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El Hadji Diouf Names Okocha In His Dream X1

El Hadji Diouf Names Okocha In His  Dream X1

Senegal legend El Hadji Diouf has named former Super Eagles captain Austin Okocha in his Dream X1, reports Completesports.com.

Diouf and Okocha spent two years together at Bolton Wanderers with the African duo making big impact at the club.

Diouf picked Okocha as the main playmaker in his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation.

“Behind the striker, I would put the maestro, the best player in the world, the
best player of all time if he was not African. Everyone’s idol. The African
Pelé,” Diouf told France Football .

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Okocha scored 14 goals in 73 appearances for Nigeria.

The 46-year-old was part of Nigeria’s squad that won the Afica Cup of Nations title in Tunisia 1994.

Diouf’s Dream X1

Tony Sylva; Omar Daf, Abdoulaye Faye,
Pape Malick Diop, Ricardo Gardiner; Papa Bouba Diop, Camel Meriem, Henri
Camara, Khalilou Fadiga, Jay-Jay Okocha; Nicolas Anelka

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  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Henri Camara the guy with Agbalumo ear-ring and fadiga, Senegal has got talent not today.

    • Omo9ja 4 years ago

      Funny you @Chima E Samuels. Henri Camara the guy with “Agbalumo ear-ring” lolz.

      Undoubtedly Jay Jay Okocha is the best in the world. JJ, our own. JJ magician, JJ, Mr. Dribbler.

      It’s quite unfortunate that Rabiu Ibrahim wasn’t given the opportunity to steps in Okocha’s shoe.

      Rabiu Ibrahim and JJ has something in common.

      Like Kanu and Ęjęria. That Ovia is a talented player. We still have too much talented players both home in Nigeria and abroad.

      I still don’t know why or what is the problem of our coaches to have quality players like we used to in the 80s and 90s.

      I think tribalism and politics game are the main problems in this country.

      Thanks for your recognition Diouf. We love you too. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Game recognize game. Diouf himself was a baller, so he recognize the baller in Jay Jay. “The best player of all time, if he wasn’t African” is a great way to describe the situation. If Jay Jay was English, they would have hyped him into demi-god status, which would have been wrong, because no man qualifies to be a god. But because he is African, he is not even considered in the top 10, when his boy Ronaldinho is there. It is up to us Africans to appreciate what is ours, because others are typically not inclined to do so.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    We are the giant of africa. The greatest black nation in universe.and black is the head of all physical sports. We have a basket full of tilents. Every other africa nations fear the eagles including the oyibos. We can produce 7 national team that is capable of beating the pharoes of Egypt. But our problem remains lack of confidents on our own. We dont promote our league we dont sponsor our players we dont pay them well. Not to talk of televising our games. We depend so much on the europeans to develop our players or to rate them for us. Some of us claim that they have the facilities they have the equipment but the real equipment and facility is in the mind of individual players. Pele didnt had the facilities. Jay jay finidi odegbami rodger milla all these legends didnt had those european facilities to become great they only had self belief and national support and trust grew them to that level. When i take good look at nigerian players i see them falling from the day they step foot on the european soil(not all but majority) they depreciates in all level of confidents. Passes, skills,shooting and driblings. People thought oh he is not good enough but thats not true as i my self has experienced it all and learnt from it. A good example is etebo, sunday mba, gbolaga salami, nwakalis, ibrahim, christatus,so on and on. These guys believed so much in their dreams thats why they run to europe but when you join a european team the preasure is high the fans want you out becos u are black the coach if he is not a racist u will be lucky if he happens to be u don enter 1 chance they will begin to demoralise you every time till you cant even kick the ball straight any more or simple passes will become so heavy for you becos you lost your love for the ball you cant dribble anymore becos you fear the coach will hate you for that these reality has killed so many african tilents. Etebo at warri wolfs was a master, so accurate in most decisions can go solo any time. Since he moved to europe you cant compare is games to the olympic performers or is debute against egypt and algeria at the senior level thanks to europe preasure. If our players are well paid and plays in our leages believe me, we will still have the nwakalis the yahayas the s mbas henry kalu Rabiu ibrahim to select from and they will be consistent in their perfomance with high morals. They will not feel less human in their home soil. They will not feel inferior in their own clubs this is the challange most players who went abroad faced only a footballer will understand this thoughts of mine. God bless Naija

    • The thought that goes into your write ups and your determination ‘to be heard’ are greatly admired by me even though I don’t totally agree with all of the content (which is only just normal).

      Thanks bro.

    • Who else thinks this dude has just bored the f**k out of us with this bunch of crap..?

    • Solomon 4 years ago

      Who keeps kid behind the keyboard?
      His dad should pls collect the system or device from him

      • You guys won’t kill me laugh, but serious where would someone have this ample time to type all this?

  • Stephen 4 years ago

    Loll u guys won’t kill me with laugh.

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