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EXCELLENT!: U-23 Eagles Rating In 4-0 Win Vs Libya At Stephen Keshi Stadium Asaba

EXCELLENT!: U-23  Eagles Rating In 4-0 Win Vs Libya At Stephen Keshi Stadium Asaba

Following the U-23 Eagles impressive 4-0 win against Libya in the second leg of their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying fixture at the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba on Monday March 25, Completesports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU appraises the players’ performances against the North Africans.


He was virtually on holiday in the game as the Libyans didn’t muster a shot on target all through the encounter.



The Lobi Stars left-back put up an improved performance from the first leg. He supported the attack and performed his defensive duties dutifully on the few occasions the Libyans ventured forward.


One of the players drafted into the team from the Super Eagles. The centre-back was solid at the back and excellent with his ball distribution.


Combined well with Chidozie Awaziem at the heart of the team’s defence. He was solid all through and also made forays upfront.


Not as effective as Ebube Duru who did well on the left side of the defence, but still put up an above average showing before his injury-enforced substitution in the second half.


The captain of the side was not really at his best in the first half but came alive after the break.


Unlucky to see his excellent free-kick hit the cross bar in the first half. Gave an improved performance from the first leg even though he didn’t really hit the height expected of him.


Was lively in the opening minutes but fizzled out afterwards. He was replaced by Dennis Blessed in the second half.


Worked hard with nothing to show, in form goal, for his efforts. The Villareal winger missed a good chance late in the game.


Awoniyi missed a sitter early in the game which set the tone for an underwhelming performance from him.


Scored a hat-trick and provided the assist for the fourth goal scored by substitute David Okereke. He showed his predatory prowess all through.


His introduction added more bites to the team’s attack and he had a hand in Nigeria’s fourth goal of the game.

Got the fourth goal and proved he will be an important player for the team in future.

Helped ward off the threats of the Libyans after replacing the injured Etboy Akpan.

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  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    Kelechi Nwakali must move to a Belgium club and get more playing time because from all indications he still has lots of magical touches and discrimination can only be the reason why he is not getting to prove himself at Porto. God bless Coach Imama for still giving his trust to him. Coach Rohr take a leaf and give a chance to Musa Mohammed and Alampasu trust me these two will never let Naija down! 

    • Jones 4 years ago

      There’s a difference between u23 and super eagles. Let them make the u23 team first.

      • Exactly. We like to push people before they are ready. The setup has not been kind to him, let him ease his way in. Some players need pressure to show desire, and need a “pathway”. Nwakali seems to be one like that.

        Same way we gave Ikouwem and Ozornwafor “double promotion” from Under 20 to SE and then dropped them down. We have the makings of two formidable teams. A supremely talented under 23 as well as a strong Super Eagles.

        If both are successful, then AFCON 2021 both squads can be merged for a successful outing and the start of a fantastic world cup campaign. Lets challenge Uzoho, Nwakali, Orji, Bonaventure, Awaziem, Azubuike, Okereke, K Michael, Awoniyi with the Olympic qualification first. After the under 20 world cup, the under 20s who are good can boost the under 23 squad. After the Olympics, the Under 23s who are good enough can boost the Super Eagles.

        At this time, I would only concern maybe 4 players with the double responsibility of SE & Under 23: Osimhen, Chukwueze, Awaziem and Azubuike.

        I would also leave Uzoho permanently with that Under 23 squad and look for alternatives. I would saddle Ozornwafor, Ikouwem and Oremade with under 20 and under 23 as schedule permits.

        No more than 4 in double squads to help strengthen them and build for the future and NO double promotions

        • BigD has probably coached a club before or is one currently. He thinks like one. Thumbs up. And there are many tactically sound guys (football-wise) here too, both old and new commentators.

        • Nice BigD,but lemme yarn small.
          Azuibuike has been Super Eagles material for years now.
          How old is Sterling,Rashford nko?
          We keep waiting for players to play in big clubs before we think they are ready for our senior team.
          We often forget dat it’s easier for a Lindgard bcos he is at home plying his trade. Our players have to go tru so much dat we don’t even know. Their problem is not d technicalities of Eurpean futball,far from it,but it is things outside d pitch dat works against them.
          Then we often make matters worse by scoffing at d quality of our players bcos they are shipped out on loan.
          Wenger and Emery gave Iwobi a chance,if not we wud still be thinking Iwobi is too young.
          Look at Ghendouzi of Arsenal.

          I like dat Mr Rohr wants to use youth like Mr Southgate of England,but he needs to be smarter abeg.
          Does Etebo have a real competition in dat team? If Iwobi starts a match,u need anoda like him on d bench. Do we really have dat? No.
          Yet u have players who are U-23 dat can provide dat.
          Look at Onazi,even b4 he goofed in our pre-worldcup friendly, d coach ought to have known he was already waning. It was crystal clear long b4 d world cup.
          I have no probs with an older player,if he is d best in his position,but if u must play younger players let there be a proper competition for the Nigerian jersey. Let’s give dat jersey d respect it deserves.

      • Simon 4 years ago

        Jones relax even England gave chances to bunch of talented youngsters what is your problem with the Chima everytime? Lol abi he steal your GF nii

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Ah…[email protected] Big D. May God shower blessings upon u even when you do not ask.
    You’ve just poured out everything I had on my mind as the game was going on. I’ve not commented thus far because I’ve not found a way of just pouring out all I have in my head. You’ve just opened up my heart now and extracted almost everything. if only people can just be patient and drop their unwarranted hatred for G.Rohr and his crew simply because their own favoured players aren’t being invited. the crew of our national team are cooking something sumptuous at the moment, I hope arm chair critics and dissatisfied player agents and fronts wouldn’t upset the tripod upon which the cooking pot is currently sitting.

  • KC Nwakili must request immediate transfer to a club where he can play regular gamesband not a B team.
    Even if it is Saudi Arabia.

  • KC Nwakili must request immediate transfer to a club where he can play regular games and not a B team.
    Even if it is Saudi Arabia.

  • Edoman of NewJersey,USA 4 years ago

    Nigerians everywhere are relieved and extremely happy about this match today. Nigeria came from the dead. All thanks to Osimhen for taking the Libyans down completely. Our thanks equally goes to Super Eagle Captain Musa for his financial encouragements. Folks, leave Uzoho alone. he needs all the positive encouragements at this time. Nigeria don’t have an alternative goalkeeper for now. Can you show us who is better than Uzoho right now ?. Come on, Lets see what happens in tomorrow’s match with Egypt without our young Uzoho in goal.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

      Have you tried to give Alampasu and Co except Akpeyi and they fumbled. I will choose Ezenwa or Alampasu ahead of Uzoho any day anytime without fear or panic. Uzoho is supposed to be learning from these guys and not otherwise!

      • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago


      • Edoman of NewJersey,USA 4 years ago

        Even the Club where Alampasu is warming the bench to no end, will laugh, mock and even feel embarrass to see that the Nigeria Nation turns to their discarded goalkeeper for our choice . How about that. Rohr might not even acknowledge that Alampasu is still playing today. Please, let go of that guy.

        • That’s my issue with many people. That a player is warming the bench doesn’t make the player not good enough.Am I saying that we should not be interested AT ALL in players getting game time? Oh no,but we should not throw away the baby with the bath water.Pls see my posts here.

    • David Nwolokor(African Buffon) of FC Sered, Slovakia.

  • Only nigeria factor is the reason any sensible coach will play Ighalo ahead of Osimen.

    Chukweze should be tried for #10 for the SE.
    Azubuike Okechukwu should be tried with Ndidi in the midfield.

    • Well @ CJ,I’m into an insulting insinuation that an Elder is senseless.
      However, your major point stands out. I continue to insist dat we are blessed,too blessed to be stressed. We have in our ranks proper competition for many of these Super Eagles players,but the coach is not doing enough.
      I have previously asked,for example,do we have a proper replacement for Etebo on dat bench,if Etebo starts a match? We don’t! Why on earth don’t we?
      Yet we have guys in d U-23 team who can provide d best competition needed for various positions in d team.
      Look,I have lukd tru some history.My people check it out,it’s normally so very easy for
      a player who has played in an age-grade to transition into another,dan a player coming in fresh into dsame age-grade.At least,I’m sure of dis in my country.Yep,I know there r exceptions. So a former U-17 player normally fits seamlessly into our U-20 side and so on. Infact,dis is true in big footballing nations.

      Look there is the Nigerian spirit,the Nigerian way,the Nigerian swagger,which is most crucial to being a success in d Senior team. U learn dat fully at age-grade level,where u are often tested up to world-cup levels.A lot of our U-23’s(esp those who came true d ranks) are more set for d Super Eagles than we can imagine sef.
      Haba Mr Rohr,haba

  • Well done boys. Some of us expected a whooping scoreline.
    Before the match,in this forum, I was already calling for a friendly btwn dis team& d Senior team.
    Terrific players, arguably more talented than their seniors.
    And mind you,there are still more dat were not called up.
    Some us eg look at Osimhen and scoff,saying if he is that good,why wud “ordinary” Wolfsburg loan him? You see,we don’t know and are not willing to know how hard it is for these boys in Europe. Don’t miss my point,not that the football or tactics are hard,I mean Africans gaining acceptability is not easy.There are laws in some countries dat u MUST have a parent or guardian in order to play.How do u get dis,when u are d first person in ur family to travel out? You know and other laws.Also most of those countries want their own players to grow too,racism is not completely dead too.
    So u see, is it Nwakali on loan at Porto B team and u scoff at him- SIR U ARE PART OF D PROBLEM.
    Our U-23 players can play in beta teams dan they are in now, with their experience and talent,but d system is not friendly.

    Did u expect Gendhouzi of Arsenal to perform as brilliantly as he does in Arsenal? U think we don’t have U-23 (or even U-20) players dat can do more? My broda we do. Football itself in Europe is a piece of cake for our boys,but it’s d system dat mitigates against dem& shuffles dem into teams dat dey are even too gud for and many Nigerans start saying d players have lost quality,whereas d players’ quality is still intact (and improved sef), but d above I have said won’t give Dem wat they deserve.
    Pls don’t just talk. Do proper fact-finding b4 u talk.

    I still await dat friendly match. It wud be lyk experience(SuperEagles) vs talent(U-23).
    Let us say d truth,a lot of those U-23 are gud enof for d Senior team,even experience-wise.