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Minister Receives Report Of Ministerial Taskforce On National Stadium Lagos

Minister Receives Report Of  Ministerial Taskforce On National Stadium Lagos

The Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare has received the Comprehensive Audit Report of the tenanted facilities at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

The 13 man Ministerial Taskforce Committee inaugurated by the Hon. Minister via a Webinar online conference on Tuesday, the 9th of June 2020 kept to the Terms of Reference , concluded the assignment and submitted their findings.

The chairman of the Taskforce and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Gabriel Aduda alongside other members after a thorough and detailed findings submitted the report to the Minister in Abuja.

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The Minister while receiving the report deeply appreciated the commitment and timely delivery of the report which he said will fully kick start the full implementation of the restructuring of the National Stadium Lagos to a world class standard that will bring back its earlier glory and pride of place, more so it will bring joy and satisfaction to all our football loving Nigerian citizens and the entire globe.

The Minister also commended the political will and committed interest of President Muhammadu Buhari to restore these stadia across the nation to their earlier glories and to also meet FIFA standard to qualify Nigeria stadia for international tournaments.

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  • Presh 1 year ago

    I be so happy. Has to be our Wembley.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Even something as simple as maintaining a historical edifice like the NSL built in the 70s is a problem whereas even the coliseum used in the days of the Roman Empire is still kept is shape as best as possible till today….and someone will say the whiteman is the problem of Africa…LMAO. See our national stadium looking like a dump-site.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago Pls, guys make una go through this post on all Africa where this old racist fool just made a fool of himself yet again by saying that home based coaches don’t need the prerequisite qualifications to coach the almighty SE and rated some folks ahead of rohr. I told u guys and [email protected] that this guy is still what he is despite the pr stunts he’s been coming up with lately but he didn’t believe me. It’s a pity we have such a person as an elder, he’s a very big disappointment. In fact, I’m lost for words yet again.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Minister is always receiving reports. When will he read them and start work?

  • GLORY 1 year ago

    @ broda man Oakfield my point is, an opponent you know his weak point n strong point, is already in your cage proper. No need to worry anymore. But from a safe position you can happily echo his strong point. Nothing will take Rohr out. He will complete his tenure and even win far more fans before he decides to live. I try to pay more attention to positive than wasting my time reading such negative epistle.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      @Glory, I understand your view point squarely but this guy has been making a fool of himself with this funny and shameful narrative of his that he doesn’t want to let go off. It’s very disheartening that it’s coming from a person who’s supposed to be showing a better example to the younger generation but the reverse is the case. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a very big disappointment. He’s been hiding his racist tendencies but everything is coming to bear now. We can now see the reason behind is useless, inconsequential, barbaric, childish and foolish attacks against rohr bcs he’s white.

      • GLORY 1 year ago

        Sure @ Oakfield. Honestly there lies my disappointment with him; that his statements runs inversely to his football prowess on the football pitch.

  • So from the piece i read, Gernot Rohr doesn’t have a UEFA licence, so why all the fuss about our local coaches getting one, when the chief coach doesn’t have one. And yet we have local coaches with CAF licence. Will appreciate if there is any link with his coaching licence.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Gernot Rohr doesn’t have a UEFA license?? How?? I’m just hearing this for the first time. I don’t think he will be able to get all the coaching jobs he’s had since the days of coaching Zidane, Dugarry, Lizarazu and co at Bordeaux if he doesn’t have a UEFA coaching license. 

    • Adisboy 1 year ago

      Bro, don’t mind people spewing rubbish. You cannot coach in the top division in Europe without the UEFA A Licence but he coached Bordeaux in Ligue 1. Abeg ignore such rubbish

      • Please tell us the rubbish that is being spewed. If you have the proof to exonerate coach Rorh please provide it. UEFA Pro licence was never a requirement in the 90’s. So if odegbami is lying, please show us that coach does have a UEFA Licence. At least we are all here to learn. This is what i can pull out from BBC. The Pro licence is all about how to manage a team and not coaching.

        The Uefa Pro Coaching Licence is aimed at Europe’s elite band of coaches but it is actually more about management than coaching itself.

        The Uefa ‘A’ Licence, a step below the Pro Licence, covers matters more suited to the football pitch.

        That takes at least a year and encompasses 180 hours but Uefa guidelines suggest that coaches should have a further year’s experience before progressing to the top qualification.

        Arsene Wenger (ARS) – Pro Lic
        Martin O’Neill (AV) – FA Dip
        Steve Bruce (BIR) – FA Dip#
        Mark Hughes (BLA) – Pro Lic
        Sammy Lee (BOL) – Pro Lic
        Avram Grant (CHE) – Pending
        Billy Davies (DER) – Pro Lic
        David Moyes (EVE) – Pro Lic
        Lawrie Sanchez (FUL) – Pro Lic
        Rafa Benitez (LIV) – Pro Lic
        Sir Alex Ferguson (MU) – FA Dip
        Sven-Goran Eriksson (MC) – Pro Lic
        Gareth Southgate (MID) – A Lic*
        Sam Allardyce (NEW) – Pro Lic
        Harry Redknapp (POR) – FA Dip
        Steve Coppell (REA) – FA Dip
        Roy Keane (SUN) – Pro Lic*
        Martin Jol (TOT) – Pro Lic
        Alan Curbishley (WH) – FA Dip
        Chris Hutchins (WIG) – Pro Lic
        *denotes currently taking qualification; #denotes taken one-off course to pass diploma
        The Premier League only signed up to Uefa’s coaching rules in 2003 and English football has been playing catch up since.

        The result is that, as well as the major European footballing nations, the likes of the Czech Republic now has more coaches with the A Licence and Pro Licence than in England.

        Coaches on the continent tend to do the Pro Licence before they manage in their respective top divisions but in England the FA has had to tailor the qualification to suit managers already plying their trade in the Premiership.

        Recent graduates include Newcastle’s Sam Allardyce and former Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce but the course also suits assistants such as Blackburn’s Mark Bowen and coaches who aspire to work in the top division.

        While an increasing number of British coaches have now passed the Pro Licence, the more established coaches such as Harry Redknapp or Sir Alex Ferguson, have been awarded an FA coaching diploma to recognise their experience.

        But any coach hoping to manage in the Premiership after 2010 must have the Pro Licence.

        The qualification takes a year to complete and consists of a minimum of 240 hours, of which 90 hours are practical, and is aimed at dealing with situations familiar to fans of the Premiership.

        Sam Allardyce
        Sam Allardyce is an advocate of technology in football
        Modules such as handling top-class players, using the latest technology, analysing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and dealing with player’s problems on and off the pitch are all covered in the course.

        To pass the coach has to prove that he or she is competent in the following areas:

        How to plan and evaluate your team’s strategic season programme
        How to succeed in one key fixture during the season
        Improving the performance of one key player
        Improving your own interpersonal skills
        Building upon your existing coaching skills with specific emphasis
        While there are residential weeks, a lot of the work is done by the coaches within their clubs.

        The bonus for the coaches is that they will be coaching nearly every day anyway so in effect they will complete many more hours than the 240 required.

        As well as covering a wide range of topics, there are three meaty projects that the coaches must complete: handling professional players, match-related training methods and analysis of a key fixture.

        In England, the course begins in June at Warwick University with a 10-day residential where there are guest speakers, workshops and practical tasks.

        Practical topics are specific to the extent where a coach might be put in a situation where he or she is in charge of Tottenham Hotspur facing the second leg of a Uefa Cup tie against Russian opposition.

        Alongside two colleagues, the coach would then prepare for the fixture and deal with different scenarios within the game such as sendings off or injuries.

        The reality for most coaches is that from August to December they are based at their clubs and while the course is tailored to fit in with their day-to-day duties, the modules actually complement the challenges they face.

        Some of the modules are completed via conference call tutorials and, with more football-related areas, the coaches will use the players at their club.

        Handling professional players
        Styles of play
        Key game analysis
        Mental preparation
        Sports medicine
        Specialist training
        Game related training
        Fitness and conditioning
        The media and technology
        Ethics and code of conduct
        Business management
        Club structure
        Contracts and agents
        Planning including rest and recovery
        Study visits
        Practical work and problem solving
        In January there is another two-day residential which has in the past had guest speakers such as Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson and former Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello. Past and present England managers also attend this gathering.
        Later in the year, the coaches will again gather over the phone to cover topics on sports medicine, goalkeeping, fitness and conditioning, and business management.

        The last project is for a key fixture and takes place in the second half of the season featuring a particularly tough match such as a top of the table clash or an FA Cup tie.

        For this, the coach will have to create a file using scouting reports, opposition video analysis and training methods used in preparation for the fixture. Following the match, the coach will review the preparation and the match with FA technical staff.

        Also incorporated into the course is a study visit which consists of a trip to a European club, such as Real Madrid or Inter Milan, to get a technical and structural overview of the club.

        At the final residential in June the coaches will provide a debrief of the study visit and finish with modules on pre-season and fitness testing ready for the new season.

        While the course takes a year to complete, it is fully flexible to allow coaches to pick up modules the following year.

        England head coach Steve McClaren is one of the candidates who chose this option and he took 18 months to complete the course.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahha…so how does this prove that Rohr does not have a coaching license…??? LMAO.
          Pls go and tell your Odegbami to give you proof that Rohr does not have a coaching license….Lolz. He’s the one who made the statement….”He who asserts must prove”

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Odegbami has joined the league of Lairs United who try to use lies to bring down a just man. Who told him Rohr does not have coaching badges…LMAO….?? A blind man leading other blind minded fellows like him astray. Does he think Europe is a useless jungle like his country where someone who has not even coached primary school kids, zero coaching training, zero coaching experience, zero coaching portfolio become Asst coach of the National team…? As a matter of fact as @Adisboy said, you must posses a valid UEFA A license to even sit on the bench of most top division clubs in europe talk more of being the manager. Lolz

    Rohr obtained his UEFA coaching diplomas (equiv of what is refered to today as UEFA A license) even before he became coach of Bordeaux in the early 90s. Baba don coach 1st div teams for 2 decades, finalists medals in UEFA cup and Swiss Cup, Q/finals of UEFA Intertoto cup with Nice and Mr Sege thinks that is possible in Europe without coaching badges….? LMAO.

    “….I had the chance to have these examples who helped me to become a coach and I could do my Diploma for coaching in the last three, four years when I was a player. During my holidays I go to the school of coaches to learn. And when I stopped my career after 17 years of professional football, I went immediately into the academy of Bordeaux and I have been a coach till today…..”

    Ex-eagles are more qualified than Rohr indeed…..LMAO

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      [email protected] You just nailed it! In fact, I’m beginning to pity him (the ex cricket international) bcs of the way he has been making a fool of himself all the time. He has turned out to be a pathological shameless racist liar who fails to do a thorough research before coming out to spew rubbish. I said it before here that his inability to play or ply his trade abroad during his playing days has really affected his way of thinking and the way he sees or thinks other well developed countries run their affairs which is just the opposite of what is obtainable here in this sh**t hole of a country. He even said that our ex internationals do not need pre requisite qualifications to coach a great team like the se, can u imagine? Very pathetic. And to the blind guy who wasted his precious time in copying and pasting just PDF files above, the content of what he has posted doesn’t in any way disprove the fact that he has an uefa licence, in fact it just shed more light on the fact that he has one just as you have made them to understand. [email protected] for disproving the false allegations of idiots with verifiable facts and evidence as usual. You’ve shut them up yet again and they disappeared like vampires at least for now.

  • Back with bunch of lies again. UEFA licence was never a requirement back in the 90s. If you are sure coach rorh has a license please provide it. And this case will rest. Till now we don’t know yet the cup he won with Swiss club. Let those who want to listen to lies continue. They can follow u blindly. Guess odegbami is right, amuneke and finidi are superior to your coach.

  • Dr Banks 1 year ago

    @Ade…….it seems you only think with your ANUS before responding on this Forum, such people like you should be banned from posting comments. This is a forum of intellectuals and people should not just come here to write rubbish and waste our precious time to read your trash.
    @Dr Drey wrote:- “Rohr obtained his UEFA coaching diplomas (equiv of what is refered to today as UEFA A license) even before he became coach of Bordeaux in the early 90s. Baba don coach 1st div teams for 2 decades, finalists medals in UEFA cup and Swiss Cup, Q/finals of UEFA Intertoto cup with Nice”………….. he mentioned “Finalist medals in UEFA Cup and Swiss Cup” and not Gold Medals…….get that into your dumb skull

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      He has English comprehension problems. Please you can help him buy Macmillians Primary English or NOEC…..LMAO

    • Very funny, who is thinking with there anus please. Maybe you can assist your dr dry in furnishing us with the proof he has a licence. because odegbami will not just come out and say such. Since your brain is intact please share with us where it is stated he has a diploma

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    “….The Premier League ONLY SIGNED UP TO UEFA’S COACHING RULES IN 2003 and English football has been playing catch up since.The result is that, as well as the major European footballing nations, the likes of the Czech Republic now has more coaches with the A Licence and Pro Licence than in England….”

    Hahahaha…obviously some people can either not read or comprehend English. Otherwise they wont be back here to argue blindly as usual and copying and paste and not even reading what was pasted in details. Even the link shared above they cant comprehend the english written inside…LMAO

    Go and meet Odegbami to give you proof Rohr does not have coaching badges…LMAO.
    When Amunike and Finidi coach top division clubs for 20 yrs reach final of CAFCL and CAFCC, we will believe they are better qualified than Rorh……LMAO

  • It is just a waste of time going back and forth with you, you enjoy trying to fool those who want to and not me. Severally you claimed Rohr won a championship in Switzerland, till date you haven’t backed it up (Lies). You claimed frank beckenbaur was a player-coach for the NY cosmos (lies). even the website never called him a coach. So those who are quick to join your bandwagons of lies are free to go ahead. We will always call you out when we need to. Thank God UEFA Licence is not about coaching football, but proper management of a team. Abi we should assume as usual that he has a diploma. Please which country gave him the diploma please

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahahahah…You didn’t even read the long epistle you pasted that only crucified you the more….from “….UEFA licence was never a requirement back in the 90s….”, After busting your lies with quotes from what you yourself posted, you have switched your arguement to “…. Thank God UEFA Licence is not about coaching football, but proper management of a team….”. Stop making a fool of yourself here and go back and read the part of your copy and paste that say “…The Uefa ‘A’ Licence, a step below the Pro Licence, COVERS MATTERS MORE SUITED TO THE FOOTBALL PITCH…”. Olodo. You dont know the difference between swiss cup and swiss championship so why wont you have a distorted thinking…LMAO. The same BBC that you once claimed you know more than and don’t depend for information is the same one you are copying for us here to indict yourself….yet you cant even read and understand what you used your hand to post. It is your Odegbami you should go and ask to give you proof of how rohr without a coaching license was able to coach in the 1st division in European countries up till 2009 when UEFA coaching rules which was operating as far back as pre 2000s stated all managers must have at least a UEFA A license.

      In case you have regained your eyesight read further
      “….I had the chance to have these examples who helped me to become a coach and I could do my Diploma for coaching in the last three, four years when I was a player. During my holidays I go to the school of coaches to learn. And when I stopped my career after 17 years of professional football, I went immediately into the academy of Bordeaux and I have been a coach till today…..”

      You can keep on asking silly questions all over the place. It Odegbami that claims Rohr does not have any certificates…you and tell him to prove it to you.

      I might be a lair but you heard the word player-coach for the FIRST TIME IN YOUR LIFE from me….LMAO. When you finally know what a player-coach is then you will be able to know more about Beckenbaur’s role in is second stint a cosmos….LMAO

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Abeg, drey, take am easy on this guy. Lol. His head is now full with confusion. Lol

      • Very funny. Please which diploma did he get? Nothing said he has a UEFA diploma. You don’t expect for me to assu.r he has a UEFA diploma since it was nkt stated.. Like i said your blind followers can continue to believe anything you type. Has for me he has no diploma and uefa licence. Let him go apply for a job in Europe and we see if he has a licence and diploma. Mr Odegbami is right. He doesn’t have anything. So continue with the lies

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          Of course, he can apply for a job in Europe, after all, that’s where he started his coaching career and mind you, u cant get a job in europe if you dont have the pre requisite qualifications and experience. Europe is not like nigeria. U need to accept the fact that you and your master have goofed and been boxed into a corner, so stop making a fool of yourself, it’s so shameful.

          • If he is confident of the diploma he has, he would have mentioned it right away. All this I went to school for diploma and went to Bordeaux academy, doesn’t sell. At least those in England with over 10 years experience were exempted with proof. So show us the proof that he was exempted or which school he went for training. He could have gone for diploma in physical education.

          • Oakfield 1 year ago

            But you said he should go and look for a job in europe but when i reminded u that he started his coaching career from the craddle in europe, your false allegations having been glaringly bursted you now shifted to possessing diplomas which drey had pianstainkingly taken his time to research and furnish us with a verifiable link/evidence confirming his qualifications. May be you have issues with comprehension or understanding simple English or just feel ashamed of checking out the thread drey posted here to confirm his claims. Just stop running around like a headless chicken and own up to your blunder. The more you talk, the more u implicate yourself and continually make a fool of yourself.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    Every facts above both against and for the gaffer indicates that Gernot Rohr do have a UEFA coaching certification way before he began coaching Bordeaux. At a time when even Finidi and Amunike are still dreaming of obtaining such certifications. Every other thing are figments of imagination. Maybe after the 2022 WorldCup Finidi and Amunike can start from where Rohr left off. For now wether naysayers like it or not Rohr remains SuperEagles coach till 2022.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    POC @AyPhilly…Lolz….” a time even Finidi and Amunike are still dreaming of playing professional football…”.

    The old man spent the last 3-4 for years of his professional footballing career studying to become a coach and thereafter went into the academy of Bordeaux. He didnt sit at home for 6 years attending fashion and comedy shows after retirement and expecting FFF and DFB to develop him. That is the age-long template that is still working for most European ex-internationals today…they start their coaching courses years before quitting football, they go to the academies of their clubs to volunteer to help out with coaching the U15s and U16s, even while they are still actively playing for the club. By the time they are retiring, they already have UEFA C and UEFA B licenses and are qualified to be accepted as coaches into the various academies and feeder teams of their clubs. And then when people hear that they have been appointed as Assistant Managers or Managers, they start thinking they got the jobs simply because they were “ex-internationals” with 100 caps. Just a look at the career path of the likes of Arteta, Lampard, Gerrard, Zidane, Guadiola (I mean the real Guadiola) shows a common trend which I hope our own self-entitled internationals and internationals can take a cure from. Even our hero of the black race whom we celebrate today Ndubuisi Egbo (THE REAL AFRICAN GUADIOLA) towed a similar path, he started his coaching career as a PLAYER-COACH with the club where he hung his gloves, obtaining the basic COACHING requirements as per UEFA protocols during the period and grew the ladder from there…10 years later he his breaking the jinx and myth that “Nobody wants to give us jobs simply because we are blacks” by being the first black man to win a league title in Europe.
    When we say these things here their sycophants will say we hate them and have no regards for our them. Sometimes you stoop to conquer, volunteering early and rising up the ladder gradually is a template that works perfectly in all professions. But mbanu….people with nothing in the portfolios will want to start coaching from the top (The Super Eagles Manager Job).

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      And mr ex cricket international wants people without licences to be coaching our teams. How stupid and absurd!