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Ministry, NFF Hold Crucial Meeting To Review Super Eagles’ AFCON Performance

Ministry, NFF Hold Crucial Meeting To Review Super Eagles’  AFCON Performance

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are to hold an important meeting on Thursday (today) January 27th to review the performance of the Super Eagles at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament in Cameroon.

Nigeria exited the AFCON in the Round of 16, losing to Tunisia 1-0 after picking up maximum points in their group games.


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The meeting, called at the instance of the Sports Minister, is expected to discuss further the country’s preparations for the World Cup qualifiers against Ghana in March.

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It is unclear though if the matter of the new Technical Adviser and Austin Eguavoen will also form part of the meeting agenda.

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  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    And hopefully they get to sack that moderfucker and bring back GENERAL ROHR

    • Please I have an honest question Did NFf president and his cohorts threatened Simon Chukwukeze and Awoniyi not to score goals for NFF to make sure Eguavon is replaced. If you can go back watch these players one after the other in the ist 3 games and finally watch the Tunsian game you will wonder what went wrong.Even when they were closely marked they performed. Anybody that is close to Simon should really ask him what is actually grieving Him, if not that He allowed Himself to be used to sabotage the dreams of millions of Nigerians that waiting for them to lift the CUP.

    • Don’t you people ever get tired of this things. Someone is gone you are still mourning him. Why not go and live with him where he is. All of you in this category are people that when you fail you stay in that place and will never want to move forward. I just want to advise you guys to have a changed mind set ok.

  • Friday Ikolo 4 months ago

    I hope the meeting comes up with far reaching decisions and not just the idea of hiring and firing SE managers. We must begin to evolve a time tested domestic programme spanning over years. It wasn’t enough to condition Eguavoen with only 2 weeks while the certificate less foreign coaches are given up to 6 years to perform.

  • You are spot on my man, @Friday Ikolo. Believing in our own is the sure way to go. I was able to study the Belgium Blueprint and noticed that local involvement is very important for the growth of grassroots sports anywhere. We need someone who understands the terrain and is interested in grassroots training. God bless Nigerians.

    • Mama Sarah 4 months ago

      It can’t be truer.

    • Ralph 4 months ago

      Sorry Bro, what Belgium Blueprin are we talking about here ? Because even the Belgian have a foreign coach, even first, second and goalkeeper`s coach are French, Welsh and Spanish so?

      • No sorry dear why not an American or Asian coach? Whether French or Belgian coaches, they are one and the same European Union. Common system and entry procedures. We can continue doing the same thing and be expecting different results. Domestic engagement has a better appeal than acquiring a foreigner who will only be interested in inviting players for games instead of grassroots development.

        • benakay 4 months ago

          Better appeal to who?
          I mean, in a sport that is performance driven, who gives a fcuk about appeal?
          This guy gave us the worst result in 40 years. Absolute worst result and you people are talking about appeal?
          Eguavoen FAILED woefully in his mission and needs to be discarded. If someone who MET his objectives was fired, why not Eguavoen?

    • You this man shouting Belgium blueprint up and down abeg what has Belgium won since all these years that their golden generation is passing out now? Even their current coach is not a Belgian. The coach is from Spain so what are you saying self?

      • It is clear you have no idea about the Belgium Blueprint. Kindly browse this link and share:

        • GO and sell this Belgium blueprint yourself to NFF and Ministry of Sports and stop disturbing us here. We are only football fans here.

          Send your information to the appropriate authorities and stop being a nuisance. By the way, if the Belgium blueprint is working how come they haven’t found replacements to their red army golden generation of Hazard brothers, Lukaku, Batshuayi and the rest.

          Belgium doesn’t even have younger players to take over the reigns when these guys retire. You here shouting Belgium blueprint like it has been successful for their young teams.

          Oga go sit down and keep quiet with lollipop or something.

          • C’mon don’t be lazy. Simply visit the link. Hopefully, you aren’t a noise maker.

        • Honestly we need to improve tactically..it doesn’t matter who’s the coach..and we have to very careful also when it comes to substitutions…honestly our game against Tunisia was a mess…

  • Gritty 4 months ago

    NFF and Co should unconditionally process and add players like Ademola Lookman, M.Olisa, Ejaria,Dennis, Amoo, Bassey,… to the Super Eagles.

    2. They should meaningfully get us tactically astute and competent indigenous Coaches like, Garba, Amunike, Egbu, Rufai/Karl/Enyeama. We don’t want those with questionable integrity and ineptitude.

    3. We need to critically review the goal keeping department of the SE. This has brought us shame two AFCON. We have skillful and talented shot stoppers home and abroad. Okoye seems to be forbidden from saving a shot or a slightly deflected shot and we heap the blame on defenders.

    4. If you are a SE striker and “Midfielder” and don’t know how to play quality shot (in accuracy and intensity), you step aside until you improve on it. (Tunisia, CAR, et al. used hot shot to score & win us).

    5. Against Ghana, expect a rain of thunderous shots in and around our 18 yard box.

    6. NFF should do something about the poor officiating and African football politics against SE to forestall future occurrence.


  • Benny 4 months ago

    The people in that meeting should know that this affords the opportunity to endear continuity in the country and not just the sporting activities. More that president Buhari is an advocate of local content policy. The payoff is too close for any change of barton.

    • Hassana 4 months ago

      Yes, continuity is the catch word but seriously needed for good results. One thing I noticed is that we don’t change Minister of sports often, neither do we change NFF administrators but why must it be the SE coaching crew that are everytime hired and fired? Something is not right.

      • Taiju 4 months ago


        I wonder. I think we are close to appointing a foreigner as our Minister of Sports and Youth Development.

  • Ako AMADI 4 months ago

    There is nothing to discuss. The agenda of thr meeting should be 1) Confirm Eguavoen’ s position, 2) Pay the money owed Gernot Rohr, 3) Stop government and NFF officials from rushing to the Super Eagles dressing room to cause confusion at half-time.

  • Larry 4 months ago

    A productive outcome of this meeting should include :

    (1). Reinforcement of SE technical crew:
    (a) Hire a data scientist/AI expert to upgrade our technical team,
    (b). Retain Cerezo for a minimum of 3yrs with improved salary (same as Roar)
    (c) Rufai/Enyeama for Agu, Garba for Salisu with Garba, Finidi/Egbo for Aigboun.

    (2). Considerarion of new players: Lookman, Nwobodo, Amoo, Olise, Ejaria, Alhassan Yussuf, Dele-Bashiru (this guy plays like Yaya and can shoot with perfection) Adeleye, Adegbenro (Swedish league goal king)

    (3). AR least 2 friendly matches in the next international window (against S.Africa/Mali/Cape Verde)
    (4). Set-up a committee for the qualifier to review CAF politics and Ghana antics ahead of the match. Ghana is trying everything to be at the WC. (Their matc against SA is a good reference).

    (5). Retain 75% of this team, add Balo, Osi, VM, Desser ..

    Just my 50 cents.

    • Oga keep quiet with your 50 cents o. It is clear your comments led us to an early exit at AFCON. You and your co-horts should mix cement and sand and use it to cover your mouth.

      A shameful exit that we have never witnessed before since we have been playing continental football. Yet you are still making noise on your useless playerinclusion.

      Bia, what were the stats of the ones you proposed before the AFCON that made the tournament???

      Opening your mouth and rubbish flows out.

  • @Tayo,

    It is clear you have no idea about the Belgium Blueprint. Kindly browse this link and share:

  • Don’t you people ever get tired of this things. Someone is gone you are still mourning him. Why not go and live with him where he is. All of you in this category are people that when you fail you stay in that place and will never want to move forward. I just want to advise you guys to have a changed mind set ok.

    • @Tash, so in your mind You believe you are moving forward with the same elements that made you to fail. I see you are very progressive minded.

      When football nations look at the drawing board to identify the problems, they consider every part of the issue.

      I guess you have never led a group of people or any team in your life because your comments show how naive you are.

      It is easy for people to make suggestions to anything. That is the simplest part. It is hardest for them to be accountable for their actions. Our football will not move forward untill we expose everyone that led to our failure.

      Next time they will think properly before opening their mouths or type rubbish here.

  • benakay 4 months ago

    This meeting is nothing but a rouse for that Imbecile of a sports minister to take over the running of the NFF.

    This guy messed up the Olympics for us (worst Olympic performance ever!), forced the NFF to fire Rohr barely a month before the AFCON (leading to the worst Nigeria AFCON performance in 40 years) and now wants to destroy Nigeria’s chances of making it to the Qatar World Cup.

    The guy destroys anything he touches. He needs to be fired and will be reported to FIFA for governmental interference!!!

    • Sugar Daddy 4 months ago

      Hahahaha…. could not agree less!!! He is a destroyer

  • Olakunle 4 months ago

    @benakay, what were you expecting from a 2 week preparations? Eguavoen would need a 6year program. Don’t forget some people had years of preparations and still failed woefully to win a single match in Afcon2019. Ghana with a foreign coach drew only a match in Afcon21 and was ousted in group stage, what are you going to say about that?

    • Marvelous 4 months ago

      Equavon should step down simple. He wanted ROHR job at all cost but failed when given the chance. As a technical director he would known that there is no technicality in sacking a coach 2 or 3 weeks to a tournament and that two weeks is not enough. He would have objected!! Instead he happily jumps on it with intentions of including 10 NPFL players and giving unnecessary YouTube analysis that is outdated.

      Lol wait o, all these useless training ground videos you guys are posting of what use is it? Who is paying you guys for such heavy work? Is it that Rohr team didn’t train lol, confused and sycophants everywhere. I can’t stop laughing each time I see you guys posting useless training videos after we were beaten disgracefully by a deployment Tunisian team headed by an assistant coach.

      Comoros lost gallantly to Cameroon. They scored first and went one man down ending the game 2-1

      Cape Verde lost gallantly to Senegal. Senegal was only able to score after cape Verde had 2 red cards.

      Egypt we defeated is now in quarter finals. Who knows maybe they get to the simis

      It is better to move slow and steady achieving progress along the line. Than behaving in a fast and furious attitude that yield no results. You guys wanted tiki taka football against purpose driven football.

      My blame still goes to the sentimental fans

      • Favourhenry 4 months ago

        Very true
        I am not against black Nigeria coach but the issue is how many of our coaches are constantly developing themselves and putting what they learn in the local scene like when was the last time a Nigeria coach won the CAF champions league.
        The truth is when it comes to football coaches our Nigeria coaches are not updated with the latest in tactics and management.

        That’s why I support swallowing our pride and call Rohr back. It is his team he crafted from scratch and manage them to what they are today.
        The boys didn’t let is down, Nff the sports ministry and some ex over Sabi footballers failed us.

      • Olakunle 4 months ago

        Oh dear! Though you failed to respond to my post as regards Black Stars foreign coach. Meanwhile, the reason behind the video link is to remind us that there is work in progress that requires continuity. Like the SE training link below, click on it.


        • @Olakunle, I see the videos are causing him pains, please let’s have more after all it is about our Super Eagles. God bless Nigerians.

    • Pls who coach you to 2019 AFCON and doesn’t won a match? Is is possible to be second runner up without winning a match? Some people just like to come here and vomit trash.

      • Vincent UK 4 months ago

        I think Olakunle referred you to your Amuneke who was given years to prepare a senior national team to Afcon2019, and still lost all the group matches. Eguavoen only had few days of training and still emerged the best coach having won all the group matches according to CAF, not me. As fans and Patriotic Nigerians, we should be impressing it on the Sports Ministry and NFF to enter into a 6 year contract with Eguavoen since he did well considering the limited time. Let’s leave sentiments apart by doing everything for the sake of our fatherland.

      • George 4 months ago

        Never mind him. He is talking about Amuneke who lost all the games in 2019 afcon despite coaching his team for years. Mr. Egu was left with only a limited time but still won some matches. Let’s have a way forward.

  • Sir K 4 months ago

    They are only going to discuss the budget for the World Cup playoffs and the left over of the 15 billion budgeted and submitted before afcon. The leftover will be sharing formula (the leftover suppose to be used for football development, but I can bet that money will be shared). They will just come up with a cork up story. Corrupt entities.

  • Olakunle 4 months ago

    This is another work in progress video. And for those who don’t know how to access the training videos online, simply Google Super Eagles training.


  • Damian 4 months ago

    Olakunle, I just finished watching the videos but please allow him to comment.