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Finidi: I Will Continue Applying For Jobs With Nigeria’s National Teams

Finidi: I Will Continue Applying For Jobs With Nigeria’s National Teams

Former Super Eagles winger Finidi George insists he will continue to apply for jobs with Nigeria’s national teams despite being overlooked twice.

Finidi has failed to get the nod for the U-17 job twice.

“I’m very disappointed but I understand the Nigerian system quite well,” Finidi told BBC Sport Africa.

“It’s a matter of having the patience. So I’m open continue to improve myself with the hope of getting a chance to coach one of the country’s youth teams.

“When you have the right qualifications, attitude and professionalism, you can only aim for the best and it may even be a chance with the senior side, the Super Eagles, we shall see.”

George is not only continuing his search for a coaching role but is also keen to continue improving himself as he splits his time between Nigeria and Spain, where he spent much of his playing career.

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His first rejection came in 2018 when Manu Garba was retained as Nigeria’s U-17 coach and then last year Finidi once again applied for the post, this time another ex-international and veteran local manager Fatai Amoo was chosen by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

“I was disappointed to be ignored, but only consoled that at the end of the day this is Nigeria,” he added.

“I understand the challenges, I will just wait for when the time is right and the opportunity present itself again.

“As I continue to look at other options out there, I am open and will not shut the doors to Nigeria.

“I just hope someday that decision will be made and I will be call upon to handle one of the teams. I can only just keep hoping.”

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  • Yinkus 7 months ago

    And your time shall come in Jesus name.

  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    Question remains…..does your coaching career have to start with a NFF job….??? Why do our exinternationals just feel entitled to the National teams….? Finidi played for Sharks of Portharcourt before leaving for Ajax…..he can’t tell me Rivers United (or other NPFL teams within that region…Akwa utd, Enyimba, Rangers etc) is too small a team to start a career with…..neither can he tell me he is too big to work as an assistant to a person like Stanley Eguma. Why on earth do our own exinternationals feel entitled to using the national teams as their launching pads into the coaching profession…..???? If NFF nor give you job, does it mean you nor go ever coach….???

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Dr.Drey… Na wa to you o. Do you think it’s money Finidi is coming to make asking them to try him at U-17? Some are saying he should come and coach an NPFL team, do you know if family permits him such ample time to be away from Spain… an U-17 assignment is at best a part time arrangement just right enough for him to test how he can grow… Please stop the scornful epistle on one of our own very best… these people sacrificed and risked their lives traveling everywhere to just honour us with their talents and till date most of them never got everything promised them… Cut Finidi some slacks please. You hate ex-internationals and sneer at them too much, are you envious of the fact they got very positive in life and made good with their talents? You can let a whitie coach you from abroad but relegate your own each time… I tire for you countryman!

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        You dey mind the fool? He is only good at impersonating people and spewing giberrish anytime a post remotely indicts Amaju or Rohr.

      • Presh 7 months ago

        Well said 

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      LMAO If I call you fool now, you go vex say person don curse you, abi? LOL.

      Who the hell are you to make choices for another man? Is Finidi living your life abi is he your fada? I have never seen such an educated idiot as your type before, plus it will be a crime if any 2 of your kind exists in one generation. Anyway, can anyone honestly expect any better from your type, a paid e-diot? Abi you dey fear say Finidi go pursue your “white master” Rohr from SE?

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        How do you feel now after typing this….LMAO….Compound mumu. Thank God at least i am educated and it shows. All efforts to get you educated proved abortive, because your sense was replaced at birth with that of a donkey…..that is why you come on a public forum thinking you can successfully impersonate someone else with a completely different thought process reeking of stupidity…..LMAO. Cant you see you just wasting your time giving yourself out from 1000 miles away….LMAO. Worthless pig…..stop wasting your life being a fly chasing feaces all over the place….LMAO.
        Tell your Finidi to go and get a proper coaching job elsewhere if he is indeed a qualified coach. His mates are not depending on NFF to have a substainable coaching career. Clubs are not employing him but he wants the nation to employ him because “Ex-international” is a coaching qualification abi…..LMAO. Fools of the same feather flock together.

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          LMAO, upon all your educational qualifications, is where you end – pocket money to defend Rohr.

          If your fada had used your school fees to set up catfish pond, him for don build upstairs by now.

          Lazy youth, go and learn spellings and comprehension, then go apply for a job. Selling Nigeria away for a loaf of bread is disgraceful. I pity your village people, dem go think say you dey township dey hustle, dem no know say your work na to sabotage Nigeria for recharge card money. Bloody e-diot.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Bastard, I will rather defend Rohr for a living than be a fly that chases feaces all about the place….at least i am not eating from dustbins like you…..LMAO. I know you have been scavenging dead animals to eat that is why it has taken you days to be able to afford to even come back here to show what a filthy pig you are….LMAO. Useless racist. Hungry dog….LMAO….it is paining him that his fraudster brothers who will turn the SE to a market place and still struggle to qualify for simple tournaments like AFCON are not in charge….LMAO. Why have you not come to defend your own local coaches who cannot even qualify for ordinary u17 and u20 afcon….LMAO. E-fool. Keep on coming here to rant like a public dog. At least my father had money to pay school fees. Your father still scavenges dustbins till today only for you to turn out like this….a fly that follows rotten corpses all over the place….LMAO. An impostor that can only get recognition by using other people’s name. The poverty that struck your father is the one that has struck you too and will still strike your children and their children’s children. One would have even thought you will be able to write something sensible after taking up such a heralded name like mine….LMAO. But you are so senseless that you cannot even construct a proper comment on your own without going to copy/paste what I write here verbatim. Fool. Your mother should have just menstruated you away instead of giving birth to such a shame to humanity like you. You are so useless that you and your generations shall remain worthless and will never be recognized and what ever glory that belongs to you shall continue to be buried under the shadow of another person. Bastard son of a useless father. Continue to walk under my shadows…..LMAO. No matter how much u use my name you will never be relevant on this forum…..LMAO

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          LMAO, you never start to vex. No worry, you go soon enter market. The curses don dey work small small. If you think selling out your nation of birth for recharge card money isn’t tantamount to eating from the dustbin, I guess you’d never know what a dustbin is even if it smacked you in the face.

          Effing bottom feeder. No worry, I get your time. Also I get the time for anyone who believe what Rohr and your other boy friend, Amaju, has achieved for Nigerian football is the best thing since the invention of slice bread. Fucking tout.

          • KangA 7 months ago

            This is the fake Dr. Drey. Very clear. 

            I’d advise the real Dr. Drey to create another profile with another email and password. Find out from CSN what password is secure enough, and inform us of the change. Chikena. 

            After all, what’s in a name? Even these days people are free to change their sex. 

  • Oakfield 7 months ago

    ” I understand the nigerian system and I will continue to improve myself and aim for the best”. You see a man with focus but one dude like that believes playing for Nigeria and attaining a certain number of caps is enough for him to sit on the saddle and ditches in the bin plans to improve himself. And some knuckle heads believe his Utopian theory whilst handing our cadet teams to less qualified dudes that have brought backwardnesss and misery to our darling nursery teams. How absurd and laughable. The wicked system has overlooked you and employed those who are willing to dent their hands with corruption. Don’t worry, your time will come. A star can never be hidden. Just keep on improving yourself.

  • GLORY 7 months ago

    Honestly speaking, I think, our ex-internationals are everyday failing to impact on our up and coming football talents. They are the ones, that are supposed to be the bedrock upon which our football philosophy, both international and national are defined. The uncanny episodes of hiring and firing of both foreign and local managers have never been helped by these ex-internationals, who have constantly refused to prove their mettle on our local scene. One wonders why everyone of these exinternationals are spurning every chance to prove they are capable with our local clubsides. So sad as it is, that by doing this, they are failing to bring their wealth of experience to bear on our begging local clubsides. They played many years under/against top football technocrats and the experienced garnered need not be hyperbolized. Those lessons learnt is one of the key missing aspects in our local clubsides performances at the moment n not necessarily the talents. We can only imagine, the improvement people like kanu, Okocha, Taribo, Uche, Finidi, Amunike, emenalo etc will bring into our local league, managing/coaching those local clubsides, boasting of talented but badly coached homebase players at the moment. It must’nt have to be the national teams, that everyone have to coach just like broda man Drey mentioned earlier. National team football happens on the odd occasion, which leaves fans the only option of weekends club football. A country’s football is defined majorly on its leagues, which runs several months in a year; fans wanna be seeing games every weekend, fans wanna be associated with particular clubsides which create a frenzy/ anxious moment, fans wanna take ACUNACUNAS to see games and have some fun, fans can’t do all of these with national team football, for it only happens in spaces of several months apart. So the pendulum forever tilts to club football to bail out football fans weekend frustration. But sadly, our clubsides are at their very lowest ebb, performance wise, gravely suffering from poor coaching. Herein ex internationals turned football coaches have a massive role to play to revamp our local league, which will automatically transform/ translate into our national teams in every aspect in the long run. I am hereby calling on Finidi, Oliseh, Amunike, Egbo, Emenalo etc to please consider taking jobs with our local clubsides, the boys are there but the right coaching is missing. That atmosphere of hysteria ironically missing, will hopefully return again, when these exinternationals start getting involved with our clubsides.

  • OmoEsan 7 months ago

    Finidi George’s playing career ended over 13 or 14 years ago. What has he done to establish himself in coaching since then? He’s got a coaching cert, fine, but what personal effort has he made apart from waiting for NFF?

    My question may sound harsh but I have my reasons for asking these questions.
    Finidi once got a scouting job with Real Mallorca in Spain but got fired few months after due to indiscipline. Finidi was seen lounging in a Mallorca restaurant when he was supposed to be on a scouting mission for his club and this happened at a time he had not achieved much for his club in his role. Of course he got the boot. Just imagine if he had kept that job, by now he would have gone far in his career. Mike Emenalo started as a scout after retiring, but see his levels today.

    This isn’t meant to disrespect Finidi, I love him and honour him for his achievements during his playing career for club and country. However, I must say that I am not happy with his attitude of waiting for NFF for jobs. NFF isn’t the only employer in soccer and NFF cannot employ every ex-international, no matter the pressure.

    Why not start an academy and use it as a launchpad for your coaching career like SiaOne did? Or better still apply at NPFL or NNL clubs. Whatever happened to Finidi’s relationship with Ajax, Real Betis, Real Mallorca and Ipswich Town that he cannot get himself a role in any of these clubs no matter how small?

    Seyi Olofinjana has done it at Wolves and is now at a high level, John Utaka has started with Montpellier, Vincent Enyeama is on course, while Efe Ambrose has already landed himself a coaching role at Hibernian even while still playing for the team. Mutiu Adepoju, Finidi’s friend and colleague started at Shooting Stars as GM before becoming the CEO of La Liga, Nigeria.

    Finidi has much more options than waiting for NFF. Dust yourself up Finidi my hero and do the needful.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    He won’t get the job because he doesn’t have a godfather among the NFF.

    It may take the gentleman forever to get a job as far as I am concerned.

    Except he manipulates the rules and regulations with the NFF before he can get a job.

    I will advise him to stay away from NFF period.

    If it is a foreign coach that have nothing up stairs because he is white, brown or yellow and knows how to buy his way in then NFF would get him a job. That is the fact.

    Let’s pretend that Finidi is from Holland or Germany, I believe NFF will get him at least Under 17 job but a black man willing to do something unique for his fatherland, they, the bosses in the top won’t allow him to get anything done.

    Is anything wrong to be ex players turned coaches?

    As long as you can prove yourself I think you should have a chance.

    Do not beg NFF for any role in the national teams Finidi.

    Instead, go to any country in Africa to make your name and respect.

    Even Egbo and Amunike that more qualified to be Super Eagles manager this year, NFF are behaving as if they do not hear about these two men that have these qualities, energetic, workaholic, technically and tactically superior than what we have presently?

    But NFF preferred the ones that have no knowledge of modern football to take control of the Super Eagles team? What kind of country is this kę?

    They preferred to send a foriegner to a refresher course while they can’t spend a kóbó for their own local coaches? Can you imagine that my people.

    There is no love among ourselves I’m sorry.

    We can develop our country by ourselves but we have bn brainwashed by some group of people elsewhere to the extent that black people doesn’t trust themselves.

    In the end those foriegners NFF brought in couldn’t win nothing except excuses.

    Even the local coaches they opted for were average but Finidi and co that can do more than these people have bn neglected. Hmm.

    The way forward is to bring our ex players together to form a world class coach for all the national teams of ours. Anything less than this is not acceptable because an outsider can’t fix our home. It is a shame if you don’t know.

    Too bad. Oh well. What do I know. It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Oga…..Holland and Germany does not dash people u17 coaching jobs simply because they are exinternationals. They screen your portfolio properly and benchmark it with those of your competitors, both in terms of your qualifications and your cognate experience on the job as a coach and give the best man the job. German and Holland Ex-internationals dont go begging the KNVB or DFB for jobs where there are hundreds of clubs they can start their coaching careers with. Our national teams are not pension schemes to take exinternationals without jobs out of the labour market. Exinternationals should look for clubs to coach in the local league, in Africa, in the middle east or Asia or in their bases in europe rather than crying for jobs on the pages of internet every time. The Belmadi and Aliou Cisse we celebrate all the time started from places outside their countries and cut their teeth in coaching before getting their national team jobs ON MERIT. We are tired of seeing exinternationals belittling themselves on the pages of newspapers.

  • Permit me to come out of quarantine and drop my 2cents…
    FINIDI AND ALL MULTI MILLIONAIRE EX-INTERNATIONALS CANT YOU GUYS BUY MAJOR SHARES in NIGERIAN CLUBSIDES use your personalities and contacts to get cosponsors and employ the best hands along with yourselves to manage these clubs both administratively and technically???

    Where are the billions made in your playing days can’t it be channelled into our league???


  • Permit me to come out of quarantine and drop my 2cents…

    WE FINIDI AND ALL MULTI MILLIONAIRE EX-INTERNATIONALS CANT YOU GUYS BUY MAJOR SHARES in NIGERIAN CLUBSIDES use your personalities and contacts to get cosponsors and employ the best hands along with yourselves to manage these clubs both administratively and technically???

    Where are the billions made in your playing days can’t it be channelled into our league???


  • PRINCE CHIKA 7 months ago

    I have been following u people’s comments here for quite a long time now . I see how some ppl argue about football as if is there village meeting. Even some ppl who knows nothing about the round leather game comes here to spur rubbish all in the name let them say i said something. Oga must u comment if u dont have anything meaningful to say? And to those of them that comments with facts mey Heaven never neglect there endeavours.
    To u ppl saying that Finidi can not be employed because he has no godfather there in the nff, if u are the one will u employ him? Y is he still at home without a club or job? He may have the certificate but does he have the experience ? Where has he coached b4? Where is his past records? Instead of him to look for how to develop himself ,he is busy looking for who will employ him. And some ppl here instead of them to ask the relevant questions they are busy making noise. Plz were has Finidi coached b4? Which experience is he bringing to the National teams ; both the youth level and others . As it is now he is one of our legends but in terms of coaching or scouting jobs; he has nothing to offer if not he wont be waiting for nff. Lets call a spade a spade
    Till 2moro i will still prefer foreign coaches and scouts till our own players and coaches learns to look beyond nff and develop themselves.
    Super eagles is now there training ground… Nonsense !!!
    Ppl wey get something to offer no d make noise. Someone that cant maintain his employment outside … Na for here him go maintain am….
    If he is that good y did those foreign clubs terminate his contract ?
    Like say them don use una brain play 2 odd.
    Plz think b4 u post

  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    Hahahahaha…..another bout of lame stories as usual. Im Sorry Mr JimmyPinocchio. I didn’t know we are supposed to erect statues of exinternationals in our homes and worship them. I didn’t know being an exinternational gives you the right to sit down in your parlor from morning till evening and expect jobs to be thrown at you. I didnt know being an exinternational entitles you to only coach the national teams. I didnt know being an exinternational is a right to public disturbance. I also didn’t know being an exinternational is a coaching license or constitutes years of cognate coaching experience.

    Family does not permit Finidi (and his mates from) coaching NPFL teams, but family permits him to coach u17 and SE (jobs he has been begging for on the pages of the internet for years now). If there is anyone who has made the most noise about coaching our national teams on the pages of newspapers it is Mr Finidi. A man who quit football 16 years ago…..YES…16 whole years ago but has next to nothing worth of note on his CV as a coach. He is even yet to complete an A license and the biggest coaching role he ever handled was a 3 months internship at the U20 team of a dutch club (FC Twente or so) and he thinks that entitles him to the same job that people with coaching badges and years of professional club coaching are also applying for. So in your mind merit and fairness will be giving Finidi the job ahead of those other ones because he has demonstrated he is Pep Guadiola kwanu…?!

    Its like you dont know its a competitive world out there. What is Finidi’s coaching pedigree and what guarantees do you have he will be an instant hit. The fact that he doesnt he live in Nigeria is another big minus. How can a man who doesnt even live in nigeria scout the country better than a competitor (like Ugabde or Fidelis Ilechukwu or Kenedy Boboye or Henry Makinwa) who already has years of coaching experience in the NNL and NPFL and have even won titles or let their respective clubs to enviable heights….against a Finidi whose biggest test as a coach 16 years after football is a 3 month internship at an u20 side.

    See learn to think with your head rather than with your heart….the fact that you talk with your heart rather than your head makes you think haphazardly and end up saying things that belittle you and make you think I “hate” exinternationals. “Exinternational” is not a coaching qualification….its the least of factors considered in hiring national team coaches. Its only in Nigeria being just an “exinternational” gets you a coaching job…..even NPFL clubs as unprofessional as they can be dont hire coaches simply because they are exinternationals…..so yáll better go sit up and dust your lazy assess off and go get a life independent of what NFF throws at you…..OR forget about coaching.

    And by the way, have you ever asked why the less fancied ones amongst these ex-what-what are the ones who have done well the most in their coaching careers…the likes of Egbo, Emenalo, Olofinjana etc. The rest of them who still carry “superstar exinternational status” for head depend on NFF and have had completely disastrous and next-to-nothing coaching careers….yea….bcos minus NFF jobs, they have next to nothing to show. Only Amuneke has stood out so far….but we all know how he put his own “exinternational” status in the dustbin and started as an assistant coach in a middle east club, he came home and went to the 2nd division to start coaching with, became and assistant at U17 level (even with his UEFA pro license) before climbing his way gradually to the top. Since his last NFF job he has secured jobs in 3 different countries. And trust me if he leave Egypt today, he has enough in his portfolio to land another job outside Nigeria or even Africa sef. Amunike nor get family abi. The stories of the likes of Egbo, Emenalo and Olofinjana are not much different. Whatever has made finidi unemployable at Mallorca, at Betis, Ipswitch, Ajax and even Sharks FC of Portharcuort is the same thing that will make him unemployable even in the national team…unless sentiments is brought into play. I even heard he reject assistant role at U17 level….he dey from too big….LMAO. I would probably have been next in line to succeed Amoo now. At least he would have counted GE class of 2020 job as part of his work experience…that opportunity is lost. Manu assisted….Amuneke assited….Ugbade assisted……Finidi dey from too big to assit. Make e sidon with in family na. Person wan coach he nor wan leave family….e nor serious….e never baff.

    Being and exinternational is not a license to coaching, neither is it a guarantee of success…otherwise the likes of Klopp and Mourinho wouldnt be where they are. Fanny Amun was not an exinternational, Yemi Tella was not an exinternational, Manu Garba was not an exinternational, but they gave us the best u17 teams we’ve had. Nor be only exinternationals sabi coach. Nor be only exinternationals dey entitled to National team coaching jobs. Everybody shoud submit their applications and let the man with the BEST coaching portfolios get national team jobs.

    And any exinternational that desires so much to be a coach doesnt need the NFF or NFF jobs to become one. National team jobs is not a pension scheme reserved for exinternationals alone.

    • Jason Burroni 7 months ago

      You are filled with wisdom Doc

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      I am just saying just like Bosso and Amoo applied for for the jobs, there is nothing bad in Finidi applying. Umar Daf former Senegalese international has been involved with either U-17 or U-20 of Senegal too. I am not saying being an ex-international entities you to a job with NFF. After the screening of the coaches, NFF said Finidi was the most qualified and yet he was ignored and those picked have proven to be unwise choices as their results have pronounced them failures… OmoEsan came to talk about Finidi and Real Betis citing indiscipline. You have you heard Finidi side of the story? A. One-sided story is very misleading… before Siasia, Ugbade, Iroha and Emeka Amado worked with our age grade teams I don’t think they were known to have coached officially in professional capacities anywhere. Who even think Finidi is not engaged in one capacity of coaching with youths now in Spain? When you see someone wanting to serve with patriotism, let’s give such person some benefit of the doubt. To coach at U-17 level, the experience Finidi has is enough especially having worked with kids in Mallorca and seeing how youth setup is run first hand at Ajax Amsterdam. This was a guy who lost a promising brother to the mess that Nigeria has always been and till date investigation led nowhere.

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        “…..NFF said Finidi was the most qualified and yet he was ignored….”
        Pls can you kindly share the link to the source of this your information….?!

        The last time I checked a certain Henry Makinwa who has a UEFA pro license and has coached 4 solid years in the NNL and NPFL with Katsina Utd also applied for the u17 job. Finidi has neither a UEFA Pro License nor 4 years cognate coaching experience at any level.

        Finidi was even offered an assistant position but he declined…..I guess he is too big to be an assistant U17 coach. Whereas most of his contempoaries where usered into our national youth team coahing setup in similar fashion. Siasia started as an assistant U20 coach in 2001 before he was given the job of U20 headcoach in 2005, Ugbade has perennially been an assistant u17 coach under about 2 or 3 head coaches and a confirmed grassroots coach, coupled with coaching experience in the NNL and NPFL with MFM FC. Iroha was also asst coach on 2 occasions or thereabout at U17 level coupled with his coaching roles at heartland and Abia Warriors….same with Emeka Amadi who is more of a GK trainer. If not nothing else these ones are even better suited for the role of chief coach now than a Finidi who neither lives in Nigeria nor has any cognate coaching experience worthy of note within or outside Nigeria.

        The others who applied for the job are not patriotic…? If Finidi was truly patriotic he would have accepted an asst u17 role….or is it only in a chief coach role a person can serve and contribute to the development of his nation….??? Or did the other guys too that applied not play in Europe or their own clubs during their playing days too didnt have academies they saw 1st hand.
        Are national team coaching jobs supposed to be compassionate compensation packages for people not minding their appropriateness or those of others contending for the job….???

        Nobody has applauded the hiring of Amoo and Bosso here, Ive always insisted there are younger, better coaches who have shown consistency on the home front coaching in the NPFL in the last 3-4 seasons who are better suited for the job….that is even if Manu is not retained. Because commonsense dictates that with just 8wks to the WAFU tournaments, either the former coaches should have been retained or those already in the youth teams set-up be re-engaged. Manu Garba cannot lead a team to an African tournament and not be able to secure 2 points out of 6. Fidelis Ilechuku took MFM from a grassroot amateur side to winning the church world cup and competing in the group stages of CAF champions league……but to mention a few.

        But that one person should just be handed coaching job at the detriment others simply because he carries and “exinternational” toga lacks everything that merit and fairness stands for. Others who are sweating it out daily gathering skills and experiences coaching clubs home and abroad are not fools.

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          Be up-to-date with football related news. I don’t live on the internet to be querying all archives for old news articles. I don’t have time for that… The moment the coaches were announced for U-17 and Amoo was picked… It was reported either here, or on all Nigeria soccer. Com or owngoal or scorenigeria… One of those popular sites… it was an NFF official who pleaded anonymity that said he was clearly the most qualified a d was asked to assist Amoo but refused. It was in the same news that said NFF personnel said his candidature was dropped because it was insinuated he does not understand the Nigeria system. I am very sure that report was relayed on this same forum… Again for your information… Finidi has UEFA pro license.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hahahahahaha….Uncle, what is this link above…? A video game bio profile….LMAO. You think we are here for jokes…..LMAO. This is your proof Finidi has a UEFA pro license…? Hehehehehe.
            Finidi has a UEFA Pro Licence, the one issued to him in Oturkpo right…? LMAO. The fact that you dont live on the internet is the number one reason why you are a complete mislead….LMAO. Pls try to get a house on the internet and always update yourself before coming to peddle rumors in public.

            Of course you always live on the internet here on CSN when its time to cook up stories, excuses and peddle false information, but when it comes to substantiating your fallacies, you will become homeless. That’s why till today you still cant show us where you and Dr.Drey argued about Ademola Lookman or where Dr.Drey applauded the appointment of Bosso and Amoo by the NFF.
            Explaining the rationale, a chieftain of the NFF told &&&& that it was a case of having BETTER OPTIONS who understand the system and how it works. “Finidi applied for the position of head coach of the U17. He was among 12 other who applied. Yes, he came with a very good qualification, but HE HAS LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE of how the system works. The wise thing would have been for him to work as an assistant, like Austin Eguavoen, Dan Amokachi, Ben Iroha and Emmanuel Amuneke did BEFORE STEPPING UP THE LADDER. That way he will understand how the system works before TAKING THE REINS AS HEAD COACH, but he wasn’t open for that. He wanted the head coach job which isn’t bad but when you consider the RIGOURS OF SCREENING AND MORE that we have here and compared to the atmosphere he worked abroad. Its two different things”, he concluded.
            I’ve still not seen anywhere in the quotes of that NFF official where he affirmed that Finidi was the most qualified of all the applicants for the job. In actual fact he isnt, both in terms of paper qualifications and in terms of coaching experience. Did the likes of Austin Eguavoen, Dan Amokachi, Ben Iroha and Emmanuel Amuneke also give/collect brown envelopes before they were made assistants and from there made their step up…??? Finidi like the rest was being primed for bigger things according to that report….but his pride and rush made him to throw away his own opportunity. Come 2 years time, rather than look for a team to settle with and start coaching now, he will still be on the pages of newspapers signifying interest in national team jobs whereas his wise contempararies will go and look for a place to get cognate work experience and still beat him to the job.

            If you like Finidi so much…advise he to go get a job elsewhere quick and fast.

            And FYI, Finidi only yet has a UEFA A license. Go and live on the internet and get yourself updated and stop coming here to argue blindly.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Mr man will you go and read from BBC where CSN lifted this report instead of coming here to rabblerouse around……giving us links to a video game site….LMAO https://www.bbc.com/sport/africa/55619138
            Abi BBC too is not a fake and unreliable website…..? LMAO
            People who dont live on the internet….lmao….but will vehemently and vigorously come on the internet to display ignorance.

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

            Dr. Drey… You said Finidi had no cognate coaching license to the job he applied for. I provided a link to void that line of thought of yours, now you accuse me of providing a football game link. How market with your Fatai Amoo who is better qualified. Even if it’s UEFA “A” license he has, no amount of paper qualification come close to practical playing experience he has. The ones you ended up employing came up with teams that were clearly insulting to Nigeria’s football sensibilities… You @Dr.Drey has one criteria for hiring U-17 coaches for which Finidi came short while the one NFF stated in their hiring guidelines did not rule Finidi as unqualified… So at whatever rate. FINIDI was appropriately qualified but was denied the job in favour of someone who has proven a failure… So tell me @Dr.Drey… Where does that leave your wisdom and those of the decisions makers at NFF? Let’s continue to waddle in mediocrity and misplaced priorities!

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Its like you are suffering from night blindness….pls kindly copy and paste where I said “…Finidi has no cognate coaching license to the job he applied for….”. Do that or honorably apologize for your continuous perjury on this platform.

            I am not surprised you have resort to telling lies as usual…that is what you always refer to once you have been caged….LLMAOOOO.

            I have NEVER addressed Amoo as better qualified, not b4 he was appointed, not when he was appointed and not after he was appointed. I spoke against it the very day it was announced. I spoke against it after he was appointed. I still speak against it till tomorrow. I have been speaking against it before YOU EVER said a word against it. Infact you were making excuses for Bosso’s failure EVEN WHEN I WAS STILL SPEAKING AGAINST THE APPOINTMENT. So dont come here acting sanctimonious now that everything has blown in your faces. And that is still the same way Yobo’s appointment too will blow in your faces….LMAO. I will come back here and tell you as i am telling you now I SAID SO….! So shove whatever Amoo gave you down your throat. Its none of my business. Deal with it./

            Notwithstanding…..Finidi may not be unqualified for the job, but he was was neither the MOST QUALIFIED for the job as you lied. You were ranting merit and fairness on this platform only a few days ago….LMAO….your merit and fairness has gone into the dustbin today because your heart is once again leading you instead of your head. I have dropped several names here and even you cannot dispute their competence over Finidi. They also played football, have the paper qualifications and also have YEARS OF COACHING EXPERIENCE….something Finidi does not have. QED. Finidi may have been qualified if he were the only applicant for the job, but sorry, there were 12 others and I personally know 2 out of those 12 who have a higher coaching qualification than Finidi and have nothing less than 5 years of coaching professional clubs too….so sorry….Finidi was not the MOST QAULIFIED…LMAO…Deal with it…!!!! Infact if Finidi had gotten the job ahead of them it would have been unmerited and unfair and down to sheer favoritism….and that’s a FACT whether you accept it or not

            In your words “…no amount of paper qualification come close to practical playing experience he has…” but here is finidï telling you to shut up and stop talking nonsense, hear what he says
            “…Right now, I’m doing an internship here as part of my coaching course, which takes three months. I hope to learn about the psychological aspects of coaching. When you play, you only follow up instructions. When you’re a coach it’s a totally different job. I have enough knowledge, but to translate it to the pitch, that’s something else…..”
            Mr Senior advocate of Finidi, have you heard Finidi himself…??? LMAO. i have the knowlege, but i dont know how to transmit it…thats what he’s telling you…and thats what coaching in all about….and that’s why he and most exfootballers now have to go back to classroom to LEARN HOW TO COACH. Because coaching is a different job from playing.

            Even people who have won ballon dor and worldcup go back to school to learn coaching….LMAO…fake ex-footballers claim no amount of paper qualification come close to practical playing experience….LMAO. Later they will say we are video game analyst, whereas na dem dey live their lives on top video games come tell us lie here sey dem na ex footballer wey play at the highest level….LMAO. highest level of video games…..LMAO

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

              @Dr.Drey… on what basis was Imama Amapakabo assigned to three national teams last year if we must go by your logic of hiring only those most qualified in paper and practical experience? He alone was assigned to U-23, CHAN Eagles and Super Eagles and in all he failed astoundingly. I never heard any criticisms or positive conjectures from you regarding all that… you did not even drop a pin to say anything all those times, is it because he managed some success with Enugu Rangers as you like your picks to specifically manage at NPFL? Lol… meanwhile, on the Finidi topic, I concede to you, he was not the most suited and qualified but can you attack the sad and shameful preference for old out-of-date coaches that NFF continue to engage? In that case they are telling us all the noise about the most qualified candidates are just ruse to hire their Man-Friday!

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Oga….stick to the subject matter…..stop jumping from pillar to post when you have been checkmated. You lied up there…..have the decency to apologize first before running helter skelter. If you have been busted accept you have been busted and be humble and contrite enough to do the right thing…..not to cover it all up LMAO.

          What is my business with Imama….??? Was the CHAN and U23 job advertised….??? Did anybody else apart from Imama signify interest and was not given the job…???
          When Rohr was appointed, Salisu was contracted by the NFF to be the Asst Manager of the SE. The Asst manager of the SE is often the defacto CHAN and U23 coach unless NFF feels the need to do otherwise. That was why Dan Amokachi was our very first CHAN coach and also at a point managed the u23 team before it was handed over to Siasia. Salisu had both paper qualifications and work experience…he’s one of the few Nigerian coaches that has a CAF A license and he has led both Kano pillars and Enyimba (two of the biggest clubs in Nigeria) to success in the domestically. He was supposed be the CHAN and U23 coach. I dont know the history of how Imama joined the SE technical crew…but I know he NEVER had any contract with the NFF (the same way Yobo as been forced on the SE without any contract that we know of) and was the no 3 man after Salisu in the SE. Salisu got banned, NFF for their own best reasons didnt get a replacement and Imama was ‘told’ to take over salisu’s duties till salisu served his ban. Salisu duly completed his ban and was shceduled to resume, but there were uproars in several quarters for a long time as to why a banned coach should be asked to resume. Up to a few weeks to our qualifiers vs Togo, we had no CHAN coach and no CHAN team…..same for the U23…no coach, no team. I cried out here on CSN……I shouted my lungs out…..Togo had already played 2 qualifying legs vs Benin republic…..we didnt even have a coach yet talk more of a team and we had less than 3 weeks to play a team that had already been assembled since 3-4 months back. On this forum I raised alarm…no coach…no team. We all saw the end result…..in the end it was calmaity after calamity. Imama ab initio was not contracted to be our CHAN and U23 coach….he wasnt even under any form of contract as a SE asst coach. It was the planless planlessness of NFF that made our CHAN and U23 teams victims of circumstances.that is were desperation and employment by word of mouth lands you as a coach. no contract, no job description. Today NFF wakes up and realizes we are playing Ghana next 2 weeks and they tell you hey….oya go and assmble a team….and you sef go. Next week they realize we are playing U23 qualifiers next month then they tell you again hey…go and raise another team for this other one…and you sef go. Our wise elders say a man who chases 2 bush rat at the same time will lose both….you na from benue you com you go understand that proverb pass. E better make you chase one rat from Makurdi up till where you see welcome to Jos rather than chase 2 at the same time. Imama through this same desperation for National team jobs let himself be forced to chase 3 rats at the same time and he go himself severly burnt. That’s his cup of coffee. If NFF advertised the job, they would have gotten more competent applicants. Unlike this one that took them 1 year plus and even used consultants yet gave us nonsense appointments.
          But till tomorrow, I will still prefer an Imana who won the league for Rangers after 32 trophyless years…wehter e managed or e nor manage….as an asst SE coach to a Yobo who has never even coached a primary school team.

    • No one but you man, am surprise I read all this ur type up and each line make sense die, just take a chill peel and leave this people alone, they sure know the truth but just don’t wanna accept it, zidane, Raul, sabi Alonso and the lines started from coaching youth team and not there national team, the fact our ex international wanna go straight into coaching our biggest team in the country is somehow embarrassing, they should go proper training and come up with something pls.

  • JimmyBall 7 months ago

    @Dr.Drey… NFF honestly owned up that Finidi was the most qualified for the U-17 category, yet they gave the team to an Amoo whose picks could not even string 3-passes accurately, a team we clearly saw that had no quality and was clearly poorly coached. NFF’s grouse for not hiring Finidi is that “he does not understand the Nigerian system” we all know what that is… Pass brown envelopes around, grease enough palms and accept players we will impose on you. If I were you @Dr.Drey… I will be more critical of that phrase “he does not understand the Nigerian system” and direct your disappointed properly. One love…

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Once again, I challenge you to pls kindly share the link to the source of this your information…..that NFF honestly owned up that Finidi WAS THE MOST QUALIFIED for the U-17 category…?!

      Finidi has been using mouth to coach national teams on pages of the internet for the past 3-4 years now, must it only be the national team a man must coach before he is seen or recognized or accepted to be a coach…??? Tell me where and where he has coached in the last 3 years he has been signifying interest in the national teams….pls tell me. The Amunike we are touting today to become the next SE coach came back to this country 7-8 years ago and took up a 2nd division coaching job and then an assistant u17 coaching job. Amunike too nor get house for spain abi…? he nor get family…? he nor be exinternational too abi…??? He can confidently apply to anywhere in africa today and will get a job. Can same be said of Finidi…??? Oga has quit football since 16yrs ago but next to nothing in terms of coaching. You said he coached mallorca U17s – that is what active players who are nearing retirement do nowadays, not people who have retired for over a decade. Even that Mallorca u17 job was ages ago now and he didnt even do it for up to or more than 2 seasons (I stand to be corrected)

      Your understanding of finidi not understanding the Nigerian system might be in terms of “brown envelopes”, but my understanding of it is that a man who does not live in Nigeria cannot raise a youth team for a tournament holding in 8 weeks after his appointment. No matter how much he saw at Ajax academy, he cannot have as much experience in dealing with desperate agents, parents, politicians and officials within such a short period of time. His best bet can be to first take up an assistant role and study the terrain better before stepping into the bigger shoes…..but unfortunately, he is TOO BIG to be an assistant. Big with nothing to show….!

      If I were you @JimmyPinnochio, I will be more critical of the fact that Finidi only thinks the only way he can be a coach is to coach a national team……fa fa fa faooo..!!! There are 20 teams in the NPFL and almost 40 in the NNL, he, like his colleagues, should dust his CVs and go and apply to any of them and start something first, instead of idling like a trailer that is waiting for clearance to enter Apapa Port. Enough of ex-internationals using our national teams to learn work, and when they no longer are with the national teams, their coaching careers will now look as good as dead. If you want to coach, enter coaching fully and coach…..if you dont want to coach stay with your wife and children and face your other businesses. Enough of people blackmailing NFF into giving them jobs because they are ex-internationals. Serious minded people are getting jobs in Nigeria and in that same Europe without disturbing our hears.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… You will agree with me that Finidi refusing to work as assistant to Fatai Amoo was a wise decision. The Fatai Mourinho Amoo with Godfathers the likes of Odegbami and possibly top football enthusiastic politicians in NASS who understands the Nigeria system better has finally done you guys proud as expected… SETTING UP A SHAMEFULLY SHAMBOLIC TEAM that cannot even tell the difference between the direction of their own goal post and opponents own. I watched the Eaglets highlights and said this one cannot even defeat a good U-17 team of Young Stars of Makurdi, let alone other parts of Nigeria. We know what happens at U-17 camps. I am sure the more qualified Fatai Amoo has given Nigeria a team to be proud of.

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Hahahahaha….you mean the U-17 team of Young Stars of Makurdi that is filled with 35 years old like you and Paul Onobi who both falsified their ages as footballers…??? These ones are true u17s o….infact they are Grade 4 U17s which means they can still pass MRI test by this time next year. These are not 35 years olds masquerading as u17 players.

          Finidi shot himself in the foot by not accepting, the plan for him, just like his 1994 colleagues who have all gone on to bigger things in coaching, was to start as assistant and then move on to taking over fully. Now that it is sure Amoo will be dusted off, he would have just seamlessly moved up the ladder and he would have seen, observed and learnt valuable lessons he can use for the future. But as they say, the pride goes before the fall…..pomposity in emptiness. You nor get career you dey do shakara for who go epp your career….LMAO.

          Our wise elders say mata wey we nor wan make papa hear about, na papa go eventually settle am…….Is it not the same NFF that will employ him if he will ever have a national team job…?? Is it not the same NFF he will work with…?? Tell your finidi to continue crying on the pages of internet for the next 2 years o. Na so e cry for 2018 and since till now then he has not coached anywhere….he expects to be picked ahead of people who have both qualification and work experience. Make e nor come collect coaching job for Dakkada FC or Adamawa United. Make he sidon for spain for inside in parlour with in wife and children and see if someonelse who has more cognate work experience will not get the job ahead of him by when the next recruitment is done. Shey e nor wan leave in family, no problem, na in backyard for mallorca we go set up the U17 camp when that time come……LMAO

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

            @Dr.Drey… NFF knows the Pedigree of Young Stars of Makurdi. When the NFF allowed Young Stars contribute just one single player to U-17 of 2015 in the person of David Enogela, he oiled the midfield for Nwakali, they became world conquerors, even then there was a player who was even better than David Enogela at Young Stars, that guy could have given Nwakali a run for his money, they call him DADDY, but they only wanted one player from Young Stars because they wanted players from other academies too.. I swear, if an U-17 selected side from Young Stars, Wadata Stars, North Bank United, Sporting 5, and Demekpe Warriors of Makurdi are allowed to play against most of our U-17 squad in the last ten years, the Makurdi boys will upstage most of the Eaglets within this period…. in Makurdi we play football in what is often like ankle-deep sand field, like sharp sand for building houses, that is the kind of terrain Makurdi has… when you learn control, endurance and control under those conditions… on a grassy pitch you will fly and play non-stop for 3 hours without fatigue. Every state has an elite grassroot acamedy team, if coaches tour states and organise regional screening… thew will always come up with sound 5 different quality U-17 teams… I am particular bout U-17 because it has proven to be the best stage to start with grooming future Eagles who will play with longevity and not falsify age brutally. So back to your humour @Dr.Drey, we do not have 35 year olds playing as U-17 boys at Young Stars Makutdi….

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Dr.Drey… NFF knows the Pedigree of Young Stars of Makurdi. When the NFF allowed Young Stars contribute just one single player to U-17 of 2015 in the person of David Enogela, he oiled the midfield for Nwakali, they became world conquerors, even then there was a player who was even better than David Enogela at Young Stars, that guy could have given Nwakali a run for his money, they call him DADDY, but they only wanted one player from Young Stars because they wanted players from other academies too.. I swear, if an U-17 selected side from Young Stars, Wadata Stars, North Bank United, Sporting 5, and Demekpe Warriors of Makurdi are allowed to play against most of our U-17 squad in the last ten years, the Makurdi boys will upstage most of the Eaglets within this period…. in Makurdi we play football in what is often like ankle-deep sand field, like sharp sand for building houses, that is the kind of terrain Makurdi has… when you learn control, endurance and control under those conditions… on a grassy pitch you will fly and play non-stop for 3 hours without fatigue. Every state has an elite grassroot acamedy team, if coaches tour states and organise regional screening… thew will always come up with sound 5 different quality U-17 teams… I am particular bout U-17 because it has proven to be the best stage to start with grooming future Eagles who will play with longevity and not falsify age brutally. So back to your humour @Dr.Drey, we do not have 35 year olds playing as U-17 boys at Young Stars Makurdi…. Young Stars of Makurdi is the default feeder team of Lobi Stars of Makurdi… I would not even mention Gboko and Otukpo. Justin Unorom, who was dropped for Wilson Oruma in 1993 was the Captain of me Secondary School and Young Stars player… he later went on to have a good career in Poland. Football is played at the top level everywhere in Nigeria with abundant talent… thats why some of us from experience get angry when certain weak and talentless players are selected for our national U-17 because we know what abound out there on the streets and true grassroot teams…

  • @Glory….

    You just nailed it.
    You…. just…. nailed….. it….
    I repeat, u just nailed it.

    I once said on this platform that it is only in Nigeria things are done up-side-down.

    How can somebody ignor coaching the league and start chasing the national team job to use it as his steping stone.

    Our fellow young but “old and outdated in reasoning” youth would ignorantly toe the line of these greedy men.

    How can a sane human (even our so call EX are in support of it who are expose) want to use the national team to groom players whereas, the so call ex suppose to use their wealth of experience to groom these talents for the national team, but in nigeria the reverse is the case….
    The want a “foreign” national team coach to groom players for the local clubs.

    I thing this platform can help them to discover the “talent” they (ex) have been singing all over which the world is yet see.

    • Glory 7 months ago

      Respect @ UBFE, Quite sad that majority of us nigerians are caught up in this short run success which is kinda decieving in a way, wherein it only serves to postpone the evil days. Thumbs up man

  • My worry is that Nigeria as a country have allowed greedy politicians who destroyed our economy to also come into our sports industry that used to be the envy of other African countries because of the TALENTS we were producing and make nonsense of it. This rot is not only in our football but also up and down in our entire sports industry.Finidi said while he is weighing other options he will not shut the door on Nigeria ,some of us seem not to have read that line, Anyhow, if Finidi cannot coach u17, and no ex international can be allowed to contribute to the management and development of our sports industry wether they are exsprinters, boxers baskstballers, volleyballers or footballers the systematic shutting out of these hero’s should worry those of us that are on this side of the fence. Odegbami was called names and victimized for many years just because he wanted to lead the football house.This is a man that loves grassroots development in sports he single handedly helped our only Olympic individual gold winner to train in England before going on to do Nigeria proud, today he has a grassroots school for sports. John Fashanu was also called names when he dared to apply for the chairmanship of the then NFA. They lied against him by claiming he turned down the invitation to represent Nigeria in his playing days, even some journalist bought the lie. This gentleman honored our invitation but he was kept on the bence.i personally saw him on the bence during a live cast of a crucial match as a little boy. Who says Adokiye Amesimenka, Seguin Odegbami, Mary onyali,imoh,Peter Rufai,and many more cannot bring their expertise and on field experience to bear in the management and development of our sports which is now lying in state. We on this platform plus other Nigerians seems to be comfortable with the rot in our sports ,so instead of beaming the light on those milking our sports industry to death we always attack anyone that dare suggest anything new or different. This is an industry that our ex international’s laboured to develop and brought to the attention of the whole World some died while representing us,many got injured while doing same and are languishing in different parts of the country yet Nigeria continuously shut the door on them as soon as they retire. These are people that were discovered from the grassroots and they rose to the highest level of their career.I just want you to compare what is happening in our sports industry today to what we use to have in late 70’s 80’s & 90’s the shame is unbearable. They killed school sports that used to be the engine room that our produced our talents Thoze of us that always choose to attack our heros i say shame on you.

  • While others are reasoning from right to the left, here comes one of them reasoning from left to right just like their leaders.

    We’re argueing on how our ex can look for jobs from the scratch elsewhere to build their confidence, grow enough bolls & earn enough respect so that when they come for the national team duty they can stand their ground to tell those NFF politicians the right thing to do.

    Can NFF ride on EGBO/AMUNIKE?

    It’s just like what some of our students are doing now.
    A graduate wouldn’t want to go to another environment in search of a job.
    He want to work in his comfort zone at all cost.

    Their believe is that they can only tolorate their weakness, indiscipline & below average performance in their comfort zone hence they don’t want to go out.

    Omo9ja try & upgrade yourself.
    Reason the way your mate are reasoning.
    The way u are reasoning can make somebody think u are interlectually lazy…. (u can only do well in your comfort zone…..)

    lastly, don’t allow hatred to rob u….

  • The present coach of England did not coach any clubside before he was handed the u21 team and later promoted to the senior team . B Vogt who became our coach at a time did not coach any clubside before he was appointed the coach of Germany many years ago. Jurgen Klinshmann did not coach any clubside before he became the coach of The German National team and later became the coach of USA National team, he took both teams to the World cup. Our ex international’s like Finidi played this game from their villages and rose through the ranks to conquer Nigeria, then went on to conquer the World and became Global stars.They all went through our school sports system that used to be the engine room that churns out raw talents .The system we had in Nigeria from pre independence era that the hulks in Nigerian sporting industry chose to destroy. Our hero’s can bring fresh ideas and even bring back things like our school sports etc, These guys have the TALENTS they have the knowhow, they have the experience and the qualification to handle any of our National teams. We should not be comfortable with the status quo . Our sports nay our football are dying we should swing the door open for fresh ideas especially from our ex international’s, it is not compulsory for them to coach clubside before handling any of our National teams. They scaled many many hurdles both locally and internationally to get to where they are now so we should not zttempt to continue to raise the bars for them to cross before doing what they are over qualified for.

    • NA ME TALK AM 7 months ago

      @Frank Smith .. Southgate did coach Middlesbrough between 2006–2009 . So you are wrong

      Southgate started his coaching with Middlesbrough , a team and club-side in England .

      You can make the research yourself .

      God bless Nigeria

    • OmoEsan 7 months ago

      We shouldn’t make excuses for these guys. They don’t have to be NFF employees before they can contribute their quota to football development in Nigeria. They can get involved in some other capacities and achieve good results in the process.

      They can establish and manage academies, they can create and manage soccer competitions profitably, they can work with NPFL or NNL clubsides, they can even work with their state FA in various capacities.

      The problem I have with the ex-,internationals is that some of them want an NFF job or nothing, as if NFF is their employer of last resort. They should learn that sometimes or many a time one needs to stoop to conquer.

      The NFF have always employed ex-internationals and they still do, but they cannot employ every ex-international that needs a job, so a good number of them (ex-internationals) must learn to grow without the NFF.

      There’s no football federation in the world that can boast of employing all its ex-internationals. They simply employ the ones they need and leave others to explore other platforms to facilitate their career growth.

      Let’s cut NFF some slack in this regard please.