Lucky Block: New Crypto Betting Site With Best Odds For Football Bets?

Lucky Block: New Crypto Betting Site With Best Odds For Football Bets?

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world. Alone, the 2018 FIFA World Cup final broke records for the most-watched competition in history with over 1.1 billion viewers. Football’s sheer popularity is reflected in the sports betting market, with football accounting for 50% of the total market share.

Africa  is the home to sports bets, with the African betting markets expected to grow by more than 10% annually. In return, Africa has exploded with football betting platforms, and it’s become tricky to pick the best one to make your home for gambling. Betting sites such as Lucky Block, Betano and Pixbet have been well-received globally, but which of the three gives you the best odds and betting experience?

 Betano: Powerful Backing to Become the Best Betting Site

Betano is an online gaming operator for sportsbooks, live sports betting and casino experiences. Kaizen Gaming are the owners of Betano and many other products and brands—utilising their workforce of around 1,500 employees.

Betano’s strong backing has earned the betting platform a good reputation for fast customer service, stable transactions and smooth user experience.

The biggest drawback with Betano is their platform’s global restriction with only about 12 countries currently having access to the site. Global restriction reduces the ceiling for the prize pot value compared to sports betting websites with greater access to users worldwide and limits Betano from tapping into the growing sports betting markets of Africa.

Betano has been available in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Canada (Ontario). However, Betano has now announced its entry into Nigeria and has promised to bring its platform to more African nations in the near future.

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Pixbet: Strong Marketing but Strong Betting Platform?

Founded in 2021, Pixbet has quickly become the go-to sports betting destination. How? Firstly, Pixbet secured a successful marketing campaign that started in 2021, in which it sponsored high-profile Brazilian football teams to represent its brand on the teams’ jerseys and merchandise. Pixbet also partnered with Amazon’s Alexa to program voice commands for Pixbet.

Pixbet has a dedicated team with 24/7 customer service and a simple interface with no intrusive pop-ups. Unlike Betano, Pixbet is not globally restricted. Still, the audience for Pixbet is predominantly targeted at Brazilians, which has limited its global reach for higher payouts.

Another key limitation both Pixbet and Betano share is their lack of acceptance of cryptocurrency on their betting platform. Lucky Block is a sports betting platform that does accept cryptocurrency—but how does this benefit bettors?

Lucky Block: The Most Accessible Crypto Betting Platform

New to the sports betting scene is Lucky Block, priding itself on accessibility with no global restrictions and an open acceptance of a wide range of currencies such as cryptocurrencies and even altcoins. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other popular altcoins.

Lucky Block stands out by offering a unique blend of traditional sports betting and cutting-edge eSports betting. Extending beyond football, Lucky Block provides extensive coverage of all major sports, including tennis, basketball, horseracing and MMA. This broadens the betting experience, catering to enthusiasts who seek diverse options beyond international football.

Using crypto for bets leads to no charging fees, faster transactions and greater anonymity since you don’t need to share any personal bank details—the sign-up process is fast with no awaiting bank approvals and less personal information required as compared to non-crypto betting sites.

Lucky Block is known for rewarding loyalty with promotional perks and bonuses based on bettor’s consistency—this helps boost bettors’ odds by increasing their betting flow while reducing their spending.

Furthermore, Lucky Block has recently upgraded its native token, $LBLOCK V2, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This move enhances the platform’s DeFi integration, offering increased liquidity and potential investment opportunities for users. With a 23% surge in price within the first hour of trading on Uniswap after the V2 launch, Lucky Block has caught the attention of the iGaming community.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block Sets a New Standard in Sports Betting

Lucky Block’s accessibility, cryptocurrency acceptance, diverse betting options and recent advancements with $LBLOCK V2 position itself as the sports betting site with the highest prize pools and odds of winning for all sports betting, including Football. Whether you’re a local or international bettor, Lucky Block ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for all enthusiasts.

While Lucky Block provides distinctive gaming and sports betting features, it’s essential to recognise the investment potential embedded in the $LBLOCK V2 token. Whether you are engaging in gaming, placing bets, or seeking detailed insights into the investment aspect, a visit to the official Lucky Block website and a review of the recently published whitepaper will offer valuable information.

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