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Friendly: Mali Game, Another Strong Test For Finidi –Aikhoumogbe

Friendly: Mali Game, Another Strong Test For Finidi  –Aikhoumogbe

Former Nigerian international, Andrew Aikhoumogbe has revealed that Super Eagles Tuesday’s friendly game against Mali will serve as another strong audition for Finidi George to stake claim for the senior national team job on a permanent basis.

Recall that last Friday, Finidi passed his first game as Super Eagles interim coach when the team defeated the Black Stars of Ghana 2-1 in Morocco.

As Nigeria get set to confront Mali, Aikhoumogbe in a chat with Completesports.com stated that Finidi has the technical know-how to manage the Super Eagles.


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He also said that Tuesday’s game will serve as another audition for Finidi to convince those at the helm of affairs that he’s capable of handling the team.

“It is my desire to see an indigenous coach manage the Super Eagles. Yes, we have capable hands who can lead the team to success,

“One of them is Findi, who worked under Jose Peseiro and must have learnt from him. I was very happy seeing the Super eagles defeat Ghana under his watch as an interim coach. But I ant to believe Tuesday’s game against Mali will serve as another strong audition for him.

“If he wins, then I must suggest to those in the helm of affairs to look towards his direction and give him the opportunity to lead the team.”

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  • What time is the match tomorrow guys.

  • Tony K 4 weeks ago

    Mali is a very strong side and will be much more difficult to beat than Ghana. Finidi should be very careful and don’t get carried away by Ghana victory. Avoiding defeat should be enough to guarantee a permanent contract for Fonidi as SE head coach.

  • Edoman 4 weeks ago

    I am thrilled with the prospect that Oga George will have the skills and the acumen to manage the super eagle. Amuneke, how market. Continue to wait till thy kingdom come.

  • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

    Could someone help with a link?Thanks

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago


      or Kings TV GH on youtube

    • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

      On facebook just type Nigeria vs Mali the Malian football federation is streaming it. Awaziem is trash man and Jamiu Collins.

  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Where is that good for nothing shameless lying street dog that calls himself ugo ewunze.

    Yes, the same cheap lying fool who lied to us that Ndidi is now the SE substantive captain and that Ekong only stood-in for him at AFCON….LMAOoo

    He should come and explain to us why Omeruo is wearing the armband today while Ndidi the so-called captain is starting…..LMAOOo

  • Sunnyb 4 weeks ago

    This is why is dangerous to allow local coaches to handle super eagles look at the line up, this foolish coach gave  us Akwa united line up, u can’t trust this guys. This line up better bail u out today 

  • Respect is reciprocal 4 weeks ago

    This why those advocating for a local. Coach need to rethink. Finidi doesn’t have the gut to lead angles.  As a coach your ambition should be to find players that can take over or players that have the tendency to last five years in the team not payers whose careers have already ended like Omeruo, Awaziem, or even Moses Simon . Local coaches would always want to play safe try not to offend players and cabals. 
    Give the job to Finidi and kiss the World Cup goodbye 

  • How come the Super Eagles look slightly disjointed? That organisation they showed in the Afcon is visibly lacking.

    Where is Iwobi playing? I thought he was a centre attacking midfielder but he is functioning deep in left defensive midfield to pick the ball and pass or run with it without much success.

    The gap created by not positioning wingers high up the pitch is allowing Mali travel down to our territory quicker.

    The goal conceded was comical From Nigerian perspective.

    It has been an uninspired show thus far.

    • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

      I agree with you on this deo. Not impressive first half and I hope coach Finidi change his tactics in the second half.

      Fingers crossed . Good luck to Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • No hard luck here. Totally outplayed.

    With the poise and panache they’re stringing passes and swarming forward, it’s clear the Malians believe they have a better team.

    • A bit of improvement in the second half. Wondering what Omeruo still brings to the table or field.

    • This should be the last SE games for people like Collins and Dessers.

  • Edoman 4 weeks ago

    Mali 1 Nigeria 0. Half-time.

  • Unique 4 weeks ago

    Onyeka agility is really missed. It takes Omeruo more than 30mins to understand the positioning and ball passing of the formation, he put alot of pressure on Awaziem and Ndidi which led to the goal. I think going for a draw in this match won’t be a difficult task. I wish M.Simon quick recovery.

  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Ghana has not qualified from the group stages of a 24 team AFCON back to back. To put it properly, Ghana has not been able to finish as 1 of 4 3rd placed teams in the group stages of a 24 team AFCON.

    Apart from the bragging rights of getting one over a rival, I am really still trying to understand the euphoria the greeted the 2-1 win from the last game.

    To think such a team humiliated 9 local coaches seated on the Egales bench in Abuja this time 2 years ago, and yet some people are still clamoring for these half-baked incompetent bunch says a whole lot.

  • Collins Id 4 weeks ago

    This new 3 man defensive football the supereagles have adopted is really disgusting to watch, how can we be doing this to our football, in africa for that matter, why cant we just go back to our normal 433 which every africa giants are playing,
    Finidi has just prove to have learnt nothing in the last nations cup, is he not eyimba coach, why cant he practise what he has been doing with enyimba, we have all the players that can give us a Perfect 433 formation, why are we still stalk in this diffensive jungle, why is mercy(our lady in the forum) more smarter than finidi george of all people? I am very disapointed, give us what we want and let us blame the boys alone, at this stage he should remove awaziem and bring in lookman to balance a normal 433 formation, he should bring yosuf for rafael and bruno for collins, very simple to do.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 4 weeks ago

    Either this is DEFINITELY one of Nigeria’s B Teams or Finidi is smoking something too strong for him in his pipe lol –

    Is this even a team? Who in their right mind would cobble such an 11 together? kai!

    Nah! It must be a joke or Finidi is an actual clown, either way, let him continue like this and it will be easier for an Elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than for him to EVER get the Nigeria managers job!

    And there was I, giving him props after the Ghana game because I thought that was also a B team, but they still got the job done, which would have been a formidable showing of strength in depth of our team as all or most of our first team starters either didn’t start that game or where out injured and then when I saw this line up, again I immediately thought that he was obviously still experimenting – Playing Nacho as a lone striker supporter by Moses as a false 9 lool! God help us o! And then when poor Moses got injured he brought on Dessers? lool – You could not even make this **** up!

    Mehn, if this is a showing of his thoughts and ideas on the Nigerian team then he might as well forget it altogether!

    Still I cannot rule out my initial thought that this is some sort of experiment, problems with that view are-

    He (Finidi) must be a very brave man to experiment like that in prosecuting a couple of games that will definitely define his future as the SE manager or not as the case is looking, the first game worked out well and he should have learnt a lot about many of the “fringe” players

    But the starting 11 he put out tonight is mindbogglingly bad, even as a continuation of the experiment started in his first game against Ghana!

    In conclusion, if this is (as I still somewhat suspect) some sort of experiment then we should see almost an entirely new 11 for the second half – a result might no longer be possible but at least we’ll know for sure what his thought process is.

    Absolutely nothing else makes any sense!

    Siddon look mode!

  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Mali leading Nigeria 0-2 without even leaving gear 1…..LMAOoo.

    Maybe some people will start appreciaiing more now that podium finish peserio got us before leaving…LMAoo

  • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

    This Finidi na disgrace lol

  • Michael Temidayo Adelami 4 weeks ago

    Omo9ja, how far about Kolawole and our own. Please don’t disown Finidi oooo, I think we can sink with our own.

    When a coach plays 90 minutes in friendly and made only an injury forced change even we are are losing.

    If we like we should not go and look for good money to hire an A grade European manager, let us keep deceiving ourselves.

  • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

    To be honest since we don’t have too many quality players…i guess 5-3-2 will be the best formation for us…..But if only we can be a little fluid and not all defensive.

    • MuYiwa 4 weeks ago

      What happened to all the quality players you guys said we had that should have made Rohr win Afcon 2019.Have they all retired now or they are all injured?

  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Love me or loath me, we need seasoned, vastly experienced and highly cerebral tacticians who have standing records of guaranteed successes (not some boys trophy nonsense) to take over this SE team. Give this team to an incompetent half-baked local coach and kiss the 2026 WC goodbye. I say no more…!

    And we don’t want to hear the nonsense “he didn’t start the qualifier” excuse their promoters here alwasy give us when the time comes o. We are only just 2 points behind Rwanda, 1 point behind South Africa and with 24 more points to play for (out of which 21 should be easily possible at this point in the series).

    • NFF knows that if they bow to Air Peace chairman’s claims, not only will world cup 2026 be kissed goodbye, their 2nd term ambition too will be buried. Foreign coach or nothing, even if it is fellow African. No local coach will suffice.

      Now, the excuse will be “we were missing key players” rubbish

  • Unique 4 weeks ago

    Thank you Finidi, you can’t handle super eagles, infact you will need atleast 25 more years experience before you handle any national team. You are clueless and you have forfeited your golden opportunity. Can someone tell me, what’s our gragra player Osayi and Denseser doing on the pitch till 90mins? Coach Finidi did not see that their presence on the pitch is against the team. Please nobody should mention this denseser in this platform again, to say he is below Super Eagles standard is understatement, Its not too late switch your nationality to Ghana LMAO. Once again, Finidi thanks for your service.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Hahahaha…If you want to talk to Omo9ja talk to him directly….LMAOoo

      I am waiting patiently for him to type his usual gibberish.

      For the first time ever, I am eager to read omo9ja’s hypocrisy ridden beer parlour comments….LMAOoo

      • Unique 4 weeks ago

        @Drdrey Haha leave our Omo9ja alone o, person wey don dey watch super eagles since the era of Baba Segun Odegbami and Best Ogedengbe lol…As for Denseser, everyone have seen that he has been given a fair chance to prove himself, no more chanting for him except that person is an enemy of Super Eagles. Chai dude is very dense infront of goalpost.

  • Codex 4 weeks ago

    O dear oh dear Finidi is too experimental,too tactical and that leads to erratic and disjointed displays that we saw today.

    I wanted Finidi to get this job but part of me tells me he’s just not ready so I’m wondering whose the local coach for the job cos the names I’m seeing ain’t ready ones not Amunike,not Bosso,not Salisu,Not Eguavoen etc. so I’m asking who is the ready local for the top job?

    Mehn George has to improve cos there’s questions like why was Fisayo,Tella and Yusuf not featuring? Tanimu despite his low profile performed better than awaziem why wasn’t he brought in the 2nd half.

  • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

    @Dr.Drey… can you pay a quality foreign coach? Talk is cheap bro… What we need to do is callup more quality players who have been craving for involvements. I don’t know those who are still somehow getting the likes of Jamilu collins called back to the team… Dude is so average he cannot even make any forward play… Why call Sadiq Umar if he is fasting and cannot contribute anything. Terem Moffi, Adams Akor,Chuba Akpom, Igor Ogbu and Olisah Ndah out to have been called. Awaziem, Ajayi were giving wayward passes and Dessers is not ready… We still have midfield problems and Iwobi being clearly not who we need to anchor our midfield… I wonder why Nwakali, Ifeanyi Matthew,Onuche and Onuche Ogbelu can’t be given opportunities? We need to look at the team critically….there are players who are underperformers including Iheancho who could not even send in a decent corner kick… the coach takes the blame but it’s high time we reinforce players in lots of departments…

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      What happened to the $4m Peserio won for you unappreciative lot before learning your goddammed team for your overrated selves.

      $100,000 per month will still pay a quality coach for at least 40 months. Its simple, basic mathematics…LMAOoo!!!

    • See, a new foreign coach will be so eager to outdo Peserios performance so NFF technical committee will not dare to alter his selection lists but local coaches will and will not be confident to drop their lackeys. I can even swear that it was Chukweze who told glasshouse not to call him up because his Italian dream is on the line.

      Now, appoint the one who discovered this or that player and even if they are misfiring, he will never drop them. By then, we would have been missing from 48 teams world cup.

      Why will someone call up players he is afraid to use even in “experiments”? Because their favorite players will refuse to be benched.

      In plain words, local coaches will take us backwards. NFF never dares to toy with Waldrum list for Falcons. Okobi is still out. That’s the command foreign coaches give

  • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

    These people played like 200 back passes lmaooo………Dessers can kiss future invitations bye bye. Going forward these players have no business in the national team henceforth





    You invited Tella and Dele Bashiru to watch a friendly???? Aren’t friendlies for trying players? Finidi you are a clown….It was a shambolic display

  • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

    Go watch the South Africa Algeria game and you will know that our world cup ticket might be in danger…. We are easily predictable. South Africa knows how to cage north Africans

  • Edoman 4 weeks ago

    Finidi must go . He is so foolish and stupid. Common Mali to beat us 2 zero is the worst thing that happen to Nigeria.

    All we are saying, Finidi must go to his father village in the river state.
    May be the jobless Amuneke is far better than this stupid finidi, they called him.
    We need a foreign coach today before we meet South Africa in June.

    • Greenturf 4 weeks ago

      No need to be abusive @Edoman,he deserves respect for his contributions to football in this country.
      Finidi is a Nigerian legend and i do hope you apologise for being so disrespectful brother

  • I’m not surprised at all. It’s what I expected. With a clueless Naija coach in charge, there will be more losses.

  • Collins Id 4 weeks ago

    We should go for pitso mutsimane of southafrica or stauat baxter the white southafrican, these two guys are the best option we can afford, if we must bring oyinbo it should be hugo broos, we dont need any alien unknown coach that we will now be hoping on Dr drey and deo to come and explain and disect his biography, infact i am thinking of braking up with these our players, no improvements i tire nor be small.

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