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‘I Can’t Wait To Put On The Super Eagles Shirt’ –Lookman Thrilled With Nationality Switch

‘I Can’t  Wait To Put On The Super Eagles Shirt’ –Lookman Thrilled With Nationality Switch

Leicester City winger Ademola Lookman says he can’t wait to put on the green and white colours of Nigeria after his nationality switch was approved by the Federation of International Football Federation (FIFA) , reports Completesports.com.

Lookman’s request to represent the three-time African champions was granted by FIFA on Thursday.

The former Everton player, who is on loan at Leicester from Bundesliga club RB Leipzig, was part of England’s title winning squad at the 2017 U-20 World Cup in South Korea.

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The 24-year-old London native, who was born to Nigerian parents, has however not played for England’s senior team.

He took to the social media to celebrate the national switch.

“Delighted to announce that FIFA has approved my Nationality switch. Thank you for the warm welcome and I can’t wait to put on the Super Eagles shirt and represent the country @NGSuperEagles 🇳🇬🦅,” Lookman wrote on his Twitter handle.

Lookman is now expected to make Nigeria’s squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup playoffs against the Black Stars of Ghana next month.

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  • Saturday 2 years ago

    You already have it on. Good luck!

  • Michel 2 years ago

    You are welcome,I have been waiting for this post ,though u would have used MY country instead of THE country,but it’s all good

  • You are welcome bro.

    More blessing in Jesus Name.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • Kenny 2 years ago

    Great Addition far better than Iwobi.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Mumu talk must you say this rubbish?

      • Glory 2 years ago

        @ CHIMA SAMUELS. These lots are either envious Nigerians who have failed in life or non Nigerians aiming attacks on truly deserving SE under the guise of simple critism of players performance. They camouflage into different names. This same Kenny will come here to send encouraging words to Tammy Abraham who turned his back on Nigeria and constantly encouraging other foreign born to do same. Its a shame most honest SE/Nigeria football fans are falling for these evil lots trick thinking they wish our players/Nigeria well. I personally am fully satisfied that no matter the form or name they throw out here, I am not one to be deceived by them. I KNOW THEM N THEIR EVIL PLOT. ADEMOLA IS PURE BOMB AND IS SURE GONNA GET BETTER EVEN WITH LOTS OF INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL AND ALEXANDER IWOBI REMAINS A SUPERB TALENT STILL HAVING HUGE HUGE VOLUME WAITING TO UNLEASH, ONLY NEED THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT/TRUST. GOD BLESS ALEXANDER THE KING IWOBI, GOD BLESS LOOK ME SEE BOMB ADEMOLA, GOD BLESS ALL DESERVING SE PLAYERS.

        • Kenny 2 years ago

          If you think you like Iwobi tell him the truth to improve his game. I say things with fact watch Lookman and watch Iwobi and then you decide who is a team player and who is more aggressive in attack. Any Nigerian born Abroad is still welcome to Super Eagles.

    • Ralph 2 years ago

      No, we are not doing this , use your negative energy on something positive bro, do you think there is a single player that will travel thousand miles to come and play for Nigeria with a negative mind of not giving their best? Is easier for these guys to turn down invitation than come down and perform below par. Think Bro

    • @Kenny you mean far better than Ahmed Musa yes indeed he is ,,, People like you Kenny are non entities that will not see progress in Life Look at how you are attacking a Alex Iwobi that is being redefined under Lampard yet you commend and see no Wrong in a bench warmer being captain of the squad. So if you say this about Iwobi then what of the ones that need serious criticism like Ahmed Musa?. These are the kind of comments that Boil my skin really they are.

  • Ubeila Evbieva 2 years ago

    Good news to a wonderful addition, I can’t wait for Akin Amoo to don our national jersey. Welcome Lookman and good luck S.E.

  • KangA 2 years ago

    Wise choice you’ve made. You’re most welcome. We’re happy to have you.

  • Welcome Ademola Lookman. We love you. When you visited Lagos not long ago ,I knew you would soon switch to Nigeria despite being born abroad. The bonding with the people of Lagos showed that you’re a true “son of the soil”. Welcome bro.

  • Lookman is a very special talent that needs to be loved and made to feel special inorder to get the best out of him……..A player with a magical leg that can create scoring chances for SE……..Lookman has pace and his finishing is top notch…….I can’t wait to see you play for us……..We love you

    • Same lookmon with maximum 5goals a season? You guys shd easy with the hype pls.

  • Richie 2 years ago

    With Lookman, we might forget Victor Moses going forward to Qatar and beyond…who agrees?

    • KangA 2 years ago

      I respect your opinion, but I’ll not put up my hand for you. VM has vast experience and his addition would have strengthened the SE greatly. But he has done his bit, so if he chooses not to come, fine. Lookman is coming with his own array of exciting skills, not necessarily to replace VM.

  • Ndubest 2 years ago

    Thank you dear some have already started questioning your commitment cos you have not made official statement. Someone raised the issue here on Friday in less than 24hrs fifa announced your successful switch to Nigeria. I kept wondering how some people reason. You are welcome boy we expect to see you in action against Ghana where you will hopefully do your thing. You are an exciting player we look forward to your long stay in super eagles.

  • It’s clear this is a great news and I’m happy for Lookman. He’s welcome to contribute his quota to the super eagles and certainly there’s going to be a change to SE composition.

    Meanwhile, a foreign based Nigerian keeper(Mathew Yakubu) is creating waves in Slovakia at the moment, it is rumoured Xavi is interested in the former Nigerian U-20 goalkeeper who has continued his impressive form in the fourteen league game as he guided his team to a win recently. Eguavoen and his crew should get Mathew Yakubu of Orion Tip Sered for the doubleheader against the Black Stars. That match is so important that we cannot continue relying on the current keepers alone. God bless Nigeria.

    • Lanre 2 years ago


      We also have goal tender Adebayo Adeleye who plays for Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Premier League. The boy has a good composure in goal and deserves invitation. See the above video clip.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        We’ve clamoring for this boy like over a year now….just give him one chance to come to one if the games but Alloysius is a clueless and tribalistic fool who will rather invite Noble who is a benchwarmers in Enyimba…

        • Lanre 2 years ago

          Since I have added my voice, Adeleye is sure to be invited.

        • Golden Child 2 years ago

          Not sure he is tribalistic, I think it is more of being clueless. Afterall, he had invited tobias lawal who is of yoruba origin.

      • ABIODUN AYODEJI 2 years ago

        If truely this guy in this video is the one that displayed those composures ,saves,connections and goal assists, then it means alo agu is a clueless goal keeeper trainer and not wothy of super eagles job even i dont know what the nff is waiting for self. Coach egu, pls help invite this guy for our next match vs ghana, cos the best resources available need to be used ,nigeria must be at Qatar.thanks

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hmmmm….??? Mathew Yakubu “creating waves” with 4 starts in a possible 22 games in all competitions this season…?

      Is that how people “create waves” while sitting on the bench…..??? LMAOOoooo. Sotey even Xavi is interested in him….LMAOOooo

      Go and tell the person who sent you to do this marketing that you have failed.

      • Lanre 2 years ago

        Uh um um All this because Mathew Yakubu is not from a certain tribe???? You be ashamed of your self.

      • Marvelous 2 years ago

        This is why they will hate you till the end. You like bringing facts to bury their sentiments, sometimes I wonder whether you live in the internet just to be digging out sports stats and facts. Oga be calming down lol. You too much.

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          @Dr Drey, I am amazed at the way guys peddle blatant lies on this forum just to push up their baseless agenda, thank you for always being on hand to expose them all the time.

          Sometimes I wonder if they do have any grey matter in their brains, can you imagine them advocating for Adeleye or Yakubu with zero experience of international football to be used for our make or mar duel against Ghana ? Clueless guys

          • Golden Child 2 years ago

            He should be one of the gks. Apkeyi at his age needs to be dropped. Uzoho should get the nod for the Ghana game,to throw adeleye straight in might be a tad too risky but I am confident that adeleye is the best gk we have.

            And you never know he might just be ready, who knows.depends on how good the player is.I know gk position is critical but when you are ,you are good. Ramsdale @ arsenal was 2nd choice but when the opportunity presented itself , he took it with both hands. I agree it might be too risky to start adeleye against Ghana but based on the clips have seen, I think he might be the gk we have been looking for. One thing is for sure, maduka is not ripe for the SE.

  • footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Ghana is so scared that they have resorted to giving their people fake news to press the panicky button lmaoo

  • footballfanatic 2 years ago

    I read on owngoal that Dominic Solanke is considering dumping England for Nigeria.

  • footballfanatic 2 years ago

    Egyptian Ahl ahoy currently flogging Odion Ighalos Al Bilal 4-0 Ofion in the bench being benched by Marega….lol

    • James Akwenten 2 years ago

      Good you to know NFF and our coaching team find you a good addition, Lookman but you will have to earn your place.
      And concerning the Arab Classico, the red cards really didn’t look it, but the referee is the final arbiter. Al Hilal fc played 9 against 11 players for 60 minutes, it means the scoreline wasn’t unexpected. Surely Al Ahly had the ayes. We wish Odion Ighalo all the best.

      • James Akwenten 2 years ago

        Correction: Good to know NFF and our coaching team find you a good addition, Lookman but you will have to earn your place.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      You mean Alhaly ‘flogging’ 9 man Al Hilal…?

    • Larry 2 years ago

      Ighalo on the bench for a Sunday-Sunday team lol..
      He is not good enough for SE.

  • Mirah 2 years ago

    Iwobi is currently having a good game against Leeds, we need to see more of this. Boy just need to be intentionally serious, he’s a fine player

  • ABIODUN AYODEJI 2 years ago

    All the gurus on this cfn, I greet, I want to talk about the video shared @lanre about adebayo adeleye, it shows that guy is good with what I ve seen in that video,pls all, help us to echoe this to the hearing of NFA, for this guy to be invited for our next match against Ghana, super eagles opponents these days know that we don’t have good goal keepers which they are using as their strategic game plan, e.g against CAR, sieraleone and recently against Tunisia. So pls help us to beg the coaching crews to invite this adeleye or another good goal keeper to man the post against Ghana ,non of the current goal keepers in camp is good enough for this task. Failure of this can lead to Nigeria missing out on the way to Qatar which will be highly disastrous. God forbid sha ooo. Thanks.

    • Usmanu Gideonet 2 years ago

      Adeleye is very skillful and always at alert, he arranged his defence line and have a rear guard around the 18yards box, picking up little details. I am sure Eguavoen team would have sent scouts to watch his game by now. He will surely be a good addition sentiments aside.

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      In my opinion I think Akpeyi is the best goalkeeper in our team.
      He is on the bench today because the preferred two are much younger.
      Uzoho and Okoye plying their trade in Europe could also be a factor working against him and they are more acceptable by fans across the country,all this counts against ageless Akpeyi.
      I know he’s not fans favourite who keep sad memories of few mistakes he made in the past like the best goalkeepers there’s don’t make mistakes.
      Akpeyi plays regular football for a top South African team ahead of the home country’s first choice goalkeeper and has commanded his area with applaud.
      If given the chance I believe we are safer with him between the sticks he has the experience to help us in this kind of duel.
      Okoye is one for the future.
      It’s good he had the opportunity he had with the super eagles which could help build his confidence level going forward.His association with Watford from the summer would help in building his development to that goalkeeper we all seek for.I think he might be loaned out by Watford to keep him busy because I do not see him as one to leapfrog impressive Ben foster for the first choice.
      Meanwhile,I don’t think bringing in a fresh goalkeeper against Ghana is a wise thing to do.The likes of Adeleye should continue to work hard if he’s that good the coaching crew won’t ignore him for too much longer.

      • Deberi Yomi 2 years ago

        Greenturf, you are only being a tribalist who is campaigning for his ibo people to be fielded. Eguavoen and colleagues are more concerned on how to lift the image of our country through football. They are sure to get that balance for better players to be invited. As a matter of fact, all the players don’t have to come from one tribe since they have proved not to be good enough.

      • Detruth 2 years ago

        Remember Akpeyi against Argentina, where he picked up the ball outside the box and was surprised when the ref called that right!!!!. He is your best and not Nigeria’s best.

        I just don’t know what some of our people think when they make certain pronouncements.


      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        Would that be the same akpeyi that hid behind the wall at AFCON 2019 such that his view was obstructed , allowing the free kick to go in. At times, some comments leaves you thinking some fans on this forum are not Nigerians.Akpeyi for goodness sake!
        Are we going forward or backward? It is the corrupt Alloy Agu I would blame because he had 5 years to develop or find an good gk and he has failed miserably. Why has adeleye not been invited, at least for a friendly? Yet a John noble who is not a starter for his club is selected ahead of adeleye who is a regular at his club. I just hope these questionable decisions do not come back to bite us with regards to the wc.

        Amaju is on the Ighalo issue again and I see some fans calling for his return and rubbishing sadiq and co as not good enough but they forget that Ighalo was largely ineffective in the cv game, he even had an airball miss.

        I just pray their politics and sentiments would not collude to dump us out of the wc. Anyway , March is not too far again.

  • Thomson 2 years ago

    @ Greenturf

    If Okoye is for the future and it is only Akpeyi good enough for now, why not replace the two with Adeleye and Mathew who are more skillful, agile and better composed? I think we must eschew any form of sentiments/tribalism because once it is not good, it is bad…. Okoye mostly has shown in the last Afcon that when the chips are down, he can be faulted and it will be a huge risk for a good coach to count on such keeper and not even when it has to do with an all important game.



    • Ayofe 2 years ago

      Thank you @Thomson

      This guy is so good. We need him in our team.His passes are excellent.

  • Detruth 2 years ago


    Watch our so-called “best goalkeeper” picp up the ball outside 18 yard box.

  • If we don’t Cap Calvin Bassey Now we go regret am Big Big Time!!!!!, This boy is the real deal!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHxKy7sxV6A

    He is the missing link the best defender in Rangers FC by a Mile.

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