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Live Blogging: Portugal Vs Ghana – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group H

Live Blogging: Portugal Vs Ghana – Qatar 2022 World Cup; Group H

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Group H match between Os Navegadores (The Navigators) of Portugal and the Black Stars of Ghana at Stadium 974 Ras Abu Aboud, Doha

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  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    • I can assure you we will give Portugal a match of their lives. I hope our goalkeeper will come good. That’s my only fear. We are Ghana! Go Ghana!

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        WE ARE GHANA!!Be humble bro.Andre Ayew said same words before you were humbled by Comoros Island.
        I know you will be the loudest if Ghana pulls a surprise result today haha…That’s why some of us would rather you lose to have some peace.

        • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

          ALRIGHT that will be very INTERESTING!

          Can’t wait!!

        • Greenturf, I don’t think I have insulted anybody here. I’m just telling you Ghana is fearless. Nobody will stop you from declaring you are Nigerian.

  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago
  • Baller 101 1 year ago

    I see Ghana surpring Portugal today !

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    If na SE under EGUAVEON now dem for don CHOP like 3-0 oo

    • Greenturf 1 year ago

      Trust Nigeria to collapse under pressure.We can’t remain disciplined like Ghana for that long,the most we last under pressure is 10 mins.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    #Throwback …
    Nigeria 0 vs Brazil 3
    Venue: Abuja (First Match played in the Stadium )

    Brazil played Nigeria to prepare for Confederation Cup match against Cameroon Just like Portugal did and won by 4 goals to Nil. 
    At the tournament, Cameroon Shocked Brazil. I hope Ghana can do the same.

  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    Otto Addo is a very tactical coach.Credit to the Ghanaian players for playing to instructions

    • You are right. A typical German trained coach

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        He schooled Eguavoen haha..We might be better of with a German coach our last German manager too was very tactical,he comes with a different plan for different teams.
        You guys are lucky to have Otto Addo,Ghanaian football is in capable hands.
        The coaches we had after our German manager were very predictable it was easy for opposition teams to clip their wings.Ghana was one of the beneficiaries of our bad coaches post Rohr haha…

        • Ubah 1 year ago

          Mr man how market ndi ara

        • Tony 1 year ago

          Stop this your denigration of Eguavoen! Eguavoen lost only one match in 6 SE games, winning 3 and drawing 2. He even beat mighty Egypt who were never beaten by any team, not even Senegal, in 90 mins of open play at AFCON final, losing only once to Tunisia.

          His record is better than Rohr or Berti Vogts- another German coach of SE at AFCON 2008 in Ghana who couldn’t even get past quarter final and got beat by Ivory Coast in group stage and knocked out in qtr final by Ghana

  • It’s party time.


  • Glory 1 year ago

    Goooaaaaalllll . Up Ghana up Dede Ayew.. Go Ghana n drown Potty Portugal.

  • TONY 1 year ago

    Ghana displaying a lot of determination and desire!
    Love their never-say-die attitude!!

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    I told u guys Ghana is not Nigeria, those boys are determined and motivated

  • Glory 1 year ago

    How will the coach take out Ayew n Kudus for crying out loud. Over tactics always destroying teams. A BIG BIG BLUNDER

  • It’s party time, ayo-yo-yo, ayo-yo!!?!!


    • Ugo, Oakfield, Pompei and other like minded patriots, the party is in my place tonight.

      What is on the menu: Black Star Skake in Portuguese Cream.


      • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

        This isn’t no party bro 

        U know within urself that Ghana was fabulous today upon all the biased from the referee 

        We going to the second round, mark this down 

        So far Ghana has been Africa best performing team and Of course u know it!!

        No party for u bro 

        • Selfieeeeeee,

          Okay I reluctantly invite you to the party. 🙂

        • Greenturf 1 year ago

          There was no bias but Ghana put up a fight.
          Despite losing they can be proud of their performances.You took the game to the Portuguese after the substitution of Ayew and Kudus which led to the openings the Portuguese exploited and scored a couple.
          I hope you play with same energy in your remaining games because you still have a good chance of qualifying with your two 2 goals scored which may come handy.

          • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

            Bro the first goal was may penalty 

            Their second goal was OFFSIDE 

            The ref didn’t want to checked the var for no reasons 

            He was given only Ghanaians yellow cards to frustrate us tho the Portugal was physical too!!

            The penalty threw us off our game and is how they always treat African teams 

            There’s var, why didn’t the ref check it!

            We ll go second round!! I told u that ghana has a young and talented team and our midfield was SOLID 

            WE OVERPOWER Portugal in midfield and they only cod used their wings 

        • At selfmade that was a clear pen bro. Just humbled yourself from now on and you will have our support as Naija because 200million prayed against you is not good o. Show some humility otherwise una go comot early o. Anyway una try sha is nor easy playing the eventual world Champs

          • Selfmade KING 1 year ago


            Bro it wasn’t a penalty ….. 

            Ronaldo is a diver and of course he always dives when he plays against African teams 

            Their second goal was offside too 

            Am not against Nigeria …… 

            We are rivals and me teasing u shouldn’t be anything personal bro!!

            For ur Information am PAN AFRICANIST and it don’t matter what I say here, I always support Nigeria in all tournaments except when we meet 

      • pompei 1 year ago

        Deo, will kenkey and shitto be on the menu?
        I need some spicy comfort food!

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Lol@deo…na banku with spiced nigerian jollof on the menu…lol…

  • josh 1 year ago

    This Ghanaian coach has just killed Ghana. Why take out your most experienced player who was holding fort for you in the midfield. I’m sorry to say and it is painful, the problem of African coaches is that they lack game management technique and can’t really read a game.

    Your team was controlling the midfield and you took out your two key midfielders. The result is your team shipping in two quick goals. So painful.

    • Thank goodness that the Ghanaian coach killed the game. Self destruction is one of the ways we were hoping they conducted themselves.

      • josh 1 year ago

        Oga deo I no expect this comment from you o. Abeg make you withdraw am. I take God beg you. Na Africa we dey support now. Ghana na Africa so we suppose support Ghana. When we reach African competition, then we can do competition. But this one na world cup now. Biko nu.

        • You must be joking.

          • josh 1 year ago

            I know why you made that comment even though you didn’t say it. It is because of the people who have killed Nigerian coaches on this platform. Now Addo has done exactly what they have been crucifying the likes of Eguavoen for. Now what have they to say about this display by the Ghanaian coach

        • @josh withdraw am for what you cannot force someone to support anybody. Mind yourself bro

  • Sean 1 year ago

    I’m going back to sleep, I can’t believe the score line. 
    Upon the defensive approach? 3 goals still managed to Enter?  Waaz goin on hia?!!!!  What’s Salisu doing? What’s Djiku doing? What of Inaki that is capable of running any defense rag like Osimhen? Nigeria with Midfield problem conceded 3, Ghana with  Solid Midfield capable of facing any team in the world let in 3 goals?
    What time is real Ghanaian match? This must be fake one.

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      U been biased!! Everything was against Ghana but we did extremely well 

      Stop the hate 

      • Sean 1 year ago

        My man Selfy , don’t mind me.
        Ghana were more determined. At least your FA didn’t owe their coaches and players.
        You really tried. That’s why I love other African fans. Even in defeat, they will still support their team. 
        Suffering and Smilling.

    • josh 1 year ago

      It is not a defensive approach. It is called playing conservatively. The coach just killed Ghana by displaying his naivety about how to kill a game or deliver the killer punch.

    • The boys did very well. Just disappointed with some of the school-boy errors but in all I’m satisfied. One thing you will always get from a ghana team is fighting spirit. We are Ghana! Go Ghana!

      • Mr. Yaw,

        A beg too much talk no dey full basket (in the words of my wonderful Monkey post).

        Ghana lost, simple!

        • pompei 1 year ago

          No mind am. Make e siddon there dey yarn okpata.

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            Hahaha…i hear Comoros is coming after una o! Hahaha. The fear of comoros is…….abeg help me complete the sentence mr yaw lol

    • Ndubest 1 year ago

      Congratulations Ghana you guys played well despite losing. Honestly am impressed. This forum is a little quiet cos you lost but supposing you won @selfmade and his friends will mock, insult and taunt us. We are rivals not enemies but you guys has taken it to another level. In 2010 world cup i supported Ghana and did not even eat when they lost to Uruguay but guess what it has become reference point for comparison. I will advice you guys to tighten your seat belt and remain humble cos next match is going to be a very difficult match and with south Korea performance today is anybody’s game. I wish Ghana wins cos of my decision to support African teams but its not looking good and i see them losing 2-1 to south Korea. Anything to make us enjoy the world without anyone coming here to remind us they’ve won 4 nations cup over 40yrs ago and got to world cup quarters finals is welcomed.

      • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

        Bro have u ever been to GHANA football forums before? Pls do or go to YouTube and see 

        This platform is quiet because GHANA lost but it wasn’t a bad lost!

        What happened when Ghana eliminated Nigeria in Abuja bro? Ghanaian players cldnt even celebrate in peace as hoodlums invaded the pitch and three objects at us something that Ghanaians ll never ever do to Nigerians in Ghana!! 

        If any Ghanaian has threw any objects at Nigerian players in ghana, that person wldve been arrested and jailed! Am telling u …. 

        We only mocked Nigerians here but u hardly see Ghanaians calling Nigerians ENVIOUS ANS JEALOUS of them but see how Nigerians called us envious and jealous of them tho it’s football that we mocked ourselves here!!

        When that mayhem happened in abuja, Nigerians never officially APOLOGIZED to Ghanaian fans!

        For me it’s a healthy rivalry but if someone takes to to heart then it’s on them because I have nothing against Nigerians!

        If football, at end of the day u can mock us and vice versa! I don’t take it personal 

  • Sunnyb 1 year ago

    Thanks guys U tried, wrong substitution cost u guys this game. Your team would make second round. 

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      Thanks bro….. u very objective 

      Their first goal wasn’t a penalty 

      The second goal was offside 

      They tried to robbed Ghana but Ghana shows a true spirit 

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        But una lose nah….hahaha. 0 points. Offside for where VAR dey???? Sore losers

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          How can i celebrate failure????? How?????? Are u well at all??? U lost yesterday and u want me to celebrate your head…ewu

      • Jason 1 year ago

        How are the 2 subs wrong. Kudus was on a yellow card already. Why risk him. Andre was no where to be found on the field except the easy tap in he made. So how is that the coaches fault. Your defenders went to sleep and rapheal leao came to school them has soon as he cane in

        • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

          Kudus on yellow means nothing if he were to finish the match, and taking away Andre is like taking away Mikel who’s the soul in charge of organising play. Andre does more that people don’t see even partey and Co understands this!!!

  • pompei 1 year ago

    A slim win for Portugal. The result speaks more though to Portugal’s defensive vulnerability. Something theIR coach has to address if they are to go far in this tournament. A better side would have put Portugal to the sword today.

  • Baller 101 1 year ago

    Good game for the Ghanaians! They have truely proven to be fearless! Great coaching crew! They showed class today. I see them as the only west African country in this tournament that’ll go far! I’m sure their next game would turn in their favour! This is the same Portugal that thrashed us 4-0…smdh..9ja football is finished! We should maybe focus on athletics abeg. If not for Tobi Amusan that put 9ja in the world map, we would have been completely FINISHED!!! lol

  • pompei 1 year ago

    The substitutions by Otto Addo were acts of sabotage. He received a message that Ghana FA officials intend to start sharing his salary with him immediately after the world cup. The GFA officials believe that if their Nigerians colleagues can be owing their coaches and receiving a share of their salaries, then they should be allowed to do the same. Addo was not happy with that message 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dcardinal 1 year ago

    Up Portugal am so happy..South korea will finish the assignment…

  • Sean T 1 year ago

    Kudos to Ghana, they really did well. Although the penalty was too harsh. The Ref should have atleast check with VAR.

    Ghana Coach shouldn’t have sub Kudus cuz that guy was a torn in Portugal flesh. They would have done better with those substitution if he was left on the pitch.

    No African teams can be these organized and focused under pressure for long in this tournament. Abeg 3 Gbosa for the Ghanians

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Ghana tried in today’s match against Portugal. l gave all my support to my
    west African nabour, but it wasn’t enough. Let’s see what happens in their next game.

  • Jason 1 year ago

    If only the Portuguese coach started rapheal leao. Gana would have collected in this game. 3 down. More to go.

  • Femi 1 year ago

    What a game, arguably best match of the tournament so far. Anyway I already said the wc is yet to start until the samba boys play. What a spirited effort from Ghana. Las las they gave me the africa goal have been waiting for.

  • Dcardinal 1 year ago

    Ghana will be deceived by the two lucky goals they scored against poor Portuguese defense today..they will come out to attack south Korea, that will be their undoing….Up Portugal!! Vamous….

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      Crawl back to the ghetto u came from and leave sane mind to debate hahah 

      Punk bitch haha 

  • Fetch 1 year ago

    The penalty was a gift. Let the game be fair. I am so disappointed the VAR did not check it

  • Tristan 1 year ago

    Ghana showed Nigeria how to play tactics. In the first half, they overpowered the Portuguese in midfield. Ghana played 3-5-2, a tactic Otto Addo used to close down Nigeria in the dying stages of the Abuja qualifier match, and secure victory. The Portuguese are like dancers in midfield while Ghana are like thugs, and I did fear that Ghana could accumulate cards. The Portuguese had to bring muscle into their midfield to counter Ghana in the form of Carvalho as early as the 56th minute.

    The penalty was a professional foul and everyone knows it. The Ghanaian never touched Ronaldo but the best players know when and how to exercise such gamesmanship. In fact, it was a sign of desperation from Portugal that they were not breaking down the Ghanaians. Gareth Bale did the same thing to the US when he knew Wales could not equalize.

    This penalty upset the entire tempo and tactics of Ghana. They were now chasing the game and Portuguese nervousness eased. Ghana hit back and equalized, and then feeling that they now had the measure of the Portuguese made tactical errors in their 77-minute substitutions. They brought in strikers and reduced their midfield cover, Portugal for their part brought in Leao to give them width on the left, and create more space for their midfielders to operate. Note Portugal didn’t attempt to use two wingers like Nigeria, just the one.

    The effect was immediate, Ghana less one midfielder and now having to cover the left flank played into the Portuguese hands; space in midfield, and like against Nigeria they punished Ghana with two quick goals in succession for this move. Portugal never relented their hold on midfield, in fact, they were simply replacing new midfielders for tired ones.

    Ghana’s goal in the 88th minute was too late, and the Portuguese with counter-attacks could have punished Ghana. Where did Ghana go wrong? The Portuguese and Spanish midfielders are too dangerous to give space. The deviation from the plan of stifling Portugal in midfield, and giving them space was an arrogant move.

    Portugal has only one response when their midfield is frustrated, bring on Rafael Leao.

    It was a good match Ghana, you were a credit to Africa and yes you schooled ignorant Nigerians on tactical play even though you dropped the ball and lost tactical concentration.
    Can Ghana beat S. Korea? Oh Yes. Can Ghana beat Uruguay? Yes, but they’re another team with extreme gamesmanship.

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      U remember I said that we ll OVERPOWERED Portugal in midfield this morning 

      We choked them out and they resorted to the flanks 

      Ghanaians were technically better than the Portuguese themselves 

      U can’t underrate any team with BETTER MIDFIELDERS 

    • @Tristan, excellent write up. Let’s see what happens in the next games. I hope we will open up a bit more so we see the real Ghanaian free flowing football. Korea is a well drilled team and they will give us a good game but they are very beatable. You always expect a Ghanaian team to give you 200%. It was a very difficult game but the boys gave a good account of themselves. We are Ghana! No fears! More vim!

    • KangA 1 year ago

      Ghana is going  nowhere,  except FIFA moves their next match to that witchcraft stadium—Kumasi, which Qatar will resist fiercely. In any case their witchcraft does not work with Oyinbos haha haha.!!!! They still have 2 games as WC participants. 

      • Monte 1 year ago

        Almost everybody is questioning the penalty. You seem happy Ghana was hard done by. If some countries keep getting gifts like this penalty was, then they will always be favorites to win the cup

  • HOPE---WEST 1 year ago

    Again as usual, the Black Stars of Ghana gave another world cup spirited performance this evening. Before the blast of the whistle, I had hated Ghanaians with passion because of Super Eagles elimination during the qualifiers for the competition in March, but as they stepped out from the tunnel to start the match, I felt brotherliness again, I saw every Ghanaian player as a brother representing us well.

    Kudos to the team and the whole of Ghanaians!

    If not for the dubious penalty, maybe it would have been a different outcome.

    Better luck next time

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    The Referee Determined the game with his dubious penalty from a simulation after the defender made contact with the ball, and Leao’s goal should have been reviewed. It’s crazy how African’s especially West Africans are treated, and the Coach taking out Kudus and Andre was another thing that made me wonder. If he had taken out outcast Inaki for Daniel Afriyie who’s skill set can create another option it would have been great but in general view Ghana gave a good account and like the other African teams they’ve not embarrassed the continent. 

    • Good observations @ Chima. I’m very sure we will make amends in the next games. Go Ghana!

      • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

        Atti Zigi- Tariq, Diku, Salisu, Baba; Partey, Andre; Daniel, Inaki , Kudus….. Subs Kofi, Odoi, Bukari. Ghana has a squad to face any team this coach just have to be honest and keep his good name. Korea is the most difficult test they are a very discipline side so the coach has to use the right formation to win. Uruguay match will be easier because I know Ghanaians when they mean you they don’t give u space and take advantage of any chance like what they did to Nigeria. As for officiating last time we crashed out to France it was another dubious round of calls. FIFA is a corrupt body and has refused to change.

  • Greatness 1 year ago

    What is the difference between all these African teams and the super eagles? They have played 5 games cumulatively in the first round and could not win a single match. Shame to African football.

  • Charley 1 year ago

    If Ghana had not defended in the first half like they did, Portugal would have bombarded them with goals. People keep shouting leao’s goal was off, have you all forgotten that the latest technology is being used at this world cup, may i take you back to the first game Qatar and Ecuador, when we all thought the player was onside. So spare us all this noise. leao would have finished ghana had he started. Am confidently saying it.

    Please Ghanaian fans, better go warn Amarty, he feels it’s every one he can fight on the field. Until someone breaks something on his head.

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