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Eguavoen: Watford Threatened Dennis Over AFCON

Eguavoen: Watford Threatened Dennis Over AFCON

Nigeria interim head coach Austine Eguavoen says Emmanuel Dennis was forced to pull out of the country’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations squad by Watford.

Watford claimed Dennis’ invitation for the competition came late and threatened not to release him.


The 24-year-old was replaced in the 28-man squad on Friday by Slavia Prague’s Peter Olayinka.

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“Dennis told me that his club had done everything humanly possible for him not be at the Afcon,” Eguavoen told NFF TV.

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“I can’t force it, I reported the matter to authority and they also tried, that was why we had to wait until the last second before we pushed the button.

“Dennis said he wanted to come but the club are threatening him. What do we do if a player does not want to come, we have to play with what we have. Based on that, I like the enthusiasm because I only informed Onyekuru once and he was happy about it.

“Initially, he has been an integral part of this team and I felt bad that some of them wouldn’t be around but decisions have to be made. Onuachu, Onyekuru, Ebuehi, and few other ones and as soon as that opening was there, Shehu Abdullahi also said that the report came out that he’s been injured and he’s going to be out for 10 days to two weeks and we reached out to Tyronne and he was happy too.”

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  • From past Watford coach comments, I can easily conclude that what Eguavoen is saying here is true.
    Though, NFF may truly sent the invite late but at the same time Watford don’t want the guy to come at all.

    No issue at all. the available guys are more than enough to do the job.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • Bestsport 5 months ago

    The koko be say Denise is a very foolish player. Let him lose form now, Watford will quickly kick him out. Make him dey there and be doing YES SIR SIR, YES SIR GIVE OYIBO

    • Wow! I haven’t read a comment from you in ages…. Happy New Year bro.

    • Even with what they just did, Watford punishment start today from the and of Tottenham.

      • I tell you, they shd just start planing for life in the championship next season, no be team be onyekuru, Olayinka and ebuehi? Using late invite as excuse is fucking lame from them and we talking of AFCON here not some regular friendly matches ooo, it’s well.

    • You are foolish for calling a man who made a career decision foolish. He can’t be grantee of playing frist time football and moreover, he will be more missed at Watford than Nigeria.

    • Golden Child 5 months ago

      It is important that we treat these players as human beings. Some of us ask players to do what we would not do and this is unfair. Would you jeopardise what pays for your living ? For who? For NFF who will play undeserving players. His team is fighting relegation ( A team that saw the good in him when his previous clubs & country did not want to have anything o do with him) and his action is totally logical. Moses Simon was allowed to excuse himself from the friendlies with Cameroon because his team was fighting relegation and was not vilified for it, why are we demonizing the player. So you want him to risk his place at his club and then be an unused substitute throughout the tourney. Is it not a precarious situation to be in? But if he plays at the tourney and plays well, his stock goes up and if his team is relegated, it wouldn’t affect him as clubs will come calling. People are attacking him because of his previous reputation and it is not fair.

  • For those players who responded “enthusiastically” to last minute invitations, it will be nice if they are afforded some gametime in Cameroon as a token appreciation.

    Ebuehi, Olayinka, Onyekuru and Semi Ajayi, welcome back to the fold.

  • Bomboy 5 months ago

    Dennis, please score an own goal and pretend it’s a miatake. Make it worse for Watford…

  • If Dennis had been part and parcel of SE from the onset then his invitation would have come with ekong’s invitation and we would have avoided all this………. Dennis was never in the plans of Nigeria hence the late invitation for Afcon and that sent a wrong message to Watford……. Watford just wanted to be sure that SE needed Dennis at least upto 50 percent of how Watford need him and all the signs show them the opposite of that……. Dennis I don’t blame you because it’s not your fault……. Anybody that blames Dennis is just being self centered and inconsiderate……. Dennis you are still the best and you are a real menace on the pitch……..Go and save Watford and return to the world cup qualifiers and world cup proper because by then a new foreign coach will be available and those reminants coachs of the Rhor Era will have been totally flushed out for new ideas to come in……… Hopefully your talent will be appreciated and properly tapped for the benefit of SE.

    • Steve O 5 months ago

      You are just dreaming, Dennis will never be invited to Super Eagles again !!..Nigeria needs committed players , not a pretentious fool like Dennis !!

      • So if he finally gets invited again what will happen?…… …you see my friend football is the most unpredictable game in the world…… fortunes change with a blink of an eye……coaches change guard all the time…… champions fall and underdogs rise……never say never in football my dear brother……. Don’t be surprised to see Dennis in the world cup……in football 2 months is a long time for alot to change my dear friend.

      • You are calling him a fool now , where were you guys when Rohr continuously shun him, This guy was in Belgium when Moses Simon on was also in Belgium but Rohr only focused on Moses Simon in spite of the fact that Dennis was a better and more talented player and he exhibited his talent through out that period not only in Belgium but also at the biggest stage of European football by player season after season in the Champions league and Europa football league. Rohr, listed Simon as part of his team to the World Cup in Russia but he got injured at the last minute yet he overlooked this massively talented Nigerian and non of you made a fuse about it, he also shunned him for the last Afcon in Egypt. So I believe all of you that did not see anything wrong in over looking this guy again and again should not call any name or insult him. Nigeria was not there for him when he was struggling so we do not have any right to order him around.

  • The simple truth is that Dennis does not want to come. Forget all the noise about late invitation. Did you read eguavon comment above. He tried to push the blame on Watford but he let himself out by saying: “If a player does not want to come we can’t force it. ”

    He even gave examples of people who agreed last minute to come.

    This shows Dennis played along with Watford.

    Ranieri said that much in the news owngoal.

    The bottom line is that Dennis mustbbe watched thoroughly before we extend another invitation to him

    I score rohr high here. This showed he had good reasons to leaving him out innthe first place. Initially, I blamed rohr for that but Dennis showed his color..

    If I am a coach of SE, he will never smell any invitation again.

  • Let’s pray no epl star has any injury today. Or should I say fake an injury today. We don’t know what to believe again. Africa and povery mentality. And we want them to respect us.

  • The bottom line is that Dennis is a very young Player who is new to the limelight……..He needs to be loved and he also needs to be made to look special…….. Watford where only able to convince him to stay because we didn’t have him on our side and we didn’t show him love and affection………When a child offends the parent he is flogged with one hand and pampered with the other hand thank God most of us here are parents………. you don’t just throw away your baby with the bath water and when someone else picks up the baby baths and dress up the baby you start demanding for your baby to be given back to you and calling the baby ungrateful like the way most fans are attacking Dennis now ………We never showed Dennis love and Watford exploited that window to their benefit so let us stop this patriotic sermons that has not taken us anywhere…….. You people should leave Dennis alone and focus on the players we have available afterall we qualified and got here without him so why the sudden love for Dennis?

    • Steve O 5 months ago

      We don’t have problems with Dennis ,he can keep behaving like a kid that he is , if he need love , then he should meet his mama, football is a big business !!.. we will have problems with NFF when he is invited again for the world cup ?..let us focus on the professionals that we have , those that are ready to serve our motherland.

    • This man read your post again and again and ask yourself if you making any sense, stop talking trash men, a 25yrs old player is young, so what do you call vini, mbappe, Harland and many more out there? Guy park well .

  • To think of it Dennis got his British work permit through the back door………. Watford had to pull the strings and even went as far as presenting his foster parents in Ukraine in his application……..Where was SE then?they where busy gathering national team caps for players to carry to retirement and become most capped player in Africa…….. Nigeria is where it is today because we refused to call a spade a spade and we keep decieving ourselves thinking we can eat our cake and have it………If our national team is well handled and scouting and selection is done on merit we should have all our players in the EPL or top5 league by now……..Now Dennis and Watford has laboured to get to this point Nigeria wants to come and rubbish it all because of patriotism……….A country that demands for all from you but not ready to give you anything is not a country worth dieing for……..A player that got into the EPL with only 1 international cap which even came in the dieing minutes of a friendly match is now accused of being unpatriotic because he decided to stick with those that believed in him when his own country turned their back on him?…….SMH

    • Steve O 5 months ago

      Thank God Watford is relegation bound ,we wish him well but he should never think to smell the national team again , let see who will need each other in future !!

      • Ode, people with no brain, if Watford is relegated many Nigerian are going down with they

      • Please my dear friend don’t say that yet…..the battle is still on till the last day…… moreover they are not yet in the relegation zone at the moment…….They are 3 points clear of the relegation zone although with an extra game.

    • And so what! If he play for Nigeria it will add to his resume as well and not as if he his doing us any favour as well its a mutual benefit relationship. Watford help him to secure British work permit, Whats the fuss about that, its all about watford interest, no big deal about that, and its called Business.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        Nigerians are the most evil people… Imagine people wishing Dennis and Watford be relegated…

        No today una Sabi say Dennis na good player? Why should anyone cry about Dennis unavailability even… are the likes of “Mr 100 caps no more there?”

        The likes of Musa who have earned their spots from exploits in the past are there to save Nigeria na… abi is he still no more Maradona Batistuta Ortega? Hahahaha…

        Even Rohr did say any question and mention of the player Dennis Emmanuel does not interest him… meanwhile that was the coach most myopic Nigerians like to hail to this day as the best to happen to Nigeria after crude oil discovery…

        Please make una play Ahmed Musa for Dennis… people like @Dr.Drey are not even perturbed because they know what Musa can bring to the table in games whether active or not… for our captain it does not matter… a big game player afterall he has 4world cup goals…

        Dennis please secure your club fortunes… You were never in the plans of NFF and “Mr Young Team” lol…

  • Person 5 months ago

    I don’t know who is fooling Who but I heard from a sports reporter in Watford that Dennis opted out because he felt disrespected by the previous coach and he didn’t want to go over and sit on the bench again.

    I believe we can now move on but this thing of inviting players and making them sit on the bench for 90 minutes or bringing them on for 2 to 6 minutes needs to be looked at.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    When I said it was Rohr and NFF that was behind this mishap the Regressive group led by Dr bread led a campaign against me. This year I’m done with you guys kindly carry una country and their problem for head. I’m done with for real with funny bunches….

  • pompei 5 months ago

    Akp, on this Dennis issue, I share your perspective.
    People keep talking about patriotism. Is it only Dennis that should be patriotic? Why was NFF not patriotic in doing their job right by sending out a timely request for a valuable player?
    Dennis should be patriotic, and ruin his relationship with his employer?
    NFF created a problem with their incompetence, and Dennis should bear the brunt by risking his livelihood? ​
    If he gets injured, Nigeria will dump him, and it is Watford that will take care of him.
    The evidence on ground shows that Dennis wanted to come. He was looking forward to the Afcon. If NFF had sent in a timely request for him, he would be on his way to the camp with Ekong.
    When other players are getting timely invites, and his comes late, it reflects that he is not valued. That is what Watford seized upon. They are saying: IF YOU DON’T VALUE DENNIS, LEAVE HIM FOR US. WE NEED HIM IN OUR RELEGATION FIGHT. IF YOU VALUED HIM, YOU WOULD HAVE SENT IN A TIMELY REQUEST.

    • Dr Banks 5 months ago

      Guys why are you falling for the useless excuse given for Dennis snub? Owngoal has said it about 3 weeks ago even before the list was released that Dennis opted out of AFCON invitation and it came true. The excuse of late invitation letter doesn’t hold grounds here. All letters were emailed at the same time for all the players invited, why was it only Dennis own was regarded as late. Even Ekong who is in the same club was released. Shouldn’t that tell you that it was the player decision not to honor the call?

      Dennis has always been known to be a bad boy with poor mannerisms and we shall see where this will lead him in life

  • pompei 5 months ago

    If you pay a bill late, there are conseqences. Same with if you submit a job application late, or a contract proposal late, or any thing for that matter. If it’s late, there are consequences.
    Blaming Dennis is completely missing the point. If NFF had done their job right, this would not even be an issue. Dennis would probably be in camp by now, training with the rest of the lads.

    • Fire Man 5 months ago

      NFF said it was on time. Watford said it was late. I guess we’ll just go with Watford since NFF has a well documented history of incompetence, right? Wrong. None of us know the truth. Looks like Dennis’ invitation came later than most but still within the accepted timeframe. Bottom line: Watford fought harder for Dennis. Dennis chose club over country. He wants to be among the EPL’s top scorers in his debut season. Can’t blame him. But imagine if he became AFCON top scorer, went back to Watford, continued scoring, and rescues them from relegation. A big club would quickly sign him up in the summer because they wouldn’t want his price to go even higher after the World Cup. But he could also get injured in his first game at AFCON. Still, he could lose form or get a long term injury for Watford during AFCON (God forbid). Life is wild. It’s all about decisions but you never know if you’ve made the right one until it all unfolds. Happy new year guys!

  • Four four two 5 months ago

    After the match between watford and West ham Watford Coach had threatened that he will prevent Denis from going to AFCON by taking advantage of his late invitation. FiFA has a stiputed window for the release players before any tournament which NFF and Egu did not observed so since Watford see Denis has the their most important irreplaceable player the coach through his lawyer exploited the loophole to their advantage. No team has the right to stop a player from attending a FIFA recognised tournament as long as the invitation arrive at the stipulated time. Denis has no blame here . its the NFF administrative lapses that put Denis at the mercy of the club

  • There are so many ways to look at this, I mean a lot of emotions are flying everywhere all because of this player who isnt a super eagles regular but has the potential to be a good player for the team.

    Let me start with the fact that Dennis hasnt received a callup for a long time. The former coach didn’t think he was worth calling up during the previous matches. Although he included his name in the 40 man list, there was no guarantee that he would have been invited if rohr was still in charge.

    Secondly, a lot of people have accused Dennis of being undisciplined and disrespectful to coaches. He had a poor stint in Germany and before he left Belgium he also had issues there. But now he has found a home in England and his football has improved to the point that he has become the star player of his team in just a few months. His current coach values him so much that he is ready to do anything to keep him in the team at a time the team needs him the most and yet some people are criticizing him because he has decided to stay behind.
    I would have preferred it if Dennis was a part of the Super Eagles team but if staying behind helps him cement his place in the team and helps the team escape relegation then I would try to understand his reasons.

    Watford has a lot of Nigerian interest in their team. Most of which are super eagles players, players like etebo, ekong, dennis and newly signed okoye all represent Watford. If the team goes down they all go down.
    Also, I wouldn’t want Dennis to forcefully demand to go to afcon and then return later only to be confined to the bench because he went against the wishes of the club.

    I will say this, NFF should take a huge part of the blame in this issue. They know the rules regarding sending invitations to players and they shouldn’t have given room for any club to use the rules to prevent a player from honouring a national call up. They should do better next time.

    I guess some people will be saying what of other players who are being called up now and are being allowed to leave their clubs. We know some clubs have shut down for winter break and will resume in a few weeks time. The players were also contacted and affirmed their availability.
    Whatever the case may be I feel we should give Dennis the benefit of understanding his position and hope that other opportunities will present itself for him to play for the Super Eagles.

    I remember there were time sadiq umar was invited to the Super Eagles but his club blocked him from honouring the call up. At the time we thought it would be some time before he got re-invited because the Super Eagles had a lot of strikers at their disposal but as we all know circumstances have changed. And sadiq umar is in line to lead the Super Eagles in the AFCON in the absence of victor Osimhen. So there will be other opportunities for Dennis to play for the Super Eagles.

    • @sportfan

      I really love this point you’re making.
      Thumbs up man….

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Those of you saying the latest invitation that was sent to Ebuehi and co was honored so why not Dennis? if you look well those guys had been sent invitation long time when the 37 man list was first released. Dennis invitation was later sent after some time to make 38…. The dirty mechanic fooling around doesn’t surprise me at all because he can’t comprehend Between A and B. Sad to also see some gullible followers like Femi dancing in excitement with him for such cheap false perception that Dennis is to blame. MOFOS(motherfuckers) all over the place if una no get sense this year una go hear whin!!!

    • If you get sense you won’t call 25yr old soccer player young, I will stop anything about this Dennis now because we already move on, with or without him SE move, with him we are not sure if the AFCON still, so chill.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Complete Sports must also improve on their sources because Scorenigeria was the only site that gave a glimpse of the 38 man list. It’s either CS is short of resources or they are Bias in line with The NFF. Our football media must join hands to bail our sports or they’ll be taken over by another Media with a good agenda.

    • Chinenye 5 months ago

      Don’t mind them let them insult him as much as they want. Dennis cannot do the job of NFF for them. Let them take watford to CAS if they’re on their right, nonsense!

      • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

        I put the link below so they’ll see where Rohr or NFF or Both messed up first.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    I think only @Pompei and very few understands how this invitation thing works. First invitation was sent to all this last minute guys even before Dennis was added to make 38 by our Coach who only him knows what’s on his mind. Raineri took advantage of this because to them it seems the Coach didn’t really need him. Guys if we all think deep and do brother research either by insider or whatever you’ll understand better and avoid to being mislead by all the propaganda. I stand by Dennis and there’s more lesson in this 2022 for Nigeria Football let’s just be watching.

  • Chinenye 5 months ago

    Don’t mind them let them insult him as much as they want. Dennis cannot do the job of NFF for them. Let them take watford to CAS if they’re on their right, nonsense!

  • I knew all along it was Dennis playing the script.He is a very proud arrogant person right from time.For me if i am the Super eagles coach he will NEVER near super eagale again

    • @sean, please add something to your name, we have “Sean T here and we have me so please. do the needful on your next post. Happy New year.

      • @Sean & Sean
        Please I am De First Sean Period so you too add someting put ya name my friend bcos I am the real Sean.
        Will de really Sean please stand up
        I can dash you shawn and de other guy can take shayne ngwa

        Oboy see advance captcha , 1+2=3 lol!

  • _Dennis’ absence: who wins or loses ?_

    When Afcon hostilities erupt against the Pharaohs Of Egypt on January 11, the Super Eagles will be without arguably Nigeria’s most exciting forward in club football in the mould of mercurial Emmanuel Dennis.

    A number of players had dropped out from Nigeria’s original 28 man list but only one of them eloped without being injured or due to illness: Emmanuel Dennis.

    The other missing players – Balogun, Shehu and Osimhen – will be absent due to ‘natural causes’. Dennis’ absence is 100% man-made. But the question is, which man made the damage and caused the drama: Emmanuel Dennis, Watford FC management or the NFF?

    Personally, I think all of these entities contrived to create the environment for Dennis’ omission and I actually believe they are winners!

    From Dennis who (according to certain media reports) wants guaranteed game time to Watford who threw toys out of thier pram to dissuade him from attending the Afcon to the NFF who handled the matter without corporate skill: all of them are culpable.

    However, I strongly believe Dennis’ Afcon absence is a win-win-win situation (and I add another ‘win’ for some of us fans) for all parties.

    So I am unruffled by his absence; as a matter of fact, I am relieved at how quickly the NFF moved to replace him with a more enthusiastic and no less exciting winger-striker Peter Olayinka.

    So, why is it a win-win situation all-round?

    Dennis: I remember England striker Jamie Vardy who was deadly for Leicester going into Russia 2018. Unfortunately he wasn’t coach Southgate’s first choice striker hence he spent more time warming the bench than rattling the net in Russia.

    Vardy later moaned that it would have been better for him to have been excluded from England’s squad to allow him spend time with his family rather than cuddling the bench in Russia.

    So, me being pragmatic, I 100% side with Dennis if he prefers walloping the net for Watford that caressing the bench in Cameroon.

    Watford FC: it is a no-brainer, Dennis is having the form from the gods and they need his goals to avert the cold hands of relegation. The Hertfordshire outfit are a massive winner in Dennis’ Afcon absence.

    Eguavoen: the temporary Super Eagles gaffer is now no longer under duress to play a striker that may not necessarily click with his tactical approach. It is not a forgone conclusion that Dennis would set the Afcon ablaze nor would easily displace other Super Eagles wingers despite his Watford adventure.

    Eguavoen now has the mental space to focus on players who will not feel ‘hard done by’ if benched.

    Super Eagles fans: Peter Olayinka is an exciting forward who is a workaholic. In the absence of Dennis, fans can now enjoy what Olayinka brings to the party if selected. We should not expect him to gnash his teeth in public if overlooked like Dennis would inevitably do.

    For me, it would definitely have been great to see Dennis strut his stuff in Cameroon. However as he is not guaranteed game-time, I thoroughly understand why he would want to stay in England. We have very many exciting wingers who will make it hard to miss Dennis in Cameroon.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    And heres the main culprit below


    Who’s to blame now?

    • Bros he need love? U are funny is he a kid? Honestly I like Dennis but with this he has break my heart

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Watford will not be relegated to Nay Sayers we dey watch!!!

  • Fire Man 5 months ago

    By the way, Osimhen did the same thing. Chose club over country. He would have likely only missed the Egypt game. But we love Osimhen
    (I have his name on my SE jersey). So we excuse him easily. He’s always shown great patriotism. Some of us want Watford to keep losing while Napoli should be winning with Osimhen firing them back to the top. Lol. Me I wish Dennis well and hope he helps Watford avoid relegation. I also wish Osimhen wins the Scudetto or keeps Napoli in the top 4 at the very least. Osimhen is also battling to be rated alongside Mbappé and Haaland. Injuries and COVID have conspired to keep his goal tally down. The timing of AFCON was not good for Osimhen and Napoli. Look at Salah, he’s been fit and scoring loads. He can comfortably go win AFCON and return to EPL still topping the charts. Once our young players get accomplished, we won’t have issues of club vs country anymore.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    @ Chima E Samuels……Desperate liar of the year….LMAOOooo.

    Your children should be afraid and ashamed of you….LMAOoo.

    I asked you a few basic questions yesterday, you ran away, yet still come here peddling your lies all over the place just to look for everyone else but the NFF, Eguavoen and Dennis to blame….LMAOooo

    Hence, I repost form yesterday…..LMAOoooo

    No.1 I looked through and read the score Nigeria website link you posted and I laughed at how score nigeria just succeeded in shooting in the foot, the same Eguavoen and NFF they were trying to protect….LMAOooo..and how gullible and low on intelligence quotient you are.

    Shameless lairs trying to cover “their owns”…..LMAOooo.

    The website is claiming that Rohr submitted a 37-man squad to CAF and that Eguavoen later padded it up with Dennis’ name as a 38th name to CAF list….but the picture attached to the story shows a 40 MAN LIST…..lmaoOOO….so please where did the 38th and 39th names in that picture come from…? Your Village people right…??? LMAOooo

    Please who eventually now added the 39th and 40th name on the list…..and when were they added?….LMAOooo

    Up till today, all we have been hearing from the Nigerian press is that NFF submitted 37 man list to CAF, while Rohr granted an interview with Elegbete where he stated clearly that he submitted a 40 man list to the FA to sumit to CAF, so if it were a 37 man list, How come there are now 40 NAMES in that picture….? LMAoooooo

    Why has the NFF been peddling lies till date that only a list of 37 was submitted to CAF…?

    If there was space for Eguavoen to add 3 extra names to the list, why was he now lamenting before that he would have loved to add Nwakali, Alhassan, Amaoo and some homebased players when he supposedly had succeeded in adding a certain Dennis successfully…..???

    Why was the SE provisional list to AFCON NEVER OFFICIALLY RELEASED BY THE NFF

    The list of names on that picture in the scorenigeria link has the following names;

    29- Innocent Bonke
    30 – Chidera Ejuke
    31- Nobel John
    32- Terrem Moffi
    33 – Peter Olayinka
    34 – Sadiq Umar
    35- Sam Kalu
    36- Akpoguma Kevin
    37 – Ademola Lookman
    38 – Dennis Emmanuel
    39 – ozornwafor Velntine James
    40 – Amamchi Augustine Iwuji


    So how come the so-called 37-man list later leaked to the public as the one sent to CAF by Rohr did not have Olayinka (no 33), Ozornwafor (no 39), and Austin Iwuji (aka Austine Amutu) (no 40) in them…??? LMAOoooo.



    The Owngoal link you posted and still reposting to support your lies was an interview granted on the 3rd of November (11/03/2021), shortly after the list for the WCQ vs Liberia and Cape verde were released….FAR FROM WHEN THE 40 MAN CAF/AFCON LIST WAS EVEN COMPILED.

    The caf/afcon list was compiled AFTER our last WCQ vs Cape Verde and by the 1st of December Owngoal gave us scoops about the contents of the list, making us to understand the fact that Dennis, Dessers and 5 others inccluding lookman and Ejaria were in the list compiled by Rohr.

    Yet you want to force the narrative that the link you posted was refering to the CAF/AFCON list which was NOT even in existent yet, rather than the list for the final WCQ played on the 13th of November…….LMAOooo.

    Dont be so desperate as to start gushing lies out of your mouth and making declarations as if you were physically present when it was happened. As you always claim, you are a father and have children…you cant be caught telling such white lies in public so early in a new year…..LMAOoooo.

    And stop threatening to leave this forum only to come back with your foul smelling gutters. You’ve done that over twenty times in the last 3 weeks alone. You have been of no use to us and will still be of no use. You will not be missed. If you are expecting people to plead with you not to leave you are heavily mistaken. You are of zero value to us.

    As for Dennis, he should stick with Watford for all we care. He isnt bigger than Nigeria. I hope he plays for Watford at the World cup someday. The other 28 players are also leaving their clubs to come and play for Nigeria…if all 28 requested for guaranteed starting position before turning up, then who will show up eventually..? He met some people in the National team and if he’s not ready to eliminate them by substitution then he should remain at Watford. He has never sacrificed anything for Nigeria and we wont start sacrificing for him yet….LMAOoo. He should go and ask others before him who thought they are bigger than

    Because he is having a purple patch in his first season in the EPL he thinks he is a ballon d’or nominee….LMAOoooo….or is it not the EPL…? They only need half a season to a full season in EPL to crack your PIN code be you a player or a coach. He should go and ask the likes of Michu et al…..LMAOoooo. We cant be held to ransome.

    He claimed he had a fallout with the former coach, now that there’s a new coach on board when he has a chance to stake a claim to a place in the team, he decided to put on lucifer’s pride like Christmas cloth. When the likes of Umar, Awoniyi, Olayinka, Ejuke etc stake their claims on a national team spot and stamp their authority on their various positions during this AFCON, he will be crying again about being put on the bench subsequently, as if those who are starting ahead of him are iroko trees. As the saying goes, The patient dog eats the fattest bone. Those who are guaranteed 1st teamers in the SE today also started from the bench.

    Recent happenings have justified why Rohr booted him out of the team in the 1st place. We dont want a SE team of prima donas where someone who is battling relgation will think he is bigger than everybody else. Respect they say is reciprocal. Its absolute lack of respect for anybody to demand guaranteed starting position in the national team before even touching down in camp…he isnt even a senior player yet…..LMAOooo.

    Na sidon look we still dey

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Idiot I didn’t have to read your Garbage but with all sincerity it’s no mouthing it’s only internet that gives you the guts to continue misbehaving. Many of una here self if them start to public una profile you guys will not continue typing here. No be your fault idiot and I can also see your seed below you typing trash birds of the same feather. Una go hear whin as u keep opening your mouth against something that is greater than your lineage. It is not me you’re fighting just know this because whatever is happening on this face of the earth is all and alot of you will eat the fruit of your actions.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hahahahaaha…..shameless liar has been busted once again with swollen lips and eyes….LMAOoo. I hope the sewage you just vomited above are not your answers to the simple, basic, common sense questions I posed to you above…..LMAOooo. Shameless liar…!

        You are so low on intelligence quotient that a journalist accused Rohr of not submitting a 40 man list and still goes ahead to post pictures of a blurred 40 MAN LIST SUBMITTED TO CAF…yet an imbecile like you could not read properly and spot the inconsistencies…….LMAOoooo.

        Whoever told you you are great has told you a very big lie…..run away from that person when next you see him/her….LMAOooo. And if its that your kpangolo that consumes $100 worth of gasoline in less than a week that is giving you a feeling of greatness, then you must still be living in pre world war I times….LMAOooo.

        Olodo. Shameless empty barrel.

  • Kingston 5 months ago

    Lol @dr drey, are you even answering that @chima of a guy?