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EXCLUSIVE: Sports Minister In Talks With Peseiro Over Super Eagles Return

EXCLUSIVE: Sports Minister In Talks With Peseiro Over Super Eagles Return

Sports Minister, John Enoh has held talks with former Super Eagles head coach, Jose Peseiro over a possible return to the team, reports Complete sports.com.

Peseiro left the post in February following the expiration of his contract.

The Portuguese led the Super Eagles to second position at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Cote d’Ivoire.

Completesports.com learnt from a reliable source in the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) that the sports minister has established contact with Peseiro’s representatives with both parties opened to the idea of the former Saudi Arabia and Venezuela gaffer returning to the post.

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”It’s true that the sports minister is in talks with Peseiro over his possible return to the Super Eagles,”revealed the source.

“The man is willing to return, let’s just wait and see what will happen at the end of the day.”

The technical committee have reportedly shortlisted three coaches for the job.

The sports minister disclosed recently that a new coach will be appointed for the Super Eagles in the next two weeks.

The Super Eagles are scheduled to take on the Bafana Bafana of South Africa and Squirrels of Benin Republic in a 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier in June.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Coache 1 month ago

    If you bring him back, then Nigeria should forget world cup in 2026. He has nothing to offer.



    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

      With this action, Super eagle Will not qualify for world cup for sure.

  • John-1 1 month ago

    OK, we approve the return of Jose ‘Pep Guardiola+Marcelo Lippi+Johan Cryuff Peseiro’s return!

  • Ndubest 1 month ago

    Hahahaha Yeye dey smell. See desperation this guys are sick

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Bro I’m done with this topic I have to go and focus on other things life has to offer. These guys are bunch of distractions and time wasters. Confused dirty pigs!!!

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Considering the CVs of the shortlisted candidates and the timing of our next match, the return of Pesseiro is a welcome decision. He knows the useful players and unserious players. He’s got momentum going for him. Like Waldrum, he understands the nff, the nigerian oress, and authority better and I have no doubt he will further strengthen the team with better performances.

    • Why do I always like ur views? In as much as I’m pissed when Peseiro left, I will surely take him back, he knows the team and surely have learnt his lesson after the AFCON. Good news for me if he return.

  • Patrick 1 month ago

    It appears the nff and its technical committee are not interested in the world cup Qualification campaign. Nff should ignore the minister of education and engage a new competent foriegn coach. Time is of essence when it come to the issue of world cup Qualification. If the minister is sincere about world cup qualifiers he should cooperate with the nff.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago


    The NFF technical committee comprising people like Egavoen, Ikpeba, Lawal sees him as Plan C

    The NFF executive committe comprising people like Gusua, Anyasi-Agwu etc sees him as Plan C

    The sports minister sees him as Plan D.

    Only his paid internet rats and nepotistic kins see him as the BEST….LMAOoo.

    According to Mr Hush, there must be something in his CV that these people are not letting us see….LMAoo

    God knows, there is no way I am taking this sort of job….!!! I can never give in to being “managed” as the cheapest option and last resort available…!!!

    Im done on this topic…..they can as well go and exhume Amodu or bring back Westerhof…!

    Ive never seen a more deluded and confused bunch of administrators all my life

    • John-1 1 month ago

      So you can’t just post your comment without insulting people?

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Are you a paid internet rat, a nepotistic kín or a deluded and confused administrator…?

        Otherwise why is my comment causing you heartburns….?!

        • John-1 1 month ago

          Naaa, your comment is not causing me any issues. On the contrary, I agree with your views most times. But you must accept that people will not always share your views. Hence, it’s imperative you drive home your points without denigrating flavour!

  • Tony K 1 month ago

    I think it’s not a bad idea to have Peisero back to manage the SE for the WC qualifiers in June. Considering the short period before those matches, experimenting with a new coach who don’t understand the dynamics of the current squad may be suicidal.

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Okay, CSN please give us another exclusive;
    National Disorientation Agency announced Serial Failure Amunike as the coach of SE.
    From Julius Berger and Ocean Boys, Amunike exported his crude knowledge of the game to Egypt, Tanzania, and Zambia.
    Assisted Sia-1 and ended up adding blemishes to the later career of never missing qualification
    Got lucky to be picked as assistant to cerezo but pride and ego pushed him to grabbing position with his superior to the point of dividing the team.
    Amunike needs to be humble like Finidi, he should go grab appointment from Heartland or Abia Warriors. Prove that he is better than Finidi who eon the league within 2 or 3yrs of joining or Ogunbote who is prolly the best in the league (took Sunshine to semis of a continental competition).

    • Kanayo 1 month ago

      Just shut your pile hole if you have nothing serious to add here. My berate the ex-stars this way. Even top coaches lose games, how is Ameneke a serial failure, to my knowledge he won the under 17 twice (as assistant to Manu Garba in 2013 and main coach in 2015). You mentioned his Ego didn’t allow us make the last world cup, were you at the training ground to know that.

  • Crazy coach. Crazy NFF. Let them employ him and kiss the World Cup good bye and the NFF as well.

    Someone who felt he already gotten a good job elsewhere and then dumped you. Yet, he couldn’t get a job with the Cameroonian national team, you want to recall him? I am very sorry for NFF. Indeed, they are our problem of football.

  • JimmyBall 1 month ago

    CSN deletes posts… they did mine earlier also.

  • Martin 1 month ago

    Please the sport minister should let this man be.

  • Alex07 1 month ago

    Peseiro’s return is the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. I applaud the Sports minister’s efforts to bring him back.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Madness loading this is what happens when you put the wrong people in the helm of affairs. This man does not understand football that is why he’s going back to a coach that will turn Iwobi and Osimhen to wingbacks. The fans are the ones suffering from these mediocres. This man has walked around jobless and he is back to finish us should he get this job again.

    • Omo9ja 1 month ago

      @Chima E Samuels, keep doing a good work. Together we can make Super Eagles great.

      If NFF like, they should hire whoever they want in June this year. What matter most is the pressure they are getting from us. We won’t let them rest until they hire Amunike.

      Amunike and the Nigerian guy in the state can make the difference but not the foreign coach.

      If it is impossible to offer a foreigner to be our president then it is absolutely not logical to hire a foreign coach to manage Super Eagles now.

      We have to change the way we do things. Money changes hand era has gone. NFF should stop the political game they are playing. It won’t work. We are watching them like afcon final. We are watching the NFF very closely. No magomago this time around.

      If NFF think they will just go abroad to bring someone from village and come down here in Nigeria to lie to us as usual they found a world class coach for us, they are just wasting their time.

      We want indigenous coaches to take charge of the Super Eagles,shikena.

      We patriotic Nigerians should keep the campaign going. It is our own or nothing. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Nigeria would have been in a far better place by now if it were to be ruled by a foreign president.

        Yes…I said so.

        • Greenturf 1 month ago


          • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

            This time they will not only chain your legs and rape your wives but they will chain your poverty stricken brains all together. Yeye dey smell how did I even get here??? Amuneke should boycott the application and leave this underachievers alone. I will hardly comment on issues on this forum again with this sort of trash mindsets my God I’m out!!!!

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Are your rulers in Africa not doing all that and more already…?

            Whites don’t need to go and chain anybody in Africa anymore.

            Victims of poor governance and wicked leadership like you are already economic refugees traveling the desert by foot and sailing on the perilous waters of the Mediterranean to offer themselves as slaves in Europe and the West.

            Village boy….!

            He thinks because he can read and write English he now knows the world in its totality…LMAOoo

        • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

          I’m not surprised it’s people like you that will see a white man and run home that the day is bright you have seen Jesus. LMAO white people that come and do maintenance work every now and then at the apartment is what some people are worshipping. Nigeria government has succeeded in impoverishing your mentalities to the extent that you’re seeking to go back to your slave masters.

          It will be a shame that because of ignorant thinking brainwashed villagers in the slums from wherever that Nigeria might not be coming to America for the World Cup with all the Black community waiting to give them massive support.

          You people will get what you wish I’m out of this trash back and forth sentimental motivated debacle with bunch of backward minded people. It’s high time I watch my circle of conversations less I will be reduced to your level of mediocrity.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahaha….your level of illiteracy is mind blowing….! To think that you are this unlettered yet act up as if you have seen the ends of the earth is so laughable…LMAoo

            In trying to defend your race you even shot yourself in the foot by stating that “…Nigeria government has succeeded in impoverishing your mentalities….” LMAOOo.

            Pls who are those who make up the said Nigerian Govt….? Indians….abi Latinos…??! LMAOoo.

            Can you see that you dont have sense. You just open your mouth wide and lack insight in your comments.

            I would have given you a proper response if you were cerebral enough….but there is no point describing a rainbow to a man who was born blind…..LMAOoo.

            In your eyes now you are more enlightened than everybody else here.

            Let’s not even go far with comparisons, let’s stay in Africa…..even with Apartheid and its evils, no sub-saharan country in Africa today still can measure up to what white rule put in place in South Africa even after over 60 years of independence.

            I say it again with full conviction….

            “Nigeria would have been in a far better place by now if it were to be ruled by a foreign President”

            “Nigerian football would be in a far better place by now if it were to be administered by foreign NFF officials”

            and I affirm and reiterate that “Nigeria National team would be in a far better place if only we can get a world class FOREIGN COACH to lead the team”

            Step out of that spare parts shop you are holed in somewhere in Ghana. It is seriously limiting your thinking faculty. Useless village boy…!

            Illiterate acting up emacipation…..why did you adopt Real Madrid as your club of choice….why didnt you adopt the club of the shithole state where you hail from….LMAOoo

        • Onero 1 month ago

          @ Dr.Drey, u are 100% right. From independence till date,Nigeria has no rulers but bunch of armed robbers.
          So where is the independence and where is the democracy?

      • Alex07 1 month ago

        “We won’t let them rest until they hire Amunike”

        Seriously? Did someone who called himself a football fan type this? Amunike is now what? Pep Guardiola? How deluded can people be? A man with zero track record of excellence in senior team coaching. smdh. No wonder we are where we are today as a country. The love of mediocrity is mind-boggling!

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    I have noticed that some people on this page are just slaves of anything goes. Give them torrent they want, give them Antonio they want, give them Peseiro they still want, give them anything white they want. This sums up why we are right about some villagers on this page. Anything white even if it’s nonsense white they want. Poverty is a disease!!!!

    • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

      @chimma . The education your parents or guidance gave to you ,where did it come from ? Even your religion ,where did it come from ? So if white people now gave us a coach what’s wrong in that.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      If Torrent is a better coach than Amuneke….yes we want him.

      If Peserio is a better coach than Amuneke….yes we want him.

      If Antonio is a better coach than Amuneke….yes we want him.

      If Amuneke is a better coach than all of them….yes we want him.

      For someone who claims to be a fan of excellence it’s unbelivable that your first consideration in a recruitment process is skin colour.

      Keep your racist and illiterate mindset in your family compound and…..Let the damn best man get the damn job.

  • Tristan 1 month ago

    I thought this guy was the new coach of Cameroon. How is he now trying to come back as SE coach? Actually, I can guess what happened. He tried to negotiate for a higher pay, and when rebuffed thought his performance at AFCON would smooth the path for a better coaching job. After sitting at home for 6 weeks with no job offers he contacted Nigeria. Talk about overplaying your hand, no one was interested in our Portuguese tactician and he has returned to us tail between the legs to ask for his job back.

    • Codex 1 month ago

      So I’m not alone in this thought process, he tried to play what they call the window game not knowing that international football has no windows.

  • The question is why the guy left the job in the first place. I would have loved him to continue in the first place considering the fact that we didn’t have enough time and also for continuity purpose.

    But he left and he should have been allowed to ‘rest’ forever.

    But with the Nigerian situation so many things are already playing behind the scene with this nonesense called appointment of super eagles coach.

    1. They have tried to appoint a foreign coach but have found none who wants to play game of sharing from his salary.

    2. So they now went back to familiar terrain like pesero who is good at playing game of sharing from his dollar salary.

    3. So the clueless minister and nff decided to bring back pesero.

    4. Many nff guys and the minister are afraid of employing Nigerian coach because they don’t get their money in dollars and also they know they love bribes and they will always rubbish the system with their robbery. This is the reason why they don’t want to employ a Nigerian coach.

    5. Findi messed up big time with the friendlies. He did not help the cause of Nigerian coaches at all. I don’t know whether he was charmed. How can he do what he did in the match against Mali. Having players on the bench and not using them. Finidi should have been my best choice to continue but I am also scared too if these Nigerian coaches. Invitation of Tanimu was just the card finidi played immediately he was allowed to coach for the friendlies. More will come from Benin republic, Sudan or equatorial guinea if he is given the job permanently.

    6. Well, I don’t trust the system again. I only rely on the players helping the fans to get good results and joy with the super eagles. That happened at afcon. Kudos to the players.

    7. The idea of shortlisting coaches and using fifty years to select a coach for the super is a demonic way to get a coach for the national team.

    We have a technical committee. Sit down together and brainstorm. Put down names of three coaches that are suitable. Get across to them. This process can be done within a week. Get a coach for the super eagles. But we still do things the selfish and foolish way. So bad.

    I wish the eagles well.

    There are some players that must not miss this world cup because of their ages and profile. I wish we qualify despite the nonesense nff is putting up.

    • Kenneth 1 month ago

      And how did he mess up, because he didn’t field some players, when peserio was doing it and losing games, you didn’t come here and call him out. Oga abeg leave the man and your yeye assumptions about sharing of dollars. abi you get proof peserio was sharing salaries or you just cooked that up from your head.

      • Kenneth, though I don’t reply cursed comments but let reply you. you must be living in the moon. Yeye assumptions??? We know what is happening in this country. We have had claims if this going on. You think they did not do it with pesero.

        Well you are entitled to your own comment so I can’t call it yeye assumptions as you did to mine. After all no be war. It’s sports an entertainment.

        And I am surprised you didn’t see anything wrong in finidi doing what he did against Mali. I still believe the guy was charmed!!!!

        It was the simplest things to do – give other players on the bench the chance to show themselves. He failed. They want to burn him he now used palm oil to rub his body.

        So Mr Kenneth what do you think

        • Kenneth 1 month ago

          Sorry if i may responded rudely. But have we really inquired from Finidi why no subs were made. Yes i can say i was surprised not seeing him make any substitution, but that doesn’t mean he was incompetent at the job. Mind you he had no backroom staff, he was all alone to do the job. I remembered vividly when Uzoho was flopping, tell me which of the substitute keeper he brought in during the friendlies, (none), even many invited players were not tested, so why the fuss now because it’s finidi. Abeg let the guyb rest

      • Ayodele Palmer 1 month ago

        I am 100% sure if you bring the Sport Minister to this forum he will deny this rumour, you read something online and you start raining abuses on each other. These guys also included a suspended SIASIA name in the list of applicant for the SE job which he vehemently denied and you still believe everything you read from them ? How are you sure Peseiro ever applied or considered for the Camerounian Job ? because you read it from here ? I f you start abusing each other father and mother just because someone posted an article online then you have a problem

  • Let us wait a while.I think the Sport Minister is doing this out of frustration with the NFF. They have failed to appoint a coach almost 3 months after Peserio left and weeks to crucial world cup qualifying matches, Not because of national interest but selfish and personal interest.Egypt got their coach in 2 days, Ghana got theirs in about 2 weeks Algeria got theirs in a week.Haba NFF.Like the Cameroon sport Minister , let our sport minister appoints who he deem fit.

    For Baba Peserio, The honey moon is over .He has lost out in Egypt, Algeria, Caneroon and in South Africa with Orlando pirates.

  • dominic 1 month ago


  • MITCHELL AYODELE 1 month ago

    Is something wrong with people in leadership positions in Nigeria? minister meeting Peseiro is the worst of the news. As usual with us, this is in line with our antecedents, appointing a coach is like asking a 70yr old to climb Everest! what is wrong with us. It’s so easy to snatch qualification ticket if you’re in Nigeria group,just be abreast with our haphazard nature.

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    That’s what you get by appointing novice and inept personalities in any particular post, they always don’t know their job, they don’t know sports and football yet they want to be In just any official office! Amaju pinnick, gasua nff jamboree president, sports minister and all members and board of nff including that technical incompetent committee… they are all useless and a disgusting disgrace to Nigeria football. Simply said… no need for long discussions!

  • Kel,

    This message is for you.

    I am left bemused sometimes at some of your rather controversial comments these days. I have been reading your recommendations of Amuneke for the Super Eagles job with such bewilderment.

    Now, I am not entirely against the candidate who performed best at the interview (local or foreign) to land the role but yes, my personal preference remains a foreign coach – not just any foreign coach but a shrewd and pragmatic coach like Waldrum, Rohr or Peseiro.

    I find it funny that you can wholeheartedly throw your support behind Amuneke whilst detesting everything Ladan Bosso stands for. Yes Amuneke won us Under 17 World Cup but who in this world told you that MRI is full proof!

    Anyway, let’s break it down this way. Since 2016, Gernot Rohr, Austin Eguavoen and Jose Peseiro all failed. They failed woefully to combine the capabilities of our players to generate beautiful football that produced medals.

    Rohr initially tried to generate beautiful football but he sacrificed beauty for pragmatism to at least qualify us for all tournaments going and to go as far as possible in these tournaments. Many people, including myself – I might add – held grievances against Rohr for not adding beautiful football to meet his targets. Let’s be clear, he met his targets.

    Eguavoen came and promised tha Beautiful Football+ Player Capabilities will = Met Targets (world cup qualification and Afcon podium finish).

    Let’s be clear, Eguavoen met the objective that fans like myself had been yearning: beautiful football. But he ultimately failed miserably in the ultimate targets of Afcon podium finish and world cup qualification.

    Come in Peseiro who also promised to use the capabilities of our players to generate beautiful football and deliver Afcon podium finish. After the man tried and failed to generate the so called beautiful football, he changed course.

    Instead he utilised Pragmatic defensive football + players capabilities = Afcon podium finish.

    Using this formula, fans like you Kel, Tristan and many others fail to forgive this man.

    Now, you people want us to believe that where Rohr, Eguavoen and Peseiro failed, it is Amuneke that will achieve the ultimate formula of PLAYER CAPABILITIES + BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL = TOURNAMENT QUALIFICATIONS,TROPHIES AND PODIUM FINISHES.

    Wow! Wonderful!

    I can only hope that you are right. If so, then truly truly Amuneke will be better than Rohr, Eguavoen and Peseiro combined.

    For me Landan Bosso is even better than Amuneke.

    • @deo my good friend. You finally chipped in. You always like to look at both sides of the argument and I respect that.

      My question is why the malicious gang-up against Amunike? You keep reading “U20” (a few days’ job) or club demotion (another short-term role), with no mention or a deliberate gloss over the man’s accolades? Why can’t we weigh both sides?

      What makes people think Eguavoen is better than Amunike? or Rhor or Paseiro better? Simple. Their record with the Super Eagles, which Amunike has not had the chance. They say he did poorly with Tanzania, deliberately ignoring the history he created in that country which Tanzania is now building on. or they try to poo-poo or rubbish that exceptional history/record to take the credit away from the man.

      So, let’s credit Paseiro with Nigeria’s silver finish at the Afcon, but not Amunike for qualifying Tanzania for Afcon after 42 years. Sheer double standards?

      So Tanzania qualified in spite of Amunike, not because of him? They only had to negotiate a route that contained minnows Lesotho (Nigeria drew at home with Lesotho recently o) and the likes and only qualified as best losers.

      So was Tanzania being paired with Nigeria, Cameroun, and Egypt for the entire 42 years prior? Did they suddenly had the luck of being put in a “soft” group and Amunike was just fortunate to arrive on the scene and “claim” credit?

      Let’s strip the man of all the accolades. Let U17 suddenly become a mere street football tournament so we can conclude Amunike had no pedigree and is a “serial failure”.

      Let’s judge him against Eguavoen who failed as U17 coach but has had SE coach opportunities twice. He’s better than Amunike who by comparison excelled at U17 but has never coached the same SE. Fair comparison? Let’s even ignore the fact that Amunike is a 2-times FIFA World Cup-winning coach, was a former AFPOTY, and had a better player profile.

      Which of his contemporaries had a better profile? Just cos he’s a quiet, unassuming person who doesn’t like to toot his horns, we look down on him. If Eguavoen, Oliseh, and Siasia can impress some people, imagine what the star of that generation would do with better-quality players of the SE at his disposal.

      All that aside, I love Amunike cos I’ve watched his team play the best and most fluid version of Nigeria’s football. The same in Tanzania, As you pointed out, Paseuro and Rhor tweaked their styles to start winning. That’s the only thing Amunike needs. Otherwise, his team plays the best football of any Nigerian team. Kindly go watch Tanzania’s matches under his tutelage. Or the 2015 U17 World Cup. Let’s not even talk about the fact he put Tanzania back on the African football map with new stars like Mbwana Samata who later went on to play for Aston Villa,

      • Bonus Point: Angola coach Pedro Gonçalves (who almost stopped Nigeria at the Afcon and whom we all admired his playing style and tactical know-how( was until recently that country’s U17 coach.

        No, he didn’t win the U17 Afcon, let alone the global level (FIFA). The Angolan FA were impressed with his junior role and handed him the top job. He’s justified their confidence.

        Didn’t even the Bible say you judge big things from little things? Or don’t many African proverbs affirm that the morning foretells the day?

        Angola, Senegal, and now CIV have taken the courage with local content and are moving at lightning speed. Let the foreign guys be assistants this time.

    • Thanks Kel,

      I have always been in favour of a pragmatic, enthusiastic and driven coach to anchor the team. I am totally against an indigenous coach but I don’t think they are pragmatic enough.

      For example, under Justin Madugu, the Super Falcons conceded 2 goals against Ethiopia and Cape Verde (both ranked below 193 in FIFA rankings). Immediately Waldrum returned we kept clean sheets against Cameroon (67 FIFA rankings) and South Africa (51 FIFA rankings) across 4 games.

      It is also no coincidence that, since 2015 the only times we failed to qualify for Afcon or failed to attain podium finish in the tournament were under local coaches.

      So the raw contemporary data does not favour the appointment of a local coach.

      But, the last doesn’t always equal the future. I was against the appointment of Gareth Southgate for England job back then because he failed with Middlesbrough and , in short, his record in club football was disgusting.

      But he proved to be a revelation in taking England very far in the Euros and the World Cup.

      So if Amuneke is employed he will HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT. JUST LIKE I SUPPORTED EGUAVOEN and LADAN BOSSO (in Under 21). After all we are all Nigerians and I wish my fellow Nigerian all the best.

      But, u know what’s funny, it is the same hypocrites (not you Kel) who are shouting Amuneke’s name to the roof top today that will be the first to throw him under the Super Eagles team-bus the minute results stopped going his away and the minute the Super Eagles brand of football becomes stale.

      That for me is the greatest frustration.

  • Let’s all be patient with NFF please. You know appointing a coach is one of the most difficult administrative in the world. In fact, sometimes it’s a topic for debate in the UN council and sometimes they take months to reach a final decision.

    Let’s hope they’re able to complete this hard job before June 1 so the new coach can tell the players to fly directly to SA by June 5 or 6 for the June 7 match.

    What a fiasco of unimaginable proportion! And these people collect salaries every month, in addition to the constant looting!?

    Chai! Chai!

    • pompei 1 month ago

      Kel, you’re right.
      Appointing a new coach is harder than thermodynamics and quantum physics. In fact, advanced engineering mathematics is moimoi compared to the effort needed to select a new coach. It takes a lot of complicated calculations to pick a new coach, then by the time they start calculating how to share salary, the calculation gets even more complicated.
      Please, let’s be patient with NFF ONIGBESE. They need a lot of time. E no easy.

      • Hahahaha. Especially the sharing part, Pompei. That is never easy, tbh. Like if they publicly announced the coach’s salary would be $70K but have a background agreement to actually pay $55k, while $15K monthly is for the hiring commission.

        How would it be shared equitably? What would be the sharing formula or percentage? Who can claim beneficiary? Do they share in hard currency or exchange to naira? When is the right time to do that? How can they forecast a favorable exchange rate window?

        So it’s a lot of work. This part might be the current headache delaying the real issue of hiring. But we wait sha…

        • pompei 1 month ago

          I laugh in hieroglyphics.
          Kel, to complete all those complex calculations, they need a consortium of physicists, engineers, mathematicians, accountants, economists, and even doctors need to be on staff, just in case they develop health issues during the money sharing process. I even heard that they’re planning to exhume Albert Einstein to come and assist them.
          Who would have thought selecting a coach for the national team would be so difficult?
          Fans should stop disturbing them abeg.

  • Hi guys! my suggestion is that, i think the nff should give Domenec Torrent a chance to lead the super eagles. Cuz as a former assistant to pep Guardiola, i believe he should be technically and tactically sound.

    • Amadi 1 month ago

      Is arteta technically sound? Was Mourinho’s stooge technically sound?

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    Wow I just wrote those words in response to some insults from some people who share different opinions. CS I wish there was an edit option to delete this words as they do not represent what I stand for. I don’t expect anyone to believe but I am very sorry for the harsh responses and I leave here in peace to avoid further uncleanliness to my Faith. May God forgive me!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Character is like smoke, no matter how much you try to hide it, it always finds a way to escape into the open.

      There is no need to hide under the pallets of faith…..we’ve known you and what you stand for since ages ago on this forum….!!!

      Away with this sanctimonious facade you are displaying.

    • @Dr.Drey e don do na you self no dey tire for quarrel. Chima don throw towel out of maturity which one come be this one wey you no dey gree end matter. Sport is for peace and not for war, yes all of us can not have the same sentiments but we can agree to peace. Leave this matter if you check well Chima is someone who has is own reasons to choose whoever he wants and you also have your own choice. Let us agree to disagree but na who no want peace na him come be the problem.

  • Oakfield 1 month ago

    Well, well, well… Wonders shall truly never end in this country where things are done anti clockwise and those in charge feel and think it’s Ok. A country where a lawyer would be made the minister of power and a doctor or brick layer the minister of sports. Hahaha…crazy country. And at the end of the day, everyone thinks they’d perform. Useless shameless country. I think what has happened here is that, mr pesseros cv has a clause that accommodates something that they nff don’t wanna let us know. Something that has been rejected by the shortlisted coaches. Something that the shortlisted coaches would never even tolerate bcs of their pedigree. Having been choked into the corner bcs of time, They have returned to ‘their man wey sabi’ Clowns

    • My Brother you are very correct I pray that we will not be forced to continue paying dues with our emotions as fans because no good coach will accept corruption. EFCC can not tell me they don’t watch football that they can not investigate NFF from the time of Taiwo Ogunjobi till date to unroot some corrupt officials. The last time Sir Amaju said he was sick when he was about to investigated and as we know the rest is history. I am a military officer and I know the Joy football brings to the community of Federal Republic Of Nigeria, so the law must protect this sports that unites a nation of several tribes.

    • Patrick 4 weeks ago

      We need a coach that is competent and has integrity. We dont need a coach (particularly local coaches) that is a player agent. A coach that has the necessary c.v. and pedigree. If we had somebody like Stephen keshi who took togo to the world cup and led Nigeria to nations cup victory i will support a local coach. What we have is an amunike who has not won any title as a coach of any senior national team. The current set of players we have in Nigeria need a competent foriegn coach not a local coach.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 month ago

    I won’t mind Peseiro he already know his team. He know the players that should be discarded already after the AFCON. As long as it’s a foreign coach I’m all for it. He took the SuperEagles to the final of the AFCON for the first time since 2013. Our players are currently doing well in their various clubs. All we need is a coach that will select his players without sentiments and animosity from all corners. He took the SuperEagles to 28th in FIFA rankings. Boom after he left we dropped to 30 something. Nigeria can not tell me they can’t afford a decent foreign coach in the region of $50k to $100k. 

  • Larry 1 month ago

    The sports minister has just used one punch to knock the nff into 2 tight corners.

    Option 1, Hire Pesseiro and forget your extra bargains.

    The nff will find it difficult to cut corners with Pesseiro because the man is wiser, well connected and understands the terrain better. Hiring Pesseiro marks the end of old tricks but might generate more revenue in terms of performance and ranking. Pesseiro will act like Waldrum on his return.

    Option 2: Hire Amuneke and forget second term.
    The nff can cut deals with Amunike who according to reports was not recommended by the technical committee (Foreign coach tops). Knowing fully well that Amunike is a desperado and opportunist with unattractive CVs, the nff could capitalize on this to pay less, cut deals, allow Amunike to exploits the team with player agency. Consequently, the team gets destabilized with usual local approach and may end up not qualifying for WC.

    Is either the nff team chooses option 1 that will make them sacrifice their looting. Hire a qualified coach like Pesseiro within budget. Achieve WC qualification and possibly get re-elected.

    The nff could go for option 2 that is : Hire a serial failure to make lots of money under salary his sharing formula. Loose WC qualification. Forfeit second term aspiration, get the whole country agitated, fans will call for EFCC probe and open a can of worms that will consume them and Picnic who installed them.
    What’s up nff!!

  • SUGAR DADDY 1 month ago






  • Papafem 1 month ago

    I’ve never been a supporter of local coaches for the Super Eagles, and here’s why:

    1. Many of them are more focused on making money through player sales rather than genuine talent development. Odemwegie had a point on this. It seems like every local coach appointed recently has some connection to this issue, tarnishing the team’s integrity.

    2. They’re often swayed by NFF officials and politicians when it comes to player selections. It’s frustrating to read reports about players with little skill making it to major tournaments due to political influence, sidelining more deserving talents.

    3. Their people skills leave much to be desired. Even legends like Stephen had clashes with players. It’s a pattern with Nigerian coaches, and it disrupts team unity and performance. Handling issues like bonuses poorly only adds to the problem.

    4. Ego clashes are common, with coaches struggling to manage players with big personalities. This affects team dynamics negatively. Foreign coaches have handled this better in the past.

    5. Many local coaches are behind the times tactically, as seen in recent tournaments where outdated strategies cost us games. Amodu and Keshi were exceptions, but they’re no longer with us.

    Regarding Peseiro, if he were to come back, I hope he brings fresh ideas and utilizes the talents like Ndidi, Awoniyi, and Boniface to their fullest potential, moving away from the defensive style that’s become stale.

    • MITCHELL AYODELE 1 month ago

      The records of Samson Siasia speaks volumes. Under-20 silver at the world cup, Olympic silver and bronze. The man was unlucky to face Lionel Messi inspired opponent on both silver winning occasions. He achieved that with locally assembled lads. That’s no mean feat. We should give him his flowers. He is the best to handle the Super Eagles but unfortunately, he’s serving fifa ban until August 2024. I still believe we should hand it to an indigenous manager and support him very well, with at least a third of the foreigner’s salary.

      • @MITCHELL sorry Siasia is a no go he fights with the players..

      • Douglas John ufuoma 1 month ago

        Please who fail to qualify Nigeria twice to Nations cup, who took ocean boys that won league a previous year to relegation, name one senior team he has coach to qualification. Just one

      • Papafem 1 month ago

        Okay Bro, let me shed more light on the challenges faced by Nigerian coaches, citing specific individuals.

        1. Siasia: His tenure was marred by conflicts with key players such as Mikel Obi and Vincent Enyeama. Siasia’s decision-making came into question during the 2008 Olympics and the 2012 AFCON qualifiers, where misunderstandings and disagreements with players impacted team unity and performance.

        2. Stephen Keshi: Despite achieving success in man-management, Keshi encountered disputes with influential players like Odemwegie. His selection choices for the 2014 FIFA World Cup raised eyebrows, with established players like Obafemi Martins omitted in favor of lesser-known names, leading to allegations of bribery influencing squad selection.

        3. Shaibu Amodu: While praised for salvaging Nigeria’s 2002 World Cup qualifying campaign, Amodu’s leadership came under scrutiny during the 2002 AFCON. Incidents involving Celestine Babayaro, Yakubu Aiyegbeni, and Victor Agali highlighted issues with discipline and team management, ultimately leading to their expulsion from the squad.

        4. Sunday Oliseh: Oliseh’s tenure was marked by public clashes with the NFF and players, including Enyeama and Emenike. His confrontational style and reported emotional instability contributed to a toxic environment within the team, resulting in early retirements and player discontent.

        5. Augustine Eguavoen: Despite multiple stints as head coach, Eguavoen’s tenure was characterized by disappointing results. Criticisms were leveled at his biased player selections and tactical deficiencies, evident in losses to teams like Ghana in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and Tunisia in the 2021 AFCON, highlighting concerns about his leadership and ability to steer the team to success.

        Bro, whether you like it or not, this is a recurring pattern of issues faced by Nigerian coaches, including conflicts with players, controversial selection decisions, and challenges in maintaining discipline and team cohesion, and we have to admit that, these issues, among many other things, have hindered the national team’s performance and raised doubts about the effectiveness of these local coaches in managing Nigeria’s footballing aspirations. It’s my personal opinion, yours may be different. And if I were the NFF, I will simply go for a foreign coach. They are largely immuned to challenges like these.

        • @Papafem spot on. With regards to Eguavoen however he is the only coach hmself and the late Shaibu Amodu who selected the best legs. in Eguavoen case his tactics or lack there off and Poor decision making in game is his down fall. Coupled with his inability against Ghana to avoid getting stronghold to players NFF think Super Eagles is thier birth right i.e. Musa and Ighalo at the time.

          The New Coach needs to do away with this Musa is the Captian of Nigeria Super Eagles scam. that is the first road to success i keep saying it. no one will listen until it is done and we see that I know what I am talking.

  • @Papafem spot on. With regards to Eguavoen however he is the only coach hmself and the late Shaibu Amodu who selected the best legs. in Eguavoen case his tactics or lack there off and Poor decision making in game is his down fall. Coupled with his inability against Ghana to avoid getting stronghold to players NFF think Super Eagles is thier birth right i.e. Musa and Ighalo at the time.

    The New Coach needs to do away with this Musa is the Captian of Nigeria Super Eagles scam. that is the first road to success i keep saying it. no one will listen until it is done and we see that I know what I am talking.

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