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Enyeama: I Won’t Apportion Blame On Uzoho For Eagles Failure To Qualify For Qatar

Enyeama: I Won’t Apportion Blame On Uzoho For Eagles Failure To Qualify For Qatar

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama has revealed that he won’t blame Super Eagles goalkeeper, Francis Uzoho for Nigeria’s inability not to qualify for Qatar 2022.

Francis Uzoho, who replaced injured Maduka Okoye, made a costly error that ultimately eliminated the Super Eagles.


In an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday, Enyeama feels it would be difficult for Uzoho, Okoye and Akpeyi to step into his shoes.

“It is time we face the future and keep moving. I don’t want to apportion blame,” Enyeama said on Channels Television.

“I listened to what George also said the other time we cannot have another Jay-Jay Okocha same that we cannot have another Vincent Enyeama, it is the truth.

“What I did for Nigeria you cannot really comprehend, it’s time that will tell.

“I’m going to say we have to do with what we have. I didn’t really see what happened during the match but the truth is that there’s only one Vincent Enyeama and we only have to encourage and support them, these guys need confidence.

“It’s sad that everybody was talking about goalkeeping before the game. These guys have to go through massive pressure to live up to the billing.

“Everyone wants another Vincent Enyeama in Uzoho, everyone wants another Vincent Enyeama in Akpeyi and Okoye which is very difficult and putting massive pressure on the young lads.”


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  • KangA 1 year ago

    Oga V E, you’re not helping matters, really. Maybe it’s the corrupt system that is disturbing you, but why not join the SE coaching crew, even if it’s for a limited period?

    • Emevor 1 year ago

      Vincent Enyeama was an above average goalkeeper He was good, but definitely not cast in the same mold as Thomas Nkono, Antoine Bell or even the Senegalese Mendy. He was erratic like the British weather, constantly alternating between hot and cold. Who can forget how South African Tokeli Rantie dribbled a sprawling Enyeana like a rookie before scoring a second in the 2-2 Super Eagles draw with South Africa in Uyo. Besides, he was Leon Messi’s favorite ‘keeper at the 2014 World Cup —, if you know what I mean.

      • Weyinmi Oritse 1 year ago

        It was Daniel Akpeyi that was beaten by Tokelo Rantie, not Enyama. Fool!

  • Four four two 1 year ago

    It’s possible. Very possible to have another Eyama Vincent. All we have to do is [1] over the keeper trainer department of SE. 5 years no capable keeper discovered home or abroad? In a country of 200million people. The time for Alloy Agu to step down is now. This is the third time in a row that the SE have been let down by poor goal keeping. Some forumites will remember vividly how I expressed some doubt in one of my articles on this forum that SE will not go over Ghana except we fix the goal keeping department. It nice we didn’t qualify to go and be disgrace among world class stickers. The Ghana keeper plays for a fourth division team. Sometimes been in a top team is all about luck. That’s why we must list the qualities of a keeper we truly desire .Then go out there and search for him ; home and abroad. There are so many waiting to be discovered.

    • Emecco 1 year ago

      Guy, Enyeama.was an excellent goal keeper, you are mentioning Messi at 2014, why didnt you mention Messi at 2010?, Enyeama has saved our blushes on several occasions, he only bleeps on few occasions which is normal, Even Mendy, De Gea, Buffon , Casillas,Neuer, Czech, or even Nkono or Bell bleeps sometimes.

  • Will He force himself on NFF.
    Don’t expect him to start blaming openly the present set of keepers that we have.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    “….Everyone wants another Vincent Enyeama in Uzoho, everyone wants another Vincent Enyeama in Akpeyi and Okoye which is very difficult and putting massive pressure on the young lads….”

    Yes, everybody wants to see the Enyeama of 2010 with close to 80 caps, when none of our current GKs even have 20 caps yet.

    They want to see an aeroplane fly without it taxing to the runway first. Infact at a point, an aeroplane is first pushed before it starts moving on its own.

    Ive told them before, let them go and pick their messainic goalkeepers from wherever then want….If its in this same SE they will come and have their 1st cap, I give anyone who cares to listen guarantees that they will go this same learning curve these young boys are going through and we will never stop gnashing teeth and conjuring goalkeeping problems where there are none.

    Was it not because of consecutive goalkeeping blunders against Maccabi Pekah Tiva and Netanya Adeleye lost his 1st team shirt in his club…? Was it not because of goalkeeping blunders Matthews lost his starting shirt at Sered…? Was it not because of goalkeeping blunders Osigwe is almost 3rd choice at his club now…? So who is giving y’all guarantees these perceived messiahs have some fairytale immunities…?

    Akpeyi was not good, Ezenwa was not good, Uzoho is not good, Okoye is not good….these are all trusted and accomplished GKs at their clubs…all simply because they have not become Vincent Enyeama in their first 10 or 15 caps.

    Even Enyeama himself had his catalogue of errors that cost us a lot while he was still growing. The last time I checked, the ball slipped under his armpit into the net in the 1-1 draw vs Angola in Abuja that eliminated us from qualifying for the 2006 WC too.

    • As much as I respect your opinion, What you wrote here about Enyeama is total gibberish. Enyeama didn’t have this type of Goalkeeping errors during his early years. He only had a challenge with stopping penalties. Note, the game against Angola was played in Kano, not Abuja and it was a second half free kick from Angola’s Figurado that sent us out of the 2006 World cup. Enough of this whole rubbish goal keepings we have seen lately, it’s time to look for a proper Goalkeeper.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha…Mr ungibberish…LMAOooo.

        Agreed the game vs Angola was in Kano….my bad.

        Did the freekick not creep under his armpit into the net…????

        Was it not the same Enyeama who was in goal when he was beaten at his near post in Luanda too

        What about the 2nd and 3 goals he conceded vs Brazil in Abuja…? misjudging a cross and dropping a harmless shot onto the feet of Adriano respectively.

        For time’s sake I can go on and on.

        And was it not his mishandling of a corner kick he should have punched out that contributed in eliminating us fro, Brazil 2014 WC…??

        Yes we know Enyeama is a legend and you guys dont like seeing your legends being portrayed as infallible, but the truth is that Enyeama gave a a fiar share of calamites as our no 1 goalkeeper to last us a generation

        So much for respect for opinion.

        • onipe ojo david 1 year ago

          Look at this fool. Enemy. What about what he has done for ur country.

          • Sideen 1 year ago

            Enyeama is still arguably our best goalie of all time in a Super Eagles shirt. He gives his all when tending the goal post and he was always very committed to national cause. We don’t have any goalie that can be compared to him at the moment and he wasn’t this daft in post like this new generation. He knows how to form wall and issue instructions during his time. Do we have same level of goal keeping at the moment?. Let’s call a spade a spade we don’t have any goalie at the moment that’s it.

      • KENNETH 1 year ago

        God bless you for unearthing his lies. That’s hiw he will write epistle here and so gullible ones will not verify his story. Born liar. Yoi know the ones you can fool. Mr parrot. Selfmade king.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Between you who claimed there is nothing like Player-coach in football and I who taught you eventually, who is the bigger born liar…??? LMAOooo

          That you even masquerade as Ade and Kenneth whenever is pleases you shows how much of a filthy pig you are….LMAoooo

          I can see your envy knows no bound….LMAOoo. Na real unearthing of lies….LMAOoo.

          You get brain naim you nor dey write your own epistles, but only always come to beg your master-in- lies, jimmylie to step out the arena from further humiliation in the hands of this parrot…? LMAooo.

          See how my epistles are pouring acid in his intestines…LMAooo

          Im sure you were still living in refuse dumps in 2005 when the game was played and never saw the game, that is why the fact that the ball creeping underneath Enyeama into the net for Angola’s equalizer is a lie to you….LMAoooo

          Ive never seen a bigger imbecile than this kid…LMAOooo

          • KENNETH 1 year ago

            When you caught lying, you foolish self result to insults, have told you it’s only gullible forumites that will not verify any of your stories. Till date we still awaiting the cup your white coach won in switzerland. Abi the bercaubaur was player coach at cosmos. Oga i don’t have time for your lies, simple.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…till date we are still waiting for you to go and learn proper English to know the difference between Swiss cup finalist and Swiss cup winner….LMAooo. Olofo oshi…..in this age and time you dont know the difference between the two…..LMAOooo.

            Your illiteracy and poor comprehension of English are the ones lying to you…..LMAOooo

            Till today you still wouldnt know what a player coach is and would have still been arguing blindly that there’s nothing like player coach in football until Dr.Drey taught you wat it is….LMAoooo

            So if you didnt even know what a player coach is how do you want to know wat Beckenbauer was doing at cosmos…..??? Olodo. I posted the link to the autobiography here several times, illiterate okponu refused to read it to clear his laughable ignorance……LMAooooo

          • KENNETH 1 year ago

            Look at this born liar. You want to twist your words now, because your hands was caught in the cookie jar. Why didn’t you say all this when you were caught. Abeg look for another lie to give us. At the end of the day someone can still read what i typed and digest the content. We all know parrots like to talk and am not one of them. We have asked you for links showing Franz was a player coach. Even Ny cosmos website didn’t state any. So who is fooling who. Liar of the highest order.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha…ode oshi. I’ve been saying the same things for ages…..the exact same things, but because you are a stark illiterate who struggles to comprehend English, you rather prefer to listen to your own lies because of your envy and hatred of Dr.Drey….LMAOoo. Dr.Drey must be a liar by force in order to make you feel less bad about being a pathetic lair yourself…..LMAOooo

            I shared an entire autobiography here for your to read, okponu like you refused to read it to clear his laughable ignorance…..LMAOooo

            You never even knew anything like player coach existed before, until I lectured you properly about it…LMAOooo..so how on earth do you want to know when a player is a player coach……LMAOoo


            Yea, I agree with you that at the end of the day someone can still read this discussion and know who the desperate lair is between the 2 of us….LMAooo

          • KENNETH 1 year ago

            Stop with the lies, everyone clearly saw what you wrote here. Please stop denying what we all clearly know, i will only beg forumites to recheck your epistle here before collecting there brownie points from you. You just a deluded moron. Please let them ask you to give us link where franz was a layer coach for NY cosmos

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha….yes…everyone has been seeing what I have been writing here, that is why nobody has cared and still cares to listen to you and your senselessness because they know who the real liar is between you and I……LMAooooo. I posted the autobiography here severally olodo like you never read it….Its today idiot wants to read…LMAOooooo

            You shouldnt even be opening your mouth to talk because you dont even know what a player-coach is in the first instance…..LMAOooo

            Or have you forgortten your stupid argument…..”How is it possible to be playing and coaching at the same time”……LMAOooo

            Ode olodo rabata

            Between you and I who sounds like a deluded moron on this forum….lMAOoo.

            Who sounds like the desperado struggling in vain to blackmail Dr.Drey……lmaooo…to the point of calling running around trying to convince everyone Im the Ghanaian guy who has been trolling Nigerian sites ever since the days of Kickoff…….LMAOooo

            That is how senseless you are…..and nobody associates with senseless people like you….except your type. Who know you….?? LMAOoooo

  • Is it not this same Enyeama that costs us games especially when it goes to penalty shootout. That is the problem with some of our former players. When they leave the team they will start talking as if they were invincible.
    Carl Ikeme could even be better than Enyeama with the little I saw from him before he became sick

  • Lollipops 1 year ago

    “ Our Local Content Rubbish Coaches”, Ex – Internationals, Sunday Dare and NFF president who clamored for the sacked of Rohr cost us. The above mentioned people destabilized and killed the morale of the team. “ We opened our eyes wide and sacked a coach that produce results without headache” in the name of “ oh he’s not playing beautiful football, oh he’s too stiff, oh blah, blah, blah. In Nigeria, when it comes to making the right decisions we always struggle, I don’t know why.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    BABA just use the opportunity HYPE himself..

    Instead of profer SOLUTION..

    You must not be given a job with the COACHING CREW before you profer solution to the GK DEPARTMENT…

    Thats how I see it…

  • pompei 1 year ago

    It’s Uzoho’s fault, abi?
    Granted, Uzoho made a huge mistake. He should have made that save.
    But is Uzoho also to blame that Nigeria failed to find the net of this Ghana side from open play after 180 minutes? If we had scored just a goal from open play in each of Kumasi and Abuja, would we not be planning our trip to Qatar right now?
    We created enough chances against Ghana, but we failed to take them.
    We keep saying we are strong in the attack. Are we? Really? We have all these strikers painting their clubs red with goals, but they become toothless once they were green-white-green.
    Only Osimhen seems to have the same hunger that we see him display at his club.
    Is it stage fright? Is it that our wingers and midfielders are not doing a good job of providing the needed assists? We’ve got a striker like Onuachu who can’t stop scoring for Genk. Look at the way Genk play, the way Ito and Bongonda keep Onuachu well supplied with crosses into the box, and you have your answer!
    A good coach can fix this problem we have in our attack. Once our attack is fixed, the SE will fly once again. Even with fumbling goalies, weak midfield and all what not, as long as we score goals regularly, we will be difficult to beat. We are blessed with good strikers. We just need to get a coach who will create the environment these boys need to do what they do best.

    • KENNETH 1 year ago

      Please what exactly needs to be fixed in the attack from what you saw yesterday. Am still trying to wrap my head on exactly what the coach was to do. You had an over hyped Dennis just dancing on the ball. No sense of urgency. Same with lookman. At the ones they went to beg to play for us did absolutely nothing. Is that Eguaveons fault

      • pompei 1 year ago

        If the players fail to perform on the pitch, whose fault is it, ultimately?
        Eguavoen and his assistants are professionals. They invited these guys, based on qualities they saw in them. They watched them in training, although the time was not sufficient. Regardless, if the boys had done well, he will have received the plaudits. Now that things went south, its him that bears the responsibility.
        Instead of just telling the players to go into the pitch and enjoy/express themselves, why not give them specific instructions. Ask the wingers to cross the ball into the box, to utilize Osimhen’s height and aggressiveness.
        Osimhen’s energy should be used for attacking crosses coming into the box, and making runs to receive passes, not running around trying to create opportunities for himself, because he’s getting no service. That’s what he does nowadays playing for Nigeria. The boy has to work so hard all by himself, because he’s getting very little help!
        Ask the players to step up and take shots at goal, force the opponent’s goalie to make some saves. Ask the fullbacks to step up and also whip crosses into the box. Specific instructions like that give the players a clear picture of what the team needs, and what they need to do to help the team. A good coach is an expert at:
        1) Identifying what a team needs – noting problems and coming up with solutions.
        2) Communicating with his players.
        One thing I have noticed that we need to work on is our players hardly take shots at goal. I see it often when other teams play. See how Partey took it upon himself to take a shot at Uzoho. If it was our player, he would be looking to pass, or dribble. Our players need that predatory mindset. If they find themselves around the opponent’s i8 yard box, they should be looking for opportunities to shoot at goal. Accurate, hard shots. Let the goalkeeper make the save, if he can. Often, the goalie fumbles the ball, and our forwards have a tap in. Or the goalie makes a mistake, and the ball goes in. None of these will happen if you don’t shoot.
        No wonder we find goals hard to come by these days. There is a reason why they say IF YOU DON’T SHOOT, YOU DON’T SCORE.
        Instead of taking just a couple of shots at goal in a whole match, the coach can set a target for the team. I want to see at least 7 good, hard shots at goal, shots that force the opponent’s goalie to make a save. If the team can implement just that alone, I can almost guarantee you that we will start seeing more goals. Of course there are other things that can be done to sharpen our attack That is why we need a coach who knows his onions.

        • KENNETH 1 year ago

          Please pompei, let us stop this habit of blaming the coaching crew. Was it eguavoen fault when simon didn’t score in kumasi, was it eguavoen’s fault that allowed the goal to go in. The players have to check themselves. The final decision rest on there soilder’s on the field. The coach wouldn’t come in and start playing. For me the players cost us this game. Some of them don’t have what it is to play for the eagles. The first half was great, the 2nd half was crap

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Are you replying that imbecile…??? LMAOoo

          Every fool out there except the olodo knows that a simple change of tactics from the bench would have changed the game.

          Every imbecile out there except the dindinrin knows that we needed extra hands in the midfield to help our outnumbered CM/DM. How can 2 midfielders battle alone with 5 on the Ghanaian side INCLUDING PARTEY…? Partey alone is 2 and a half midfielders in one.

          Every Idiot out there except that fool knows that we needed to get our wingers away from the touchlines to attack the penalty box and leave our fullbacks to be the ones overlapping to give pull outs….Bassey has fantastic crosses, Ola Aina too has…….olodo coaches refused to use it to our advantage….rather they were expecting Simon and Dennis to express themselves based on whatever comes to their heads…..LMAoooo

          Every Bastard out there except that Okponu knows that we needed a tall, sleeky and slimy striker like Sadiq to come in to partner osimhen in the box and give us more height advantage in addition to that of Osimhen. so that the probability of crosses reaching one Nigerian forward in the Ghanaian box increases.

          In a nutshell a switch of formation to a 3-5-2 would have turned things around for good for us…..LMAOoo. But black brained specialist in failure and his 9 failed assistants cant use their common sense if at all they have any. They stuck to their outdated table soccer tactics from minute 1 to minute 94. A tactic that has stopped working since the end of the group stages of AFCON…..LMAOooo

          As the elders usually say, Only an idiot does the same thing the same way and expects a different results. If one thing isnt working for you, will you be jailed if your swithc to another…??

          But illiterate mumu is coming to ask stupid questions here about what Eguavoen should have done…..LMAOooo. You should have told him that Eguavoen should have come to give him a dirty slap in his house….LMAOooo

  • Truth be told, we don’t have a good technical adviser….
    Even the NFF board remoted Austin to make some changes he needed not to…
    A certain wingers or so to say players soaked pressures in Kumasi…only for u to change them in Nigeria and put new ones for what naa?, He couldn’t even stood on his own; I know he is much short of technical know-how..
    At a time it looked as if it was a war against the ibo boys in the team….All he did was to sideline all of them..
    The result showed itself, becuase u dare not do experiment with Ghana match which is an important match for us…
    Imagine a coach that couldn’t request for friendly to taste his players, …?
    It’s good we didn’t qualify, let them go and sort themselves out before the next world cup..in general nothing is working in Nigeria.. University students are still at Home..

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    @Enyeama, na wa oo! Is it the goal post that we should blame. Anybody that has watched football long enough knows it was a GK error, haba!!

    Let us call a spade a spade.

  • I am d next Vincent enyeama of Nigeria by God’s grace.if u watch d match very well u will notice dat our goalkeeper was on serious pressure bcos all eyes was on him.and d reason why okoye refused to come was dat he was afraid he wasn’t sick . don’t worry Nigeria I will replace Vincent enyeama in Jesus name.

  • Arndy cole 1 year ago

    Enyeama also make mistakes.. Our goalkeepers are not bad.

  • Kenny 1 year ago

    Enyema you made us not to Qualify for 2006 World cup, Brazil scored you 3 Goals at Abuja Stadium in 2003, you opened the gate of bad Luck at our stadium by conceding 3 Goals. You were shouting Udeze Udeze out of Fear and Panic. We win as a team and we lose as a team period. Stop point fingers at the Goal keepers. If you were not given a chance will you be where you are today.

  • National Teams technical crews

    Super Eagles
    Tech. Adviser………. foreign (All National Teams)
    Chief coach…………Ndubuisi Egbo ​
    1st Asst oach……..Finidi George
    Trainer…………… foreign
    Gk trainer……..Enyeama
    Player scout……Tunde Adelakun(all NTs)
    Opposition scout….. foreign (all NTs)
    Video Analyst……..foreign (all NTs)
    Apprentice………..Joseph Yobo

    Dream Team………….U23
    C. Coach…………Amuneke
    Assistant……….Henry Nwosu
    Gk trainer………Peter Rufai

    Flying Eagles………….U20
    C. Coach……Finidi George
    Assistant…..Nduka Ugbade
    Gk trainer….. Carl Ikeme

    Golden Eaglets…………U17
    Coach………… Manu Garba
    Assistant…….. Joseph Yobo
    Assistant…….. Even Ambrose
    Gk trainer……. Shorunmu

    Technical Director…. Mike Emenalo
    Asst Tech Director… Seyi Olofinjana

    Technical Study Group………..
    Sunday Oliseh
    Mutiu Adepoju
    King Kanu Nwankwo

    Tech department ………..
    Mumuni Alao – media
    Chuckujeku – referees
    Mercy Akide – Women soccer
    + members of the Tech study Group
    + Technical directors

    Nff president
    JJ Okocha

    Vice president

    Collins Udoh