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Letting The Pros Explain: Gambling Vs Sports Betting

Letting The Pros Explain: Gambling Vs Sports Betting

Gambling and sports betting are two related but distinct activities that involve risking money on an uncertain outcome. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some differences between gambling and betting.

Some choose to gamble, and others bet depending on their preferences and interests. Some may enjoy the excitement and unpredictability of gambling, while others may prefer the strategy and skill involved in betting. Let’s see the difference between them and which one fits you better.

Is it always about luck?


The main difference between gambling and betting is the nature of the activity. Gambling refers to games of chance, such as slot machines, roulette, or craps. The end result is determined mainly by luck.

In contrast, betting typically involves placing a wager on the outcome of a tournament, such as a sports game or horse race, where the result is influenced by skill or knowledge, as well as luck. Some believe that you can learn strategies for casino games and increase your winning chances. However, others are sceptical and prefer seeking wagering opportunities based on facts and an ounce of luck.

Numerous mathematicians and ancient physicians created numbers sequels or formulae that work perfectly for casino games. For example, you can use the Fibonacci sequel or Martingale strategy for any table game. Using a betting system gives you a better chance of winning or at least not overspending.

Sports betting is seen as more logical because you can determine some information and a possible outcome based on the athletes’ latest performances. For example, you can always check what engines, pool positions and average leap time any F1 driver has before placing a wager. However, you can’t predict accidents, their physical condition or if the weather changes drastically.

Gambling with a twist of betting

Casinos have games of chance and games of skill. Poker and blackjack are skill games. Dice games, roulette, and slots rely on luck. Simply said, card games require some playing skills, from knowing the rules, and top card combinations, to body language and fast decision-making. This is why they are considered betting games rather than pure gambling.

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Bonuses make your experience better


One of the foremost common grounds in casino activities is promotions. These bonuses offered by most gambling websites come as a helping hand for players, raising their winning chances.

When gambling, you can find a wide variety of bonuses, from free ones to those requiring you to deposit just a small amount of money before playing. Studies show that people open multiple casino accounts to get the free spins bonus, and some even win. Even though online casinos do not encourage this practice, they can’t do much if a person wants to try out a slot game without paying.

In sports and esports betting, offers are more complex. Usually, they refer to a specific event, a series of losing bets or deposit money. For the first category, you will find numerous rewards for global tournaments in soccer, basketball, golf and sometimes American football. The second and third categories are somehow similar. You get money back after losing or winning a series of bets.

For example, you bet $300 on multiple Tottenham FC games and lose each bet. The bonus you’re using is a 10% cashback reward for a series of losing bets. After all the requirements are met, you get $30 deposited in your betting account.

Combined rewards

It’s not uncommon for online casinos offering sports betting odds to have combined bonuses. This means you can get free limited spins for a specific slot game (or several slots) and some cashback bonus for a sports event.

These rewards help new players adjust to both casino games and sports odds faster and more securely due to not having to pay too much to try them. However, they are most commonly as Welcome Bonuses rather than seasonal offers.


Regarding popularity, it is difficult to say which is more trendy. This may vary depending on the region or culture. Numerous countries restrict access to gambling but allow sports betting or skill casino games. Some parts even have different taxation systems for money won from casino activities.

Sports betting is indeed significant and widespread. It is even part of some states’ culture and history. For example, the Commonwealth states are the biggest fans of horse and greyhound races, but Easter European countries prefer football and Formula 1 races.

Casino games still need to be fully legalised. Eough fall under a grey area in multiple jurisdictions but these are still popular. The global gambling market is one of the fewest that didn’t decrease during the lockdown. Studies show that over 70% of online users play slots and about 8% roulette, so it’s safe to say that slot games are the most popular within the casino industry.

Even if betting and gambling are different, you cannot fully separate them from one another. They refer to similar activities, only the perspective and the process are different, but the essence is identical.

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