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Exclusive: Friendly: Portugal Vs Nigeria Will Be An Explosive Encounter — Aikhoumogbe

Exclusive: Friendly: Portugal Vs Nigeria Will Be An Explosive Encounter — Aikhoumogbe

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Andrew Aikhoumogbe has revealed that the Super Eagles international friendly game against Portugal will be an explosive encounter.

The three-time African champions, who will not be participating in Qatar following their qualifying heartbreak, will be looking to return to winning ways and close out the year on a high as they prepare for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying fixtures.

Portugal, who are making a sixth consecutive World Cup appearance, will be looking to reach their first-ever final and have called-up a star-studded squad for the task at hand, with skipper Cristiano Ronaldo headlining the squad once again.


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Aikhoumogbe in a chat with Completesports.com stated that the both teams won’t approach the game like a friendly encounter.

“I expect an explosive encounter going by the array of talents at the disposal of both coaches. However, Portugal with Ronaldo and others will be aiming to beat the Super Eagles in a bid to send a message to Ghana ahead of the clash at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“But then, I am confident the Super Eagles will play some good football and come out with a good result after 90 minutes. Basically, I am expecting an explosive encounter.

The West African side, who have lost their last three matches across all competitions — including a 2-0 defeat against Costa Rica just five days ago — will be looking to close out the year on a high as they prepare for their remaining AFCON qualifying fixtures.


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  • Tristan 1 year ago

    The old tactic of possession, shape, and organizational discipline has given way to an offensive-defensive tactical game.
    Players required in this type of game are those that have defensive and offensive intent. Fullbacks are expected to overlap and underlap, Midfielders are expected to hunt down the ball with counter-pressing when they are not in possession and forwards are expected to press the center-backs and goalkeepers when the ball is in their possession.

    Counter-attacking intent should be based on transitions, the moment the ball is won. Attacking players should keep their ball touches to a minimum of 2 touches on the ball ensuring quick passes and crosses.

    Portugal plays 4-2-3-1, which means they overload the midfield. They don’t really have natural wingers with Rafael Leão the only true winger, of course, Ronaldo used to be a winger but he has a roving role and can turn up anywhere in the attack. They rely on fullbacks for width.
    Portugal play with two world class attacking midfielders – Bruno Fernandez and Bernando Silva, and two defensive midfielders – a pivot, in Neves and Carvalho and experienced and youthful fullback combination with Rui (or Cancelo) and Dalot (or Mendes).

    They are very midfield heavy, wingers light, but they have wingers on the bench that can use to change the focus of their attack and their fullbacks overlap.
    Portugal has similarities to Ghana in being very midfield intensive, Nigeria should not surrender the midfield to them or they will overwhelm with their passing and movement in the middle. Unlike Ghana they are not physical in midfield but very skilful.

    Nigeria has two choices, play our own game with wide wingers or act to stifle Portugal’s game. This is the coach’s choice but I would act in the first 45 mins to stifle their game. I would have gone for a 3-4-3 or 3 box 3 as it is called, but the Czech Republic used this against them and lost. Spain used 4-3-3 and won but fielded 4 midfielders. Saying that, Switzerland beat them with a normal 4-3-3 of three forwards and three midfielders.

    So I’ll go 4-3-3 with a back 4 of Bassey Troost Akpoguma Bright, I want to utilise Bassey’s strength as a fullback and Troost as an experienced centreback. It will also accommodate a 3-4-3.
    My midfield trio is: Ndidi, Etebo Iwobi.
    My front three is: Simon, Moffi,Lookman.

    I will look to substitute Simon or Lookman on the 50-60 minute mark and bring on Onuachu.
    I will bring in Onyemaechi for either Iwobi or Etebo on 60 minute.
    I will bring in Dessers at the 70-75 minute for Moffi.
    Depending on performance I’ll bring in Ebuehi for Bright on 60 min.
    Depending on performance I’ll shift Bassey back to centre back and bring on Duru replacing Troost at 70 min.

  • Dcardinal 1 year ago

    Well written, but Portugal no be our mate..African best 11 cant even beat Portugal..my own be say make we no collect pass 2

    • Parker 1 year ago

      I will never have supported that. Africa best 11 will destroy Portugal. Ha!! ha!!

    • Weak Mentality even if Osimhen is not there Name portugal attacker that currently better than Osimhen. You the problem I have with some Nigerians you will be supporting evil and poor decsions from NFF all year i.e. calling dead legs for Knock out games even with cries from people wey sabi ball pass una. then you will say Oh no Musa scored 2 goals against Argentina 10 years ago let us take him instead of an inform Victor Moses to Knock out and Afcon, Musa served his due so he must be a cheerleader in SE, You supported Ighalo u-turn after he retired when we were suppose to jell the likes of Awoniyi, Dennis and co into SE long before Ghana Knock out but, that couldn’t happen because you people say Rohr was right for Pushing for finished Ighalo over Awo and co. things like that, How about Akpogunma constantly being overlooked for Jamilu Collins Or Abdullahi Shehu over Bassey at some point. players who were already redundant. All this sabbotage including some other Sacrilegious decisions by NFF and Co which already had impacted the timing of Cerezo to really come in and jell the team before Ghana games. now you come out to Say Portugal nor be our mate, what a joke as if it not all of our fault that this rubbish happened.

      • @Dcardinal I will pull up post where I feared Nigeria will self Sabbotage in a world cup year posts I made Early in 2021 and through out people jumped at my neck. Look Bros If Nigeria selects on Merit and our Best legs all the Time WHO BE PORTUGAL???????????????????????. What In Gods name Make you make such a Mumu statement “Portugal No be our Mate” ( Mediocre Mentality of your own Doing) as if it was not you and your likes that is the reason we are here today. Mtcheeew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dcardinal 1 year ago

          After Thursday’s match we go know who be mumu @Ugo Iwunze..goalkeeper you no get, defence you no get, creativity in midfield you no get, even if u get the best strikers whi wan give them better pass, abi players wey fit hold possession..yet u believe say u go win Portugal. When you say the truth some persons with low mentality go say na mediocre mentality..Thursday no far again..na by mouth?

  • chuks haifa 1 year ago

    Sharing the below‍♂️

    The FIFA scandal documentary on Netflix is a must watch for every Nigerian vis-a-vis African.
    There are huge lessons to take home for the black race regarding his penchance to put personal greed ahead of community good and development.

    Qatar basically won the hosting right for the world cup by buying up majority of the members in the 22-man committee which voted in the decision to award the 2022 world cup hosting right to the gulf nation.

    Michele Platini in return for his vote forced the Qataris to enter into an arms deal with France worth billions of dollars, plus buy their aircrafts, and a football club in France (Yeah, that’s how they came about PSG).

    The Brazilians traded their vote for a gas deal which saw the setting up of a fully functional mega gas plant in the Amazon nation.

    The Africans among them asked for 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS wired straight to their personal accounts.

    Like bro, you came to the table where nation-changing deals were being made and all you cared for was your personal account balance? Not the millions of lives that could be changed forever? You didn’t ask for your country’s share of those far reaching deals of epic national proportions worth in the regions of several hundred millions of dollars. Instead you went for a self serving interest thereby denying your people the luxury of a better life?

    That Netflix documentary summed up the mentality of the the African man in its entirety. If you are wondering why it’s the richest yet poorest continent, look no further.

    • Wow! Wow! . Is it in Netflix already? Will check it out.

      Trust African leaders and officials. They’re the curse of the continent. Public office for them is just drain pipe to corner and siphon the commonwealth for themselves and their families until the 7th generation to live fat on.

      Worse, the average Nigerian citizen not yet in power has the same mentality.

  • TONY 1 year ago

    Sad state of affairs regarding our so-called country. The fact remains that Nigerians in particular and Africans in general are their own worst enemy. Whether it is due to illiteracy, low IQ, apathy, resentment, ethic bias or hate or other unpleasant factors, Nigeria’s biggest draw-back are Nigerians.
    Purported elections are around the corner, trust Nigerians who after years of complaining about economic hardship brought about by incompetent governing accept paltry sum of money, half-bag of rice and other demeaning stuff and vote for people who they know are clearly incompetent and corrupt.
    A large swat will vote because the candidate is of their ethnic stock eve if the person or persons are over the hill.
    Our way of reasoning or lack their-of-it, is our biggest problem. We are being ruled the wrong people. Any wonder why Nigeria with a plethora of natural resources is ranked among the world’s poorest country?
    Such a shame!

  • TONY 1 year ago

    Sorry, I meant, we are being ruled by the wrong people.

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