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Liga NOS Virtual: Draft Leagues — The time is NOW!

Liga NOS Virtual: Draft Leagues — The time is NOW!

With 30 gameweeks to go, now is the perfect time to start your Draft League, the most exciting fantasy game mode.

The 2020–21 Liga NOS season is still in its beginning, but it also reached the perfect timing to start a Liga NOS Virtual Draft League with your friends.

To be able to accomplish this, commissioners of each league must ensure that the Draft is scheduled before this Friday, the 23th of October. And take into account that the moment of the Draft should be done on our web platform.

If by now, you are still wondering what a Draft League is, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. A 10-user league, with unique teams defined by an online draft, a championship model that mimics reality, an open transfer market and playoffs to finish the season, it’s where intensive users get their kicks off in a perfect setting for tremendously competitive private leagues.

In the Draft Model, each league has 10 participants. You can invite 9 friends or open a Public League and expect 9 other users to join or join a public league already created. Each of your League’s 10 teams will have a unique squad, with no players repeated between them. Each round is played as a real round, one on one, in the fight for the 3 points.

But we are going to explain everything by stitches, so you don’t get away with anything.

> How It All Starts <

On our web platform, you go to Home and choose the “Create Team” option. When you are picking the competition, the Liga NOS Virtual card will have two buttons: “Play Classic” and “Play Draft”. Press the second option. Then you just have to follow the steps to create your own Draft League. If it was a friend of yours who created the league, all you must do is join by inserting the token he gave you.

> The Draft Mode <

The time of the Draft is probably the most exciting moment in the fantasy league world. The 10 league participants are randomly ordered and choose, in the order set, a player for their squad. Each user has 1 minute and a half for each choice. When the 10 participants have chosen its first player, the order goes back. The 10th pick again, then the 9th and so on until the first. And the order goes back and forth until all the teams have completed their 14-man rosters.

> The Gameweeks <

After the squads are made, the Draft League kicks off on the next day. If you draft in the middle of a day, you don’t start counting points until the next. The players’ scoring system is the same as the Classic Model. The main difference of the Draft League is that it has direct confrontations instead of playing against all teams. Imagine that your team scored 50 points, but your opponent of the gameweek made 51. He gets 3 points, and you get zero. Even if in the other games in your league, no one’s done more than you, what really matters is the direct confrontation. Gameweek by gameweek, you don’t have to be better than the other 9 participants. You just have to be better than your opponent.

> The Market And Exchanges <

In a Draft League, the market never closes. You can hire free players (who are not in any of the 10 teams of the league) until the moment their team starts playing. After the real football game starts, all the free players of those clubs move to the state of waiver. In addition to free players, you can trade with other teams in your league. If your team is too strong in the attack but weak in the defense, you can propose a trade with another participant. You give one of your forwards and ask for a defender in return. Of course, the other team can refuse the exchange, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

> How It Ends (Play-Off) <

The commissioner of a Draft League defines, when he creates it, whether it will have Play-Off or not. If not, the league plays out in a normal way until the end and the team that finish first is crowned the champion. This can cause the champion to be decided before the end of the competition, just like in real life. But if the commissioner decides that there is a Play-Off, then the excitement lasts until the last round! The Play-Off takes place in the last three rounds of the league and it includes the top six participants. The first and second-placed are automatically cleared for the semi-finals. From third to sixth, they play the quarterfinals. The two winners of these games move on to the semi-finals, where they will face the first and second. And the winners of the semi-finals play the final in the last gameweek. What this means is that, even if you finish the regular season in 6th place, you have a chance to be champion if you win the Play-Off!

> To Conclude <

With 30 gameweeks to go in Liga NOS Virtual classic mode, this fits perfectly with three 9-week turns within your Draft League (27 gameweeks) and 3 weeks for playoffs, accounting for 30 rounds in your virtual mini-Liga NOS. The fight is intense, the victory is tastier and the defeat often decided in detail, is hard to swallow. If the gameplay looks complicated, don’t be scared. There’s no better way to learn than to play. And after you try this model, we’re pretty sure you don’t want anything else.

So, what are you waiting for? Open our web platform, create your Draft League and invite your friends. If you need help filling out your league, make it available to the public and just wait for fellow users to sign up for it.

Good luck,

The RealFevr team

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