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Italy Fantasy — Announcement about the postponement of games in Gameweek 1

Italy Fantasy — Announcement about the postponement of games in Gameweek 1

Know what will happen with the postponement of the matches between Benevento, Inter, Udinese, Spezia, Lazio and Atalanta.

The following announcement clarifies what will happen with the postponement of matches in Gameweek 1, namely the Benevento vs. Inter, Udinese vs. Spezia and Lazio vs. Atalanta games.

Given the change of schedule to a place after the end of GW1, these games will NOT be taken into consideration for Fantasy points.

We could keep the gameweek open so you could make changes to the GW1 lineup in the future, but it wouldn’t be a good thing, game-wise. Therefore, these games will be treated like all other anticipated or postponed matches that end up outside of the normal course of a round.

With this in mind, and with the number of games being impacted, our decision is to add an extra Wildcard in Gameweek 2, for exclusive use in that round, so you can pick a team specifically for GW1, excluding players from the postponed games, and rebuild your squad from scratch in GW2, without any kind of hit-points.

On top of this, and as stated in the Rulebook for Italy Fantasy:

As a “freebie” for that weekend where you’ve got a wedding you can’t miss, the gameweek in which everything went wrong or some other kind of emergency, for the total score of the Italy Fantasy we’ll only account for your best 34 gameweeks of 38 in play.

So, even if you’ve already built your team and forget to change it, you’re completely covered for the postponement of these games under “some other kind of emergency” and you will not see your final ranking being hurt by this gameweek (if it ends up being one of your worse 4).

Regarding Draft Leagues, and with the state of affairs for GW1 of Italy Fantasy, our decision is to start them only for Gameweek 2, so there’s no doubts about who and how to draft to your squad.

We take the opportunity to express our gratitude for the feedback we’ve received in the meantime, regarding this postponement, rejoicing in the fact that the feedback was along the lines of what we had already planned. Our commitment has always been to make RealFevr the best Fantasy platform in the Universe and together we can go far.

Now that you know what will happen in Gameweek 1, start thinking about what you want to do with your squad.

The RealFevr team

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