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Fulham Reach Agreement With Ajax For Bassey

Fulham Reach Agreement With Ajax For Bassey

Fulham and Ajax have reached final agreement for the transfer of Nigeria defender Calvin Bassey to the London club.

According to Dutch website vi.nl, Fulham have agreed to pay a total package of €21m for Bassey.

A resale percentage is also included in the deal.

The agreed transfer fee is close to the amount Ajax paid to Scottish giants Rangers for Bassey last summer.

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The versatile centre-back is expected to sign his contract papers next week.

Brighton & Hove Albion were the first Premier League club to show interest in the player.

The 23-year-old was keen to remain at Ajax but had a change of mind after he was informed of the decision of the club to sell him.

He scored one goal in 25 league appearances for the former European champions last season.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Hmmm…. That’s life! is Awoniyi’s Transfer last season not better than Bassey to Ajax? Bassey to Ajax was the most celebrated last season and somehow, he’s coming back to UK. Anyways, still better than Turkeys and Division 2 defenders that keep receiving call ups . Wish you better luck this time.

    • Bassey is a Fantastic defender anytime any day . We should not allow ourselves to be deceived by those jealous very cheap so called Dutch legends. Go Bassey, we love you always.
      Same way they treated Osimene. Remember one fan saying he was always stuck on the wings like a corner flag but that cheap racist would have by now, shamefully gone on to delete his senseless jibe.

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        SOMEBODY that before HE TURNS, the WHOLE DAY has PASSED.



        Na wa GLORY you gat to be TALKING about SOMEBODY else…

        • U with ur mouth, but trust you are spot on, I feel he is kinda too rigid/heavy hence the reason he is slow, all the same good move and we gat no choice than to support our own.

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Really….What is there to be jealous of Bassey about….?? LMAOoo. What has Bassey achieved, or what does he have that the dutch legends or dutch football have never had….??

        Its a fact that Bassey did not cover himself in glory last season. the criticisms against him were valid. Even in the national team, has he been spectacular…? If we will answer truthfully, I hasnt been above average. He has been exposed by Sierra Leone, Algeria B, Guinea Bissau was on the bench in our last qualifier.

        Ajax does not normally cough out too much for a defender, but to have coughed out such a huge about of close to 25m should normally mean he is far better than what they have in the main team or in the Jong Ajax development squads…but unfortunately that wasnt the case. The higher level he found himself really exposed him. And I fear for him now that he’s even going to the EPL which is an even higher level and way faster than the dutch league.

        My advise for him is to stick to the left back position for now and be a master at it. Great centrebacks start their careers from the fullback position and then graduate into centrebacks when their pace can no longer cope with the demands of bombing backwards and forwards for 90 mins. Bassey is not naturally a centreback, so being in a haste to be rushed into the CB position at this age is going to affect his game a lot. Unless its gonna be a 3 man CB pairing. But in a 2 man CB set up, he will continue to be exposed.

        Its in this same Ajax Onana made his name. Its in this same Ajax Qudus of Ghana is making his name…..so lets throw this race card into the dustbin for the moment.

        Nobody hates Bassey….he’s simply not just living up to the standards expected, especially in that CB position, and that’s as simple as it gets. Ajax is selling him at 20% loss at his age after 1 season. That says a lot.

        Even in the SE as it stands now, if he’s not careful, he’ll sit on the bench for Zaidu at LB and other more established guys at CB

        My advise to him as he heads to the EPL is to stick to the LB or LWB positions for now and perfect his game there. At 23, he still has many more years ahead of him to be a CB.

        • With all due respect to everyone, Calvin Bassey is a quality footballer! For the mere fact that Ajax Amsterdam splashed up to £25m on him shows he is a talent. Ajax is a business club who buys promising talents, nurtured them and sell them for big money afterwards ( countless examples of such). Bassey’s bad season in Ajax last season wasn’t a fault of his in any way at all. A good club/manager knows a player’s quality both strength and weaknesses to work on (Bassey is a left wing back or a left-sided centre back in a 3-man-defence but they played him either as a left back or a centre back) and in all honesty Ajax had a terrible season last term. Please can you single out a player who covered himself in glory in Ajax last season (including the coach)? Ajax ended last season with no trophy and ended up in third position and you guys think that’s a conducive environment for a new young player to settle in. I can cite many star players who flopped badly in their 1st season and later went on to become club legends ( Pavel Nedved – Juventus, Luka Modric – Real Madrid, Jordan Henderson – Liverpool), to mention a few. So guys, cut this boy some slack and watch him play his football in Fulham.

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        When a WHITE MAN say something NEGATIVE about a BLACK MAN with our MIND CLOUDED by SENTIMENT, WE all will come to the CONCLUSION that it is out of HATRED, RACISM or JEALOUSY….

        I have always knew that this BASSEY is/was OVERHYPED….

        Now you see BARELY one SEASON in AJAX, they have now OFFLOADED him…


        • Don’t mind them, most of them are just lazy to compete with there white counterpart and they end up calling every move from them a racist, when you already accept defeat base on your skin/color you end up been defeated, @Drey have said it all, bassey is an average player and EPL gonna expose him the more.

  • @Drey@seun@glory I saw a story on Owngoal.com.ng that NFf is considering giving the position of CHAN Eagles to Enyinba coach Coach George Finidi. I don’t know what you guys think of this development.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Good for him.

      Let him prove he’s capable of handling a senior national team first before laying claims to the Super Eagles job.

    • @Olabode, I think Finidi, Odigie and that REMO stars gaffer combo will take Nigeria football to great heights starting off with the CHAN team and with regular refresher courses/understudy to top managers like Pep, Mourinho, Ancellotti etc.

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    When a WHITE MAN say something NEGATIVE about a BLACK MAN with our MIND CLOUDED by SENTIMENT, WE all will come to the CONCLUSION that it is out of HATRED, RACISM or JEALOUSY….

    I have always knew that this BASSEY is/was OVERHYPED….

    Now you see BARELY one SEASON in AJAX, they have now OFFLOADED him…


  • That was how one color mental concluded that the obvious red card issue to Deborah was due to racism, at this age and time you wonder how some suppose adult still reason like mumu.

    • Oga Femi, Deborah’s red card was definitely spot on. But what I personally could not stomach was how there was no VAR evaluation on the same type of offence on Ohale shortly afterward. Inasmuch as we need to keep open mind and not throw this race around carelessly, I still believe the officiation in that match was biased.

  • Just like Osimene was over hyped at wolfburg and during the 2018 AFCON. An idiot white fool saying a player takes 24 hours to make a turn. How foolish for such idiot to stay awake 24 hours waiting for a player to finish making such turns. Very empty and foolish joke that makes no sense but only to patronise a player simply because of the huge amount of money paid on him hence the reason all criticism has always been linked to the £23M.
    @Monkey, post I refuse to waste my precious time to reply you severally on here and will continue to do so simply because it’s pointless to argue with someone who argue against something using one Id and next day morph into a different name to clap for same thing when he has been proven wrong. Got better things to do than waste my time with such cowardly act. And brodaman Dr Drey, try understand that not everyone is so idle to read long story here please. Once a post is becoming too long, it fails to answer begging question as well as mislead. And as such I just don’t read any more. We are all very busy family men and got payable jobs as well as others to take up our scarce times. Its only on this CSN blog that I see post resembling a full project work. WHO HAS TIME TO READ THESE? JESUS WEPT. THE SHORTEST SENTENCE HAS LOADS TO UNDERSTAND FROM It. Anyway, when I said jealous, it’s in reference to the amount Ajax paid on Bassey which always pops up everytime those stupid racist so called Dutch legends struggle to find reason to criticise him. THAT IS MY VIEW OF EVERYTHING AND IT WON’T CHANGE SAME WAY IT DIDN’T IN OSIMENE CASE UPTIL NOW THAT HE HAS MADE THOSE IDIOTS TO BE HOGGING WET TRANSFORMERS.

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago


      How someone @GLORY will END UP WRITING a MOVIE SCRIPT to REPLY someone who’s COMMENT is not up to 10 LINES BAFFLES ME and yet HE CLAIMS HIS TIME is to PRECIOUS that HE can’t AFFORD to WASTE..


      And PLEASE if you are BRAVE ENOUGH try CONFRONTING me with the TOPIC on GROUND. STOP using what I TOLD in the PAST(INITIALLY when I NEWLY JOIN this FORUM) about having DIFFICULTIES MAINTAINING a PARTICULAR I.D until I FINALLY saw the NEED to be KNOWN by ONE I.D(And since then I haven’t SWITCHED) to ATTACK me..

      Trying using from the TOPIC on GROUND to ATTACK ME…

      Otherwise you are the one INDULGING in COWARDLY ACT here…

    • JimmyBall 11 months ago

      @Glory… Thank you so much. Bassey is still young and obviously has lots to still learn. However, he is a great lad and a wonderful footballer. The Dutch legends did not even allow the guy settle into the club before the criticism started… it was horrible because they did that to him match after match even in games where he was clearly the best in the defensive lineup. Ajax has a woeful season and they treated Bassey like leprosy just because he commanded a huge transfer fee which he clearly deserved… In all I praised Bassey for keeping his cool and handling everything with maturity not replying any of those very scathing attacks with vile racial undertones… the Dutch legends like Wesley Sneijder kept making references to how they paid too much for him and all that. In actual sense Bassey was weighed by them even before ever kicking a ball. Fulham will be a good ground for him to play his game… A black player has to be three times better than his white counterpart to be taken seriously. See what is happening to Paul Mukairu at FC Copenhagen, the new coach who has been in charge a whole has not even given the dude any playtime and has told him he is not in his plans for the new season and should move to pastures new. The fact that world is more accepting and tolerable now does not mean the old pitfalls have clearly been blotted out.

      • @ Jimmyball, not everytime it’s worth joining words with people on this forum. You can easily read double standards between the lines, so better off ignore those comments. Calamitous Harry Maguire at such huge price tag receives far less criticism than a young Bassey, who is still very open to improving. That says everything. Don’t get me wrong even at that, I won’t say Maguire is a bad defender because there are others things we have to thoroughly consider. If I can defend Ekong, I will die for Bassey.

        • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

          LMFAO.The same way you are not WORTH ANSWERING the NAME @GLORY.I mean your NAME SOUNDS so BEAUTIFUL but the GARBAGE that comes out of your MOUTH all because of the way PEOPLE CRITICIZE your FAV BASSEY is so GODAWFUL.

          It does not MATCH the BEARER of the NAME atall.

          There is nothing GLORIOUS from your COMMENTS.

          You were just letting your EMOTIONS out all over the PLACE…..

          I mean INSULTING a DUTCH LEGEND as CHEAP and all that..

          My advice for you is too LEARN how to RESPECT PEOPLE and their OPINIONS too including your FELLOW FORUMITES..

  • @ Drey accept, Bassey isn’t there yet but my point is, before Bassey could even settle down, they had started questioning the amount paid on him. They were obviously angry with that deal. And that anger influenced almost every attack on Basseys performance hence they never always will say anything positive about such young player. That to me is witch hunting and Bassey of course being a young player started allowing the pressure affect his game. THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM A BAD PLAYER OR BEING JIBED AT EVERY GIVEN MOMENT.

    • @Glory, I was about typing this when I read your comment. They were not fair to the guy. Immediately he got there they started attacking him. When the whole team messed up they single handedly picked on him as if he was the only player who made mistakes. He definitely could have done better but I think they never allowed him to settle down mentally in Ajax. The attack they instantly launched against him was not likely about his colour of skin but about how much they paid to get him. The environment was toxic for him before he even kicked a ball.

    • I agree with@Glory. Bassey was too young for the destructive criticisms the so called Dutch legends threw at him early in his stint at Ajax thereby creating no room for improvement. It was more about the money splashed on his transfer than his talent and it did affect his game

      • Truth is I admit the attack on Bassey from day 1 wasn’t really about colour, I agree, but Im just so pained by the way such young player was being constantly attacked even when it was obvious the problem was about the entire team struggling to adjust after the sale of key players. They were deliberate attacks to his self confidence just to score a point.
        This is the scenerio: I am a stakeholder with shares to a club. The club is about to buy a defender who some few members believe is worth £23M. But I have other suggested players I believe the club can get for far less amount. I forwarded the names of my suggested player but failed to convince, with the club going ahead with signing the more expensive defender. CAN SOME ONE KINDLY TELL US WHAT IS GOING TO BE HAPPENING TO SUCH PLAYER, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ENTIRE TEAM IS FAULTERING? AND ALSO HOW I WILL CONSTANTLY BE PRAYING, SUPPORTING /WISHING THE MORE EXPENSIVE PLAYER PROVE ME A BETTER OPTION BY THE CLUB.

        • Coache 11 months ago

          God bless you, the whole team were average. When he was on the bench, the wombled and fumbled. He is best as a left back. A PLAYER WHO SHONE LIKE A MILLION STARS IN THE EUROPA LEAGUE THAT YEAR IS NOW AVERAGE. LET’S BE reasonable.

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Hahahaha…”..When he was on the bench, the wombled and fumbled….”
            Cheap lies…!
            This is part of what we say when we say those who are playing the devil’s advocate for Bassey didnt even see his games.

            Go and confirm from records available. All the loses Ajax recorded in the league last season was with Bassey playing. virtually all the times he was on the bench they never lost.

            Did Aribo not shine like a million stars in Europa league that year too…? Did it stop him from being averaged when he moved to higher level in the EPL….? Did Leon Balogun not shine in the Europa league too…? Did he not struggle after moving to England too….??

            The whole Glasgow Rangers FC team that “shone like a million stars” in the Europa League, please what happened to them the next season…..??? Are they all superstars bcuase they have once played in the Europa league final…??

            I dont know when playing in the Europa league in one season guarantees a superstar outing the next season.

            Talk about being “reasonable”

            This is how they hype these players into destruction. As if Bassey is a superstar that is beyond being classed as an average defender.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago


      But you’ve dropped over 400 words or half a page of crap you cannot substantiate here and you talk about failing to answer begging questions or misleading people……LMAOoo.

      A defender gets signed for almost 25m and you expect him to be buttered like a kindergarten at the age of 23…..LMAooo. Clap for yourself. You are really answering “begging questions”

      Tell us which club anywhere in the world does not question an expensive flop….??

      Patriotism never can be a substitute for reality.

      Maybe the actual begging question you should ask is why your so-good-to-be-criticized Bassey has sat out the last 2 competitive games for the SE and if he will start in the SE if Zaidu and other regular CBs are fit and firing.

      The fact that you are even comparing 23 year old Bassey’s case with 18 year old Osimhen’s case at Wolfsburg is even more laughable.

      Ajax has been nurturing Black and African players to stardom for decades now, but they have suddenly become racist or jealous because of Bassey……LMAooo. Weldone once again.

      It is Ajax too that has changed his market value to 15m now becuase they are jealous of him…??

      “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”

      Who cares if you even claim racism and jealousy is the cause of global warming….? LMAooo

      I have no time for you too….I also have better things to do with my time, especially on a weekend, other than to read the rants of a racially frustrated being. And nobody has tied a chain to your neck to read the “project works” I type here all the time. If they truth they contain hurts you that much…..skip them. Simple and Short.

      If you love Bassey this much, when next you see him, advice him to stick to playing at LB for the foreseeable future, especially if he will be in the EPL………my one cent.

      • You are an idiot, that’s why you’ve made it in life I’m even thinking that your Dr. Is a nickname cause how will you say that rubbish, even the lisabdro Martinez flopped in his first season at Ajax and look at him now, the words of those so called legends is too much for a youngstar to bear, at 22. Bassey mom had to call him to see if he was doing okay, those words are not mentally okay for a young player, it’s more about the fee than his performance I saw bassey performances he didn’t flop like that, caise he had 1 goal and 5 assists despite playing less and one man of the match. So it was more about his fee than his performances. And all of you guys shouting he is too slow mind you bassey is the second fastest in all of Ajax after brobbey so basically he is faster than any other player in that team but to every dutch legend he is slow, he had the best defensive stats for Ajax last season only that he doesn’t fit into Ajax style of play, playing from the back and he usually makes mistakes.
        And all of you shouting as any of you made Europa league player of the season at 21 if not then go and commit suppaku.
        He was the man of the match in the final also so he has potential than you guys calling at him so you should commit suppaku for trashing someone better than you including Van DER vaart

      • Thanks Dr Drey. You won. But most managers will leave out a player struggling psychologically because of constant criticism but for him to be invited and sat on the bench goes as far saying he is a very good player hard to ignore.

      • @Dr. Drey, It is possible for a good player to sit out if he is at a stage when he is struggling because of psychological battles around him. That is not yet enough a reason to conclude he is a bad player. When Bassey arrived at Ajax, the whole team was messing up badly, not only him was at fault. But for the so called legensd to continually pick on him, deliberately so, when he was still trying to settle down was not fair.

        I do not think anyone is talking about the criticisms being based on colour AT THIS POINT. Neither is anyone contesting the fact that Ajax has nurtured many African players. But Bassey’s situation is clearly different. It was obvious that some of these guys were already angry before he even arrived at the club.

        And if they were that blatant in the open, there is the possibility that more is going on behind the scene. The point is that the environment is toxic for him. At least to his credit his performance in Europa league was mot a fluke. The evidence was there for all to see.

        I believe this is a temporary setback for him. And this phase of life will pass.

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Ajax legends are like Man U legends. They are highly critical.

        And whoever claims it is only Bassey that has come for criticisms in the last season definitely does not know what he’s saying. The whole team including their management has been bruised and battered in the press by all sundry.

        Between last June and today, Ajax has had 4 coaches. Are the Dutch legends jealous of them too…?? Where they not criticized too…?

        Since last year till date, Ajax has had about 3 technical directors. Are the Dutch Legends jealous of those one too…?

        Its from that same bad team with their bad performances and constant criticisms that the likes of Edson Alvarez and Mohammed Kudus have experienced increase in their market values.

        If Bassey cannot handle criticism in Ajaz, is it in the EPL he wants to go and handle criticims…..LMAooo. Good luck to him.

        Nobody has said he is a bad player. But its cheap blackmail to want to paint the picture of a witchhunt of any sorts or dimensions.

        The boy simply did not live up to expectations….QED

        And the fact is that the boy isnt there yet, lets stop hyping him. Even in our national team…..he doenst have a guaranteed place in any of CB or LB yet, and he really needs to up his game better now that he’s moving from what I want to call frying pan to fire.

        Most of the people throwing around inuendoes on his behalf now didnt watch most of his games in the Eredivisie…..in the EPL, he will be watch and rewatched by billions of viewers around the world.

        And for a 15m signing for a club like fulham, he’d better put-up better performances than he put up in Ajax.

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago


      How someone will END UP WRITING a MOVIE SCRIPT to REPLY someone who’s COMMENT is not up to 10 LINES BAFFLES ME and yet HE CLAIMS HIS TIME is to PRECIOUS that HE can’t AFFORD to WASTE..


      And PLEASE if you are BRAVE ENOUGH try CONFRONTING me with the TOPIC on GROUND. STOP using what I TOLD in the PAST(INITIALLY when I NEWLY JOIN this FORUM) about having DIFFICULTIES MAINTAINING a PARTICULAR I.D until I FINALLY saw the NEED to be KNOWN by ONE I.D(And since then I haven’t SWITCHED) to ATTACK me..

      Otherwise you are the one INDULGING in COWARDLY ACT here…

  • Bassey is a player with great potentialities, if watch his game you’ll see that calmness and confidence in him.
    I watching his first 2 or 3games on the UCL last season and I noticed this.

    He only needs a good coach that won’t expect much from him to drill and bring out the talent in him.

    This reminds me of Nathan Ake that left Chelsea and become an established defender at City. At just 23 BASSEY has all the time to mature into a modern day defender based on the potentialities in him.

    Mark my words…. Bassey “MAY” not do well in EPL, (mind you I said “May”) but take him to ITALIAN SERIE A or GERMAN BUNDESLIGER and see the real Lion in him.

    Lookman couldn’t score up to 10 goals in Everton, Fulham, same in Leicester (I stand to be corrected) but that can’t be said of him at Atalanta.

    I remember when Sergio Ramos was a defender that Ronaldinho can easily dribble (Ronaldinho even said it) at his youthful age, but what later happen when Ramos realize where he belongs…..

    BASSEY will surely get to that stage we’re hoping for.



  • Dr. Drey is completely right. Bassey should stick to LB or LwB position for new. He is a big mess at CB.

    I have completed hated his performance in the super eagles. He has being a below average player.

    Ajax has a right to be disappointed by his performance. The money paid for him was right and he was expected to hit the ground running. At his age, it’s just the right time to give his best at the highest level.

  • Mr Hush 11 months ago

    Bassey got potential but he is no Martinez, atleast not yet.
    As few as alluded, I think he should focus more on perfecting his craft as LB or LwB.
    From what I have observed ,I surmise that his problem is down to slow thinking hence leading to him being reactionary. It is mostly mental and that could be coached and nurtured rightly with proper management.
    He has the physicality, the presence, the understanding of how to use the ball and the passion but let’s work on the thought process to be much more proactive. Everything starts in the mind. And I think that can be done.

    I think we should cut him some slack, he is still young and possess the qualities to succeed. Though Ajax is a legendary club, going to Fulham is not rock bottom.It is the EPL. Supposedly,the best league in the world. So a good move for a good price.
    But there lies the problem, the EPL is no child’s play. If you do not cut it, the knives come out before you lace your boot. They’re not forgiving . So hopefully, Bassey builds his mind and get his emotions in check. It is going to be hot out there and more would be watching.

  • If we can use this same strength and zeal we use to criticize and scrutinize our young future talents like Bassey and co to criticize and scrutinize the many dead old cargoes roaming free in the super Eagles team then we won’t be where we are today…….How many games did Omeruo play last season for his division 2 club?……how many games did Musa play last season?……when last did Musa score a club goal?….. How many games did Aribo play last season?…..we left the main problem and started criticizing a Bassey who made 27 league appearances last season with a league goal and 3 assists to his name as a defender…….A Bassey who has 5 UCL appearance to his name with an assist recorded……..A Bassey who withstood the heat of Annfield and the Maradona in the UCL……..the Bassey with the third highest appearance in the UCL for a Nigerian player last season best only by osimhen and zaidu……I know Ajax have the right to be angry with him because they paid high for him and they have a very high standard but not Nigeria that is filled with low standard old players who can no longer play top level football……. Bassey is a jewel to SE infact we are lucky to have him in our team.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Are those “dead old cargoes” the reason Bassey couldnt justify his price tag at Ajax….?

      Has he performed any better than those dead old cargoes in the National team thus far…?

      • Oga I never said the dead old cargoes are the cause of anything,I only said that our criticism should be directed to the right people…….And yes Bassey performed better than the dead old cargoes in the few games he played for SE and i love the world class cross assist he gave Moffi in one of the friendly match he played……. Bassey is bad but another EPL club is ready to part with 20mil for him just less than 12 months Ajax parted with 25mil on him and there by making it 45mil on him in just 12 months ……..So you are now wiser than the European football administrators and sporting directors?……. please leave Bassey alone and face the real problem we have in SE…….Stop encouraging midiocrity and discouraging genuine Talented Younger players…….We need SE to succeed and win trophies and we will not pretend about it.

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

          You mean Ajax is offloading the 23yr old boy at a loss after 1 season…..?

          You are not also wiser than the sporting directors and legends of Ajax who have pointedly emphasized the fact that the boy isnt yet anything near the world class infallible status your and your co-sycophants are trying to ascribe to the boy.

          Real mediocrity is celebrating the offloading of a young lad signed with record fee by a great club that has decades of proven records of nurturing young talents to stardom, in the name of 45m in twelve months.

          The boy is depreciating in real market value and you are here celebrating his transfer value in 12 months……LMAOoo…and in your mind you are encouraging him….LMAooo

          Congratulations to him for delivering a cross to Moffi in a friendly. But Zaidu Sanusi and Jamilu Collins have also been doing that. And that has not earned them any superstar status. He has not done anything beyond the ordinary or beyond what dead old cargoes who are past their prime are doing, in his 10 caps for the SE so far.

          So what else is he bringing to the table to displace them and earn a permanent shirt in the SE….? That should be your concern and your advise to the young lad now……not celebrating his bail out from a team like Ajax by a team like Fulham.

          Nobody is discouraging talented young players. But we will not baby them up like kindergartens if they still want to earn the stripes of national team football.

          Neither are we going to retire anybody for them because they cant displace dead old cargoes themselves.

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

      If you be FOOTBALLER you go dey too dey OFFSIDE o.I mean WE are TALKING about BASSEY’S INABILITY to JUSTIFY his “CLUB” PRICE TAG, you are bringing NATIONAL TEAM LINE UP…


      THANK GOD you are not!

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Hahahaha…..dont mind him. And he claims someone else always digresses from the point of discussion…??

  • pompei 11 months ago

    I agree that Bassey should focus on being a left back or left wing back. With hard work, he can excel in that role.
    He has his strengths and weaknesses, as all players do.
    But one thing I admire in his game is the quality of his crosses. Top notch. That boy knows how to whip in crosses. The kind of crosses that strikers dream about when they are asleep.
    For this reason, Mitrovic would love Bassey. I’m certain of this.
    Best wishes in his new adventure.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      I even like the fact that the boy is moving to the EPL…..he has the opportunity to prove the hateful, jealous, racist Dutch legends wrong with the whole world watching.
      And he has seasoned internationals to contend with at Fulham to do that.

      I hope he gets deployed in that CB position at Fulham on a very regular basis. Lets see what excuses our senior advocates will push forward when the time comes.

      • SuperGoals 11 months ago

        I agree with Dr. Drey, Criticism and critical analysis is part of football

        All the comments made on Bassey by everyone, has just given Bassey the best advice to stick to LB or LWB, with this position and from his crosses he will have several assist and even goals to his credit

        If he takes this advice, he will surely excel in the EPL

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    We have to UNDERSTAND that some of these LEGENDS, these CLUBS can be their BOYHOOD CLUB that they SUPPORT so PASSIONATELY and some of them are actually SHAREHOLDERS etc

    so they can’t BREAK the CLUBS RECORD FEE of SIGNING PLAYERS then come dey wait for you to SETTLE.. you be DIRTi WATER wey Dem go WAIT make e SETTLE down..you are to HIT the GROUND RUNNING..

    And this thing about BASSEY being too YOUNG for the HEAVY CRITICISM is just too WEAK as an EXCUSE..

    WTF! You’re a CELEBRITY. So you should be able to DEAL with it and MOVE on..

    And if it’s due to HATRED or RACISM too, DEAL with it and MOVE ON.

    I mean we’ve had WORST SCENARIO of RACISM where PLAYERS get BANANA thrown at them..


    They MOVED ON and became GREATS….

    But this one, na just CRITICISM on PAPER na him una dey TEAR SHIRT for…

  • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

    LMFAO.The same way you are not WORTH ANSWERING the NAME @GLORY.I mean your NAME SOUNDS so BEAUTIFUL but the GARBAGE that comes out of your MOUTH all because of the way PEOPLE CRITICIZE your FAV BASSEY is so GODAWFUL.

    It does not MATCH the BEARER of the NAME atall.

    There is nothing GLORIOUS from your COMMENTS.

    You were just letting your EMOTIONS out all over the PLACE…..

    I mean INSULTING a DUTCH LEGEND as CHEAP and all that..

    My advice for you is too LEARN how to RESPECT PEOPLE and their OPINIONS too including your FELLOW FORUMITES..

  • Why are we criticizing a young player premier teams are falling over themselves for, Brighton and Fulham wanted him and fulhman eneded up paying for his services, a premier league side that did very well last season, it is not like he left Ajax for Finland or a second division team haba, we all saw this guy play match after match in their Europa competition for Rangers na wao. Patrick Kluivert was a colleague of both Finidi and Kanu at the same Ajax when they took Europe by storm , Kluivert was a prolific striker at Ajax and AC Milan decided to buy him after Ajax took them to the cleaners in a Champions league match but kluivert was made to sit on the bench at AC Milan for the whole season, that was when he was at the top of his game as one of the best young strikers in the World. If he was a Nigerian we will call him all sorts of names But it took his fellow Dutchman Frank Rijkaard who was then the coach of fc barcelona to save his career , he gave him the #9 and they went on to win the champions league that season. If a player had a slow season or is facing criticism from some quarters or if the coach does not like him that does not suddenly make him a bad player. I remember how people descended Moses like as if he was the problem of our National team when he excused himself from the team we started calling him to come back, Iwobi faced the same criticism two seasons back, he was called all sorts of names, he is lazy, not talented enough one guy even said on his online sports podcast that Iwobi is not a footballer, he said Iwobi was a lucky kid who happened to charm his way into teams. I believe we are too harsh in the criticism of our players especially when we always double down on what we read from international press. We need to learn to protect our own. Somebody said we over hype our players , that is not true, the British people are the master hypers , look at Jack Grealish, what does he play at city that Samuel Chukweze cannot play better even samuel Kalu

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