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Live Blogging: Ghana Vs Nigeria – 2022 WCQ playoffs, Ist Leg

Live Blogging: Ghana Vs Nigeria – 2022 WCQ playoffs, Ist Leg

This is Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the 2022 FIFA World Cup African qualifiers playoffs first leg between the Black Stars of Ghana and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium, Kumasi, Ghana.

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  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    Alhamdulilah the day is finally here. Fellow Nigerians, let’s pray for Super Eagles. Nigeria is winning this match today in sha Allah. Amin. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 3 months ago

      With what i saw in the match against Ghana today, I must be honest with you Nigerians, the coaching crew have nothing to offer Nigeria.

      They blew the opportunity in today’s match. Ghana did not play anything.

      Also, that incident in the 18 yard box wasn’t a penalty but the hand ball was. The referee did not go to VAR to watch the hand ball but he could do the opposite on that second incident. African referees still don’t have whatever it takes to be among the best refs in the world.

      Indeed, we need a foreign coach if we qualify for the World Cup.

      We can not go far with these coaches at the world cup.

      Oga Rohr did his best but still, he wasn’t the best for Nigeria while have our own lacks Technicality of the game. We should have won this game today but you can’t give what you don’t have. Our own are not convincing me yet.

      Moses fall my hand for missing such a chance in such a game while Nacho, Amaju Pinnick son did nothing in today’s match. What was he on that pitch?

      Uzoho? Very impressive in today’s match. Francis Onyeka did well. The way it is, Super Eagles have putting themselves in a tight position to go to Qatar. It is not over yet until it’s over.

      Until the coaching crew putting the sentiments aside and select the right players. We have the squad to finished the job in Baba Yara’s stadium today but the coaching crew letting the team and Nigerians down.

      Please as I said before, limit your expectations Nigerians.

      Am not impressed with the performance of the Super Eagles against Ghana period. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ghana 0 vs 3 Nigeria

  • Any link please

  • Adebambo Sanya 3 months ago

    Pls I need link to watch

  • Any link please.

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    Any link plsss…..Hesgoal decided to mess up when it is Nigeria vs Ghana match. Na wa for these Ghanians.

    • KingSam 3 months ago

      I also noticed this mess up during Nigeria VS Tunisia in the AFCON

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    ESPN plus

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    ESPN plus bawooo????? if u go help help dont type nonsense

  • Ghana commanding the game so far! Nigeria is finding it difficult to click two or three passes together. Moses Simon playing nonsense so far. He’s had unsuccessful dribblings so far. It’s better he play with the team.

  • William d conqueror 3 months ago

    House how is the game going? hope naija is on top?

  • Jones 3 months ago

    Get Iheanacho out of there.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    ESPN plus if you can pay for the subscription. Not many other outlets are streaming it live

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    Blame Eguaveon we ve given them the midfield

  • Adebambo Sanya 3 months ago

    @Ozo this link is a mirage. Absolutely unpleasant to watch. Anyone with a clear link biko

  • The Super Eagles has refused to play this game. Probably their last bonus has not been paid.

  • Eguavoen is a shit coach! Yes!!!

  • JimmyBall 3 months ago

    Eguaveon is a mechanic…

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      Really?? Lmao! But we’re not losing this game today.

  • Ikeben 3 months ago

    Ghana is controling the midfield. Winning all the one to one battles.

    Uzoho Just saved us now. Eguavon has to change formation, this is not working.

  • Edmund Dami 3 months ago

    What’s Iheanacho doing there? Nothing. You don’t put out a 2nd eleven team for a game of this sort. Eguavoen should reorder his lineup. Odion, Amoo, Lookman should be drafted in right now. This is a match we can’t afford to draw.

  • Larry 3 months ago

    I’ll repeat, Ekong, Chukwueze and Iheanacho have no business in this team…

    • What is Simon and Aribo playing?

      We have a very pacy striker yet our Midfielders have not been able to set up one counter for him. Simon had the opportunity to release the balls, he chose to dribble and loose the ball about 3 different occasions.

      Eguavoen, take out Iheanacho, play 3 Midfielders and one Striker to balance this game.

  • Respect IS RECIPROCAL 3 months ago

    Egu is making the mistake what is iheanacho doing in the field i want to know his role because obviously there is no link between the midfield and attackers

  • We don make mouth pass this nonsense SE dey give us o. No shot on goal for 30 minutes. I’m ashamed.

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    From the little I’ve been watching it seems they are bossing the midfield…Not a good play from Nigeria so far.

  • Moses Simon just keep dribbling himself.

  • Otumale 3 months ago

    Ekong is doing alright but Moses and Iheanacho have to be substituted immediately otherwise Ghana goes the broke.

  • Iheanacho has always come from the bench even while at Leicester. He’s not adding anything at all, every kick wrong. Substitutions coach please.

  • Ola Aina the best Eagles player this half

  • Ikeben 3 months ago

    Our boys have weathered the storm and are playing better now.

  • FRANCIS 3 months ago

    All those calling for bonke can see he is useless, the midfield is gone. Ihenacho and chukwueze needs to leave the pitch, they not doing anything. Are we now saying the nations cup attack of awoniyi is better than what we seeing

    • What game are you watching? I think u are just biased. Most Ghana will get from this game is a draw!

      • Henry Ekwa 3 months ago

        Please shut up. What do you mean? For 45mins Bonke is taking the game back to the defense, a midfielder should link up with the attack. These guys are useless and the coach needs to make substitutions. I really don’t know why he wants to achieve with 2nd 11 players anyway.

      • FRANCIS 3 months ago

        Same game I want to believe you watching, except you listening to commentaries. Bonke is crap and am repeating it again. He has allowed partey to command the midfield.

  • Harvey Adama 3 months ago

    Moses simon will soon dribble the spectators. Too much dribbling no aim. He is not feeding Osimhen with balls so how is he going to score?

  • Sammy 3 months ago

    Omo this game is atrocious. We’re not pressing, and we’re also not holding. We’re not even marking in midfield. Only God knows why Iheanacho is in this game; when we need an extra man in midfield.

    It seems to me like these players have gotten worse since the Afcon.

  • Super eagles appear to be playing better now.

  • Half time

  • JimmyBall 3 months ago

    I can’t see our outing so far as fault of players… Eguaveon just don’t know shit about midfield play. What is Iheanacho doing playing where he is playing?

  • James 3 months ago

    Thanks man… hesgoal bleep up sha

  • Respect is reciprocal 3 months ago

    I don’t expect eagles to dominate the midfield because it is an away game but bonke is porous each time he keeps going back to defense when he is suppose to match the Ghanian in the midfield so as not to allow them come inside . Now someone needs to come in that can link the midfield to the attack and etebo can do that then i didn’t see Lookman on the list of bench players

    • Golden Child 3 months ago

      I also agree, etebo needs to come in and iheanacho out. Move Aribo further up close to Victor Osimhen. Bonke has been ok so far, he made several blocks that could have resulted into a goal.

      I will then wait a few mins and bring on lookman & dennis.

  • Proudly 3 months ago

    Guys if u want to watch the game just go to youtube and type in ghana vs nigeria. Its on fifa tv

  • Chris 3 months ago

    Stopped watching after 20mins. Them wan give me BP.
    They are playing beautiful nonsense

  • Ololo 3 months ago

    Our midfield is poor.. aribo and bonke needs help.. etebo is badly needed.. I just can’t believe we can be this poor with the talent we have..

    Cerozo obviously doesn’t have what it takes, in the days of rohn it was never this bad..

    I want to see lookman, Denis ,igahalo in the second half

  • Abbas 3 months ago

    Chai 45mins no goal. Iheanacho is useless and in fact, Moses and Bonke should be sent out of the pitch. But who will tell the coach???

  • Uzoho dey try sha. Look sharper than the Oyinbo

    • Asiwaju 3 months ago

      That shot he parried out would have gone in, if na that oyinbo boy dey post.

  • Michael Adelami 3 months ago

    You guys should not complain ooooo.
    You wanted to swim and sink with your own. Even a blind man can see that 442 is not a way to go.
    Bring out iheanacho and let etebo or onyeka come in tighten the midfield and then push aribo forward.
    We can all see his movements on the ball.
    It is well

  • Proudly 9ja 3 months ago

    Ghana are not playing anything in my view. Bonke has been solid to be honest. He is breaking up play which is what he was brought in to do. I haven’t seen anything from Partey, he has been rendered useless by Aribo. Even Kudus isn’t doing anything, other than a few flashes initially he has been anonymous. The only player remotely playing for ghana is dia #7 and the holdong midfielder idrissu baba. On the 9ja side, like someone said earlier the SE have weathered the storm and we are playing alot better. I agree moses simon and iheanacho have been poor or average. They need to be taken off for onyeka or etebo and Lookman to add bite to the team. Aribo can then be asked to fill the void of iheanacho. Give chukwueze additional 10mins and replace him with Dennis and we will carry the day. Later in the match like the 75min replace aribo with Umar to kill off ghana. Just my opinion

  • JimmyBall 3 months ago

    Aribo should play AM and either Etebo/Onyeka/Shehu pairs Bonke in a double pivot and we shift to 4-2-3-1… That’s our only chance!

  • beejay 3 months ago

    pls share second half link

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    hesgoal is back on HD too

  • Andrew 3 months ago

    I specifically called for Iheanacho’s inclusion but I must say he fall my hand in no small measure. Coach we need a winning team in the 2nd half.

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    A good coach would remove iheanacho by now, what is he waiting for!

  • Chuxs 3 months ago

    That shot he parried out would have gone in, if na that oyinbo boy dey post.

  • footballfanatic 3 months ago

    Moses Simon is horrible today..Iheanacho plays the worst when expectations are high.

  • Bello 3 months ago

    May be the coach wants to test the 2nd eleven team before deploying our 1st eleven otherwise I can’t understand what is happening in Kumasi so far.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Simon has been rubbish. He can never influence an important match how ca you miss such a chance?? Those blaming Nacho he’s actually one of our best players today

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    I give up on Eguavoen! How can you remove Aribo???????

  • FRANCIS 3 months ago

    I see the north Africans going to the world cup.

  • Larry 3 months ago

    OMG!!! Seriously ..
    This cerezo is really on drugs..
    Why remove Aribo instead of Iheanacho… Aribo has done really far better than the combination of Moses, Iheanacho and Chukwueze.

  • Algeria went and defeat Cameroon at home so how can we go to Ghana to draw? How??

  • Haha Egu nawa for you. You commot our only creative player lol.

  • The Aribo sub is unbelievable. Eguavoen why???

  • Proudly 9ja 3 months ago

    Eguavon please bring in Lookman for iheanacho biko. He can add something. Iheanacho has been useless so far. Simon had a glorious chance and couldnt convert.

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    This coach has killed the game!

    • @Golden Child what are you trying to do here. Eguavoen should take us to the World Cup period. He selected a solid team. When Iwobi comes back with Ndidi we will even be stringer. And the players he brought did admirable. Frank Onyeka played far better than Joe Aribo

  • gznxnx 3 months ago

    I am yet to understand how this dude will remove Aribo in this tight game!!!!

  • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

    Eguavoe probably wants to sell this game lol

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    Eguavoen sold this game.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 months ago

    Penalty for 9ja

  • onwajunior 3 months ago

    How can u sub our best player?
    Penarity ooooo

  • Proudly 9ja 3 months ago

    God punish VAR. Penalty disallowed

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Yeeee!!! See ojoro!! How is that not a penalty?

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Onyeka should be starting for the SuperEagles

  • DANURCHMAN 3 months ago

    Honestly, as bad as we thought Rohr was, Rohr would have easily won this game in Kumasi, because, it is evident that even the Ghanain team can’t play much. This should have been victory on a platter of gold for Nigeria. Chai!

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      U lying to urself tho

      • @Selfmade so your Kumasi stadium is not a slaughter house after all. But now we will welcome you in Abuja on Tuesday and then we shall see.

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          We ll see!! I told u ur team is overrated and overhyped

          Besides the Ghanaian team is more talented than the Nigerians

          Ghanaian players are talented

          • Talented! And you can win in front if your intimidating fans and your so-called “slaughter ground” Baba Yara stadium? You are a big joker. I thought you were boasting with your “maja dancing clowns” that you will beat SE 6-1 because Baba Yara will play the football for BS?

            By Tuesday night you will disappear into you cocoon and won’t interlope in CSN as you have been doing since February.

  • We should maintain this final 5 minutes line up in Abuja. Hopefully we will qualify. Ghana 0 Nigeria 0 Final score line today.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      It was a great game!! Is anybodys game in Abuja

      • Mr. Nice 3 months ago

        Hahaha… So your mama Yara stadium did not give you 6 goals today…. We will address your matter on Tuesday.

        • Honestly!

          So this useless SelfNonsense came back here after this match. Make sure u are back on Tuesday aswell. Anumanu!

          • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

            Am fucking here u stupid idiot

            Ur team is overrated and this game is still open and tossed up

            We can clinch the qualifier in Abuja afterall in Abuja Nigeria has to open up and we ll see

            U had like ten men behind the ball in ghana but in Abuja u lll open up and we can score too

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          Keep on yupping!! Didn’t u said that ur team is wining home and away!!

          The game is there for the taking

          U happy right, be sad

          • Edoman 3 months ago

            selfmade, you are welcome to crocodile mouth at our Abuja. l warned you. After today, your mouth will be short forever.

      • Ndubest 3 months ago

        So this idiot @selfmade king you have mouth to talk? Don’t worry Tuesday is not far we will settle matters then

      • Dondada 3 months ago

        @ selfmade You are a complete asshole..where you not the idiot committing rubbish about beating us silly in that village pitch.The ghana team is a clueless team ,we would have this game since if not that clueless Eguavoen

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          U stupid son of bitch

          Didn’t u said that ur team ll win home and away!!

          U human scumbag

          Ur team is overrated and we can beat u in Abuja afterall Nigeria will open up in Abuja

          Bloody swine

          • Dondada 3 months ago

            Your mother is a monkey just like you are..We all know you are one short ugly pigmy who has been hunger stricken for days and living in the shitthole called Ghana.. Now Will you wanker crawl back into that tiny hole you belong. Dickhead

          • Jide Dola 3 months ago

            Why did you leave your brain and started thinking with your ass. The game should have opened your eyes if you have brain that your Ghana team can penetrate to get a goal. Rubbish Eguavoen typically played 2 midfielders and your team can’t penetrate to get a single goal. You are calling Nigeria what again. See that shit hole you call Ghana you don’t even have stair for aeroplane, see the way you are hosting press conference in canteen, in my entire life I haven’t seen this kind of press conference.

  • FRANCIS 3 months ago

    Please onyeka must start the second leg. That bonke was useless to the core. See how the tempo changed once he came in. We just gave the midfield away. With all the attacking prowess at our disposal, we did nothing with it. The guy that crossed that ball at the last minute should have pushed in further. Well the ball is in our court on tuesday

  • gnznxc 3 months ago

    we escaped like a bird!

  • Respect is reciprocal 3 months ago

    I don’t understand why iheanacho lasted the whole duration he played nothing and i mean nothing i wont be surprised if NFF got a new coach after we qualify. Our newbies are not ready for AFRICAN football yet they still need to be gradually introduced to gain experience and exposure to African football. Beating them in Abuja shouldn’t be a problem

  • Rumalo 3 months ago

    So busy, channel pls.

  • I am happy with a draw Nigerians please stop calling for the head of the coach you people have started with your self sabotaging nonsense now. For me Onyeka, Etebo, Lookman, Bassey and Dennis must start in the next game.

    • Legendary 3 months ago

      This is the only right thing I’ve seen you write on this platform.

    • Dondada 3 months ago

      Bro you got no clue what you talking about. That coach is clueless.. No technical abilities at all..Just that ninja is a corrupt state..He is never to be a technical adviser of any nation team

  • footballfanatic 3 months ago

    Does the away goal rule count cuz this is dangerous not to score an away goal…

  • Until we understand how to use aribo and iheanacho, we will continue to play under strength.

    Iheanacho does not deserve first team team. Let him come from the bench. Aribo move further up in iheanacho place. Eguavon lacks head

    • FatherJP 3 months ago

      Honestly, we love pressing the self destruct button!

      We could easily have won this game or played better but I just don’t understand why IHEANACHO will be played either as a Support Striker in a 4-4-2 or the ATTACKING MIDFIELDER in a 4-3-3!

      Play ETEBO ONYEKA and ARIBO in Abuja and SE will be home and dry before some spectators step into the impressive MKO ABIOLA Stadium.

    • Bring back Rohr abeg. Wing football don tire me. Play a blocking middle man, place another box to box person beside him allowing my Aribo or any other person who can play 10 enjoy free role as attacking midfielder to link our defense with attack simple math. Osimehn just dey run dey suffer for front. They will clip your wing you still want to manage the wing. Mtcheww

  • I have always said that usoho is better than okoye.

    • Jide Dola 3 months ago

      Wait oh, this Eguavoen is like the only thing he knows is the stolen tactics from Clement westerhof. You saw that Iheanacho was not contributing anything to the midfield and we totally vlost the midfield, you can’t bring in another midfielder to replace Iheanacho. This kind coach ehn. Sebi una dey find entertainment football, una don see am.

  • Respect IS RECIPROCAL 3 months ago

    Next match we need to use two defenders etabo and frank or bonke then push ARIBO forward to complement the strikers

  • Esperon 3 months ago

    My view on the game is that an onyeka and Etebo pivot would work real good. Aribo would do better as an attacking midfielder. Calvin Bassey was solid on the Right. A plan B shift from wing play would help where maybe we have Ighalo supporting Osimhen in attack and having Dennis as an Extra body in attacking midfield so we abandon wing play and try to go direct through the middle with this 3 attackers if plan A wing play isn’t working. We start with plan A and have Ademola and Moses Simon on each wing. I didn’t really see the impact of both Dennis and Lookman when they came on. Onyeka was a stand out performer for me

  • I’m ashamed that we don’t see the technical work that Eguavoen did in this team. For the first 25min, eagles were soaking the pressure which is expected because it’s an away game. After that, eagles settled and played to their strength. The start of the second half was the same as first half as regards pressure from Ghana which was expected.
    After 10min, the game balanced and from there, it became a ding-dong affair. Those substitutions were very very correct by Eguavoen. The energy of Frank Onyeka was what we needed in place of aribo. We started dominating with the second balls which almost resulted in the penalty. For me, technically, Eguavoen did an excellent job and the team did a very professional job. The team managed the game out. I just wished they converted the numerous chances they got today. We meeuuvve. Tuesday next. Ghana must go home

    • Ololo 3 months ago

      No be only soak pressure..

      They were poor.. did you check ball possession at half time.. Ghana had 70 something percent and Yuu are talking of soaking pressure.. cerozo should keep soaking pressure till they score Nigeria

    • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

      Numerous chances????? are you for real? Truth is we didn,t create much

      • Footballfanatic 3 months ago


        • @Footballfanatic please did you watch this match and even the analysis after the match? We created good chances including the one Moses Simon missed face to face with the keeper. Onyeka chose the wrong option in the dying minutes, the cross from zaidu to oshimen which he would have used his head instead of using his leg, the chance that fell to oshimen also but didn’t connect well with it thus, it rolled to the keepers hands, just to mention a few. The two major target by Ghana were not chances but shot outside the 18 which our keeper did brilliantly well to save. My dear go back and watch the highlights again. You will understand the game better

          • Footballfanatic 3 months ago

            If you understand English or reading comprehension you will see I said we didn’t create much in reference to the individual that said numerous. The chances weren’t numerous.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Keep on bragging and leave in ur bubble!!

      This game is tossed and open and is going to be anyones game in Abuja

      Honestly Ghana with an hurriedly assembled team looked more better and a complete team than Nigeria!’

      We can beat Nigeria in Abuja

      Ghana has six debutants in the team

      • Ndubest 3 months ago

        Hmmmmm this imbecile @self destruct has started changing mouth now 6 debutant and hurriedly assembled team but you’ve boasting how you will beat us. Don’t worry am seeing another 3 goals bashing as was the last time we met at world cup qualifiyer. Mind you no away rule here so you guys must come out and play in Abuja not mama yara polo pitch.

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          U dumb as a piece of GARI lol

          Bf the match most of u over here were boasting of osimehn etc but what happened?

          Ghana with six debutants completely outplayed u and we dominated the midfield as I predicted here!!

          Ur team is overrated and overhyped and this game is far from over because eguaveon has to open up in-front of the Abuja fans on Tuesday and Ghana ll score scoring how we played tonight

          If anyone is deluded that this is over, u in a dreamland

          Btw the Ghanaian players looked more talented than the Nigerian players and is clear to each and everyone of u

          • You are a prophet. Nigerian no sabi ball

    • Golden Child 3 months ago

      Bros, You need to get a refund for your TV ooo because i am not sure we watched the same game. Cerezo’s tactically dearth was left bare for all to see today. The midfield composition was not working and that invited a lot of pressure on the team (A good coach would have won that game to be honest) and Dennis is more of a goal threat, he should have started. The Midfield never got going and that is the truth. They picked up in 2nd half after the introduction of Etebo and Frank. In Abuja, he should start with Aribo, Frank and Etebo if he is to get victory.

      The good thing is that we have seen all Ghana has to offer but we still have a lot of tricks under our sleeves. I also noticed the Coach did not list Amoo on the bench, i worry about Eguavoen’s technical sagacity.

      • @golden child,
        “I also noticed the Coach did not list Amoo on the bench, i worry about Eguavoen’s technical sagacity.” I quite agree with you on this Akinkunmi Amoo inexplicable exclusion even from the Bench in the game in Kumasi.

        Eguavoen should prepare and use the prodigous young talented attacking midfielder on Tuesday in Abuja.

    • spot on Joel. i totally agree with you on this.


  • Papafem 3 months ago

    I was very impressed by that Onyeka’s lovely skill, but completely pissed off by that hurried swing. He could have easily won the match for because three players were there to roll the ball in. That was moment we could have won the game.

    I was really amazed by the tenacity and brilliance of Bassey. He was by far better than Zaidu.

    I do hope we win in Nigeria.

  • dtouchbearer 3 months ago

    Pls someone should tell egua he should stop playing iheanacho as playmaker, aribo should be given that assignment hence forth and that oyenka guy should play the role aribo was playing.. The guy was fantastic today. He can defend and also attack..

    • Esperon 3 months ago

      Yea I support your view. Aribo could be more effective in that role than Iheanacho. But I noticed that our 2 clear cut chances had Iheanacho at the heart of it. He laid that pass to Moses Simon. He also harassed that Ghana player that almost resulted in a penalty which VAR ruled out. Iheanacho has this propensity to dissapear from games and just come out with 1 second of brilliance that can change the whole game. He would be more useful as an impact sub in my opinion

  • Ololo 3 months ago

    Has it gotten to this!

    Qualification was a smooth ride with rohn but Nigerians pushed for his sack.. I just pray it doesn’t cost us qualification for the world cup.

    At 0-0 it is a dangerous scoreline.. Ghana can come here and score one goal and we would be in serious trouble..

    Bassey is far better than sanusi, and should start.. bonke was poor, obviously we really missed ndidi, Ghana will never have bossed the midfield if ndidi was present.. is it not time cerozo plays aribo in the attacking midfield.. why the continuos use of iheancho in that position..

    I want to salute balogun, aino, onyeka, etebo and bassey they played well and should start on Tuesday

    • onwajunior 3 months ago

      Personally Sanusi was better than Bassey. They used that wing a lot in the second half and without Sanusi pace was lacking.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      U have the right head!! This game is now tossed up becasue Nigeria has to open up in Abuja and Ghana ll score

      Nigeria has like ten men behind the ball today but they ll open up in the return leg and Ghana can score too

      This qualifer is tossed up!!

      They ll open up

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    No local coach can ever take the SuperEagles higher than what we currently have. I don’t know why we keep living in 1994?? Even if we qualify for this WorldCup we’re not going anywhere with this set of coaches. I will be really happy if I’m wrong.

    • JimmyBall 3 months ago

      @Ayphillydegreat… I go comot shame follow you agree this one! We need another foreign coach… Amuneke/Manu/Finidi can be chief coach.

      Let us go back to the time of Technical Adviser(Foreign) and Head Coach(Local). Eguaveon is a washed-up coach. He is clueless and his deficiencies were responsible for our early ouster in Cameroon.

      If we go past Ghana… I trust the NFF to get a sound foreign coach, those guys wíll always be better and more professional than indegenous Nigerian coach… I no fit shout again!

    • you no get sense oh.

      You are comparing cape verge, centre african republic with playing ghana at home.

      Both the coach and the players did a fantastic job.

      Your Rohr that lost to CAR at home would have lost this match.

      I also see Okoye’s absence as a blessing in today’s match.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        So na you get sense Abi?? Rohr won almost all his away matches for Nigeria. I can’t remember him losing any away match. Ghana that lost to Comoros is the one your irrational brain is comparing to Cape Verde. Lmao!! You better pray that Ghana don’t score first in Abuja.

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    6 Things i picked from the game

    1. Eguavoen is not tactically savvy. How anyone could remove aribo and then leave iheanacho beats me. Iheanacho dropped a stinker today and was really poor.

    2. Uzoho should be No.1 . Uzoho put up a commanding and experienced performance in a very hostile cauldron that is Baba Yaya Stadium. I am sure that the long range shot saved by Uzoho would have beaten Okoye.

    3. Onyeka was the best Nigerian player today and deserves to start in Abuja.

    4. Etebo also needs to start in Abuja, I would play a midfield of Onyeka, Etebo and Aribo playing as AM.

    5. Black Stars means business! If Nigeria think the game in Abuja would be a stroll in the pack , they had better have a rethink. It was a spirited performance by the Ghanian team and they deserved to get something from the game.

    6. Bonke is strong in tackle but lacks pace in midfield and Onyeka has that. Hence why his introduction curtailed them.

    • Diran 3 months ago

      I totally agree with you Golden child. Your above assessment of the game is apt. Thanks

  • Marvelous 3 months ago

    With Rohr we never shiver over qualifiers. Now we are thinking. I just pray we qualify just by anyhow, because I want us too.

    • We shivered to qualify for this play off though. Cape Verde could have won the last game in Lagos. In fact, they had chances to win it.

  • Olusegun.B. 3 months ago

    I wonder what could be going on in Eguavon ‘s head as he had to make Iheanacho the number. 10 . He was so poor to the extent that he couldn’t show any means to be daring in the match . He’s not the number 10 that we need . And yet Eguavon keep placing him there where Aribo is there on the pitch .

    Daisy didn’t play at his best at all , so also was Chukwueze and Moses Simon .

    I love Leon Balogun , Francis Uzoho , Calvin Bassey , even Etebo as their presence changed the game later in the second half.
    There’s work to be done in the midfield as Oshimen couldn’t get anyone to lay down passes for him to score . I sure hope The coach should correctt that situation should he ever want to qualify for the world cup

  • BigCole 3 months ago

    I missed Mikel Obi long and short passes, touches and midfield coverage and control, he was behind Ighalo’success in the Super Eagles, also I cannot forget Victor Moses powerful attaching and crosses and ball delivery into the opponent boxes

  • Danny 3 months ago

    I don’t really understand what happened in this match.It either the pitch,something about their meal or something more than physical. Nobody on that pitch could control the ball. They lost possession so easily that I was wondering if these are not professional players. I don’t get. Do these players leave their skills in Europe before coming here?. The players noticed they were easily dispossessed by the Ghanaians yet they kept holding on to the ball for too long
    The coach didn’t have to wait 30mins to realise their was no midfield atall. Even if Ndidi had played,he would have been overpowered. How do u play both an aribo and iheanacho in that midfield with a physical Ghana? Two people whose greatest strength isn’t recovery of possession
    I don’t know what moses Simon is thinking, must you beat your marker all the time? Is passing the ball not part of the game anymore?
    I don’t know what they do at trainings but this team lacked coordination
    And the very physical osimhen of Napoli did not play today
    It wasn’t about whether Aribo stayed on or iheanacho ,it was about the double pivot.
    Equaveon had many options immediately he decided to use the double pivot
    1. Remove iheanacho, leave Aribo (preferred)However, if you feel iheanacho understands osimhen and can still produce some flashes of brilliance in the game,then u can keep him on;which is what he did
    2.use iheanacho as a false 9 and remove osimhen so u keep aribo in the game. Iheanacho can score very well
    3. Remove osimhen, bring in ighalo in that 65th minute . Ighalo still has more experience and physicality which is needed in this game. He might bring out an unusual, not atall pretty goal. We need it.

    You want to get to the wings without passing through the midfield, that’s why the right and left backs were choked and their effort at long passes didn’t work. Why not have another option of sending the ball to the wings from the midfield while u still keep ur right and left backs making their runs?

    The coach wanted to bypass the midfield because, yes,very brilliant, he knew the Ghanaians will choke the midfield but it was apparent from the blast of the whistle that they were ready to match everything physically and win every ariel duel. They had done their homework

    Only Balogun and Uzoho stood out for me. Balogun was even trying to do the work of a midfielder at a point in the game

    Truth be told,Ghana bossed this game.
    We need to get it right from the blast of the whistle in the return leg
    Ire o

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Just one thing, Ghanaian players are more TECHNICAL GIFTED than the Nigerian players PERIOD!!

      I told y’all, Nigeria is about QUANTITY

      Ghana is QUALITY

      If Nigeria opens up in Abuja, this qualifer is going down the wire

      If Nigeria scores, Ghana ll score too

      • Dondada 3 months ago

        @selfmade You are a fool..short ugly punk ass from that useless country called ghana…fuckoffffff

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

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          I shit in ur thieving hands and after that instruct u to smeared it on ur disfigured, bleaching yellow face

          U ugly BOKOM chimp lol

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          U piece of an excreta lol

          • DirtyGHana 3 months ago

            Don’t even go there you bastard…..Ghanian women bleach like crazy and have dirty vaginas too

    • You guys completely lost the midfield. I warned you about kudus but you guys thought I was being sentimental. If only We had a strong attack, we would have buried you. Go Ghana!

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguaveon the money u are collecting from iheanacho would be ur downfall, this Man was trying to lose this match at all cost. The useless man started Bonke, iheanacho and aribo in the midfield agains Ghana, he kept etebo and onyeka at the bench who does that. Since we’ve lost the midfield it became easier for the Ghanaians to shut down our wingers. Kudus was bossing the midfield no one to check him, today was a great escape Abuja might be different.

  • I mean it there is no where Eguavoen is going unless we bring Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Kloop or the best international Onyibo coach.. this team he selected and his dedication to the Job is Admirable he went to Ghana and did well the final changes he made has shown him who to start in Abuja and if we start Bassey, Lookman, Dennis, Peter Etebo, Onyeka in the next match we will do solid. All those calling for Bonke up and dan I hope you people have seen now. You can not compare Bonke to Etebo or onyeka and Ndidi is still our Numero uno.. all the same the team did solid. Now good night and @Selfmade Nd @Yaw Opare and @Owusu welcome to the real slaughter house Come Tuesday

  • KENNETH 3 months ago

    Honestly speaking, the nations cup display was much better than what we saw today. lets say it has it is chukwueze was thrash today, same way he displayed himself at the AFCON. Ihenancho also was crap. I expected the eagles attack to be hungry and have the Ghanaian defenders on there toes. Bonke for me is not in the caliber of Ndidi, he was just playing to deep, he wasn’t commanding the midfield like Ndidi does. Moses simon did not live to his game, in a nut shell the attack was porous. The substitution brought in life into the team. A goal in this game would have destabilized the Ghanaians, but we never took advantage of it. The defenders for me displayed 100 percent. Ola aina at some point started to engineer the attack. But lets wait till tuesday

  • Proudly 9ja 3 months ago

    Guys, everyone needs to cut Eguavoen some slack. He did a good job. The plan was to get a positive result from kumasi which he did. He got the line up right in my view, there is no way any logical coach will start an Etebo who is just returning from injury and who hadn’t kicked a ball except with watford u23 over a Bonke who plays week in week out for Lorient in France. Similarly which logical coach wi start an Onyeka who barely come off the bench for Brentford ahead of a Bonke who is a regular for Lorient. Eguavoen used this same formation to destroy almighty Egypt and everyone was praising him on how tactically sound he was. No team in the african continent will go to ghana and boss them same way no team will come to 9ja and boss us. Ghana has decent players but i didnt see anything special about them. I didnt see anywhere in the game where they dominated us. We created the better chances and the referee in my view was letting too many tackles on osimen go. Djiku and Amartey have very little quality, all they do is pull and kick osimen, infingenents that the referee just lets go. In most leagues osimen should have gotten like 2 penalties for the several pulls both both central defenders. And please let nobody say if this was Rohr, we would have won this match, i dont think anybody can beat dia chest or put a wager that a Rohr tutored side would have won today. He struggled in Sierra leone, he was lucky against cape verde home and away (remember the freakish goal), strughled against benin republic (renember the last minute goal from onuachu), struggled even against liberia not to mention what happened in Benin city against Sierra leone. GR team was poor against algeria, tunisia, and cameroon (twice), so where are people getting this assurance that had it been GR we would have won. I was a supporter of GR and i believe his sacking was premature but dats in the past now, we need to support and encourage the people at the helm now. Same Eguavoen defeated Egypt with Carlos Quiroz a renowned coach in his right. Don’t get me wrong, Eguavoen made some mistakes, which coaches or players get it right 100% of the time. He made the right changes at the right time with the exception of leaving Iheanacho for the whole duration of the match. Ghana knows the presence of iheanacho would make the Ghana defense sit up compared to an Aribo, FACT. Even though personally i tot Aribo should have stayed on instead of leaving Iheanacho but Eguavoen had his reasons. Based on what Eguavoen saw today, he knows for the game in abuja on tuesday, he knows Etebo is fully feat and with Bonke and Chukwueze hurt, he will alter the squad. I see him playing an Etebo and onyeka with Aribo in the middle with most likely Simon and Dennis on the wings with Osimen as the pointman. One advise i would give Eguavoen is not to be scared of throwing Amoo in there for Aribo later on, he is unknown to many ghana players which could be a game changer. Just my opinnion tho, we can always agree to disagree.

    • Patrator 3 months ago

      You’ve spoken brilliantly well, very honest submission.

      You spoke exactly my mind.

    • @Proudly 9ja you clearly don’t watch EPL or at least Etebo and Onyeka game firstly Onyeka starts every 2 games and comes off the bench to play almost every game as early as the 60 mins some times even 59mins. He was a starter before AfCON and only lost his place when he came to AFCON also Peter Etebo came off the bench to play Wolves in The premier league about 2 weeks ago right after his second under 23 game as the coach is warming him back into the side. AFTER Abuja he will walk back into Watford starting line up. That being said


      that is the starting line up in my view come Abuja. I will give Ighalo last 15 Mims if Osimhen continue to cry like okuko all the time, yes I said it. Why have Ighalo there if you will not use him.

      God bless Naija you did well God bless Eguavoen you are doing well.. the above line up will finish the game off in Abuja

  • Adeleke Fatoyinbo 3 months ago

    How Super Eagles handlers see Okoye as a better choice than Uzoho still beat my thinking. Okoye has prospects no doubt, but i have always seen Uzoho ahead of him even before yesterday’s match (forget about those club appearance nonsense) … Have u ever seen Okoye make any spectacular save , I mean those types of Edouard Mendy saves for Nigeria?? Let’s say that comparison is not balanced but it’s always obvious Uzoho is better. Make him the first choice, I am not sure Okoye wouldn’t have conceded last night, memories of Afcon still fresh, any goal keeper can make mistakes tho but when a Mendy makes mistakes, it’s different from an Okoye mistake, you know what I mean. Na eye dem take select Okoye as No.1 period!

  • Mercy 3 months ago

    I am happy Onyeka proof many people wrong including Eguavoen who never rate him highly. I said it in one of the forum that I am opportune to speak that I will play Etebo even on crutches. The man will give me 100 % in any game. Ihenacho problem is that he fizzle out in big games. When you expect him to deliver he messes up big time.
    The coach need to jettison the 442 formation. I don’t think we have the personal to play the style. Dennis might be able play Ihenacho but we need him on the wings because the likes of Simon and chukwueze need to sit on the bench. They seem to be too comfortable. They need serious competition.

  • Glory 3 months ago

    A big congratulations to the SE. We have just qualified for the WORLD CUP; take it or leave it. We did well yesterday but could have done better with a 4132 formation. That formation would have given us solidity in defence, width in the midfield and quick counter in the attack, as we would have been able draw Ghana’s defense line out of that their goal area leaving London loads of space to run into. That formation could have seen Nacho n Chukweze starting from the bench leaving Aribo to fill up from the right. And with Aina bursting forward, that right side would have been well taken care of. Then Bonke who to me was the real reason Ghana couldn’t strike any defined rhythm of play yesterday, could have been supported by Etebo and Onyeka in the midfield with Bonke sitting in front of the defense.
    I would never have started Osimene for tactical reason like I mentioned before the match. Sadiq n Denise could have started, if only to run the Ghana defence out of steam and course them to loose shape going into the second half, where Osimene would have been brought in to come and finish the already tired black stars off. Just a shame, that in the second half, while the Ghanian team was tiring out, Osimene, our goals hope was also getting tired which only shows their coach strategy had worked perfectly. In those kinda games, you don’t go overly ambitious from the starts. Your strategy must be etched on opposing team getting tired n loosing shape.
    Strange, reading people condemning Bonke. Just shows most fans got little knowledge about football. Bonke did very very well playing against a fresh Ghana midfielders from the first half. Second half, Ghana team was already exhausted, reason people thinking Etebo and Onyeka done better though not taking anything away from them as good players. All three will make the midfield very very solid. We must understand that Bonke is different kind of player from the rest, as he function more as deep lying midfielder who needs another to come receive balls from him hence that midfielder must always try make himself available to receive. Such defensive midfielder as Bonke are basically for defence solidity and not necessarily for launching attack. Our other MIDFIELDERS; Ndidi, Etebo, Alhassan Yusuf, nwobodo, Onyeka, etc are all in the class of central midfielders serving as link between that defensive midfielder and the attacking midfielder/striker.


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