How To Find Successful Bets At The Cheltenham Festival

How To Find Successful Bets At The Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the most prominent horse racing in the British colony. Every year, it is participated not only by the top horses and jockeys but by significant celebrities and political entities. This horse racing takes place as part of the National Hunt composed of four jump racing fixtures.

This horse racing festival is different from the modern horse racing games you can see today. The U.K. has preserved the culture of horse racing wherein the horses compete in a jump racing form. Along the way, the horses need to pass every obstacle, such as fences flawlessly, and maintain toughness to reach the finish line successfully.

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The Cheltenham Festival is comparable to America’s Kentucky Derby, wherein you need to learn on how to bet on horses. For Cheltenham, the betting also takes place to make way for the fans to wager and win. But, unlike the Derby, choosing a winning horse in Cheltenham is a bit challenging. Hence, we give you the best techniques on how to find the perfect Cheltenham Festival survivors.

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The Ground Plays A Big Role

The Cheltenham racecourse is composed of grass-covered ground from the starting point up to the finish line. As mentioned, the horses will compete in a jump race where many fences or obstacles are placed along the way. These horses need to hustle correctly, not taking any mistakes or bumping into any fence.

The ground plays a big part in picking a Cheltenham winner. Do know that rain is an added burden to the horse and jockey. The ground is slippery, and speed control must be observed. The horses need to maintain the right pacing and should measure when and where they should jump so they won’t stumble.

However, if the weather is fine and fair, the horses joining can breathe as they can saddle well. If you are betting on horses in Cheltenham during fair weather, the competition looks tighter. In this case, finding a horse that comes with impressive accomplishments and big favourites is also relatable.

Trainers Have Different Goals At Cheltenham

As mentioned, there are four jump racing fixtures that take place at the Cheltenham Festival every year. These are the Queen Mother Champion Chase, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Stayers Hurdle, and Champion Hurdle. These are ranked according to the type of obstacles where the Cheltenham Gold Cup is the most attended one.

Picking horses to bet in the Cheltenham Festival would depend on the trainer’s target and goals. If you are looking to wager for horses with high winning rates at Cheltenham Gold Cup, find horses trained to focus on these competition types. It’s the same process you can do for three remaining races.

You need to identify this because of the variations of obstacles that each horse needs to saddle. The Queen Mother Chase has lesser obstacles, unlike the Stayers Hurdle, so the horse’s skill can vary. Always take the time to get acquainted with the trainers and research their recent achievements to know where they’re good at.

Jockeys Need Consideration Too

Jockey’s role in keeping a successful horse during the Cheltenham Festival is as important as trainers. No matter how good the horse can run inside the course, he can’t compete without the jockeys. So, if you’re one of the bettors in the jump races, make sure to find a jockey who knows how to control horses.

He should build the right connection to the horse. Forming great soundness means making sure that whatever command he gives to the colt, they both can work it out. If the horse can follow whatever his jockey commands him, they might probably come as a good bet at Cheltenham.

Recent Achievements Are Essential

Like other horse racing types, the recent achievements of each horse running in the Cheltenham Festival are essential. It is your only way of checking whether you have the correct entry to bet. The horse who won many jump races in the past is the right bets to wager as they have more experience than those who have lesser achievements.

If a horse has been working out in many big jump races before joining the Cheltenham Festival and end up successful, they might come as big favourites. Always find the time to study every horse’s recent form to compare the type of competition and achievements they took part in. In this way, you can identify who deserves your bet in Cheltenham.


Picking a jump race winner is more complicated than you can imagine. Most likely, in the Cheltenham Festival, where horses are facing tremendous obstacles, they must have the full stamina and proper training to jump and pass the test effortlessly. Hence, minding the type of ground, horse achievements, trainers, and jockeys will surely enhance your Cheltenham betting picks and guide you to boost your bankroll in no time.

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