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Finidi Faults Rohr On Musa’s Invitation For AFCON Qualifiers

Finidi  Faults Rohr On Musa’s Invitation For AFCON Qualifiers

Former Nigerian midfielder, George Finidi has criticized the 24-man squad released by Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr ahead of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Finidi in an interview with Brilafm stated that the German tactician has undermined his position with the inclusion of Ahmed Musa in the squad ahead of players that are in the current form.

Musa, who last played competitive football in October 2020 was invited by Rohr for the crucial games against the Squirrels of Benin and Crocodile of Lesotho.

According to Finidi: ‘We know that Musa has done a lot for Nigeria and on his day he is a good player, but at the moment he doesn’t have a club. What criteria was considered before he was invited.

‘I can still play football but I couldn’t compete against fit players. He’s (Musa) a good player, when he is in top form. But at the moment he has not played for 5 months and you can’t put him out there against fitter players in competitive situations.

‘We’re in a crucial time, if he had a club, he would be back because he is still the captain and perhaps still has age on his side. We have to speak the truth about this situation.’


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    Musa people go soon troop out to call Finidi an egunje ex international like he’s not speaking facts lol that’s why Nigeria is still where it’s at because we are not even truthful about a none deserving invitation talk less of developments that involve money and corrupt minds….. but everyone is still entitled to their own opinions and each is respected.

  • Oakfield 5 months ago

    Pls oga mr finidi, pls go and read rohrs explanation regarding Musa’s invitation. Maybe you don’t understand English again. Just leave am, we like am like that, u hear? continue waiting on the nff for a job for the rest of ur life, no go find work somewhere else and garner experience. Dy dia dy find fault. All these lazy ex internationals need to go find work and keep yourselves busy. You just want to remain relevant. Nonsense.

    • Williams d conqueror 5 months ago

      Whether you like it or not, it was finidi opinion. And he is entitled to it. Mr know it all.

    • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

      You Sabi express your own opinion but you want to shut another man up…. see the words hurled at that man because he expressed his opinion na wa oohh…… Non playing captain no go ever retire. Even as a Rohr supporter I have to say this is a no Brainerd. If he visited the camp its different but you invited not to play to waste a slot you could’ve given another player.

      • Oakfield 5 months ago

        Did u know that yobo was given such a slot during the twilight of the career??? Remember he was taken to the world cup by keshi for no just reason but for his position as the captain of the team and nobody, absolutely nobody said a shi….t about it. It is foolish and absurd to always pick on this man when he makes certain decisions which are nothing short of the ordinary. Why hasn’t he (mr future coach) criticized the nff for appointing a novice without experience as an assistant coach of the super eagles or voice out his concerns over the plans of the nff to take the super eagles by boat to Benin for a very crucial match instead of flying them???? Of course, nobody should expect him to talk to avoid stepping on the toes of his future pay masters. That’s hypocrisy at its peak. Snakes everywhere….

        • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

          Bro Yobo was not clubless going into the world cup atleast he was training and playing intermittently…..100% fit maybe not but here we have a clubless captain who has been inactive who hasn’t played club football for 5 months and is invited to a crucial game… I’m not going to touch the issue of assistant coach as that is an entirely different issue.

          • Oakfield 5 months ago

            Will u call sitting on the bench and coming on on rare occasions, maybe with 6 mins to the end of a match all through the season with fernebache a job???? That’s as good as being clubless my friend.

        • Am not sure yobo was clubless prior to the World Cup though, correct me if am wrong pls.

        • If you can recall,yobo was still active in his club, and also he played some matches too. Everybody is entitled to their opinions, if we are very truthful to our self, against Argentina we lost that match because of rohr incompetent, he lack some tactical acumen, he hasn’t done much for us because he has a handful of hungry players across Europe, late Steven didn’t has such opportunity but he was able to manage them and gave us nations cup. We hasn’t given us any yet let watch out for this nations cup. I greet u

        • Chinenye 5 months ago

          Yobo moved to Norwich city just to boost his chances of making it to the 2014 WC. He played regularly there prior to the World cup. Musa cannot just be invited to the NT simply he sores 4 goals at the WC. Our football fans are no diff from our political leaders we criticise today. Sentiments all the time! Shame!!! If Musa was from ENG or Spain would he have been invited to d NT? Hell No!!!

          • Oakfield 5 months ago

            @chinenye, but did u hear that musa would not play an active role? What is wrong if the coach wants his captain around him going by the fact that he doesn’t have a competent assistant? Can we just reason properly for once??? If musa wanted to get a lower club like yobo did he would have done so but you have to understand that it’s a personal decision, not yours, not mine.

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Oakfield yourself and drey then recently ubfe has been flooding this page with too many ignorance, you both are so full of stinky attitude, ex footballers are been insulted by you idiots. Footballers who have great experience and understand the reality of what you two back in your villages know nothing about, the other day a guy was saying shit and using lagos as bragging right, i second again what is wrong with you people here? Giving yourself names and titles that represents zombies. Anyway a word is enough for the wise keep gathering people to hurl insults against ex internationals.

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Is your brain aware of what you’ve just vomited here….?

        • Oakfield 5 months ago

          @drey…. Lol…. His brains are overheating with foolishness.. Lol

      • nnamdi 5 months ago

        u can quietly err ur views without using derogatory words as long as im concern ur words are harsh and it makes no meaning to me

  • Finidi was even more direct in a different interview with Punch.

    “Coaches should be made to defend their list when they come up with names that are questionable. Coaches should not be left alone.

    “They should be made to explain how they arrived at certain decisions on who they invite. Journalists should question the names on the list.”

    “I have a problem with his list, selecting centre-backs as midfielders and right-backs in the midfield.”

    “In the case of Paul Onuachu, who was snubbed, if you want a player to perform, you set up your formation in a way to make him comfortable. He has struggled largely because of poor coaching.”

    “This is Rohr. The coach you expect to take us to the World Cup and win the AFCON. If he was a Nigerian that made these decisions, we would critique him, but here’s a coach who is supposedly very experienced, the choices are questionable.”


    I used to like Rohr too. Credit to him for some of the good results we have had, especially beating Cameroun silly in Uyo and making a meal of Algeria.

    But it appears Rohr is tired now and needs to retire. Problem is Pinnick planted a clueless Yobo under him, so we’re kind of stuck. It’s time to bring in fresh ideas.

    I vote for a collection of seasoned Nigerian coaches with international experience to be headed by Amunike. We could have people like Egbo, Finidi, Ikeme on the coaching crew plus Mike Ememnalo in some consulting capacity.

    • pompei 5 months ago

      Nice one, Kel. I agree with you. My biggest issue is the waste of that slot that Musa is currently occupying. Nothing wrong in carrying Musa along as a non-playing whatever, but that slot could have been given to someone like Ejuke. The way that boy performed in the few minutes he came on against Tunisia, it does not seem wise to me to leave him out. Has his form dropped so badly since then?
      We know for a fact that there are some players who don’t do much at their clubs, but seem to save their best for the national team. We had them in the past. Ejuke to me seems to be in that mold. That boy should have the slot Musa is currently occupying. No problem with Musa coming along as a morale booster. But his slot should have gone to Ejuke, or some other deserving person.
      The coaches you recommended are good coaches, and they can take over from Rohr when he retires on or before the 2022 mundial. He can then leave after the mundial, unless he does something really dramatic like take us to the semifinal. Then we would be forced to revisit this subject.

      • Nicely put together, pompei. Like, how can Nigeria not even invite Ejuke? He was clearly a shining light in that friendly. In fact, he outshone my star boy Chukwueze that day. How about Dessers? Ah, Rohr has been ‘Nigerianised’ by politicians in the NFF and sports ministry.

        Obviously, like in the early 1990s, Nigeria is starting to have a glut of superbly talented players, with others waiting to switch allegiance in the wings. I just don’t trust Rohr enough to maximise the potentials at his feet. He’s good or used to be good. But excellent? No; I think average. 3 years is enough time to honestly assess.

  • Ololo 5 months ago

    I don’t think all these are necessary..

    Musa wont play the coming matches,

    He might not even train,

    He was invited more as a guest to encourage the boys as a captain.

    This is very similar to when we invite foreign boys without Nigerian passport as guest just to watch our games.

    With all what musa has done for this country I think all these are unnecessary against him. I wonder how the young ones will take this.. Many will see no need to die for their country as being invited as a guest will cause so much issues as this

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Are the boys kids that musa should be the team’s psychologist, Nigerians lets start upgrading our knowledge.

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    Hahahahaha….I’ve said it before…if these people will just channel half of the energy they use in fighting Rohr on their own careers, they wouldn’t be political jobbers for this long….they wouldnt need NFF before they have coaching careers LMAO. Their mates and those who retired way after them are busy all over Europe already, they are only heard of when it is time to attack Rohr…LMAO

    The coach says he wants his captain around even if he’s brought to the SE in an ambulance….the NFF technical committee has sat on it and vetoed and approved it. The same NFF that vetoed the invitation of Francisca Ordega and and Onome Ebi who both have been clubless since the covid outbreak in China (over a year now) to the Super falcons’ camp for the recent Turkey invitational tournament ahead of a Desire Oparanozie that has been playing for Dijon. Heavens did not fall. That ship has sailed long ago.

    There are 23 other players on that list who are the ones we should focus on because the coach has stated clearly those are the ones who will execute the game. Much ado about Ahmed Musa….LMAO

    • @dr drey the wise man i knew they will dislike ur sincere contribution Yes I know that some antiRohr’s are also waiting for ubah to say something,why can’t this finidi,Amuneke,and others go and take abia warriors or Akwa utd and prove how good they are, somebody who was sacked by a little African country club like amuneke now want to come and manage mighty super eagles,nonsense am expecting 1000 dislike

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    So someone who airs his opinion concerning the national team is attacking Rohr but you have a right to critique without others doing the same. Hypocrisy at the highest level lol. Make we just dey watch for this column.

    • JOSIAH 5 months ago

      Findings and amunike should keep quiet and go look for job somewhere else leave rohr alone please no be only SE be coaching job go find club sides and start your career you only criticize rhor when other coaches are doing thesame things you keep mute
      Ex international my ass..

      • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

        So people shouldn’t talk or have opinions anymore? Did he suggest firing Rohr. Whether you like it or not he has the right to free speech like yours if you don’t agree it’s perfectly fine but to resort to insults like go find job, useless, jobless e.t.c is just a diversion of the issue/topic being discussed.

        • Mercy 5 months ago

          I need to make this clear. Fifa, caf and other governing body only allow invitation of 23 players for senior national assignments or competitions. Therefore, there is no slot whatsoever as you guys are making it to look like. It is 23 man list. Musa invitation was more of honorary capacity. He will not play in any of the matches. We cannot invite more than 23 players for a game.

      • Chinenye 5 months ago

        They are Nigerians and have the right to air their opinions towards our national team matters. You guys acts as if other national teams managers don’t get criticisms. Musa is a total waste of slot as far this upcoming afcon qualifiers are concerned. Yes he scored 4 goals at the WC but invitations should be strictly on current form

  • Abdul handsy 5 months ago

    There is something that of which I really need to be cleared of, guys why is it taking too much time for Nigeria to get players switch from England to Nigeria?

    It kept me wondering for a longtime now, lookman, ejaria, Ojo, and ugbo, no one knows our fate really so far about their respective switch!

    I just read that Jamal musiala has been granted a FIFA switch to start playing for German National team, I remember that this guy declared himself available for German National team not up to 1full month…

    If it could be this easy for Germany why not Nigeria? Remember, the same English team that Jamal had played for is also the same team the aforementioned players had also played for. We were told that 5FAs within the United kingdom has to signed before it could be sanctioned by FIFA hence, the too much delay. So, Jamal has completed his switch so swiftly with those five FA within the United kingdom but why is Nigerian case has been so different and being delayed na???

    These aforementioned players have filled their respective switch since the past one year, what’s really happening with these guys switch na?

    I am not happy about this issue this morning until someone who knows better clarifies me o!

    NFF wetin dey happen na???

    I hope at the end story no go enter this matter o.

    NFF pls try and Fast Track the Olise’s international passport and let him play in our upcoming qualifiers o.

    Don’t just want his case of being on standby smokes off like the case of Kingsley Ehizibue of fc cologne!

  • GLORY 5 months ago

    All of these are just attempts to distract the team just so they fail to win and qualify, as that will work in their favour to re-establish that self serving trade of using SE platform to market players. Otherwise, why not just allow this man finish his work and if he sincerely fails, sack him? They are all,at high blood pressures’ peak, sensing ROHR is going to qualify again with a game in hand, which will finally put a nail on the coffin of them, ever getting a chance to resume business as usual. JEHOVAH GOD BLESS ROHR/CREW AND OUR BELOVED SE. VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY IS SANCTION BY THE DIVINE FORCES. WE GO AHEAD OF THE TEAM UNTO THE PITCH AND THERE GOD ALMIGHTY IS GLORIFIED AGAIN.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha @GLory….dont mind all of them. They are in panic mode and are all praying for failure. Even Ifeanyi Udeze has said it many times, that these 94 guys even gang up against their own so that he can be sacked and they get the job instead.

      The coach has named his solid 23 man sqaud that will play the game. It is the man that will not play at all all of them are ranting about…LMAO….Im talking of people who have not been able to make anything out of their own coaching careers …LMAO. The Musa ship has sailed a long time ago….whoever likes can still be mopping up and down. They should wait for their own turns to be coach and implement whatever they feel will work for them. The current coach has made his own decisions which has been vetoed by his employers. Forward march we don dey move….who nor like am make he stay for back dey cry.

      I’ve told them all…whether they like is or not, whether they pray Benin flog us 50 goals to nil, we are qualifying on the 27th with a game to spare yet again. Their day of Joy will perpetually be postponed.

      • GLORY 5 months ago

        Broda I tire for some of these ex SE. These guys, the media men and others behind the scene are just letting most of us who used to be their fans down. There is a way to do things. There is a perfect time to criticize and to support. Criticizing at wrong time, oozes a smell of self service. How shameful, to be talking about a guest(Musa) at this time with just about 2 wks to some two cruial matches. Wasnt that list vetoed by the technical committee, and NfF OFFICIAL? We all know, Rohr’s recent contract stipulates, he no longer enjoys an 100% decision on players’ invitation. Then why all these constant attack on Rohr, if its not about regaining/re-establishing their strangle hold on the only thing that brings joy to common masses; THE SE. You know what? Dr DREY, its becoming a waste of time commenting on topics like this because, so evil these people are, that they have lost every sense of decency/understanding. A witch/ a ritualist will kill a child that has the key to unlock family’s prosperity because of personal hate. They become foolishly deaf/blinded to the elementals of historic/futuristic diagnosis. Very shameful.

        • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

          Hahahaha @ Glory…we wont stop commenting o. Evil thrives when the just are quiet. If dem like let them impersonate me 1 million times….let them use 1 million multiple identities, we will continue to shred their machinations and feed them with dust….LMAO. One of them has already said their mind that they are praying for Rohr to lose so that he can be fired. All these media campaign using the same set of people is only for one goal and one goal only…to take us back to the land of Egypt. If na b4 now…right to the very last minute of the last game of the qualifiers, we would still be ‘perumating and combinating’ on who must win and who must draw b4 we can stand a chance at qualification…..as if we are playing pool…LMAO

          • GLORY 5 months ago

            Just why you always remain my man @ Drey. I wish I can afford such luxury time to sacrifice presently. What I am not able to do, I am always grateful to those doing that on my behalf. A big big thanks to you m others fighting this besetting evil troubling our football

  • Ako AMADI 5 months ago

    Otto Gloria (1980), Clemence Westerhof (1992) Stephrn Keshi (2013) all wkn AFCON for Nigeris. Gernot Rohr’s sole achievement after 5 years is the appointment of a “Non-playing Captain”

    • Dr Banks 5 months ago

      Otto Gloria won at home after full camping of the team in Brazil for a long period of intensive coaching, Westerhof won AFCON on the 3rd attempt in 1994 (not 1992), Keshi has been SE Assistant coach to 3 different coaches in SE before winning in 2013, Rohr has only been to 1 AFCON and won Bronze after your ex-internationals were unable to qualify for 2 previous AFCON and ranked 16th in Africa. Please give credit to whom it’s due bro

      • Now U have run into hiding @Ako Amadi, instead of u to come & receive lectures from @Dr Bank….
        Tomorrow you’ll still come up with this tales of “westerhoof won us bla bla bla… This person won us yen yen yen… The other person did this and did that…

        Come @Dr Bank is ready to school u on how to bring up fact and stas….

  • Emmanuel 5 months ago

    @Dr.Drey, sweet guy.Dont understand how someone will accuse the coach of inviting Defenders as midfielders. Is it an internationally acceptable standard or not? Yes. Ola Aina was converted as part of a back 3 by Parker for several games and he did well.Ndidi was converted as a central Defender in the absence of Soyunchi by Rodgers he did well.Very recently Leon Balogun was made to play 2 by Gerard and he was fantastic. In all of the instances above am not sure you guys complained why complain now.

    In case the instances cited above is far in between Aceloti converted an attack minded Iwobi as a wing back even more so in the March against Chelsea 2 days ago.What on heart is wrong with us.No one has said Finidis views should not be said but that it is an unwarranted one. In a standard football match you have 23 active players a coach will pick from.Is Musa part of the 23 no.Is NFF complaining that they can’t feed him in camp?no.So what is the issue.

    Make we try dey calm down like this ooooooooo…..

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahaha no mind am. Even the finidi was a convertee. People know him as a winger today but he was naturally a central midfielder. It was westerhof who had to use him as a winger due to abundance of CMs back then and the rest is history. The Ndidi that we celebrate today was he not a central defender…? Was it not his coach at gent that tried him in DM when their DMs where out injured and the role stuck till today. Abdulahhi Shehu was am astute DM for Kano pillars, Flying eagles and the CHAN team under Keshi. It was Siasia who converted him to RB at the olympics when Musa Mohammed couldn’t make the final cut and he has played that role PERFECTLY for our national teams ever since….so much so that most people (incluidng this ex-international) do not know Shehu is naturally a midfielder and not a RB. Even at that he still plays in midfield for his clubs till date and came on for Etebo vs S/L in Freetown and stabilized our midfield instantly. My respect for that guy doubled after that match. We started pressing S/L more immediately he came on. The hate on him on this forum is more of tribal and religious hate and not of competence or ability.

      These people just drag themselves and their self-respect in the mud when they talk out of hatred and jealousy like this. Defenders listed as midfielders and so what…?? Does David Luiz not play in DM sometimes if the situation warrants…? Was Semi Ajayi not playing mostly as a DM when he was in the championship with Rotherham. Are those coaches who played them in those positions also mechanics.

      I’ve said it b4….you will never hear the ex-internationals who have jobs gluing themselves to internet media and talking nonsense….they are busy. Its the ones who have no jobs, who have gathered themselves into a flock, that you keep hearing from again and again….the same set…the same group. Only half of the energy they use in attacking rohr they need to channel to their own careers and they will be up there with the likes of toure brothers, Webo, Jaidi, Olofinjana and the rest who are busy in Europe. An idle hand indeed is the devil’s workshop. Even if you are eyeing someone else’s job, should it be in idleness…?? Why not go get busy and let your handwork speak for you. LMAO

      • Greenturf 5 months ago

        Shehu Abdullahi was converted as right back rather by John Obu at the under 20 word cup in 2013.

    • Thank you Emmanuel. you just nailed it

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    All this are just unnecessary distractions. At least let the team fail to qualify first before criticizing the gaffers selection. Everyone will definitely have a different 23 man squad if allowed to pick their own squad. The gaffer has selected the players he feels can do the job please leave him alone and let  him focus on the task ahead. After the AFCON qualifiers we still have the WorldCup qualifiers to look forward to which begins immediately in the next window after this. There are more players that will still be given opportunities to stake a claim going forward. For now let’s allow this man to qualify for another major tournament with games to spare. We will cross the bridge when we get there. If Rohr can’t be the coach to win us a WorldCup  hopefully we’ll be able to afford a Guardiola that will win the WorldCup for us. At least we can wait till after 2022 for that to happen. For now Rohr has earned the bragging rights to continue with this team. 

  • Oakfield 5 months ago

    @chima…. Always seeking my attention even when I read your garbage and jump and pass, you go still find way to attack me. Continue, eh. Ewu Gambia..

  • GLORY 5 months ago

    Just why you always remain my man @ Drey. I wish I can afford such luxury time to sacrifice presently. What I am not able to do, I am always grateful to those doing that on my behalf. A big big thanks to you m others fighting this besetting evil troubling our football.

    • 1naija 5 months ago

      Why you no ask for where im dey live make u go lick im ass live since you don dey do am here. Idiots.

  • Greenturf 5 months ago

    Finidi was reached by the journalist to seek his opinion likely before Rohr made it public on why Musa made the list.
    So Finidi like most of us was astonished by the decision of the manager to include a player that has not played any football for over three months.
    Normally that should be a bizarre decision but Rohr has cleared the air and now we which includes Finidi,knows where he stands on Musa,so this shouldn’t be an issue any longer since the manager has dispelled controversies arising from that decision.

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    As much as I’m in support of ex players but on this issue of Musa, they got it wrong big time.

    Finidi played in Afcon 2000, why he didn’t question Jo Bonfrere and Keshi for taken Amokachi to that competition?

    This is not the first time this will happen and it won’t be the last.

    If at worst Musa could not get a club abroad, I will advise him to find a temporary club in Nigeria for now because he still have one Afcon and world cup to go.

    He can’t end his career like this. As a footballer and a captain of the national team of Nigeria, he dreams to ends his career on a higher level.

    For Oga Rohr, I have said it before and I’m still going to say that again. We don’t have a coach at the moment.

    To build a team for Nigeria shouldn’t take any coach more than 2 to 3 years because we have players.

    It took coach Westerhof less than five years to win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

    Go and watch his interview on YouTube if you are in doubt.

    He went from one state another to scout for talents but no matter how bad our League is, we still have talents in Nigeria.

    We still have talents on the streets.

    He took less than a month for the Super Falcons new coach to win a trophy in Turkey while it took the former coach of the same Super Falcons Thomas Dennerby less than 2 years to win the Afcon for Nigeria.

    My question here is this, why is it so hard for the gaffer to build a team that he can boldly call a team?

    Why is he over relying and recycling players when we have players?

    By God’s grace yes Musa will bounce back that is for sure.

    If not because of we the patriotic Nigerians, the coach would have invited Ighalo.

    He eventually brought Akpeyi back into to the team because he has no confidence in other goalies.

    Who does that kę. We are about to play with Benin and Lesotho and Is like we are going to play against Germany and the defending champions, France.

    Mr. Amaju Pinnick is doing his thing again by systematically running away from Super Eagles.

    He tried to send Oga Rohr to a refresher course but thank God that we patriotic Nigerians said to his face no.

    All in all, we should go back to the root if we don’t know what to do anymore.

    Mr. Westerhof have said it the way he built the Super Eagles and I believe with what we have now, we just need a coach that is tactically and technically sound then we are good to go.

    We need a coach that can motivate the team.

    We need a coach that can give all the invited players a chance to show their worth.

    Where is Dessers today and how many minutes he has played under coach Rohr before he throws him away?

    Simy is doing wonderfully well but how many minutes did he play under coach Rohr?

    Onyekuru is another fantastic player but the coach doesn’t know how to use him.

    Do we want to have a star loaded team without winning anything like Arsenal FC or we want to have a team that will win in any tournament?

    Wake up Nigerians. Let’s get things right before next Afcon and world cup tournaments.

    Oga Rohr should have placed Musa on standby instead of putting him in on the main list. That is what is causing commotion now.

    You don’t do that. Musa is needed in the team to play his leadership role.

    Fellow Nigerians, let’s assume that we have qualified to the Afcon.

    Now, just a question. Yes just a quick question before I go today, how far can we go with the caliber of players we have with Oga Rohr in Cameroon?

    The last time we won Bronze medals with all the players we had then.

    The coach and his fans said the team was too young then but now that they are fully matured, can we have a solid team to represent Nigeria and win the tournament in Cameroon?

    I’m thinking ahead of Afcon tournament my people.

    France won the world cup in front of Croatia that has what it takes to be the world champions of the world but the young French team believed in themselves with their ex player as the coach of the team and they shocked Croatia.

    Mr. Finidi and the other ex players should respect themselves and let Musa and Oga Rohr be on this issue. Musa is a kind of player we all can rely on any day any time. I wish Oga Rohr and Super Eagles the best. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Hehehe. Omo9ja don finish Rohr finally. You’ve given it raw and direct. Balanced view still, in my opinion. Thumbs up. Rohr was fairly good at the beginning, but now I think he’s tired like Buhari. Just recycling old ideas.

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

        For the record Rohr has invited more home based players to the SuperEagles more than any other coach in SuperEagles history. Ok let’s agree that he’s run out of ideas and tired, but he’s on the verge of qualifying for a third major tournament in 5 years and has already won a Bronze medal in his first AFCON with the team. In the previous 5 years before he came we failed to qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS. Non of you guys ever mention John Noble on this forum until he got invited in this latest list. He has invited a different kind of striker in Sadiq Umar. Most fans were wondering if he will ever be invited by the gaffer. Some even said if he doesn’t get invited that means the coach doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now he’s been invited and people are now shouting of Simy who was previously invited by this same gaffer and couldn’t take his chances. Though I believe Simy still deserves more opportunities. However, we need a young Sadiq to see what he can offer in the main SuperEagles. He was fantastic for Nigeria at the last Olympics and historically our top strikers at the Olympics have gone on to be great for the SuperEagles. I don’t know any top country in this world that will jettison the captain of the team in a very important qualifier. Mikel wasn’t playing at Chelsea when he got called up against Zambia in Ndola nobody complain then and the rest is history. The gaffer has explained his reasons and have called up 23 players that warrant the list so let him focus on the task ahead. We don’t need all this unnecessary distractions at this crucial time.   

        • Good points @AY. I don’t really have a grudge with Musa or his invitation. I think he merits it based on his clear patriotism and records in the SE. My issue is with Rohr. He did well on those points you raised, but like employers often do periodic appraisals of their staff, as I see it, Rohr is rather regressing, not progressing. And I think this was since late 2019.

          That’s why I think he’s tired and should hand over to young, more vibrant minds like Amunike, Egbo, Ikeme, Finidi, Emenalo etc.

          Leow of Germany realised he was tired with only old, recycled ideas and he has offered to resign. That’s the way to go. Let the SE beautiful, free flowing brand of football return. Rohr has done well, but it’s time to say, adios.

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

            Of course he will move on and hand over to another coach after the 2022 Mundial if we qualify. The only downside during Rohr’s reign was last year not late 2019 and it’s mostly due to the covid. In 2019 we beat Benin and Lesotho and drew against Ukraine and Brazil. Last year his only loss was a friendly against Algeria out of 4 games. You see all this Amunike, Egbo, Finidi, Emenalo and co are not better than the late Stephen Keshi who eventually couldn’t qualify for the same AFCON he won due to the fact that he began marketing players and culminated in us missing two straight AFCONS. Amunike was assistant to Siasia when we couldn’t qualify for the AFCON in 2017. I’ll rather have another good foreign coach take over from Rohr after the 2022 Mundial than any Local coach I’m afraid. 

  • D-cardinal 5 months ago

    When I wrote off this coach was prior to world cup, the game against Serbia I saw a team that lacked technical input.His pre match analysis and post match analysis lacks coaching intelligence.. If not for the criticism he got, brown idowu would still be in SE. Most goals SE had scored, has been pure individual intelligence, no training pitch goal,if you know any tell me..we keep on making reference to sunday olise and other coaches we’ve had in the past,how many of them enjoyed the same support he is getting now..what he wanted was to stay in France and at the end of the day, select abroad players to come play and go back.with a good coach,Argentina had no business beating us in world cup.His achievement has been to qualify us to world cup and Nations cup,where we played individualistic football..sahibu amodu,Christian chukwu,Austin Eguavoen,all won us bronze medal at Afcon in recent times with more pleasing football and a fraction of gernot Rohr salary.if it is world cup qualification, Sahibu amodu did it twice.we are Nigeria a power house in Africa.Have we gotten to the extent that qualifying for tournaments is now achievement and bragging right, over quality showing at the tournament proper? How on earth did we settle for a coach that was sacked by Garbon and Niger Republic and we pay him thrice of keshi’s salary? With the type of talanted players at our disposal now,we need an upgrade, a coach with right profile.. What stops us from going for Jürgen Klinsmann if need a German badly..Algeria,morocco,Senegal,ivory coast, don’t have better players than us,the difference is COACH…

    • NA ME TALK AM 5 months ago

      D-cardinal . You’re wrong . Senegal , Ivory Coast does have better players than Nigeria . Starting from the Goalkeeper to the Striker . Check their club of the lineup before you make any claim .

      Yes you might call for another coach et technical crew BUT please stop making any claim about Nigeria having the best team in Africa .

      You guys hype this Nigerian National team too much . Below is the Senegalese team squad :

      Senegal Goalkeepers :

      Chelsea ( England )
      Rennes ( France )
      AS Saint-Étienne ( France )

      Players :

      Napoli ( Italy )
      FC Schalke 04 ( Germany )
      AS Saint-Étienne ( France )
      Huddersfield Town ( Championship England )
      Club brugge ( Belgium )
      Bordeaux ( France )
      FC Barcelona ( Spain )
      Manchester City U23 ( England )
      Crystal Palace ( England )
      Dijon ( France )
      Cercle Brugge ( Belgium )
      Liverpool ( England )
      FC Metz ( France )
      Watford FC ( Championship England )
      AS Monaco ( France )
      SCO Angers ( France )
      RC Strasbourg Alsace ( France )
      Stade Reims ( France )

      You guys hype this Nigerian National team too much . You shouldn’t make claims that Nigeria have the best players in Africa as a team .


      Goalkeepers :
      APOEL Nicosia ( Cyprus )
      Sparta Rotterdam ( Netherlands )
      Kaizer Chiefs ( South Africa )

      TSG 1899 Hoffenheim ( Germany )
      West Bromwich Albion ( England )
      Boavista FC ( Portugal )
      Watford FC ( Championship England )
      Rangers FC ( Scotland )
      FC Porto ( Portugal )
      SC Paderborn 07 ( Germany division 2 )
      Fulham FC ( England )
      Rangers FC ( Scotland )
      Twente Enschede FC ( Netherlands )
      Galatasaray SK ( Turkey )
      Omonia Nicosia ( Cyprus )
      Everton FC ( England )
      CSKA Moscow ( Russia )
      Leicester City ( England )
      Leicester City ( England )
      Napoli ( Italy )
      Villarreal CF ( Spain )
      KRC Genk ( Belgium )
      Almeria ( Spain division 2 )

      God bless Nigeria .

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

      When did it became a bragging right that we must win every AFCON?? Is it not the same AFCON your Guardiolas couldn’t even qualify for before he came in?? Abeg look for another excuse. All our goals are pure individualistic goals LMAO!! Anyway na your opinions be that. Wait till we fail to qualify for another AFCON before you can call for his head. For now he’s earned the bragging rights to continue with these team. All the coaches you mentioned didn’t take over the SuperEagles when we were ranked 70th in the world. None of them took over the SuperEagles when we couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS. They all had JayJay and Papillo in the team, our greatest of all timers. If we fail to beat Benin and Lesotho then you can come back here and celebrate it. For now you have absolutely no justification on this gaffer. 

  • Mercy 5 months ago

    Eguavoen in us94 was unattached and he played in all the matches but musa is not going to be on the substitute bench nor neither going to play and many people are still angry with his invitation. Despite the coach clearing the air about his invitation. Honestly, I don’t get it.

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago

    As any, Rohr has his positives and his flaws;
    His flaws are well documented and can’t be overstated; his technical limitations. Tactical Inflexibility and some times poor players selection in games. Poor reading of the game as well

    But that shouldn’t override his positive. He has steadied the Eagles’ ship. His man management skills is top notch. His understanding of the Nigerian clime. His will to adapt to our system.His will to learn and make right changes when necessary. And more so; his players invitation have been one based on merit. The latter ties in to the current list released and the whole Musa and Onuachu fiasco.
    One thing we should understand, Rohr is a patient and understanding man, he gives opportunities; more so to some than to others( which is nothing new in football; every coach has his preference). Onuachu has been given so many opportunities, even at the big stage of the Afcon and failed to take them. He didn’t bath himself in glory at the last friendly games and qualifier; so why then the surprise of his omission from the present invitation! He simply doesn’t cut it in the Eagles. Not everyone do. You might be good at your clubside but terrible at the national team. It happens in most teams, Nigeria is no exception. I see no reason we sacrifice the strength of others to satisfy one. It is not like we are in a desperate situation in attack.
    For Simy not invited, it’s quite understandable, there are only few spaces in the attack. Osimhen and Iheanacho are integral part of the team and the latter in form. Umar is in form as well and by past precedence playing for Nigeria, he will definitely suit in. And that boost his position over Simy. So the invitation by Rohr is quite reasonable. We don’t know about tomorrow. It might be Simy’s time as well as the rest not on the list; Onyekuru, Moffi, etc.
    I have wrote earnestly what I think of Musa’s invitation; which I think is basically on support for the captain to help him get back on track with his career and as well , due to the fact he has been part of the team from the beginning as regards this present qualifier; it is only reasonable he sees the end of the process. Remember, he wouldn’t even play!
    That said, apart from the Musa brouhaha, it is a comprehensive list. Good one at that.

    My advice is we support the team and see how things play out.