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Feyenoord Boss Slot Raves About Super-Sub Dessers After Draw Vs Slavia Prague

Feyenoord  Boss Slot Raves About Super-Sub Dessers  After Draw Vs Slavia Prague

Feyenoord manager Arne Slot has heaped plaudits on Cyriel Dessers after Thursday night’s UEFA Conference League 2-2 draw against Slavia Prague, reports Completesports.com.

Dessers, who in came as a substitute early in the game scored twice to help the visitors earned a share of the spoils.


Peter Olayinka put the home team ahead in the 12th minute, while Dessers equalised a minute after the half hour mark.

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The home team regained the lead through Jan Kutcta in the 66th minute with Dessers netting the equaliser again deep into stoppage time.

“Was he an ideal sub? Yes, he usually comes on a little bit later but today he played for almost entire match and scored two goals,” Slot told UEFA.com.

“It was great for him and also great for the team.”

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  • Greenturf 7 months ago

    I saw Dessers goals wow man got real quality!How did slow Onuachu bench a terrific striker as Dessers a whole season beats my imagination.
    This lad must be in the super eagles roster to the Afcon,either as a starter or a super sub.
    He needs to be in the squad i do not see why he shouldn’t.

    • Chinenye 7 months ago

      Oshey! ignoring your heavy brother Ighalo who took a place that should have his in the national team
      Atleast Onuachu was in a devastating form last season for his club

      • Mahmud Shuaib 7 months ago

        Dont mind that double faced @GREENTURF. Hypocrisy dey worry am. Silent on Saudi based retiree but quick to disrespect a top 10 EUROPEAN league team goal machine.

        Infact ONUACHU has a better goal ratio for SE than IGHALO.

  • I’ve always known he’s quality. I’m not holding brief for him right now cos he scored.

    We may lose this guy back to Belgium…If that happens, it’s thanks to clueless Rohr.

  • GLORY 7 months ago

    https://youtu.be/ScB29zm6WCA.Scoring goals has been his business right from his football initiation. One thing you can be sure of with these foreign born players is, they don’t even know the way to their ancestral homes . So “sakpono” can forever have days off with these foreign players. God bless to Cyril Dessers and all DESERVING SE PLAYERS. Last season unto this season; how the tide is changing. May God continue to protect all honest deserving SE players while I humbly ask HE GOD to continue to resists n disgrace those devious ones( PRETENDERS).

  • Maybe the Genk coach is not good too or he collected bribe from Onuachu in other to playing him ahead of Dresseer like Gernot Rohr? Confused people everywhere when will tell you to always allow the coach to do his work because they are the one training this guys you will not.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      Learn to shut up you’re just too disgusting and need multiple beating.

  • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

    The new Coach should induct the following players based of form into the team; Awoniyi, Dessers,Amoo, Anthony Izuchukwu,Bassey and Adeleye and evict Ighalo, Shehu, Musa, Akpeyi and Noble.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago


      Boy will walk straight into the Super Eagles defense and bring Calmness plus dictate offensive play….. sit back and enjoy

      • glory 7 months ago

        Anthony surely deserves a proper consderation. Hopefully that happens.

      • Sean T 7 months ago

        No doubt this guy is better than Balogun and Ekong combined together. This guy tackles are well timed, clean marking, good with the ball on and good passing skills either short or long. Only blind person will watch this video and compare him to any of our central defenders right now talk less of a coach. Thank u Chima Samuel for the video

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Sean T… he can be as good as Redondo but if him no pay Rohr no go look him face believe me.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          Exactly the whole point and I don’t believe any technical player will like to pay his way except the half schooled ones. These guy if in the next two years doesn’t get capped I’m afraid he will switch nationality without thinking twice.

      • His interceptions and touches look quite heavy. Plus his weight compared to his team mates and opponents too.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          Meaning? Kindly explain further, I think you’re a contentious person. I sorry for you Bro… Life never teach you SMH!!!

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          And what do you have to say about Jules Kounde’s touch that Chelsea is head and neck after? I’m sorry your football reasoning is below average or you’re an Agent of Rohr that is why you see things as he does. You just appeared on this forum since we started highlighting the technical deficiencies of Rohr.

          • Are you referring to the same Jules Kounde that can play 2 – 3 roles, holds an attacking threat even as a defender and also scores. Am not sure you watch football properly. The video of the Iwuchukwu you showed just showed him stopping attacks. And Jules Kounde is not the same size as Iwuchukwu. Go and look at his YouTube reel. There was a time he was big and also a time he had reduced his weight.

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            You are very terrible in your analysis the player above is a defender whose clearance is top notch and passing is as precise as nothing else, there is not a fault to his game and these are the kind of players pep is looking for and you come here looking for fault like the Accuser of the brethren. Swallow your pride alongside your myopic coach and quit been contentious.

          • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

            I am not talking about size. I am talking about the heavy touch you claim. Jules Kounde’s touch and other defenders making clearances does the same and what makes Izu more special is that he’s is always precise and on point. What else do you want? Must you find fault even when there’s none? I only know one person who does this on the forum and you happen to be that person based on your appearance and signature!!!

      • This Anthony needs to look at from close range. OMG.SE needs him urgently to stabilize our defence. New coach should give him a trial which such coach would not be able to resist. Let our best legs play for SE rather than lobby and bribing, please.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      I keep asking why invite this talent and bench in both friendlies and play Ozowanfor. And why invite Noble over Adeleye. Them swear for us Nii? Even the players are aware of the madness going on but them no thanks fit talk until the coach is sacked. How come a German scammed Over 200million people at a go? And still forcing us to give Ighalo time but never given time to these talented lads same thing he did with Eze. NFF must weed this man Asap!!!

      • See who is talking When you are the biggest contentious person here. A defender that can play 2 to 3 different roles in a team, has a high pass rate and still holds an attacking threat is far more valuable in the transfer market than one that just stops attacks and has complete passing rate. I guess you didn’t check Jules Kounde reel on YouTube and your ego is getting the best of you. Then you claim to know football and player analysis.

        • Go and watch the Jules Pounds reel you are talking about and compare with Izuchukwu. I pointed out heavy touches and weight as his issue. You brought up Jules Pounds as an example. Did you notice that when Jules Pounds reduced his weight, his heavy touches reduced? Guess you didn’t notice that part from your analysis. Only looking for bright sparks all the time.

        • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

          Baba you’re a big liar with serious inferiority that is why you try to find error where there’s none. You’ll be the worst coach if ever you find one. You don’t know anything about football. All your points here are garbage I will no longer take your thread serious. Waka comot here I have better things doing it’s Thanksgiving Friday holiday can’t waste it for yeye talk.

          • Inferiority you now say abi. It’s now an emotional argument, yet you say you know how to analyse and talk, bring out another fact now. Musu musu dey worry you. These ones that claim inferiority now, give them an opportunity to perform at just a simple task, they will frustrate your efforts with all manner of excuses. When you change your mind to leave them and find other capable hands to perform, another set of excuses will emerge like saying, “he is a tribalist”, “he doesn’t care about me” and so on and so forth. They will be happy when they reduce your prospects and essence. Just so you see their point of view. Always throwing low blows and insults at people. To reason something out, is difficult. Yeye.

          • In fact, Rohr is simply clueless for constantly snubbing Dessers. Adelakun,Amaju and other technical crews need to be overhauling too. Cyriel Dessers is an asset to SE. I hope the next Coach would give him instant attention before Belgium snatch him from our nose. The guy has finishing instinct to be ignored

  • Mutum 7 months ago

    @ greenturf….dessers will walk into our 11 eleven…even osimehin or ighalo no see him back .

  • Does anyone have an idea why they call him Super Sub and not starting Eleven at Feyenoord. Do you even know whether he has built up his stamina to last 90 mins. Maybe his performance fades after a while in a match??? No one is asking this deep questions, na to invite am to Super Eagles, e day score goals. The finer things will not kill us in this country, Amen.

    • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

      Because he’s a new player and the guys he met are still scoring goals. I’m sure this answers you!!!

      • It doesn’t actually, untill he starts getting full 90 mins like his counterpart Osimhen and still perform at the same high level will I be convinced of his abilities.
        Until then he is a spark, that’s all.

        • Guy if you no get wetin to talk just keep quiet.. super sub nii

          • Why are you emotional, after all its logical thinking. If you have the answer, respond. Stop being a child.

      • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago


  • Mr Hush 7 months ago


    Why I appreciate your deductive reasoning but do you know;
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a super sub for his club,Manchester united but a starter for his
    country alongside Tore Andre Flo.
    Same for Javier Chicarito Hernandez;mostly a super sub for both United and Real Madrid but a starter for his country,Mexico.
    It takes nothing away from the player and his ability.

    Every player is used subject to the coach’s discretion.
    I feel like as @ Chima pointed out , he is new to the club and his forerunners are actually doing well; besides, he is doing well off the bench; so why a change a system that works? You never know,if he keeps being consistent,he might just become first choice.

    • @Mr Hush. I totally understand your point about Solskjaer and Hernandez. But let me say this, our African Sun day do wonders for players that are not familiar with it. If you noticed, this same heat wave affected Awoniyi’s performance the last time. He lost momentum despite playing towards evening. For Solskjaer, he was a better player from the bench than on the field, only Fergie knows why he saw him that way.

      • Mr Hush 7 months ago

        @ Ben

        Yes. Weather could be a huge factor. But with all due respect to Awoniyi, he is no Dessers. They are both different kind of players, different human beings. Good in their own way.
        In my opinion, from all observation, Cyril is a better finisher, arguably a much more technical player than most of our current strikers ; Osimhen inclusive.Though Osimhen is the better all round player.

        Besides, how are we sure Dessers wouldn’t do well and acclimatise better? You never know till you try.
        Being a logical man (I believe like yourself), we shouldn’t dabble on assumptions. We should put our hypothesis to the test and give opportunities to those that merit it. Like I said, you never know. Every good comes from time and chance. I believe Dessers deserves his day under the sun; even under the African sky.

      • Ben. African sun? Can we give him the chance? He was the highest too scorer in the smae dutch league. He was playing full minutes. Have you forgotten so quickly my brother.

        The pronelm is that rohr is clueless and can’t see again because of many reasons best known to him and his employer.

        The first game for us showed that striker instinct that I have not found in even onuachu. Comkon Ben. It’s not a sin to give him a chance now.

        • @Christian Ministries, am not here to defend Rohr for using this player and not that player. All I am trying to do is possibly provide some points for people to consider before open their mouth and talking rubbish. Let me explain better, for all the talent Hakim Ziyech holds for Morocco, his coach has stopped inviting him to play for Morocco because of a claim he made about being injured. Cesar Azpilicueta in all the years he was outstanding at Chelsea has not been given a fair opportunity to represent Spain because he plays in the English Premiership. This was the same faith that befell Cesc Fabregas from his Arsenal days. There are so many reasons a player might not be invited, but we Nigerians and many people on this forum will say its egunje reasons or something banal. If you ask Rohr now about this player he will give you a reason that am sure many people haven’t considered it before. Maybe from a tactical perspective or not. It is only him that knows, finish. Plus we as Nigerians need to understand that a coach uses the players he wants and that’s it. Even if there are 1 million good talents out there. The Brazilian national team is blessed with so many talents around the World, how come it is still only 24 players a coach will test and use. The same thing with Nigeria and it doesn’t change under the Sun.

  • Mr Hush 7 months ago

    I don’t think the players you mentioned fit into this context;

    Hakim Ziyech was left out from the Moroccan set up for indiscipline ( which you try to state) not because he isn’t reverred by the Atlas Lions; after all,he has always being part of the team before his attitude got in the way.
    The same Fabregas with over 100 appearances for Spain? You have forgotten Fabregas sublime pass to Iniesta to win the world cup?

    Cesar Azpilceuta played in two world cups for Spain. The only reason he doesn’t have much game time is because Spain is stocked. There are loads of good players playing his position; nevertheless he was still selected.

    The point about Brazil having so many players is self explanatory;even though they have the luxury of stars ,they have to select the best 24 based on merit!

    The super Eagles is neither Spain nor Brazil. We don’t have an avalanche of quality players out there. We have manageable to some few quality. And those good enough deserve their chance to prove themselves. If you merit it , you should be called up. If you fail to take your chance when called up,then that’s on you.
    Dessers deserve his day.

    • @Mr Hush, thank you for almost reaching the same point I concluded with. Only 24 players at the end of the day. Even with the amount of stars everywhere, we claim we have. Only 24 players. It’s up to the coach to decide who plays and not. It’s that simple. With reference to Cesc Fabregas and Azpilicueta. Yes Cesc has 100 caps, but was he called to play for Spain when he was at Arsenal or when he moved to Barca?? With respect to Azpilicueta,I never said he wasn’t capped by Spain, my question was how many times. 2 World Cups and he missed out on all the Euro tournaments abi? He was not good enough for them. How many right backs did Spain have about that time, when they were only selecting players that either played for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid. That was the policy, not that they had other players who were better than him. Azpilicueta won Champions League in his first year at Chelseafc. He was in the same team with Drogba and Lampard. Also the only person to have won the Champions League twice.

  • Mr Hush 7 months ago


    Fabregas was first selected for Spain when he played for Arsenal; infact in his second season with Arsenal. He broke the record of the youngest player to play for Spain in 70years! He was also selected for the 2006 world cup.
    Azpilicueta was not selected for Spain national team because there were simply better people in his position at the time. He played for Marseille for a while so couldn’t ever bench those playing in Barcelona or Real Madrid cause they were simply better than he was in that position at that time. But since he moved to Chelsea, he has always been part of the Spanish set up.From the U 23s to the national team! It has nothing to do with playing policy or whatever but all to do with merit and timing.

    While I agree with you that it is the coach prerogative to invite players he likes but I do believe it should be based on merit. Every player deserves a chance in the national team as long as they merit it. They should be giving opportunity to prove if they can hold their own or not. Merit should always take precedence.

    • I agree, merit should always take precedence in player selection. But the coach decides and you can invite everyone at the same time, unless team understanding suffer. Thanks for the stats on Fabregas and Azpilicueta.

    • Which players are being selected without merit?. Just as Ben said players selection is solely the responsibility of the coach and also let’s not forget all this coaches has their favourite players as well maybe because of how they want to play. As for Fabregas he do receive call up but not always in the starting 11 as a result he became to be rude so the coach decided not to invite him until he change his behaviour then. That is why I marveled at people talking about Dennis not invited to national team despite once reported even on this site the guy rudeness in camp, which coach will call indiscipline player to his team?.And people like you will complain that the coach is not discipline enough.. This was the same player that was told to help the Olympic team in their qualification match then we all know what happened. I belief he will get his chance once he continues to churning out good performance in his club and turn a new leaf the coach will call him when he pleases..

  • De Star 7 months ago

    @Mr Hush , as the forum MVP ( Most Valuable Player ) in this loop , going by the 100% rating that usually follow your comment before CSN removed the privileged; I do sympathize with you , over labouring yourself to let @Ben see wise reason ; If not for the fact that he is your fellow Rohr’s supporter; I should have expected an acclaimed MVP like you shouldn’t be wasting his time on any forum players that chooses not accept correction and reality.

    Some may not be blamed as well , some would have been better off if they had followed other lesser technical sports other than football ⚽️; the way some even reason is are appealing or how else would one have described a football follower who believes Rohr has prerogative rights to invite whoever he wishes rather than merit !!

    In any case , thanks for the jet age of internet world where no one can hid fact these days ; hence the revelation of the sublime performance video of those quality and inform players that Rohr either neglected outright or never used in SE.

    Except a dumbo mechanic Rohr (a.k.a Belmadi Trainee) ; players call up and selection should be based basically purely on merit without sentiment.

    On what basis would a mechanic brought a retired flopped Igahalo and be pleading to give him time if not for corruption? On what basis would a supposed Coach invited a goalkeeper John Noble that was inactive for 6 Months ahead of a quality goalkeeper that permanently benched John Noble in the same Eyimba club coached by Finidi George that believe in merit and also delivering With Goalkeeper Olorun Leke doing greatly in the continent , if not for corruption ?

    Is Rohr not killing the motivating spirit of those players who could have resigned to fate , that no matter how good they are , without bribing or compromising, they cannot have opportunity in their national team and by extension killing SE eagles ? (Only God knows , how Eyimba undisputed first choice goalkeeper would felt when John Noble return back to Eyimba Camp )

    A mechanic Rohr alias Coach has nothing to offer even if Mendy , Mbape , Ronaldo , Neyma etc were Nigerians Dumbo Coach will not make use of them except they are ready to compromise or ready to bribe their way as retired Igahalo.

    NFF too are also helping Rohr to kill SE , because when you engaged coach that is technically deficiency and you further added to his problem with backlog of unpaid salary; how could they have expected Rohr to survive on the job without bribe .

    • Mr Hush 7 months ago


      Deeply humbled. But I believe we are all learners. More so, fans, chipping in our various understanding and views to help our team get better, all from an honest stand point. It is from our differences comes genuine solutions.

      My only hope is ; if Rohr is staying, he should go back to how he started. Brave selection based on merit.

    • When I say people should reason, they don’t understand. When the late Keshi selected some weak players to the World Cup, what did we get?? Is it only Rohr according to your context of reasoning that has selected weak players in our history???
      Onigbinde nko??
      There are players in our Nigerian football history that refused to play for Super Eagles even when Keshi or late Amodu was in charge. Who kill person??.
      There are also players the coach chose not invite too, let us not forget Osaze Odemwingie and how counterous he was.
      Leave player selection to Rohr, he already has a scout working for him that he pays from his salary.


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