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England Boss Southgate Wants Olise To Reject France

England Boss Southgate Wants Olise To Reject France

England manager Gareth Southgate wants Crystal Palace winger Michael Olise to represent the Three Lions.

The Football Association have held talks with Olise over representing the Three Lions.

The 20-year-old is however keen on representing France, whom he has represented at the age grade level.

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Olise was born in London to a Nigerian father and French-Algerian mother so is eligible to play for four different countries, leading to a tug-of-war over his national side.

Southgate has not given up trying to tempt Olise, with talks said to be ongoing and the player in no rush to decide.

His last appearance for France Under 18s came three years ago and last March he was named on the standby list by Nigeria for two Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches, but did not join up with the squad.

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  • Two football power houses France and England fighting tooth and nail to have Olise while Nigeria does not want to be called inferior thereby waiting for Olise to come and kneel down to them just to play for Nigeria…….Lizard that is thinking itself to be a crocodile!

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Olise’s heart tells him to play for Nigeria His head tells him to play for either France or England. Olise ‘s father Vincent played cricket for Nigeria. We’ve been begging Vincent to beg his son, but football is a money-loaded business that has no space for sentiments

  • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Say bye to this precocious talent….South gate has entered the chat lol

    • KangA 2 years ago

      Olise doesn’t know what is coming—going the way of T&T—Southgate‘S fingers are sticky. His fate might be slightly better if he goes to France. With the 3Ls, it’s surely cap-tie and drop, though he’ll get the pension.

      The SE only needs proud Nigerians.

      • Kanga A what are they to be proud of tell me?? Get with the program in case you haven’t noticed Football has become a Business now. or do you think France would have got 2 Gold Stars on their Badge if they had your mentality. Football is a business and Nigeria has to put it’s name on the map as the first African country to gain a Gold Star this is our major chance look at French born Algerians and Senegalese even Malians they are now Making U-turns to represent thier African Heritage keep thinking like this. Ghana and Senegal beat us to Quarter Finals already along with Cameroon. Pele said in 1994 that he believed Nigeria would be the first African Country to win the World cup. It can still happen but we need to shift this small minded mentality that Nigeria should not beg it is not begging it is business. Nigeria cannot be calling itself a Giant of Africa if at every given Opportunity when we are close to the finish line we turn around and shoot ourselves in the foot with this Punitive mentality you have just displayed. Abeg!!!

        • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

          We can’t win WC nor reach the q finals with the likes of Ighalo and Musa on the bench…. The WC is no joke as aevery country picks its best players but we use sentiment and always try to accommodate a captain that is not active anymore…. This to me is a total waste of a slot that can benefit a younger star. For christ sake what is Musa going to the WC for(If we qualify). This is a selfish act and he better realize that someone gave him an opportunity too and should thereby avail this opportunity to the upcoming ones….We need depth in our team but when you havenIghalo and Musa taking up spots, I dont see no q final for Nigeria and then I lost faith in this man when he put Onazi on the list. That to me was just diabolical lol

        • KangA 2 years ago

          My brother, can’t you see my frustration? Are the conditions given by Olise healthy and reassuring? Is there any iota of patriotism there? How can you wait for others to qualify and you saunter in to displace them? Is that moral? That posture smacks of a fellow who is coming to take. We need givers, not takers in the SE.

          He is our own, and we can only wish him good luck wherever he goes.

          • He said who knows let us see, The point is by the time Cerezo spoke to him it was late by then AFCON went by and so to it is a month before the World Cup Qualifiers so the switch process won’t be finalised in any event that is the point he is referring too. In saying that Nigeria needs to look at this from a business point of view. I used this point of view to expalin. Chasing a player with quality is like chasing a Beuftiful woman you want to marry. Beautiful women always have more than 1 options and many suitors. If you approach them with Arrogance you will lose them so to if you wait for them to come to you it won’t happpen as options Yakpa!! that is the point.. so approch them with humbleness and humility. This boy is quality. and has many suitors if we want him we must humble ourselves it is business we cannot because of misplaced arrogance keep losing special talents. Special talents with dual Nationality or more will always have many options… Thank you


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        LMFAO! As long as it is not Nigeria, any other country will be better.

        If he plays for England or France for instance, his match bonuses will be well paid and on time..

        His chances of winning world cup with the teams is very very high..

  • I Blame Rohr and Pinnick for this we have been begging them to try and convince this boy But they were too busy feeling too big, even to the point of saying Nigeria will not beg anybody lol.. Look at professional Countries who know better and have got to it. It is a pitty Cerezo tried but came in too late let us see he went to meet the boy who knows Olise has given him his word and said he will wait to see if Nigeria qualify. that coupled with his father telling him he prefers he represents Nigeria we might be in for a surprise and Will see a Big talent in the mouled of Saka and Alaba neglecting England or France in favour of Nigeria….

    • Chidiomimi 2 years ago

      Bukayo Saka’s father also told us he wants his son to rep Nigeria, but what happened on the long run? While I want Olise in the SE, I am also thinking of how the fans threat their players when it is not their day. If I am in Olise’s shoes, I will choose with utmost caution. This is a guy that can represent four different countries. I feel, we should allow him make his decision. If he picks Nigeria, fine.

    • Ikeben 2 years ago

      What did you want Rohr to do that he did not do. No matter how had you try it still boils down to what the player really wants. Rohr is very experienced in convincing dual nationality players he succeeded with several others. He contacted the father and his father encouraged him to invite the Olise and he was called up but Olise Agent is bent on not allowing Olise play for Africa preferring France or England. Rohr have tried everything he can and remember Rohr also knows if you beg too much you will appear cheap and will not get any of them. If it was by begging Tammy would have played for Nigeria after all the efforts of Pinnick. So Rohr’s approach is to tell you what you stand to gain by playing for Nigeria then allowing you space to make up your mind. If begging is that result oriented then beggars would have been the riches people on the earth. Eguavon has also added more bite by going to speak with him one on one and he says he will play but after qualifiers. So lets just leave it there and see where he finally pitches his tent. Afterall it is his international career we are talking about. If he comes it will be great if not we will still find other options. That is football and this is Nigeria with abundance of talents.

  • Olise father doesn’t want his son to play for super eagles for all the right reasons. Corruption, tribalism and etc in which I read somewhere. His father is smart. The team put him on standby 2 times. With how the team is setup now against Ghana it would be good since the team now looks diverse. European born french colonized African based players can go play for Senegal, Cameroon because they are good enough to win, not just come a dance and have a big head.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    LMFAO! OLISE! OLISE!! How many times did I call you?

    If you want to win medals and laurels, dont play for a crises prone Nigeria team o!

    If you do, all you will be experiencing is early exit, early exit in competition expecially with piknic and Dumbo Eguavon involved. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Gareth Southgate is the definition of white supremacy… Dude is hell bent on approaching any sure player that has talent to just stamp them for England.

  • Nigeria got no chance, we are still battling against Algeria but now that France and England has entered the tussle. Olise to Nigeria : “ha finesse if you lose na your business”

  • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

    The boy I discovered playing in championship then (without a name), I sounded it like music for Rohr to cap him since he doesn’t need any change of association .
    Now see, it’s about to get out of hand.

    We have lost another gem.

  • Enson 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall, thanks so much for your great vision, for so long now I cannot understand why NFF cannot take effective stand against English FA by stopping them from their consistent snatching of our God given huge talents.

  • Goal ⚽️ 2 years ago

    When I discovered this boy (he doesn’t have a name then) he plays in championship.
    I shouted over and over for oga Rohr to cap him as he doesn’t need any change of association but he didn’t now see were we are about to lose this gem.

    I blame Rohr and picnic if we eventually loose out.

    • Ikeben 2 years ago

      Everything we blame Rohr, if we win we blame Rohr we loose, we blame Rohr, we loose player we blame Rohr we have so many dual nationals we blame Rohr. Una well done o. Rohr blamers. How do you cap a player that refuse to honor your invitation. The same Olise that was asked by an interviewer about his international career and he stood up and left the interview. So Rohr is suppose to kidnap him abi because he is a baller. This boys grew up abroad and even their parents can’t convince them if they are not interested in something. Keep blaming Rohr.

      We need to learn to allow players make up their mind on what they want. What I expect from our coaches is to scout and woo these good dual national players. And NFF to also try to make the switch smooth where neccessary. This Rohr did effectively which made us get up to 10 under his watch. But that does not mean we will not loose some because everybody has his own choice. The likes of Saka, Tammy, Eze , Adarabioyo, Udokhai, Tomori and Olise were contacted but they had other plans and we have to respect that. As a guy if you woo a lady, propose to her and beg her and she refuses to marry you. What will you do. Won’t you move forward and find another. That is the reality of life. NOT EVERTHING YOU WANT, WANT YOU. The good thing is Olise is still yet to make up his mind so all we can do is to hope he joins our moving train or else we wish him good luck.

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    I know you do not mean what you just wrote, particularly on M.olise. He is a baller. When this boy broke through at Reading , some of us have been yearning for his callup to the national team but NFF, Rohr and the gang were too busy inviting etebo and co, now the big boys have taken note and it is bye bye Olise but a little note of caution to Olise, England is infamous for discarding the old wife for a new bride. Just ask eze.

    We should focus on those who want to play for us and particular Amoo. I think that kid is just as talented as Olise and Eze but a prophet is not known in his home town. If given a chance , he will show this.

    Let us turn our attention to amoo and ejaria. I know I am excited.

    • pablo 2 years ago

      Wetin we dey find for Sokoto, e dey for Shokoto.
      Amoo is the real deal. To me, he is better than Olise and Eze combined. What is more, he is ready to play for Nigeria.

  • While we hope Olise reconsiders and play for his father land, “I want to move for a legislation under sports for a capital punishment on any Coach, Agent, Manager, Scout, NFF official, sports official or public office holder who is caught demanding for a bribe or by force management of players and related illegal conditions before allowing a player (Nigerian born or dual citizen) to favourably compete and represent his/her fatherland be it age grade or National team”.

    We heard of players testimonies indicting certain coaches of such mischief to the detriment of our nation (#Alaba and others…).

    Amoo is good but Olise pass am wella plus others based on current form and standing. It’s too bad, Sad!!!

    • pompei 2 years ago

      We really need that to keep rampant corruption at bay.
      It should be called the DAVID ALABA law.
      We lost out on the pitch on such a great talent because of someone’s big stomach.
      We have to make up for that loss by finding other ways to benefit from his talent and knowledge.
      We should let Alaba know that when he quits football, we want him to come and be a talent scout for us. Possibly help to run a Nigeria-based academy. Possibly coach the SE, if he decides to get his coaching badges. He will of course also need to acquire some solid coaching experience before his is given the coaching job.
      We have to benefit from this guy somehow, ANYHOW. We can’t afford to just lose out on him completely!
      Alaba loves Nigeria so much, for whatever reason. He won’t hesitate for one second if his assistance is requested.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    let him play for southgate for only one time. He will surely dump him after that. Nigeria got talent. Amoo is the new King-in-waiting. You shall soon see what we, the believers are talking about.

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