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Don’t Blame Maduka For Goals Conceded At Sparta Rotterdam -Alloy

Don’t Blame Maduka For Goals Conceded At Sparta Rotterdam -Alloy

Super Eagles goalkeeper coach Alloy Agu has revealed that Maduka Okoye should not be blamed for goals conceded at Sparta Rotterdam this ongoing season.

Recall that Okoye is yet to keep a clean sheet in seven games played this term, conceding 14 goals in the process.

However, in an interview with The Punch, Alloy said that the technical crew are solidly behind the Nigerian international.

“It is always not good to concede goals, but most times it is not the fault of the keeper.

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“But the technical crew sees absolutely prospects in Maduka Okoye; if we didn’t see any prospects in him, he wouldn’t be in the team.

“He is growing well in confidence and needs lots of support and we’re there to help him.

“He has the time to develop and we will give him the support he needs.”

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  • Chidiomimi 3 weeks ago

    Really? While I don’t have anything against Maduka, I will like to state in clear terms that none of all our goal keepers are national team materials. I won’t spare the goal keeper trainers too. The work is too big for them that is why they have not been able to produce a goal keeper in the class of Enyema.

    If I am in the position to recommend goal keeper for super eagles, it is either we look deeply into our local league or go for the Tottenham teenage boy or the other boy that kept the goal for golden eagle.

    I know some will say they don’t have experience, but those who have experience are specialists in failure.

    I come in peace though.

  • Coache 3 weeks ago

    Maduka has promise to be great, SE is too big for him now. But in the absence of another keeper(albeit Alloy’s pocket is smilling), we have to watch him grow while praying he doesn’t cost us dearly. I believe in him to develop loads without mincing words.

    God will surely deliver us from Alloy Abu one day.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      He has too many bills, these guys should be investigated.

  • Emmanuel 3 weeks ago

    That is the spirit Mr.Agu.We,well meaning supporters of Eagles are also truly behind the team and Okoye.

    Only an Idiot will not see the prospect in Okoye.I have watched every single game played by him this season,where he concedes 4 goals in a match,he makes another 5 to 6saves.The defence of his team is not as compact as it used to last season.Offcousre where the defence is not helping a keeper, there is little to what the keeper can do.Lloris has conceded as many goals this season but,trust me he still remains the first choice for France.The question is can Lloris be blame for majority of the goals? no,we all know how woeful Toteharm is this season.
    Am so glad that a vote of confidence has been passed on Okoye by those that matter,his coaches.So let the Wailers continue to mourn.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      You are the Chief idiot because you refused to understand that not everyone is satisfied with average results. Just a simple advice Change your mindset!

  • Peter Opotoboruwe 3 weeks ago

    There are better goalkeepers in the Nigerian league. Olawale Oremade, Mark Noble and Stanley Nwabili are great potentials.

  • A goalkeeper is as good as his defense

  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    Continue giving excuses, team B goalkeepers are the ones that you should be grooming not No1 goalkeeper. Your statement even shows that the boys needs improvement, we don’t need a learner as No1 goalkeeper. We are a footballing nation this is embarrassing.

  • Seriously, I dont know why some people on this platform cant make contributions without resorting to name calling or using abusive words. I mean its uncalled for, just because someone has a different opinion to yours doesn’t give you the,right to call them names. Lets try be mature and just say our piece without resorting to using offensive words on each other.
    And for anyone’s information, I am of the opinion that Okoye needs to make massive improvements to his goal keeping skills. In the past, We have had goal keepers playing in virtually unknown leagues, who have displayed better reflexes, confidence and good command of their 18 yard areas than okoye. He just isnt growing in confidence and he needs such confidence if he is to represent Nigeria at the AFCON as our number one goalie because there will be times when the whole team will rely on him to keep us in games with good saves even when the defence is breached and if he cant do that then its better we find someone else who can.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      Sportsfan exactly my point because I remember Enyeama soley taking us through some hard situations, Okoye has not even met anything and the way he concedes and the serious panic that added to his game shocked me. Alloy Agu is behind the performances because Okoye was a good goalkeeper before, NFF should please scout for a good goalkeeper trainer else I don’t know how long we will continue conceding strange goals.

      • Coache 3 weeks ago

        @Chima, you nailed it. Some people are AVERAGE and don’t know we deserve the best. Same mind you are my brother.

      • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

        Please kindly tell us which “hard situations” Enyeama solely took us through in his first 5 years as SE goalkeeper. Tell us how many matches we could say “we would have lost this match if not for Enyeama” during that period….since you have a memory stronger than that of google and youtube servers…..LMAOooo….Bloody liar.

        That was how you “vividly remembered” Dr.Drey insulting Sam Sodje only for the archives to prove what a pathetic liar you are….LMAOooo. Anyone who trusts your so-called “vivid memory” is doomed.

        If you are not patient enough to allow our young goalkeepers evolve to become great goalkeepers like Enyeama was also groomed and allowed to evolve, go and meet innoson to manufacture one for you, otherwise turn off your TV anytime you see any of them in goal. E

        Enyeama’s howlers as a young goalkeeper in the SE in his early days are well documented. He didnt start taking us through “hard situations” until he had spent years as SE goalkeeper and earned dozens of caps. He was rather putting us in hard situations with his slippery fingers, poor one-on-one covers and misjudging of crosses when he too started out as goalkeeper, but some wise persons saw the potentials in him and allowed him the time and space he needed to evolve into the greatest of all time.

        Only senseless people demand an infant to run even without first crawling….all in the name of not being satisfied with “average results”…..LMAOoooo

        • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

          Monkey skin pain everyone knows Enyeama is a legend, so go back to your jungle we don’t have banana here.

          • Dr. Drey 3 weeks ago

            Hahahaha…daft fool…..LMAOOO. I guess Enyeama became a legend after 10 caps….LMAOOooo. That’s how senseless you are. It is not your fault though. You weren’t privileged to see Enyeama’s humble beginnings as a national team goalkeeper. The poverty in your family was so bad that even a box-tv was a luxury to you.

            Its that same poverty mentality that is affecting you today, making you think having forex account is a sign of physiological success in life….LMAOooo

            I asked you a simple question “…tell us which “hard situations” Enyeama solely took us through in his first 5 years as SE goalkeeper…” but since you are a born-liar and a pathetic illiterate who is now managing to be able to eat 3 square meals in 2021 without toil, you are feeling humiliated, defeated and defensive…..LMAOoo

            Between you and I now who is the monkey telling us lies.

            Go and bring your legend like Enyeama that is out there to come and keep goal for SE.

            Senseless he-goat.

            Chai….what a fool of a father.

    • Sensible man. u have said it all. Okoye is not reliable . Case closed.

  • NaijaEaglesFan 3 weeks ago

    That is what happens where criminals are in charge of organizations. These fools had nothing before getting into those positions, now with the sponsorship funds that were supposed to be used for the development, improvement and running of the game in the country those criminals buy up properties in England and other foreign countries and are deliberately running Nigerian football to the ground.

    Do you still remember Supersport? Supersport terminated their contract with NFF and LMC because they got tired of dealing with those criminals in glass house and their shady lives. Ofcourse the Next tv debacle, CAF and FIFA grants, Nations/world cup participation fees mishandling and embezzlement are still fresh in some people’s minds. Yet Amaju Pinnick would not answer questions about his stewardship of NFF, always claiming to be sick anytime he’s called upon by the country’s anti corruption agency however he’s healthy enough to fly to Cape Verde and other countries in Africa and beyond.

    Pinnick and his coconspirators are out to destroy the game in Nigeria. The system should be overhauled and people who know nothing about football should not be anywhere near the administrative positions in NFF, LMC and League clubs otherwise will continue to have situations like that.

  • chuks haifa 3 weeks ago

    Please can anyone give me two Nigerian goalkeepers that are better than Maduka Okoye at this point.One that keeps weekly in a better league than the one he plays in right now. If no one can answer this question then people should keep quiet and give us peace here.

  • Emmanuel 3 weeks ago

    Chima E Samuel, am glad you know you are the IDIOT am referring to.A bigot like you will never see anything good in anybody.

    Tell me any great goal keeper in the world today who never had his ups and downs.Or any keeper who has never conceded loads of goals in his life time.You see sometimes you come here and make stupid claims while also giving unverifiable information.I am sure that if you are thoroughly profiled you are from a low ground with an unpastured background.Your only solace is this forum,cos the little info you get to support your life is from here.So,for your information your views are never superior to anyone else on this forum cos in most cases they are worthless and senseless.

    The greatest joy I have is that Okoye has received a vote of confidence both from his club and National team Coaches.What does that show you? it shows that, though, you may not be developmental in your Ideology just as in your up bringing, but others are.It means Rohr was right to have brought Okoye from a 4th division in Germany, cos withing 2 year he was playing in top flight in Holland and even became the best last season.

    The reason you and your generation will remain stagnated without growth is your failure to see beyond your nose.Your lack of foresight will remain your bane.Because Nemo Dat Quo Non Abet…..for your understanding, it means you can’t give what you don’t have.While others are projecting you are wallowing in your hatred.

    I am so sorry for you Chima,because you will cry and Mourn till your night comes because those you are hating against are light years ahead of you,so don’t reason like you.Okoye will remain relevant to his club and National team for many years to come.

    Sorry eehhhhhhhhh.

    • Oakfield 3 weeks ago

      [email protected], you just hit that idiot below the belt. You see how he already knew he was an “idiot” eventhough u didn’t mention his name??? . An idiot already knows himself even when nobody mentions his name. Although u may not have been referring to him but the acute personality disorder which he’s suffering from wouldn’t just let him be. Lol. That guy is a sorry ass low life idiot that I’ve ever seen in a public space.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

      Your father is the idiot, I am replying to you and your regressive imbeciles trying to manipulate our minds to your shallow minds. Una never clone reach monkeys.

  • Omo9ja 3 weeks ago

    You coach Agu and Oga Rohr have nothing left to offer Super Eagles.

    I will urge Nigerians to be patient for now and after the Afcon, Super Eagles will definitely have a set of new coaching crew.

    For now, Oga Rohr, Oga Agu and their followers should continue with their excuses.

    There’s time for everything that is for sure. Amaju also have to go with them.

    Can you imagine, over the five years of your work with our national team, you can’t produce a keeper like Ikeme? It is a shame.

    Mr. Agu and Mr GR are not competent to do the job. Truth is bitter. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 3 weeks ago

      If u feel they have nothing left to offer, just do yourself a favour by not watching or commenting on matters concerning the team until they are gone. U have the liberty to watch other teams that meet your expectations. Nobody is forcing you. At least make we have some rest here. Your nuisance is getting too much to bear.

    • Oakfield 3 weeks ago

      If they dont have keepers, ngwanu as mr chief scout help him find a suitable replacement like ikeme. No need for these ur senseless and empty ramblings. If u feel rohr and agu are clueless , then help them out. When conducting a research, after stating and analyzing the problem, u profer reasonable and feasible solutions to the problem based on your research findings(i know u may not know this but make I help u small). So, until u come up with a feasible solution, just continue to remain in your sh…. T hole sniffing and experimenting with poop.

    • I’m not always comfortable whenever matured men are abusing one another through derogatory words. We should not always be at one another’s necks when issues are being established and addressed respectively. Let’s give Okoye the needed support to grow. In spate of two years the guy rose to stardom from 4th division in Germany to Eredivise in Holland, without mincing words it’s commendable. Enyeama was once a flop before given needed support coupled with dedication to his chosen profession by himself. No Nigerian goalkeeper is manning goal post in respectable League in Europe than Maduka Okoye at present. When defenders refuse to discharge their duties effectively there’s little or nothing goalkeeper could do to salvage situations.Okoye will be endeared with people very soon like Enyeama. The guy in Israel and other Europe based goalkeepers should go to better league to prove their mettles. SE need more good goalkeepers. God bless Nigeria

  • This one will be talking like a drunkard. “Super eagles will have a new set of coaching crew” says who? As for Chima and Ugo can anything good come out from them absolutely no @Emmanuel have spoken all your wailing does not matter Okoye will continue to be Nigeria goalkeeper go and hug transformer if u don’t like

  • Emmanuel 3 weeks ago

    Thanks at Oakfield and Tayo.This attention seekers have got nothing to offer

  • Since Enyeama retired Agu has made it a point of duty to only feature an Igbo goal keeper in our National team. Maduka was in a 4th division clubside when he earned his first call to super eagles while a goal keeper like Alapasu that has a track record from his u17 days was and still being ignored. Uzoho was Alapasu’s deputy at the U17 national team and he has been to the World cup and Afcon, meanwhile, the young man that won the golden gloves as the best goal keeper in the World at the U17 level is left out of our National team. “IGBO KWENU”

    • This is one of the worst posts I have read recently, not just on CSN but on SM generally. So because Alampasu won golden gloves yester-years, he should be SE number one now. It doesn’t work like that. Football is purely based on current form not past exploits or past glory. See, SE is not Nigeria Presidency where you clamour and agitate for power rotation between North and South. Also, SE is not Nigeria Federal Civil service or Federal character commission, where ethnicity takes preeminence over competence and merit.
      No matter how you look at it, the current SE goalkeepers are Nigerians.Futhermore, they are the best we have currently. Okoye is a top operator in the Netherlands. Uzoho if not for lack of luck should have gone so far in his career, because he has ernomous potentials. The Akpeyi of today is no longer the Akpeyi of past years, because he has grown in leaps and bounds.
      Actually, you are hiding behind Alampasu. Your main candidate is Adeleye. I have watched Adeleye play, he is a very good goalkeeper with very sharp reflexes. But he is not tall enough. That may be the factor militating against his SE inclusion. Based on modern trend, tall and big goalkeepers are prefered to smallish goalkeepers, because of their reach, presence, aerial advantage amongst other advantages