can take Eagles to the promised land?

        With what you have seen so far? God bless Nigeria!!!

        • @Omo9ja, just take your time and read @deo’s write up fro. The beginning to the concluding part may be you will have a re-think even thought I don’t expect you to.
          Its in you!

          • Omo9ja 7 months ago

            Ahahaah. Hmm. Interesting lol. A rethink about what huh?

            Chai, deo’s view is different to mine because we are different in nature period.

            I love seeing too much.

            I can’t have a rethink because this our team can beat Leone star team inside out.

            We were struggling to beat Leone star what if we qualify to Afcon?

            Don’t forget that we have the Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon.

            Now tell me how can Oga Rohr Super Eagles beat these top teams?

            Don’t tell that Cameroon and Algeria were beaten by us before and we are still going to beat them again.

            Impossible is nothing but in this case, I don’t think so.

            “Its in you”!

            That I’m so stubborn I won’t admit that we have a world class coach that beat any team in the world abi?

            Why are we deceiving themselves like this?

            Oga Rohr looks lost in Benin when we were playing at home and the match ended 4:4?

            Something like happens in football no doubt but Oga did not respond well.

            This wasn’t his first time. Against, Algeria, Madagascar, Argentina, Croatia, and Leone star.

            Enough is enough. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Omo9ja 7 months ago

            Ahahaah. Hmm. Interesting lol. A rethink about what huh?

            Chai, deo’s view is different to mine because we are different in nature period.

            Deo is my old friend since the days of kickoff and I love my padi too much.

            I can’t have a rethink because this our team can beat Leone star inside out.

            We were struggling to beat Leone star what if we qualify to Afcon?

            Don’t forget that we have Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon and so many other top teams in Africa.

            Now, tell me how can Oga Rohr Super Eagles beat these top teams?

            Don’t tell me that Cameroon and Algeria were beaten by us before and we are still going to beat them again.

            Impossible is nothing but in this case, I don’t think so.

            “Its in you”!

            That I’m so stubborn I won’t admit that we have a world class coach that can beat any team in the world abi?

            Why are we deceiving ourselves like this in this country kę?

            Oga Rohr looks lost in Benin when we were playing at home and the match ended 4:4?

            He got his substitutions wrong.

            Remember that something like happens in football no doubt but Oga Rohr did not do anything so spectacular in that match.

            In the first half we scored 4 goals, you knew what happened?

            Leone star gave Eagles too much respect but in the second half, they responded really well.

            This wasn’t his first time. Against Algeria, Madagascar, Argentina, Croatia, and now, Leone star.

            Are you not tired of this Sean? Are you happy with what you saw in those friendlies and against the Leone star?

            Sorry for my typos.

            Anyway, fingers crossed.
            Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!


    The highs and lows of Gernot Rohr: _September 2016 to September 2020_

    What has escaped a lot of Super Eagles fans is that by the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in February of the same year – 6 years before the appointment of Gernot Rohr – Nigeria was sitting comfortably in 15th position in the global FIFA rankings and 2nd position in Africa just behind back-to-back continental conquerors Egypt.

    Just two years before, the Super Eagles were in 39 position in the world however Late Amodu Shuibu skilfully masterminded an impressive FIFA rankings rise which often goes unreported (more so as he was sacked after hitting ALL targets set for him by the NFF, before the world cup later in 2010).

    Then fast-forward to September 2016, Nigeria was in a lowly 64 position in the FIFA rankings in the world and an astonishing 14 place in Africa behind the likes of Congo, Guinea and Mali.

    The national team was at its lowest ebb.

    From a team that qualified for the Cup of Nations with impunity, Nigeria had missed not 1, not 2 but unbelievably 3 editions of the continental fiesta in just 7 years (just 7 years!) after Amodu had led the nation 3rd place in the Afcon tournament and 2nd place in Africa in the Fifa rankings.

    In between 2010 and 2017, Nigeria actually qualified for and won the tournament in 2013 under the tutelage of the Late Stephen Keshi but failure to even qualify for the Afcon on 3 occasions sadly blighted that period.

    Just like when politicians get elected only to loot the wealth of the nation, the footballing authorities have looted the gains achieved by the Super Eagles in early 2010 through maladministration, questionable decisions, rancorous infightings, alleged financial misappropriation and a total loss of focus (so much so that the 2013 victory almost feels like a blip in retrospect).

    The Super Eagles at that time was bleeding to oblivion in world and African football reckonings; something had to happen.

    To be continued….

  • PART 2

    Come September 2016, a certain unassuming German man started his reign as Super Eagles coach. His inheritance: a declining team in shambles; his skills: man management and a German coaching style; his name: Gernot Rohr.

    Having been rejected by French man Paul Le Guen (partly due to the enormity of the tasks before him as he rejected the targets set for him by the NFF), the footballing authorities turned to Gernot Rohr in July 2016. The former Burkina Faso coach gladly accepted arguably the most unattractively difficult job in world football at the time.

    He must have been mad!

    To take this dishevelled Super Eagles team from the slums of successive underachievements (in FIFA rankings and Afcon qualifications) to the echelons greatness seemed forlorn at that time, even for such a great but waning footballing nation like Nigeria.

    However, by September 2020 (4 years as Super Eagles coach) the nation was sitting comfortably 29 position in the world FIFA rankings (3rd in Africa) and has firmly reclaimed her position in the Africa Cup of Nations as a team sure to qualify for the tournament and sure to reach – at the very minimum – the knockout stages (the Super Eagles are currently Afcon Bronze medallist).

    All these seemed impossible in 2016 – when reputable coaches were avoiding Nigeria like a plague.

    So, why have many Super Eagles stakeholders (fans, ex-footballers, journalists, bloggers, administrators, agents and observers) fallen out of love with Rohr after all he has done for the nation’s darling: the Super Eagles?

    I will use this medium to map out Rohr reign from September to August every year from 2016 to date so I can try to piece together why so many want to see the back of a coach who has arguably done so much to restore pride and (arguably) greatness back to the Super Eagles brand.

    • At that point Adidas rejected the team due to poor results,even puma was also contacted but they refused the sponsorship deal. waiting this man come in transformer the owe situation dr dery you don forget?

  • Mr Hush 7 months ago

    I am against the notion the Sports is advocating; “overhauling” a team and structure is rather not feasible and totally self destructive cause it will do more damage than good.
    I believe the Sports Minister means well but the means to his purported good is all driven by his emotions rather than objectivity.
    That said , it would be unfair to put down the person of this particular Minister; Dare has simply been one of the best Ministers we have had in time memorial especially as it relates to sports.
    Yes. There has been a lot damage done to our sports circle but mostly before his advent. And we have to look at the effort he has been putting in since he took office. I am not just talking about football. Simply because there is so much he can do for football ;statutorily most are beyond him.
    We just have to look at other sports and see how much support he has given.
    He has tried to concess our stadia and given it out to well meaning patriotic individuals who are willing to refurbish them to a better state. There is little he can do on a paltry budget. He can only give his moral support and create an enabling environment for athletes and sponsors,sports could function . Though we always expect more but compared to others before him and to other ministers in this regime; he has tried.
    From basketball, athletics, cricket, wrestling etc. He has been there to show support and give the much needed space for them to grow. He has always been open.
    Like I said, there is so so much more to be done but compared to the worst past we have been having; Dare made some positive efforts.

    Dare rant is more from a place of passion and emotion ; which is allowed. The fact that most of us (including yours sincerely) believes that Rohr needs a better technical assistant to support him, shows that Dare isn’t far from the truth;which is Rohr tactical limitation. In some places that is enough to call for his sack, after all,he is paid for his tactical brilliance and have his own tactical team.If he was really that good why then does he need our help with another tactical assistant? Wouldn’t that be condescending and a slap on his supposed credentials?

    Well,that said; we just need to keep the balance and find common ground. What’s best for us now?
    I wouldn’t support Dare’s intended move which is interfering in the duty of The Fa as regards the position of the Coach,Rohr. If the FA wants to keep their man,let them do that. They would take the brunt if there is any failure. But as it is,Rohr has met his targets and tomorrow is unknown. Let close ranks, table our grievances, learn and wait for results. Commitment,work and ethics.

  • Part 3

    _ September 2016 to August 2017 (Period 1) – honeymoon period _

    Fifa rankings starting position: 67

    Fifa rankings end position: 38 (a net gain of +29 places higher)

    Number of games: 5 (3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss)

    Rohr’s reign got off to an inconsequential yet symbolic win against Tanzania in the last 2017 Afcon qualifier; Nigeria could no longer qualify for the tournament. It was nonetheless a morale boosting slim win that set the stage for what was to come.

    Convincing wins against Zambia and Algeria followed with many fans starting to dream of the possibilities of qualifying for the world cup from a hopeless group.

    The love for Rohr was rising and at times critics were few. The vast majority of fans appeared to have found just who they were looking for to take the Super Eagles back to greatness.

    Crucially though, even in this “honeymoon period” the seeds of hatred for Rohr (that were to come home to roost in June 2018) were starting to be sown when South Africa shocked Nigeria 2:0 in Uyo in the June 2017 Afcon qualifier.

    The shortcomings that would come to continue to be cited to this day were all on display in that painful match 3 years ago: questionable team selection, ineffective in-game substitutions; poor gamesmanship, inability to modify tactics to alter the course of a game; and a seeming lack of appreciation of what losing that particular match would mean to Super Eagles fans (having never lost any competitive match to South Africa, let alone on home soil).

    To make matters worse, Rohr referred to his “young squad” as partly the reasons for that unacceptable loss. Comments made in his post-match interview only seemed to make matters worse – again, something still cited to date.

    However Rohr still enjoyed the support of a vast majority of Super Eagles stakeholders at this point owing to positive results from world cup qualifiers.

    _ September 2017 to March 2018 (Period 2A) ‘til death do us apart _

    This was undoubtedly this best period of Gernot Rohr’s reign as coach of the Super Eagles. Results were going so well; the team was playing beautiful football; Nigeria was going to qualify for the 2018 world cup against all odds. Gernot Rohr, the Super Eagles and all stakeholders were on cloud nine!

    Fifa rankings starting position: 44

    Fifa rankings end position: 52 (a net loss of -4 places lower)

    Number of games: 7 (4 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses [one was due to points issued to Algeria following NFF’s administrative fiasco])

    That period started with an unbelievable 4:0 victory against African Champions Cameroon in Uyo and ended with a 2:0 loss to Serbia in March 2018. Sandwiched between those 2 matches were delicious wins against Argentina, Poland and Zambia.

    Nigeria qualified for the world cup at this time and Rohr could do no wrong.

    Criticisms of his methods were few and far between as the nation prepared to go to the World Cup, not to make up the numbers, but to make an appreciable impact.

    Approval ratings of Rohr were very high indeed.

  • The 4th part

    April 2018 to August 2018 (Period 2B) time for a divorce _

    Fifa rankings starting position: 52

    Fifa rankings end position: 49 (a net gain of +3 places higher)

    Number of games: 6 (1 wins, 1 draw, 4 losses)

    This was by far the worst period of Rohr’s reign as Super Eagles coach. I look back at this period and marvel when I think of the thin line and short period that can exist between love and hate!

    From a national hero just months before, Rohr had become a national disgrace in the eyes of many fans who wanted him booted out of the country after Argentina booted us out of the World Cup in quite dramatic yet perpetually painful circumstances in June 2018.

    Rohr had been bossing it in Africa but against true contenders in the world stage where it mattered the most, he was found wanting.

    Victory against Poland in March 2018 only papered over cracks that became obvious in losses against Serbia, England and Czech Republic. Some fans believed he would rectify these flaws but a 2 goals defeat to Croatia at the World Cup only served to confirm what many had been saying all along: that Gernot Rohr was tactically inept.

    The blow that broke the camel’s back was when – with just 7 minutes to go – Argentina dumped Nigeria out of the world cup with a late goal leaving many fans (to this day) never wanting to see or hear that name Gernot Rohr again!

    Rigidity, outdated football strategies, lame excuses for failure, lack of imagination, too much reliance on dual nationality players, over-reliance on players like Ighalo, lack of invention, a loser’s mentality, substitution cluelessness: all these were a few of the criticisms (rightly or wrongly) labelled against Gernot Rohr in the wake of Nigeria’s world cup exit.

    A large body of fans simply wanted the NFF to show the German the exit door.

    But the NFF, along with a sizeable body of fans and stakeholders chose to see the cup as half full rather than half empty. They point to the fact that Nigeria had no business in the World Cup to start with (owing to the tough qualification group that we found ourselves and how poor the team was when Rohr took over).

    They pointed to pre-world cup results like the 4:0 win against Cameroon and 4:2 triumph of Argentina of signs that something good can still come out of Rohr’s Nazareth.

    However, it is safe to say most (if not all) the previous followers who deserted Rohr after the 2018 World Cup exit never looked back even after the NFF decided to retain him as the Super Eagles coach.

    These former converts will always be quick to hark back at this period anytime Rohr would have a poor result; a telling affirmation that they will never forgive him for the Russia 2018 failure.

    Thus the Pro-Rohr and Anti-Rohr movements were born!

    _ September 2018 to August 2019 (Period 3) Kiss and make up _

    For those fans who along with the NFF chose to stick with Rohr after the Russia 2018 disappointment, this period was set to provide hope and justification in what they saw as a longer term prosperity prospect for the Super Eagles. For those who vehemently oppose Rohr, nothing good can come out of his Nazareth. But being lifetime Super Eagles supporters, they followed the team all the same, albeit grudgingly.

    Fifa rankings starting position: 48

    Fifa rankings end position: 33 (a net gain of +15 places higher)

    Number of games: 15 (10 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses)

    The Super Eagles were back to winning ways under Rohr and for the first time in 5 years, Nigeria would be participating in the Africa Cup of Nations after Odion Ighalo had emerged as the highest goals scorer in the qualifiers.

    In what really should be – generally – a happy period for Super Eagles fans collectively, a large section of fans remained very unhappy indeed and they still wanted Gernot Rohr out.

    Whereas on another day, 10 wins and 2 draws out of 15 games and a net gain of +15 places in FIFA Rankings should make most fans happy, embarrassing Afcon defeat to Madagascar plus the painful last minute Afcon semi-finals loss to Algeria provided further justification for those who believe Rohr should have been thrown out after Russia 2018.

    Nigeria finished this period with images of Rohr and his boys celebrating Afcon bronze whilst his detractors accused the German of celebrating mediocrity!


    _ September 2019 to November 2020 (Period 4) No way back _

    Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I will stretch to period to include matches that should have been played when sporting activities were stood down.

    Fifa rankings starting position: 34

    Fifa rankings end position: 32 (a net gain of 2 places higher)

    Number of games: 8 (2 wins, 5 draws, 1 loss)

    Considering Nigeria faced Ukraine and Brazil in friendly matches in this period, it is remarkable that Rohr’s Super Eagles recorded just one slim loss (to Algeria).

    However, this must be the second worse period in Rohr’s reign as Super Eagles manager since the world cup eliminating loss to Argentina in June 2018.

    Yes he recorded what are on paper impressive 2 wins and 5 draws but in truth, each of those results felt like a loss to a section of fans.

    Having to come from behind to win teams like Lesotho and Benin is seen as being unacceptable to Rohr’s critics. His fans and most neutral observers really don’t mind: to them, a win is a win.

    Then you have this new trend of drawing matches from winning positions. This happened astonishingly on 4 occasions against Brazil, Ukraine, Tunisia and Sierra Leone. The calibre of the opposition does not seem to matter and this trend (in truth) actually has even the most ardent of Rohr’s fans scratching their heads.

    This period ended with renewed calls for Rohr to be sacked from Ex-internationals, journalists, bloggers and the post-Russia 2018 Rohr Protagonists.

    His fans still continue to stand by him even as most of them admit in private or in public that recent Super Eagles results have not been impressive.


    I think it will be wrong to conclude that people questioning Rohr’s capabilities and asking for his sack don’t know what they are saying. Rohr’s shortcomings are very well documented and they go all the way back to the very first 12 months of his reign with the needless 2:0 home loss to South Africa in a competitive fixture.

    However, it will be criminal in my view to turn a blind eye to all the good things Rohr has done for the national team and how he has restored pride back to the Super Eagles brand with his professionalism and fatherly approach to man-management.

    For me, as of today, Gernot Rohr has a contract with the NFF with targets set for him. Unless he fails to hit his target or he is in real danger of failure, I don’t think there are any legitimate grounds for him to be relieved of his duties.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Deo… Very funny. Nigerians are really talented… @Deo had me reeling in laughter on the floor when he said even the most ardent of Rohr’s supporters had to scratch their head and whisper in private as well as in public that recent results were disturbing… More fire to you @Deo… I can see you are also being careful to balance your plus and minus about the stewardship of Oga Rohr… Nice one! I believe Rohr has good friends at Bayern Munich as well as Bordeaux still… he could gain a lot from finding time to discuss scenarios and tactics with some of the modern football tactician who are coaching at those clubs… I believe Rohr being a pragmatic German will surprise us in match against Benin Republic… things will certainly improve. One love…

    • pompei 7 months ago

      A delightful five part synopsis of Nigeria’s football adventure in the Gernot Rohr era.
      Funny, informative, sometimes poignant, but most importantly unbiased.
      Thanks, Deo.
      Overhaul wetin? E get why the American people say “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”.
      Wazzer dazzler sports minister, focus on developing other sports and encouraging the athletes involved. Leave football administration to the NFF.
      No future focus NFF, please step up your game! Fulfill your responsibilities to the coach and this team, and they will deliver.

  • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

    If disbanding of the national team by Fifa after correction is what we need to wake up then so be it. Better than us continuing to wallow to low teams. In the long run a proper structure and better football setup will help us as a nation. Every failing team needs a revolution take it or leave it. The national teams that underperformed recently are already on verge of fixing loopholes…..

    Some will retain coaches others will replace, everyone is just doing what deems fit to get back on track.


    If drawing against S.LEONE is your own definition of wallowing then i give up on u…..

    How would u describe a situation where congo & sudan connive together, beat us one after the other & later took our afcon ticket???

    When we were sinking in every fifa ranking what were we doing???

    I think we need to go back to school and restudy again bcos english is trying to look unsurmountable b4 us….

    A team coming from 69th in the world to 32nd is termed “wallowing” by a nigerian,,,, after somebody would open his mouth and tell me that we are FAMILIAR with english….

    If S.LEONE match is being use as a yard stick for sacking Rohr i think BRAZIL/UKRAIN games should also be put into considerations…



  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    Oga Dare, please my brother Biko, because if you muscled out Rohr  now, and you hire a new coach, and the new coach you hired failed to take us to Qatar Nigerians will hang you, so brother don’t worry World Cup qualification is around the corner, if Rohr is a genius as his supporters claimed we shall see, unlike the last time no more Victor Moses, Mikel and Ighalo, we shall the master tactician next year.But for I know Roth has run out of fresh ideas, he doesn’t have what it takes to make the super Eagles touch the sky. Food for thought, dissenting opinions is part of democracy , insulting people because they refused to act like trump supporters, is Not Democratic, these is for those that believes in Democratic values.

    • As much as I believe Rorh cannot offer more than what he has given already. Parting ways with him right now is not an option considering;
      1. Time, we are too close to major qualification games to risk it
      2. Capable replacement, do we have the funds (during a pandemic cum recession) to hire and pay a good technocrat?
      These are salient points and reasons why I believe GR should be left to complete his contract (swim or sink with the team). A Yoruba proverb says “akeregbe lo ma Juwe ibi ti a ti ma s’okun mo l’orun”

  • Ako Amadi 7 months ago

    Nobody has kicked a ball in the Nigerian League since March. They’re playing in Zambia, South Africa, Egypt and other parts of Africa.But the minister of sports in Nigeria wants to overhaul football. I hope he survives the next cabinet overhaul.

  • Collins id 7 months ago


    yes, Rohr can be trusted for his usual man management skills, he can also be trusted for is 90 percent deserved invitations, Rohr can be trusted on his patience and diplomacy with players. Rohr can be trusted on his players loyalty and readiness to perform to the maximum, Rohr can be trusted for his love for the supereagles.

    No, Rohr cannot be trusted for his teknical instabilities
    rohr cannot be trusted for his first 11 selections, he seems to easily forget what has always worked for him and for eagles. prior to the world cup Iwobi was the ochestrator of his 80 percent victories with the eagles both in wcup qualifications and friendlies, in the mainstage iwobi alongside onazi was forgotten in the bench, these decision cost us alot, for those of us who knows football game in theory and practical we still hold rohr responsible for his failure in that wcup, all of a sudden bcos Mikel escused himself from afcon qualifications, iwobi suddenly becomes the new jayjay in our midfield contributing to almost all ighalo goals to qualify us for a tournament that was played a year later than the wcup, the question is what was the reasons for iwobis wcup bench role? even against Argentina whom he recently scored 2 goals against, there was no ball carryer upfront the only hope was deployed to right wing back there for the argentines threw more men upfront and started pressing and pressing until they scored.
    rohr cannot even be trusted in his defending manners as a defender that he was, he is still not good in defending goals, it shows that without Ndidi and onazi the team cannot deffend 4 goal lead not to talk of 1 goal lead.

    Rohr doesn’t no how important our right and left backs is to us, if he learned from his few experience he will noticed that abdulahi contributed to most goals in Rohr early days from rightback same can be said of idowu goal against Argentina plus moses cross against Iceland, the victory against Benin and Lesotho had goals contributed from right and left backs, luckily we started smiling that we now have them in abordance all of a sudden Rohr brought in one akpoguma to come and spoil a long expected show, forcing him to benched players that have more qualities and experience in that role that act was the most ridiculous of all his actions and believe me only that act cost us 4 0 victory against sl. I alerted that area as an area that could becomes our archillis hill when The formation was published ahead of the home match though I underated the Leone star’s, but as i predicted all The first 3 goals came from that wing which will never happen if aina or awaziem where there or abdulahi those crosses will not even happen not to talk of resulting to goal. The real super eagles fans knows the chemistry betwin Iwobi and aina or even understanding between ekong and awaziem, why will any reasonable coach toils with what have been working effectively. players are humans and cannot played like programmed playstation players, even Ndidi confessed that the day he played rightback role for eagles that he was confused and well exhausted from that position. players will never deny a shirt even if you ask a striker to play in CM he will not tell you No unless you use ur own brain.
    rohr cannot be trusted in the attack, this osihmen that is now the messiah of our front like suffered in 2019 what Iwobi suffered in 2018, unnecessary bench role due to lack of confidents and imaginations from gernot Rohr, exhausting ighalo until injury gave him the last thought of a young vibrant osihmen that could replicate aghahuwa 2000 sub performances. osihmen was overlooked. chukueze was forced on Rohr after this man was insisting on moses simon and musa upfront two good but less creative guys, it took the 2 1 loosing to cameroun before this man was forced to play chukueze and that inclusion pushed us to the semi-finals if not chukueze Southafrica could bit Rohr in that quarterfinal.

    Rohr cannot be trusted in is substitution and touch lines instructions. he cannot change games this is similar problem with siasia.
    rohr cannot change or increase the gear of the eagles when it is necessary. I know he tries to pass instructions but he his not vibrant enough to affect the course of a game.

    my conclusions ÷ i still hope this man get things right before afcon becos my fear is that ROHR could have the best players in Afcon 2022 but he could spoil our show with is funny starting 11, and comic substitutions. football is just a game of opportunities if you miss it you may not have it again if keshi had missed it against Ethiopia by failing to bring in victor Moses to do the needful, Nigeria would still be celebrating 2 nations cup titles.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      You are all beginning to come out with the truth now. For a coach to be using players out of position and struck dump once it’s time to make changes.

      One thing I realize too is not everyone knows how to win that is why we have host of people here satisfied with below average results and fears of change.

  • Does the minister really know what his job is? I don’t think he does. I believe he thinks his job is “Super Eagles minister”.
    Someone said he was a journalist before he was appointed a minister. If he was actually a journalist, he was an uninformed one and did not really learn much during his training as a journalist. He has to go back to school to get his job description explained to him because he definitely does not understand what they are.

  • Dr Banks 7 months ago

    @DrDrey, no mind the dazzler Dare. Please remind him that Nigerians have not forgotten the overhauling that occurred just before 2002 WC which led us to our worst outing in the World Cup history till date. Great players were booted out of the team leaving just Kanu & Okocha to form the nucleus of the new team coached by Onigbinde. This wasted any chance of winning any CAN laurels until 2013 and destabilized the great team of that time.

  • This ‘Oga at the top’ mentality will never lead this country anywhere. Someone should please remind this boy-boy that he’s a “Minister of Youth & Sports” and not Minister of Super Eagles. Thank you.