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Hodgson Wants Aaron Wan-Bissaka To Play For England

Hodgson Wants Aaron Wan-Bissaka To Play For England

Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson has urged Aaron Wan-Bissaka to be patient before deciding which country to represent but admitted he would like the full-back to play for England.

The former Eagles defender has a choice to make at international level after appearing for DR Congo Under-20s in 2015 before, in the ensuing years, featuring for the Three Lions at various age groups.

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Wan-Bissaka, who was born in Croydon but is of Congolese descent, will return to familiar surroundings on Wednesday when he takes on his old manager with Manchester United at Selhurst Park.

Hodgson said: “I read that he’s debating whether his future should be with England or DR Congo. That will be interesting to see what he decides in that area.

“I believe he is still young and has a big international future in front of him. As an Englishman, I would rather hope England would benefit from it.”

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  • D-cardinal 3 years ago

    Na this same Roy Hodgson dey deceive Ebere Eze.my name na lookman so I dey look them

  • Na the same Hodgson dey deceive Aradibayo okwa ya. No bros lets face it the perks of playing in England is far greater than that of Nigeria from an English perspective, a competing in England Perspective and from just all aspects of perspective’s you choose to look at it.

    I am sure between their lads and friends in England and growing up the general bragging rights from a social standing perspective in England is greater when you say you were an English International as oppose to a Nigerian, from THE LENSE OF EUROPEANS AND THE RIGGED fifa, UEFA AND FOOTBALL GOVERNING BODIES.

  • I believe this is the main deciding factors for players Born and bread in Diaspora. This is the crucial point of Influence when Nigeria looses talented players talented enough to start for England regularly i.e. Saka, Dele Alli and co

    • Hi Ugo,

      Thanks for your submission. All these rich western countries can’t be allowed to stockpile talents hence I welcome Fifa’s relaxed nationality switch policy.

      But a country like Nigeria should have a robust system for developing homegrown talents. We have far too many of them wasting in obscure leagues of Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg.

      As for the dual nationality players, we should only drool over those willing to play for Nigeria. The others can continue to face their club careers. If they don’t need us, we don’t miss them.

      But we wish the best of luck all the same.

      • What a beautiful summary @deo. Each paragraph ticks a vital and distinct but related point and packs a punch. Sad there’s no applause emoji on this CSN comment plugging.

      • Jones 3 years ago

        well said bro @Deo

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        A big thumbs up @ Deo. When I c a real quality post, never will I fail to acknowledge. God bless the sense in your above post for it’s just the way to go.

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        And to add to that, Nigeria must establish a very strict system that only allows players to leave to foreign teams that are top three in top five leagues in the world, also with agreement that these players will enjoy enough playing times, while any other move must be taken as illegal with very very dare consequence such as life ban for player, clubs involved and agents.

        • @Glory

          Don’t just bring that suggestion bcos it would not work in this part of the world….

          We have hungry agent all over that want to push our talent oversees….

          Our currency is also another factor…
          I was shock the day i learnt that KENYA and other LESSER COUNTRY’s currency has more value than NAIRA….

          This one alone is enough to make those lads concider latvia and other mediocre leagues.

          Finally; every player needs a greener pasture… Just go try your luck else where….

          • GLORY 3 years ago

            @ UBEF, I truly appreciate the challenges u pointed out, but what people don’t know is, most of our players playing in those obscure foreign leagues are not truly financially better than some of our local league stars. It’s just for two reasons, most of them continue to hang on. 1) The hope of moving to a better league to get better pay and 2) Shame of returning to Nigeria; as that gives them away as haven failed.Again with the post convid massive financial downturn about to hit the whole of Europe, I can assure you that many Nigerian/African footballers and even others of different profession will soon start relocating back. Just wait and see. Man utd and many others are now reshaping their transfer market policy focussing now on academy players. You must be rest assured that clubs all over Europe are secretly planning to follow suit. So the earlier those managing our football do something about our league, the better.

    • Thanks guys. You are all most appreciated.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Players want to play for colonizers country if they are born there or born to a parent from Europe. Wanting to play for England, France, Belgium, Netherlands and etc. But majority of the teams are crowded with talented players that they cant even make it to the bench. Players want to play for international competitions, especially the world cup, coming 2022. But players switch allegiance later in life like in mid 20s, 25, 26, 27 years old or later.

    Here are a list of players who recently made switches of international teams.
    Willy Boly Wolverhampton 30 born in France with Ivory Coast background
    Michail Antonio West Ham United 30 born in England with Jamaican background, recently he said he wants to help Jamaica qualify for next world cup. Abdoulaye Doucouré Everton 28 born in France with Mali background. I remember watching a game and they mentioned he got called up which was confirmed by commentator. But to be fair getting called up and actually attending and playing the game are different things. Adama Traore born in Spain with Mali background got called up by Mali and Spain at the same time, and went to play for Spain.
    Some players get called up don’t don’t play, just be on the bench and that don’t count towards appearing or cap if i’m right.
    Cyriel Dessers 26 born to a Belgium father and Nigerian father who typical Nigerians keep advocating and advertising mixed/biracial players to play for Nigeria did not make the Belgium team. Side note: I remember reading that David Alaba wanted to play for se but was told they were focusing on home based players.
    Kevin Akpoguma 25 born to a Nigerian (Urhobo) father and German mother switched to Nigeria like fast, like overnight shipping fast. The last time he played for Germany was in 2017 Germany u21. Players switch national teams as a last resort to get into teams for international competitions.

    So all the fake agent crybabies here complaining about Eze and Lookman and or Adarabioyo will just have to wait and it may or may not happen.

    At the end of the day Rohr is just going to experiment with players even in the most serious of games. The lineups are never the same, every session of games its a new recruit of players but not what fans expected. No solid goal keeper is just one of many issues. Olayinka in after a goal scoring draw against Barcelona last year hasn’t been seen since. Josh Maja change to Nigeria because I read Rohr wanted him to has only been called once. And a bunch loads of Nigerian players with 4 appearances or less, Olarenwaju Kayode scored 4 goals in 5 europa league games and only got 4 appearances for Nigeria like come on! The talent is there, just the recruiting and the consistency is just awful, something deeper between coach and higher ups.

    • All these people here are just creating wish list. They care about european born Nigerians to represent se. Nigerians are no different than the euro fans. They like you when you do well, hate you when you do bad. So there defense saying they are playing for slave masters and get racist messages from white people aint no different to what happened to Ighalo after the world cup when the fans, his own people turned on him threatening him and his family. He had to block his page. Everybody here fake.

    • Lolos 3 years ago

      Very detailed, this is true o

    • Nevit 3 years ago

      Zaha born in England only played two times. He then switched to Ivory Coast and Gareth Southgate tried to dissuade him. Dissuade a player who only played two times? Haha, gonna happen to a lot of players not playing or barely playing for European country then changing national team having the coach the convince you to stay. Gonna happen to Bissaka

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    And to add to that, Nigeria must establish a very strict system that only allows players to leave to foreign teams that are top three in top five leagues in the world, also agreement that these players will enjoy enough playing times, while any other move must be taken as illegal with very very dare consequence such as life ban for player, clubs involved and agents.

    • Profjeff 3 years ago

      When you consider the number of footballers with nigerian root plying their trade outside the country,you will agree with me that your submission is practically impossible to achieve.The top european footballing nations already have very strict rules and regulations to reduce the number of foreigners in their league.I think the only solution is for us to develop our league and make it more competitive and marketable which i do not see happening in the nearest future.you would also agree with me that most of our players in the top leagues are of dual nationality with gives them that slight edge over Nigerian-born players

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        Brother, I don’t really get what you meant by it’s not practically possible. My point is, make it very difficult for exodus of players from the local League. We need the best talents to improve our league. Talented players drives huge investment through sponsorship, huge fan base, huge financial benefits, solid national team, and many more. So besides infrastructural upgrading, quality management, etc, we also need to stop the ever increasing departure of local league talents to all forms of foreign leagues to help develop our football.

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