How Infinix Has Become A Major Influence To African Youth

How Infinix Has Become A Major Influence To African Youth

Creating a profitable brand might come easy. The major requirement for this is to have a valuable service or product and offer it to a properly suited target group. This is not to say that the entire process can be done with your eyes shut, or to undermine the effort that goes into researching consumer’s interest in order to properly optimize services or remodel products. Quite frankly, all of that could be a herculean task. However, when it comes to building an influential brand, the difficulty level of the task goes up a couple notches.

What exactly is an Influential brand?

It’s a brand that is capable of creating an emotional connection with consumers, winning their trust and impacting their choice and lifestyle.

It’s been only a decade since Infinix made way into the African market and within this period, they have totally transformed the smartphone experience within the space and have also been able to influence the decisions of their young and fast growing fan base.

The power of a solid brand mantra – The Future is now.

Entering into the African market – a unique environment filled with young and creative minds who had limited access to advanced technology – the brand came in with a strong message – The Future is Now – which tells of the brands ability to connect users to the future and their personal dreams.

This powerful message has been echoed through all of its communication and backed up with the launch of several cutting edge products like the Note 7 and Zero 8 among others. These products have been able to connect young people to the rest of the world, enabling them to share their creativity with a wider audience.

Through its solid brand message, Infinix has been able to inform consumers of its intent to take a daring leap into the future with them, giving them a sense of direction with the brand.

Backing up the claim

It’s easy to talk a big game but following through on your word takes extra effort and that’s what determines the level of loyalty that brands enjoy from the public.

After making a bold statement like “The Future Is Now” which suggested that through the brand, people can get to live out their dreams, Infinix went on to design activities targeted towards empowering people to do just that.

With several rewarding activities, Infinix has empowered many young and talented individuals with needed funds to fuel their passion whilst putting them on the spotlight.

A typical example of a rewarding activity that dates few years back is the “Empowered by Infinix S4”campaign which the brand set in motion in the month of April 2019. One of the lucky winners from the campaign was Gloria Chisom Nwafor, a 25-year-old catfish farmer and a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, who walked away with ₦1,000,000 (one million naira) worth of empowerment funds to scale up her fish farm business. Several other participants with other interests also enjoyed support from the brand and were able to fuel their passions just like Gloria.

Years further down, Infinix has engaged in more rewarding activities like the empowered by Infinix S5, the star of the week challenge which was hosted on AM’s turn up Friday, and its Mega Jackpot promo where a lucky winner walked away with a brand new 2019 model JAC

 Giving young talents a stage

­­Time and again, Infinix has created a platform for young talents across diverse fields to become stars. Talk about fashion, music, dance and other fields of art. The brand invests deeply in bringing out outstanding talents from all of these field, showing them to the world and empowering them to do more. In a recent act, the brand brought a young female artiste by the name twist berry into the spotlight through its HOT 10 stars music challenge. The brand orchestrated a song feature between the young champ and global music sensation –Davido. Today the young artiste has racked up over 50,000 views on YouTube.

Creating invaluable products

Today, smartphone users are craving a whole lot of things. Some users want the unthinkable; see-through phones, smartphones that can morph into other objects, and smartphones that can capture movements on the ground from a mountain top. However, all of these started at some point.

Prior to the entry of Infinix among other smartphone brands into the African market, consumers where satisfied with mobile phones that only had a number of basic features. As long as devices could call, text, set alarms and play 2d games with black and white video renditions we were totally okay with them. However, the entry of Infinix smartphones among other devices, as at that time, opened consumers up to the new possibilities with smartphone technology and shaped what has now become their “taste”.

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Interestingly, the brand’s stylishly designed smartphones which are equipped with innovative technology have stood the test of time and remained the favorite of a wide range of users. As at the time of this writing, according to a Statcounter report, the brand is ranked as the second smartphone brand in the Nigerian space based on market share. This result gives a fair reflection of the relevance of the brand within the smartphone space.

Having an Identity that its audience can relate with

This is one of the major things that has contributed to the brand’s success over the years. Infinix adopts a youthful and trendy brand identity: one that largely appeals to its select target group that consists of young adults who are lovers of entertainment, art and pop-culture.

If there’s one major lesson that individuals and brands can pick from Infinix, it is that; the basis of any lasting relationship is an aligning interest. If you want to enjoy maximum engagement and a long-lasting relationship with your consumers then you must share something in common.

The brand has begun another decade journey this year and is already showing promise to empower more individuals.

For more information on other ongoing activities, visit Infinix on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @Infinixnigeria. You can also join their community of young and vibrant fans on XClub via the app on your Infinix device or click on this link to download the app if you’re a non Infinix user.

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