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England Vs Senegal Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Round of 16

England Vs Senegal Live Blogging – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Round of 16

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match between the Three Lions
of England and the Teranga Lions of Senegal at Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor.

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  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Ghana was unbelievably and arguably the TOUGHEST GROUP in this worldcup and group h turned out to be the GROUP OF DEATH 

    Ghana did well and if we had found ourselves in any other group, Ghana wldve qualified easily 

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    See how easy it’s for England haha 

    Senegal this, Senegal that but see how easy it’s …. Twerka 

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Senegal dey collect.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago


    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      Ghana was never outplayed in none of our matches 

      We rather had them on the ROPES in each of our matches 

      They wldnt give us CREDIT tho 

  • Wotowoto has finally arrive oooo

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Wotwotwofication is happening right now and it wasn’t Ghana tho haha 

    Senegal is BEEN WOTWOFIY haha 

    Ghana was Africans best team in this wc …. Quite unfortunately we were in unbelievably TOUGH group alas group of death 

    Senegal wldnt have survived in Ghana’s group 

    Beating Qatar isn’t the same as beating South Korea 

    • Ghana really tried but they couldn’t push they could have done better against Portugal and Uruguay.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Selfie, Did I hear you say Ghana was the best African team in Qatar? Wetin you dey smoke bro? Oh I guess you meant best team from the rear………….you amazed the least points of all African team but here you are saying you’re the best.

      Stop deceiving yourself 

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago


        Frankly did u watched all our matches? Ghana played a free flowing football during the group stages and there’s no where in our matches that, we were outplayed!

        In fact, against Portugal, we should’ve drawn that match and we outplayed Portugal in the latter stages of the game and had them on the rope!!

        Against South Korea, we also outplayed them except the 10 mins extra when they had us on the rope and this South Korean team went on to beat Portugal which shows that, the group was easily matched!

        Against Uruguay, we outplayed them in the second half and we also had them on the rope but the penalty truly affected us!

        There’s no point in our games that any team outplayed us 

        Remember, this Ghanas team is youthful side with a lot of debutants and considering where we were after afcon been defeated by Comoros and going to the WC with this performance, Ghana did well DOC 

        Looking at how England outplayed and made senegal looked that bad, senegal was very weak than the Ghanaian team and they wldnt have survived in the Ghanas group!!

        Beating Qatar isn’t the same as beating South Korea or playing well against Portugal 

  • Senegal got their formation all wrong. They were heavily susceptible to counterattacks which harmed them gravelly in the first half. Their defenders were neatly drawn out of position while they struggled to really stamp their authority on the game.

    I had expected a more compelling and commanding display from the Teranger Lions who sadly allowed England to make light work of them.

    Were Senegal overconfident? Did they overestimate their capabilities?

    Expectations of what Senegal could produce were really high going into this encounter. At the end of the day, I guess I can say’all are not hunters that blow the horn’.

    Better luck next time, Senegal; this has been truly a damp, disappointing squib!

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      No it wasn’t becasue of any tactics 

      It was because African teams goes to the WC with no CREATIVE player in their midfield

      Is all about BRAWL OVER BRAINS and when the opposition put men behind the ball like England did against Senegal, they become BRAINDEAD!!

      European clubs has turned all out creative players into DEFENSIVE midfielders and special mentioned is Mikel obi who was a creative gem in the under 20 but lost it all in the epl

      Senegal took BRAWL GIANTS.. brawl over brains 

      Brawl can’t unlocked a tight defense ….. creativity does 

  • Monte 2 years ago

    Africans can’t compete at this stage because of age cheating in underage tournaments. Most of our players are almost 40 years

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      We can’t compete becasue we lacked CREATIVE players or creative midfielders who can unlocked opposition defense!!

      It’s isn’t stoping as long as we export all our players to European clubs as they ll modify them to suit their clubs

      They turned them into SLAVE MODE players aka Django running headlessly on the pitch with little brains lol 

      We are doomed 

  • respect is reciprocal 2 years ago

    Am not surprised. Africa is not ready for the world stage. It’s high time we told ourselves the truth in 100 years to come no team from Africa can get to the semi final. We have the players but don’t have the organization required at this level. Look at the way African champion were taught basic football.
    No local African coach can out think European coaches. Men oyinbo too get sense. It takes wisdom to win matches .At a time England wanted to press them but it became too hard to penetrate the Senegalese because they look compact,so they switched tactics and allow senegal to come to them that African lose shape when they attack.

    • tancosport 2 years ago

      To just nailed it my brother. That’s why I laugh when people keep talking about local coaches. Football is now science, you need technique and right organization to win any match. That’s why Ghana will play with all their determination and strenght yet they will concede two goals within 7 minutes through a simple tactics. Africa still have a long way to go, especially teams from sub-Saharan countries.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      When I said a few days ago that 300 years will go by and no African coach will win the world cup, I wasnt speaking out of lack of patriotism.

      The world cup is not U- football where we triumph with players 15 years older than the age bracket.

      Argentina and Belgium still have remnants of their 2008 U23 teams…..none of our made it to the 2014 world cup (6 years later) except the only player that played with his real age (Osaze Odemwingie)

      Currently (6 years after) The only surviving and active regular from our 2016 U23 team is the only player that played with his real age (Troost-Ekong).

      We cant build anything sustainable operating like that. Same way we cant make any appreciable impact with the level of football information and education most of our coaches are exposed to. Not to talk of the organization and administration from our FAs

      The way the English team made light work of the Champions of Africa is something we need to go back and meditate upon.

      Ironically, give this same Senegalese team to Didier Deschamps and let them train at Clairefontaine and they wouldnt be wooped like little babies like this.

      As much as some people want to “fail with their own”, it makes no sense that we just waste talent all on the altar of trying to prove what doesn’t exist.

      We have just witnessed who an entire generation of young Nigerian players were wasted by a bunch of hate-filled backward thinking people all because they wanted the job of the chief shepherd of the team to be based on skin colour. Whoever thinks the Chukwuezes, Osimhens, Ainas, Zaidus, Iwobis, Ndidis etc we are seeing now are still going to be the ones we will see in 2026 is fooling merely himself.

      The world cup will be a century old in its next 2 editions….the fact that we still cannot reach its last 4 since inception leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        England defense was playin HIGH UP and one creative player cldve spilt their high defensive line open but they have none!!

        Until the day Africa nations have a strong creative players we aren’t competing with these teams 

  • George Emeka Omoko 2 years ago

    I read the comments above and went to watch the highlights because I was in church when the match was played. A loss is a loss but the march was not as bad. First of all, Poland was beaten 3-1 by France and nobody claimed that the Polish Coach was inadequate. Coach Cisse played professionally in many countries including the English league and successfully coached Senegal for many years. My problem with Senegal is Goalkeeper Mendy. I am a chelsea fan and Mendy allowed all the praises in his first year to get into his head and started making mistakes. he did not inspire confidence in the England march. Senegal tried in light of losing Mane, around whom their team was built.

    It seems that people are forgetting that Morocco is an African country? Morocco coached by an African topped their group, yet many are not mentioning Morocco as the best performing country. Let us give credit where credit is due. All five African countries to this WC tried and Morocco has been number 1 thus far. It doesn’t mean that if they should lose to Spain, then their coach, a Moroccan is deficient.

    As for Nigeria, we have many problems with our nation and our football. European coaches have coached us in the past and we didn’t win the WC! Coach Rohr took us to the WC and we didn’t get to the next round. Nigerian coaches have taken us to the WC and we didn’t do better. So Rohr this, Rohr that, is not the solution because Rohr took us to Russia and how did we perform? I personally was upset at the manner of Rohr’s sacking, but we need to move on. I read a former SE write about coaches begging invited players for perfumes (colognes) and that shows that it is possible that the best players are being invited for one reason or the other. NFA invited Nigerians born abroad to the lower age teams only to come up with one fake reason or the other about why they were ultimately dropped. Nigeria would have finished Saka if was invited before he became a star at Arsenal. We have many Nigerians doing awesome in different leagues and someone is failing to invite them and be given honest chances to showcase their talents. Someone previously mentioned age cheating aand their belief that most of our players not born abroad were age cheats, while I can’t say yes or no, his analysis was great. Just think of the rubbish that a former player in the NNPL who was already a graduate claimed that he was about 18 years when he transferred to Europe? Who are we deceiving? We need to start doing things on merit and we will go far with honest local or foreign coaches.

    We will surely get there one day and this WC has been Africa’s best in terms of all five teams that participated. Even if Nigeria under Eguavoen had qualified, they would also have done well, but it is too late to dwell on the past. Let us see what the future holds for Nigeria and Africa in football and life generally. A dynamic change in our mindesets is a starting point. Thanks and Happy Sunday.

    • Glory 2 years ago

      Many many thanks to you @ George Omoko. This is the most complete and honest post I have come to read. Very satisfying. Bless you man.

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