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Discovering Some Smart Ways Of Integrating Social Media Into Your Web Design

Discovering Some Smart Ways Of Integrating Social Media Into Your Web Design

The hallmark of your overall online presence and success is a seamless integration of your social media with your website design. Most tech-savvy and smart marketers are used to incorporating their social media into their marketing strategies and campaigns. This seems to be an effective way of leveraging the power and versatility of diverse social media platforms for boosting awareness of your brand and marketing efforts. However, often brands are so busy investing a lot of time, efforts, and energy into effective social media integration of all their campaigns and initiatives that they end up missing out on the most effective way of showcasing their website.

As per, social media and customer experience are an integral part of a constant cycle wherein they feed each other. We know that offline experiences are generally shared online. A brand’s response is then incorporated into the overall experience along with the lessons from customer interactions.

In this context, experts believe that your website and social media need to work in a coordinated way and they must be integrated together seamlessly for promoting your brand online. There would be a remarkable boost in your website traffic and your brand’s social media presence would become far more visible. Here are some effective ways of integrating social media seamlessly on the official website.

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Incorporate Social Follow & Social Share Buttons in Strategic Positions

Your focus should be on making your content shareable using social share buttons. Social share buttons are great for boosting awareness of your website content; moreover, when visitors to your website get the opportunity of sharing your content, it could be a great way of enhancing UX or User Experience of your website. While selecting the different social share buttons, you need to ensure that you are giving priority to the social media platforms that actually matter to you. By keeping your web design easy and simple, you could help in increasing the possibility or potential of your web content being shared. According to the web designing best practices, the social share buttons should be strategically placed right at the bottom, top, or all along on the side panel of your web page. You must make it a point to incorporate social follow buttons into your web design as well for boosting your overall social media following.

Facilitate Social login

Are you aware of the fact that 73 percent of users have a preference for logging into a particular site through social login as compared to providing details like an email ID/ address to create a new account? You could focus on enhancing the overall experience of all the visitors to your website and boost the number of website registration conversions, as well as, retention. When visitors are enjoying the opportunity of signing up or logging in through straightaway their social media accounts, it surely helps in shortening the entire registration process that results in a boost in the rate of conversions for user registrations

Use Social Video

We understand that social videos are supposed to be high-quality videos that are generated and shared on various social media channels. The best thing about social videos from the perspective of marketers is the fact that they provide seamless integration for your site. With numerous social media channels, it would surely be a crime or a missed golden opportunity to not integrate your social videos on your business website.

Embed Instagram Photos

This seems to be wonderful social media integration characteristic just right for people who wish to flaunt their Instagram pictures on their website. If you are aspiring to boost your Instagram following, you may consider embedding your high-quality Instagram pictures in your blog posts for grabbing the attention of new followers among visitors from your website. Embed Instagram pictures to boost real Instagram likes.

Social Proof

When you make a decision to integrate powerful social proof to your business’s website, you are giving your visitors a solid reason to trust you and rely on you. With 79 percent of consumers relying on social proof and regarding it as trustworthy just like personal recommendations, it becomes vital for you to focus on integrating the perfect social widgets seamlessly on your website for boosting sales and ultimately website conversions. You could utilize Like Box of Facebook. This striking feature demonstrates to all your visitors that they have come to a credible source and you are offering a legitimate brand or product. Moreover, you could considerably boost your likes on Facebook with this effective social media integration.

Consider Adding Both Handles & Hashtags to the Design

While wondering what is it that makes social media completely different from other types of marketing, you would probably point at hashtags and handles. We know that these were simple and insignificant symbols that were used by us much before the advent of social media and yet at present, they have a remarkable significance for a majority of us. If your brand caters to a relatively younger audience that is fiercely competitive and very much active on social media, handles and hashtags could infuse an incredibly cool touch into your fundamental web design.

Speak to Visitors via Quizzes & Chat UIs

We need to admit that often, a website seems very much like an online or digital flyer. ‘This is our organization. Learn more about us and contact us.’ This sort of web content cannot engage your target audience so more often than not, numerous people head to social media platforms for learning more about and engaging effectively with your business.

There are several ways of jazzing up your overall web design for making the overall experience less lackluster. An eye-catching animation or a properly scheduled pop-up could be a huge help. Moreover, gamified elements such as timers could be a brilliant touch. Besides, integrating a live chat seamlessly on your website, there could be another wonderful way that could compel your website design to speak to its visitors.

We know that the smart quiz-style format helps visitors to contribute answers to certain questions. In the end, the visitors would be receiving a personalized recommendation and response based on their conversation topic.

We know that a chat UI could prove to be useful but AI seems quite a complex and difficult implementation in comparison to a built-in quiz. You must focus your attention on determining what truly makes sense for your specific web design and accordingly, go about applying all the interactive elements.


Social media seems to play a pivotal role in the marketing endeavors of modern businesses. You must consider applying these unique elements and principles to your web design for making it even better.

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