Enjoy Watching Soccer With These Tips

Enjoy Watching Soccer With These Tips

Soccer is not one of the traditional sports in America. However, it is becoming popular throughout the years. Americans have a lot of experience in basketball, football, and baseball. But to say the least, they are inexperienced when it comes to soccer.

Before we get ready for the forthcoming World Cup, here are some dos and don’ts for soccer fans:

Choose a Team

It is fun if you select a team in the World Cup and place a friendly bet. Do this like how you place a bet in sbobet88. You can choose a team that will go all the way. Or you can just select your side match.

Make sure that you do some research first to understand the offside and how it can affect the game. Indeed, this is a tricky topic. For the next five minutes, you will know the next matchups and which teams are the audiences’ favorites. You can also find which players are injured or who has the highest-earning player.

Remember that Soccer is not Just a Game

For anyone that claims that the World Cup is just another game, their comment should be ignored. The World Cup is the most popular sport. The Super Bowl can entice the audience worth 100 million and there is nothing wrong with this. However, the estimated audience of the World Cup is around 3.2 billion.

In the World Cup, you can witness real passion. Many fans care about the game, whether it’s in Rio or Anfield. Thus, this is not just an ordinary game as you may call it.

Soccer Fan Knows and Understand the Rules

A true soccer fan knows that the rules used in the World Cup are similar to the Derby. Amongst the 32 teams competing in the World Cup, only one winner will be hailed in the end.

One of the famous soccer coaches was Bill Shankly. He is popular for any Liverpool fan. According to him, if you are first then you are first. If you are just a second place, then you are nothing.

The World Cup Boasts its Language

The World Cup uses its language just like in sbobet88. As a fan, see to it that you are using the right words during the game. In the World Cup, there are no time outs, quarters, and playbook. One spot-kick is equivalent to a penalty.

If the game’s score is nil-nil, then it’s nil-nil. It is not equivalent to zero-zero. The zip is not used in the scorecard.

Furthermore, the linesman is described as the assistant referee. For not spotting an offside player, he can be called as blind as bat.

It is Hard to Understand the Offside Rule

A player can be offside whenever he is closer to the goal line versus the ball and the last defender. He must be in the half of the field of the opposition.

To become an offside, the player must be situated in front of the ball. There must be less than two players between him and the goal line. This is true when the ball is played on to him by one of his teammates.

Indeed, the offside rule is hard to understand. Meanwhile, the assistant referee will use his discretion to determine if a player is offside or onside.

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