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Friendly: World Cup Debutant Zambia Beat Germany In Five-Goal Thriller

Friendly: World Cup Debutant Zambia Beat Germany In Five-Goal Thriller

The Copper Queens of Zambia shocked two-time women’s World Cup winners Germany 3-2 in a dramatic friendly game on Friday.

It is women’s World Cup debutant Zambia’s final tune up game before the commencement of this year’s edition in Australia and New Zealand.

Star player Barbra Banda (brace) and Rachel Kundananji were the scorers for Zambia while Alexandra Popp got Germany’s two goals.

After a goalless first half Banda gave Zambia the lead in the 50th minute before Kundananji made it 2-0 on 54 minutes.

Ten minutes were added in stoppage time which Germany took advantage of as Popp pulled a goal back on 90 minutes and got the equaliser in the 90+10 minute.

But it was Zambia that had the last laugh as Banda netted the winner in on 90+12 minutes.

Zambia will begin open their campaign at their first appearance at the World Cup against Japan on July 22.

They will also take on Spain and Costa Rica in the group stage.

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  • Congrats Zambia!
    @ CSN can you provide update on Super Falcons..

    No cover up..
    Folks! Let’s do our part in helping falcons. For the next one week, let every headlines on sports paper be filled with protests comments against the shabby and erratic treatments the Falcons are being subjected to..
    Let’s avoid distraction and bombard CSN with our expression.
    But if you are traitor like Picnic, Gusau and cohorts whose daughters and sisters shall receive the same treatments, feel free to ignore..
    Shame on nff

  • Greenturf 12 months ago

    Zambia rounding up and Nigeria just starting preparations hmm…

  • Shame on nnfled by group of of Hausa goats that can never allow their daughter and wife’s to command play idiots that has no regard for women and feel they are only useful for sex look at the treatment they are giving other people’s wire daughters and sisters what level of abuse is higher than this? The stupid Dr sanusi that don’t know anything in football yet has been allowed to destroy our football was sometimes reported to be collecting his money from nnf. In dollars but the coverd the matter instead of building our football the nffare busy using corruption sentiment mediocrity to kill our football and invest their energy in covering their track of evilthese heartless animals are the worst thing to happen to Nigeria because even when poltians divide us football unites us and GOD will punish them for this evil they have turned to our future mother their days are numbered and their position another shall take.

  • Vincent 12 months ago

    Remember Zambia has one man playing in the team, CAF did not allow it, but FIFA did.

    • Stop talking nonsense. The person you are talking about was born a female ( biological female not transgender). The only problem she had was that she had high testosterone level, which has nothing to do with capabilities as a footballer.
      There are men who can’t play football even with half of women’s physicality. Would you say they are not men.
      High testosterone level is beyond her control. Though they are drugs that could be taken to mitigate it, but that would also be harmful to her in the future.

  • Collins Id 12 months ago

    @vicent Hahahaha i don laff tire, which man is that my brother?

  • Collins Id 12 months ago

    I love the kind of confidents zambia brings into football, it is verry inspirational, looking at the size of the country, zambia is a unigue football nation with a small but mighty display artitude, they have won the african cup of nation, they have reached the final in 1994 despite loosing 90 percent of their first team players to a plane clash, zambia have also carreid their females along with that same die hard Buffalo spirit, which have resulted to the demolision of the berlin wall right in the german stadium,
    My observations is zambia self believe and african confidents has paid them alot, they rely more in their leagues and players with their national football traditional carracter. they remind me of the early supereagles and superfalcons, when Nigeria believed so much on her self and her interpretation of football, when players where been selected by their ruggedness and doggedness on and off the ball inrespective of the club or leagues they play, this is what is currently pushing for zambia believe me if zambia have more quality players like Nigeria they can pick the world cup, Nigeria have sold out her football pride to european leagues and european coaches who now do their selections for them,
    Imagine a footballer like Ndidi who couldnt make it as a midfielder in our nigeria football phylosophy he wasnt tecknical enough to be listed as a midfielder rather he is a central diffender for the flying eagles but because liecester boss said so then automaticaly nigeria says so, even now that he is no doing well in the midfield he could easily pair with ajayi in the diffence, to allow onyeka and the likes of allahansan yusuf master their trade but we still force the midfield on ndidi bcos one white coach think so, now what damage has it cost us converting ndidi to eagles dm? we havnt seen any goal from him and no assist has ever comes from ndidi, not even a decisive pass from him, he only tackles and that is not the kind of engine the eagles want, that engine can not produce titles, just imagine in the nest two years you see daniel daga or tochukwu Nnadi no more and players like Benjamin francis or bamiyi now playing supereagles midfield becos one belgium coach think so, that is total shame for our football it is not encouraging at all, john ogu despite didnt enjoy the kind of fame Ndidi had but his contributed to our midfield morethan ndidi why because he is a natural midfielder he can shoot and gots vision and internal rader of a midfielder, currently all supereagles midfielders are all converted midfielders it will back clash in turnaments, your strikers win games but the midfield wins turnaments, if we can be transiting our youth midfield to our main team like eguavon and siasia did with mikel and keita/ajilore this was able to keep our midfield in ceck before the addition of italia onazi, if the likes of nwakalis or azubuike even obinna nwobodo and idowu, were proparly guided we will not be lacking midfielders like we do now, currently we dont have midfielders etebo is clubless, aribo is benjamin, Ndidi should pair ajayi in central diffense, i will advice this coach to introduce daniel daga.and tochukwu Nnadi if possible obina nwobodo is in mls, mls is not a small league the guy needs to come boss our midfield also azubuike should be invited the supereagles should be more open to midfielders. The falcons have gone thesame way a team with about 9 strikers only four midfielders, ngozi who is our traditional distributor is dropped for meaning less strikers, we need ballers, ball dictators, games commanders in our midfield this is our trademark.

    • What is your bet with daga? Since I read that man claims he is still 16 years, I knew with or without incorporation in the national team, he will soon fade away. How many senior national teams have 16 years old bossing their midfields? Even Belgium with the old men at the last world cup still don’t have the next generation 16 years old midfield players on their substitute bench.
      Why should Nigeria suddenly rush a 16 years old player into her SENIOR national team? Have you seen something our handlers haven’t seen yet?

      Your 16 years old player is not even signing a major contract with a main club until he is 18 years, so why should we do so in super eagles

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