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Italy Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2023 FIFA U-20 W/Cup; Group D Matchday 2

Italy Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2023 FIFA U-20 W/Cup; Group D Matchday 2

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of Argentina 2023 U-20 W/Cup Group D matchday-2 game between the Young Azzurri of Italy and the Flying Eagles of Nigeria at Estadio Malvinas, Argentinas, Mendoza.

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  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

    If Nigeria can stop the fast Italian attackers and control the midfield, we will win this game. The Italian main strength is in the midfield, where Simone Pafundi (no 20), and Tommaso Baldanzi (no 10) operates, especially Pafundi who look like Messi and play almost like him, i will not be surprised to see him win an award in this competition. We have a score to settle with the Italians, 2-1 loss at chile 87, and the painful 2-1 loss at the senior level at USA 94; same also the Brazilians, 4-0 loss at Chile 87, 2-0 loss at USSR 85, 3-0 loss at Mexico 83 and recently 4-2 loss at New Zealand 2015. We need to win this game or the worst a draw.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    So far so good am impressed with Nigeria team game plan and play. We have been very humble into not rushing to play against the Italians. We have been able to curtail their attacking prowess and midfield fluidity. With luck on our side we can spring surprises. They are really finding it difficult to penetrate our defense. I think is a good physical trainer. His boys are really hard to play against , their game is like Ghanaians not typical of Nigerian set up.

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Italians can’t break through….Now they are going to use silly antics like looking for oenalities and fouls …Bossonwarn your boys lol.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Bosso and Lawal na same with Ugvade and Ogbabido. Why keep fielding these dudes. Abeg bring Nbadi to help in dis midfield. Lawal can score from now till kingdom come but he adds very littke to d team. His passes are off and tracking back is a problem. Eletu can play dat roke for us and Daga and Nnadi can hokd d defensive midfield. Italy #1 threat na from dia left footed #10 and dia midfield, we need to control d midfield. Bosdo is just doing crap dia. Ogwuche needs to be careful sane with Agbalaka.

    • Sunny 1 year ago

      You definitely have something against Lawal because you are completely dishonest about your assessment of him. Same thing with the last game. You were vehemently ranting about him. Whatever you reasons are, please seek help.

      • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

        Why did the coach take him out then genius

        • Sunny 1 year ago

          Have you heard about tactical changes before? It does not necessarily mean they were not playing well. Besides, he might be nursing an injury.

          • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

            Tactical change cos he was playing crap. Personally i will play Nnadi anyday ahead of Lawal if he was good the coach wouldn’t tactically or technically sub him off but he did and 4 d readon i said earlier. I have nothing against him personally and anyone else 4 dat matter but i call it as i see it. We don’t have to agree

  • Samson 1 year ago

    Where can we watch pls

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

    Nigeria is playing well.!!

    • Yinkus 1 year ago

      More discipline, more tactics and less purposeless runs today. This is what we want to be seeing, a win like should boost the moral of team that they can win any team in this tournament

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    I’m actually proud of them in these first half….We could’ve been a goal up as we had a few chances but some players are still losing balls carelessly and aimless shots too……I think this game is up for whoever scores first..

    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      Agbalaka the culprit losing ball in dangerous positions

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    We were lucky not to concede that penalty.. I have already concluded in my mind that it was a penalty before it was called off..

    They also had a ball that hit the bar..

    But in all, we are doing well..

  • Glory 1 year ago

    Agbalaka, mohammed ibeji n fago letting this team down. Bosso should do something about these three. Take out ibeji and bring nnadi might be better option for this game. We are likely winning this game anyway.

    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      Emmanuel Umeh who came in for Fago in the first game is a better striker.I hope to see him early in the second half as well the number 7 Lawal for Ibeji who surprisingly has had a quiet tournament so far.

      • Glory 1 year ago

        Eletu has really impressed me so much so I will wanna see him in main stream SE.

  • Alex 1 year ago

    Good play from the flying eagles so far. But their are two players playing poorly in this team. The Lawal guy and the one wearing the number 11 jersey. Bosso should change them. Do you guys see the difference between those schooled in the act footballing abroad and home? What do you think of the Eletu guy? He is good and at his age he can only get better. There is something really wrong with our football system in Nigeria. We are too blessed not to be dominating football, at least in Africa. Abeg, make we remove pride and go ask Senegal how dem take do am.

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    FE are holding dia own in dis game like i knew they would. Agbalaka should be careful how he bombs forward as he is built like a robot without grease so tracking back is a big problem. The italians know dis and dat #20 might mek him pay

  • Michael Adelami 1 year ago

    This match has further shown that Nigeria best talents are abroad. Imagine a central/defensive midfielder having more attacking threat than the he so call Samson Lawal who was supposed to be an attacking midfielder.
    With what I have seen, I think Nandi should be brought in for Samson and then Bosso should push Eletu to play the attacking midfield role.
    How I wish we were not too proud, we should be having Ebenzer (Intermilan) and the guy from Crystal Palace (Striker), These players who have made us more potent.
    Why are we not having Malcolm Ebowei ?

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Goal 4 9ja.

  • Collins Id 1 year ago

    O boy una dey something. Where are you guys,???
    Can u see my boys..
    Flying goal

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    We just need to play smart. Take control of d game and manage it. No useless fouling and wrong passes. Lets keep it simple and dictate play to frustrate d italians. No careless play please Bosso. Jude sunday needs a lot of talking to as he is being too selfish. Eletu shouldn’t give up if a player makes a mistake. Play for each other and cover each others lapses is what team wirk is all about. Good job so far

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    Why substitute the goal scorer? He did the same thing against Dominican Republic. Scoring boosts confidence.

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    Senegal on the brinks of elimination

  • Our boys need to be careful inside our eighteen.

  • Akogun Femi Jimbola JP 1 year ago

    Owo epo ni omo araye b’ani nla.
    Hossana to Jesus today and crucify Him tomorrow.

  • It’s like Italian employ fans to be shouting on every little tackle on Italian player

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    Game over. 9ja 2 italy 0. Jude sunday just added 1 more.

  • onwajunior 1 year ago

    Ogwuche is a solid defender sha!

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    To all the doomsayers please eat ur humble pie in peace lol. Italy will whitewash us with goals una don see am. Great job boys with a clean shert to boot. Neva count 9ja out in anything, we no dey carry last

    • josh 1 year ago

      Which doomsayers. People point out the obvious flaws in the team and you think they are naysayers. Which pattern did Ladan Bosso play today other than kick and run football. Or how many real talents can you point out in this team other than Eletu. Fredrick, Ogwueche, and possibly Daga. Let the scenario of “men playing against boys” be giving you false hope.

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        @josh. Collectively as a team I think they’ve improved from the team that played at the AFCON. They’re a resolute side in defending with a potential top goalkeeper.

        I’ve seen two midfielders that can help the SuperEgales in the near future irrespective of how far they can go in this tournament in Eletu and Daga possibly Nnadi.

        I hope Eletu’s injury is not that serious. The guy that replaced him also looks like a solid midfielder. How I wish we had Akinsanmiro in this team. This is about as good an U20 team we’ve had since 2005.

        You mentioned about 4 talents in the team. That’s not bad for development at this level. Obviously. We have our problems as a country, but we’ve always had the human capacity and talents to at least outwit other African team on the global stage. 

      • Farouk 1 year ago

        So soccer is not Kick and lets go score. How did Italy’s tactics help them out. Did they create more chances than us.? Because you here not trying to eat humble pie. Abeg next time don’t bother watching there game.

      • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

        Josh my brida, just congratulate the boys. U neva gave dem a chance but they served u a humble pie. What did the abundantly talented italians play today? How many players from d italian team will u pick ahead of the nigerian team uf u are really honest? Atleast u could still pick 4, other than d italian #10, i can’t pick any. Person neva play ball everybody don say dem go loose. Same way keshi and his team won d afcon in 2013. Like i said in my earlier post few days ago, if eaglests had qualified, dat team wouldve, could’ve won d u17 worldcup but we will neva know. I would neva count a 9ja team out as long as its on d global stage where the refereeing is good and d pitches are excellent. See Sarki dat was falling over himself during AFCON, see how he was tormenting d Italian defense today. The boys will keep improving and anything can happen.

      • Femi 1 year ago

        Ohhhh when they play trash at the NC they are boys then and not men, now they kinda playing better and you can’t bring yourself to accept the fact they’ve improve but you deploy means to demerit the boys, well leave them like that as they are men, let the Italians bring there men as well, if you actually don’t see nothing good and improvement in this team compare to what they display few weeks ago, then I really don’t know what to tell you son.

  • I like this referee

    Well done guys

    Congratulations Nigeria

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    E remain small e 4 be 3 nil lol

  • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

    We don qualify oooo. Dem se we no go comot from dis group, una don see am. Senegal is d best bla bla bla, were senegal dey abeg?

  • This is great.

    Glory be to God

  • Well played boys wishing you guys success in All god bless you all thanks be to god almighty for this

  • Glory 1 year ago

    Congratulations to the entire. Compact play with quickness to meet second balls the Way to go . Really happy today. Huuuuuuuuuuraaayyy

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

    This is sweet!! We knack knack knack Italy. Finally some revenge against Italy. Brazil is next.

  • Yinkus 1 year ago

    More discipline, more tactics and less purposeless runs today. This is what we want to be seeing, a win like should boost the moral of team that they can win any team in this tournament

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    Hope those who condemned this team, even after defeating Domimican Rep can begin to believe. This player isn’t good, the coach is bad, they are wasting chances, Italy will roast them, Brazil will destroy them, bla bla bla blah… your eye don clear. Sometimes, we need to be patient before jumping into condemning our own. I saw some flashes of brilliance in that team in the first match, even though they were far from perfect. And with this performance, their confidence is soaring. Brazil should watch out.

    • Proudly 9ja 1 year ago

      Abi my broda, most of dem were hoping to say “i told u so” but as god is not a liar, the FE buried the Young Azzuris. It could easily have been 5 nil sef lol. But honestly d boys tried both defensively and offensively. They didn’t let d italians play dia game. We wrre 1st to everything, not sure they even had shots on target for d entire 90mins lol

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Let congratulate this team and the coach bosso.. he did a good job and had a game plan with brilliant substitution.. not the u17 coach that didn’t go to a tournament with a bench..

    Those boys are fit and stronger than the Italians… The defense is tight.. you need something special to break that defense with a very good goalkeeper in anaigbso..

    I hope that elutu’s injury isn’t too serious..that boy is good..

    One player I don’t understand in this tournament is Beji.. he seems not to get his flow right.. he should be dropped for sarki..

    Congratulations again to bosso.. this is a very good team

  • I am surprised. Did not watch first match. But I still remember the way they defeated Tunisia in afcon 3rd placed match. That always give me hope

  • Larry 1 year ago

    Congrats Bosso and his crew for the exceptional execution. The team has really improved. They need to keep up the tempo.
    By the way, some fans are really unfair to some of the players.
    Why pick on some certain players and overlook mistakes of others. What makes Nnadi better than Lawal ? Why pick on Agnalaka ? What do you gain from hatred ? There is no way a first 11 team of any of our National team will be dominated by one region, just get used to it.
    Soccer has evolved in every part of Nigeria. Stop the hatred, take your ethnic jingoism out of the forum, learn to embrace others.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 1 year ago

    At the end of the day, we won- let that be a lesson to those who were saying that because Italy beat Brazil and we struggled against Dominican Republic that means there is no chance against Italy, as everyone can see now, it does not follow like that, styles make games and each game will be different depending on who the opponent is – For me, this was an accomplished win and we completely deserved the win as we were the better team most of the game after the first like 10 mins when they were rushing and using strong arm tactics aka gragra, which is what they used against Brazil to get the better of them, however they found that that did not work with us.
    Great win the lads! And very well deserved – Now my sincere hope is that we can play with a lot more composure against Brazil and get practice with being composed and having greater control in games – But again, we still need to work on our passing even though it was better in this game than against Dom Rep but it is still nowhere near good enough at this level of competition – Ladan Bosso, take notes – must do better – still more composure on the ball and better passes needed from these boys.
    The next game is a dead rubber from a qualification to the next round point of view, so lets use that game to practice more control in the game, better passing, better shooting and just more composure overall – I no fit shout!

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    Well-done boys at least we have something to celebrate. They played real well and should continue this way. I see them going far in this tournament. I hope injury to Eletu isn’t that bad. The guy is a smooth player. Congratulations everyone

  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    Yeah he’s calm on the ball as well a good passer.He the Inter Milan midfielder and Daga are the future of the super eagles.
    I wish Ugbade qualified for India 2023 we were the best team in Africa his wards were just unfortunate besides we paraded the youngest squad and when he add a few of the boys he dropped because of NFF high standards they will be too hard for any team to tame in India.
    We just find it hard in Africa.
    Most of the teams we fell to in Africa goes to FIFA tournaments not able to repeat same feat

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      AC Milan*

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        Akinsanmiro (Inter Milan)

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        He’s talking about Akinsanmiro of Inter Milan. It’s quite unfortunate not to have him in these squad. This is about as good an U20 team we’ve had since 2005. I hope Eletu’s injury is not too serious. The guy that replaced him too looks good. 

        It seems we have a line of next gen midfielders coming through. Daga certainty one for the immediate future, he reminds me of Frank Kessie, Eletu very smooth, Nnadi very dogged. I just don’t like the spaces they leave behind sometimes to put their defense under pressure. 

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Thank you for the victory God. It’s sweet wella lol. Congratulations to our Flying Eagles. I can’t say much now because it is too early to judge the team and the entire crew. By God’s grace after Brazil match then I will have a clue.

    The journey have just started and I will encourage our boys to step up the temple. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    Same way I speak out when the team doesn’t meet expectations, but this time credit must be given after they exceeded expectations, congratulations to team Nigeria there’s more vital matches ahead therefore the focus must be kept.

  • KENNETH 1 year ago

    Oya o make una come out o, italy go give naija wotowoto, abeg send link to Dr Dry that was predicting doom for the team. Hope his Tv has blown by now.

    And thanks to the person that analyzed how best to beat Italy. They tired out in the second half, and that’s when we pounced on them. Great game. Our 7 needs more football sense, pace doesn’t win games

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