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Rohr Misses Ighalo, Speaks Out About Eagles’ Strike Force

Rohr Misses Ighalo, Speaks Out About Eagles’ Strike Force

Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr has hinted that he would have loved to have Odion Ighalo back into the team in order to share his experience with the likes of Victor Osimhen and Kelechi Iheanacho.

Recall that Ighalo retired from the senior national team after the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), where the Super Eagles won the bronze medal after defeating Tunisia in the Third-Place match. He also emerged as the highest goal scorer of the competition and was named in the team of the tournament.

Although, there were media reports of his second coming to the team during the just concluded 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, however, the Gerrman tactician stuck with Osimhen and Iheanacho to qualify Nigeria to the bi-annual tournament.

In an interview with Elegbete TV, Rohr noted that Ighalo’s experience and professionalism could have been a handful to his team due to his goal-scoring prowess.

“The answer is simple. The answer is when you look at the age of all the players that you speak about, they are all young, and also we need experience.

“And if, for example, Odion Ighalo will play with us- I don’t know if it’s possible for the moment, but perhaps if he’s coming back, I think players like Osimhenn and even Kelechi Iheanacho could have a big help in the presence of Ighalo to learn, to progress to see his professionalism.

“He’s a great professional, a big example for everybody, and he’s also a great goalscorer. We are very young, especially in the attack, and it could be good to have some more experience with us, Rohr added.

By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • Sam k 3 years ago

    Call okocha because our midfielders are young too.. Ode

    • Olusegun.B. 3 years ago

      The issue is actually the midfield position. We need a number 10 with super sense that can spark an awesome attack on the team . Jay Jay okocha has the experience and he should share it with the midfielders of the team .

    • Nijamatterdontireme 3 years ago

      Instead of him to develop a noba 10 in iwalla by sending him to urope like westhof did to some 94 set he talking of 9.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I do not think Rohr said this… are we moving forward with our heads turned backwards or we are moving backwards with our head turned forward? Lol… this was posted by CSN to create traffic from forunites… hahaha!

    • my brother he said it I saw the interview on YouTube espn

    • Click on the link and listen. This is Gernot Rohr verbatim. I listened to the interview live and had a couple of questions answered by him also.


    • Winsome Dude 3 years ago

      The same story before every tournament. the beginning of failure again… What experience does a player in the likes Osimhen and Iheanacho lacking?

  • KangA 3 years ago

    Oga Rohr, please focus on the bunch of talented strikers you have and don’t take us back to Ighalo. You have a glut of them, including those yet to have a look-in. Ighalo has completed his meritorious service.

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago

    When u know this before that d experience of older players very important to d team, u would have invite A.EJIDE/AIYENUGBA(if ENYEAMA refuse to come),T.TAIWO/YOBO, IGIEBOR, & MARTINS/AIYEGBENI in Goalkeeping,Defence,Midfield,striking department for W/cup2018 & AFCON 2019.

  • GLORY 3 years ago


  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH 3 years ago

    U ARE DRAWING US BACKWARD BY TRYING 2 INVITE IGHALO 2 S.EAGLE which is going 2 block d chances of old & new strikers DAT are performing credibly well in their various European clubs, which have not been happened Nigeria b4.
    Presently, we have strikers gunning for higher goalscorer award in TOP LEAGUE in Seria A, England, France, Belgium E.t.c.
    In history, we used to have only one Nigeria striker performed in a season. We mostly dwell on past performanc(e.g. Ikpeba’96/97, Akpoborie’97/98, Akuegbu’98/99,Agali’99/2000,Aiyegbeni’02/03,Utaka’02/03, Martins’03/04 etc)
    BUT now we have numerous strikers performing well in a season (e.g. ONUACHU,SIMY NWANKWO, IHEANACHO,OSIMHEN, MOFFI, LOOKMAN, MAJA e.t.c )

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Okoye uzoho yakubu.

    Saidu Collins ebuehi aina balogun ekong awaziem ajayi.

    Ndidi etebo Abdullahi aribo nwobodo nwakali

    Iwobi kalu onyekuru ejuke chukwuez Simon musa

    Osihmen iheanacho Sadiq moffi

    Finito.barring injury the rest are in waiting list

  • Roimi 3 years ago

    Add Kelechi Nwakali to the team in other to solve our midfield problem for us. We don’t need ighalo

  • Sammy 3 years ago

    This Baba wan’ find trouble fa.

    Many football agents, family, friends and fans (both local and international) dey wait for their boys to get their chance for Eagles, so them go fit smile this year or next year; this guy wan’ bring Ighalo back.

    Baba nobody go defend you when the knives wey them don dey sharpen for you (tey-tey) from all angles show face, no just try am. Move forward abeg.

    Make space for Moffi, Simmy and Sadiq. Leave Ighalo abeg…

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    Rohn is an experience man who loves to speak parables sending messages directly or indirectly to certain players..

    What he is trying to say is that he needs his current young strikers to mature and become professional like how igahlo was With his team.

    We all know igalo has retired and can’t return but he is using him as an example to his young players..

    If you keep taking rohn words in the media as he puts them you would become a confused man. Rohn is an old man and uses several methods to pass his message.

    Don’t worry the next one you would hear him say he that he needs a miracle to qualify for world cup because his boys are too young. Lol!

  • The coach should realize that experience comes with practice. Rather than invite jude to come and occupy the space deservedly meant for the likes of simy and morfi on the ground of experience, he should stick with the young guys and allow them make mistakes and learn from them. After all jude’s naivity in front of goal borne out inexperience at that level, sent us out of the world cup in Russia 2018 against argentina. If he had not announced his retirement from national team it would have been a different thing, then it would be down to having a competitive edge.

  • This man is already looking for excuses for the next nations cup. You can’t miss ighalo when you have this strike Force with you presently

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    I wonder when people who comments in this group will understand how Rohr talks. Rohr won’t invite Ighalo, he is just comparing him with his younger strikers and challenging them to meet and exceed that height, by so doing he is giving respect and credit to Ighalo. Parable have really dealt with you guys, especially Rohrs enemies who always look for any loose words to pounds on. Very soon Rohr will tell you guys that his players are too young for world cup qualifiers but will qualify the team with a game to spare.

  • Gernort Rohr seems not to be happy with the way some of the players have been conducting themselves.He was emphasizing on their level of professionalism.At the last AFCON qualification round,Iheanacho came late to camp and Gernort Rohr seems not to be comfortable with it.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    If Gernot Rohr wants to bring back Ighalo because he feels some younger players are not showing that enough… Ahmed Musa, who is a great professional can also show them a thing or two about that aspect. I sometimes don’t understand the coach. Well he has structured a good team for us… I believe he will not continue after Qatar 2022. We can manage till then when his programme and tenure runs out. That he is still talking about Ighalo shows clearly an attitude of double-speak… in one breath, you neigh, bleat and chirp you don’t have players in Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Juventus, Bayern Munich and the likes… in another breath, it’s a player who is 32yrs(but certainly not less than 35yrs in reality), playing in lowly Saudi Arabia league that is who you are angling for, for reasons only him the coach undertands. Ok na… We are looking in 3D. One love…

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Rohr plays a lot of psychological mind games. By constantly saying he misses Ighalo he actually motivates the current attackers to prove him wrong.

    • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

      Nawa for oga Rohr!!!

      You sound sometimes like a confused man lacking ideas.
      Which experience are you talking about?
      We have osihme, terem, simy, onuachu and sadiq, 5 good center forward what else do you want?

      It’s the wishes of every player to represent his or her country and for that to happen you have to work extra hard to distinguish yourself from the rest in your country, so how is this man encouraging these players to work hard and improve?

      When you said the truth they will tag it hate!

      Na watch we dey watch.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    What an old man seen when sitting if young men climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain, I don’t think they could see that.

    Kai, when I’m talking you listen my people. You can’t give what you don’t have.

    When you lack confidence know matter how great you are, to be successful in life may require fasting and prayer.

    The French team that won the world cup against the strongest oppositions were young, fearless and confidence.

    Football is all about tactics, enjoyment, excitement and entertainment.

    Not putting unnecessary excuses and pressure on yourself as a coach.

    I have said this severally that for Oga Rohr to win anything with Nigeria, we have to be prayerful.

    Since the day Oga Rohr said Nigeria could not win the world cup, I knew that the gaffer is not the right person to be in charge of the team.

    Hmm. However, NFF should be blame for this not Mr. Gernot Rohr.

    Late Amodu qualified Nigeria to two world cup and he got fired before the world cup.

    This is not the first time and it won’t be the last a coach will qualified Nigeria to any big tournament.

    What has Oga Rohr done differently that our local coaches or the ex players haven’t done in the past?

    The only thing that is lacking with our people is man management skills period.

    You as a coach, you have Osimeh, Sadiq, Simmy, Dessers, Onuachu, Mofi, Olayinka and many other fantastic strikers, you are still talking about Ighalo ba? Who does that kę?

    Are you kidding me? After the Afcon in Cameroon, NFF should let go of Oga Rohr period.

    Where are the main supporters of Oga Rohr?

    They are hidden their faces as usual ba?

    They are manipulating everything concerning the Super Eagles because they wanted the gaffer to stay at all cost.

    Talking like this as the gaffer of the national team will kill the moral of the entire team.

    I think the best thing NFF can do now is to bring in Amunike, Egbo, Enyeama and Ikeme to be in charge of Eagles after the Afcon in Cameroon.

    If you truly understand the game of football then, you won’t argue with me. No matter how great Oga Rohr’s team may be, he believed that his team still not good enough and we can’t continue like that.

    He also believes Super Eagles can not compete with the best. Why wasting time on the coach?

    We hire and we fire. No more no less. NFF should take action before it is too late. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @omo9ja even U…. YES U….. I MEAN U….

      Weren’t u the one advocating for Rohr to invite FANENDO ADI?

      IGHALO & ADI who has the best track record internationally/club?

      Sometimes the way most of us reason & comment baffles a lot.

      We hired this MECHANIC to work for us & gave him mandate which failure to meet those mandate marks the end of his stay.


      The PE TEACHER has every right to invite whoever he want including Ighalo & whoever is not satisfied with that should go & higher tugs & match straight to glass house & protest ASAP.

      Do you want to teach this BALMEDI BOY what he was paid for?
      Woun’t your “tin god” Balmedi get angry for struggling to snatch his student?

      This MECHANIC that has achieve what our ex both death/alive hasn’t achieve in europe is meeting & overtaking the target his employers drafted for him in style, so why are we crying?

      I think this is purely witch craft not hatred any longer.

      Let’s repent else….


  • Winsome Dude 3 years ago

    The same story before every tournament. the beginning of failure again… What experience does a player in the likes Osimhen and Iheanacho are lacking?

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … It’s strange how if it is an ex-international that said something unpopular, he gets the stick from every Rohr diehard fan, but if the gaffer makes an honest but unpopular comment like wishing to have Ighalo back despite boasting a glut of lethal striking options amongst footballing nations at the monent… he activates the mind-reading abilities of his same diehard fans and they start telling us he is playing mindgames… mindgames with Liberia, abi CAR or Cape Verde? I can bet this evening meal if Ighalo is smuggled back now… Osimhen will go back to bench, he won’t even extend invite to Moffi or Sadiq anymore, not to talk of Simmy, who it appears Rohr’s chariot has left behind long ago never to reverse to him again. Some CSN chieftain who are Rohr’s diehard brigade won’t comment on this position of Coach Rohr now o… but let any ex-international share the next opinion that in some ways say Rohr should improve something about his decisions and application to team matters and see them bare fangs… Lol.

  • He should bring Mikel back since we are talking about experience

  • Assunusy 3 years ago

    which igalo again, upon all this strikers that we have

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I laugh in Turkmenistan.
    Nigeria pikin and his gang of regressives have gathered here in full force, like hyenas gathering before a carcass of fresh meat.
    Their maniacal laughter is also similar to that of the hyena.
    Perhaps we should start calling them THE HYENA CLUB. A rabid pack of hyenas, licking their lips, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to tear Rohr to pieces.
    Anytime somebody puts a mic in Rohr’s mouth, the regressives are on red alert.
    Anything Rohr says will be examined with a fine toothcomb.
    They are monitoring Rohr’s movement with satellite images as we speak. Big Brother no reach dem. Dem never born Big Brother.
    Even if Rohr enter toilet to do number 2, the regressives are watching closely.
    Rohr said Ighalo’s presence would benefit our young strikers? What is wrong with that statement? Did Rohr say that he will start Ighalo ahead of the young strikers? Did Rohr even imply that he wants to invite Ighalo? All Rohr said was Ighalo’s presence would push the younger strikers to greater heights. This is the comment that the hyenas want to use to tear Rohr limb from limb. Nigeria pikin in particular, his eyes are red with hunger and desperation. He wants Rohr out so bad! He can’t even exercise patience and wait for Rohr to fail. Rohr must go now! Today!
    The funny thing is, Rohr will not be here forever. The man will be leaving soon. Perhaps then, the hyenas will get their wish, and Amuneke, Egbo and others will finally get their chance. I eagerly wait for this time. Because the hyena will always be a scavenger. The hyenas that are hunting Rohr today, they will be the same ones hunting Amuneke, Egbo and co tomorrow.
    The only way Amuneke and co can avoid the wrath of the hyenas is –
    The day they lose a game, the hyenas will be waiting.

    • Edoman 3 years ago

      Hear !!! hear !!!!. Everybody supports your golden point of view. Thanks for sharing it bro.

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