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France Stars Tchouameni, Coman, Muani Racially Abused After World Cup Final Loss To Argentina

France Stars Tchouameni, Coman, Muani Racially Abused After World Cup Final Loss To Argentina

Three France players Aurelien Tchouameni, Kingsley Coman and Randal Kolo Muani received racial abuse on social media after their World Cup final defeat to Argentina.

According to The Athletic, the trio who all featured in the final, were subjected to vile messages on their accounts.


Tchouameni and Coman missed penalties in the shootout, while Kolo Muani missed a chance to win the game in the last minute of extra-time.

They received messages that included banana and monkey emojis.

Meta, which owns Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, condemned the abusive posts and said the messages had been removed.

A spokesperson for Meta told The Athletic: “We don’t want racist abuse on Instagram, and we’ve removed the disgusting comments for breaking our rules.

“We also want to help protect people from having to see this abuse in the first place, which is why we’ve developed Hidden Words, a feature that filters offensive comments and DMs, and Limits, which hides comments and DMs from people who don’t follow you, or only followed you recently

“We’re in touch with players and their teams directly, including since yesterday’s final, to offer them support and help them turn on these tools.’

Real Madrid’s Tchouameni has limited comments on his Instagram posts. Kolo Muani of Eintracht Frankfurt has turned them off. Coman, of Bayern Munich, is still accepting comments.

The abuse received by the French players is similar to what occurred following England’s loss to Italy on penalties in the final of Euro 2020 last year.

After that game Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, who all missed penalties, received racist abuse online.

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  • Four four two 6 months ago

    will these Players of African descent ever learn? Whenever the team loses they are singled out for abuse..I’m very sure if it was Bukayo Saka that missed the penalty that threw England out of the world cup by now his Instagram , Facebook and twitter accounts would have been ridden with racial abuse comment. But since it was their own blood (Harry Kane.)that lost it they are instead sending him consolation meassages as if he lost a loved one. What is mind blowing about this whole stuff is that despite all these negative treatment metted to Players of African descent by their adopted countries the ones that are yet to be cap tied( Olisah, Eberechi Eze, and others ) are still linning up to play for their slave masters Shame on Africa . I feel like crying out loud

  • pompei 6 months ago

    What of the black man Mbappe that scored a hattrick for them? He should also receive some abuse, so the abuse can be well distributed.
    Yeye people.

    • KangA 6 months ago

      You mind these people? You know very well where those abuses come from. At the risk of being termed an abuser myself, those abusers are well recognized: White Thrash. Yours sincerely was racially abused recently. I was providing a service and my next client stared at me and asked: “Are you from Ghana?” I looked at him and sighed (real Naija sigh, loud and clear), not a word from me. He dropped the racial inquiry. I later found out he was a mere security man!

      • Lolll don’t we castigate and condemn our own players too? Okoye, uzoho , ndidi and many others have been threatened many a time too.

    • Adeyemi 6 months ago

      This is out of context. Mbappe rewarded the French with 2 lifelines. They can’t possibly treat him otherwise. If on the other end, Mbappe were to lose the penalties, yes, the unfortunate blacks would be singled out. While we are all prejudiced and bias, asking you where you are from does not necessarily mean “racism”. People ask me every time and I do the same to everyone from all nooks and crannies.

  • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

    Nobody forced black players to represent those who see them as different, if you don’t represent your lineage then be ready to be used for gains. We should wake up from this racist talks and take responsibility because it is not new that people insult people, even in Nigeria some section will insult you if you don’t make it. Adam blames Eve but he still got the stick, I have learnt to live with foreigners and the wisdom to hurt them is by acting like you don’t notice their actions, and use results to silent them over and over again!

  • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

    Goto owngoal and read how the likes of Olise and Eze has playing around with Nigeria. These guys don’t deserve any pat at the back because they look down on their lineage and die hard to dorn the shirt of their masters. So leave them to suffer from their plight because they signed up for it.

    • Tristan 6 months ago

      I think a lot of the reason these players shun Nigeria is coming from their agents. These agents tell them that their transfer value and their ability to play for big clubs would be damaged if they play for Nigeria. This view is not really true. There are no big clubs lining up to sign Eze and Olise from Crystal Palace despite not playing for Nigeria.

      Destiny Udogie and Caleb Okoli, are both waiting for Italy to call them up. Of the two, Udogie because he plays as full back/ wing back stands the better chance, but he has also signed for Tottenham in England, and once he is away from Italy, Italians would lose interest in him.

      As for Caleb Okoli, he plays in defense and is 21. Italy has a long tradition of favoring older defenders. The average age of the current Italian defense is 32. There is no way, Italy would give an inexperienced 21-year-old the centreback position in their national team. So Okoli has to wait a few years to gain experience, and in that time he could get injuries that degrade his performance.

      Adaborioyo on the other hand has no chance of playing for England. While he plays in the premier league, it is for an unfashionable team Fulham. His age, 25, with his position on the pecking order of center-backs being so low that his chances of an England jersey are almost nil. However, he and his agent are forlornly waiting for a call-up.

      Non-white players usually have a better chance of playing for national teams when they play in positions where their impact can be easily and readily measured. If you play as a center-forward, winger or defensive midfielder in that order. However, if you play as an attacking midfielder, fullback, or center-back in that order, your chances are not as good – with center-backs being last because their impact is measured more by not making mistakes than by skill.

      • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

        You’re very right because it is the same money(TValue) that mostly drives this motive. But a good player will surely command decent fee, Osimhen is a good example despite being a Nigerian and repping Nig. A player with sound mind will follow a path and let his talent speak….. Tosin is a great talent but England will almost ignore him for as long as he’s at Fulham. His attitude towards Nigeria doesn’t inspire confidence, let him remain waiting on England so we don’t have too many players with Dennis Emmanuel’s I Too Sabi Character.

  • Dr Banks 6 months ago

    It is so easy for blacks to cry racism when done to them but we black Africans in particular Nigerians are the worst racists………….remember not long ago after AFCON exit and WCQ mishap, Iwobi, Okoye Maduka, Ekong, Aina, Bassey, Lookman, Balogun et al got the wrong end of abuse citing the fact that they are foreign born / bred and as such not patriotic enough as reason for our poor performances.

    The abuse rained on Maduka till today is the reason for his missing out of SE matches as well as his downward trend in performance.

    So before you guys castigate Europeans as being racist, first look in the mirror and correct your own misdemeanour rather  

    • Mr Banks, The fact that many Nigerians are tribalistic, the fact that some Africans are Xenophobic towards other Africans does not mean we must tolerate racism being directed at our own.

      We cannot ask that our own world is perfect before we can ask that others act perfectly towards us. We should condemn both at the same time, not one before the other.