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Jamaica Shock Super Falcons In Summer Series Four-Nation Opener 

Jamaica Shock Super Falcons In Summer Series Four-Nation Opener 

The Super Falcons were shocked 1-0 by Jamaica in their opening game of the Four-Nation Summer Series tournament in the United States which was played late on Thursday.

An error from Falcons goalkeeper Tochukwu Oluehi saw the reigning African champions suffer the shock defeat.

She had earlier saved a penalty and made series of saves before conceding the goal.

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The Falcons will hope to bounce back from the defeat against Jamaica when they face Portugal on Monday, June 14, 12am Nigerian time.

They will face world champions and hosts United States in their final game on Thursday, June 17.

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  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Indeed, Jamaica shocked our new Super Falcons but at the same time, our ladies tried their best. Most of the players are new to the national team.

    I am not giving excuses like oga Rohr followers lolz. I am just saying the truth because I am representing Nigeria not coach Waldrum.

    I think our next match is on Sunday?

    Oh well, as I said earlier, I am impressed with the new coach of the female national team of Nigeria.

    My take on this match: no1. the boldness, tactics and confidence of the coach.

    No2. He doesn’t rely on any player.

    No3. He presented almost a new team in this tournament.

    N04. He made his substitutions wisely and no late subs.

    N05. Super Falcons didn’t train for a long time but they showed some flashes.

    N06. The more they stay together, train together, the more the cohesion would be.

    N07. The gaffer said he wanted to use this tournament to prepare his team ahead of the Ghana match.

    Asisat Oshoala and other big players in the team not available due to Covid-19.

    For that reason, I can’t wait to see the outcome of the Sunday match.

    Don’t expect too much from this team yet because this is a new team entirely but the ladies will give their very best. That is for sure my people.

    I am trying to know more about the gaffer. I want to see more of his quality, ability, tactics and vision then, I will know if he is the man for the job or not but for now, kudos to him. He has done well so far.

    I know there’s still lots of things to be done in this our new team but as time goes on, Super Falcons will be Falcons again.

    I hope Oga Rohr and his followers are watching ba?

    This is how you build a team. This is the way ooo. We don’t need 1000 years to build a team because we are Nigerians which means, we have so many talented players to choose from both in Male and Female teams.

    If coach Waldrum decided to build on this team, it won’t take long to see his efforts in this team.

    Abi no be so ni Nigerians?

    I will advise us all to kick sentiments out of our football so that both Super Eagles and Super Falcons can win trophies for us.

    Hmmm. The more you look, the less you see.

    Who don’t like better? Absolutely nobody. If so, ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Impressed! Really? The falcons have regressed and there have not been any improvement since Omagbemi left the team.@ omo9ja do you watched the game at all? The nff need to swallow their pride and bring back Oparanozie. That team is missing her seriously. Can’t even believe what I watched yesterday night.

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      You are impressed with the coach after he lost to Jamaica????? Would u have said the said the same thing if it were Rohr? If it were Rohr you would’ve flooded the whole place with ur crap cut and join grammar analysis on why Rohr is tactically inept to coach the super eagles. Continue fooling yourself. This innate hatred u and other people have for Rohr would continue disgracing you. Super falcons losing to “Jamaica” of all countries whilst having a complete team unlike the super eagles?? We lost to Cameroun and drew the return leg with fringe players and all hell was let lose on the coach as if Cameroun na Niger republic. You’ll never cease to amaze me with ur double hypocritic standards just like our confused president. Continue in your folly. Na we dy here dy watch movie.

    • Abdul 3 years ago

      Omonaija, now I know how much of a hypocrite you are. What was it to be proud of about that coach or the game? I watched that game, and there was nothing right in the entire game duration. However, in every common sense, this is a preparatory tournament, and it will be irrational to criticize the coach now. In fact, I would have to wait to see how he performs at a major tournament coupled with his growing relationship with the girls.

      Now, let me tell you what you seem not to understand. If this was to be Rohr, he wouldn’t have lost that game, because he wouldn’t have thrown all those new faces into the game at once. No matter what, we were not supposed to lose to a team like Jamaica. In my opinion, one of his greatest assets aside from man-management is blending different crops of players. An example of such has been seen, with Osihmen and Ighalo, Iwobi, Zaidu, Collins, Aribo, and the likes. If you can bury your hate and watch closely, you will also see how Lukman and Ejaria will be blended into the team.

    • Sam k 3 years ago

      Well said bro truth is bitter

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…you are not making excuses, but you just dropped a whole tonne of excuses here….LMAO….under the same circumstances you would skin Rohr alive. That shows how hatred has blocked you reasoning.

      Only a few months ago you were praising randy for winning one kangaroo 4-nations tournament against riffraff teams like Uzbekistan, CSKA women’s team (established just 2 years ago) and equatorial guinea (without their mercenaries from Brazil, CiV, Nigeria and Cameroon) claiming he won trophy…LMAO…while we dropped 6 places on the FIFA rankings. Maybe it was old players like Nkwocha and Omagbemi that prosecuted those matches….LMAO. Tochuwku Oluehi, Rashedat Ajibade, Chichi Okeke, Glory Ogbonna, Chikwelu, Fransisca Ordega, Joy Bokiri, Amarachi Okoronwko etc…all these ones are new players abi…LMAO

      We were just lucky to have lost 0-1 to Jamaica, Jamaica nearly took us to the cleaners and back in that match, They were by far the better team from beginning till the end of that game, as if they too didn’t have new players in their own team too…LMAO.

      Hypocrisy at its peak….!!!

  • Why did we lose? One of the main reasons was the fact that our preparations were shoddy.
    Nigeria arrived the US with 10 players. One day before the match they had 6 players mostly made up of newbies. The coach said on video that they are “hoping for 2 more players”. This is AFTER the match they had just lost to Jamaica who had their full complement of players to choose from.
    Asisat Oshoala has visa problems.
    The NFF cost us the match by ensuring that the team was unprepared going into the tournament. We cannot blame the coach or the players for this one

    See a fan video here confirming all of the above


  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    It’s very pathetic that we as a nation is divided by personal interest over realism. Whoever watched the match yesterday will noticed that we had a bad first half due to tiredness from long distance trip. But the second half was a well improved one, yes we lost by a goal but we created lots of chances and least to say had two goals chalked off by the terrible official who at any chance blows against our Queens. The first goal was said not to have crossed the line and the second ruled for offside which too is debatable. Here’s a match that we were denied penalty but the other team given a penalty that our goalie did well to save.

    I will rather stand with a team that fights and looses to dubious referee than a team that can not create a decent scoring chance. If anything I will hail the girls and make a query to FIFA to please help us Africans to stop officials from demoralizing our players. You guys should be ashamed of always taking advantage of a sometime offmark Omo9ja just to promote your tantrums.

    Those of you who want to join this debate kindly find a space and watch the highlight or better still go to other sports website that have better information like allnigeriansoccer there you’ll realize Omo9ja has some truth and see how pathetic this naysayers can be.

    And again the coach highlights were Rohr needs help such that the new girls were given enough time to show what they have off which the girls did by impressing. All that was needed if need be was Oshaola and Oparanozie to add some more spark because the team I saw yesterday had a very good second half and was the better side minus the scoreline which was influenced by the factors I stated above.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..more silly excuses…LMAO. The girls were tired in the first half due to long trip…LMAO….so it was the 15 minutes half time break that restored all the energy they didnt have from “long trip” and made them strong for the 2nd half…LMAO. People really know how to turn science upside down. its 2nd half I know players suffer from fatigue and not 1st half o….LMAO
      Now it is the referee…LMAO. Thank God the Jamaicans too were blacks…LMAO. Otherwise they would have added their usual card of racism to it….LMAO.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Idiot bring the highlight here for people to see. You’re such a shameless fake person….. I have never seen a man like you before, if this is how fake you are then I’m sorry to say you’ll live a miserable pity life. As much as possible keeping it real will save you and your ass! For those who follow you blindly without much verification I sorry for them. That’s all I have to say before calling it a day as I have better things doing than engaging with a low life online!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Look at this filthy lying bastard coming to tell us lies here….LMAO. Pls how has this your crap reply justified all the lies you are telling us now…?…LMAO.

          Between you and I who should be shameless…LMAO. Between you and I who is fake..? Look at this idiot looking like an IDP camp inmate that claims to be living in a penthouse but couldn’t even afford to watch the game…LMAO.

          You too why cant you put the highlights here to back up your lies…LMAO. Idiot.

          When it is time to tell lies they will be all over the forum, but when it is tiem to defend their lies thay will suddenly have something doing.

          Filthy Bastard has no back up for all his lies other than to attack my personality…LMAO. You think everyone is a wretched wannnabe like you on this forum…?!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    On a second thought we need to be honest as nation else we will never move forward. Can we boast that Rohr will win the next Afcon even with all our players scoring goals in turns every weekend? Can Rohr take us to the next world cup talk less of reaching the second round? my answer is No because Rohr is on the decline that I will even choose Japan over Nigeria on a realistic technical view. As long as Rohr remains the coach with all the dirty administrative drama I will not expect anything from Nigeria to save myself of any heart break.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      And you will be terribly disappointed. Your comments here show that you’re just a pathetic emotional sentimental fair weather beer parlor football fan. First of all how the Article take concern Rohr?? In a match the SuperFalcons put every foot wrong you’re here talking rubbish about how the girls were tired after long trip, but you won’t say anything about the SuperEagles only coming to camp 2 days before we face Cameroon. Sentimental hypocrisy is a disease eating both you and some other morons like you up.

    • KangA 3 years ago

      @Chima E Samuels
      No need to wallow in despondency, really. Go down memory lane. This man took us from 70 to 16. And qualified us for competitions without hassles. And then we suddenly became Oliver Twist, asking for more! That’s not bad in itself, but we shouldn’t forget our history (Bob Marley). Why hang the man for friendly games we were not really disgraced in? Would the Indomitable lions boast they’ve finally found the formula to solve the “Nigerian problem?” The more you look, the less you see!

      Pinnick is a very smart man. He gave us Joe, to ensure that Rohr finishes his duties. I have no doubt that Rohr will deliver in Cameroon 2022.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Kanga read the lines very well you’ll see my words carefully used “Rohr is on the decline”….. Living in the past will not help the future. I will always choose now over yesterday…. Rohr is on the decline and he is killing great talents by not either inviting them or not giving them a chance over boring ones. Take a look at Izu whose highlights caught us like a glue with decent play but he opted for Valentine whose passing was nothing to write home about causing panic beat from the back. Markus, Moffi, Olayinka, Kelechi, Onuachu all under utilized. A good coach will bring out the best in his players.

        I watched South Africa local coach in the absence of the first and second main coach due to Covid sickness use a team of 8 new youthful players in his first eleven conquer the main team of Uganda with no excuses. In the first half the team had no shot and was loosing by a goal but the second half was a different master stroke, they eventually won the match. Can the same be said of Rohr technical input? NOOOooooo

        I leave it here because I realize in life everyone has their own views and that is what makes us who we are in the end and how we feel in the inside as well.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Mumu, so why didnt your southafrica qualify for AFCON in a group that had sudan and sao tome…? LMAO. They should go and use their 3-1 win over Uganda to qualify for AFCON na. FYI majority of the team used in the friendly where the ones going to Tokyo for the Olympics. That match was strategically used to help them fine tune their preparations for the tournament. The team was led by the U23 coach and not just anybody.

          Rohr does not have technical input but has the highest win ratio of any SE ever…LMAO. He doesnt have any technical input yet we qualify for tournaments with games to spare by winning the matches that matter most….LMAO. Maybe it was your father that was giving him the tactics he has used to win all the games he has won as SE coach….lmao

          • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

            South Africa were unlucky to miss out on Afcon. Mind you, when Nigeria also missed out on Afcons that South Africa played in… No biggie.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            You dont miss out of 3 of 4 consecutive AFCONs because you are unlucky…..That was where we were before, thanks to the wonderful tactically savvy 94 squad guadiolas we had as coaches back then.
            Ability to win the games that matter most is the hallmark of a good coach. Rohr knows which matches to be serious about and which ones to no give a damn about…that is why he has lasted this long and no one can find any reasons to legitimately sack him.
            I’ve never seen/heard a coach sacked because he didnt win friendlies…LMAO. Even the friendlies we lost it wasnt that we were overan by our opponents (who were formidable foes) the way Jamaica was running rings around us last night (by the way Jamiaca is about 20 places below Nigeria in the FIFA rankings).
            Yet we come with all sorts of firearms and fictitious inuendos just because the coach didnt feed our fantasies…LMAO. I never knew there was a medal for winning friendly matches…LMAO.
            There is no team in African that can boast now that it will definitely win next year’s AFCON, we can only have favorites at this moment of which Nigeria is still very much amongst the favorites.
            And Yes, I am confident we can win the AFCON. We came close in 2019 with same coach, so who says we cant go a step further in 2022…? Anybody that isnt confident can turn off his TV when the tournament commences in Cameroon. Its not a must that we must share their hate-filled pessimism with them. Nor be by force…!!!

          • Dr drey please stop responding that idiot called chima or China i have come to realise that he is just seeking attention here,but i bet him he can never be recognised here because his dislikes are more than likes because he has nothing to contribute here and the worst part of it is that he is claiming to be an Igbo,i wonder where that one is coming from

    • “…Can we boast that Rohr will win the next Afcon even with all our players scoring goals in turns every weekend?…”

      Oga abeg if I may ask, ever since they have been scoring goals in turns every week, how many elite European clubs that are (i.e UCL, EPL, LALIGA,SERIE A, BUNDESLIGA, LIGUE 1 bonafide contenders) sees them good enough to cash in their money?

      Our goal”demons” in Europe are scoring meaningless goals…..

      Salah didn’t score up to 30 goals in a season for AS ROMA before LIVERPOOL came for him……

      MAHREZ didn’t score 50goals for LECEISTER B4 MAN CITY can splash their dollars on him….

      MANE didn’t have to score goals in turn when he was at SOUTHERNTOM b4 LIVERPOOL came calling….

      PEPE only scored about 20 something goals for LILLE and the rest is history….

      How many goals did the likes of DROGBA, ETO, KALOU, MIKEL, KANU, AUBA etc scored when they were in average teams B4 a bigger club splashed milions of pounds on???

      We just like deceiving ourselves…..

      Talent, talent, talent, talent…..
      Is it only we the Nigerian fans that are seeing this our “mega talents” players???

      Why is it that teams like. CHELSEA, ARSENAL, MAN U, LIVERPOOL, MAM CITY, (even SPURS), BARCA, MADRID, ATM, JUVENTUS, MILAN CLUBS, BAYERN, DORTMUND, PSG don’t come for our goal demons and self acclaimed stars???

      Our best player that can even attract a bigger club is playing for LECEISTER that can’t even hold on to their UCL spot to the end of the season….

      Why should we keep on deceiving ourselves when we & the whole world knows that these boys are just average players that only have the national team as their achieved dreams….

      Let’s see which of these self and hungry fans acclaimed stars CAF will put in their first XI apart from NDIDI….

      SENEGAL, ALGERIA, MOROCCO, IVORY COAST will surely have at least 2 Representatives….

      Nigeria only have stars, goal demons, goal machines, senior people….

      Untill we stop this hype and unnecessary comparism, we’ll not produce any African Best player for the next 4 or 5 yrs…..

      Those people we were busy hyping right from 2013 till date where are they???

      People that we didn’t even hear their names existence during this period Just pop up from nowhere and gain recorgnition more than our hungry fans acclaimed stars/talents….

      They are now in the forefront contending for CAR BEST AWARDS while our own are busy scoring useless goalse every week….

      Untill we learned to say the truth as it is, we will continue this trend for the next couple of years…..


      :::: SHALOM;;::;

  • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

    Well said @Chima E Samuels. you are highly regarded. Rohr is on the decline and nobody can deny that. This is eye sickness (Arun Oju). What is saving Rohr’s bacon is the fact that he has met his target of qualifying Niger for d afcon. The stupid NFF failed to emphasis outcomes of friendly games as a parameter in his targets. If they did, Rohr will already be history and Aphilo Philo would have given me that -N- 1,000 Etisalat sub. Ariba!!!!!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Baba no be small thing o…. For sure i know we still have real gems out there who have the interest of the nation at heart and having to deal with this nuisance is something we have being facing for ages and will keep facing till thy kingdom come. Saw how you dis-harmed one of them the other day that he couldn’t keep up with. More power to your elbow as we hope for revolution one day. For now na to sit-down look Baba, ex internationals too who have close tie experience with the game have also been talked down on by this cheap hoodlums for speaking out….. Gracias Ringmybell

  • OKPONKU 3 years ago

    Shock is an understatement Mr writer , they were really taught a lesson. The jamaicans even lost a penalty which could have made it over wallopping of the Super falcons. Bcos of this current NFF Naija football both men/women team have been going down. Olympic is here at conner and no Naija soccer Team. A country where things never done in the right way, the best ones are been put aside for the wrong ones. The greatest shock will be attained on Sunday against Portugal.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      My brother Rohr is the cause…LMAO. He’s the reason we dont have Nigerian teams at this olympics…LMAO.
      We dont want to hear stories on Sunday. The Falcons must defeat Portugal….finis and klaar. If this falcons cannot defeat a team that has only qualified for the European women’s championship once since 1984 and couldnt even make it out of their group, then I give up on them.
      There was a time we would stand toe to toe with Germany, there was a time we would defeat England 3-0 in London in the peak of winter after 1 training session. We dont want silly excuses anymore.
      That senseless he-goat up there even wanted to add the referee into his bag of lies as if we didnt watch the match….LMAO. Thank God the Jamaicans too were blacks, otherwise the fool would have gone on and on with his conspiracy of racism and FIFA hating blacks…LMAO

  • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

    @Chima, even Rohr knows he hasn’t done well since signing a new contract. If this continues, his position will be up for debate. Everyone is watching. Rohr must deliver or must be shown the door. Enough is enough of mediocrity. Ariba!!!!!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    In all sincerity the girls were not completely overwhelmed by the Jamaicans. They were really totally disjointed in their buildups. This are just friendlies and test matches/tournament anyway. However, this team seriously need Oparanozie back in the fold. It is good to see that we now have a few foreign born players in the team. Hopefully they continue to improve especially with AFCON qualifiers against Ghana coming up. This tournament should be a good experience for them and this coach going forward. My problem with some hypocrites is how the situation take concern Rohr??

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Exactly my brother. Im not also bothered about the friendlies, because that’s what they are for….testing and experimenting. Any kind of results must be expected.

      But what is so laughable is the way these hypocrites are now bringing up excuses as if anybody send them message…LMAO. Their conscience is judging them…LMAO. The same excuses they didnt want to accept for the SE under same circumstances is what they are now peddling here for the SF, worse still a loss that could have even been worse ( to a team 20 places below them on the FIFA rankings) if Jamaica were to be more prudent with their chances, compared to the SE who were the better team in both matches over Cameroon.
      The falcons were missing first team players….where the SE too not missing 1st team players…?!
      The falcons struggled to raise a proper team….did the SE also not have a similar crises…?!
      That good for nothing wretched fool that calls himself chima made things worse with all those lies and conspiracy theories he’s trying to feed us with here as if we didn’t watch the game…Lol.
      I just hope the team makes amends vs Portugal. There is no reason in the world why we shouldn’t defeat Portugal….unless we want to be made to believe its only the likes of Uzbekistan and Equatorial Guinea we are better than.

  • That Chime E Samuel and omo9ja is a big fool.den no get same at all

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Funny to say when i make my views i move on from it and don’t have to come back to see mediocre response because i know my country is flooded with low thinkers, composed of negative energy to defend and live in such cheap ideas.
    Few reasonable citizens will not be proud to dwell within this sort of beings as well but we can’t fault God for making us nationals of this strange nation.

    And let’s say I glanced through some funny abuses from these charlatans including ones who i don’t know from Adam. All I can do is smile because even on websites we see highly rated content being talked down on by weak minds, let’s say you guys fall in this category so my dears i am not moved by your cowardice and naivety one bit.

    For the few realistic guys who are termed haters of Rohr folks let’s keep glowing in our respective angles and watched this weirdos dwell in the water of failure. Morons keep the hate coming ad watch your fails pile up you know yourselves as you thumb-down your miserable lives below.

    • Mr Ringmybell 3 years ago

      @Chima my guy, don’t you ever worry about their thumbs down for it will never phase us. If they like let them continue to worship mediocrity as we will worship meritocracy. What I fail to realize is how fellow Nigerians can be so hostile to the views of others. This scourge has to stop. It is not wrong for you to question why a coach that failed woefully in Niger and Gabon is worshipped religiously in Nigeria. He did well in his first contract and for that we say thank you and goodbye. There is nothing wrong with expressing this view. The problem we have Chima is that Rohr has met his target of qualifying for next year’s Afcon so in truth, we don’t have a leg to stand on. But even in qualifying, he shamelessly failed to beat Sierra Leone over 2 legs. His foot soldiers will come out to say at least he qualified with 2 games to spare which again makes it impossible for us to have a case against this man. So, the pro-Rohrs continue to have one over us but alas, when he starts to fail in world cup qualifiers, I will never let Dr Drey and Aphilo off the hook. I will hunt them day and night and even appear to them in their sleep until they tender unreserved apologies for all the hell they put us through on this platform. E mi ni daddy won. So for now Chima, they have their day. Rohr has showed that he is tactically inept and not able to rise to the occasion. All he does is qualify for tournaments with games to spare only to celebrate bronze medal. Na bronze we go chop. Aphilo and Dr Drey may be satisfied we broze but senior men like you and I Chima will never settle for less. That is why I will prefer to fraternize with great men like you than to move with Dr Drey and Aphilo. I am their daddy anyway.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahah…you make your views and move on, but your replies to comments are all over the place….it seems you are blind…LMAO. You make you views and move on but you still came back here to comment on this one….LMAO. I’ve never seen anyone who lies to himself like this fool….LMAO

      Filthy liar, you move on when you cannot prove your lies…..you move on when you on when you have been busted. You move on when the conversation has gone beyond what you low IQ can carry…LMAO.

      When it is time to tell lies or brag about wealth that you dont have, you will be all over the forum…LMAO…but when it is time to defend your lies you will suddenly have something doing……hallmark of every lying bastard. Our people say “The liars witnesses are always in heaven”

      It is now you know you dont know those “charlatans” from Adam. Idiot. When you are here telling them you will beat them up, dem go collect, you will feed their families (beacuse you feed your poverty stricken family), talking to them in condescending fashion, do you know them from Adam then…?

      Cheap wannabe…LMAO. I live in a penthouse…..I feed my brothers (same brothers you once lied to us here that they all live in Europe and are doing well…..LMAO)…..I live abroad….. Illiterate Idiot. Go and tell that to your children….LMAO. Since your parents refused to raise you well, we will raise you properly on this forum.

      Arrogant for nothing fool….LMAO

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      In one fell swoop, bloody liar says “…i make my views i move on from it and don’t have to come back to see mediocre response….” and then turns round to say “….I glanced through some funny abuses from these charlatans including ones who i don’t know from Adam….” ALL IN ONE POST….LMAO.

      The same fool that makes his views and moves on and doesnt come back to see mediocre response replied responses 5 times and came back 4 hours later to make this imbecilic post. Yet he makes his comments and moves on …….LMAO

      One man lies so well he even lies to himself….LMAO. Arrogant for nothing fool

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