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Messi v Ronaldo And Federer v Nadal: Tennis Superstar Rejects Rivalries Comparison

Messi v Ronaldo And Federer v Nadal:  Tennis Superstar Rejects Rivalries Comparison

Tennis superstar and current champion of French and US Open, Rafael Nadal, has weighed in on the latest comparison in world’s top sports rivalries involving himself, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Legendary Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon flew a kite in recent time when he suggested that ‘Federer is to Tennis what Messi is to football, while Ronaldo is to football what Nadal is to tennis.’ And he summed it up by saying that Federer – Nadal rivalry is very similar to Messi – Ronaldo rivalry.

The comparison hinted at both Federer and Messi sharing similar quality of rare breeds who execel with sheer flair, while Ronaldo and Nadal excel through a combination of their talent and exemplary hard work.

Messi, 32, has won six Balloon d’Or, one ahead of his 34 year old rival, Ronaldo. In world tennis, Federer, 38, has won 20 grand slam titles, one ahead of 33 year old current French and US Open champion, Nadal.

Nadal however disagrees with Buffon and others who see the comparison as being real and exciting, insisting that football and tennis are worlds apart.

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“No comparison is possible. They are two completely different sports and Messi’s characteristics are not
those of Federer nor are those of Cristiano like mine. Each one is as he is,” Nadal told Marca.

Nadal also responds to question about his age advantage against Federer. But it is pertinent to recognise the threat of Novak Djokovic, who at age of 32, has won 16 grand slam titles.

“It’s not important to me, if only I’m given this title. I understand for you, the media, the journalists, you have to write about this,” Nadal stated.

“For me, it’s already satisfying to form part of the history of our sport.

“T’ve been training and making an effort since I was eight. Being where I am at 33 is already
an incredible achievement.

“We’re in numbers that were unimaginable. People can already think who is the best and
who isn’t. For me, it’s a great honour to be in this group,” Nadal concluded.

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  • ronaldo is still the best ever!

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    Who is the greatest in tennis? Tough question. I think we have to wait another 4 or 5 years to know for sure. Federer has 20 slams, and it will be tough to add to that tally at his age of 38, though not impossible. Nadal, at 33, remains the favorite for Roland Garros, and he is quite capable of winning on other surfaces. Djokovic at 32, also has a few slams left in him. It is quite possible that Djokovic and Nadal will catch up with and overtake Federer in the near future. But then, who knows? Some young gun(s) might emerge, and begin a new era, much like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic did in their own time. And their are quite a few young players out there chomping at the bits, raring to go. Names like Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev come to mind.

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