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Finidi Resigns As Super Eagles Head Coach

Finidi Resigns As Super Eagles Head Coach

Finidi George has reportedly quit his position as Super Eagles head coach.

According to various sources, Finidi has already submitted his resignation letter to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The 53-year-old took the decision following NFF’s decision to appoint a foreign technical adviser for the Super Eagles.

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The former Ajax winger was appointed Jose Peseiro’s successor in May.

Finidi was an assistant to Peseiro for 20 months.

His demotion meant his year’s contract will be downgraded and his reported monthly salary of N15m will be reviewed downwards to N5m.

The Super Eagles failed to record a win in their recent 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic.

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  • MuYiwa 1 month ago

    Way to go! Nice one.

  • Hmmmm, he has lost his job but may God grant you to get good job in Jesus name amen

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Pinnick where you dey?

    • Tancosports 1 month ago

      Picnic is no where to be found. Awon oloriburuku Adminstrator.

    • I feel for him though the job is too much for him to handle but some shady dealer lures him into accepting the job. I think he took the best decision. I wish him all the best. I hope a get a new job in npfl and use that opportunity to acquire his coaches batches then come back to national team

  • Why is Finidi angry? He played assistant less than five months ago and isn’t ready for the boss role yet.

    His resignation is very much welcome if he wants nothing other than the head coach’s role. It offers the new man a chance to work with a new template and assistants entirely of his choosing and no ground for excuses.

    Thank you, Finito for your services, but it’s time we move.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……..Should have done it honorably after the Benin loss. How can you play players out of their positions…. For wetin now????? Did it against Mali it backfired, did it against SA it backfired, and we almost lost at home then the stubborn man did it against Benin in which we seriously needed a win or at least a draw and not an embarrassing loss on neutral soil. Quarell with players within a short period of time and embarrassing press conferences. After the loss against Benin this dumb ass said “now, we have to let the players prepare for the upcoming season” Are you kidding me? He doesn’t even talk like someone who played professional football overseas. It is high time we move away from these 94 frauds….Most of them are clueless and alot of them are backing him despite his obvious incapacity at the helm.

    • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

      At the meeting he did raise some serious issues tho…. Like stating that there is a lot of indiscipline within, and that Osimhen picks and chooses what games he wants to play, and he said some players are not patriotic and are branded untouchables. How can Bassey and Iwobi be vacationing right before a crucial wcq when u have a whole 2 months or so for vacation after these qualifiers? Bassey being the cause of the first goal conceded. He wasn’t sharp at all. Going forward we have to make sure these guys don’t feel too comfortable and indispensable. I hope the new coach will start searching for talents across the globe….With the pain of missing out on 2022 I had hoped these players will play their hearts out but nahhh they’re are full of shit with a horrible coach.

      • @footballfanatic. I am surprised you believed Finidi for his excuses for failure. I taught in secondary schools for many years. To be a good teacher you must understand how to manage your students and the class.

        What you do in a JSS class is different from what you do in an SS3 class. There’s this students management skill you need in an SS3 class so the school don’t just put a rookie teacher in SS3.

        I am surprised Finidi is talking about players being untouchable. What happened during his days. This is not just starting. You will find it anywhere you see people who have stayed long in a place.

        It’s his duty to put up a formula to work things out.

        Rohr and pesero met this and they worked out something.

        I think we should just do away with all these 94 set. Oliseh did the same. They still carry that rubbish tag of we are the best around and they don’t want other players after them to feel big.

        How can explain players who nearly killed themselves to win afcon some months ago and you are already complaining about them.

        It shows the relationship with them was not cordial during afcon..

        Findi is a big failure. Let him a go an win champions league with enyimba..

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          So Finidi was using creche methodologies to lecture final year varsity students ehn…..LMAOoo….signing Coco melon rhymes to them during Advanced Continuum Physics lectures…LMAOoo.

          Incompetence has no medicine just within 3 months in charge Finidi has left the SE dressing room in tatters, just like Oliseh did before him.

          When foreign coaches are in the saddled, we never hear of any squirmishes or questioning of the players attitude or commitment. Once local coaches (especially these 94 frauds) take over it will be one week one quarel.

          It was Siasia vs Enyeama/Osaze/Mikel during his time

          It was Oliseh vs Enyeama/Emenike/Efe ambrose

          Enters Finidi now it’s him vs almost 5 key players

          I just read Osimhen on owngoal blasting the incompetent imbecile.

          This guy would have destroyed the SE beyond 70th on the FIFA rankings

        • Thank you. A leader make his team win for him and protect his team’s interest. Finidi lacks Team building skills.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Hhahahha…..Rohr you do this one ó….LMAOoo. We see your handwork. Thank you once again for saving Nigerian football.

    The next piece of news I want to hear now is that Austine Eguavoen has been sacked (because that olodo will never resign). And that the technical committee that recommended this fraud of a coach who cannot even get his starting lineup right (the very basics of coaching) has also been dissolved.

    • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

      Eguavoen is another 94 frauds of course he was going to suggest his friend the job…. Useless fools. He should have resigned long ago. His time as head of the technical dept has been disastrous.

    • Eeyan mi, not only he did not get his starting lineup right, his bench nko?….his substitution nko?.. Finidi substituted experienced players for 3 or 4 (maybe 1 or 2…3and 4 is overkill)rookies playing for the first time in a crucial game that we are down 2-1….who does that?

      • Ndubest 1 month ago

        Good for him to resign the guy is a daft. A new coach may turn things around

        • Edoman 1 month ago

          Dr Drey and I have been talking about this most stupid Nigeria national manager for a long time that all home-based managers are all stupid and hungry. There was a rumor swelling that Finito was demanding money from the players if they want to play for 90 minutes games for their national team. Sooner or later, it is all going to be confirmed if this is rumor or not

          • Mahmud Shuaib 1 month ago

            Shut up….just shut the trap. Dr. Drey; yes. You? Hell no! Only a new person here will believe this obiduncic hogwash of yours.

            Everyone here with a good memory will remember how you triblaistically were jumping excitedly on this forum when the fraud, Eguavoen was appointed. You called him EGUA and you said it means PALACE in Benin

            I dare you to dispute this, so I dig out those posts.

    • Dennis 1 month ago

      Dr drey we’ve been saying all this and they lambasted us. Omo9ja,jimmyball and that old swine called odegbami wanted us to fail at all cost. We do not have any competent local coach for now so it’s best we seek a foreign coach

      • Omo9ja 1 month ago

        Are you kidding me or what?

        You must be joking kę.

        You want half baked foreign coach again? It won’t work.

        It is a shame if we get a Nigerian coach for the national team.

        Mind you, Finidi hasn’t among the best indigenous coaches that would have managed Super Eagles.

        Both home and abroad, if we can’t get a Nigerian coach to manage Super Eagles then NFF should be ashamed of themselves.

        What do you talking about here kę.
        Do you think we patriotic Nigerians are joking with this slogan, “let’s win or fail with our own” ba?

        Rome wasn’t built in a day and for us to have a Nigerian coach, NFF must be sincere with us.

        At least let’s consider a Nigerian coach that stays in the state. That guy can turn things around.

        We need to believe in ourselves first.

        We can’t waste another six years for nothing.

        Any coach for Nigeria must have a Nigerian root.

        We want to rebuild this country. We are tired of the foreign coaches that has nothing to offer us period. We hire and we fire.

        NFF should think before they hire a coach now. We fans want a Nigerian coach period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Dennis 1 month ago

          @omo9ja as you this dumb? Your local coaches missed out at 2 consecutive AFCONS. A foreigner comes and qualifies us for the AFCON and wins 3rd place as well as qualify us for the World Cup. You sack the foreigner, bring another local coach he gets eliminated at the round of 16. This local coach gets amunike help him with World Cup qualifier and gets knocked out. Another foreigner comes and we get silver at AFCON. You replace him with another local coach who has left us on the brink of not qualifying for the World Cup. Shut up

  • Good riddance….He’s already making the locker room toxic by accusing players of choosing matches to play, especially Victor Osimhen… I was like , for real….the same Osimhen that almost killed himself for the country during the last AFCON. The same Victor that did not play the last 3 games of the season for his club due to medical reason?, the same Osimhen that according to medical report, would only come back after 4 weeks , which by then, we would have completed the 2 games for World Cup qualifier?…You are accusing him of choosing matches to play?… If he did not resign sef, dem suppose to fire the idiot….I mean, you started your reign by fighting your players in the midst of preparing for 2 big games? ..This Finidi lacks man management skills….This Finidi can not handle big players….This Finidi, as gentle as he looks, is toxic and arrogant…. Let’s remember that Finidi started his arrogance by carelessly fighting the press by saying ”let us do our job….that’s fine, in Yoruba there is this saying ‘Pele l’ako, o l’abo…there is a way you can say this without being offensive…I knew right from the beginning that this guy will not stay long in that position with his posture and demeanor….He is not mature enough and it is a good thing that he resigned because an aggrieved person like that can turn the locker room upside down for the next coach and the harmony needed for the task ahead will be absent….No be him fault sha….. Let’s remember, Finidi some few years ago wanted to be U17 coach but somehow found himself at the helm of Super Eagles….Bad management and decision on the part of NFF…. Now that Finidi is out of the way, I hope and I pray that the fools at NFF will now get it right…..

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago


      “Let us do our job”

      Finidi doing his job:
      RWB Osayi at LB…..CB Tanimu at RB…..LB Bassey at CB….LMAOoo

    • Michael Olaleye 1 month ago

      Time to disband the NFF and Austin Eguavon.Nigeria is too advance for them, they’re just collecting their cheques.

  • Michel 1 month ago

    This is a good news, having an empty head as a coach that carries his bear bear so dear to him than football,no more 94 set as a coach,they have forgotten everything about football.. going forward we need to get a good coach that these useless players will respect

  • The best news I have heard this year about our football.

    Goes to confirm why I called him an arrogant person. I also used the word unwise because I don’t want to use foolish. I hardly use negative words on people but he caused me to use arrogant and unwise.

    By their fruits you will know them.

    This guy will not do much with coaching. He is too full of himself. And this is someone who wanted to initially coach under 17.

    His utterances show how unwise he can be. His actions show it too. He who thinks he knows but does not know is uniwse.

    Now the players can come together again as one.

    Now Tella can feel safe again. Now Boniface can bring up the confidence again.

    Who knows there may be more to Oshimen opting out.

    Now ekong can bring his troops together again.

    Now Tanimu can sit down in Tanzania for good.

    Now these home based players can focus on chan .

    It’s so sad that a personality like finidi can throw this type of opportunity away like that. It’s so sad. All sacrificed on the altar of arrogance and foolishness.

    We should forget the world cup and focus on wining next afcon.

    • Golden Child 1 month ago

      Hahaha ha…..Tanimu can stay in Tanzania.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      4 SE caps is enough to get him a club in Kuwait or Oman or wherever they always ship their quacks to

  • Booss 1 month ago

    Can Apc lead federal govt of Nigeria resign too ? Is it that politically we do not desire competence too and progress??

  • This is the honourable thing to do. You did your best but your best wasn’t good enough. A draw against Benin could have saved your job but not even that you could muster.

    Thanks for the fluid, expansive and attack-minded approach but you needed to crown it with victories.

    Minimum 2 maximum 4 to 6 points from those 2 games against South Africa and Benin were non-negotiable.

    All the best in your coaching career. In coaching terms you are still young.

    Take care.

    Oya, Mr Four Four Two and Tayo, I am waiting for your responses o! I am very ready.

  • Mr Hush 1 month ago


    Thank goodness.

  • This is the best thing to do finidi you weren’t ready for the role.
    If amunike were appointed the players support him osimhen, chukwueze he has a proven record internationally. Am not conversing for him but our local coaches need to improve. What make a white man more experienced than us. NFF SHOULD SET A STANDARD FOR APPOINTMENT OF LOCAL COACHES



    Anything less than these they should go for a foreign coach with proven record.
    My country must set standard

  • Wale Akinlatun 1 month ago

    Before you give someone a bigger fish to fry, how has he done with the little ones? Finidi could not do anything tangible with Enyimba and we’re trusting him with the SE? Haba kai!!!! How can a coach say he does not have a philosophy but just to win. NFF, this is the best New to galvanize Nigerian football. Please, don’t hire a journeyman

  • Tee ola 1 month ago

    Good riddance. Clueless Nff composed of politicians who know nothing about the game employed a Clueless coach who they didn’t even interview because they were not competent enough to conduct one in the first place.(they wouldn’t have known what questions to ask!). Let’s hope the NFF get booted out soon albeit by vote. Though clearly an unintelligent coach, if his player selections were based on the simple ingredient of honesty and merit, he would have at least have given himself a chance, but NO. Dropped key players like Troost Ekong, Victor Boniface, Frank Onyeka! That looks like the spine of a team! Fell into the same obvious pit as his predecessors Keshi, Oliseh .

  • JOHNSON AJAYI 1 month ago

    Losing to Benin is the worst thing that had happened to Nigeria with all the foreign based players, they are not hungry for name recognition, they have it already.
    It is time to gather the local players from the local leagues and let them play for Super Eagles. Finidi can go, losing to Benin disgraced the best known nation in Africa, what a shame. Sitting Boniface in a crucial must win game is a no-no.

    • Aloysius Ikeneri 1 month ago

      With all due respect our local based players have not done enough to get into the super eagles right now

  • Yes, yes ohhh. FINIDI nor try at all.
    As a Warri boy, I command control while I was playing in our days. We as players cooperate to win games with total commitment and seriousness.
    We have drive to achieve goals. Our coach then we just give little instructions and battle anthem. Unity in our team was strong. Individual talents and copied tactics from television makes us better. We played in Movoe base football club, we also do small balling in Firestone football club then. What about Enerhen Unity. Agbarho Unity. Delta class football club. The coaches then collect offerings from us to maintain the club small stuff. Discipline was there. Our coach must control everyone in the field of play with our own adopted language.
    He talked from start to final. He correct mistake instantly note dressing room. The captain will tell you don’t let your opponent get the ball before you. Oboy, man on you. Harass the guy.
    Today, no passion from the Eagles. Dressing room talk na nonsense.
    There was a friendly match the boys played in the Middle East, they drew the match. I over heard one player telling Aina to run after their opponent.
    With commitment, better coach, proper players selection and good management our Eagles will rule again.

  • Onwajunior 1 month ago

    Before we digest and enjoy this news, may we take a moment….a min of silence to pray for Finidi’s ride-or-die supporters.

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    He was always going to resign. He will have to be stripped off the perks of the job, the car etc. Thank you Finidi for doing the honourable thing.

    It is a bit sad that they are throwing Finidi under the bus. NFF and the sport ministry are also culpable. Moving forward, NFF should appoint a substantive foreign coach ASAP.A coach that will harness the amazing players we have. A coach that will promote competition within the team based on performance at their clubs and on national assignments. A coach not afraid of making bold changes.

    • “It is a bit sad that they are throwing Finidi under the bus. NFF and the sports ministry are also culpable.”

      Well said Golden Child.

  • Man know man 1 month ago

    No commitment from the players as a result of nonchalant coach Finidi. Wrong selections. We have Orban, we have better serious die hard players all over the world. Wetin!!11.
    In the NPLF we have rough rugged with skills. Check out current under 17, Are they foreign base? We have good 11 players in the NPLF that will destroy every opponent in Nigeria World cup group. They are there in our local league.
    Remove corruptions, we will get there.

  • Patriot 1 month ago

    For good results, c
    hange the technical committeem change our players. Bring only committed players like Osihmen,
    Onyeka,and Troost. The rest may be serious ohh but owing to the coach relation.
    From now till the next game, players should be invited based on current form in respective of their clubs. Die hard players not Iwobi of a person. Players must arrive camp first day of opening.

  • Patriot 1 month ago

    For good results, c
    hange the technical committeem change our players. Bring only committed players like Osihmen,
    Onyeka,and Troost. The rest may be serious ohh but owing to the coach relation.
    From now till the next game, players should be invited based on current form in respective of their clubs. Die hard players not Iwobi of a person. Players must arrive camp first day of opening.

  • Lollipops 1 month ago

    @ Finidi George, we thank you for your service – best of luck as you move on.

    ##Calling Out @Augustine Eguavoen, Resign your position immediately. Nigeria needs fresh ideas to reposition the Super Eagles for good.

  • ABDULRAZAK 1 month ago


  • Dapsy 1 month ago

    While I agree that Finidi is bereft of modern day coaching tactics, Tanimu was not bad in all 4 matches that he played under Finidi. He was even better than some of the so called EPL players.

    • Tristan 1 month ago

      I don’t debate Tanimu’s performance even though I believe the South African goal was his fault for not marking Zwane (No. 11). However, I believe that his selection was part of a corrupt attempt to promote a player for pecuniary gains. I will explain.

      Normally center backs have a lot of experience, and apart from the goalkeeper they tend to be the oldest members of any football team. This is because decisionmaking and positioning is the prime qualification for being a center back, and such aptitude only comes with experience after playing lots of competitive matches.

      In fact, it is also a twin position requiring understanding and a partnership between the two center backs of a football team. So coaches generally talk about a center back partnership such as the so-called “oyinbo wall”. The solidity of a team’s defense rests on the experience of its centerback partnership.

      It can be an equal partnership of similarly experienced players like our “oyinbo wall” or it can be a senior centerback supervising a junior center back like we have with Ajayi and Bassey. Since centerback partnerships must develop understanding through playing experience, most coaches do not change their centerback pairing unless forced to by injury.

      So it was a surprise that Finidi insisted on fielding an unknown 21 year old who had no playing presence at U17 and U23 not only for friendlies but also for a competitive world cup qualifier, when he knew or must have known that there was a settled centerback partnership with distinguished AFCON experience already in place.

      In fact, there were several experienced centerbacks with SE defence partnership experience ahead of this youngman.
      Finidi deliberately decided not to call these experienced centerbacks instead he chose the experienced Bassey and Ajayi partnership backed by Awaziem whom everyone considered a ‘shakey’ centerback. Finidi did this to provide an open pathway for Taminu to win his first competitive start.

      But even Finidi was not stupid enough to create a new defense partnership around an inexperienced Tanimu. So he decided to rejig the entire backline to provide space for Tanimu. He moved Osayi from his natural position to left back and installed Tanimu as the new rightback.

      Why would Finidi do this? The only explanation was that he was part of a cabal of individuals seeking to promote a player to the global audience in return for future financial gain. Tanimu without experience as a fullback was unable to provide the offensive impact that a normal fullback provides.

      The result was the right-side of the SE was severely offensively blunted in the match against South Africa. The draw against South Africa should have provided a cautionary lesson, but Finidi proceeded to do the same against Benin with the correction of deploying Onyedika to the right to provide support for Chukwueze.

      The constant rejigging that a lot of fans saw as naive experimentation was in fact a carefully calculated attempt to promote a player at the expense of overall team performance. Finidi was prepared to handicap the Super Eagles performance to provide opportunity for an undeserving player.

  • Michael Olaleye 1 month ago

    You can see here that all the writers are having a field day. But seriously, the NFFis the rotten egg damaging Nigeria football. From Eguavon’s failure to win the AFCON after sacking Rohr a week to a big tournament after the World Cup. We also see his catastrophic failure to Lead Nigeria to Qatar World Cup. How can an organisation like NFF deceive Nigerians by peddling the name of big coaches telling us they will interview them, just to come up throwing the application from this persona non grata into the dustbin and called their golden boy Fiditito take the jobfor the sake of being a local boy. Two weeks to a big tournament like the previous AFCON 2022 they name their choice and expect him to perform miracle with the players. The same goes for super Falcon and every Nigeria team.We are lucky to have good kids who are very hungry to make names for v themselves. Yet the NFF cheated this dedicated players of their hard earned rewards, before the whole World cried foul. We need to shake up the Football Federation of Nigeria first and foremost. The government can not intervene, the Sports ministry can. Good luck to Nigeria in future.

  • We are gonna patch things up again, few decent results from the next coach.. Things go bad, we will be back to same issues again..

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Thank you for Finidi for opening cans of worms. It’s now becoming clearer the reasons why injured or bench warmers (Chukwueze, Kelechi,Ajayi, and Onyeka), serial underperformers (Iwobi, Onuachu, and Awaziem) get selected ahead of better options.
    Until the nff gives coaches free hand, pays salaries and bonuses as when due. we are still going back to the drawing board.
    The technical committee including the technical head should be replaced and revamped with real technocrats and lover of the game. Olofin or Ameobi should be brought in to replace Cerezo

    • Kenneth 1 month ago

      Please who are the better players you have been calling out, please list their names here. Let us help you disect them.

      • Larry 1 month ago

        I don’t get you clear cuz only people with ulterior motives would support the obvious lapses have stated..
        What’s Awaziem doing in the team when Balogun is fit .
        Ekong was declared fit but unfit Onyeka was invited. Have you heard of Samson Tijani..
        Chukwueze was not even selected to travel with his club but the dumbo invited him after disrespecting Tella..
        What about Kelechi, less than 20 mins action in a month in EFL not EPL getting selected ahead of Boni..
        How about serial underperperforming Dongo and the inconsistent Iwobi..
        Based on performance in club and national team.
        .. GK.. Nwabobo, Okoy
        DF: Ekong, Aina, Bassey, Balogun, Ogbu, Osho,Ndah, Zaidu (fit), Samuel..
        MF: Yusuf,Onyedika, Fisayo, Tijani, Ndidi, Iwobi (bench) Onyeka, Simon (fit)
        FWD: Lookman, Osi(fit), Awo, Boni, Tella,

        TBD: Adarabioyo, Solanke, Okoli

        Killer Squad!!


        Aina, Balogun, Ekong, Bassey

        Onyedika/Onyeka Yusuf/Tijani


        Lookman. Awo/Boni


        • @Larru you think this your formation will perform wonders? Even if the same team was put out the result wouldn’t have been different. All the shouting of Boni this Boni that he couldn’t even do anything when he came onagainst Benin. Same goes to all the players listed in fact there own will be worst as most of them will be playing in the national team for the first time so the experience won’t be there. Let one of those players who prosecuted the 2 matches misses out people will say they are missing them example was Indidi during afcon how did he fair in those 2 matches in fact he was one of the worst.

          • Larry 1 month ago

            @Tayo, I get what you are saying but Pesseiro did it with senior bench man, Chukwueze and others and get away with it

        • Kenneth 1 month ago

          Good, lets take your squad list one at a time. But let me start with this, when finidi came out and said some of this players had the backing of some NFF board members, bros you should have read between the lines. That is enough to tell you that they allowed the indiscipline that took place in camp. You also know very well that if he had stamped his foot on that behavior, not only the NFF will come at him, but some gullible fans will also do the same. would want to ask some questions before going to your squad list.

          1. Kelechi and chukwueze definitely have the backing of some NFF officials.
          2, Tella claimed he had family issues and excused himself from the team is that the dumbo’s fault. And if the incident at the friendlies is what you using as a yardstick to crucify finidi then why was he called up? Was Lookman who was in the same shoe and was given 180 mins of play in the qualifiers and couldn’t find the back of the net after trying to create a mutiny against the dumbo. Now back to your likker squad.

          1. Nwakali/okoye You agree we have no issues here
          2. Aina i believe was injured because he wasn’t even listed for the last game of the season.
          3. Balogun, bros, lets stop pretending as though we don’t know why he isn’t being called to the national team. You know how many players have been made a scape goat for calling out the NFF. Why didn’t paseiro call him to camp for the Last Afcon. Was it not on this same platform some fans said he was sluggish and the combo with Ekong will not work. Mind you i love balogun and would love to see him back.

          4. Ekong, because he player said he is fit doesn’t mean he would come and perform fantastically. This is a player that was injured through out the Afcon, i believe you saw he was bandaged in some of our matches. And after AFCON he was ruled out for the season. Even his team declared him injured even till the last game of the season, he didnt start or come in as a sub, and you expect the dumbo to take the risk and call him to camp. ( That’s why i keep saying the NFF set finidi up by using the players). My question is why didn’t he say he was fit during his club league games and feature for his club before the names were being submitted

          5. Bassey, same player that gave away a goal for lack of concentration.

          6. Onyedika yes, Onyeka, Yusuf, Tijani (hmmmm are they better than Ndidi)

          7. Fisayo, he is just new to the lineup and i believe if he wasn’t injured in a game we were robbed, obviously he would have started the 2nd game.

          8. Boniface/ Awo both started the Lesotho game in the absence of Oshimen, what is your excuse. Boniface came in against Zimbabwe what did he do.

          9. Lookman lookman lookman, 2 games (180 mins) and what happend, was it the dumbo stopping him from scoring.

          Nothing wrong with your killer squad, but will they all come out to play as a team or display their individual talent on the field of play. Until we start holding players accountable for their actions then we can have a team.

          • Larry 1 month ago

            Great that you came up with your reasons.
            Now let me point out Finidi’s error.
            1. If he could invite an unfit onyeka and Chukwueze who just returned from injury, I believe Ekong could have fit in.
            2. Finidi was with Pesseiro and saw how the latter managed the CD. Since Aina was not available. he could have moved Bassey to the left and let Samuel play from right back.
            3. Yes, based on the performances in recent matches, I would pick Alhassan (who has champions league experience) to start against Benin (ahead of Ndidi). Against Bafana, Ahsan introduction changed the game. His pressing and quick release really neutralized bafanas..
            4. Since he failed to invite a fit Awo (the most suitable alternative to Osi). Nothing stops him from starting Boni ahead of Dongo or Moffi.
            Finidi major failures are players invitation,team selection of players and poor

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    You did the noble thing finito. Smelt the bait from day one, not shocked or surprised, now lets see if the indiscipline continues with their oyinbo coaches. At least you have said they have God fathers in the NFF board. Obviously the brown envelope will be coming in handy since they got you out o the way. we move on. No be say you dey hungry before.

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    They have started again, you guys will not rest until you completely Bury our football. What impact did Sadiq ismail have when he came on but crossing aimlessly.

  • He can work as a cleric, cleric Imam Alhaji Finidi George,  he can join Gunmi in the Sambisa forest.

  • Finito, mafia started in eagel during your time, some of you were untochable including you too.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

    We should’ve just let Peseiro continue instead of all these nonsense. A coach that took you to the AFCON against all odds deserve to continue in the midst of important WorldCup qualifiers. Every member of the NFF committee should be ashamed of themselves. They should all resign immediately especially that Eguafailure. 

    Anyway good riddance. It was glaringly obvious that the shoe is too big for Finidi to fill. The job was just too big for him. I knew he would be another Oliseh Lmao!!! Awọn 94 set isọnu. 

    Now we can focus on the immediate impact of another decent foreign coach. If Peseiro is still available get him back if possible. If not get another decent foreign coach who knows what he wants and wants to achieve with the team. 

    We move and I’m now hopeful we can qualify for the Mundial. VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!!!! 

    • Omo9ja 1 month ago

      Excuse me younge man. What did you just say? Pasę what?

      What did Paseiro do for Super Eagles? Did he improve anything in the Super Eagles that merits him to be in charge again?

      He ran away because of the bad results he has for the world qualifiers and if he stays, he might not make it to the world cup and you still want him to continue because Paseiro is a white coach?

      What mentality is that? You didn’t see anything good in Amunike or Siasia?

      If possible, you might say Oga should come back abi?

      Young man, if you don’t have anything to say then keep reading kę.

      Don’t get me angry Ayọ. We don’t need Paseiro or Oga Rohr.

      The only foreign coach that Nigeria want now is Renard and anything other than that is not acceptable.

      If NFF can’t afford to hire Renard then Amunike or Siasia should be giving a chance shikena.

      We don’t want any average white coach in charge of the Super Eagles anymore. I hope you get that right Ay? If so, Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

        Me sef want Renard if we can afford him. If not any decent foreign coach is okay by me. And yes Peseiro improved the SuperEagles at the AFCON. He found a winning formula and stuck with it all the way to the final against all odds. Maybe you need Ogun Isọye to remember what he did at the AFCON. 

        As long as we get a foreigner who knows what he’s doing I’m all for it. And if it’s Peseiro yes he’s more than welcome. You can cry me a river for all I care. 

      • Helius 1 month ago

        oga na u go coach super chicke….sorry eagles. if u dey NFF board u go worse pass gusau and pinnick combine. dey yan rubbish since last year. u think say na by mouth u sef go coach SE qualify us world cup no be by typing ire o all d time.

  • Ralph 1 month ago

    Wow this is commendable, so we actually still have someone who resign in Nigeria,the only regret here is that Enyimba already employed another coach, he should have stick to his job instead of allowing these clueless administrators mislead and deceived him.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    You have done well Finidi George. Next in line are NFF president, Eguavon and the rest of the NFF board because they have failed Nigeria.

    I am so proud of you Finidi that you have resigned when the ovation is loud.

    President Tinubu and other government officials are not excluded.

    This is new Nigeria because to serve Nigeria is not by force. If you can’t do the job then quit. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    @ Larry, The selection of players doesn’t fall on finidi alone. The technical team is also in the mix and maybe the medical team too, he will have to defend his selection and they will also make recommendations too. Well i never read anywhere that Onyeka was injured. Chukwueze’s inclusion was a shocker to me (that goes back to his statement that some players have the backing of the NFF and you don’t expect him to be spilling such beans. Well maybe he can now). For Awoniy he also was injured, and everyone’s injury is assessed differently and you could see that he was integrated into the club team gradually. Should they take that risk of inviting him too. Mind you some of this injury could relapse.

    Boniface has had his chance with the national team on several occasions. Started the full game against minnow Lesotho, didn’t score, came in against Zimbabwe did he score? came in against Benin republic did he score? So when or which game will he eventually show up. What’s paining me is that many of this so called players were given the opportunity to show what they made off in the absence of oshimen. And nothing to show for it. And we keep blaming the coach.

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    Go to the hell clueless coach Finidi George who approximates to destroy Nigeria football with his bad errors and mistakes on the last two matches versus South Africa and Benin ; he could have done an excellent matches if he had done somesthings right just like to summon Kenneth Omuero than to summon Benjamine Tanimu, he should summon Ighalo , Ahmed Musa, Victor Moses instead to summon heavy and shaky strikers like Pual Onuachu, Kelechi Iheancho , also he should summon an excellent player Tosin Adarabiyio or Igho Ugbo instead of shaky Semyi Ajayi, he should put in his line-up on the two matches Kenneth Igboke or Kalvin Bassey instead to put the shaky Osayi Samuel ; he should put two defensive midfielders and one attacking midfielder as follows:( Ndidi and Onyeka ; Iwobi) ; he should put this formation 3-5-2 as follows: Nwabili- Tanimu,Ajayi,Bassey- Osayi,Igboke,Ndidi,Oneyka,Iwobi-Boniface, Moffi instead of shaky strikers Onauchu and Iheancho ; he should make plan (B) to beat South Africa and draw versus Benin or to beat them but he hadn’t any mentality to offer this plan …

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    All the ones they have being summoning what have they done to the team, Seyi, bassey , iwobi, You Nigerians can never be pleased. Some said he distorted the winning team at the AFCON, 80 percent were here for the qualifiers. And what did they do. Was it finidi that caused the school boy errors for both goals. Why coming out for the poor man. By now i would have thought you would read between the lines that the players were used. Ask your self after the players came in late thats when the NFF were now coming out to complain of the indiscipline. Had finidi stamped his foot wouldn’t you come out and say who the hell is he. How do you want to invite a player that hasn’t shown any interest in playing for the country. Even without the NFF approaching him, the fans are doing it on their behalf, so why is he not showing any interest. Just accept that the set of players you have are just overated.

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    NFF should hire French or Duch coach whom will be assited by veteran coaches Daniel Amochache , Ike Shorounmu, Sylvanus Okpala who have won AFCON. Cup 2013 ; the French coaches are an ex coaches of French team who has coached their country they are: Raymond Domenech who has coached French from 2004 to 2010, Jacques Santini who has coached French from 2012 to 2014; Duch coaches who also have coached their country Netherland , they are Frank Deboer who has coached Netherland from 2010 to 2012 , Danny Blind who has coached Netherland from 2012 to 2015; so I think with composer of thoes local and foreign coaches , I think Super Eagles can be World class team that can beat great teams in Africa and the World…

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