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Guinea-Bissau Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Group A Match

Guinea-Bissau Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Group A  Match

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2023 Group A matchday-3 game between Djurtus [African Wild Dog] of Guinea-Bissau and Super Eagles of Nigeria at Felix Houphouet-Boigny Stadium, Abidjan.

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  • Jide Dola 5 months ago

    I’m not cool with this 343 against guinea bisau. Are we defending against them now. I would have preferred 433

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 months ago

      Eagles are playing German football..but they want to score with Brazil style of football.. dey have not learnt the trick properly…
      If the coach want it German style he shud go full German and if he want to play Brazil football he shud go full Brazil. Some of the eagles players in the middle have double leg structure.the legs are not taking information from the brain . Hence surddenly dey put the ball to the opponent .at times dey play strong and surddenly got weak . If not for the keeper guinea Bissau shud be a goal
      up. Nigeria only can score one goal per 90mins ..
      Can dey beat their next opponent with this performance. Time wil tell ..
      Eagles shud watch the falconet or falcon videos their female team counterpart in preparation for their next game .

      • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 months ago

        A team that want to play German football shud be ready 95 mins
        Defense with ur men . One long pass to the middle. A cross to the box .
        Go back again contain the opponent.. long ball and again a cross to the box ..
        Again again and again repeatedly. By the end the score wil be 4 5 6 goals depending on how strong ur opponent are ..
        A strong opponent wil reduce the goals entering their net.
        So eagles u are not Good yet

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

    Oya lets gooo!

  • Yeboah 5 months ago

    On paper, Nigeria is the favourite, but I made my bet in favour of Guinea Bissau. My heart tells me I will not be disappointed. I won’t lose my money. Tournaments like these always springs up surprises. G Bissau won’t want to go home empty handed. They will spring a surprise today by the grace of God.

    • xenophobia, jealousy, witchcraft… Search these words on Google Images and you’ll see yourself in the mirror. All combined means a sick fellow.

      meanwhile your Ghana is playing today but your morbid hatred won’t let you see the channel doe the match. This your wish is bouncing back on your team. Just be back here after 90 minutes.

      Foolish boy.

      • Ufuoma Douglas 5 months ago

        You are very wicked, let me see you close to heaven. You just made my evening sir. You end up adding to his problem, because draw dem no go see. The goals are not more than two because our boys missed a lot.

      • Jide Dola 5 months ago

        Lol won ki me here

    • How much did you bet?

      I hope you bet up to 1 million cedis.

      May you lose catastrophically in Jesus name (Amen).

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      He will surely go broke because of witchcraft and poverty.

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    Easy win for Nigeria.

    • Yeboah 5 months ago

      @Chima, it is the boastfulness of the Super Chickens fans like you that .makes me detest them so much. Nigerians are too boastful. Even as strangers in another man’s country, they want to dominate the market, the women, etc. And they speak in very loud voices. Stop being so boastful, and you may get more support from fellow West Africans! I will enjoy laughing at you today if you lose! You will hear from me after the game.

      • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

        Nigerians don’t boast you people are just confused. It’s a fact that Nigeria’s economy is ten times stronger than majority of African countries including Ghana that is why it’s Natural that your likes become intimidated by our greatness. Our corrupt leaders is the reason you people see an Average Nigerian finish.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

        @yenboha -Sickness and lack are your portion for the blackness and hatred in your reprobate mind is obvious – you are bound straight for hellfire – you and your country will continue stumbling from bad luck to bad luck

        Sick chale dog

  • Oba oba 5 months ago

    Which website is showing the match?

  • James 5 months ago

    Streaming link anyone?

  • Ola Original 5 months ago

    Are we playing defensive game against GNB?

  • John-1 5 months ago

    Nwabili has being shouting on his players, telling them that “Guinea Bissau guys have nothing to lose”.

  • John-1 5 months ago

    So Aribo can’t pass the ball well or what?

  • Aribo, Moses Simon need to be replaced asap as well as Osayi Samuels

    • Aribo has made our midfield flat, he is too slow, and can’t tackle even if his life depends on it!

  • The 4 changes Paseiro made to the lineup nah error abeg. I don’t know who gave Aribo the revered number 10 shirt. That shirt should be reserved until further notice. As expected, the midfield has become limp as he’s a minus one there.

    Simon and Osayo playing error too. Simon always predictable.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    We are seeing Aribo, Osayi, Simon and Chukwueze being useless as always… deadweight. This tournament will confirm players that have been liabilities since.

    • Unique 5 months ago

      I don’t know the game you are watching cos it’s only aribo not upto task. My brother watch the game with a clear mind.

      • Sesan 5 months ago

        The same game you watched. The above mentioned players were rubbish. The defense is what is saving this team.

  • Chudynak 5 months ago

    Does anyone understand what this Nigerian team is playing?

  • Am not against Aribo’s unmerited inclusion in this team but at least let’s show some respect for our iconic number 10 shirt…..we shouldn’t just hang out number 10 shirt to any midiocre!…haba

  • Oshimen again. He needs help seriously. APOTY missing that.

    • OSIMHEN needs serious prayers to remove the spell of hard luck from him really.
      I have never seen him miss clear chances like this.
      Something is wrong spiritually with him.

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago

    After watching Aribo’s flat performance in the first half, I sincerely hope people will get to respect Iwobi now.

  • Can women just stick to officiating female football. The ref gives very soft contacts as free kicks.

    I still don’t understand why the coach benched Lookman in a game that you have to win.

  • Vincent 5 months ago

    Does anyone notice that we don’t shoot .

    • John-1 5 months ago

      Who gave that Aribo #10 Jersey? That guy is an insult to #10 Jersey

  • Make una give us better goals oo, no be dem go dey help us put their goal for there net for us o

  • A slightly disappointed.

    The game plan is flawed. The long passes is making our midfield nonexistent – only making them help during defense.

    Osayi, Chukwueze, Aribo, and Simon playing below bar.

    My opinion:
    Sub off Osayi and Chukwueze for Iwobi and Iheanacho.
    The structure of the formation changes to 3-5-2. With Iwobi playing as the no10 and Iheanacho partners with Osimhen. Simon drops to play as the left wingback and Ola Aina switches to the right.

    This way, we win back the midfield and put less pressure on Osimhen for goals.

    It is well.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    Aribo is a liability in that midfield please we need someone better to wear the iconic number 10 shirt. He makes the midfield flat. Iwobi is a baller where Aribo Dey abeg. Aribo is not bad in a 3 man midfield. Simon struggles but came up with the in-swinger that lead to the own goal. Chukwueze is ok he’s a joy to watch on the right side just needs to be calm and make good decisions. At least he can dribble past any defender. You can’t really say that about Simon. How did Osimhen miss that header?? But hey we are still on top with a lead despite fielding a weaker 11

    • Aribo tried his best. I am just waiting for the Iroko tree to be introduced.

      Fly fly fly Super Eagles into infinity and beyond!

    • Boboye 5 months ago

      What chukwueze is a joy to watch on the right, what game are you watching exactly. What exactly was his impact in the game. What was weak about the starting line-up, the super chicken just faced the reserves of Guinea bissau and can’t score a single goal. You need to cover your face, because this style of play is not that of Super Eagles.

  • Meanwhile, Cote D’Ivoire is currently losing 1 – 0.

    Equatorial Guinea means business.

    We need to sin handsomely today to leapfrog them.

    • Now 2 – 0. CIV obviously won’t qualify and we may not top the table if we don’t start scoring now.

      At least 4 -0.

  • @Ayphyillydegreat, understands this game.
    Not going to this tournament with the allowed 27 players was bone-headed.
    There is strength in numbers. This team lacks genuine creative midfielders.
    But we hope for the best.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Chukwueze is not playing anything… How do some of you assess a player even ? That guy is pathetic… compare him to Saka or Kudus. I think AC Milan found Chukwueze out already as toothless bingo.

  • Chudynak 5 months ago

    This Onyeka is grossly overrated

  • Daniel 5 months ago

    Aribo and Ajayi is not this game they need to change those 2guys. OSIMHEN is not inform!

    • Olaitan SAMUEL 5 months ago

      With all due respect, I have been reading several articles on this platform and I have to be sincere that Dr.Dre writes so well that he understands what he writes.

      There was a time forumite were all against Ighalo, he stood by him by saying that even if Osimhen was used, he wouldn’t deliver up to Ighalo’s output.

      Now, let’s juxtapose and I’m sure you will all see the reasons to go apologies to Ighalo. The begging chances Osimhen has lost in this Afcon are more than 5.

      I’m so lugubriously agonized because the Osimhen I saw today, may likely not score again in this tournament, my opinion.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        @Olaitan SAMUEL… a.k.a Dr.Drey… guy you really have a big problem… ego-trp… folks wey no sabi you for this forum, I pity them… hahhaha! Change colour one million times like chamelion… I go pick you out of a crowd!

  • Can someone pls tell our players that we need more goals to top this group.

  • Chudynak 5 months ago

    This Ajayi and Simon need to leave this pitch!

  • Kingston 5 months ago

    This should be the last time women officiate matches

  • Georgeo 5 months ago

    Na wa o. Thank God that Nigeria beat CIV before today. I know that soccer is not easy but these are supposed to be the best players in Nigeria!

  • So no one knows how to score goal in super eagles team from defense to attack.na wao

  • Moses Simon has been unstoppable.

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    Cote D’ivoire has equalized 1:1 EG

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    Oh my bad…….VAR disallowed Côte d’Ivoire goal, and scores now Côte d’Ivoire 0:2 EG

  • Georgeo 5 months ago

    Hmmmm, can you imagine being from CIV? Thank God that our problem is just not playing well, but CIV as hosts are about to be booted out.

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    EG 3:0 CIV

  • I believe nobody should blame pesero again. These players are simply wasteful and not efficient at all. Why Senegal is better than us at the moment.

    Another miss by Oshimen. This is becoming worrisome.

    If they should draw this game, they should just pack their bags and come home even if they qualify.

  • Nigeria are not playing very well. This Nwabili has not been really tested. No cameo for the Iroko tree Paul Onuachu today.

  • Poor Aribo, Since he left Rangers, he has never been the same player. Too slow or Not very mobile. Iwobi is better, but not the best for eagles either. What is wrong with Osimhen? He needs help. Simon too has depreciated and not on the same level as prior 2018 world cup. I wonder who tells him to go towards free kick. Hmm, Chukweze, unpredictable, tries but his efforts is usually 80% effortless. The first match team selection is not bad afterall and seams to be the best for me, they created so many chances, just that, they could not get the goals and wasted them all. Second match was best tactical display to win Ivory Coast that is not even a force in this tournament, but may not be the best for teams like Senegal or morocco or even Egypt that can shoot from any angle.

  • Stanley Nwabili almost missed an easy free kick. We need Uzoho installed without delay or else we will March to Abuja demonstration.

  • Georgeo 5 months ago

    Nwabili almost did an Uzoho and Okoye

  • Can we see Nwabali may not be the best with good shot or teams, I am still looking him with 3-D

    • Nwabili the Wobbler. We will not let them rest until they reinstall our Uzoho.

      Tols, are you in Abuja tomorrow, please us at Wuse bus stop to go and demonstrate bringing back Uzoho.

      • Lol @deo. I dey abroad o. I won’t suggest Uzoho now though. He is a calamity too

  • Chudynak 5 months ago

    This team is poor. I have removed any expectation from them. A team that cannot score goals. If not for the penalty against Ivory coast and own goal of today, three matches and counting only one goal. This is scary!

    • KBABA 5 months ago

      Poor bawo and they held EQG to a draw. Same team that whooped CIV 4:0. I prefer them to be poor and getting results like this. If they have played 4-3-3 in the last two games, they will be out by now. If they are poor, what do you say of CIV, Egypt, etc who are on the verge of extinction. Let us commend and encourage the lads please.

      • @KBABA gbayii jare, we just love to criticize unnecessarily, 7pts from possible 9, yet we want to kill this guys, yes we missing chances but I would rather we miss chances than not creating them at all.

        Peseiro is trying to
        Make the boys familiar with the 343 bcos that’s gonna help from the knockout stage,and he slightly change  the tactics in the second half where we see our boys gunning for goals.

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    EG 4:0 CIV

  • Georgeo 5 months ago

    CIV 0, EG 4
    Nigeria did well to play draw

  • They asked bitter, Nigeria-hating Yaya Toure favorites for the Afcon trophy and said CIV and Guinea Bissau. Both teams are out in the first round. That’s why no one reckons with him in Africa despite winning the APOTY a couple of times, unlike the legend and his compatriot Didier Drogba.

  • Ola Aina is the man of the match for the team for me. He is superb and has eye for attack that results into goal

    • Georgeo 5 months ago

      No. The MOTM is the GB Defender who scored a goal. I don’t care which net it entered!

  • So frustrating. These players should be spanked.

  • Onwajunior 5 months ago

    Well, nice game, we didn’t lose and we created chances. In my opinion, the coach should have started the 2nd team, Moffi, Awaziem, Bruno, Onuachu and co. They’d have tried to prove themselves and I believe scored more goals. We did well anyway. Round of 16, here we come!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago


    It is so disappointing! These Nigerian “superstars” including the continental APOTY who can’t score a goal for love nor money??!

    Omo, an wah oo!!!!


    Meanwhile Cote D’Ivoire chop woto woto.. Nna, Pajero definitely has his work cut out – they should just practice passing, composure and shooting only! for 4 hours a day until the next game and maybe God can look down favourably on this rabble because as they currently are??

    If they think they can carry on playing 90+ minutes and not score 1 single goal then they might as well pack up and go home now – What a disgrace!

    Anyway, now to the best part of the day – watching the Dark Stains of Darkland down under collect them own woto woto Oya let’s goo!

  • How is this team not able to score goals!!??? It’s baffling. Something is definitely wrong.

    Aribo and Simon should just retire to the bench. Simon may take up 10-minute cameo roles at some point. I prefer Lookman-Osimhen-Iheanacho upfront with Iwobi behind, anchired by Alhassan and Onyeka. Osayi should make way for Sanusi and Ekong should have his post back. Calvin stays and maybe Ajayi too.

    I was expecting Musa at some point.

    • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

      Osimehn is selfish! He’s looking to be crowned the goal king and doesn’t passed the ball to his mates even if he’s in a good position to do so! 

      These foreign based African players are too selfish 

      • Fact.

        But do I always add inexperience? Cos our immediate former number 9 can never miss these many chances.

        The whole team was just disjointed today. The coach didn’t get his team mix right. The 4 new players he brought in disrupted the chemistry and when he tried to make changes it was too late.

  • Sesan 5 months ago

    Can’t believe what i just watched now. Was it Super Eagles or Flying Eagles. This is the worst assembled eagles have witnessed. This big names players just played against the reserves of Equatorial Guinea. This is team is just disheartening to watch. So what tactics was for today”s game. The midfield was no where to be found. When you call out names now, they will say you being tribalistic. Now we either face Senegal, Guinea or cameroon.

  • John-1 5 months ago

    That freekick that Stanley Nwabali parried will beat Uzoho&Okoye combined. The freekick bounced just in front of his left-side. No keeper can’t catch that ball once, you can only push it to safety which Nwabali did. I repeat, that ball will beat Uzoho&Okoye combined!

  • pompei 5 months ago

    I just dey look ooo.
    I just dey look!

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    WE can now see that the victory over Ivory coast should not get us carried away…….EG just mauled them in a game they needed just a point to be the 3rd best loser……No afcon host has been disgraced like this before lol. If we make it past the q finals, I’ll take them seriously.

  • I belief we can all see no team is a push over. EQG beat Nigeria during Rohr era they almost chop the head out of the poor man. Today Nigeria couldn’t beat the same team and the same team ended up beaten the host nation Infront of their president in a big competition like AFCON. Imagine Nigeria couldnt score an open goal in 3 matches with not too confusing result but anyhow they sha qualify to the next round. I want to belief it’s not about playing good footbal but rather result. I think rohr deserve respect and apology. Did I hear Odegbami saying Nigeria is not playing good football but getting result which is important. He is even saying the team is not having a creative midfielder but playing to his strenght of defensive capability. What happen to his home base players I think he should help us with one that will solve the creative issue in the team. Posterity will never forget that man.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha…Tayo, please stop shaking that bed you are shaking.

      Pres. OBJ once said something about the man Femi Fani-Kayode…..he said, ‘leave Femi alone, I know him very well, all he needs is food. Give him food and he will sing’

      Please leave Uncle Mathematical alone, I nearly broke my coffee mug when I read him telling the player GB game will be VERY DIFFICULT, VEERRY VERRY DIFFICULT….LMAOoo. His particular emphasis on ‘getting results’ even made me laugh harder.

      Their problem used to be that “we arent scoring ENOUGH, we have the best attack in Africa, we should be scoring 4 goals per game….LMAOOoo”

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    I do not fear for this team. I fear for those who invest any hope in them.

    11 shots, 1 on target as against 4 vs who….Guinea Bissau???

    And is Nwabili’s honeymoon showing signs of winding us this early….???

    Sometimes, A man’s strength could also be his albatross

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      ….winding up….???

    • Selfmade 5 months ago

      You go wait tire for another man’s downfall. What a narcissist you are just so you can claim to be right, you want the guy to commit blunders. Idiot. You won’t talk about ur useless Musa taking up space.

      • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

        But am not a Nigeria tho!! lol!

        Am a Ghanaian and giving my opinion on the match lol

        I have nothing against Musa lol 

        Am not tribalist either 

        • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

          Hahahaha….Selfmade KING, we know its not you. Please leave that idiot, we know him on the forum, he’s a serial liar and impersonator, one very stupid illiterate boy.

          As you can see, he doesn’t even have enough IQ to impersonate you properly…..LMAOooo

          Please leave the imbecile alone, let him continue to fool himself as he always does, thinking he is fooling CSN readers.

          He’s the dumbest of us here, we can dash him to you guys I Ghana if you need an imbecile as a pet.

          • Selfmade KING 5 months ago

            lol … the person impersonating u dr. Drey 

            Musa is one of the greatest and one of the famous Nigerian player ever 

            I quite remember I watched a coupe of wc matches with Argentineans here in New York and they always mentioned Musas name! 

            Latin Americans have a lot of fear and respect for Ahmed Musa!! 

            Ecuadorians, Mexicans and Hondurans knows AHMED MUSA here and they always mentioned his name!


            He’s a legend of the game!

            I have nothing but respect for him

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hahahahaha…okponu…. see your life….?

        Even to impersonate accurately is so much of a hardwork for you. Dont you think your father needs to be ashamed of you at this point in time…??LMAOooo

        You made the same imbecilic error that always give your idiot self out during the last game, I intentionally waited and didn’t reply you because I was busy compiling your ‘fingerprints’…because I know you are daft, it is only matter of time before you expose yourself as usual….LMAOOo

        Ode Okponu omo….LMAOooo

        His name is Selfmade KING, not Selfmade…..LMAOOoo.

        So next time you want to impersonate, do it properly.

        Shameless fool.

        Your F16 bombers wey no dey take up space, abeg how many goals dem don score. Useless lying fool. Please tell us how many goals your ‘younger strikers’ wey MUSA dey block their space don score so far….LMAOooo.

        Maybe Musa carry rope come from in village come tie dem leg

        Shameless bastard, na their mate be Emilio Nsue wey don score 5 goals already.

        Cheap dullard is here crying about Musa as if he’s the one responsible for your 1 goal in 3 group games so far….LMAOOO

        Musa’s career stats shows he makes a goal contribution in every 3 games, I will bet a fortune on Musa making a goal contribution if he had played 3 group games…..Idiot

        Once again, his name is Selfmade KING, not Selfmade. Next time when you want to impersonate stop doing it stupidly as you always do and get caught all the time…..LMAOoo

        Lastly, nobody is praying for anybody to commit blunders….his over-confidence will help him with that in due course. Guinea Bissau don expose am small today…LMAOooo

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      How many shots on target did we also record vs CIV…..was it more than 1 ?

      • Legendary 5 months ago

        Dr Drey!!! I can’t believe my eyes. Is this Nigeria????????

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Fake Selfmade……LMAOOoo…..ade/kenneth/chineye/oloriburuku.
      You wont come out and defend yourself…..LMAOOooo.

      To think this idiot was always accusing me of being Selfmade, trying in vain to convince forumites that Dr.DREY is Selfmade……LMAOoo

      Ode okponu oloriburuku oshi.

      Alainilaari omo, come out and defend/deny yourself o.

      Oloriburuku omo.

  • Larry 5 months ago

    Aribo is playing like a robot
    Chulwueze is playing like NFL player
    Iwobi is just disappointing
    Only Onyeka has showed up in Midfield
    How many chances does Osimhen need to score a s goal,owing forward it won’t be wrong to pair him with Moffi upfront.
    Nwabali has proven his worth. He us better than Uzohobasket and Okoye.

    • John-1 5 months ago

      You dey see road jare. Nwabili’s right leg in better than Uzoho and Okoye combined. No way that Thomas Partey’s shot will beat Nwabili had he been in goal against Ghana – no way. The less said about Okoye who let in that long-distance shot against Tunisia the better!

  • John-1 5 months ago

    I wonder why this Peteri-Coach or whatever his name is can’t see that a one-legged Iheanacho is far more dangerous than Chukwueze and Moses Simon combined. The coach is wack – an absolute wack!

    Three games played: one open-goal, one penalty goal and one own-goal = 3 points. He’s just a PE teacher and can only coach a corrupt NFF team. No single accurate attempt after threw games??? Kai

    I commend the defenders and keeper though.

  • EMMANUEL Akpan 5 months ago

    All you guys are just giving your opinions
    But what I know is we might as well play nonsaince and go win the cup
    No one can predict football this days
    A key example is 2013
    So proud that we have the best defensive record so far in this AFCON.

    • John-1 5 months ago

      We played better football in 2013. We may not have won against Burkina Faso and Zambia in group stage but we outplayed the both teams. Also, you can’t compare that Burkina Faso and Zambia team to Equitorial Guinea and Guinea Bissau

  • Dr Banks 5 months ago

    SE is a group of superstars that couldn’t be moulded into a menacing team by our clueless coach. 

    He played 5 defenders in a deadbeat match against 2nd team of GB and yet GB has more shot on goal than the great SE

    No connection between midfield and attack, no tactical input on how the attackers should position themself when attacking, no set pieces strategy, no free kick expert, no drills on how to shoot at goal without ballooning the ball at 6 yards to goal post………….haba our technical team wow no be small

    Osimhen is fast losing his mojo and something needs to be done about this urgently if we have to progress to Semi finals at least.

    I tried hard not to say this but I have no choice………….Gernot Rohr is seriously missed ever since his sack, na journeyman coaches we have been using ever since GR exit

  • Golden Child 5 months ago

    When people like us complained about the inclusion of Aribo, we were told that we are not positive. To think that he is wearing the iconic #10 shirt just highlights how low the SE has sunk. @Deo who said a midfield of Aribo and Onyeka will be unplayable should come out and explain this shambolic display.

    Some people are saying the coach should not be blamed should have a rethink.

    1. It is within the purview of the coach to select or recruit players for the national football team but in his poor judgment as usual, he selected aribo in a midfield of just 5.

    2. The coach selected 25 man list against the allowed 27. How did we allow this to happen? One thing I know is that nwakali would never perform as poorly as Aribo. There should be a serious probe in the NFF, how did an inactive Aribo get an invite and alhassan yusuf had to wait for an injury to ndidi to be in the team.

    3. If not for the outrage feom football fans across the country, this clueless coach would have stuck with Uzoho. It is becoming a common trend with this coach that deserving players are not given a chance whilst mediocre players continue to Don our jerseys.

    4. What happened to our wings. An Eagle without expansive wings is no better than a pigeon. That used to be our identity, we had elastic elaho,Duke udi,finidi George, amuneke, tijani babangida, osaze, victor moses, plus ikedia,Samuel kalu etc. How on earth did we end up with moses simon and chukwueze? Those 2 possess no threat and toothless.

    There is a lot of absurdity in our team. Whose idea was it to give the #10 shirt to aribo? I do not think I have seen Nigeria play this badly, this is a new low for peseiro. There is no indication that they practice finishing. Once they get to the final 3rd, they become clueless. There was an instance when Simon was through in the box and was 1 vs 1 with the goal keeper and he was absolutely clueless.

    The coach is not the only one complicit in this, he is ably aided by the corrupt NFF. They are the ones who will tell him to include this player and that player. How is musa, ajayi, aribo, uzoho in the Nigerian team? When we begin to do things on merit, then we will go far. Gernot Rohr achieved some success because he stood his ground most times but they eventually wore him out, corrupt bunch.

    People who did not sow who want to reap! No be only Let’s do it again, dreamers who are building castles in the sky.

    • Tristan 5 months ago

      Apart from Ajayi, because I don’t think he should be judged on one match, I agree with you. How on this God’s earth is Aribo still even in the squad? Aribo has consistently shown that he is a space filler in midfield without the passing or tackling ability of a true midfielder. Meanwhile, Onyedika is left on the bench, Yusuf was not even selected, and this guy with his sideways passing is still being chosen. He must have a powerful godfather in NFF because even when given the chance he has produced nada.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

      Golden Child

      My guy, Na today??

      Even from back in the Kickoff days – I have been writing epistles about these same topics your trying to eloquate here – Nigerians are hard-headed, hard of hearing anomalistic people who would rather sabotage their own selves than have progress and growth which serves the whole as opposed to the greedy selfishness of the one – they are very narrow minded, selfish and greedy people even beyond what I can find a description for in the English language.

    • Sorry Golden Child, Simon was named man of the match. That is how low eagles have fallen. The main reason why I have always castigated this team is that they are touted to be still “young”. Google the “official” age of the players that are so “incompetent” in the team and you will understand that they are not going away soon AFTER THEY INEVITABLY FUMBLE AND TUMBLE OUT of this tournament.

      I am not crying myself hoarse on this team. After all, India have shown that being a football playing nation is not by having the most population.

      Equatorial guinea with all their less fancied stars (eagles market value is more than 14 Afcon entire squads combined) have scored 10 goals already at this tournament. Highest scorer is currently 34 years old from the team and PLAYS AS A DEFENDER IN HIS CLUB.

      I will not bother about eagles again, after all, they got 25 million already for winning 2 and drawing one.

      Let me go work for my own.

      But complete sports should know this: I will NEVER READ ANY SUPER EAGLES PLAYERS ROUNDUP AGAIN UNTIL JANUARY 2025.

      They can shine in their clubs for all I care. Nigeria became unwatchable after 2019 cup and have not recovered since.

      I pray they meet guinea in the second round so that it would be recorded that guinea did a double over them within a month and HOPEFULLY THIS GROUP WILL BE DISBANDED.

      Nobody can tell me there is no cult in this team. Don’t they criticize themselves? Eagles have mafia that would not tolerate competition for places. Where is equatorial guinea in FIFA ranking that is topping our group?


      Without own goal and penalty, eagles would have scored only one goal in nearly 5 HOURS OF AFCON FOOTBALL YET THEY CARRIED 959 STRIKERS.


      • Collins 5 months ago

        Great write up, have given up hope on this team and NFF a long time ago. Will you compare this AFCON to that handled by Eguavoen. We played beautiful attractive soccer, but luck wasn’t on our side against Tunisia. This still remains the worst Super Eagles have ever watched. You have rightly said it, with all our power attackers, its only one goal we can show for it, this is a shame. Is Ihenancho now a cheerleader? Why bring him when you knew he wasn’t 100 percent. Is it a must he must be in the team. Who are some of this players god-father. Don’t know if you noticed Oshimen being held by Finidi, think he was arguing with Simon. some players are just forming untouchable. This is why i can’t stand some of this half-bred in the team.

    • did you forget Humphrey edobor/

  • Mercy 5 months ago

    We need to declare a state of emergency on our SE midfield situation as we did for the goalkeeping department

  • Legendary 5 months ago

    This is the most horrific performance I’ve ever watched. We should be crying and rolling on the floor. What was that????? I can’t believe my eyes. This is so Terrible. We are at an all time low abeg. This Coach is just clueless. I can’t believe what I just watched. This haram ball man. When we face an actual good team we will defend all through.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    I have being drumming it for over 2years now that Moses Simon, Joe Aribo, Samuel Chukwueze and Frank Onyeka are all donkeys… it is clear now for everyone to see.

    I even want to add Osayi Samuel also to the list… the case of Semi Ajayi is that he is just average and very inconsistent!

    The best way to follow this team is just not expect anything out of the ordinary. Joe Aribo is there just on the Yoruba Ticket… I will pick Kelechi Nwakali any day before a lethargic midfielder called Aribo.

    Manu Garba who has worked with most of these our players from the youth side asked NFF and Peseiro to call Ifeanyi Matthew but the moth-head NFF and Peseiro ignored him.

    • you don’t call people names just because you’re angry. it’s a shame that people like you that call others donkey is so clueless about football. Osimhen scored how many goals in italian league and uefa cup? Its glaring that the guy is overwhelmed with his success and as such he is missing so many glaring chances. These players are human being and should be treated respectfully. you guys did the same thing to igharo during the nations cup 4 years ago and he quit international football. There is no players that goes into any match to miss begging chances, Osimhen will find his scoring touches again. God bless Nigeria, God bless super eagles.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago


    • Oakfield 5 months ago

      Lol ….this guy set eh!!!! Hahahaha…..do u jus type and post whatever that comes into your head????? Mehn. Hahahaha….

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 5 months ago

        Oakfield abi? Shaarrrrap! Nincompoop!
        lol who gave you that name self? Blasted Plonker hehe
        At least I have head unlike amoeba like you!

        Big shit that you are!

  • I hope we avoid Morocco or they take first in their group, otherwise we may be doomed. We are playing 2nd in Group F. The other countries there should be easier for the Eagles from past meetings.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    …to be honest even Victor Osimhen is just a skilless too much gra-gra player. Nigerians are a skillful bunch when it comes to football but Osimhen has been one modern day football of Super Eagles with very poor legwork when it comes to ball use. Victor Boniface will very much eclipse Osimhen in the Super Eagles in a very short while. I am watching Cape Verde vs Egypt and to be honest they Cape Verdians are sticking it to Egypt. The young forward… No.9 pulled an audacious skill to score… something Osimhen can’t even dream of doing with his languid and jockeyed kind of body movement… Victor Osimhen is insanely overhyped… dude needs to work on ball use and legwork.

  • Glory 5 months ago

    THIS AFCON IS COMING HOME. WATCH THIS SPACE. I was actually praying we come out second in our group, as second position tends to define our path to ultimate success. Congratulations to the entire team. Truly proud of you guys.
    Anyone one praying for this team to fail, will continue to have failure fall in undying love with him or her.

  • In fact Oshimen should cover his face in shame. So bad he is putting forward this shameful play. He tries to play well with the team but how can a world class striker miss all those goals!!!!

    We need to write to the presidency. They should take that number 10 away from that mediocre called aribo.

    Nwabili… thank you. Far far better than what we used to have. He will become better.

    This team lost thousands of chances today.

    Anyway, let’s hope for the best.

    They were also unlucky too – two balls went into the net. A penalty denied by the mediocre referee.

    Dr. Drey what is happening now. Wetin nwabili do you now. Haba. At least he is a Nigerian now. The guy try now. Let’s encourage him abeg.

    Uzoho should be blamed for putting out shameful performances. And okoye who is gone of running away all the time.

    Good point for these eagles is the goal keeper. We better keep this tactics o. Even if we can’t score make we no concede goals

    I tire for this eagles o

  • A lot of the comments here only shows how bad WE Nigerians are! Pathetic lots. Now because Osimehn is not scoring, he is the worst, he is this he is that. You people better put thesame energy into what puts food on your tables. Mediocre lots. Go check the statistics, his work rate and his position, not to mention his overall contribution to the overall play. All we know how to do is bad mouth them and demoralise them as if they are not humans too. Afterall it’s a sport, if it’s that easy get on the pitch. Shior. They didn’t play well but they didn’t loose. I am content with that and l look forward to better times from them but l will encourage and support them including the coach. That’s what patriotism it’s about. If you are not happy with the performance get on the pitch or get lost

  • Kenneth 5 months ago

    LOOOOOOOL. Jimmyball, no mind the yeye fool, thinking we are fools.Because their is nothing for him to write about, he decides to disguise. Keep it up Dr Dry. Real chameleon

  • Collins 5 months ago

    Great write up, have given up hope on this team and NFF a long time ago. Will you compare this AFCON to that handled by Eguavoen. We played beautiful attractive soccer, but luck wasn’t on our side against Tunisia. This still remains the worst Super Eagles have ever watched. You have rightly said it, with all our power attackers, its only one goal we can show for it, this is a shame. Is Ihenancho now a cheerleader? Why bring him when you knew he wasn’t 100 percent. Is it a must he must be in the team. Who are some of this players god-father. Don’t know if you noticed Oshimen being held by Finidi, think he was arguing with Simon. some players are just forming untouchable. This is why i can’t stand some of this half-bred in the team.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    @Tai… I disagree with you. We shouted, we sounded the alarm and we screamed eerily loud, to the NFF and Peseiro to make sure we pick 27-Players as allowed by CAF, and also on merit, because there must be contingency solutions and backup plans for injuries and exigencies of unexpectedness in situations that will throw comeuppances on us for being mischievously unfair to ourselves. How do you explain leaving out a Jerome Akor, Chuba Akpom and Kelechi Nwakali… that is if you do not want to prime-up your midfield which we all know still ails the team with suggested players like Obinna Nwobodo and Ifeanyi Matthew, two great midfielders in the Nigerian-mold we know too well from their professional careers so far?

    You take a Joe Aribo, who has not done anything of note in his club football at lowly Sunderland for the better part of the last 18-months in his career. At a club without pedigree, he has been deemed surplus to requirement and perceived as without effect, his club only began playing him in the lead-up to the AFCON squad announcement just to help him get into the team for possible after-tournament sales… same way Sivaspor started using Ahmed Musa, we know the commercial-gains politics these clubs play because they are in football for glory but, more for business. See the situation of Ahmed Musa, the coaches don’t even trust him enough to hand him a cameo appearance even in a dead rubber game for us like this last game against Guinea Bissau… what can be more embarrassing for a cheerleader non-playing captain who used men in high-office to take the spot of better and more deserving player in Nathan Tella.

    When we call out players as being donkeys… we just try to say they only bring burden on the team, as donkeys though hardworking and diligent, don’t ever receive praise because they may carry a mountain on their backs but are so slow in movement that their masters can even get to their intended destination ahead of them… they appear to be doing so much by their own self-assessment, but nobody sees their work as being effective enough to command any sort of praise… the revered and iconic JERSEY No. 10 of Nigeria has to be worn by a lethargic lackey and an absolute footballing-moth of a player like Joe Aribo… just pathetic.

    I have spoken for years about these sort of players… atleast every comer on this forum knows… Chukwueze, Aribo, Simon, Musa are moths in our team… in their place we should have picked Nathan Tella, Kelechi Nwakali, Obinna Nwobodo/Matthew Ifeanyi, and Chuba Akpom. I will continue to be loud about these underserving players until the NFF & Peseiro do the needful. There should be no room in our squad for favoritism and bias… merit, form and ability should be the only reason and yardstick for populating the national team with players… lest we fall hard on our face to the mud like how Ghana has fallen!!!

    I am a watchdog for SE and shall continue to sound my alarm… we all know National Team involvements and exposures helps players’ careers… we have given Aribo, Simon, Chukwueze and Musa the right platform to perform and they just can’t get it done for themselves anymore… it is about time we moved on from these players, and let others come in to show their own worth… period!!!

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      @jimmyball please shut that mouth of yours. Shut it. What did Nwakali do at the last AFCON? YYou also clamoured for olisah Ndah,Peter olayinka, Dennis emmanuel. So how did they all perform? They all failed with our own. You and the other clown called omo9ja should enjoy what we have now

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