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Eredivisie: Okoye Concedes In 7th Consecutive Games As Sparta Rotterdam Lose 4-0 At Home

Eredivisie: Okoye Concedes In 7th Consecutive Games As Sparta Rotterdam Lose 4-0 At Home 

It was a terrible day in the office for Maduka Okoye as Sparta Rotterdam were hammered 4-0 at home to Cambuur, in the Dutch Eredivisie on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

Okoye has now conceded in all of Sparta Rotterdam’s seven games played so far this season.


The Super Eagles first choice has shipped in 14 goals in the early stages of the current campaign.

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Zenith Ziva

Sunday’s humiliating defeat to Cambuur means Sparta Rotterdam are winless in their last three games  (two draws, one loss).

Alex Bangura opened scoring for Cambuur on 36 minutes before Issa Kallon doubled their lead in the 63rd minute.

Kallon got his second of the game and Canbuur’s third on 74 minutes and in the 94th minute Tom Boere rounded off the rout by adding the fourth for the visitors.

The defeat leaves Sparta in 13th position on six points in the 18-team league table.

By James Agberebi 

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  • If Okoye finds himself playing second fiddle for both club n country, he should not feel disenchanted but use such situation to address his obvious weak points; concentration, confidence, reflexes, good understanding of his goal area. HE REMAINS A HUGE HUGE TALENT WITH GREAT POTENTIAL. MAYBE HE IS ONLY SUFFERING FROM BEING THROWN INTO THE DEEP END TOO EARLY.

  • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

    Oh dear!A goalkeeper is as good as his defence though in some cases it’s never the defence.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      You just spoke my mind. Thank God its neither Agu nor Rohr that calls the shots in his club and still keep fielding him. Neither are is he fully white. Otherwise if he were to be at fault, he wouldn’t be starting games up till now.

      If Okoye is at fault for the goals Sparta are conceding, is he also the one at fault for the strikers who are not scoring…? Is he also at fault for the midfield which isnt creative going forward or solid when defending, not to talk of the defence.

      It was this same Okoye’s outstanding perfomances in goal last season that helped Sparta finish in Europa Conference qualification zone of at the end of the season

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        See them make more excuses I sorry for those who see you as their mouth piece. I would have used one word to qualify you all but it’s Sunday and I have come to realize that you’re a temptation so I will not use the appropriate word but hope you’ll have a better sense of judgement as a prayer for you and your kindred. Shalom!

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          If you have been praying for yourself and your own kindred, you wouldnt be using a car that consumes $100 worth of fuel in less than a week….LMAOOoo…. yet be the richest one in the family who gets worshipped by his siblings because he’s their only home for survival. The rest of your kindred must be driving wheel barrows. Channel your praying energy towards them.

          At least some people trust me enough to be see me as their mouth piece. Can same be said about you…? with all the lies you pollute this place with…? Its the same forum, same anonymous setting, yet I am trusted while you are known to be a pathetic liar and emptily-arrogant wannabe….LMAOoooo

          Focus your prayers on yourself first…that is even if they ever get answered. Because you’ve prayed 3 good times on this forum in the the last 3 years that I should die and here I am today. He that the Almighty God has not killed no man can.

          Hugo Lloris has just conceded 3 goals for 3 straight games…he is a bad goalkeeper and should never be anywhere near the French national team again. If it happens then Deschamps must be collecting bribe from him.

          I feel sorrier for whoever calls you daddy. May God not punish us with daft fathers.

  • Calamity awaiting to happen if he’s made the eagles first choice keeper. Any shot directed towards this guy is a goal

  • A headline of a national team goalkeeper conceding 4 goals always – initially – sends chills down the spine of fans.

    But, upon reflection one tends to revert to the original position of concluding that “things aren’t as bad as the headlines read”.

    If a goalkeeper concedes that many goals, it is an indictment on the team’s defenders and midfielders and even attackers who need to track back to chip in their fair share of defensive duties.

    Having said that though, Okoye himself is a goalkeeper who is still honing his goalkeeper skills. From the few games of his I saw for Nigeria, I noticed several areas of improvement.

    His decisions to come out, his starting position, his reflexes and low parries are all areas to work on.

    He looks the part but doesn’t always play the part for Nigeria. When our defence is relatively untroubled, he has a good day. When pressure is piled on our defence, the goals will rain in!

    Enyeama bailed us out against Argentina in 2010 world cup when 4:0 to Argentina would have been a fair scoreline. I am not comparing Okoye to Enyeama. Rather, I am illustrating a case where a porous defence can either be bailed out by a great goalkeeper or where the scoreline can be reduced by the heroics of a goalkeeper.

    Okoye does not have heroics in him at the moment. Hopefully, this will come with time.

    But for now, if the defence in front of him should be flaky, wobbly, porous or sleeping, one cannot necessarily count on Okoye to come to the rescue.

    Hence the 4 goals he conceded against Sierra Leone and the 1 goal he conceded on his near side against Cape Verde when our right fullback went to a fishing expedition.

    This lad is young and destined to be around for another 15 years. With each passing day, he will develop and improve. And then become a truly top quality goalkeeper.

    For now, it is not unwise to try other hands for Nigeria who might be that be sharper with a more robust and compelling goalkeeper skills.

    My money is on that young lad based in Israel: Adebayo Adeleye


    • Indeed Adebayo Adeleye (Nigeria U17 2017) in his debut premier league season in Israel has the following stats:

      8 games Played
      5 Clean sheets
      6 Goals conceded
      1 penalty saved in the Toto cup

      League alone (excluding cup games)
      4 games played
      3 clean sheets
      3 goals conceded

      He is indeed the keeper in form.

      Add on Sebastian Osigwe for a bit of experience (age 27). He’s done pretty well in the last two games in the Swiss Premier league.
      He is his club’s second choice goalkeeper, but the good news 9for him that is0 is that he gets called up as their first choice keeper is almost guaranteed to be out with injury at least twice a season
      Today he made three excellent saves in the last 5 minutes of their match away at Luzern to grab all three points winning 3-2. One of the goals against him was a penalty

      • Oakfield 4 weeks ago

        This guy seems good. He has good command over his vital area and handles the ball very well. His reflexes are good as well and has exuberating confidence. Rohr should give him an opportunity to prove himself.

        • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

          @Oakfield… this is the first time you will issue a post that is truly partiotic.

          If more of your likes can come out once in a while to state the obvious, Super Eagles will be based purely on merit as at today.

          Kudos to you… we know what and where we want our Super Eagles to be with the rest of the footballing world.

          Imagine the feat accomplished by Cameroon in 1990, they were not even at that time so far ahead of Nigeria player for player.

          What carried Cameroon through to the point that referee had to bail England out in the Quarter finals were pure guts… that is where we want SE to be at… football na eleven against eleven at the highest level… no player has three legs or two heads.

          If truth must be spoken, Okoye no even reach to be U-23 goalkeeper for Nigeria yet.

  • A headline of a national team goalkeeper conceding 4 goals always – initially – sends chills down the spine of fans.

    But, upon reflection one tends to revert to the original position of concluding that “things aren’t as bad as the headlines read”.

    If a goalkeeper concedes that many goals, it is an indictment on the team’s defenders and midfielders and even attackers who need to track back to chip in their fair share of defensive duties.

    Having said that though, Okoye himself is a goalkeeper who is still honing his goalkeeper skills. From the few games of his I saw for Nigeria, I noticed several areas of improvement.

    His decisions to come out, his starting position, his reflexes and low parries are all areas to work on.

    He looks the part but doesn’t always play the part for Nigeria. When our defence is relatively untroubled, he has a good day. When pressure is piled on our defence, the goals will rain in!

    Enyeama bailed us out against Argentina in 2010 world cup when 4:0 to Argentina would have been a fair scoreline. I am not comparing Okoye to Enyeama. Rather, I am illustrating a case where a porous defence can either be bailed out by a great goalkeeper or where the scoreline can be reduced by the heroics of a goalkeeper.

    Okoye does not have heroics in him at the moment. Hopefully, this will come with time.

    But for now, if the defence in front of him should be flaky, wobbly, porous or sleeping, one cannot necessarily count on Okoye to come to the rescue.

    Hence the 4 goals he conceded against Sierra Leone and the 1 goal he conceded on his near side against Cape Verde when our right fullback went to a fishing expedition.

    This lad is young and destined to be around for another 15 years. With each passing day, he will develop and improve. And then become a truly top quality goalkeeper.

    For now, it is not unwise to try other hands for Nigeria who might be that be sharper with a more robust and compelling goalkeeper skills.

    My money is on that young lad based in Israel: Adebayo Adeleye

      • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

        @Deo, thanks for this video, I like this guy already. His reflexes, confidence, agility, ball distributions and alertness is very commendable. I hope Agu / Rohr can at least invite him to see him at close quarters instead of Akpeyi who is too old to be no 3 choice GK

        • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

          @Deo and @Dr.Banks… You all should watch and see. This Adeleye guy would not be tried anytime soon… our Coach Rohr hates experimentation being naturally a rigid man with his choices…

          …there are lots of Nigerians that can do a good job at our goalkeeping but we have a coach who eeven some players are clearly not the best in their positions… he will continue to rely on.

          Me I have seen that Okoye does not yet have what it takes to be starting for Super Eagles… regardless whether he concedes goals at club or not.

          As some dude here will like to spin it… when Okoye does well and win awards, it is his own effort, but once he wobbles and fumbles and concede goals in fours… it is then the fault of his defence.

          Let Rohr and Agu not spread their dragnet far and wide without emotions of loyalty to those we continue to call already… the day that a good goalkeeper will be needed to bail us out in a game is fast-approaching…

          If not for Corona red list countries and possible exclusion when players return to their leagues and clubs… we would never know we have guys that we have been calling fringe who never gets a look-in, yet these guys are as good as those who continue to start our games… the game against Cape Verde forced Rohr to try others like Ejuke, Michael Kingsley, Bonke and they rose to the occasion.

          We shall continue to support and pray for the team to do well…

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Experimentation the the reason we failed to qualify for 2012 AFCON. Last match of qualifiers…must win game at home….we chose to “experiment” with our 3rd choice goalkeeper….we ruined the poor boy’s international career till date.

            Experimentation is the reason we failed to qualify for 2015 AFCON….Keshi and his homebased experiments.

            It is in crucial qualifiers Rohr should “experiment” with a goalkeeper who is just playing his 1st season in a 1st division has never had a sniff of international football all his career…..LMAOOooo

            Weldone. I used to think Rohr was a football coach, I never knew he is also a Chemical Laboratory Technologist….LMAOooo.

            An African adage says its the swiftest who survive the battle field, not the bravest. We all know where your brave, bare-chested, risk taking guadiolas are today…LMAOooo

      • My money is in this guy too. The reflexes are natural. Thanks @deo for the video. I think Rohr really isn’t a bad coach, my grouse is his rigidity and unwillingness to step out of his safe zones and experiment as @Jimmyball highlighted. Competition for roles have been limited. Open up the thing

      • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

        This same Adeleye who is now messiahs incarnate shipped in 3 goals just last week. Those who bring out megaphones to announce to the world whenever Okoye concede goals lost their megaphone at that time.

        Youtube clips are always beautiful to watch. I bet even Chigozie Agbim (OF ALL GOALKEEPERS) too has youtube compilations. Every jack and harry that plays football can have a compilation of his best moments on a football pitch. It is when push comes to shove that the wheat always gets separated from the chaff.

        Everybody keeps talking about the Vincent Enyeama of 2010…nobody wants to talk about the Vincent Enyeama of 2003-2006. Nobody wants to talk about the Vincent Enyeama that was made to sit on the SE bench for 2 years up till 2008. I posted videos of Vincent Enyeama of the era here to refresh their minds as to where we started from with him and the horrors we allowed our eyes endure so that we could get to see what our eyes beheld eventually in 2010. It pained some people then….It pained them so much that they couldn’t believe the Enyeama that has become a deity today committed worse blunders than the boy we are vilifying today. Could this really be Vincent “the flying cat” (a moniker @Deo of defunct KON gave to him back then circa 2013). Many couldnt believe their eyes, yet couldn’t swallow their arrogance.

        Akpeyi came, a few mistakes and then is not good (yet earns PSL and CAF CL accolades), Ezenwa came, a few mistake and then he is not good, Uzoho came, a few mistakes and then he too is not good. Its Okoye that isnt good again now. Yet Enyeama mad mistakes upon mistakes for YEARS before he became Enyeama of 2010.

        Even an aeroplane gets pushed, crawls, accelerates before it flies.

        Its rather funny that NONE of our goalkeepers have 20 caps yet, yet we want to see Enyeama of 2010….LMAOooo. Y’all should please keep it up. You will get Enyeama of 2010 within your next new goalkeeper’s first 10 caps…..LMAOooo.

        Thank God its none Alloy Agu and Rohr that making decisions at Sparta, otherwise we would have heard plenty of lies about how Okoye is 1st choice only just because he is half-german or because of his skin tone.

        Adeleye is welcome to the SE anytime he get invited. He is no stranger to the coach. He has been reported to be on the coach’s rather since he even became 1st choice at Hapoel Katamon nearly 2 years ago. But y’all shouldnt get disappointed when he starts undergoing that cycle every young goalkeeper undergoes in national team colors since the days of Peter Jaja (later Peter Rufai). I hope and pray he fulfils our Vincent Enyeama of 2010 fantasy within his first 10 caps too….LMAOooo

        Its quite a laugh, that its the people who called for Okoye when they saw Akpeyi in goal again vs Benin and Lesotho (his last SE games till date) who are crying the most now….LMAOOooo

        Adeleke, you are welcome to the SE o. But remember, the koboko wey dem use whip the older wives, e still dey for on top cupboard for the new wife too o.

        • Akparo 4 weeks ago

          Who said he is a messiah. Is it a crime to give the young man a chance. You are very stupid. Always spinning stuff.

      • I just pray they give this guy a fair chance as they have given to others. That being said, I would completely not be surprised if they continue to ignore him. We all know how things work out in Nigerian football.

      • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

        @Deo, thanks for this video you posted. I am wondering why it took coach Agu almost 6 years to discover a world class goalie. It took you Deo half a day to find a goalie for Super Eagles.

        That means the coaches of the Super Eagles are not up to the standard of the Super Eagles period.

        Osagwe is another fantastic keeper. More experienced than Okoye. Adeleye should be giving an opportunity to show is worth but instead, they will invite Akpeyi into the camp.

        If Uzoho is not getting playing time at his club presently, that is manageable if coach Agu is up to the task.

        Uzoho situation is similar to one of the goalies in the past at the Super Eagles.

        What the goal keeper trainer should do is simple.

        Uzoho should be giving a special training at the moment in the national team. A special drill and he have to come in early to the camp as well so that he can have a maximum support from the national Oga Rohrand Og a Agu.

        For the next world cup qualifiers, Osagwe should in goal since Uzoho is not in actions at his club presently.

        Adeleye and Osagwe should be in camp for the next world cup qualifiers.

        We have

        So, why the coaches can not find a reliable goalie among these goalies?

        Why they have to bring back Akpeyi why they can’t build these goalies to the tastes of the Nigerians?

        Deo, do you think Oga Rohr and coach Agu can go beyond this level?

        It is all about Nigeria your country you know.

        I will like to hear from you Deo.

        I can’t hide my feelings. I am not happy that Super Eagles can not be proud of having three world class goalies at the moment.

        Good that you are seeing what I’m seeing.

        I don’t hate Oga Rohr and Oga Agu but the issue of not having fantastic keepers for Super Eagles shouldn’t be what we should be discussing by now.

        God bless Nigeria!!!

      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        Dude reminds me of a young DODO MAYANA.
        The video suggests he is very good. Cat-like reflexes.
        I want to see how he deals with crosses into the box though. This is where Okoye excels, though he struggles with direct shots on goal.
        Looks like Adeleye merits an invitation to SE. Let him and other invitees work together and push each other to greater heights.

  • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

    It’s okay Okoye. You can’t buy experience in the market but you have to earn it some how on the pitch. You are still young to correct the mistakes you are making. You will get better as time goes on.

    At this moment, just calm down and go back to watch the video clips of the goals you conceded and start improving yourself.

    However, for now, Oga Rohr should be careful. He should realize that Rome is not built in a day. Okoye is good but for now, Uzoho is ahead of him at the national team.

    On the other hand, our strikers are ruling the world of football at the moment which is very good for the Super Eagles.

    Dessers, Sodiq, Nacho, Awoniyi, Kayode, Nwakuęmę, Dennis and so on are doing wonderfully well. Also, my lovely player, Ejeria is available to play for Nigeria. Anayo is doing his thing in Tunisia.

    My fear now is the Super Eagles coaching crew. We have been having these young players under them over the past five years still, the coaches failed to take the advantage to build what we can call a strong and solid team for Nigeria. No pattern of play. Nothing.

    Anyway ways, the Afcon tournament in Cameroon will definitely decide if the coaches will continue though.

    If Nigeria fails to reach the final at the Afcon or even win the next Afcon with the caliber of players we have presently, the coaches should be fired. Shikena.

    I am not impressed. Nwakali is a different player entirely. His quality is second to none. He is very good at taking freekicks, he is a specialist in terms of distributing ball any where on the pitch but the coaches are wasting his talent while Super Eagles having nobody that has his qualities.

    The Super Eagles gaffer said Ejeria is available to play for Nigeria but there are so many players ahead of him while his services have been missing in the team? Wait a minute, what does that mean? My question is, does he have a complete team yet?

    For Okoye, he will get better as long as he’s keeping his focus and determinations.

    You are doing something the same way and expecting different result? How could that be possible ba? Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @OmoNaija, Francis Uzoho is currently on the bench and has not played a game since the season started for his new club Omonia Nicosia.

      At this time there are only three goalkeepers who have had active games this season: Maduka, Sebastian Osigwe (Lugano) and Adebayo Adeleye (Hapoel Katamon).

      The others: Mathew Yakubu has lost his starting place with Sered and Daniel Akpeyi is playing his first match of the season today with Kaizer Chiefs.

      The only other options are the domestic keepers in action in CAF competitions for Enyimba (have a match on the 15th of October so ruled out), Bayelsa United (NNL) and Akwa United.

      So if we are picking based on current form the five above are ahead of Francis uzoho (Okoye, Osigwe, Adeleye, Bayelsa, Akwa)

      • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

        Thanks for the info @BigD.

        Then, Osagwe and Adebayo Adeleye should be given the opportunity to play for Nigeria.

        We have so many of them out there.

        The transparency is not there that is why Super Eagles team is like this.

        From NFF to the coaching crew, they need to wake up. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • MuYiwa 4 weeks ago

    Hugo Lloris has conceded 9 goals in his last 3 EPL matches this season , 3 in each one(he has conceded 3 already in 36 mins against struggling Arsenal). Therefore must lose the no 1 spot in the French team. Lol.

    • Peter Opotoboruwe 4 weeks ago

      This is true. All goalkeepers have a bad day from time to time. Even Allison of Manchester City makes mistakes

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Hahahaha…and that’s supposed to be a world cup winning goalkeeper. I never knew such goalkeepers too conceede goals….LMAOOooo. Deschamps must be collecting bribe from Lloris to still be extending invitations to him. Or maybe Lloris too is half-german. LMAOOoo. Nowadays you never can tell.

  • Edoman 4 weeks ago

    Okoye is the worst goalkeeper of my lifetime. He should go back from where he came. That Nigerian goalkeeper playing in Israel should be brought in to save Nigeria from immanent shame and disgrace that await the Nigerian people. Who is let Okoye keep for Nigeria is taking bribe from him.

  • Coache 4 weeks ago

    All you same set of Progressives from The days of kickoff Nigeria and Keshi supporters you can never EVER BULLY SOMEONE LIKE ME. @deo,@Dr Drey @Ayphily etc, I know you guys too well to be bullied. These guys are so oiled that even with the way Buhari is mis-ruling Nigeria, once you grease their palms they will be singing Buhari is the best

    @Omo9ja let’s keep the spirit up

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Hahahaha…to start with….who even has time to ‘bully’ a so-called coache who doesnt even know what ordinary “Set-piece” is in football….lmao…???

      Omo9ja should keep up the spirit…? LMAOOooo….he was one of those who vehemently requested Okoye be installed no 1 even when Rohr still wanted the poor boy to still be on the bench for a little longer to understudy others.

      I am just happy he is the choirmaster of the mourners now.

      Confused set of people.

  • I just feel really bad for Uzoho that he is going through tough times. In fact, his career has been somewhat topsy-turvy since moving to Cyprus. He had issues with dodgy health clearance before bagging his first red card of his career under weird circumstances. Then his contract was mutually terminated with Famagusta before now languishing in the bench of Nicosia.

    In between all of that was the injury he sustained in national duties against Brazil in 2019 whereupon he came back not the same goalie.

    What a pity.

    The Uzoho I saw against Ukraine and Brazil in 2019 was starting to come of age. I will pick that Uzoho any day of the week as Nigeria’s number one: strong, sharp, commanding, composed, imposing and agile.

    Will we ever have that Uzoho back?

    I guess with goalkeepers, one has to be patient at times. Enyeama built himself up to be a mega star after many seasons but if truth be told, the signs were there in 2002 when he kept out England’s golden generation of Owen, Beckham and Sheringham.

    I think Enyeama was precocious in his early years. The signs were always there.

    Maduka Okoye is young and pretty decent. He is good. But I maintain that at this moment, his skills are a bit rough around the edges. If we are led to believe that he is the best goalkeeper Nigeria can possibly produce at this point in time, then we stick with him through his development.

    The annoying thing is that we did the same with Uzoho in 2018. At the time when we should be reaping the reward of that investment, he has lost form, only for us to start all over again with another apprentice or recently-graduated goalkeeper.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      …and after working hard and fighting hard to claim the no 1 gloves at Apoel, in an inexplicable and bizzare move, Uzoho quit no 1 position at APOEL go return to the bench at Omonia Nicosia and start that long, hard, tortuous journey once again to become 1st choice with the man he could displace at the first time of asking. I am still hoping one day we will get a reasonable and logical explanation for that decision

      At a time when the debate of who should be SE no 1 heading to AFCON and World cup is at its hottest hot, that move may have effectively put paid to any hopes of no 1 slot in the SE if status quo remains at Omonia. I dont see the 2nd choice GK at omonia nicosia starting ahead of a former Eredeivise GK of the season and No1 at is Eredivisie club even if all the witches in central Nigeria gang up against Okoye.

      Sometimes in life, you make your own luck.

      But Uzoho’s careers travails started with the way he was crucified here and in the media for pardonable mistakes vs Libya and Seychelles.

      I have said it before and will reiterate it and whoever cares should mark my words….that new young goalkeeping messiah (whoever he is – adeleye, alampasu, osigwe etc) with zero international experience will come, give us 3 good games and start his own learning cycle all over again. And we will be back here in 2 years time, sulking over why we were not patient with Okoye too. LMAOOoo

      Till we will learn to be patient with them all like we were patient with Enyeama for years before we got the Vincent Enyeama of 2010, that is how we will be chopping and changing goalkeepers every year and a half.

      • This guy needs to work on himself. He really should. For as long as I have known him, he concedes too many goals.

  • Uzoho’s travails were becoming evident in his poor showings against Libya and Seychelles pre-Afcon.

    He was duly and rightly criticised leading to Akpeyi’s rightful installation as Super Eagles first for the Afcon.

    Dr Drey, players who perform poorly should not be pat in the back! Their performance should be called out as Uzoho’s was.

    Post-Afcon, Uzoho rediscovered his golden gloves only for an unfortunate injury to set him back.

    On his day, Uzoho is better than Okoye. Once he regains his confidence and mojo, he should be reinstalled as the Super Eagles number one goalkeeper.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Deo, do you think a goalkeeper who has played poorly doesnt know he has played poorly…? There is no harm in calling out a poor performance, but persona non-grating a young boy for not being 100% all the time is nothing but wickedness and hate. Someone even said the boy is not fit to be our U23 Gk and is only a SE goalkeeper because of his skin tone….LMAOOoo. I hope that skin tone is what also earned him a move up the ladder from being a 4th division GK to being Eredivisie goalkeeper of the season….LMAOoo…they should pls remind us when last a Nigerian goalkeeper won GK of the season in any foreign league….LMAOoo…and if it was our “bribe taking” national team handlers that gave him that honor.

      Even the people who are doing the calling out, Can they pls raise their hands up and affirm that they do deliver 100% worth of performances 100% of the time…? Its not even like the boy maduka has even committed any blunders or howlers……all the goals he has conceded both in club and national team colours are goals we see even the best GK conceding week in week out. Even when he conceeds 4, he still contributes his fair share of saves during the course of play. I hope we eventually get what we are looking for o, a goalkeeper that never conceed goals, since we dont want to be patient with anybody.

      I am indeed glad that we are back to square 1 calling for Uzoho back again…..LMAOOo…I am indeed glad. Uzoho is not good, Uzoho is not good, he shouldnt be our No 1, we want Akpeyi….LMAOooo. Akpeyi is not good, Akpeyi is not good Okoye should be starting…..LMAOooo….now Okoye is not good anymore too. All our 4 goalkeepers in the last 5 years, none can boast of 20 caps yet…and we want to see Vincent Enyeama of 2010…..LMAOooo I hope we get our Vincent Enyeama of 2010 very soon, without first having Vincent Enyeama of 2003-2006…LMAOooo.

      I’ve said it and will repeat it, let the next goalkeeping messaih come, let them come, if we still choose not to learn the art of patience, we will be back calling for Okoye in less than 2 years. This time last year, Yakubu was the man of the moment, please where is he today in the scheme of things…?

      If we cant learn to understand that young goalies oscillate between crests and troughs in performance for a while, just a while, before they perfect the art, that patience we didnt want to have 3 years ago, we will now go and buy it in bulk and eat plenty of it now…..LMAOooo.

  • MuYiwa 4 weeks ago

    The truth is that some folks here are just ignorant or at best arrogant. They feel the coaches are stupid and don’t know what they are doing. Liverpool lost 7-2 to Aston Villa last season with Allison Beker in goal, and heaven did not fall. He’s still the first choice. When a team plays poorly and the GK doesn’t have enough cover, he’ll definitely ship in goals. Many talked abt Matthew Yakubu last term, where is the guy now? It is too early to rate Adebayo Adeleye. Let him establish himself at the club level first. I laughed when I read comments of how good the lad is, based on his exploits on you tube. What you see on YouTube is the best part of the players overall play, they never show us their weak points. We keep dropping names for Rohr. I remember a certain Fatai Alashe being advertised here by some clown. I’m not even sure that guy still plays professional football now. For now, Maduka Okoye is no. 1 for the Super Eagles. It’s so unfortunate that our 3 GK don’t have 50 caps combined for the SE, but what can we do? Let’s support our players. We move!

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      Clone we know you. Only you are muyiwa, peter and drey. Next week you will add Solomon just because you want people to believe Okoye should be No1 and continue shipping goals upon goals. Last time myself and Jimmy sounded the warning behold your miserable self drey came out to attack, now you no get shame to remain in inside your single room 10 dollar face me I slap you, instead you’re wasting your miserable time trying to pilot your new false ideas into some blind observers. Continue fooling we know you. Monkey!

      • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

        Hahahahaha…everybody that doesnt align with your stupidity is Dr.Drey’s clone…LMAooo. You never get tired of ridiculing yourself….LMAOooo. If you dont have the intellect to engage in meaningful conversations, why not shut your filthy mouth up a let intelligent people converse in peace….LMAOooo….rather than throwing baseless tantrums all around like the daft idiot that you are.

        Today it is Muyiwa too that has suddenly become Dr.Drey’s clone….LMAOooo.

        You think everyone is a lowlife tramp like you…?


        I guess its you and jimmy that also crowned Okoye Eredivisie Goalkeeper of the Season too right…?

        Go and tell innoson to manufacture a GK that never conceedes goals to be SE no 1 na….LMAOooo…Last week when Adeleye shipped in 3 goals all of you became deaf and dumb…..LMAOOooo.

        Useless fool.

    • If Okoye was doing a sterling job in goal for Nigeria, fans would not be murmuring. The truth is that the German born goalkeeper does not inspire much confidence in between the sticks for Nigeria.

      The good news is that he is genuinely young, very young in fact. That is a huge advantage as goalkeepers often age will grace.

      Daniel Akpeyi seems to have gotten better with age. Despite playing bit part role in South Africa, if he is the most “mature” goalkeeper that we have at the moment, then he should be temporarily re-installed as our number one.

      We may be shooting ourselves in the foot here. If we go to the 2021 Afcon we a goalkeeper still learning the ropes, that might be the difference between coming back empty handed and winning the trophy.

      A word is enough for that wise!!

  • Dr Drey,

    Maduka Okoye is currently Super Eagles number one and we have to live with it and support his development.

    The problem with Okoye (I think) is that he doesn’t come across as being precocious. From day one many fans have harboured doubts about his abilities. It is not about his age or racial background; the young man just does not come across as a young super talent.

    The beautiful thing about life is that Okoye may come to prove his doubters wrong. We have seen this over and again.

    For now, Okoye only looks like a goalkeeper who will go on to be “decent”.

    Patience, you ask for patience. National team is where the best of the best plays (you Dr Drey has always been a proponent of this view point). We have the under aged set up to “develop” players. This arguement is a sort of 2 edged sword: the national team is for the cream of the crop yet players should also be allowed to grow into their national team roles.

    Please, if we have a goalkeeper somewhere (at home or abroad) who shows maturity beyond their years, then we should give such a goalkeeper a chance.

    Okoye is currently average at best. Is that the best Nigeria can currently produce?

    Okoye is good but he does not show maturity beyond his years.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      Deo drey is contentious it amazes me that nobody is yet to unlock this false attitude for the ages.

      • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

        People are here making sensible points, useless he-goat is here chasing Dr. Drey all about. Between you and I who needs to be unlocked for lies and false attitude…LMAOoo.

        Your FAT lies here about being the wealth that you have never touched in your miserable life are well documented…LMAOOOo

        “I live in Europe close to top football managers”
        “All my siblings are based in Europe and living large”
        “I live in a penthouse”
        “$100 cannot fuel my car for one week”
        “I have 2 degrees in Oil and Gas economics and management”


        Even your grammatical constructions are terrible and meaningless…LMAOOoo…”drey is contentious it amazes me that nobody is yet to unlock this false attitude for the ages…”LMAOoo.

        Pls speak your native language is expressing yourself in English is too difficult.

        Useless Idiot….Better go and get a life.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      I beg to disagree on your point that ‘From day one many fans have harbored doubts about his abilities’. Go back and read comments from threads on any game Nigeria has played since his debut vs Brazil till his 2nd game vs Algeria.
      Rohr was heavily vilified for not installing him immediately as the next no 1. Hey Okoye this, okoye that…why should Rohr start Akpeyi in absence of Uzoho…hey Okoye was fantastic vs Brazil…hey Okoye should be starting…hey Rohr is too rigid….hey rohr doesnt like taking risks…..LMAOOOoo. Even when Rohr said the boy was deliberately left on the bench to allow him settle and grow….oh Rohr loves talking down his players….why will he say such…wara wara wara…. Behold ladies and gentlemen, the result of your requests for risks. I put it to you that Fans woulddnt have been clamouring for Okoye to be installed in Uzoho’s absence ahead of Akpeyi if they had doubts about his abilities

      You say the national team is for the best players and you are right about that. The last time I checked, no Nigeria goalkeeper was names in his league’s team of the season last season, except this same Okoye. If you know any please let me know. Last year’s rave of the moment Yakubu didnt even last till the end of the season, Osigwe was permanently consigned to the bench at Lugano until injury opened an opportunity for him, Alampasu was even 3rd choice in Latvia and was released at the end of the season. Adebayo has just played 4 1st division league matches all through his career and shipped in 3 last week.
      ALL THE GOALKEEPERS WE HAVE NOW ARE AT BEST DECENT. THE BEST NIGERIAN GOALKEEPERS ANYWHERE CURRENTLY ARE AVERAGE. We dont have any star goalkeeper anywhere at the moment. We dont have any Vincent Eneyama of 2010 anywhere. Its unfortunate but we have to deal with it….lmaoOO. So we should temper our fantasies with patience with the ones we have. Even in the domestic league no keeper caught the headlines in the last season. We all saw John Nobel flapping at crosses and choping goals in 3s on the continent last season.

      Read carefully through all my comments, I have not said any new goalkeepers shouldn’t be invited, far from it. They should come, they are welcome…they are very much welcome to international football…..LMAOOooo….it took only TOGOLESE HOMEBASED team to demystify the aura of invincibility around a certain Theofilus Afelokhai. Since then his name has been sparesly heard on this forum and any other again…..LMAOOOo. New goalkeepers are indeed welcome.

      But what I know about goalkeeping and goalkeepers is that they will come, give you 3 (or a few) good games and then the occasion will subsequently reveal what youtube vidoes never reveal….LMAOooo. Whoever thought Yabuku will be 2nd choice in his club by the end of last season given the way he started…?? Whoever thought Alampasu will be offloaded by Ventspils just within a season going by how he started.

      So once again, let them come. The patience we should have had for Uzoho that we refused to have, the patience we should have had with Akpeyi that we refused to have, the patience we should be having with Okoye that we dont want to have, we will be back here in another 2 years looking for another Vincent Enyeama of 2010….LMAOOoo….or another “goalkeeper somewhere (at home or abroad) who shows maturity beyond their years” and keep dancing in circles till we learn……LMAOOoo

      New goalkeepers are welcome o jare. They should come

      Just as a refresher, he is another Vincent Enyeama of 2003 clip. Vincent Enyeama of 2010 didnt drop down from heaven. This was a few weeks after multiple errors vs Brazil in Abuja and vs Angola in Benin, but somebody was patient with him and allowed boy grow to become a legend. Nobody builds a house starting from the roof. Okoye has not even been this shambolic yet….LMAOOoo.


      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        Loooool, Dr Drey, the AKWA IBOM NINJA will not be happy with you for digging up this clip. He must have been traumatized by this game.
        I lost count of the goals conceded. Looks like he shipped 8 goals. In one single match. Chai! The fourth one that he was beaten at the near post is a carbon copy of the goal Fabrice Akwa of Angola scored against him in the 2006 world cup qualifier in Angola, the goal that effectively eliminated us from the competition.
        Yet, this same guy became a Nigeria goalkeeping legend. Many believe he is the best we’ve ever had.

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          Hehehehe Pompei, its not only Enyeama that will not be happy with me. Many people on this forum wouldnt be….LMAOooo….no man would want his “chi” to be projected as being powerless. But who cares..?!

          But before anybody starts going ya ya ya ya ya about Vincent of 2010 and how our goalkeepers should be Vincents of 2010 with less than 20 caps, its necessary for us to go back to where Vincent of 2010 started from and the horrors and heartbreaks we endured to eventually have Vincent of 2010.

          Maduka or any of our current GKs DARES NOT concede any of the types of goals in any of the clips of Enyeama’s early days as SE goalkeeper that I have shared here. They DARE NOT. They will be beheaded the next day. Was it only the Fabrice Akwa goal…? He was similarly beaten at his near post in Libreville too. Not forgetting Figueredo’s freekick in Kano that crept under his armpit to cancel our Jayjay Okocha’s opening goal in that ill-fated WCQ in Kano. Goalkeeping cost us 4 solid points in the 2006 WCQ and I have no apologies to anyone who wants to feel offended by that statement of fact. But is this not the same guy who is now today Nigeria’s and Africa’s goalkeeping GOAT..???

          That’s a lesson in “Do not disregard humble beginnings”

          Let all the young, talented and skillful Nigerian goalkeepers come and line up and have their turns in the SE, I give them 10 matches each. 10 each….. we will still go back and beg these ones that are there now to return. No be today. Mark my words once again.

          Una think say we no get goalkeepers for Nigeria when we go beg Rufai for nightclub for Miami to come keep for France 98 over 2 years after he had left the SE…?? We just weren’t willing to be patient enough with the ones that should have succeeded him. And if we had been patient enough with the Opara’s and the Baruwas of that time, we would have had better goalkeeping at the 98 WC than what Rufai gave us. Unfortunately there is no “experienced” GK we can run to as last resort this time around….LMAOooo.

          Pot wey go chop soup must prepare to sit on top fire.

          Once again, let all these youtube clip goalkeepers come o jare.

  • nze_Biddle 4 weeks ago

    Lol some of you are funny. So if you were the GK coach or even Rhor, you’d drop Okoye in the middle of WC Qualifiers for an equally inconsistent Uzoho who is yet to play this season, abi Adeleye who is just having his first taste of top-flight action in his career (in the Isreali league for that matter – with all due respect to the young man/ his achievements), or is it Osigwe who is only recently having a run of games in Lugano due to injury to the club’s first choice, or good ol Akpeyi who’s recently played second fiddle in Chiefs (same ‘shaky’ Akpeyi who inspires no confidence and has often been roasted on here?)? Lmao who remain? Maybe the home-based guy who kept against Mexico.. Nwabulu or so is next to be clamored for. Una go dey talk like say talent (WEYN DEY PLAY HIGH LEVEL CONSISTENTLY) for that department yakpa at the moment. Thank fuck some of you are not the GK coach or even Head coach lol e for be die.. Things like Adeleye getting invited and even starting the next game against CAR abi Uzoho starting the game sef lol

  • Dr Drey,

    A number of fans I exchanged messages with on WhatsApp and some on this platform genuinely harboured doubts about Okoye’s abilities when he was brought on against Brazil. But you are right, there are those fans who clamoured for his introduction and installation.

    But, Okoye’s status as Nigeria’s number one has always been a contentious issue up to this day.

    On paper, Maduka Okoye is Nigeria’s most active goalkeeper but I still think that he is not the most skillful.

    He is very fortunate to be where he is even though his skills (admittedly) also played a huge part. But he is not best Nigeria can boast of at the moment. It may be that our best goalkeeper is sitting on the bench somewhere….. But skillswise at the moment, Okoye is way too average.

    But the scope for improvement is massive so I have no doubt he will get better.

    For now, if our scouts aren’t lazy, they should be able to get off their backside to find us a truly precocious and talented goalkeeper whose saves are worthy of the grand stage.

    Our scouts are lazy. It is their laziness that will make people believe that Maduka Okoye is the best goalkeeper Nigeria can possibly produce at this time!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Enyeama was not the most “skillful” Nigerian goalkeeper in his early years, the likes of Chijoike Ejiogu (they even called him Ärugo Monkey), Sam Okoye (Enugu Rangers fans called him “Ämalinze” he was unbelievable in their run to runners up position in the league in 2002 and the CAF cup in 2003), even Sunday Makama were way ahead of him in reckoning within the Nigerian league then. Please what was Enyeama’s nickname those years…LMAOOoo??? Was it not up till beyond 2010 you yourself nicknamed him “Enyea-Magnet”…LMAOOo…was he worthy of being compared to or associated with a magnet in goal for Nigeria before then? Even Rotimi Sunday his contemporary in the league got transferred to Israel straight from our league way before Vincent, despite not having all the opportunities Enyeama had both at club and national team level, Greg Etafia a former U23 was goalkeeper of the season in the league in the same year Enyeama was first invited to the super eagles.

      I can go on and on, but guess what, just as you claim Okoye is “fortunate”, a fortune he earned by a dint of HARWORK….(You dont get just “fortunate” to rise from regional liga (german 4th division) to the Twede divisie (Dutch 2nd division) and then 1st choice in Eredivisie and then Eredivisie goalkeeper of the season….it takes more than fortune)…Enyeama was also “fortunate” and was allowed to grow into his role as the National Team Goalkeeper of Nigeria, and may God bless Christian Chukwu for that, despite his then infuriating teething problems, somebody/people still believed in him and had patience with him. He didnt become batman overnight. Y’all can deny it if you like, but part of the reasons we couldn’t make it to Germany in 2006 was because we didnt have an outstanding goalkeeper….and its a fact. Cheap goals conceded against Angola home and away and Gabon away didn’t help our course 1 bit.

      Okoye is not a superstar goalkeeper…and no one has said that…and actually Nigeria doesnt have one any anywhere at the moment. All of them, just like Okoye, are at best decent. Thank God we now see the NFPL live these days, and we also watched the CAF CL too last season. I trust you Deo, if there were any superstar goalkeeper domestically, you would have waxed an album of praise in his name, The I am very very sure of…or where else do you expect ‘scouts’ to find that “truly precocious and talented goalkeeper whose saves are worthy of the grand stage”…on the streets…? or in the NNL or NLO or in principals cup…??? If you people are crying this much about an undisputed no 1 Eredivisie goalkeeper, what will y’all do when an ukukurooko FC of brass LG or giant Brillers FC GK is put in between the goal posts in the WCQ…? Rohr only recommended a young (truly young) Suleiman Shuaibu to the CHAN eagles and hell was let loose here….a few weeks later the kid was snapped up by a top club in Africa like TP MAZEMBE of the DRC…..i mean one of the BEST clubs in Africa. And then you denigrate all Okoye has done for himself in his career to mere “fortune”…?
      That our scouts are lazy if 100% pejury. There’s just none who is head and shoulders above the rest, so the most intelligent thing to do it to stick with the ones we’ve got and give them the TIME and SPACE they need knowing they’ve got potentials. On the other hand its fans who are impatient and need to just hands off these boys and let then breathe. We are not making it any easier for them with all the unnecessary pressure.

      Every goalkeepr’s status as no 1 has always been contentious since we lost 2 great and experience goalkeepers in Enyeama and Ikeme without being prepared for it….which is sad…very SAD INDEED. From Akpeyi to Ezenwa to Uzoho now to Okoye. Between them we cant even boast of a sizeable number of caps. So who is the good goalkeeper…? Where are they…? Why are they so hidden that nobody can here of them or get to see them..??? The precociously talented Alampasu has been eased out by his club after being 3rd choice for much of his club career. The Precociously skillful Yakubu has since lost his place at his club long ago. Adeleye is just tasting 1st division football in these last 4 rounds of matches and he has already shipped in 3 goals in a game too. Somebody selected the best 3 games of his career and compiled the highlights into a youtube video and you think the Messaih has arrived…..LMAOOooo…???

      Patience is the key word my brother. Patience is the key word. There is no point calling our national team goalkeepers names for conceding goals other goalkeepers concede but we look away. As long as Okoye remains active in his club in the Dutch league, even if you claim he isnt good enough to be an U17 goalkeeper and his just bribing his way at club level, or just flashing his german passport or his skin color to goalkeeping coaches and selectors, the way its being insinuated at national team level, he will still man the goalposts for Nigeria.

      Tell your skillful and precociously talented goalkeepers to man-up and claim starting shirts at their clubs, or pray for “fortune” for them too. They arent even playing in leagues that are at the level of Dutch league yet and they cant get no 1 spots…yet they are messaihs???

      Patience they say is a virtue and it is key to getting the Vincent Enyeama of 2010-esque goalkeeper that we want to see in our current goalkeepers


        • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

          I disagree with you on that one @Glory. We are preparing for WorldCup qualifiers and the AFCON in January for god’ sake why should we be experimenting??? Okoye plays regularly for a club in the Eredivisie why should he be a second choice for a bench warmer in the Cyprus league??? Please give me a definite answer??

          The scouting team ain’t doing nothing, but Agu in recent interviews said Adeleye is on their scouting list. If they ain’t doing shit why is Adebayo Adeleye on their scouting list????

          My brother sometimes we can be too emotionally biased. But the coaches see this players in close quarters and know their capabilities face to face. It’s easy for us to sit in front of a keyboard to criticize based on YouTube videos Lmao!!!!!!!

          • @Thanks Aphilydgreat for point raised which kinda contradicts my position anyway. I said friendly games. Such games are for experimenting, in terms of tactical ideas, trying new players in suspect areas, as well building team cohesion. Here is where I strongly feel the goal keeper trainers are not giving their best. No sane mind, will expect Rohr to drop Okoye for any goal keeper in competitive game anytime soon. But that doesnt mean, if we are truly honest with ourselves, that Okoye performances has not be quite unconvincing. Granted, keepers make mistakes but for a young goal keeper, these mistakes easily catches up with their overall confidence and it seems its now negatively affecting Okoye, watching him at his club between the sticks. Dealing positively with such mistakes comes with age, hence the reason why the older the better for keepers. Again brodaman Aphylidegreat, if we take a look at the SE team at the moment, its only in the goal keeper area, that competition for place looks weak and that might just not be helping Okoye to raise his game, knowing fully well, that his position as NO 1 is guaranteed; we even read him saying that sometimes. This should never be the case with any player at the national team level otherwise complacency is bound to rear its ugly head. @ Aphilidegreat, the synergy for a goalkeeper is a bit differnt for the outfield players hence keepers do get special drills on training grounds, so we, talking about keepers playing regualrly and keeper on the bench yeah, may well not translate to a stereotype conclusion. While I truly commend Okoye for being a first teamer, a goal keeper on the bench at a different club, may just be as good or even better, all depending on the the type of training they are getting on the training ground. We never knew how good Aloy Agu was as a goal keeper until Peter Rufai and few others, refused to turn up for the match against cameroun in yahounde; Italia 90 qualifier. Just a shame though, we are kinda stuck with Okoye, as its difficult to make a case for others at this moment but giving those other keepers chances in friendlies would have really helped in assessing them, afterall we already have Okoye to call upon, so trying Uzoho, Osigwe, even Akpeyi, who seems to have improved over the years wouldnt have been a bad idea. That would have atleast put Okoye on his toes, thus pushing him to improve on his weaknesses. ANYWAY I PUT ALL THE BLAME ON UNREASONABLE FANS WHO CONSTANTLY PUT UNNECESSARY PRESSURE ON ROHR TO WIN EVEN FRIENDLY MATCHES, REASON HE STRUGGLES TO TRY OUT NEW PLAYERS FOR FEAR OF LOSING, KNOWING FULLY WELL ITS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO RAISE A GOOD TEAM OF NEW PLAYERS WITHIN TWO DAYS.

          • And the coaches might have seen more than enough of Ejuke than we saw on YouTube Lolzzz. LIFE’S DYNAMISM SUCCEEDS ON DYNAMIC DECISION MAKING MY WELL RESPECTED BROTHER APHILLYDEGREAT.

          • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

            You’re right we never knew how good Aloy Agu was until Rufai didn’t show up for the WCQ in Yaoundé, but we lost and failed to qualify for the WorldCup that year abi?? It wasn’t until Westerhoff realized that Rufai is Nigeria’s best goalie that he finally won an AFCON in 94.

          • @Aphilidgreat, the fear of Peter Rufai losing his NO.1 position due to formidable goal keepers competition could have made him sit up, even though, SE winning, was the sum total of many many factors besides Rufai. How about that brodally?:)

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

      @deo. When I saw Uzoho on his debut vs Argentina I said it everywhere that Nigeria may have found a goalkeeper for the next 15 years. He did admirably well at the WorldCup for a 19 year old at the time. I expect him to continue as the first choice up till this moment. In reality I don’t know any coach who will drop a regular goalkeeper in the Eredivise for a bench warmer in Cyprus league for that matter. If he’s at least currently playing regularly maybe we can make a case for him. Adeleye the rave of the moment is only playing in a top division for the first time in his career and in the Israeli league for that matter. There’s nothing wrong in giving him a call up.

      According to Aloy Agu, Adeleye is on their scouting list. In that aspect I don’t think they’re lazy just because Maduka is the number one choice. If the best players are to be called up then on merit Maduka is currently Nigeria’s best goalkeeper anywhere. Statistically he has only conceded 1 goal in his last 5 competitive international appearances for Nigeria. The only other goalie that can push him for the number one spot is Uzoho, but his lack of game time in Cyprus could affect him being the 3rd choice.

  • “” or where else do you expect ‘scouts’ to find that “truly precocious and talented goalkeeper whose saves are worthy of the grand stage”…on the streets…? or in the NNL or NLO or in principals cup…??? “” 🙂 🙂

    That really made me chuckle. You are right, though…..

    Your points Dr Drey are eloquently made and robustly delivered, and you had only got started….

    As AY said, statistically, Maduka Okoye is Nigeria’s most valuable goalkeeper at the moment based on the league he plays.


    His goalkeeping skills seem inadequate to propel a great nation like Nigeria to greatness in the short term. BUT I PRAY HE PROVES ME WRONG AS I WANT THE SUPER EAGLES TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS.

    – That takes nothing away from the fact that he will improve.

    – That takes nothing away from the fact that he plays in a glamorous league.

    I am actually struggling to make my point because yes OKOYE IS PLAYING CONSISTENTLY AT A HIGH LEVEL OF FOOTBALL.

    Well, goalkeepers get better with experience. Goalkeepers get better with age. Okoye will no doubt get better with the (great) exposure he is exposed to for club and country.

    Me I rest my case o!!!!!

  • I just want to add that while we have an attack lineup that can win competitions for us (in the Super Eagles), we still have alot of work to do on our Goal keepers, defenders and midfielders. The defense can be improved with one or two additions likewise the midfield but the goalie position is where the concern is with all available goalies having up and down performances.

    Going into a competition with a second rate goalie will surely destroy the good work of the other department in the team. So if we are really serious about winning any competition, we need to be sure we have a goal keeper we are sure of.

  • Abdul handsy 4 weeks ago

    For me, personally, anytime in the past I am watching maduka in goal for Nigeria I most at times get uninspired confidence feelings but what I have grown to understand in life is that one can’t overly be correct with his personal view all the times.

    In this forum, there are people that whenever they are talking I must humble myself first because I want to learn and Dr. “The perfect analyst Drey” is one of those people. Sometimes I had contrary view to his view but I decided to allow the discussion on and it shall get to a certain stage during the cause of his discussion that he will clear-off my DOUBT and I will now say thank God I didn’t contribute ignorantly from the onset.. wallahi I believe in Dr Drey whenever he talks…

    Now, on the issue at hand, I have studied rohr to the extent that I noticed something special in him, you see, when you noticed that Rohr is standing for one particular player and you ain’t okay with it? Pls, be patient because in no distant time you get the reason he did it. Rohr knows what he is doing and he is a very careful personality with the decision he takes when it concerns with his coaching…that is for what I have known him for. It is not as if I have not criticized him in the past… I have done that countless times but many of them at the end I meant to eat my words of which I am happy about…

    To me rohr understand the fact that if more capable hands like enyeama and ikeme were to be around today okoye will definitely be sitting on the bench but for the fact that those aforementioned ain’t around he decided to keep Okoye in the tick of action because he knows that he will definitely makes mistakes, makes corrections and become better soon just like the guys mentioned above…

    Well, adebayo adeleye deserves call up at least this moment but I still maintain that there is something special in that boy OKOYE that of which we all may have not seen yet…but patience will surely makes us see it sooner than later..

    Na the same rohr wey uzoho carry am come na em still see Okoye carry come so em know wetin em dey do guys..

    @deo, ayphillydegreat.. I hail una sirs.

  • MuYiwa 4 weeks ago

    In the past few seasons, especially last season Jordan Pickford made several unforgivable errors. Yet these are more experienced players than all our GK yet their coaches have stood by them. What about de Gea. Can we forget his infamous howlers in recent times? I’d rather be a Drey stooge or clone or whatever than think with bias and ignorance like Chima, Omo9ja or Iwunze.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’Hahaha!!!!!!! Jẹ kin rẹrin yẹn daaaada!!I I laugh in Urobo. My brother don’t mind those useless nonentities we know them already. You see people like Chima and Omoale9ja they only come here to cry about likes and dislikes, especially that asshole called Chima Saki Monkey. Lmaoooo!!!

      • Peter Opotoboruwe 4 weeks ago

        Let us show respect where it is due. Just because Chima is a fountain of knowledge does not mean we should be jealous. @Ayphillydegreat, if you see Chima in real life, you will bow down when he comes to your town.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

          I should show respect to someone who lives in Ghana?? Lmao!! How smart are you? I hope I never get to see him in real life. Amen!!

          • Peter Opotoboruwe 4 weeks ago

            Ghana? No o. Chima lives in the Western Hemisphere. He is rich, powerful and famous.

  • Chairmanfemi 4 weeks ago

    Arguing the obvious with someone who can also see the obvious but due to arrogance just can’t submit is just a waste of time for me.

    Master Deo, I salute you. You said my mind in all.

    Uzoho sits on the bench or not, Benched Uzoho still remains better than a fit Mr. Fine boy Okoye in Nigeria’s goal.

    I pray Rohr gets sense and does not thrust this boy in this World Cup qualifier going further and also AFCON because he will cost us big. If you have eyes, you’ll agree this is just it.

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 weeks ago

      Don’t worry if he is in goal in our next WorldCup qualifiers you can go and remove from the goal post.

    • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

      @Chairmanfemi, God bless you for saying the truth.

      Nepotism is the main problem of the coaches of the Super Eagles and NFF.

      Another challenges Super Eagles is having is those who believe the coaches
      are doing the right thing and backing the coaching crew wrongly.

      You are seeing things differently this days because you refuse to letting their sentiments overcloud you.

      I have said this a little while ago that Okoye is for the future.

      Okoye is a good goalie but he is not there yet to be the no1 goalie for Nigeria.

      It is good to see Okoye in goal at the national team. We know his level now and we have seen enough of Uzoho too.

      Sentiments aside, for now, beached Uzoho is way ahead of Okoye period. No more, no less.

      Apart from that, Osagwe is another fantastic keeper, the coaches shouldn’t be rigid when we have so many options.

      This are the reasons why I don’t trust Oga Rohr Super Eagles team. Onyekuru wouldn’t have played against Cape Verde if our first eleven was available for that match.

      Onyekuru knew exactly what to do at that particular time in that game because he studied the game in the first half and he used his experience and qualities to bring calmness and stability into the Super Eagles team.

      We all saw that but the coaches keep ignoring or putting him on the bench some times when he comes to the national team.

      I will blame NFF for this. Sentiments brought Super Eagles to this level.

      Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Thanks Chairman Femi. At the moment, I think Uzoho’s mental conditioning is suspect. His mind seems to be in many matters outside football which affects his concentration and application. Once he sorts himself out, he should be able to wrestle back his starting position.

    What is working in Okoye’s favour us that most other viable options are not getting game time in thier clubs. This factor does not automatically mean that Okoye is better than them skills wise. It only means that – yes – on merit, Okoye deserves being Nigeria’s number one based on the calibre of the league he plays and based on the fact that he plays regularly.

    Also, personally I have no doubt that Okoye wil get better in time. Even in the short term, he may yet prove many of us wrong.. which would not be such a bad thing.

    Look at someone like Phillip Ejimandu who plays for Las Vegas Lights FC. It was reported that he elected to play for Nigeria. But at the moment, he also is having game time hard to come by. But make no mistake, he is pretty decent.


  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Dr. Drey 3 years ago
    Elenu, make them talk.
    That was how they tore apart the young man named Peter Jaja (later Peter rufai) when he was an understudy to Peter Fregene. Coach Onigbinde took lots of slap because of this budding goalkeeper, but persisted with him, believing so much in him and giving him time to make mistakes and learn from them. The young man went ahead to man the posts in 2 AFCON final matches, winning one and losing the other (controversially to cameroun) and having stellar career that spanned over 14 years.
    That was also how they almost runned down a young vincent enyeama with their bad mouth back circa 2004….infact they even claimed we were going to afcon without a goalkeeper….but the young man shoved humble pies down their throats by emerging as the best goalkeeper at Tunisia 2004. He ended up becoming the greatest goalkeeper to ever come out of nigeria and indeed africa with an international career that also spanned over 14 years.
    Elenu, make dem talk…!
    I am indeed glad the UZOHO we didnt want to be patient with 3 years ago, The Uzoho we libeled at so voraciously, the Uzoho we chewed and spat out, just because he exhibited the limitations EVERY young goalkeeper exhibits in their teething years at international level, is the one we want to run back to 3 years later…..LMAOOOoo….infact we dont even mind if he is a benchwarmer in Cyprus now…..LMAOOoo.

    I repeat, mark my words and mark this date on your calenders, till we adopt patience as a virtue, We will come back here in another 2 years and call for Okoye too even if he is a bench warmer in Latvia…..LMAOOooo

    Biko Mr Rohr, invite all the young goalkeeping Messiahs on Youtube o and let this cycle of flipping and changing start again for another 2 years…..God sparing our lives we will be back here in 2024 to sing this same songs we are singing now.

    In the words of our elders, you knock down a wall faster by hitting a spot one thousand times than by hitting a thousand spots one time.

    History has shown us that we dont learn from history…!

    That is the last I will ever say on this topic.

    So long folks.

    • “” “We will come back here in another 2 years and call for Okoye too even if he is a bench warmer in Latvia…..LMAOOooo” “.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I will rather have an okoye man our goal post than a bench warmer. France 98 is still very fresh in my mind.

  • Nawa for una o. You should take a look at yourself…ahba. That youtube video says nothing close to nothing what y’all have been describing. The YouTube video was meant to promote the guy, so, why do you think you would see his flaws. From every common sense, okoye is better than this guy. Abi, do you even consider experience, exposure and skill sets?. Nobody says Okoye is Enyeama right now, but this guy at this age of his career is not doing badly in any way. Jimmyball and the likes, all these unnecessary criticisms you guys are always putting up will wreck this growing team. They are seriously uncalled for. You are expending lots of energy on bringing down something that seem to only have a lil crack….calling for heads and suggesting incompetent replacements. Abi, as Okoye blunders specifically cost us any match like that? We even had many of those in prime Enyeama era. Or is it because the guy is half-caste. In my opinion and with my experience in this game, that guy will come really good for us in a couple of years.