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Nigeria Vs Angola Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Quarter-Final Match

Nigeria Vs Angola Live Blogging – AFCON 2023 Quarter-Final Match

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the AFCON 2023 game between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Palancas Negras [Black Sable Antelope] of Angola at Felix Houphouet-Boigny Stadium, Abidjan.

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  • zuka chris 3 months ago

    link please

    • Jide Dola 3 months ago

      SKOREMOB or Facebook, thank me later for SKOREMOB

    • Jide Dola 3 months ago

      SKOREMOB or Facebook. Thank me later for SKOREMOB

    • Sportradio 88.9 fm 3 months ago

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  • Unique 3 months ago

    Na against this Angola match Osihmen go shine pass. Osihmen hatrick loading. Good luck Super Eagles

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Oya let’s gooo!

    I thank God that both Nwabali made it but it’s not great that Oga Pajenro is being stubborn again and starting Sanusi in front of Yusuf. He has kuku cleared us that he is immune to criticism now which means he is telling us that he will continue to be stubborn – Let’s just tank God that he took the goalkeeper advice on board before reverting back to his stubborness – However I must remind him that his job can still be on the line if he insists on this stubborn stance and we see any of his moves to be weakening our team, then we will shout to high heaven!

    Furthermore, I already warned oga Pajero that he must warn Iwobi to be strong and not be pulling out of any 50/50 challenges – in fact he must play an aggressive game today otherwise he should start from the bench, however oga PJ has decided to start Iwobi so we must hope and pray -and if by half time they see that our midfield is being overrun then they must remove him and put another strong tackler in there as for Nacho, he can come in later and get game time, replacing Simon or maybe he can even replace Iwobi but must be under “special” instructions and he and the the wingers must work in tandem a covering themselves and making sure that at no time is our midfield overrun – Finally, the back line must be very strong in this game and be ready to adopt a you no go pass by any means necessary attitude today without committing any reckless fouls.

    It’s not that Angola are too much, South Africa are a much more dangerous team than them it’s just that our previous history with Palancas Negras has been fraught and we must ensure that we put a stop to that today, take the bull (or Sable Antelope in this case) firmly by it’s horns and dominate it thereby regaining our rightful upper hand today and in any future encounters going forward.

    This oga Pajero- don start again! Hmm God help us o! Holy Spirit, take over Zaidu’s body and brain today so that he won’t be a short 1 to the team o!

    Here’s to a fine win today! Up the Super Eagles!!
    I said Oya Let’s Gooo!

  • Did u all see the Nwabali save?

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    Ref has an agenda.

  • This Sanusi dey play nonsense. Not sure why he is still in the team

  • Zaidu continues to be the weak link, defending and going forward.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    Can someone explain what Mabululu is consuming at the cooling the cooling break???

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Just like I thought! F*****g Iwobi is pulling out of challenges and therefore giving the angolans the advantage in the middle




    • JOEL CHIDI 3 months ago

      @field marshal, abeg go carry seat siddon. You know absolutely nothing about football. Iwobi has been awesome with “pirlo-esque” passes here and there. He’s the most creative player in that team. So abeg carry your ghetto analysis enter house abeg.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        Child Joel – You are an idiot!
        Shut the F**k up- Prick of a Plank lol

    • Jide Dola 3 months ago

      Iwobi was the heart of that team today plus the brain box

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 3 months ago

    Goaaaaal for Nigeria LOOOKMAAAN!

  • Nice goal. Sanusi do that one pass well to simon, we commend you for that despite the fact you have been playing badly. Nice one guys

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago


  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    That goal was a real FIFA combination.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Anybody blaming or talking trash about Alexander the Great need to go and get their brains checked. What a lovely pass to Zaidu in space and the rest is magnificent. 

  • This Sanusi ehn, na real mumu. Osimhen is just beside you. You dey look like cow

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    Take Sanusi out of here what did this village man just play???? Cross ball he dey look like Fulani goat disgusting!!!

  • Zaidu Weeetinnn Naaaa… ah ahaa.. that should have been a square ball for Osimhen goal.

  • This zaidu is a minus to the team especially going forward..

  • Omo Iya this our left back/left wing back might cost us o

  • Sammy 3 months ago

    What is the problem with Zaidu??? This coach should bring in Omeruo, Move Bassey to left wing back and remove Zaidu from here please.

    What is this?

  • Angola took the game to us but with our experience, we would have been 2 or 3 nil up if not that we are playing 9 against 12 (Zaidu Sanusi is the extra man for Angola).

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Zaidu can be annoying at times but he’s doing enough to keep the Angolans at bay. A clean sheet fellas and we’re done. Now the Angolans will have to come out and play. We need to keep it more compact at the back and just break them on the counter. Zaidu should do better in that rare opportunity. Osimhen was wide open, but the team as a whole are doing well. Simon is playing his best game in this tournament so far. 

  • Zaidu is a minus to d team especially going forward.. Peseiro should have seen this..zero crosses, zero body movement…very bad

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    What a f*****g tool. F****** Retard!

    F*****g Illitirate! – You should not be commenting on football old retarded Moron lol

    F*****g Moron lool

    What a weapon!

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    Correct, Moses is playing his best game, I’m done with Zaidu the  guy lacks ball sense, Ekong should talk to Aina about the importance of this game, he should notify the bench if his tied.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Iwobi is the weakest link in the team!! He needs to be subbed off!

    He is applying absolutely zero input in tackling and closing the opposition down!!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    In as much as I love Iwobi it’s time for him to sit up.

  • Now, I give up on Sanusi. He is not fit to play in the Semi Finals

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    What the heck is this Zaidu guy doing in the team? What is Aina doing…big mistake from Iwobi!!!
    We were lucky!!! Angola should have scored!!

  • This Angola is really taking the game to us. They are not push over all. Anything can still happen, we need more goals

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Iwobi NEVER tackles ffs!!!! Paseiro really needs to yank that short 1 off!!!

    If he does not take Iwobi off – I pray that we don’t concede because of him!

  • Sunnyb 3 months ago

    This Zaidu guy is an embarrassment, Nigeria should be pls take this match serious ooo, especially Iwobi and Aina 

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    The manager needs to make some changes. The players gave a lot against Cameroon, so he needs to freshen it up a bit. Bring on Chukwueze. Do something!!!

  • Ozzie 3 months ago


  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    No Way VAR…..no goal!!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    They’re still trying to cheat us out of a game – we’re playing against the 11 men of cheating rough housing angola and the bloody ref and his crooked team!

    That last action was a handball against them!


    GET IN…

    • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

      After they’ll say it’s Nigeria that has dishonest Referees.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago



  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Finally he makes changes!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Can everyone see Nwabali telling Iwobi??? 78 minutes?

    Did you see that??

    What do you think Nwabali was telling Iwobi there??

    All the retarded morons on here polluting the air with their mindless comments – empty brains mtcheew!

    See?? hahahaha even oga Pajero has noticed – yet some F*****g idiots on here woill be emptying their porous brains! Yeye dey smell!

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    I do like this Onyeka dude, he is good!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Yes – Onyeka has really impressed!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Nwabali – The Rock! – We’re not talking Uzoho here! Khaki no be leather!!

    See Angolans in the crowd doing voodoo!!

    Up Super Eagles!!

    Up Nigeria!!

    If the Lord be for us – No man or woman can stand against us!

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    At least bring on Omeruo to sure up the defense

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Great job Simon!!
    This Jose dude needs to manage these players better!!

  • Sammy 3 months ago

    Is Peseiro on drugs? Someone should tell that guy to change players. People are gassed out and we’re playing too deep. What’s wrong with that guy?

    Is he trying to sabotage the team?

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Finally he makes the changes. Why does he always wait so long? Osimhen needs to rest for the semis!!

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Our defense has been really great..their dangerman Mabululu has hardly been in the game!!!

  • Ozzie 3 months ago



  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    All the very best!!!

  • O boyy. This match is tensed. Angolans gave it all too. Up super eagles. Bravo Lookman for the well taken goal.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Ose…Ose o,,,ose o …Ose Baba!

    Oya – I’m waiting for any bastard wey wan colect wotwoto here lol

    Mumu’s! Mtcheew!

  • Glory 3 months ago

    Aaaaaaawwuuuuuraaaa….. Yaakiiii. Victory is certain. And victory is it. Thanks, Praises and Glory to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. We match on. GET YOUR AGEGE BREAD, BEANS IS GETTING SO SOFT. PESEIRO AT THE END OF THIS TOURNAMENT WILL BE RENAMED THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN OF COACHING.

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Well done guys, best defense in the tournament!!!
    Iwobii really needs to step up, and play better

    • Moses Simon was really amazing today. I never doubt the guy for once. Always believe you are good. Ademola, what can I say. Osimhen, Bravo. Mhen, the tank in the midfield in rock solid. He is playing the best game of his life. AL_HASSAN came to the party too with his short appearance. Great defensive display but the Angolans almost had a goal and penetrated once. Sanusi sucks going forward. Nice one. Up eagles

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      Thank you my broda – You get eyes and you sabi wetin be football.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        My last message was for the man Ozzie – Big up yourself!

  • KangA 3 months ago

    We are still LOOKING and smiling!

  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    A rising ovation for the man called Peseiro. Not because we have not reach the semis b4, but because I wouldn’t have been suprised if we had crashed out at or before the R16.

    But the man has shown he is indeed Wise. “I’ll rather do this my way and win than do it their way and fail” is what he must have told himself after that 1st match. That was his turning point for me.

    Congrats Eagles, Congrats Nigeria.

    To hell with “express yourself” football.

    Pragmatism is about to win us our 4th AFCON.

    I don’t know what Peserio’s targets were….but NFF might just save themselves some time and get Peserio’s contract renewal documents ready. Because I don’t see any African team with the skills, vision and creativitt to break down a Mourinho inspired 7 man styled bus parking system.

    Congrats Super Eagles….congratulations Nigeria.

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    Jose needs to manage games better. Osimhen has run himself into the ground, he should have taken him off sooner. I hope Osimhen has the legs to play well in the semis.

  • This was one breathless match!!! That Gasper guy, in fact, all their backline, were 200% solid, otherwise the scoreline would have been more generous.

    Was it Iwobi who lost his man in the Angolan strike that hit the goalpost? I saw Nwabali giving him a mouthful before Paseiro yanked him off.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Yesss!!! We move!! Up up SuperEagles!!! We move on to the Semifinal. We’ve kept a clean sheet in 4 straight games. Nwabali is our goalkeeper from now and the foreseeable future. The Angolans came to play but they met a wall in the SuperEagles. Great game. It’s coming back home. 

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago



      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        You should have time for me OO! Olofo ton Binu Ologo. Ko ni DA fun Ẹ ati awọn Iyalaya ẹ. Me I have your time idiot calling Gods name in vain. Malevolent hypocrite. O MA ṢOFO TIRAN TIRAN NI. Ṣebi you want to banter Oya bring it on. Iku pa ẹ Loni. Aṣẹ waaa. 

  • Chidi 3 months ago

    Some psycho doctor here will still want to rubbish Nwabili. Bastard somebody

  • Ozzie 3 months ago

    I am still not too sure about this coach Jose. He is not pragmatic enough. Ekong is a great leader at the back!! the coach needs to manage our players much better!!

    • Papafem 3 months ago

      I know what you want, my guy. Lol… but as long as we are winning, I’ve got no problem. The end will justify the means.

  • Moses Simon was really amazing today. I never doubt the guy for once. Always believe you are good. Ademola, what can I say. Osimhen, Bravo. Mhen, the tank in the midfield in rock solid. He is playing the best game of his life. AL_HASSAN came to the party too with his short appearance. Great defensive display but the Angolans almost had a goal and penetrated once. Sanusi sucks going forward. Nice one. Up eagles

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Any turn condom asshole that wants to be miserable in his life and his entire generation can now bring. Lmao!! Whatever happened to they will not make it of the group stage? 

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      Suck your mother!!

      It is your mother’s condom that turned!

      F88888g Dog!


      spawn of satan!

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        Useless miserable son of a bitch. Fools Marshall of zombies Lmso!! I know your life has been ruined oloṣi ọmọ irankiran. Ajẹku Aja. 

  • Diran 3 months ago

    Moses Simon was my man of the match. Amazing performance and we give God all the glory,

  • Golden Child 3 months ago

    Congrats to the SE! Peseiro has proved a lot of people wrong.

  • JOEL CHIDI 3 months ago

    For all those calling iwobi out, go and rewatch that match without tension, then you will appreciate this guys contribution to our offensive play right from deep. People just want to curse and show their untrained side. I won’t dignify such fellow with a call out or name calling. Ire oo!!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      joel chidi – you don kolo finish!
      sharaaaap! Mumu

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        Your papa and Mama na MUMU. Your own don finish for here today keep it coming 

        • JOEL CHIDI 3 months ago

          @Ayphillydegreat abeg don’t be dragged into that level he wants. It’s such a low place. What was even said? That iwobi OFFENSIVELY is our best orchestrator. Next thing, he started cursing out. Hahahahahahahaha. Abeg make we enjoy our victory and avoid bad energy.

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

            He’s a loser fc. Compound fools marshal I have his time today. He’s wanking all over the place now after saying the team will never make it past the group stage. Very useless miserable hypocrite. 

  • Lmao I’m still waiting for OmoNaija to congratulate the team but if we lost he would be the first to rubbish the coach.

  • Mr Hush 3 months ago

    Congratulations Super Eagles. Congratulations to Nigeria.

    The cup is ours to lose..

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Let me tell you – If you haven’t worked it out by now, which I doubt because you’ve never been the sharpest tool in the box

    I know what you are!!

    But I dare you to try it!

    You will drop dead before you even reach there!

    Mark my words!!

    Light always overcomes darkness!!

    So try it!! spawn of=satan!

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      Na you go drop dead because you’re already suffering from amnesia Oloriburuku. As if you will not die one day Werey. Oni jere. Olofo. 

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        Right back at you!
        Agbaya – Olosi oloriburuku

        Holy Ghost Fire on your witch head!

        rabadaba lalika! mungozat kilanpao iyere wunda kilore skatabomi. Ni Oruko Jesu!

        Fire and Brimstone on you and the power behind you!

        I rebuke and renounce you and your coven and your altar and your stronghold in Jesus Mighty Name!

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          Asiere Agba ofo a fools Marshall at 50 plus koni da fun ẹ. Arisunkun oloṣi jatijati. 

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          Ayelala ati ṣọpọna lo ma pa ẹ danu. Onikuure O ma Ṣanku ni Lagbara Edumare. Loser fc. 

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago


          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

            GOD BLESS YOU

          • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

            Useless Malevolent hypocrite. Na ẸṢU LAALU GO BLESS you Aṣiere! Leave our SuperEagles alone you never expected them to make it past the group stage in the first place. I’m glad they are making you eat your humble pie and stepping it down with Lacasera. Lmao!! 

  • Ndubest 3 months ago

    Congratulations team Nigeria you played well. We are now in semi bring anyone we are ready. See you in finals no stopping us now.

  • JimmyBall 3 months ago

    These are my observations:

    1. Alex Iwobi: this guy can really be a great player if he makes the effort to improve, rather than go on personal trainings and drills to improve as a midfielder… he is more interested in hairstyles. How can a midfielder always be very lethargic to track opposing midfielders with the way he ball-watches all the time. He needs to learn how to mark, shoot and pressure opposition. Sometimes watching Iwobi is very annoying, I mean this dude took football lessons at Arsenal. He is a sort of liability when we defense… my one cent on him.

    2. Zaidu Sanusi: he lacks football intelligence and has very low IQ on decision making, he also knows how to get into vintage shooting position but has zero shooting technique akin to an uncoordinated street footballer. If Zaidu can learn to make quick decisions, shoot with technique and calmness, and then how to really cross properly and pin-pointedly, he will be serious left-wing-back in world football.

    3. Victor Osimhen: great football player with lots of energy, however, he needs to learn how to be intelligent like a fox in the box, he needs some set skills like sharp-turning, quick dribbling especially with both feet(he is heavily rightfooted), and lastly he needs to know how to really use the ball at his feet and improve on shooting technique as well all how to sustain balance of his body when in duets.

    4. Moses Simon: though often, he has no real goal-threat, but allround play is very commendable especially when defending. I was impressed with him today.

    5. Joe Aribo: this guy is just a kill-joy, in my opinion Nigeria and Super Eagles has really helped him with invitation and squad involvement as well as exposure for his football to get into next-level but the dude just don’t have it, this tournament has really confirmed my long-held views about Joe Aribo as just an average and basic player… he isn’t Super Eagles material period.

    6. Jose Peseiro: he needs to know how to make timely changes when it’s evident players especially Osimhen, Look man and Iwobi are tiring out. This game against Angola, I felt he waited too long to inject fresh legs to help us with marking and good positional play tracking forays to our goal area. I would also like Peseiro to encourage our team to know how to keep position and avoid sitting too deep when we lead, because then we have edge and often we let the opposition get too comfortable close to our 18-yard box edge… today, it was very nervy how we defended deep.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      This is the first time I have read a complete comment from you that makes great sense! Try and keep it up!

    • Patrick 3 months ago

      Congratulations super eagles. I must commend you for your observations and analysis. The boys played very well but the coach must learn to make or effect timely changes. It was obvious osimhen was tired he should have introduced moffi for osimihen and ihenacho for ademola lookman. We need these two players in the semi finals.

    • Zaidu Sanusi, besides fumbling all our early moves, was also ballooning all the square balls to him away. I think he was behind Lookman in that goal we scored. Imagine if the ball had fallen to him, he would just balloon it away.

  • I read a guy still blaming the coach. What is wrong with Nigerians. This guy has surpassed our expectations.

    Great ability to change formation and to stick with dangerous choices. Great one.

    Come to think of it we are not here with players like ndidi Boniface and awoniyi

  • Ayodele Ralph Palmer 3 months ago

    We can’t be blaming players for every wrong move they made otherwise it’s no longer football, no player can keep his composure for 90mins bro so relax. When we are talking about looking after the midfield and distributing the pass then no other player in the team than  Iwobi so you can’t touch him

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      Ayodele Ralph Palmer

      No we can’t But the KIND of wrong moves Iwobi is making is the WORST kind that will lose you a game!

      If we are playing a determined who is on our level per quality etc – then with Iwobi in the middle of our set up the other team will win 99 times out of 100

      This is not criticism for criticism’s sake – Look at Zaidu, as many also saw, he wasn’t great again today and I fully agree, but have you seen me call him out once??

      Go through all my posts and see – I have been very consistent! Always am

      This is not a personal vendetta against Iwobi, I’ve got nothing against him – I don’t do that – I am only committed to and always looking for excellence especially when it comes to our SE’s

      Go through all my comments in this thread and see.

      Only someone who doesn’t understand football will disagree with me on this one!

  • Adeyemi 3 months ago

    To all those soothsayers, is Nwabili good or just lucky? To even imagine we have this goalkeeper and yet we complained lack of good goal tenders? Anyone better than what we have, Peseiro should not hesistate to invite them. Competition is good for the “soup”
    To today’s game, Iwobi might be useless defensively but not bad offensively. I will always keep those people on the pitch for any rare moment of magic. As much as I dislike Zaidu, he’s pretty good defensively. He lacks so much confidence going forward. Aina is good defensively and he can even play in the midfield. Ekong, such a leader at the back! In short, kudos to our impenetrable back-line. I’m actually surprised at both Onyeaka and Ajayi. Onyeaka really surprised me today. I never liked Simon but he’s arguably our best winger/player today. Osimhen, always the hustler, very bad the goal was disallowed. Lookmoni, no comment on you. You too good.

    • You sabi ball and analysis.

      So on point your observation of all the players.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      You are wrong – in as much as he is useful offensively – he does not score and weakens the belly of the team which leads to a weak spine and you will concede against an equally talented or maybe more talented but essentially determined team! You will always lose if Iwobi does not tighten his tackling game and just allows opposition attackers to run through him always – If you know what a swot analysis is then you must get the point! But even if you don’t, just understanding football, you should still get it – Thank God for Peseiro – why do you think Nwabali was chewing Iwobi’s ears in the game? It happened not once but 3 different times!
      After that Peseiro yanked him off! Go and watch again!

      • Adeyemi 3 months ago

        haha bro, I know the meaning of SWOT analysis. Nwabali is a good commander of the post and hence why he yelled at Iwobi. What he said, we don’t know but your guess is good as mine. While he has that weakness, you need to capitalize on one’s strengths and opportunities, these are the actual principles of SWOT analysis. Any team will have such weaknesses and so how could we turn our weakness around and defeats opponents’ weaknesses? We need a workaholic person around him like Onyeaka. Apart from Ndidi, Onyeaka, Al-hassan, which of our midfielders is that defensive? Aribo? None. Until we have something better, he’s our best choice. Aribo is also sluggish just like Iwobi and probably better shot power. Hence, we need to invite more players for competition’s sake.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

          Bro when Indidi is back, Iwobi is outski trust me – and we already have the perfect answer for the weakness he causes in the team and that answer’s name is Alhassan Yusuf – Yusuf is easily as creative and offensive as Iwobi but a lot more defensive minded and actually makes a difference when tracking back – Iwobi goes through the motions of tracking back but all he is doing is just hiding in plain sight because even when he gets there, he still will provide no resistance to the opposition advancing the ball – trust me – just watch the game again and watch him and you will see what I am saying- even today Aribo put in more resistance than him and I don’t rate Aribo at all- I like Iwobi, don’t get me wrong but there is a reason why first Arsenal sold him, and then I was happy because Sean Dyche took him at Everton but even he sold him and then I was happy because Marco Silva took him – Marco is a very good man manager but he also likes his players working hard and fighting and defending even if they are offensive players – I am praying that he lasts under Silva because he is still doing the same thing at Fulham and it’s too obvious to see – Managers now want players that defend from the front, nobody can afford to have a weak part in his team and especially not the midfield – that is just too dangerous and not worth it no matter how good offensively you are – believe me.

  • SuperGoals 3 months ago

    Congratulations !!! to The Super Eagles and Nigeria.

    This was an Highly Technical Match, The Super Eagles, and the Coach did an Amazing job today

    The super eagles should continue to play every match like this with determination and like a final before final

    God Bless Nigeria. Ameen

  • Cornelius 3 months ago

    Again another shambolic display by the Super Chicken. It baffles me how some people are even enjoying this game. Today looked like i was watching the local Super eagles playing. And this are meant to be our professional players. It glaring that many players paid their way to get into this team. Can you compare this team to that of 2013. Please let this coach go. Let him go and apply is tactics in Zamalek or Al ahly. Wetin happen Dr drey hadly comments. Zaidu from day one i said has no business in this team so also is Iwobi.

    • Emecco 3 months ago

      Guy, though it’s your opinion, but my opinion also about this your opinion is that: “You are talking trash”.

  • Unique 3 months ago

    Lookman football techniques and IQ is topnotch, this is what you get when a player is taught football, he such an amazing player who always rise to occasion when it matters most. This is the Moses Simon we have been craving to watch for a long time, energetic, workaholic and dedicated. Even if Osihmen is not scoring, his presence is creating chance for Lookman to get into the box frequently. Frank Onyeka is our Essien, I don’t know what Peisero chant to this dude head, he is playing like sey en wan kill himself. Iwobi too try and he showed positive improvement today except his poor marking. Kudos to all our defenders except Zaidu, the dude is playing like sey village people hold ham for brokus . To be honest, I haven’t seen Super Eagles play like this in a long time. Thank you Jose Peisero, Congrats to Super Eagles and Nigerians. Indeed it’s coming home

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago


    • Cornelius 3 months ago

      Just refresh your page

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        I have, it didn’t work – I had thought that that would work but it’s not working – I even thought that it may be an algorithm issue where some words have been flagged to be rejected and tried to sanitise the replies as much as possible but even that didn’t work

        It’s not fair when some rabid dog is attacking – when all I did was post my own opinion on a player and he came and attacked me for my opinion – so he started it – I would normally steer well clear of the weapon because I am not on his level but the so and so did not stay in his lane – which is not the most surprising thing in the world because he is clearly as thick as mud and as daft as a brush

        Are you with the powers that be on here?

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          You’re a lunatic dog that’s why you’re bitting trees on CSN. Lmao!! Worthless nincompoop. Onikuure. Asiere. Agba Oloriburuku. 

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

            God Bless You.

        • Cornelius 3 months ago

          Loool powers that be ke. You see some of them can’t comment. Not really enjoying the eagles play. Watched better eagles team, but this ones am sorry are nothing to write about. It’s all shear luck they using to win this games. Even with the array of starts we have at our disposal. We now look like the underdogs

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

            Ah okay, sorry joor my broda

            I thought that maybe you were a moderator on CSN or something
            as for the Super Eagles – don’t you think this is the best we have felt about the team for a while?

            I think Peseiro is a guy who is humble enough and willing to learn as he is doing on the job here and we can all see a progression – but we also know that there is only so much a man will take, hence his pushing back and putting his foot down in some matters like continuing with Zaidu- but I think that we are in as good hands as we have been in a long while as long as he continues to learn and evolve.

            Him no want make them think say him be complete push-over lol

  • Glory 3 months ago

    If you must be honest, I never started anything, n maybe you took some of my post to be in response to yours, which were definitely not same way Jimmyball did to one of my comments. I CAN’T BE A CHRISTIAN AND LET OUT WORDS THAT HURTS. SO PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY AS IT COMES FROM THE DEPT OF MY HEART. I RESPECT YOU AND EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM. DEVIL CAN NEVER WIN ALL BECAUSE OF A GAME CALLED FOOTBALL…

    Might just be best to retire from CSN just to avoid TEMPTATION to get involve in unnecessary arguments… MAY MY WORDS OR POST NEVER HURT GOD’S CREATION…. For I will be the most ungrateful sinner to have recieved MERCY from GOD ALMIGHTY.

    • Mahmud Shuaib 3 months ago

      Wow….this got me emotional. You are indeed a blessed man. I have followed you on this loop same as @POMPEI…both of you are great individuals. Please do not stay off CSN comments section. You are the ONLYan who STICKED your neck out on the eve of this tournament that PESEIRO will surprise everyone and how prophetic it’s turning out.

      @POMPEI, please accept the olive branch and let love wins!

      Respect to everyone

    • pompei 3 months ago

      Well, it’s all in the past now. Let’s leave it there.
      Thanks. WE MOVE.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago


    Me too.

    I am repenting now and may well leave the site as there are too many devilish entities roaming around looking for people to tempt and drag down to their own level on here- I really should not say any of the things I find myself saying when some devil’s dog attacks me out of the blue

    May God forgive me IJMN!

    Although mine is not with you or Pompei though.

    God bless us all!

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

      Lmao!! You can now play the victim card Asiere. Who started it?? Can’t you make a comment without insulting or using derogatory words to denigrate others?? You’re on a global website and you think people here are Morons like you? Dey play.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        lmao?? lol- you are a shameful old man lol

        You are also demented because you have cleraly lost your mind. haha

        First you say I said the SE will not proceed from the group stage abi? From your mouth straight to Jehovah’s ears haha

        Now you are asking me who started it?? Hmm mmehn you really need to go and have your mind checked – you should be in a strait jacket with such a weakened memory

        Ask yourself that question – Crawl back through the comments and see who started it – and if you can’t work that out then it’s your problem – everyone else on here can and most have already haha

        But as a parting gift – as you are saying that I started it – then I say to you again – may it be straight from your mouth to the ears of the Most High

        I really am levels above you and should not mix with swine – and truth be told I don’t which is why I never address your old retarded ass.

      • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

        Oh and God bless you!
        Repent before it’s too late!

        • Greenturf 3 months ago

          Good of you to preach repentance…But try my brother to stop swearing.
          Christians are like Jesus Christ..If you love others you can’t use offensive and inappropriate language against them it’s unacceptable!
          From what I read  you started the fight.
          Ayphillidegreat I know wouldn’t attack someone first.
          I hope you both stop the fight,shake hands and be friends let’s celebrate this important victory 

          • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago


            Listen – you people should not misunderstand or underestimate me o!

            I am very very capable indeed – All I am doing is not because of you lot – it is because I am a Christian and I recognise when I have offended God – but if you think that this is your opportunity to put your foot in then you are sadly very mistaken!

            I started the fight???

            Haha – Why am I not surprised that you will say such a thing -I remember you well! And I know you have been looking for a chance to say something.

            Have you heard of false witnesses? Do you know what happens to them??

            I will give you one more chance to go back and see who started it before I hand you too over to God!

            You better be careful – maybe that evil spirit has bewitched you too?? Please check your facts because if you don’t come back and tell the truth exactly as it is – then I will hand you over to God too.

            Also I can still put you in your place without offending God. Trust me!

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          You’re a fake Christian stop portraying yourself as a Christian here. You always come here wanking crying F…k F…k all the time like a homeless crackhead. You’re a disgrace to Christians worldwide if indeed you’re a Christian. Who are you to teach me how to analyze football?? Is there anytime you ever come here to really talk about football other than bitting trees about one player or the other if not then the coach? 

          Bloody liar you never expected the team to make it out of the group stage in the first place. I’m glad they’re now serving you the humble pie. 

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    Alhamdulilah for the victory. Ah, we scale through.

    Super Eagles was under pressure, but if they had to win this tournament, our boys had to soak up the pressure and get the job done.

    For me, the coach is trying, but his substitutions time is awful. I hope Eagles won’t be punished for that.

    Zaidu should be replaced as I said before the match today, but he didn’t disappointed me, and I wasn’t surprised that the coach has refused to pull him off. What a coach. Did the gaffer not see anything wrong with Zaidu ba?

    We were lucky in today’s match, and I hope we are going to have the luck to the end.

    I am very happy for my guy Nwabali. Thank God that Uzoho wasn’t on goal today. Nigeria would have collected the wotowoto. I am proud of my Nwabali. Keep making me proud my Bobo.

    Super Eagles made the match difficult for themselves, and Angola took the opportunity to take the match to our boys.

    I think we are destined to win this tournament. Unto the next one. God is in control. Congratulations to Super Eagles/Nigeria. Let’s remain humble my people. We are not there yet, but we can get there soon by God’s grace. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      Omo9ja – I agree but one thing is for sure – we must drop Iwobi or tell him to make sure he tackles and stops the opposition players just running free through our midfield – after that I am confident that the victory will be ours God willing – he is okay offensively to an extent and I will not complain about that because he can still find a pass here and there but he really needs to start putting his foot on the ball in tackles and shoot on goal more.

      • Abdul 3 months ago

        What exactly is your problem? What the heck man! Yes, the guy had a couple of below par performance in the last two games, but today he was okay and did his job very well. Do you understand football at all? , because I don’t understand why kept shouting since the game started…oga go sleep jor.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

          Haha -pass – you don’t deserve a response.
          Get thee behind me you devil! lol

  • Ayphillydegreat

    Ol’ Boy you dey off today. You prepare come this war. Hahahaha.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

      lol – see how this one reasons – it thinks the devil won. What a genius! hehe
      I rebuke you satan! Get thee behind me along with your earthly master – eventually you both will be re united with your real master in the abyss.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

        Lol! Ozo the Werey Dey shout devil upandan. Person wey  Dey craze. Na ẸṢU LAALU go Dey live with am from now on. Lmao!! Very dumb lunatic nincompoop fools Marshall of zombies. Lmao!! 

  • Cornelius 3 months ago

    Loool powers that be ke. You see some of them can’t comment. Not really enjoying the eagles play. Watched better eagles team, but this ones am sorry are nothing to write about. It’s all shear luck they using to win this games. Even with the array of starts we have at our disposal. We now look like the underdogs

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